“Well Man United have set the bar very high, somehow managing to out do us even.
Sheff United can you be even more incompetent?”

“The next match is against relegation-threatened Sheffield, away. I’ve read this script before.”

“I’d love to say this is a turning point in the right direction but we’ve been so inconsistent it would be so us to go the Bramall Lane and drop points against Sheffield United this weekend “

“All the talk of a turning point is funny given we’re losing 1-0 to Sheffield United on Sunday”

“Confidence is high now!
Sheffield United 1-0 Chelsea McBurnie 64″

“If we didn’t have Palmer this season, Sundays game at Sheff Utd would be a guaranteed relegation 6 pointer.”

“Dreading the game against Sheffield because it doesn’t take a second for us to take two steps back after a step front”.

“This has a homewin written all over it. Charity Chelsea comes on a visit to the oldest ground still in use for professional football. We should bring the Chelsea pensioners with us, free of charge. “

“there is no way we beat Sheffield United. We’re so bad at defending set pieces plus it’s gonna be a rough and cagey match. I think we’re bad at dealing with those types of games, just don’t see us winning”

“Me sef no put my trust in us beating Sheffield
It’s a norm for us to play bad against the small teams”

“Yall know we are so losing to Sheffield United”

“They really need the points and have something to play for, home win. “

“Beating Man Utd means nothing if we can’t beat Sheffield (and Everton). “

“With the pattern we’ve seen, we’ll get 3 points against United and draw 2-2 to Sheffield, you just know it. “

“We’re going to beat Sheffield and they’re going to pretend like everything’s perfect again”

“I think this forum could beat Sheffield United in fairness”

“they’re one of the worst teams in premier league history but they’ve got nothing to lose and Poch has us playing like a load of clowns.”

“After Sheffield and Wembley I’m finished with them this season unless Poch is gone.”

“Sheff away , potentially Poch’s last or I’d hope it to be anyway”

By Roy

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