Pre-Match View From Norwich

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“We have had 5 separate goal scorers over the last two games. Beaten 2 ‘top 5’ teams and kept a clean sheet. Our Keeper has just delivered a stunning performance in goal on global TV, saving penalties.
The force of momentum is built on these aspects, and I can see us getting a result come Saturday against a team that schooled us a few months ago.
We have just gone two games unbeaten, and the team are champing at the bit with superb support behind them.
Are the footballing gods slowly turning towards us?
Momentum! Are we at last putting something positive together?”

“A few bumps on the road, but we’ve been playing better for a while now. The dice has started to fall in our favor. It just “had” to happen at some point. There is a real psychological benefit to winning a couple, and even more so if you defend well. Just be a little more confident and it’ll be a bit easier to concentrate, be more resilient to setbacks, a bit more intimidating to the opponent.
Sheffield will now face a team that has recently beaten Leicester and Tottenham.
I wouldn’t want to play against a team that has recently beaten Leicester and Tottenham”

“we’re giving ourselves a chance, and need to keep the momentum going against Sheff U”

“Keep it up lads! Having Pukki fresh will help us immensely.”

“if we beat Sheff Utd which is a tall order itself I’ll start to believe”

“They have just started to go slightly off the boil”

“Sheff Utd are the team of the season. Seriously. Forget all those top 6 teams. They can just buy success. Amazing what has been achieved at their club. Especially when there has been that dispute in the background”

“It’s great to see them mixing things up at the top end of the table with a proper team that’s not full of overpaid primadonnas. I ****ing hate Wilder as a bloke after his crying a few years back, but hard to deny he’s a brilliant manager and easy to see why Sheff fans love him.”

“the league doesn’t actually have to be at it’s best for it to be getting harder and harder for teams like us to survive in. Credit to Sheffield United.”

“good luck to them – but the last newly promoted team to finish 5th were promptly relegated the following season – you may have heard of them – they play in blue and white”

“sheff Utd spent around £44m we spent less than £2m, that show a real lack of intend by the board. “

“Sheffield Utd have done very well this year and I can understand that some fans are jealous of them, but their success is founded upon the players that they went up with rather than the purchases that they have made in the summer.1.all their bigger purchases only Olly McBurnie at a reported £20 million has played in half of their games (and scored 4 goals) – the rest of them have played fewer and some hardly at all. One £7 million pound 25 year old has been loaned out to a championship club. “On paper” the players we brought in during the summer looked a better bet.
2.In any case, one of the reasons that they were able to spend more than us in the summer was that they were in a stronger financial position to start with having been very frugal in the Championship. Luckily for them, assured of PL football next year, they are able to attract some better candidates now. ”

“I’m not surprised that Sheff Utd are doing well, as they were the team of the season last year IMO, despite the fact that we won the league. The Premier League is VERY physical, and VERY skillful, and that’s why it’s so difficult to do well as a promoted team with smaller ball control type players, especially if that ball control goes off the boil.”

“We simply don’t like a bully teams that hassle, full of big lumps, that knock us out of our game. Burnley, Watford, Brighton and all. Give us a footballing side and we more than hold our own. Doesn’t bode well for Saturday!!”

“Sheff Utd are far from cloggers…they play a bit of football””Being big and physical doesn’t make you a bully. I haven’t analysed it but it does seem to me that we fare better against teams that are smaller in stature.”

“I don’t see any traditional bullies in this league, bully in this instance refers to a more robust style, adopting an aggressive press (United did this and made us look very inadequate) or just generally bigger and stronger (Burnley, Watford, Sheffield United). Hopefully second time around playing these teams we may have learnt, to perhaps throw in the odd long ball to turn the defence and force the press back!”

“It’s also possible to be a decently technically skilled, big fast bully. Having been to Burnley (A), Wolves (H&A) and Sheff U (H) amongst others, I just can’t see that traditional divide any more, at this level”

“We don’t have the players to “outmuscle” and we definitely can’t rely on the officials to protect our players. I’m pretty sure a landmine could go off under one of our players and you wouldn’t see a flicker on a Premier league referees face”

“I fear the fatigue of last nights gruelling cup tie will be too much against a physical Sheff Utd side”

“Extra time worst case for us. Sorry but premiership should be more important. Great 2nd half, but i fear we wont have enough for sheff u “

“I hope all our players aren’t too wrecked for Sheffield Utd”.

“I see that of all the PL teams playing in the FA Cup this week, Norwich have been afforded the least recovery time before the weekend matches.”

“The Sheff Utd game should be on Sunday.”

“We can win every game and we can lose every game – it just is not written down anywhere that anything is certain, which is why I was not certain of anything at the end of last season – and it wasn’t certain – and this season I put in the prediction thread we COULD finish high in the table. It wasn’t ey-eye-addio we’re gonna finish 4th” it was simply recognising anything could happen.
If I was a Blade on a Sheff Utd forum and had put “we could finish fourth” at the start of the season, I probably would have been ridiculed there too, but it just shows how certainty is not a “thing” in football.”

“After Norwich had another famous cup win (on Nov 3 1993), guess who we had to play in the Premier League three days later? Yep, Sheffield United. At Bramall Lane. And we won 2-1. Goals from Jeremy Goss and Darren Eadie. Just saying…”

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Arsenal Fans Reactions To The Quarter Final Draw

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“Sheffield United and Coronovirus all that stand in the way of Arsenal and Wembley”

“Best draw we could have got.
Would love The Arsenal at Wembley again.”

“Decent, not in too good form Sheffield Utd!!”

“I want a revenge on Sheffield like so bad. We should hit them hard. Come on gunners”

“Revenge time”

“When teams get the right tactics, they can take Sheffield apart”

“Sheffield away in the quarters. That’s a ticket through to the semis if ever I saw one”

“Tough draw but a winnable one”.

“We are in semi final already”

“Sheffield are home, higher than us in the league and we haven’t beaten them yet. I’d rather play Chelsea at home than Sheffield away”

“Happy with that tbh. Could have been a much tougher opponent. If we reach the semi final it’s all to play for”

“A tougher opponent? They’ve taken 4pts off us this season and are above us. They’ll be absolutely delighted drawing us at home.”

“Nahhh its just promotion boost… We can easily tale Them. Rather have Them than Chelsea City and Leicester, so we should be happy”

“4 pts because of referees”

“wrong decisions in their favour in both games. Not easy, especially away, but it could have been a lot tougher.”

“Don’t get it twisted. Sheffield United won’t be a easy game. They have taken 4 points off us this season, we need to be on top of our game to progress to the Semi’s”

“We should have took 6 points from Sheffield Utd this season, we self destructed in vital moments, this is a chance at some redemption”

“One thing’s for sure: you’d expect us to play a damn sight better than we did up there back in October”

“Time to get our own back”

“Sheffield Will put 11 players in their own penalty box like they are used to”

“I think it’s the best draw we could have got apart from Newcastle at home”

“There wasn’t an easy team in that draw really. Maybe Newcastle at home but Toon away is tricky.
We’ve got a really tough away day, really a 50/50 call.”

“Four good ties there but I can’t see The Arsenal making it through. Sad times when I can’t tip us away at Sheffield bloody United, should be routine”

“That’s going to be tough. Oh well. We’re THE ARSENAL and can beat anyone when we are up for the fight!”

“What a stubborn team to face”

“Sheffield United away…..That’s Sheffield through then! Our away record up north in particular is awful! I hope to be proven wrong! It’s a winnable game of course, but we have failed to beat them this season.”

“They are in great form with a great manager under no circumstance must we take them lightly in the quest for a 14th FA Cup”

“Not a good draw”

“away from home at Sheffield, it’s all over lads.”

“Quit before we even start”

“We are out then.”

“We’re about 10 unbeaten away aren’t we, and yet it’s still a stretch to believe Arsenal can go and win big games away from home”

“Should be a sell out, I can’t believe how many empty seats there are at Sheffield Wednesday against Man City.
How often a they going to see so many world class players at their ground?”

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Pre-Match View From Reading

“This will obviously be the hardest challenge so far as the Blades are currently now miles ahead of Reading in terms of prestige, money and squad then add to that Reading’s fairly dreadful home form and the fact that Sheffield United won’t have had to play a game since 22nd February (they were scheduled for a trip to Aston Villa on 29th February) and you see just how magnificent Reading will need to be to progress. Sheffield are also likely to take the FA Cup fairly seriously as they also can see a chance of achievement in the horizon particularly as they are currently sitting 7th in the Premier League and just 4 points off a possible Champions League place. Chances are they’ll start with the likes of Sharp, Henderson, Basham and Norwood et al so no kids making up the numbers expected here.”

“Sheffield United will be a game to remember. You heard it hear first”

“The Blades didn`t play Saturday, I can see them putting out their strongest team in this one.”

“Mark Bowen has just called this the biggest game of the season. All of those argued with me when I said that can form a queue and apologise to me.”

“We would be best served investing everything into the cup match with Sheffield United. We have nothing to play for in the league.”

“biggest game of the season”

“Reading have 5 games Sheffield 2 games before we meet, and they need a winter break!!!”

“Sheffield United are trying to get into Europe … don’t think the cup will be their priority.”

“Sheff Utd not strong enough to challenge for the top and Europe for the first time could be a big distraction next season”

“This game is right bang in the middle of a busy period for them, surrounded by Prem games by their standards they should now be winning and could be eyeing up a top 4 spot – hopefully based on this they will rest a few players for the cup game!”

“Except they didn’t play on Saturday because they were due to play Villa which has been postponed because of the EFL Cup Final. They’ve had 1 game between 20th feb to now”.”

“So what you are saying, is they’ll be rusty then.”

“Don’t see why they would play a weakened side, are they realistically going to have many better chances to get into the FA Cup quarter finals? They are more than safe in the Premier League so why not come to us and really go for it?”

“Also their weakened side would likely still be a very strong side.”

“We have a chance against anyone at home in a one off cup game, the two fixtures are incomparable as you well know. Sheffield United will likely rest players giving us a much better chance of the win if we have our full strength side out.”

“Just like when they rested players against Millwall and comfortably won 2-0?”

“Millwall also rested players.”

“a tricky game but not unwinable by any stretch of the imagination.”

“Even if we somehow beat Sheffield, looking at who is left in the cup and likely to get through to the QF, that will be as far as we get”

“Play anything like we did on Saturday or Wednesdays, and Sheffield Utd will beat us in reverse. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it.”

“Sheffield United will be ball number 2️ in the draw for the FA Cup Quarter-Final, which takes place around 9.45pm on 4th March.”

“For all the “giant killing” talk, the FA Cup QF could easily be: Chelsea/Liverpool Man Utd Leicester Arsenal Sheffield United Man City Tottenham WBA/Newcastle So 6 of the top 7 in the league + Arsenal + another”

“our only wins in the 10 were against Sheff Wed and Barnsley”

Reckon playing Leeds will be good practice for the Sheff Utd game as much as anything else. Not too dissimilar in style.”

“Norwood was good while with us for sure. He frustrated a lot but was and still is a top player.”

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Pre-Match View From Brighton

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“The Blades have had a cracking season back in the top flight. They are not invincible and have lost at Bramall Lane to Man City, Newcastle, Liverpool, Southampton & Leicester.
This will be our first top flight match at Bramall Lane. Head to head we have won 9, drawn 6 & lost 13 times. We last won in Sheffield in 2005 back in the Championship with a 2-1 win. Goals by Richard Carpenter & Leon Knight with Kerry Mayo scoring an own goal !”

“They are not as invincible at home as they are away.
Newcastle 0-2 (27% possession ) and Southampton 0-1 (52% possession) have both beaten them using very different tactics so there is more than one way to blunt a blade.”

“I thought Potter showed great naivety in the home game v Sheff Utd. Everyone knows their physical MO but for some reason he sent out a formation that was easily overwhelmed in midfield – Wilder’s very well drilled journeymen playing to 110% of their ability made us look the load of soft Southern jessies (that we mostly are). Very curious for Potter as a coach with a reputation for selecting teams/formations to suit each game.
So I see this as a one off game requiring a specific line-up and would play our big guys at the back, together with a combative midfield – with Alzate and Bernardo who can defend and also bomb forward.
Sheff Utd will offer a very physical, direct, pressing game. We didn’t deal with Decoure running directly at 4-5 Albion players yesterday so we also need to show more grit and stand up to their physicality or we could get overwhelmed.”

“Feeling strangely optomistic about this one, SU not so strong at home, BHA time to re group, new player not sure r of score yet but a win on the cards”

“Feel so positive about this”

“Got a good feeling about this. Sheff Utd playing far too well, credit to them. Hopefully they will have an off day.”

“we’re due to give someone a beating.”

“Sheffield Utd are gash in reality, If we could score goals from more positions we would have been up there to. Unfortunately for us we can’t score and the club did nothing to rectify it in January.”

“Genius analysis mate. We’ve scored 31 this season…….sheff utd have scored ………28 !!”

“Sheffield Utd really aren’t gash. They’re very good, aided and abetted by extraordinary levels of hard work and positivity.”

“We’re one of the draw specialists in the League as are Sheffield, so I’m going for an optmistic 1-1. If the game’s on that is.”

“Didn’t think sheff looked that great against Bournemouth. If we work hard we can get a point”

“Sheff Utd were the better team by far”

“Very impressed with Sheffield Utd and hope they make it into the top 6, obviously without the need of beating us, they work so hard all over the pitch they press high but always leave a sweeper type player very deep and they are very narrow, we failed to exploit the space on the wing last time we played them so hopefully we will have learned the lesson and put in a shift.”

“Not confident we can get anything at Sheff Utd. They will out power us.”

“I fear we’re doomed playing against them.”

“We need a result much more than they do and hopefully we can upset the odds and scrape a draw. We will get nothing from them though unless we are disciplined (this is not West Ham we are playing). Try and keep it tight and safe for an hour and then go for it. Curtains if they lead.”

“Want 3 points from the next two matches. I don’t expect anything from this match. “

“I think a point would be something we all would be glad to achieve against a club like SUFC although the Albion desperately need a win and all three points. How did the Albion get in this situation after hiring a brilliant manager such as GraPott?”

“It’s impossible to predict when we can’t even guess more than 5 of the starting line up . . . . we won’t keep a clean sheet so there’s 1 for Shef Utd . . . . but we may score more”

“MOTM Sander Berge, runs the game …. post match NSC questions as to why the hell we didn’t sign him.”

“Wouldn’t it be great to have someone on our books who can whip in a cross like Oliver Norwood. Oh…”

“That’s harsh. I think many agreed and will agree that he wasn’t good enough for the prem at that time. Glad he’s done well but hindsight because he’s in a team who’s had a good season isn’t for me. Still wouldn’t be bowled over with signing him now. Stephens and Kayla were much better than him then.”

” just seen Sheffield United fixtures remaining. They can very easily take fourth. Next 3 are us, Norwich and Newcastle. Would have been villa in that too but they’re still in the cup and almost guaranteed a quarter final spot.”

“Let’s hope Sheff Utd get a bit carried away with thinking of this, and lose a little focus for the next game.”

“I can see Sheff Utd stumbling a bit to get enough goals to maintain 5th.”

“I reckon Sheffield United have a great chance of reaching 4th place. They have a great team spirit and huge amounts of energy.
Do I want them in the Champions League? I don’t think so, it would be embarrassing.”

“I think Spurs will finish 5th, Everton 6th and Sheffield United around 9th or 10th”

“I’d like Sheff U to break into the top 4. The football establishment needs constant reminding that football exists outside of the “Top” 6.
Caveat: after they’ve been derailed by a “sensational” Albion performance at Bramall Lane”

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Pre-Match View From Bournemouth

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“We have just 2 pts fewer than 2017/18 when we were 10th. 2 pts more this time only puts us 15th.
We’ve won more games than Arsenal (10th), who’ve lost the same as Man City (2nd).
Sheff Utd (6th) have scored 1 more goal. Chelsea (4th) have conceded just 4 fewer
Funny old game”

“Weather for Sunday not looking good… high winds and heavy rain at times.
The home game in August was spoiled by unseasonably strong cross-winds as well.”

“Could work in our favour now we have started to go more direct, can turn the game into a scrap.”

“not sure about risking King in what will be physical encounter”

“I’d bank anything on team v Sheff United being unchanged other than Steve Cook in for Lerma and a switch to 343. Eddie normally likes to match opponents up when they play 3 at the back.”

“They have had an awesome season, with a magnificent 23 GA. But only 26 GF. I could barely name three players if pushed, so it should be interesting watching.
We defend well with the right line-up, midfield will be a challenge with Lerma absent but that was on the cards (bad pun alert) with him on 9 before last week – and I would almost prefer having him back against Burnley. I foresee 1-0 either way or maybe a 1-1 draw.
Our game is sandwiched between Brighton-Watford and Man City-West Ham …. this will be a very interesting weekend.”

“Chris Wilder is a bloody good manager and really pleased Sheffield United are having a good season”

“Sheffield Utd should be tremendously proud of what they’re doing. But the PL circus meat grinder will knock them down and around in time. I’m sure they know that.”

“Not many teams getting it right…Sheff Utd maybe…with the momentum from promotion…just like us ..fresh and unknown! “

“Bournemouth are a strange side we always go through a bad spell and somehow start firing in goals at this stage of this season for some reason should be a good game with goals for both teams.The difference with Sheffield United and wolves from last season finishing 7th is wolves score more goals, whereas Sheffield United score by the odd goal or two and aren’t as clinical”

“If we don’t match Sheff Utd’s workrate and fight then we will lose its that simple”

“If we can get an early goal, this could really open up for us.”

“Play at our best and there are 2 points from Sheffield and Burnley”

“Sheff Utd love the Counter attack as do Burnley so we need to balance high tempo attack with defensive discipline.”

“The trip to Sheffield will be difficult; they’ve done some good business in January and are a tough side to crack open. Hate to sound pessimistic but that’s the game we’ll most likely lose out of the three games against them, Burnley and Chelsea”.

“Not sure if Zikovic will be playing as he has just recently signed for them from a Chinese club.
But he certainly has pace”

“They have some new signings, one of which Berge is a club record fee and a very pacy forward in Richairo Zivkovic. But they probably will have to adjust to the PL. So Lee Mousset our old player and their leading scorer with 5 goals and leading with 3 assists will be one to watch.”

“They won’t care, they’re 6th.. But how did Sheffield United let Aaron Ramsdale go for £800k?
Whether he’ll be a regular starter or not is another question, but he’ll certainly be a regular squad member for England going forward. Incredible for 21 years old”

“I don’t care what Sheffield Utd do…. Simon Francis is the original overlapping CB!”

“That Divvy 2 opener in 1987 was the only time we’ve ever beaten them, I think….”.

“Didn’t we play them at some point in the 80s while wearing Chelsea’s kit, or was that a different game?”

“0-0 draw in our promotion season. First time we had played a “big” club for years.”

“Another us v Sheff Utd fact is that despite only playing 15 league matches against them, we have played them in all four tiers.”

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Pre-Match View From Crystal Palace

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“If we don’t take this lot seriously we’ll be in trouble. We need to be positive from the start.”

“Sheff United arguably a tougher game than the likes of Arsenal.”

“Got to be honest, Im not looking forward to it.”

“This is one game I am not looking forward to. One of our worst performance of the season was away against them. They play the type of football that gives us nightmares.”

“I don’t think we’ll match their intensity and they’ll take the points.”

“Loss written all over it”

“Who ever Roy picks it will be ultra defensive and hope we nick a goal same as always.”

“It will not make any difference who we pick, it will end up like the Southampton game with more then likely the same score, it’s just the way they play and what they’ve been doing away from home all season ..we sadly won’t like it at all and everyone on here will go bonkers again, expect nothing that’s what I advise all of you to do. “

“If we try as you desire to attack at will and in the same fashion as Sheffield United the score will end up even worse then the loss I predict, we have players who can only operate in the way they’re playing now, mainly because they’re not good enough to do otherwise. “

“I’m sorry but I’m still really on a downer from the Saints game and I don’t see an improvement in result for this one.I was at the Blades game earlier in the season and we were woeful, disinterested and just outfought and out harried. They’ll do exactly the same to us this time and we’ve shown recently we just don’t have the appetite for this type of game. I’m really not looking forward to it but I’ll be there all the same hoping for some kind of miracle that we actually play some entertaining football for a change. ”

“As Sheffield attack down the flanks Roy probably won’t go 4-4-2. More likely to stick to 4-3-3 with the two wide forwards helping out with defence on the wings.”

“Ayew can drop back to help out the midfield when needed and Wilf can have the freedom to roam. I usually would say I prefer him out on the wing but Sheff Utd effectively snuffed him out last time out and I think he and Ayew would make us more fluid. I also think this line up would give us better cover on the wings, which Sheff Utd seem keen to exploit”

“Man I love Chris Wilder and look how he speaks about us. Massive admiration for everything he’s doing at Sheffield United. Hopefully then don’t beat us on Saturday ffs”

“If you’d been told in August that we’d be 3pts behind Sheff Utd at this point you be thinking “oh shit” – until you were also told that Chelsea and Spurs would have lost more games than us and that we’d be above Arsenal as well.”

“Sheff Utd are said to be having a great season… they have 33 points??Just think
2 extra wins rather than losses
Silly draws///
and that Wolves 2 pts lost, we would be 5th!!But two of those games we won had we lost, we would be 16th!!”

“Without a game being played, we have gone from 25/1 to 14/1 at best for relegation. Lose against Sheff United and things will start looking even worse. Where are all the people assuming we have been doing really well with one of the highest wage bills in the country?”

“I think staying up will require 44 points this season.”

“44 to stay up, would need some bizarre results”

“this is a season where the bottom teams are constantly taking points off each other. If this trend continues it will be less points required than usual to stay up not more. Be surprised if we need 38”

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Pre-Match View From Millwall

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“I’m not sure if this one will attract a big crowd. We love a cup game against the premier sides but how do you see it? We play them on regular basis, they’re no Spurs or Everton and there’s a good chance that both managers will select squad players”

“It didn’t exactly get me too excited as like you say, we played them a lot recently” “Always a good atmosphere against Sheffield U”

“always a good atmosphere when Shef utd come to the den”.

“Trains from Sheff to London are knackered so don’t expect them to bring many.”

“They are a real good side. I really like them”

“Given our form at the moment, people might think an ‘Upset’ could be on the cards.”

“Wilder says he’s expecting to make maybe 2-3 changes, so this will be tough.”

“An intriguing game where both managers are set to make changes. They are a decent side who have made their mark in the premiership in their first season who can give anybody a run for their money home or away. Their big dilemma is do they sacrifice a place in the fifth found when there are bigger riches to gain from a higher position in the league and a possible Europa League place. Sadly, as glorious as the FA Cup was in the past it now only offers small change for Premiership clubs.”

“I hope we don’t progress, I like our league form too much to risk injuries!”

“Save players like Jed ,we got more chance of winning the league than the cup”

“Unlike other seasons we’ve got other interests and right now for me the cup isn’t as attractive as last season, when it was a diversion from league reality.”

“I couldn’t give a shit about the cup this season. I usually love it, but I’m not even going Saturday. We’ve been spoilt with the cup in recent years, all I care about this season is the league”

” I don’t think Sheff Utd will play their first team but Rowett might also have in mind that we are playing Leeds on the following Tuesday.”

“The ideal scenario is a weakened team told to play their arses off with pride for the club and only just lose, so everyone’s impressed and we don’t feel like we lost really, then go and grab a dream result Tuesday night, that’s the one I’m bothered about.”

“Leeds will have had nine days rest to our two, i’d say that’s quite an advantage”.

“A chance of the play offs or getting hammered by a premier team in the latter rounds and squad fatigue/ injuries. Hmmmmmmmmn let me think about that”

“We can’t rest many of our team.
We don’t have that big a squad.”

“The way i see it, its a game we can win even if they play a full strength team, plus a bit of money if we progress. Obviously avoiding injuries would be a massive bonus, beat Sheffield United and going into the Leeds game our confidence will be sky high, the last thing we want is a draw, then have to go back to their ground for a replay..”

“Strongest side out & have the intention to win. Otherwise dont bother selling tickets and forfit the game.”

“The way things are going, means every player will be up for both games & rightly so.
Play to win or dont bother!
We can beat Sheff Utd on Saturday & go into Tuesday doing the same.”

“Let’s hope Sheffield put the reserves out”

“We have been playing well of late and we have a chance to progress by beatin at least 6 first teamers but we will show no fear and knock them out “.

“Northern tramps, we will beat em,and then we will go onto beating the cheating savile loving shit eaters. Fact”

“lets piss on the yorkshire Twats”

“Yorkshire week for Millwall so the plan is Go in the away end against Sheffield United
pull a bird and go back to Sheffield with her. Stay at hers all week going to Leeds
midweek and Sheffield Wednesday on Sat. After taking me home she’ll feel like she’s won after
Millwall win. “

“Brush up on Dee dar speak”

“Ay up lad is that ground tother yonder see thee Tha can have me sister but not me Hendersons”

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Pre-Match View From Man City

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“I do not want to harp on about VAR but Sheffield United have had more than their fair share of being on the wrong end of VAR decisions, but I hope no such controversy occurs tonight as City visit Bramhall Lane with an odd kick-off time dating back in the day when this was a normal time to start an evening match, such is the power of TV Mogul companies like BT Sport, I am surprised that the game is not split into quarters so they can have adverts mid-match.
Sheffield are having a great season being back in the top flight and are playing some exciting football without having spent mega amounts of money a relatively small amount which comes nowhere near the amount e.g. spent by the Merseyside Club which paid for their centreback”

“Going to be a tough game especially with their brilliant home support. I just don’t think we have the mentality for a physical battle.”

“This is going to be a really really tough game.”

“Think we’re really gonna struggle here.”

“They doing quite well for a promoted team, and pretty good vs top teams as well. Fans will be up for it they know our defence can be caught very easily with some long balls, counters, set pieces. Problem is if the lesser PL clubs like Sheffield, Palace, Wolves, Norwich know this and punish us so often what the hell is our plan vs Real Madrid which should be priority we have one month to improve seriously until we play them.
I expect a very close game”

“The kid Norwood is some player.
Been impressed every time I’ve watched Sheff Utd.”

“I like Fleck. He has poise”

“Fleck is a top player. “

“The United kid they have is the future of England’s goalkeeping”

“Not going to win the league and could probably accept a draw in this one”

“tactically they are still impressive but the execution hasn’t been there recently. They’re probably feeling the effects of not being able to rotate their squad much over the Christmas fixtures”

“Sheffield looked half decent against us. We still beat them”.

“So we need to win 10 of our 15 remaining league matches to guarantee top 4, assuming all the rivals for that win all their other games? We still have Sheffield, united, and spurs to play, so good to win those especially. Be good to have those 5 games of points ‘in hand’, especially if we make cup progress.”

“Several more changes again as is the norm”

“Sheffield away game seems much harder than Palace and best players will play there”.

“It will be a tougher match than Saturday”

“Strongest side at Sheff Utd, change v Fulham, then kill Utd.”

“Stones is injured.”

“To be fair it would be hard to notice the difference with the useless sod.”

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Pre-Match View From Arsenal

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“So in theory, this should be fairly straight forward. Sheffield United are really looking decent this season but we’re at home and seem to have a fresh approach about us under Mikel.”

“If we win this we’ll climb to 1 point behind Sheffield United.
Never thought I’d ever say that. “

“Would take a point.
We’re in a dreadful time”

“Bit of 6 pointer really if we have any designs of finishing higher than mid table.”

“Really we should win this. We have the much stronger team on paper. Arteta will have had all week to train with and prepare the players for this game and we’re at home.
BUT they are a very well organised side, deservedly sitting high up in the league and we’ve struggled to create many chances against much worse. Plus no Auba to bail us out by taking one of the few chances we create. Doesn’t bode well.”

“They are in pretty good form and will cause us problems. We’re conceding for fun and barely scoring and now Auba is out.”

“This is tough even if at home Sheffield will keep defending deep and try to hit us either on counters with Auba is out it’ll be more difficult for us to get goals need Pepe and Laca take responsibility.

“without Auba and with Sheff U’s tight defence i think it could only be a draw”

“We won’t score more than 1 without Aubameyang”

“Extremely well organized side. Does their basics very well. Table doesn’t lie.
I don’t think we are going to create a lot of chances against a team like this. Key is to take every chance that comes along. And for that reason, Auba missing is going to be a huge factor. The rest of the forwards are far less incisive.”

“Not type of game that we need atm.They’re decent in defence and can be very tricky opponent.”

“Weirdly confident about this one.
They have been nothing short of brilliant this season and aren’t just a defensive team, they can play some good stuff at times.
Got a feeling Luck might start to change for us”

“Will be a tight, close and physical game.”

“They are hard to play, physical team. We should not play Özil in this”

“No Auba, no Kolasinac or Tierney, no Torreria.
Two of our best players out.
Not ideal but no excuses here, we still have Ozil, Lacazette, Martinelli and Pepe ……… if we can’t get goals with that then the players need to have a serious hard look at themselves.”

“As long as we score 3 goals in the first half hour, we’ll win this”

“United is about to feel the wrath of Arteta. This might be the game where Laca will step up and be counted when it comes to scoring goals. 4-0 to the Arsenal. Obviously, I’m saying all this in vanity without acknowledging how well organized they have been this season. Oh well.”

“Think we will plow them. Will do the team good to not have auba on the wing. Though I wish he could play and laca on bench”

I’ve been surprised how well Sheffield Utd have kept up their off the ball movement and pressing systems.

“I thought they’d fade away a little but they seem to have gone from strength to strength. Been in every game they’ve played this year, City away was possibly the only time they’ve been hammered.”

“Sheffield Utd were awful away to Liverpool and there’s no chance they’re gonna rock up here in a similar vein. It’s up to us to make them look like what they are- an ordinary team. “

“Very impressed with Sheffield United too, deserve to be where they are.
Kinda annoyed that these days football seems to be all about “pressing”, “work rate” and “running” though…any useless **** can do these, I want to see things on the pitch I can’t do.
Who cares about all these useless forms of basically exercising…football should be about the artistry, the technique…the mavericks that get you out of your chair…”

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Pre-Match View From West Ham

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“Friday night in Sheffield .No trains back, and nowt to eat or drink save a greasy chip butty and a gallon of magnet.
Probably a game for over 18’s only.”

“Well up for this one on a Friday night, new ground, under the lights and a bit of angst between the 2 clubs, should be a cracker!”

“Sheffield Utd are a hard working energetic side who defend and attack as a team and as Manchester United have found , they don’t give up and keep going to the end . On paper they look like a bunch of journeymen Championship footballers but Chris Wilder and his Scouts have brought together a Squad of players capable of competing and doing well in the Premier League .
To get all three points we’ll have to be at the top of our game – Leicester City , Southampton , Liverpool and Newcastle have all beaten them at Bramall Lane so it’s not unthinkable we can’t , we look a better side already under David Moyes so let’s hope the 100% record is still intact come Saturday morning .”

“Confidence should be up after two on the bounce. I’m going for a win here”

“Lots of people raving about them this season yet we win up there and we are 4 points behind them despite the awful run we’ve had.
The one good thing is that you can be certain that Moyes will have a game plan – hopefully its to attack the game the same way we did Bournemouth as I think this is winnable. I think Sheffield will be favourites which does us a favour IMO. “

“Don’t really see why a lot of people in the media are creaming themselves about Sheffield United. Admittedly I’ve only seen them 3 times on the box, twice against the scousers and against us, and I’ve been completely underwhelmed by them.”

“This is where, I think, we will find out if it was right to bring Moyes back. Get a result here, and myself and many others who were sceptical will start to believe in him.”

“We are going to have to work our socks off for this. But Sheffield aren’t just up there because they run around a lot.”

“Not confident for this one, fear it a lot less than I did two weeks ago but they’re well organised and while the previous two wins are much appreciated, I do think the results do not reflect the full context.
Found myself somewhat rooting for them in some games, mainly due to Wilder, his post interview after the Liverpool game I found refreshing.”

“Seen a couple have mentioned the have lost their last two in the league, but those being against Man City and Liverpool away so very difficult to read anything into that. Prior to that a draw against Watford, which isn’t terrible given their resurgence.”

“a big upgrade in quality of opponents for moyes. a good team on form and winning. can we produce a good performance and get a draw up there.
crowd will be hostile and the tackles flying in. a fully committed team who will run all game. unlike Bournemouth who are on their beach !”

“If there’s one place I want to come away from with 3 points this season its the Blunts.”

“Pretty much a “must not lose” game not because of positions of where we are but because its Sheffield United.”

“Moyes can make himself a cult hero by putting a team out that beats these twats. Would be a really special victory especially after the Tevez debacle.”

“I have a very specific request for the outcome of this match.
We must only win by one goal. But that goal must come in the sixth minute of stoppage time after the board shows only four should be played. There should be no explainable reason for this such as further injuries etc. They must also have had three stonewall penalties turned away without recourse to VAR due to an electrical failure within the VAR studio. Oh but that isn’t the only mistakes of the night, our injury time goal is scored by our Argentine player Lanzini, however our newly employed shirt man finds foreign names difficult and accidently spelt it Tevez.”

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