“That game pretty much sums us up. We’re very crap, but there are even crappier teams in the league.”

“We won, but that was such a rubbish performance.”

“Yay we beat the worst team in the division 1-0 give Sean a 10 yr Contract”

“Weird game. Nothing in it really.”

“Its exhausting watching us.”

“God, that second half was a grim watch.”

“Another win and clean sheet – they never laid a glove on us”

“Some astonishingly bad football from Sheffield United”

“Sheff Utd are awful”

“This Sheff Utd team, to a man are awful.”

“Sheffield United are as bad as the worst ever sides”

“Sheffield United could have been down to 9 men let alone 10.”

“thats sheff utd overtaking swindon on goals conceded in 4 less games. Awful effort”

“Sheffield United joining the ranks of Derby 08, Swindon 94, Sunderland 06 and 03, Huddersfield 19 and Villa 16 in for worst sides. They’ve beaten Swindon’s record for most goals conceded today thanks to Doucs’ goal and if/when they lose at Spurs next week they’ll finish on the joint 3rd lowest points total at 16 and second most defeats at 28 behind their own joint record of 29 from 2021”

“Sheffield United came up in incredible turmoil with the owner wanting to sell but the only interest was from “apparent” Nigerian Billionaire who failed the fit and proper test which says it all.
They started the season with a far weaker team than which was promoted so to me they were always going straight back down comfortably. Also start the championship on -2 points.
Luton gave it a better go than I was expecting and I was worried in February tbh but got long term injuries to key players and that loss from 3-0 up at Bournemouth pretty much relegated them.
Burnley are the biggest disappointments I think. Won the league comfortably, spent a huge amount but all the signings were inexperienced kids. It would be like this club spending 100m + on 5-6 Chermiti’s. Talented but very raw for this level of football to be starting week in week out. Kompany also should’ve tweaked his style mid season but didn’t.
I can’t quite believe Leicester, Ipswich and one of Leeds/Southampton will all be as bad so think it will be more like 22/23 and 35-36 points will be needed for safety.”

“Was bit strange seeing a Sheffield United player having a private training session with a coach on the pitch after the game had finished when the players were doing a lap of honour”

By Roy

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