“Well that was unnecessarily nervy. “

“Well, I’m hoping that was as nervy as it gets. Can we just win all our remaining games by going 3 or 4 nil up by halftime? Of course we can’t! We wouldn’t be Liverpool if that happened.”

“just goes to show..
there are no easy games in the premier”

“Wow. Well that didn’t go as planned. But a win so not bovved. “

“That was an horrific performance until MacAllister took the roof off. What a strike!
We were so poor that it was going to take something special if we were going to take the three points. We found a way. What can you say?”

“Thought we were really poor until Sheffield Utd scored”

“We were just awful tonight until the final 20 or so. “

“They were massively up for it, much more than most games. Worst team we’ve played in the league this season in quality terms but they put everything into it, when in plenty of other games they’ve thrown in the towel.
We gave them encouragement though with the way we played. They’re a type of team that quickly lose their heads and lack quality if you work the ball quickly. Instead it was us that lost our heads in the game. “

“Pisses you off though the amount of effort they were putting in even changing the ball down in the final seconds . If they had put that much effort in they wouldn’t be in the mess they’d be in. This is why it will be hard for us to win this thing as we really are everyone’s cup final.”

“Another one of these tinpot clubs raising their game to superhuman levels and given free rein to clobber our players. Fuck off back to the Championship you thugs”

“Job done against a glorified rugby team. McBurnie and Brereton are two of the biggest donkeys in this league.
My god, I don’t recall seeing a side as unfit as these in many a year. They look like they eat McDonald’s and drink pints after every training session.”

“Their goal was lucky”

“It’s a nice way to beat that sandwich hating cock”

“Chris Wilder increased his chances to take over after Klopp”

“Ref was a disgrace as usual. How the hell was the Konate hack not even looked at? It was a scissor kick at above shin height.”

“I thought he had an OK game with the usual caveat of giving some unbelieveably soft free-kicks to the opposition (Brereton-Diaz falling over near Konate comes to mind). I think the grock that wiped out Konate slipped.”

“Yet another game when throwing themselves to the floor is rewarded, time wasting and thuggery unpunished.”

“They were diving all over the place and wasting time”

“They went full on thug second half”

“Did Wilder ask them to just come out and kick us”

“McBurnie should face assault charges, there’s no room for thuggery like that in professional football. “

“Holgate is a thug”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Liverpool”
  1. Some rather typical comments from some scousers . That goal by macallister was 10/10 but the blades gave them a scare whatever there foolish remarks were.

  2. Moan moan moan. It’s never us A thug of a captain but dose not like it when he gets some back. Second goal was special but soured by fans remarks. Hope you fail now. UTB

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