Pre-Match View From Burnley

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“It will be a relief when the final whistle blows at Bramall Lane.
It’s been a horrible season ( with the odd notable highlight) and I’ll be glad to see the back of it.”

“Delighted we stayed up. Dyche worked another miracle….but it’s been really tedious at times.”

“Really has been a hard, tough season and I do think it’s made more difficult with not being there.”

“Be really, really glad to put this season to bed.
Without fans, we can be a very ordinary team. With the fans at TM, we can do extraordinary things.”

“its been a tough season which we can hopefully finish on a high, ideal chance given we’re visiting the whipping boys of the division.
And our away form has been pretty decent so I’m quietly confident of the 3 points.”

“I hope we’ve got enough left in the tank to finish with a welcome victory, I think we will have. My only concerns are whether we’re in holiday mode, and also the keeper situation, but even with those issues we should surely have enough about us to complete a double against the basement boys.”

“We’ve been brilliant away from home in recent weeks and if we are at our best we’ll win as easily as we did against Wolves & Fulham “

“they have picked up nicely in last few games and will show some pride with their fans. I fear another goal keeping gash unless Pope plays”

They’ve won one out of their last four, including defeats to Newcastle & Crystal Palace.”

“Dreary and boring and probably a 1-0 win either way.”

“They’ll want ( or should ) to sign off with a performance, and with the crowd it it may lift them.
Saying that they are proper garbage”

“Two teams who’d rather be elsewhere. They might rouse themselves for their fans”

“Sheff Utd will be in front of their fans and have pride at stake. Since the new year they have beaten Brighton, Villa, WBA. Man Utd and Newcastle, and lost by the odd goal to Man City and Chelsea. Yes relegated but not dead . Yes we may have more points than them, but with the exception of Villa above we struggled against all those teams”

“Can’t see us scoring as S U will want to finish on a high.”

“We will lose.
I said a while ago that we would not get another point from our last 4 games and have been proved wrong only by the ability of Fulham to be so poor for half an hour.
The team we have now will struggle next season, so God knows what will happen if we lose any of our crown jewels.
We need a good window more than ever.”

“Think we are already on the beach mentally and I there are far too many games where we struggle to score.”

“We never win the last match”

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Pre-Match View From Newcastle

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“Hope everyone supports the team v sheff u but any anger needs to be directed at the EPL for refusing to make a decision on our takeover”

“Man Utd spent the best part of half a billion, have won cups and are heading to another final and protest for there club, then there’s Newcastle pillaged for 14 years happy to be there on Wednesday again Sheff Utd honestly I despair”

“Well with Sheff u winning at Everton,the Newcastle fans that are going on weds have 1 job now as a game that doesnt matter…Bruce Out screamed for 90 mins to let him know…its time to go”

“Every single one of us going to the sheff Utd match has an obligation to make it crystal clear what we think of Steve Bruce. Its not about goin to support the team it’s about going to get rid of Bruce.”

“Bruce is at breaking point as evident by his recent interviews, he’s close to resigning. It’s important that we keep the pressure on. If you’re going to the Sheff Utd game, give him hell for 90 minutes. Let him know that we’re more than some keyboard warriors.”

“Hope he gets hell from the 10000 in at sheff utd”

“Get the cabbages ready lads”

“Replace the words of Smelly Cat with Cabbage Heed?? This need to go down at Sheff Utd game “Cabbage heed, cabbage heed what are they feeding you??” “Cabbage heed, cabbage heed it’s never your fault!!”

“I would get rid of Bruce tomorrow. But lots of talk about cabbages and that for sheff utd. For me I’d rather any protests be directed firstly at the likes of Ashley or Hoffman . I think Bruce thankfully is gone in the summer”

“If the team don’t beat Sheff Utd and Fulham now then you can melt that manager of the month trophy down and send it to the 800 season ticket holders who have bothered entering a balot for tickets.”

“The recent history of Newcastle means it would feels on brand for us to follow up nearly upsetting the Man City juggernaut with an insipid failure of a performance against Sheffield United. So we can only hope we don’t do that”

“Scoring 7 goals in consecutive games against two of the league’s best sides before being complete impotent v 20th Sheffield United would be peak Newcastle United. “

“Of course you can forgive conceding goals to a team like Man City. But 5 clean sheets in 36 games this season – only Sheff U have less – is pretty abhorrent.”

“Im not scared of Sheffield”

“We will batter Sheffield United on Wednesday”
“We should really look too humiliate sheffield United”

“Anyone got a deep feeling of foreboding for Wednesday night? Sheffield United beat Everton (lol) and we’re on the beach. I hope I’m wrong and we keep this run of decent performances up, but something is nagging at me that we’ll lose”

“SUFC could win at Newcastle, without a stretch of the imagination. Our ” recovery ” is build on sand.”

“Can’t wait for the overlapping centre half’s to appear again on Wednesday for Sheff Utd. It would be peak Toon to get done by them.”

“Let’s hope we can wallop Sheff Utd & Fulham in our last 2 matches to send a message that we’re determined to improve next season”

“Seven goals in two games against Leicester and Man City. Mad. Keep it up against Sheff Utd and Fulham please. Entertain us”

“Saudi Arabia: Boxing – no outrage F1 – no outrage Sheff Utd – no outrage Newcastle United – outrage from every man and his dog”

“We should buy this Jebbison from Sheffield Wednesday. He’d do a better job than Joelinton”

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Pre-Match View From Crystal Palace

“I just can’t see us winning again this season. The end of last season was bad enough.
Sheffield United vs Palace will be like a Cup Final to see which is the worst team in the Premiership on current form. “

“To lose at Sheffield is unthinkable.
This quite awful side has amassed 17 pts,a negative GD of 42 and the table doesn’t lie”

“Yet another defeat,third in a row,apparently a new unwelcome record for us.
Sheffield,on the other hand,with their paltry points total and poor performance overall,should be an easy three points for us and put us in an unassailable position as far as any possible relegation is concerned.
Things must change and I think a 2-0 win is achievable.”

“I did watch the City game but with a total lack of enthusiasm. Glad of the early ko so I could get on with something meaningful. Can’t believe I felt like that! Anyway last week we play a skillful, pampered team, next team up and it’s the complete opposite … Shef Utd.
Here’s a chance to show how far we’ve really come.
A big win, I feel.”

“Our record against relegated teams in recent times is impressive:
2 years ago = W 5 D 1 L 0
last year = W 4 D 2 L 0
so far this year (against the current bottom 3) = W 4 D 1 L 0
I see no reason why this record should be broken so it’s
a Palace win for me”

“Sheffield Utd playing for pride and looked more like last season’s team against Brighton. I don’t think it’ll be easy, but I think we showed in the first half of the Leicester and Man City games that we’re not that bad.”

“dour 1-0 to us.
roy sets up to defend(as usual) but we do ’em “

“Probably a nil nil draw, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we won. The players and manager have surely targeted this game to secure survival, rather than the far more difficult games we have otherwise.”

“we’ll have 10 men behind the ball, a couple of counter attacks, usual substitutions that provides nothing new.
This is a game where we could blood new players but Roy will serve up the same turgid rubbish we’ve seen all year.”

“They will try against us very hard but we should be better organised and have better quality. “

“They’ll be targeting this as possibly their last win in the league.”

“This game will be a much greater challenge for us than perhaps many expect.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended with honours even.”

“For some weeks now I have convinced myself that this fixture will be a certain 3 points for us. Probably the last win of the season. But, after recent performances, I’m not so sure and I agree with Willo (especially after his prediction about yesterday’s match!) that Sheffield seem to be having something of a revival since their PL fate was decided. It will not be the foregone conclusion that many of us expected. “
“Cant see us winning this one either”

“I think the way things are going Palace lose”

“Four straight defeats in a row,then Roy should go!!”

“Lose at Sheffield???Such further woe,Roy must GO!!”
“It will be a major disappointment should we become the vanquished at Sheff Utd.
HOL will be awash with those boiling,steaming and raging and I for one will be in the hot kiln of my bate.”

“i predict boredom”

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Pre-Match View From Spurs

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“Seriously what’s the point in football? You can’t compete with the likes of City so you are playing for nothing.”

“It’s simply not a level playing field for us. We should look at joining some form of cup where losers don’t get knocked out…”

“I don’t expect much more either tbh. I just continue to live in hope like I’ve been doing since about 1968. It’s too late to give up now and start supporting someone better.”

“with it being a 7pm kick off it can only ruin a maximum of 4-5 hours of everyone’s weekend.”

“Yay a game to determine if we scrape into the Europa league again only to get knocked out against the first half decent side we face!”

“First match this season I’ll deliberately not watch. Hope we win so I’ll feel bad.”

“Just want the season over, us not to finish 7th and end up in the Europa conference and Woolwich not to win the Europa league. This clearly means we will finish 7th and Woolwich will win the Europa league.”

“Don’t care.
Nothing to play for, and these dickheads will keep making the same mistakes they’ve been masking all season.”

“Literally who cares – passing interest.”

“Probably give this one a miss as still nauseous after Wembley.
Anyway there’s always Call the Midwife and Line of Duty !”

“Thank goodness United won their last match against Potter & Hove Albion, after losing the 6 before that. We need Dr Tottenham to stay away”

“More than likely labour and make hard work of the game . If we are lucky might scrape a2-1 win I, if still suffering a league cup hangover Sheffield could nick a 1-0 win . Who knows what Tottenham will turn up Sunday.”

“Sheff have nothing to lose so will be playing with pride, so we need to watch out. If we see a passive, negative approach and we lose or draw this game, then its clear the players have completely packed up for the season.”

“Weirldy,i feel confident we will score 3 or more goals in this.”

“Hopefully some of them will be at the right end.”

“We will bottle all 5 games left bar Sheffield”

“As long as winks and sissoko aren’t anywhere near the pitch we should win this easily”

“If winks starts this game I’m not even going to bother watching as it will tell you everything you need to know.”

“The way things are going, i reckon we will lose 0-8, to the worse team prem team in a while and at the end Harry kane will run to the camera ,rip off his shirt to reveal an Woolwich tattoo shouting ” had you fooled ya bellends” ,before announcing he has signed a 5 year contract with Leyton Orient.The photos allegedly for the shirt sponsorship are just a smoke screen”…

“Already pumped for this one, by Sunday I will be a nervous wreck.
Hopefully will settle back to glancing nonchantly at the screen and being relaxed once Sisokko starts pointing at nothing, winks plays another five yard pass to the centre back and Aurier screams into the air as he’s penalised for another needless foul. Hoping son does not cry.
6-5 Spurs”

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Pre-Match View From Brighton

“These are the games we struggle with sadly. Something GP and the boys will need to resolve next season.
Unquestionably if we play to our best we could turn them over Newcastle levels.”

“I know we should win by a country mile but we’re the Albion – it’s never that easy is it?”

“We have an almost innate ability to find a way to not win these games “

“They aren’t a terrible side really and we struggle against the lower rated teams.
They are relegated and will be playing freely.
Suspect we will stand a better chance of beating West Ham and Leeds.
I would be disappointed losing to them, but would happily take a point. “

“I don’t think for one minute the Sheff Utd games is going to be a walk in the park. This one could go either way so for that reason…..”

“It won’t be easy as the Blades can now relax knowing that however they play, they are gone. Relegated sides usually pick up strange results.”

“I think we will be looking to be tight at Sheff United and certainly not lose the point we start with. Our record against the lower sides (excepting Newcastle) is pretty dire.”

“Got 0 – 0 written all over it. “

“Can’t see us going a third game without scoring but only a 1-1 draw for me.”

“I would happily take a point at Sheff U.
I think it will be a very difficult game for us , we have struggled against them in our previous 3 prem games against them. I think they will be out to prove a point after getting relegated and have nothing to play for but pride – a very dangerous animal.”

“We should be beating teams like Sheffield United !
But that’s not the Brighton way ….
Expect us to lose to them but then pick up 3 points by drawing our next 3 games: Leeds, Wolves & West Ham”

“Settling for a point against an already-relegated side with nothing to play for other than pride wouldn’t be great.”

“At this stage of the season I am not turning down any point, we can draw our way to safety.
That said let’s just flipping win, we are better than them.”

“If Sheffield play like the other bottom half sides against us, let us have the ball up to the final third, pack the box with tall defenders, then a 0-0 draw.
If, because they have been relegated already they come out and play attacking football against us, it could be a 0-3,or 0-4 rout. I’m hoping they decide to go out in a blaze of glory, and attack us, as we’re so much better against that. “

“The reason that weve performed so badly against the bottom half sides is that they tend to sit back and defend and we struggle to break them down. Sheffield Utd have no real reason to do that now.”

“It’s about time we gave someone a spanking.”

“We should go there and absolutely kick the stuffing out of them”.

“Time for the team to absolutely destroy them….
Anything other than 3 points will be an utter disappointment. “

“I’m confident that we will win.”

“I just feel like the team is now playing without fear and I’m thinking we’re gonna ‘ave em’ “

“Expecting Sheffield to play with more freedom and leave some gaps at the back as a result that we can exploit”

“think they are down now and will likely play more squad players ready for next season”

“Blades players won’t be risking much, none will want to pick up injuries especially those looking for other PL moves in the summer.”

“Sheffield. My last away day. Sheffield Tap, Devonshire Cat & the Triple Point Brewery. Unquestionably one of the best away days ever for pub/ale selection.
This weekend sat indoors drinking Aldi American IPA. Sad.”

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Pre-Match View From Wolves

“Every logic says we should win even with our injuries. But we said this v Albion in January.”

“With our injuries too could be a long 90 mins against the blades they won’t want to be relegated Saturday evening”

“This looks an awful fixture to have now with our injuries. Good job we are pretty safe.”

“Anyone actually confident we will beat Sheff Utd this would just be typical of Wolves…..”

“I can see us losing anyway typical Wolves fashion”

“you just know with the pressure off they will play like Man City…”

“Sheff Utd are broken, lost 5 on the bounce and every game since they sacked Wilder. Score first and it’ll be a comfortable night. Our only danger is players going through the motions like Southampton yesterday. It’s one of the reasons I’d play guys with something to prove”

“Now we are pretty much safe and with blades down you would think some of the squad players might start”

“If we can’t play some younger players against these – who are effectively relegated – at home in essentially a dead rubber then we’ll never play them.”

“I don’t see us going to a back three for this one, we’re playing one of the worst PL teams ever. They’ve lost eight of their last nine games. They didn’t score in six of those. Lost all of the last four, scoring one goal.”

“Sheffield United also been playing a 4-4-2 since Wilder left, so there could be more to exploit with an adventurous front 4 and the handbrake off a bit.”

“On Friday, when Neto went off injured, i was in despair, and would have took the draw there and then. Then Adama came out of his shell. Fulham are much better than Sheff Utd so we should pull this one off…….Just.”

“McBurnie is faking injury as he doesn’t want to play against his next club.”

“I confess that the 1989 match against Sheff Utd is possibly my all-time favourite Wolves game. I know that there have been greater matches I have attended – at Wembley and Cardiff 🙂
BUT that was a fantastic night. We needed a draw to be champions and Blades needed to draw to be promoted. It was all a cut and thrust honest battle and 2-2 with about 10 minutes to go. Blades then got a free kick in a dangerous position about 20 yards outside Wolves penalty area – and the Blades player then picked the ball up and moved the ball back 10 yards!! It was clear to everyone that this was the signal to both sides not to ‘spoil the evening’ (or words to that effect! 😉 There was energy and fight for the last 10 minutes but somehow the ball ended out of play quite a lot with shots high into the terraces!! The funniest thing was right at the end the referee blew his whistle and the two Blades defenders thought the game was over – they ran over to their fans in the South Bank and climbed the fence – one was taking off his boots and one his shirt to throw them into the fans!! But the ref had only blown for offside or a foul!! Pandemonium!! They panicked and rushed back on to the pitch desperately putting back on what they had half taken off! :p 30 seconds later it was all over and they were able to go back and celebrate with their fans!
It was great to be at a match where ALL the fans were celebrating afterwards – Blades and Wolves fans were best mates 🙂 (A bit like Wolves and Blackburn fans at the end of 2010/11 when we both narrowly escaped relegation)
So I guess I have a bit of a soft spot for the Blades….”

“I go back to the away games when Agana and Deane used to run us ragged.”

“I recall a 0-0 in September 2000 was possibly the worst of the lot. Peak Warnock of just deliberately playing cra football. The horrible prick got sent to the stand. We had Robert Taylor up front. Crowd of under 15k (unthinkable at the time) as we had a bizarre fuel “crisis” (which wasn’t a crisis).
Phil Jagielka might end up playing against us on Saturday, he was on the bench for that one!”

“When was the game when all our nutters ran into the away part of the South Bank? That’s the one Blades remember. Living here (Sheffield) now I can say they don’t like us, neither do their neighbours after the end of season game where our mob ended up in their seats. Blades are a proper club though and I quite respect them.
I remember going there mid-90s and seeing a Wolves eejit get on the back of a police motorbike, then get dealt with forcefully by the police. London Road pubs near Bramall Lane always used to be interesting…”

“I’ve always found Bramall Lane quite intimidating. I remember getting locked into the pub opposite the station by the Yorkshire Constabulary and then being joined by the occupants of a couple of coaches that had been intercepted coming into Sheffield (our Firm on an away day).
Had to stay there until escorted to the ground just before the kick off.”

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Pre-Match View From Arsenal

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“Oh this will be so very exciting….”

“Who cares really?”

“Looking forward to seeing how we lose to Sheffield United in the slot that we lose in every time”

“These are bottom of the table and the game means f**k all to us, play the back ups.”

“This is definitely gonna be another draw.”

“Should win but we won’t it’ll end with draw just like Burnley game dominate score 1 miss couple gift them a goal.”

“Two dead teams in a dead rubber game”.

“2 teams that are an absolute shambles. Could be a great match for a change.”

“They’ve looked even worse somehow since they’ve sacked Wilder and are in complete shambles.
Their back line is ravaged by injury, one of the worst keepers in the league, their four strikers have scored four times in 2021 and their best player in midfield is out for the season.
We’ll be lucky to win.”

“They were like this last season only difference was they had a rock solid defence”

“Think these were one of the teams who really missed the fans being at the game.
Granted they where always going to struggle but it seemed instant with them.”

“1-0 Sheff Utd. Big Christian Nade with the winner.”

“The Duke of Edinburgh just couldn’t face watching this game.”

“even Sheffield Uniteds name sounds like a sweary “go away””

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Pre-Match View From Leeds

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“Proper football is back….Oh wait a minute the blunts are on the pitch”

“SU are a poor football team with the worst manager in our history”

“Hecky is an appalling manager as his career shows.
He is used to taking clubs backwards (Barnsley were in good form when he arrived and Lee Johnson left to go to Bristol City).
Hibs were in decent form when Neil Lennon left to go to Celtic.
And we hadnt had that bad a season when he arrived either.
The man is a crap manager and all clubs suffered far worse form under him than they had before him.
Sheffield United are bottom for a reason, Hecky got the job for a reason (they were desperate) .
Fully expect to batter them, why should we expect any less?
Wilder may be a grumpy, sour faced bloke but he did a great job there generally.
Hecky isnt a quarter of the coach or manager Wilder is.
If they dont win another game between now and the end of the season it wouldn’t be at all surprising.”

“He is statistically one of the worst managers in our history and the fact MB is still using players Hecky couldn’t get a tune out of says it all.
Hate is to strong a word for football but ive never disliked a manager of ours more.
Total fraud.”

“.I don’t doubt Heck is a s**t manager but you cannot judge him from his time here, he got a team with Klich banished to Holland, Saiz playing angry and suspended, a team so unfit it was dead by half time, attitude stank, and it seemed everyone had given up. He had no pre season, no chance to bring on his own players, no time to establish any youth and he probably knew he’d be gone in 3 months …I know I couldn’t work under those circumstances but he at least got us fitter and a touch more cohesive… That post Christmas LUFC was probably the lowest point for the club since relegation to Lg 1 …”

“Not a team I particularly like if I’m honest. It’s their fans I dislike, would love a decent win against them but with them struggling and Heckingbottom combination you just get that feeling, don’t you ?”

“Really dislike the Blunts, know a few fans and bragging rights come into it, must win game for me”

“Let’s have a bleedin’ massacre. Absolutely no better time for our sides to play each other and end up in our favour.”

“Would love if we thrashed them”

“I see us giving them a sound walloping also. Whether they come out to play or set up to defend we’ll get an awful lot of chances. And I see more than a few going in”

“they’ll park the bus playing Hecky hoof”

“Thank god Billy Sharp is injured. I don’t really rate him, but you know he’d probably score against us”

“Jack O’Connell, Jack Robinson and Jack Rodwell all out. Appears the blunts are completely jacked out.”

“Obviously, I’d like us to win this one but I actually don’t mind Sheffield United. I certainly prefer them to Sheffield Wednesday who have always reminded me of Newcastle a bit, with all their claims about their amazing history, being a ‘big club’ etc.
Plus, there’s the Tony Currie connection. Always one of my favourite players, Tony Currie.”

“Weirdly I feel the opposite, but for the same reasons. I see too many similarities between ourselves and Newcastle and Wednesday to really hate them, but I can’t stand Blades, mainly because of Warnock and having encountered some objectionable fans while at university in Sheffield). Owls and Newcastle fans have been through as much as us, and have almost as prestigious a history as we do, so I feel more sympathy for them than anything else”

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Pre-Match View From Chelsea

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“Probably our best chance to win silverware and this is probably the last game that has any meaning for Sheffield so I say no risks.”

“They are woeful and have given up in the league, SO BEWARE, all eggs in the basket for this?”

“Sheffield got nothing to lose this season, they’re almost relegated so they will try to surprise in the cup.”

“the Blades are a right mess at the moment. Not just with where they are in the league. Despite all those losses, missing all 3 of their best centerbacks and signing a keeper who is not fit to strap up Hendersons gloves the only side to beat them by 3 clear goals was us. Then the very next game after Wilder leaves what happens? They look awful and lose by 5 at Leicester.
Anything can happen in football but given how focused Tuchel has us at the mo he and whoever is picked will have to make a real pigs ear out of this for us not to go through. Bradford levels of bad.”

“Not disrespecting Sheffield United but is there a need to go with a back 3 here?”

“I think the Cup is genuinely the only real chance we have of winning anything, so if we’re now at the quarter-final stage, we might as well go for it. Any team we put out should be reasonably strong just based on our available personnel and Sheffield United are having a bit of a torrid time at the moment.”

“We can make a few changes and still dispatch Sheff utd.”

“Normally im nervous everytime we get on the pitch….This is no disrespect to sufc, who will give us a tough game, but i believe this match is in the bag”

“could also use this game for shooting practice “

“Sheffield United right now seem like the ideal opposition for Timo to get a goal or two if Tuchel doesn’t want to rest him.”

“the notion we need to pick our best XI (whatever that is) to beat the team bottom of the league is nonsense.”

“Wilder c’est fini”

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Pre-Match View From Leicester

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“If Carlsberg presented your next opponent…(this might backfire)”

“It’ll be very surprising if this game isn’t won quite easily.”

“We will finish these off easily, they’re ****ed themselves defensively, Southampton could have walked off with 9 goals, I think we will proper hammer these. “

“A back 5 of Baldock, Ampadu, Bryan, Stephens, Bogle has to be one of the worst in premier league history surely? “

“Believe their only fit cbs are jagielka and ampadu who has had a poor season. Got to get at them.”

“They’ve been decimated by injuries and have very little cover. Kean Bryan wasn’t even getting in the reserve team at the start of the season, now he’s playing every game. Several defensive players are playing out of position. Bogle just coming back from injury but looks a threat at wingback.They’re very weak down the right side and have been exposed there consistently this season.”

“surely a draw is no good for both Sheffield Utd or West Brom when we play them. Normally I dread these relegation threatened sides parking the bus but you’d hope they’d both have to be a bit more adventurous against us and we will ultimately pick them off.”

“they could keep it tight and negative and frustrate us and try and expose us on a set piece. “

“Personally I’d go for Soy’s physicality against Sheffield Utd who have a Burnley type approach.”

“Time for Vardy to get his mojo back!”

“Vardy will score against them.”

“Vardy to relegate Sheffield United. Yes please”

“Apparently Wilder lost the players back when the lockdown came – there was an argument within the club about going on to a percentage of their wages and he made a public threat about the players using last season as a way of asking for new contracts.”

“Rhian Brewster hasn’t scored a goal for Sheff Utd yet so that can only mean one thing…”

“It’s just so tee’d up for a classic Leicester moment isn’t it.
Playing bottom of the league, devoid of confidence, those around us playing each other… “

“We know they’ll work hard and we know they’ll press like mad. We’ve struggled with that a lot in recent weeks.”

“The idea that sheff u will be an easy fixture is misplaced these players are trying to impress ref a possible summer move and from a professional perspective, no one wants to finish bottom if they can avoid it.”

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