“daft foul from Brayford, there are times when you need to ‘take one for the team’, that wasn’t it, there was plenty of cover.”

“The defining moment sorry to say was that unnecessary tackle from Brayford, no need with 3 players in front of the man with the ball, he chops him down and gets a deserved yellow.”

“I think Harness would benefit on a loan to a L1 club – maybe Sheff Utd as a bargaining chip to keep Brayford”

“Brayford in midfield was a masterstroke – got us a goal.”

“An excellent player”

“Would still be delighted if we can get Brayford permanently”

“I was worried when I didn’t see Brayford’s name in the line up because he’s had a hand in our last 3 or 4 goals. To lose him just when we’d finally got a goal scorer in sums up some of our luck this season.”

“How we missed Brayford! There was no creativity there.”

By Roy

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