“Sheff Utd were awful but more than happy with our result today – fully deserved.”

“1st half all Sheff Utd, 2nd half all Forest. Could easily have been down and out in that 1st half, But to our credit we held on (just) and bossed the 2nd half. Crucial win, I think 1 point keeps us up”

“Our record against bottom half teams is abysmal. 1 win all season against the teams currently placed 10-19. We even struggled Vs Sheff U. Is it arrogance, complacency or just a lack of bottle to go & play well when it’s expected of them”

“special thank to sheffield united for being incredibly shite… couldn’t have done it without you!”

“We could have easily conceded 6 today – and that’s against a team as shitty as Sheff U. I wouldn’t want us to be reliant on maintaining a goal differential on the last day. “

“If Sheff Utd could finish we’d have been in trouble today.
This is why they’re getting related. Hopefully we’ve got it in us to get a couple more results and avoid following them. “

“We won that today because Sheff United are absolutely sh1te
A better team would of done us today imo “

“Have Sheff Utd done zero research on CHO?
I mean, he cuts inside EVERY single time. Yet they seem to be consistently surprised when he does it.”

“Sheff Utd, what can we say.. hahahaha”

“Only player I really like the look of for sheff utd is Hamer, looks a good player.”

“So versatile. Wanted him last summer and he’s deserved better than Sheffield United this season”

“Thankyou to these forest legends for helping us to a massive 3 points today while wearing the sheff united kit we know your still forest threw and threw”

“Out of the 4 ex Forest players playing for Sheff U today, I still only like Ben Osborn. I feel like that’s fair.”

“Was hoping before the game Sheff Utd would have conceded 100 goals by the end of the game..never thought it would happen..
Happy Days #100″

“100 goals 100 goals Sheff Utd, playing football the wilder way “

“Surely sheff United fans must be sick of hearing of Wilder every week”

“We beat them 3-1 and we gave you them a head start, Wilder is a raging fraud. Classic Sheff Utd chip on shoulder mentality. So glad we didn’t hire him”

“Sheffield United. Horrible club.
It’s no wonder they’ve turned players like Ahmedhodzic into what he did today. Do it to most players. No where near #SWFC
Horrible horrible horrible. “

“Well done #SWFC, biggest team in Sheffield and always much more intellectual fans to converse with. Fantastic achievement staying up from the position you were in, good luck against #SUFC next season from all at”

“I hate Sheffield United but a got to admit a love that greasy chip butty song”

By Roy

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