“Banton didn’t look like an RB “

“the defence looked much better in the 1st half and then for some ridiculous reason Banton was moved to right back”

“Banton was ok.”

“Banton was good before being moved to right back”

“His lack of experience showed for their second goal, but otherwise looked the best player on the pitch. “

“At least Banton cared”

“Banton looked very shaky”
“surprised at the amount of votes for Banton for man of the match. The “defending” for their second goal and for when they got a chance in stoppage time was comical”

“interesting to see the players have been out warming up for 20 mins and the 3 sheff Utd lads have been in there own little group away from the rest of the squad”

“i wouldnt be surprised to see the sheffield lads asking for there loans to be cancelled as it cant be doing there development anyy good”

“This stint will be doing the sheff lads a world of good ! It’s called proper competetive football, they can either step up to the challenge (which they seem to be ) or be cast on the ever increasing soccer scrap heap”

By Roy

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