Pre-Match View From Hull

“Not much time to reflect on Middlesbrough as we play another play off hopeful. Sheffield United are on another good run of form lately and their attacking approach surely means goals against us. As long as Leon Clarke doesn’t bag another four I’ll live…
Can Adkins spring a surprise on his former employers? Well…I wouldn’t think so, no.”

“Personally I can’t see why any Sheff Utd would want to attend or watch the game. It’s obvious that Adkins will turn into Guardiola against his old club, seeing an easy 5 0 win with the sexiest football we’ve seen before a 10 games losing streak which ends in our relegation”

“I think what city fans need to realise is at the moment our team is of championship/league 1 standard
and nigel adkins is prob the same std?
and we should therefore expect no more
now if the owners had lavished the manager with gifts then we should be underwhelmed
last seasons squad if retained from last year would have surely gone back up as champions
but now we have nothing
league 1 champions 2019?
maybe not even play offs?
time to get real methinks”

“When you listen to Adkins you think wow, did he really get promoted twice with Southampton? He sounds like a Sunday league chap, after being on the sauce all night.”

“In a perverse way I’d love to hear NA put a positive spin on relegation.
Well Nigel City are in league one next season..
Yeah, but we’ll be in the first round of the FA Cup.
Just think of the new grounds to visit. Think of the ticks.
Luton always bring a few”

“If Adkins is the answer then the question can only be “who do I need to see to get my insurance renewed”.
Not entirely his fault but Stevie Wonder could win this league with the squad we have.”

“Adkins is a fool.”

“He came from Reading with a lack of knowledge, he studied management at Scunthorpe college…”

“I fully suspect Adkins was told there is no money to spend, he was out of work and in desperate need of work. For all his positiveity and upbeat soundbites we are not cohesive on the pitch, no creative players on the pitch and its hit and hope. Adkins is proabaly suited better with a League 1 team anyway as it will be a re-building job when we fall into it, as in most cases whatever is happening at the top, lack of interest from the owners, eventually transfers onto the pitch.”

“What’s he supposed to sound like. He’s got a depleted squad, zero investment, 2 years of endemic failure on the pitch, fans who don’t care and an owner who has given up and waiting for his payout at the end of next season. He’s basically a palliative care nurse for a terminally ill club, helping it to die in the least painful manner.
The rugger is back on this week, Cheats old bean, so we can once again forget this nonsense, focus on a real sport. Let’s be honest, football viewing nowadays is for foreigners and second gen migrants who do the weird screeches, spakky hand signals, pidgin Ingrish innit and exaggerate that a tackle by Bellerin was ‘savage’ on fan TV programmes.
Best to cut the whole farce loose, leave it to the shit munchers and focus on something else.”

“I’m with him. the players didnt play for Slutsky, and they aren’t playing for Adkins. They need to wake up. Many probably think if they go down they will be bought. I’d put clauses in player contracts that tie them in for another season if relegated unless the club choose to sell”
“even the best manager in the world wouldn’t make much difference
we can barely compete against most championship teams”

“I think this is the worse team I’ve seen in a number of years.” “1 win against the top 16 teams”

“We’ve only won 3 points (out of a possible 39) from matches against the top 9 teams. Sheff Utd up next…”

“I hope Sheff Utd fans complain to the EFL & the FA about the pricing of the tickets. Maybe if other fans start to kick up a fuss then someone will actually sit up & take notice.”

“Once again Hull City fans have to apologise on behalf of our owners who claim to have the best run club in the football league. Thats why crowds have halved and stands have closed. No concessions for kids and OAPs for two years.”

“We apologise for the behaviours of those in charge of our football club who are inept and have lost interest. Sheff Utd fans attending the game may see many protests on Friday all part of a very sad story, with Hull City fans desperate for a happy ending”

“Based on opportunities to humiliate at any cost the Allams, strikes me (as we wont be on Sky any time quickly) this Friday is the only time to do so…”

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Pre-Match View From QPR


“After a very pleasing weekend win against Bolton, there is no break as we go away to the steel city to face Sheffield United on Tuesday night. Sheffield United are knocking on the door of the playoffs, as they lie in 8th, just four points adrift of 6th place. It has been an impressive season for last years League one winners, helped by Billy Sharpe, who a few weeks ago became one of the only three players to score 200 goals in the English league this century.
We should hopefully have Smyth available again from the start, and it is encouraging the Luongo made it through Saturday without any problems which is encouraging. I fear it’ll be tough on Tuesday night as we enter that part of the season where some teams have a lot to play for, and others (like ourselves I am pleased to say) are destined for mid table, and can’t really do much to change that. Surely we now want to see out the season without any major injuries, whilst giving as much game time and experience to the likes of Eze and Smyth.
Let’s hope they’ve got the same keeper tomorrow night as last time out”

“No easy games and this is a toughie.
Very happy memories of our win there in 200?
They started off well but have fizzled out so we have a decent enough chance.”

“Midweek game away to a good team in Yorkshire. Surely a comfortable away victory in pleasant weather with the team applauded off the pitch from all four stands. ”

“let’s not get too excited about  beating Bolton. The Beeb report described us as ‘deserved’ winners and that we were the ‘stronger side’ in the first half. But don’t get too excited: this is against a club who’s season performance has been nailed-on relegation form™. For us to get two unanswered goals at home against this side after they are down to ten men is not exactly the stuff of legend. ”

It was a reasonably decent, certainly adequate, result. That’s all.

“I think Holloway’s keen not to have any of those terrible 6 game losing runs again like last year which is why we haven’t seen much departure from the 3-5-2 because it sort of mostly works in that we aren’t going to get relegated”

“Another four wins and we’ll be safe. Loads of teams below us now who cant buy a win.Lets not put all the kids on the park until we’re mathematical safe. I’d tell the players that the sooner we’re safe the sooner your holidays start. Then get all the kids out there to see whst theyre made of.”

“Don’t think it will take four wins to reach safety! The teams in the bottom three are in poor form, so safety will only require 45 points this yearDon’t mind another four wins though!”

“Far from safe. I think we’ll get sucked in to it.I mean we still need eleven points minimum. Where from? Half our games are away from home, so that’s 0”

“Only 13 points off 6th. Could still do this.”

“Well i think qpr can win there next ten matches and i think we could hit the play offs my thoughts are based on matt smith is a player that can destroy any team in the division”

“If we won the next ten games i’d be eloping to the bahamas with Scarlett Johansson on a large pink marshmallow yacht upon a sea of tangerine custard”

“I think if we score more goals than the opposition and the teams around us acquire fewer points than us, then almost certainly maybe we could make the play offs. Mind you, if my aunt had a cock she’d be my uncle.”

“We are where we deserve to be…. lower mid table.”

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Pre-Match View From Leeds



“Recent Form (last 8 league games)
Lost 4, Won 2 with 2 Draws
Scoring 7 Conceding 11
Lost 3, Won 2 with 3 Draws
Scoring 8 Conceding 9
LEEDS have averaged 1.47 points per away game so far this season while blunts are 1.73 points for home games
We are 9th spot on the Away table 22 points from 15 games and blunts are 8th in the home table 26points out of 15 games. This season in the league
61% of Sheffield Utd’s conceded goals occured in the first half. Sheffield Utd have failed to score in their last 3 home matches.
Leeds Utd have failed to win in their last 6 matches. 35% of Leeds Utd’s conceded goals occurred after the 75th minute.  Now I know its all doom and gloom at ER and with TC9 gone god knows what leeds team will turn up on Saturday. But blunts aren’t exactly setting the world alight lately either ”

“This is the start of something special under our new messiah and our late march to the playoffs!!”

“heckingass will unleash the beast within our team.
I’m weirdly optimistic.”

“Sheffield not playing as well as earlier in season (I hope)”

“ Sheffield Utd will play similarly to Baardiff and we HAVE to stand up to them…. “

“This was a home banker for me but now we’ve had a management change the game could either way if Heck has a huge influence on our players minds & confidence in the short-time he’s had to work with them.
Like us Sheff Utd fans have suffered of late seeing their club drop out of the top six, they looked very good when the blunts made us look daft last October “

“Its difficult to predict.
We could have the new manager bounce and come out and put in a great performance.
That’d certainly go some way to easing the fear about Hecky.
But head tells me that won’t happen, fairly downbeat about our chances under Hecky and in this game, I’d take a draw now. “

“can’t see a win. Sharpe’s bound to score so we’ll need at least 2 to win.
As it has been lately, more in hope than expectation. A sad return to what it has been for many seasons now. “

“Given the missing players this isn’t going to be easy think PH needs a miracle start to be honest.”

“New manager is walking into a run of games. where we could easily lose 4 or 5 games on the trot.
Then the fickle fans will start saying another bad appointment , we need to give this guy a chance, but i have a sneaky feeling that the fans want an instant turn around, simply not going to happen in my opinion. I think the pressure is going to mount over the next few months”

“no physical presence or heading prowse on the pitch bar  Jannson (out now) and vierra,was going for 2-0 blades has they have lost more than us and had some beatings recently and will finish mid table has their squad and depth suggests, Your quite right new manager/tatics/hope usually brings results in short term,yes they could have 3 hit the woodwork and 4 off the line and us 1 shot and deflect in ,but has saturday form/squad says 9 times outta 10 this won’t happen
Now unless 11 men behind the ball which we can not play (as above) 2-0 (sharpe will score) blades, totally out gunned and humiliated in front of sky cameras, our only solace cry from the terraces ,so now get back in that ole spitfire i can see ya on my radar now heat seekers locked on here come the flames”

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Pre-Match View From Wolves

“We are definitely going to be on it for this one and I can see them suffering.”

“We need to win by two to show the villa they are not wolves yet”

“Wolves should be on a real high. Sheff U have just been knocked out of the Cup and lost in mid-week. Not much to play for. “

“Sheff Utd will have to go for it. They could drop another couple of places by the time the 3pm’s are over they will need to go gung ho. We will soak up the early onslaught and pick them off at will.”

“I think the general feeling in our home games is they’ll be 0-0 unless we have a moment of magic…like a Neves or Douglas free kick…and then we punish our opponents about 3-0 who have to open up”.

“This is was posted on a Sheffield Forum today, and their not talking about us lol
“We are one of if not the best footballing sides in this division.””

“Deluded was the first word that came to mind.”

“They’ve got Evans, Clarke and Stearman which should just about say it all. Decent pros but so far away from where we are and where we’re aiming for now it’s laughable.
Look forward to showing them exactly what 11 on 11 can do as they’ve been giving it all that ever since the Brammal Lane game.”

“Revenge over Sheffield United in particular would be sweet.
But let’s not forget they’ll be thinking: “we can be the first to do the double over the mighty Wolves this season””

“If I’m honest, the way they spoke about Wolves on their forums etc after they beat us and ever since… I hope we ****ing stuff them.
As for QPR, meh, we’ll beat them. Sheff Utd one feels much bigger and they will be up for it. I know their fans are reading this, enjoy your cup final lads. We’ll be ready.”

“Gone right off the Blades… reading there Forum after they beat us! Really hope we win this and play them off the park whilst doing it.”

“In fairness we wouldn’t have lost to Sheffield United if Coady hadn’t have walked. Even at 10 men we had moments (the penalty for example). All in all it wasn’t our day, but they were just organised. They’ve lost a lot of momentum over the last 2 months.”

“Have a few blade friends who were giving it large earlier in the season but have spent the last few months in a massive retreat. As a result, I have a unique insight into the psyche of the average blade and so here’s their standard excuses for when they get beat:
1. They would have beaten us if they’d had their first choice midfield available. Whenever they lose it’s always down to them being one or more short in midfield. Admittedly, this argument is going to be more difficult to pull-off now they’ve signed a few. Their first choice midfield are: coutts, some bloke who isn’t coutts, another bloke who isn’t coutts, and another bloke who I’ve never heard of but definitely isn’t as good as coutts. By the way coutts is the best player in the championship and is highly rated by all SU fans. P.S. Coutts suffered a broken leg in a match against Burton literally ages ago but this doesn’t stop SU fans constantly harping on about him. As an update, SU fans are currently petitioning the EFL to get Burton’s villain of the piece banned for life despite the fact that said villain merely attempted to block coutts’ shot and the referee didn’t see the challenge as a foul never mind a booking.
2. Their entire squad, training ground, & stadium, cost less than Neves. They’re very fond of proclaiming that they have the smallest budget in the championship (except they don’t) and will be quick to point this out when they get stuffed. There’s nothing at all ironic in this position despite the fact that they bought promotion from league 1 with the largest budget of all competing clubs and posted a thumping £6 million loss last year. As an aside, Neves isn’t fit to lace Coutts’ boots.
3. Undoubtedly our win will be down to us scoring a worldy. Whenever SU lose it’s because the opposition either: a) score a worldy; b) played out of their skins, e.g. Fulham; c) got lucky, as in, Fulham scored 5 lucky goals.
4. SU got a player undeservedly sent off. As in, since when did a two footed studs up leg breaking lunge 1ft off the ground warrant a red card??? Flecks’ perfectly legitimate well timed tackle was deemed worthy of a red by the overly officious referee of their encounter with Bristol City. Korey Smith, the villain of the piece for successfully influencing the referee due to his theatrics, stupidly took things way too far by actually going off injured. Yes, he went off injured and the knuckle draggers still say he was a play acting wimp. Football is now played by pansies. BC went on to beat SU but only because Fleck was undeservedly sent off and BC got extremely lucky. BC definitely didn’t deserve to win and Wilder definitely didn’t **** things up with his tactics and substitutions. P.S. Wilder is God since achieving promotion from league 1 despite his hands being tied and forced to work miracles with the largest budget in the division.
5. We were nothing special and they battered us at their place. They won’t mention us being a man down for 80 minutes.
Don’t forget: you heard them here first. “

“this is all spot on and is exactly what I have had to put up with all season! Although some of them have actually started to question Wilder now that they are off the pace. Not so many blindly using the phrase “in Wilder we trust” now.” “

At least they’ve quietened down a bit now though. Don’t hear too much about them going up automatically but they’re soooo unlucky. There’s a post on their forum whining on about how every time the opposition shoots they score. They’ve backed-up this ridiculous statement with statistics! “

“A very tough match in prospect.”

“It’ll be tough but I reckon we’ll clinch it.”

“Think this’ll be a really tough game. One of the faster, fitter teams in the division and Leon, Donaldson and Wilson will be a handful.”

“Lee Evans to of course have a blinder. Stearman to score from a corner. Obviously Clarke will score, and if memory serves me correctly Billy Sharp likes to get on the scoresheet against us.”

“After Forest, visiting teams will fancy their chances now.”

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Pre-Match View From Villa


“If AVFC win and Derby lose their match, then AVFC will go 2nd if the GD and Goals Scored are in our favour.
There is no double pending for AVFC this time, nevertheless, let it be 5 wins in a row !”

“It’ll be a difficult game but I’d take a draw which will bring us nicely into two very easy home games against Burton and Blues.”

“Winning this will be the sweetest one yet. Will be absolutely massive, 5 in a row with Burton and Small Heath round the corner. ITS HAPPENING”

“It just hit me how good our team is for this league. I know I’ve been banging about it all season, but actually seeing it on paper really drives it home. “

“Our team is premier league quality. We really need to be winning most matches in this league.”

“We should fear nobody at the moment.”

“Could be a battle royale this one couldn’t it? Massive game – or should that be another massive game!?”

“will be our hardest game of this set of 5 fixtures. Although in isolation a draw would be a good result it will also be a disappointment, need to keep the pressure on and own this league now.”

“The Sheff United game is the tricky one but i think they are in a false position too. We should beat them.”

“Sheff Utd only know one way to play and that should play into our hands. We just need to keep them out at the other end.”

“They will be tired after the game on Saturday, and the reason I believe we will beat them. “

“They didn’t play a full strength side. Basham, Stevens, O’Connell all on the bench”


“This is a win. I believe in us. Unbelievable. “

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Pre-Match View From Preston

“winnable I wouldnt think theyll fancy playing us”

“we have already beaten them once this season. Whoever does win this one could have affect on confidence when we meet in the league at Bramall Lane”

“Winnable but hardly a pulse raiser”

“For me, the Cup is about something different than the league. So, we either wanted the excitement of playing a Prem team or a should win match against a lower team.
Sheff Utd is a tough draw in football terms and is just simply not that interesting. It’s like adding one more league fixture to the season.”

“I fancy a draw, would be typical.”

“Someone challenged people to name a worse possible draw. I could easily name loads. Sheff United away obviously wasn’t the big plum, but it’s a really interesting game.” “I wonder how many ‘top’ teams millwall and Cardiff faced on their way to semi finals and finals.
I’m pretty sure we have only played Sheffield Utd a couple of times recently in the cup and both occasions got a big draw in the next round.
So either we take this game as a chance to progress further and unexpectedly get really far depending on the next round draw or we get a decent chance of progressing and getting a big team in the next round.”

“It’s a great draw if we have any designs on progressing in the competition and for the coffers
Beat Sheffield which is well within our ability. Get a few pounds for the pleasure then the chances of a “bigger” team and even more money are a possibility”

“The Sheffield United forum is almost a mirror image of this.
Lots of ‘winnable’ comments as the main positives above it simply being a boring draw.
Both sides deserve chucking out of the tournament for the fans being ungrateful bastards.
Both are good proper football teams, and whichever progresses to the next round will probably be deserving of the honour.
Why losing against a giant is somehow more satisfying is a mystery. It just reinforces the idea that we are small and poor and should be grateful for the big boys attracting a large crowd to see us battered. The FA cup is arguably the best competition in English football, given the number of teams that enter, we should aspire to get as far as possible to prove that we aren’t just a small team with a nice history.
Sheffield United are almost identical to us as a club in terms of infrastructure and fans. We should have the utmost respect for them and hope that when the teams meet, our team edges it, because there is no automatic right for us to beat them and it will be a respectable achievement if we better them on the day.”

“let’s face it Sheffield United are a much bigger team fans-wise than North End.
Avg home attendance this season of Sheff Utd is 26.647, which is almost double PNEs 13.811.
I have never liked Sheff Utd (always preferred Wednesday) but I agree with you that they are a proper football club (whatever that means), with passionate local supporters.”

“sold out now and we have asked for an extra 500 tickets”

“Imagine if every English football game was a tenner… “

“It just shows what decent pricing can do to an away following numbers wise.” “United have used some common sense though and charged decent prices for the fans, had they charged £25 we’d have probably had 1k fans at Bramall Lane if that.”

“Been there about 4 times but should hopefully make this one – its a cracking away day with some cracking pubs.”

“Spoilt only by their dickhead stewards….”

“Most officious and miserable outbound staff on the circuit. I certainly will not be going to Bramhall Lane.”

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Pre-Match View From Norwich

“Could be an interesting next game in the league versus Sheff Utd. It’s a must win if we are to be still to be involved in the playoff hunt, could go to within 3 points of them!”

“with fatigue it’ll be hard to raise our game for Sheff Utd on Saturday.”

“Hopefully the Chelsea game actually boosts morale etc. somewhat and we can take it to an out of sorts Sheff Utd.
I just wonder what the teams going to be. Pinto looked out on his ** at the end of that and no doubt a few others were as well like Oliveira who has needed a rest for a while now.
We have a pretty well rested Tettey at least and the likes of Reed and Vrancic haven’t played too much recently. I do just worry we’ll be short going forward.
It might be 5 at the back (Stiepermann could come in at right back?) and then Murphy through the middle up top with the 4 man midfield (Tettey, Reed, Vrancic, Maddison) sitting narrow behind him at this rate.”

“I hope the recovery rate and their general conditioning allows enough time for those knackered at the end of the game to be ready for Saturday.
Pinto had cramp which shouldn’t preclude him from playing the next game.
Didn’t seem as though anyone picked up any knocks, so it’s then just a matter of overcoming the fatigue.
I hope Farke can get them buzzing to be back out playing with the same intensity and application”

“Think many felt that Norwich would take a confidence boost after the Arsenal game and carry it into the league – which really didn’t happen.
Fatigue is about the mind as well as the body – they should all be able to play 90 mins again three days after the Chelsea game, but fatigue often results in poor decision making and lack of concentration. Luckily unlike after the Arsenal game, Norwich will have a week between Sheff U and Brentford – hopefully this will allow them time to recuperate.
While it didn’t look like injuries happened in the game, although Reed did come off with a knock, fatigue injuries are most likely to occur a day or two after the game. So they may find some players have issues today or tomorrow.
Guessing Stiepermann, Edwards and Watkins will get some minutes on Saturday. But ultimately don’t think the result is hugely important as chances of getting into the play-offs are incredibly slim.”

“this is a hugely important game. Should we win another club that is reeled in and dependant on other results we could be within touching distance of the top 6.
Should we lose the gap against so many clubs gets nearer 9 points and winning 3 games more than so many clubs is unlikely.”

“I think our exertions on Wednesday may well cost us points on Saturday, but the long term positives from our performance could be considerable.”

“If we drop points then so be it. We have been doing it all season and if we are 

good enough to make the playoffs we will do it. Reckon Sheffield will be a good game as they want to get revenge for the defeat we gave them last time.”

“We will be on a high no doubt, we took a strong Chelsea side all the way”
“Most of our players have played 210 minutes since Sheffield United last kicked a ball, so it’s going to be unbelievably tough – especially against a very energetic “in your face” team like SUFC. Annoying because if there’s one game I want to win (other than Ipswich) between now and May then it’s this one.”

“That is how I feel too with the antics of their manager and some of their fans. A good match to win!”

“I think this is a really important game for us and its also one I badly want to win after the nehaviouer of their manager and fans at their place earlier in the season. classless t**ts almost to a man.”

“no love lost between their fans and us this season. To be fair, their manager wasn’t best pleased with us either…”

“Their manager was hilarious at the away game, by the side of the pitch and in the interviews afterwards. Comedy gold.  Hope we give him more reasons to lose his cool on Saturday…”

“Certainly wouldn’t want to chuck Marcus Edwards in against the Neanderthals that are Sheffield United!”

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Pre-Match View From Wednesday

“Don’t know about rest of you but I’ve got a bad fucking feeling about Friday.

The one thing I’m clinging too is the new manager having 4 days with the team.”

“I worry about the CBs getting bullied by Donaldson/ Clark”

“I’m practically touching cloth already I’m that scared.”

“I’m fearing a hammering. Although they’ve been wobbling of late, we’ve been shite and Wilder will get them well up for it. Hopefully Jos will get our lads fired up and a bit more solid at the back.”  

“They beat us 4-2 at home when we had a much better team. We are going to get smashed”

“How many do we need to get sent off for it to be abandoned? Its it 3? I think that’s probably the best strategy”


“I am under no illusions that it will be a massive task without our best 7 players and others out. If we had everything fit, I would want a win and I’d expect a win. With the likely first 11 out on Friday, it doesn’t give me any confidence at all.” “If we play like we have been over the last few weeks it could be very embarrassing. I know they haven’t had great results but they haven’t played that bad. Our new manager hasn’t had much chance to get his style and organisation over to the team. We have loads out injured. Our best chance is that our team grow a pair and fight for their self respect. Hopefully they know what this match means to the fans and they turn in a Villa style performance. “

“Hopefully an impact JL has is the reserve / not automatic first choices will be more motivated. Carlos even admitted he struggled to motivate them (possibly as they knew he would revert to his favourites regardless of performance). Blank slate for all – we may bemoan our injuries but the players should see this as opportunity to make themselves first choice.”

“The best hope we have, is that he has managed to communicate a system that is well organised and that the players available, given a chance to impress the new boss, will put a good shift in, give everything they have to compete with a United side that will also be well motivated.”

“We are down and out at the moment with all the injuries etc. What will be will be with the makeshift side we currently have. I’m not even nervous like all the other Derbies past.”

“Realistically, we lose. But if realistic predictions always came in, I’d be a millionaire instead of struggling to recall the last accumulator I got in”

“If we beat them with our second team it will be very funny. Unfortunately life tends not to be THAT kind of funny for us Wednesday fans. “

“all pressure is on pigs we have absolutely nothing to lose Friday, massive underdogs our reserves not given a chance, so come on Wednesday let’s do this”

“Whoever we start, WE FUCKING OWE THESE CUNTS should be written on the dressing room door!!”

“We are fucked for Friday BUT all of the pressure is now on United for me it’s how they handle it. It’s there’s to lose!!”

“We’ve got everything to lose! It’s the Steel City Derby. We literally couldn’t have any more to lose in a league game”

“I personally don’t think this United side is the set of world beaters they are often painted to be by their fans and the local media. Granted Wilder has done a very good job there but I think they’ve got found out a little bit now and since Coutts got injured they have won once in their last 8 league games. I fully expect them to finish around 8th/9th in the table. That said, I just can’t see how we go there and win with the amount of key players missing that we have. Our first choice keeper, first choice centre half, first choice right back, 3 first choice mid-fielders and our 3 first choice forwards. There isn’t a signal side in the division that could cope with that loss and had the pigs got a similar injury list, I’d fancy us to go there and beat them handsomely. My heart says we will go there and a few of the squad players will up their game hoping to make an impression on the new manager but I just think that some of them are very limited (Butterfield, Jones, Nuhiu, Joao, Palmer, Venancio) and the pigs with a settled side should come away with all 3 points. My main fear is how much they beat us by. Really, REALLY hope I’m wrong but I just can’t see us getting anything there. “

“New manager in place, full of optimism! Yes we have injuries, but the players we have should still be able to do the job! Lets remember we’re playing Sheff United, they ain’t that special. They had a very good start to the season, there is no doubting that, but over the past couple of months, they have been found out. If you defend against them and don’t go all out attack, you can break them down and counter. Their whole game plan relies on breaking and attacking in numbers. Jos will know this and I’m confident he’ll come up with a game plan to shock them. Just like Bolton did. “

“Are we playing Man City? Barcelona? Real Madrid? Anyone would think so with dreary comments about our chances, we’re playing Sheffield Utd who aren’t on a great run themselves. We’re well capable of getting a result with or without Hutchinson.”

“Cannot believe the level of whingy negativity prior to a Derby. Seriously, anyone would think we’re playing a mixed 11 from Barca & Real Madrid. Does history not teach people anything? Form, favourites, squad depth, counts for nothing, as we have found out on numerous occasions. It’s f*****n Sheffield Shi*bag United, who’ve done absolutely nowt in the last few games. The fact we’ll have what amounts to nearly a reserve team out may work in our favour.  Suddenly the roles are reversed, it’s no longer the rich aristocratic ball players against the feisty local boys made good.  It’s us who are up against it and I think that may suit us. Congrats to the ones with a bit of positivity, but for the rest, stop this mealy mouthed pathetic ‘throwing the towel in’ attitude. “OOh I’m dreading it”, “Ooh, can’t see us getting anything”.  We will f**k em.  And if we don’t f**k em this time, we’ll f**k em next time and the time after. As the song says they’re “Dirty red & white ba***ards” and they’re going to get a f****n.”

“ it would help if we don’t let them go 2-0 up within about 15 minutes this time if they get an early goal our heads will drop & I’ll fear the worse, if we keep it tight for first 20-25 minutes you never know, I’m not confident but we definitely can win. hutch been out is huge but it’s time for these players to step up & make up for the dismal 1st half of the season .they owe the fans”

“We will win. No pressure on us at all. They are favourites and at home. Dead dog bounce with new manager. Players will find the motivation and JL will set them up well organised.”

“Pigs desperately trying to ramp it up for the derby. I just ignore them or smirk, it definitely infuriates them” “

Wouldn’t want any of the signings they have made regardless of the result at Hillsborough or league position.”

“There isn’t one player that they have signed that I would want in our team. True we are desperate for bodies as injuries are ridiculous at the moment but let’s have a bit of faith that we will sort that out before the next few weeks. Realistically we were never going to sign anybody this week when the new manager only took charge on Monday. I’d rather us take our time and get the right ones, fingers crossed we can actually do that in this window.”

“I know I shouldn’t say it but
that James Wilson is fucking dire.”

“Wilson is gash”

“Wilson had real pace but succesion of injuries blighted career. If he comes good now will be bit of a surprise.”

“Nah, Wilson’s a decent player but a bit lightweight and injury-prone it would seem. He was touted as quite the prospect a few seasons ago but his career has stalled somewhat. Blunts a good move for him considering their style of play. “

“The blades are just doing their business early so they don’t get fleeced when they sell Brooks for big bucks once his mysterious illness clears up”

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Pre-Match View From Ipswich

“I don’t think there’s any win-win vs. Sheffield United whatever happens.
Even the U23s are severely weakened so it’s likely going to be a mish-mash of players who need games to recover fitness and/or form. Which doesn’t bode well for a fluid performance or even a hard-fought win.”

“If he wasn’t dismissed after last year’s shambles vs a non league team, it won’t affect anything this time either.
I would really like us to out a strong team out. Do we even have many other options for players though bar youngsters untried players?”

“Despite the nervousness we’re not going to go down. Despite the dreams of some fans we’re not going to get promoted. So how about giving the old FA Cup a proper try this year? It could put the feel good factor back into the club if we made decent progress. It could even earn us a few quid to make going up a possibility next year. I’m not saying no changes but may be 2 or 3 plus a couple of kids on the bench, rather than 10 changes and a shrug.”

“Mick is already moaning about having only 14 players available for Saturday so I don’t know if that means he won’t make his usual 11 changes & play 8 kids.”

“We have a habit of getting surprising results when team selection is forced in that way.”

“Considering the spate of injuries we’ve sustained over a hectic and disappointing festive period, I think a lot of fringe / young players are in line to make starts. Sheffield United will likely do the same, and let’s not overlook the fact they’ve been poor form themselves over recent weeks. I expect both McCarthy and Wilder are not hoping for replay here. A good chance for some of the academy boys to step up and put themselves in the first team picture.”

“Being both reasonably safe at present and following a run of recent form which suggests that a shout for a play-off place is little more than a distant dream, this season seems to have petered out earlier than in any other of MM/ME’s previous years.
What then could lift the spirits of the FPR faithful more than a little cup run? Nah, forget it, let’s concentrate on alienating the fans by giving them absolutely nothing to get excited about.
If things go to plan, Mick should inspire a pitiful and lacklustre home defeat. However, if recent years are anything to go by, someone will go off-script (probably Celina) and secure an unwanted draw so that the misery can be dragged out a little longer.Long live MM/ME. Long live the apathy.”

“I suspect Mick will treat it with the same respect as usual, but I think it’s in the club’s interest to look differently this year. If I was a Sheff Utd fan I’d expect 11 changes and then score an og rather than have a replay. But we’re in a different place.”

“it’s a chance for our excellent crop of Youths to perform on a bigger stage (as they ably showed against Palace in the Other Cup).
Then those who really shine can be incorporated in the first team.
It’s not like the regular League squad is demonstrably more capable of beating Sheff U (I was at that game), or at anywhere near full strength, full of momentum, etc.”

“McCarthy’s FA record is P-9 W-0 D-4 L-5

“Neither side want this match.. It’ll be a drab and boring 0-0 with the added insult of having to go back up to their place to relive it all over again in the replay.”

“I’m not spending £20 on a train to watch a reserve game for both teams.”

“Not even remotely considered going to this, pointless exercise”

“Sheff U will bring a coach load.
I hope we win or lose. I don’t think there’s any point in sticking the reserves and kids out and then them drawing. We’re injury hit enough without replays.”

“Sheffield Utd have a tickets purchased loyalty points system and this game goes towards there point allocation with there Derby game V Sheffield Weds on the horizon, I believe they have sold 700 plus…£10 a pop helps sway them as well.”

“Shouldn’t imagine that’ll matter as they’ve almost sold out for next weeks game and wouldn’t need a lot of points to purchase a ticket for a home game.
They’ve sold 900 for Saturday. I reckon about 7,000 there altogether.”

“fair play to the Blades having around 1,000 fans. Good support for the dullest game imaginable.”

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Pre-Match View From Derby

“We were very unlucky against them at Bramall Lane earlier in the warmer months, a poor clearance by Carson, an own goal by Russell that had us scratching ours heads in the away end, and a third on the break away when we were going for an equaliser after Bryson had scored.  So do we owe them one?
They have that Leon guy up front who’s having the season of his life, and seem to get results by playing a high tempo game with of course Billy Sharpe up front.  Paul Coutts got injured and he seems to have been missed. They’ve had a few dodgy results of late and have just lost at home to Bolton who have picked up a little recently. So, it’s a localish game for them, I assume they’ll sell out the allocation too.  So lots of dee dah’s around the train station pubs I guess? Plenty of them in the home fans only pub too no doubt, look out for flat caps and whippets, and cries of “how much?” We have a bit of a run going at home at the moment, but the games are coming thick and fast and maybe that could be a problem, but 5 changes at Ipswich and 3 points kind of makes you a bit more confident. Anyway, lets attack them and not let them dictate pace or tempo to us. Let’s make their back foot ache for 90 mins.  We are due a totally dominant performance at home with a few goals thrown in for good measure I think, teams in the league are beginning to fear us, let’s frighten the living daylights out the lot of them! “

“Billy Sharpe is a poor mans Nugent. The blunts want to properly gauge themselves against us. They were lucky early in the season. Winnall will sort this one for us. Keogh will be solid again.”

“We weren’t unlucky against them at bramble lane they deserved to win and we played stupid and we also surrendered midfield  they will be looking to do the same again, I really want to win this one and we are going to have to play well to do so”

“Win this and we’re 10 points ahead of them, with only 20 games left. Maintain our 2+ points a game and it’s simply not possible for them to catch us. Lose and that gap is down to 4, with everything to play for as we fall back into the chasing pack. Every game is a cup final now. but this game is a 6-pointer.”

“The Blades have really been tailing off though, recently and I suspect they’ll fade away as the season goes, they didn’t spend much money and are lacking in squad depth. “

“It’s the stage of the season where squad depth comes in to play and we showed at Ipswich that we can make changes without weakening. On the other hand Sheff Utd seem to be running out of steam and I doubt they currently have the depth to call on.”

“Who was dealing with their transfers when Wednesday swapped Butterfield for Winnall?”

“Reckon if we do go up then they owe a lot to Wednesday for the craziest transfer decision in the league’s history. Crazy”

“I remember when we considered Wednesday a ‘promotion rival’ Now they’re old gaffer is doing bits in the prem and they’re ‘unwanted’ striker is putting 3 points on the board for us!”

“Their fans think we will bottle it which is a bit rich when in last seasons play offs, their team of overpaid, overrated mercenaries were 1-0 up at home with 20 mins to go against a side who didn’t score a goal in last season’s play offs, and still lost.”

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