“I thought the season had finished ffs!”

“Saturday 3-00pm, full house, and the weather forecast is decent.
Playing the worst team in the Prem, who have conceded 100 goals.
Got to win this one.”

“After the season we’ve had it’d be lovely to kick back and watch us absolutely demolish a team… I’m sure it won’t be that easy though!”

“Every point counts. Whi knows what the PL will stick us with.
Batter these bozos.

“100 goals conceded
surely we have to score right?”

“Their away record..
W1 L 14. Conceded 46.
We cant make these look good. Can we”

“Disgraceful if we don’t win this by at least four goals.”

“Play the Under 12s.”

“We don’t do routine wins. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t win.”

“The 2 lowest scoring sides in the Prem. Doesn’t bode well for a classic.

“Looking forward to this one!
Sheffield are a vastly inferior team in every department…
Sheffield are already relegated and have only pride to play for…
Everton are already safe from relegation and have only prize money to play for…
Everton have home advantage… indeed our final home game of the season…
Everton 1-3 Sheffield”

“Because I was hoping we’d sign Brereton-Diaz when he was at Blackburn I totally expect him to score against us.”

“We owe them at least a point for taking Tom and Holgate.”

” if I was Everton I’d waive that rule and let Holgate play – likely to be to our advantage”

“I’d give them the win if they took ‘Holgate’ off our hands permanently. Tho with his wages he ain’t going anywhere unless we paid him off.”

“Sheffield United fans don’t have a sense of humour if their not saying the “can we leave Holgate in Liverpool?” quip”

“Proper bogey team for us.
I’ve liked every Sheff U fan I’ve met – sound people to a man.”

“I work with one he’s pretty much been chilled about them going down all season.
But I hope we slaughter them. We probably won’t. We make hard work making a hole in a wet paper bag.”

By Roy

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