Pre-Match View From Stoke

“sheff utd will tonk us on Tuesday. they were only promoted the season before last and are looking good.and then you have blackburn , wigan and Brentford who only came up last season, and all 3 are doing well in the league. I don’t think any of these teams have spent anywhere near what we have spent.we have too many individual players and we don’t play as a team.and as for bringing crouch and adam on ,surely we have better players on the bench than these.”

“I’m thinking they see us a an opportunity to get three points.”

“I thought one point tops from the two games against Brum and Sheffield U. I’ve revised this to none and if Stoke then don’t get a result against Bristol. Tone could be the man to get GR the sack.”

“I think 17th is an EXACT reflection of the sort of side we are.”

“First good side we have played we need to focus and work hard stoke supporters appreciate both those things lets hang in there till Xmas then bring in some nice presents who can get us up!!”

“This is the Championship, anybody can beat anybody.
I wouldn’t be surprised if we beat them.”

“We look like a team set up to do more damage away from home tbh, we’ll probably win.”

“Yet we have only won one away and three at home and the one away win was an hillarious oggy”

“Should have trounced Wednesday and Rotherham though. I’ve been to 3 away this season and they’ve been the 3 best performances I’ve seen.”

“At times Birmingham had 11 men behind the ball making it incredibly difficult for us to create something.Can’t see that happening on Tuesday.”

“despite losing on Saturday we bossed the game for the most part, we are certainly in with a good chance on Tuesday if Rowett can lift the side.”

“We’re on the verge of being a good side.”

“We’ll win this one.”

“I think our performances have slowly improved though, since the Blackburn game. The pockets of cohesion are there and we just need to put it together for longer.”

“We have better players than other clubs, but they have better teams; there is a difference. We need a manager who can create a team.”

“they cost more and we’re paying them more. There’s a big difference between that and actually being better players.”

“we seem to become totally reliant on Tom Ince to create something as all McClean does is run up and down in straight lines. “

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Pre-Match View From Derby

App5c Zoran

“Unless Hull can still be counted as Yorkshire our record against sides from over the border is poor this year and on the evidence of last year’s two performances we’ll need to be at our best.
I do however remember two or three great ‘turning point’ wins against the Blades in the not too distant past so, here’s hoping for another.
Defeat would begin a bit of a minor crisis”

“could really do with three points and a battling performance against a team that will come at us, hopefully it plays into our hands. Let’s make a statement”

“sheffield united play 3 at the back. We know one lone striker struggles against three defenders so there is no point persisting with 4231 v 343. Perfect opportunity to try summat else.”

“last year I personally thought that Sheff United were the best team we faced over both games. Seems like they’ve carried it on!”

“Who knows which Derby will turn up. I’d take a point.”

“Sheff Utd are in great form and will be full of confidence, so it looks like being our hardest game since we were outplayed by the DYS.
On our day we could win this one, but we’re too inconsistent to risk much money on the outcome.”

“We couldn’t have picked a worse time to face them they are on fire But we’re Derby anything can happen certainly have to up our game to get anything “

“Going into an international break on a winning or losing run does not automatically mean you come out of it the same way.
Also Derby are well known as breakers of opposition winning/losing streaks.”

“how often do teams go into an international break on fire and come out of it extinguished or vice versa? I think we will get something out of it”

“International break over….. Sheffield good run to come to an end.”

“How many of United’s side would you swap for ours?”

“A tough one but, I think the Rams will play well in front of Sky again”

“it’s Derby so we will probably win but I can’t see it given our inconsistency and their run of form”

“I’d like to see us match their formation in this one. Go three at the back… Man for man I think we have more skill and we will beat them.”

“We should play to our strengths and let them worry about our quality rather than switching formation to a back 3. If we play with a 3 at the back we will either have one less midfielder or one less attacking option, and playing in a back 3 is hard to adjust to. With the players we have got and our style of play I would say it wouldn’t work becuase what is the point of going down the wing and crossing with the wing backs a lot when we don’t have someone aerially dominant to win the headers.”

“If David McGoldrick serves us up a lesson in football I am going to have to go off sick for a week.”

“On paper this de-darby team ought to knock the breadcakes out of ’em. (Sheffield bants). “

“Did you know that, originally, it was Wendy who were the Blades? They adopted “The Owls” when they moved to the Owlerton district of Sheffield and the red half of steel city nicked the dropped Blades tag.”

“Ticket sales very slow again. Looks like a poor crowd against the top team.”

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Pre-Match View From Hull

“Looking forward to another decent trip on Saturday against Sheffield United. Up against another quality side chasing promotion. One of my favorite grounds as well.”

“Sheffield United > Sheffield Wednesday. Ground, fans, away day in general. All better. By a mile.”

“We’re gonna get battered if I’m honest. Hope it’s not 4 like last season”

“can’t see us troubling Sheff Utd at the weekend”

“Play Stewart and Henriksen in midfield that way we will dominate possession and have that added bite.
After playing Barcelona it’s going to be tough against Real Madrid.”

“i was reading a sheff utd ****s forum after their 2nd game against boro when they lost 3-0
fans were saying wilder has to go
he’s not the man for the job
that he’s done all he can, he can’t pick the righ tteam
now they are joint top of the championship Then again they then got Norwood”

“If/When Sheff Utd batter us Saturday, with the break coming up directly after… this must be the end for Adkins. Say what you want about finance,off field issues…we are getting worse progressively under him. I cannot see a scenario where he even nearly keeps us up.”

“Hull City’s biggest derby of the season is actually on Saturday, against Sheffield United. The Nigel Adkins derby Fans fighting over who was shitter under Adkins. An all out fight before twitter turns into a support group. Can’t wait.”

“this is least enjoyable Hull side to watch in 20 years. So so boring to watch. Slutsky got the bullet for being ten times more entertaining.”

“I’ve heard enough of Adkins bull**it, its tedious and on top of that I’m not impressed by his tactics, or lack of!
Personally Nigel, you walked into a firestorm, its raging around you and the flames are engulfing you, do us all a favour and go!”

“The over positivity is sickening and unnecessary. The long ball is mind numbing and ineffective. There are young talented coaches and managers that would come. We are down with bells on otherwise. We can’t play any duller fare and have nothing to lose.”

“More guff from todays pre-match conference…everyone wants to see the stadium full….doesn’t he talk to Enob?….the group is working hard….yada yada!!”

“He does some daft things, he doesn’t inspire and he talks utter bollocks.
Apart from that, he’s alright.”

“if he could have brought in some of his first choice transfers such has Norwood, McKenna ect we would be in a much better position than we are now. He has made some strange decisions but hasn’t a lot to work with, it dosnt help neither with the bad atmosphere around the club”

“give him the chance and then judge fairly after a reasonable shot at it. He did a great job at Scunny and Southampton. Not realistic to judge him on Reading given the circumstances. He’s a decent manager and a good guy who deserves much better.”

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Pre-Match View From Blackburn

“I see some similarities between Sheffield United and ourselves. Both recently promoted from League One, both seem to have spells of playing some exciting football, both suspect defensively, both teams that have been assembled on limited funds in comparison to most. Could do with 4 points from the next 2 to keep momentum going into the international break. Any less than 3 from 6 this week and I’ll be disappointed. Think this one will be more difficult than Villa or Forest despite them not having the over the top media frenzy behind them”

“Going to be a really tough game. They have 2 wiley guys upfront in McGoldrick and Sharpe. Not the quickest, but both good technically and clever with the ball.  It’s going to be a real battle as they work hard like us. Hopefully we sneak a win.”

“Going to be a really tough one.  Sheffield United and West Brom are the only clubs to have won 6 of their first ten games and the Blades have a horrible habit of getting results at Ewood. Blades are nicely posed to get into the top two and if they are going to make automatic promotion, this is the kind of game they need to win. This game is a huge threat to our long unbeaten home run and I will be happy with a draw, ecstatic with a win for Rovers. “

“Blades will come for a shut out and get it.”

“Rovers last 3 games yielded 7-7. Sheffield United last 2 games total 6-4/So sod’s law it will be 0-0 but given they leak at the back as well, I am expecting the Blades to come to attack.”

“for some reason I always think dull grinding game when I see Sheff Utd pop up although that’s probably not true ! Like you say though I expect a tightening at the back type game from both sides, they come along every now and then.”

“Expecting a very tough game. Cannot recall seeing Rovers beat the Blades that many times over the decades. Although we’ve drawn too many games so far I wouldn’t be surprised or too disappointed to see this finish all square.”

“They’re a very good side – a draw wouldn’t be too bad at all.”

“They are a good side, and we have played enough teams who we have considered good sides and have been unfortunate to not be on the winning side against some and have beaten others.If we want to be in the promotion mix then i feel we need to be winning this game, if we draw and then don’t beat Bolton on Saturday then 2 or 3 points from the last 3 games will be a poor return.We are unbeaten in 25 games at home and although i respect Sheff United and admire the job Wilder has done il be disappointed if we don’t claim 3 points tomorrow.A point would have been ok of we had held on against Forest but if we want to be mixing it with the teams at the top end then i think we need 3 points tomorrow”

“Two points from top 6 and playing Sheffield next. Looking good. :)”

“I wish we were playing Wednesday, Sheffield United look very good at the moment.”

“Sheff Utd have proper fans, who stay local. And support their club.
We don’t really have that at Blackburn.
There is only one guarantee on wed. Whatever we do, it won’t be good enough. And only the negatives will be picked up. But that’s just reading places like here.
Going to games is brilliant. Almost every match had been exciting between 2 very even sides. The crowd in the ground get behind us. The manager and players are making everyone who counts, proud. And going to games is now a really exciting and good thing. And we play great football.
What sets is aside from Sheff Utd, they don’t have Bradley Dack. We do.”

“Hope Mulgrew is fit, suspect he might sit out until the international break but fingers crossed as we need him alongside a shaky Lenihan. Going to be a tough game.”

“I haven’t seen anything recently explaining Mulgrew’s current situation.
If he still isn’t back will Rodwell play his third game in a week?
Downing made me feel nervous every time he got the ball against Forest.
If Nyambe doesn’t recover from yesterday’s knock then I assume Williams or Bell will play right full back (please don’t waste Bennett there).
Our once settled defence could be anything but on Wednesday.”

“Dean Henderson, goalkeeper, now on loan at Sheffield United.  Should be an interesting return to Ewood Park and especially in front of the Blackburn End after his reactions last season when playing Shrewsbury!”

“Wouldn’t be surprised to see Henderson have an absolute blinder against us- one of the reasons I am apprehensive about this one.”

“Dean Henderson. Prick. He’ll get some respite this season for one half probably backed by a large Sheffield away following. Shame really – he was a nob of the highest order and deserves all the stick he gets.”

“if his reactions in the games after his Ewood fiasco are typical then he could be a liability for them. On the other hand if he has a Robbie Savage type of personality, he may thrive on any stick he gets”

“I hope he gets his ears reddened , but that no idiots take it too far and throw shit.  Hopefully the prolonged abuse will be enough to put him off his game”

“Just had a reminder that we once signed Jordan Slew for £1.1m from Sheff United. Steve Kean’s words when we signed him – “He has strength, he wants to get in behind defenders and I think he’s a dynamic powerful young striker. He’s certainly one for the future.”
Slew now plays for Radcliffe in the Northern Premier League Division One North…. In the same division as Bamber Bridge…. one division above Clitheroe.”

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Pre-Match View From Millwall

5 defeats in 6 with Sheffield United, Forest & Villa to come”

A decent performance is a must on Saturday.”

Saturday will be a big test”

it’s so rare we go away from 4-4-2 (apart from, naturally, later in games as they chase a draw/win) but we did last season against Sheff Utd”

Saturday 3 points is up for grabs, that’s why I believe he tried a new formation yesterday, going on his comments in the post match interview, I think we will see a change as he was happy with the 352/532, Harris is a 442 person and he now has (not totally) come to terms with the fact that the way we play 442 is not working.£

I would rather be 541 off the ball. Rather not be beat then lose every week.5-2-3 on the ball!!”

Herein lies our problem, a couple of months into the season and nobody has a fucking clue what our best line up is, least of all Harris. People were clamouring for Archer to be launched and he has, that Romeo needs dropping, Harris done that and has been rewarded with some well below par performances from McLaughlin. Then comes the AOB conundrum, Harris again brings in Skalak to no real avail then we come to Morison, an avalanche of criticism that he had to be put out to grass and again Harris done it at QPR and the Bradshaw Gregory combination was a washout.
Factor in the loss of Hutchinson, Saville and Jed Wallace’s, among others, mysterious loss of form and we are starting to look like a club in trouble. It’s hard to see where our next goal is coming from, let alone win. Even last night our goal was from yet another set piece, whereas Fulham casually just went up the other end and cracked home a absolute pearler from outside the area.”

the signings we made have turned out to be a total waste of money as none of them is championship level, they are certainly not better than marshall and saville thats why we are playing shit. “

Last year our passion got us through & lets b honest we had the rub of the green . I fear a long & difficult season ahead”

the most powderpuff Millwall side I have ever seen.
I know the likes of Hurlock and Muscat would get sent off every game nowadays, so we cannot go get those types of players anymore. But, like you say, you can still be like Morison and play with that edge.
Yet, for all his talk of signing ‘Millwall type’ characters, look at our midfield… bunch of lightweights really. Where’s the steel? The nastiness? And if Williams is off the boil with his passing, then we are effectively carrying a useless passenger most games – as he won’t go ‘Right, I’m having a mare, but I can roll my sleeves up and get stuck in at least’.
We need to get back to have a whole team of tough characters with a bit of aggression (in that controlled modern sense); like when we had Craig, Dunne, Forde, Frampton, Harris, Alexander, Robinson, Abdou and Ward were all in and around the team.”

It’s not the case of not being physical enough the fight in the team was a big reason we had such a good season it’s more and the quality of players we are up against”

ive never rated the prick Harris. It aint that hard getting out of league one even burton and Rotherham have done it”

“Not hard getting out of league 1, you obviously have not got a clue”

Last season we had a lot of team spirit, but I still thought we were lightweight physically. It was our good attitude (‘fight’) that allowed us to beat the disinterested millionaires at other clubs, not our brute force.
Now we have the lightweight players that are disinterested too. “

 I was beginning to panic that we’d only have the long ball option for Saturday, a relief to know that Leonard can play so we’ll have the long throw too as our 2nd tactic”

I actually think Leonard has the look of a decent replacement for Saville. “

“with all respect Saville scored 10 goals in 48 games for us and Leonard only scored 20 goals in 228 for Southend (and hasn’t scored in 18 games since going out on loan) so to say he’s a decent replacement is somewhat wide of the mark “

“Where the sell out we should be getting not just for Leeds United”

We gotta hope the Sheffield United team get their inspiration from their hooligans and turn up with false legs!”

(To the tune of Let ’em come – obviously):

It’s Saturday,
Cold Blow Lane,
Them Blades are once again here,
They’ve had their greasy chip butties,
And a glass of Stones’ beer

Come rain or shine,
All the time,
They bring a firm for a bit of a ding,
But as the Lions run on the pitch,
Everyone will sing…

Where’s ya leg, where’s ya leg, where’s ya leg?
Where’s ya fucking false leg?
Where’s ya leg, where’s ya leg, where’s ya leg?
We will only have to take it again,
Cos the last time it was seen in London, no, the last time it was seen at all,
It was ripped off,
By the mighty Millwall

So where’s ya, where’s ya leg, where’s ya leg,

Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllll “

Some fans may also like to check out a brilliantly detailed A-Z of Sheffield United that was created by a Millwall fan.

..he also did one on our neighbours

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Pre-Match View From Preston

“Need a confidence boost from somewhere, a scabby win at Sheff Utd would do.”

“We need to get back to basics. That means get back a defence that can keep clean sheets. So first and foremost Rudd needs dropping. Carve out a 0-0 at Sheff Utd and go from there.
Truly depressing time to be a north ender.”

“Sheff Utd home banker Saturday”

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more depressing than the performance vs Reading we just had to watch that vs Leeds. Reminded me of a sunday league side that had been on the piss all night. 3 points vs Sheff United are vital”

“We’re f****d. Rudd seems to be undroppable for reasons known only to Neil, Clarke is fucking awful but plays every week, Earl is massively overrated. Our defence last season was good early on because we had the Grayson mindset instilled and we were organised and solid. That has now worn off and we have no clue how to defend. 6 games in a row now we’ve conceded 2+ goals.
Barkhuizen plays 90 minutes yet again despite being a League Two player but Barker barely gets 10 minutes. Johnson was shocking again but we have no options because of our embarrassing indiscipline. It’s laughable at the moment just how bad we are.
F**k this season, I’m probably just gonna stay in the pub in Sheffield on Saturday.”

“If people have booked Sheffield I can see the pubs busy and the away end empty”

“Lose to Sheffield United and West Brom and Neil has to go, team selection and tactics taking us nowhere but down. Only one formation in his locker and it ain’t working, if he’s as good a manager as some think should be able to change formations during games if first choice isn’t working. Tried 4 4 2 at Norwich got beat so goes back to his favoured 4 2 3 1 that isn’t working, obviously losing Maguire and Bodin was a big loss that close to season starting but has had enough time to work out his best X1”

“Serious selection problems for Sheff Utd game but we are conciding goals which we didnt do last year and Rudd looking a liability at moment.”

“In just a few short weeks, we’ve gone from a level of optimism not seen in a very long time to a feeling of disappointment, anger and general apathy by what seems to be the majority of supporters.
We’ve had dips in form before but I don’t think the resulting meltdown has been to the levels we’re seeing now.
Will 6-7 points from the next three games make everything peachy again for the majority or has the rot set in?”

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Pre-Match View From Birmingham

“Next two games are difficult, Sheff Utd away and Leeds away.
We should of had about 5 wins by now with the way we are performing but we haven’t.
I have to say I actually fancy us to win one of these games with the way we are playing.
Sheff Utd are a tough team but definitely beatable.”

“I don’t think we have anything to fear on Sheffield United. We need to believe we can win that.
We probably won’t, mind.”

“we’re gonna fecking smash Sheffield United”

“I actually fancy us to beat Sheff Utd”

“We always play better aganst the decent teams.
So we are more likely to win one of the next 2 away games because no doubt the level of performance will drop at home to Ipswich. “

“We’re absolutely dire in front of goal, playing decent football jus the end product.” “We need to be more clinical and especially against Sheffield United”

“Every dog has his day! Way we are playing it’s gonna come at some point. Maybe if our strikers put their boots on the right feet our luck might chance”

“Come on Che You Can do it”

“If we only lose 6 points because of FFP it’s still a big deal to blues and could seal our relegation. Sickening that clubs such as Sheff Wed and Villa haven’t had same treatment.”

“Only 900 sold for Sheffield United looks like sky’s red button is already taking it’s toll on midweek away support”

“Either that or the prospect of possibly not returning with 3 points. Sadly despite our efforts of late things just aren’t happening results wise. It tends to put people off paying out.”

“A cold Wednesday night in Sheffield and we have sold 853 so far! Quality support from our fans who are travelling to Sheffield United to support Gary Monk  and the boys in royal blue”

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Pre-Match View From Bristol City

“A bloody tough game …and probably goals.  Cue, boring 0-0. They’ve started pretty well, after opening the season with two defeats, reeling off 4 successive wins to lie 3rd in the table…1 point ahead of City.  Another game that probably feels like a barometer of our progress and standing in this division.  Wilder has recruited well this summer to give the squad the depth that they missed last season as they fell away in the second half of the season.  Mmmm, the parallels!! 3-5-2, playing from the back, but commit players forward, like we did in 14/15.  Let them settle into their groove and we’ll be in for a tough afternoon.  Exploit those gaps (remember what Fulham did to us at AG in 14/15), force them to play risky football deep in their half, and we can win the match.”

“Balham is a player I’ve underrated until I saw him at Bramall Lane last season, where he proved a better footballing CB than I’d give him credit for.  Can be prone to rash tackles when rattled, so might suit Taylor!!  Egan is a good alround CB and a good acquisition.  In all, a back 3 you’d be more than happy with, but like a lot of Champ central defenders, can be exposed down the sides. Norwood was a really astute signing, can play the Pack role without perhaps the passing range, but don’t ignore his quality from set-pieces.  Will keep the ball moving…so we mustn’t give him time to bypass our press.  John Fleck – red carded at their place last season.  Tenacious midfielder with moments of quality.  Need to commit him on the stretch, as he can’t resist a tackle. Mark Duffy is the dangerman – bit of a journeyman, but found his identity at SU, and a real threat.  Will cheat in midfield, and if you think where Weimann was picking up the ball in 20 yards of space v BR, that’s where Duffy will want to receive the ball, but instead of Weimann having one forward colleague, Duffy will have two, and their launching of breakaways is very impressive.  LJ talked of ‘transition’ with Twentyman on Monday…SU are the epitome of this with Duffy the key to springing Freeman or the front-men  Didn’t start the 2 defeats, can only imagine he wasn’t fully fit.”

“How do we win the game?

1. don’t let Duffy face up our 2 CBs.  So important that Pack and Brownhill work together to deny him space.  Pack might need to curb any runs forward on Saturday.  It’ll be a long afternoon if he does and has two runners against retreating CBs

2. don’t let O’Connell or Basham bring the ball forward unopposed…creating an extra man in midfield drawing JB or MP out.  This us what allows them to spring Duffy.  Eliasson and whoever played RM key to this (COD or MW), tucking in, but also the two strikers.

3. just as NE and COD/MW are important when SU have the ball, it is important that we we get it, we transition (that word again) into attack quickly, and that will require commitment from our two wide-men to get into the spaces behind their WBs, and down the sides of their CBs as quickly as possible.

4. Hunt to impose himself on Enda Stevens.  Pushing him deep into a more conventional LB will deny O’Connell space and allow MW/COD to create a 3 on 3 versus their CBs, where Weimann’s clever movement could run them ragged

5. Assuming Kalas is fit, continue to play a higher line to squeeze SU in possession.  Not saying that Clarke, McGoldrick can’t run the channels, but they do like to break centrally, so condensing the pitch will help.   6. Patience.  If we cannot break on them, then control the play, and make them run about chasing us.  Duffy won’t want to chase the ball. “

“They are a very good team”

“It’s been so long since we beat Sheffield united at Home – I can only think of one occasion in the last 6 years. It’s going to be very tough.”

“Saturday v Sheff Utd (home) Tuesday v West Brom (away) Friday v Wigan (away) To me this looks ridiculously hard, ok we’ll be nicely rested for the home encounter against S.Utd – but how good did they look v Villa!”

“The players will be full of confidence after the demolition of Blackburn. They’ll be itching to get back to Championship football and in front of their own fans.  That said I’d take a draw right now………..”

“Let’s see how it goes against high flying Sheff U, but based on our last three performances, I am confident we can at least make the play offs this season.”

“Can see us being the dark horses of the championship this season”

“They have only sold 1,300 so far bit of a shame really thinking they sold  1,900 for last game of the season 2017-2018”

“Thats a cracking effort and it will increase to about 1500. We wouldn’t take half as much IMO. “

“Both Sheffield clubs have cracking support home and away. You can’t really knock them, particularly when you take into account the lack of success. Same goes with our support though, we must be the best supported team to have not played in the top flight for nearly 40 years.”

“Decent effort. More than we will take up there i expect.”

“Sheff weds’ have always had excellent away support, far better than United’s, Wednesday would of sold their allocation Saturday.”

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Pre-Match View From Aston Villa

“If we had played Leeds, Boro, West Brom, Brentford and Sheff United then yes this would have been a good start. Stop with the bullshit Unbeaten ffs. “

“Three wins in a row for them. They usually try to play and knock it around their back three. I’ll take a repeat of last season right now. “

“I thought last season’s game there was one of our hardest of the season , so it’s a very difficult fixture.
If we come away with a draw or a win I will be over the moon.”

“Would dearly love a Villa win but my head says United will just edge us.”

“Looking for a response here…  poor late goal against Reading followed by a disgraceful performance in the cup.  All eyes on you now Steve!”

“These lot are a good side on great form, whilst we are struggling against poor sides. We desperately need a defence before I will have any confidence in winning games like this one, and we need Bolasie up to speed very soon. Until that happens, I fear the worst. “

“Absolutely dreading it.”

“smell a defeat here. Their current form is enough to make the sphincter of our defence tighten in a morbid attempt not to lose. Given the nature of our sporadic performances, we’re due a league defeat. “

“I’ve got a lot of time for Chris Wilder and the way he sets his teams up. Successful wherever he’s been. Saw a few games during his promotion season at Northampton three or four seasons ago. High intensity, high press, looking for quick incisive passing in the final third. He’s now managing (having played for) his boyhood team.
Be a challenge for us for sure.
Which Villa will turn up? If we play as we did against Brentford for 70 mins, we might knick it. The midfield need to dominate and the defence will need to play well for us to get anything out of it.”

“Wilder has achieved far more in management than Dean Smith but never gets a mention for some reason.”

“Think this could a long 90 mins, United seem to be hitting some form. Hopefully Jack will be fit again. I didn’t really buy Bruce’s line that McGinn and Kodjia were injured too but maybe just a knock. Expect to see them back in the starting 11. Doubt Bolasie will be ready for this given lack of pre season.”

“Hand on heart, I am expecting SB to pack the defence and hope for a break away goal. Then when we go 2 nil down, he will play attack and it will be too late as they pack their defence and close the game down , BUT we still haven’t lost in the league Yet, so still a glimmer of hope”

“Big game this. Win it and we are pretty much back on track. Lose and Bruce is under massive pressure.”

“Lose this and the tide will start to turn against Bruce”

“Unless we play like we did in the 1st hour vs Brentford Sheffield will eat us alive and I’ll be angrily listening to Bruce taking about moving the ball quicker at about 5:30 again.”

“Away from home, hard game, made for Bruceball – keep it tight and try to nick a winner as we did at Boro last season around Xmas. Can’t see us getting more than a draw. “

“We will labour and struggle, create little changes and will have some Kodj or McGinn magic to thank for our point. Bruce will come out after the game and once again state that we moved the ball too slow, he didn’t tell them to play that way, he wanted us to move the ball quicker, and sharper and that we still have a way to go and we’re playing catch up at the minute. He will then bust out a rendition of Shaggy’s classic ‘it wasn’t me’ “

“Hopefully Sheff Utd stuff us by 2 or 3 & then we hopefully get a competent manager in during the 2 week break. “

“In many ways , the season starts Saturday. Feels like it’s been a dress rehearsal so far but now we are into September and proper business begins.”

“Winning at Sheffield United on Saturday will be the most Villa thing ever. You just watch”

“If we can just convert the chances created in the last game”

“This fixture last season was one of the high points of the last few years for me, well the last minute anyway.”

“I am concerned that a fan might get stuck in a seat celebrating a goal . Those dirty northern seats are treacherous”

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Pre-Match View From Bolton

“Scrappy 1-0 will do me”

“I’d take a draw but hopefully we’ll knick it
Ameobi and Buckley in for the Wildschut and Noone, Vela/Murphy in for O’Neill. Possibly Grounds in at left back as Taylor started to get found out last night and was blowing out of his arse, not sure his legs will fancy another 90 minutes in 2 days time.”

“Never deserved it on Wednesday but who cares? Had 0-0 written all over it till Ameobi came on.How bad was Wildschut? Terrible. Buckley made a difference given he made good runs and didn’t trip over his own feet.
Oztumer and Wildschut look like impact players to me. Based on tonight neither did enough to warrant starting.
Olkowski is the best full back we’ve had since Big Sam days. An absolutely unbelievable find.”

“Birmingham better for 70 minutes, then Ameobi and Buckley added freshness and quality and turned the game in our favour. We pass it around on the floor a lot more. It looked good at times, usually until the ball went to Beevers who lumped it long. It also didn’t look like us and didn’t look like we had any strategy in where it would lead “

“Home games will be tougher for us. I think a lot will depend on set pieces – at home I think our goals may come from them.”

“Sheff Utd will come and try to dominate possession.”

“I can’t see us not conceding to these twats.”

“Should hopefully be a great atmosphere.
Surely we are not going to win again?
Think we will have to settle for a 1-1 this time, but would love all 3!”

“I think there could be a few goals in this.”

“1:1. Ameobi for us, Fat Little Pig for them”

“I’d happily take a point but cannot see it.Still a great start though if the worst happens.”

“3 points and top of the league!Boom!”

“Changed their tune now Sheffield fans
Seem to be very apprehensive about Saturday
Another tight win”

“Carbon copy of last night 1-0 will do me  And their manager and fans will moan like the miserable fookers that they are because even though they won League 1 they’ve realised that they aren’t actually Barcefuckinglona and they can stick their greasy chip butties where the sun doesn’t shine”

“can’t stand Wilder ”

“These clowns really do have an unhealthy dislike for us dont they and its from absolutely nowhere. Baffling really”

“Cue for a song – “No one likes us,we don’t care””

“I really don’t get how they don’t like us not as though we are local rivals tbh not many fans like us which is puzzling.”

“Their animosity to us started 2 seasons ago in Div 1 when they thought that their massive massiveness should have given them automatic promotion but worked themselves into a little tantrum about us because we came from nowhere to put up a bit of a challenge. A couple of them popped up on here & seemed sensible at first but then showed themselves up to be complete tossers.I’ve never cared either way about Sheff Utd & find their dislike for us quite comical but i must admit that winning & Madine scoring at theirs last season was a great laugh.”

“Donaldson is a great option from the bench – looks a handful and will be able to hold the ball up to close games out”

“last season ostensibly showed us that our youth players are better than those at clubs like Palace, Forest, Sheff U, Leeds, Birmingham, Watford etc”

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