“Our away form has to change. Must win. They will start the scab chants by 14.45”

“Hate everything about Sheff Utd. Shithouse club, horrible fans, most of which are thicker than a boxing day turd. If you’re reading this Sheff Utd, chant scabs all you want. It’s better than being thick, workshy, fox piss c*nts, absolutely reeled in and bummed by Scargill. Sheff Wednesday are the proper club in Sheffield.”

“When I worked in sheffield half the office staff were Blunt fans, the rest (bar me) were Owl fans.
The Owl fans were intelligent and articulate, and had a good sense of humour (specially the little minx in credit control!!).
The blunts fans… were not.”

“They’re so demented in that club, how can only a few mile separate them from Sheffield Wednesday.. worlds apart”

“The only time I’ve been to Brammall Lane was the FA Cup game some years ago (Nigel was manager) and their fans were seriously unpleasant.
Bit sort of Millwall in their attitude.”

“They are always upset and angry. Their an odd bunch.”

“I was there when we sent Wednesday down. Had to be done but it wasn’t joyful
I would have loved for United to have held on long enough for it to have been us that sent them down.”

“I’m just a little disappointed that they are officially down now, would have been nothing better than hammering the final nail in that rotting corpse ridden coffin that is sheff utd “

“i’m expecting a cagey opening 10 minutes and then a comfortable 3-0 win to the famous team. If we blunder a game of this magnitude to an opposition that wouldn’t look out of place on your local park then we don’t deserve our place in this division”

“I wouldn’t swap a single one of their players for any of ours, we have so much more quality than them”

“Easiest win of the year, MGW/Yates somehow baits a red from Jack “Cave Man” Robinson and Taiwo comes off the bench to score a brace. “

“If we can’t beat them, then we really don’t deserve to stay up. It should be a no contest, they’re awful and I don’t think I’d take a single player from them. I think we’ll scrape a win, just. I don’t have a huge amount of conviction in that belief though. They’ll be desperate to drag us down with them.”

“The thing that is irritating me most is that we took nearly 20 years to get proper revenge on them, but have taken less than 2 more to land ourselves in a place they can do us over again.
I’m confident their inherent crapness will allow us to overcome them, but it’s not a great situation.”

“Tbh it’s all about quality on Saturday, Blunts have some for sure but their defence isn’t prem level at all. Their supporters have pretty low expectations but they expect them to be winning the fights… because to blunts, that’s the barometer of success, year in, year out”

“It’d be lovely if Sheff Utd could think longer term and understand that having Luton down with them next season would be much better than us for their promotion prospects.”

“Found the flaw in your plan: That requires an IQ of over 70.”

“No room for complacency, but Sheff Utd are as bad a premier league team as you’re ever likely to face – let’s not get dragged down to their level.”

“if we go at them like we did against City they’ll crumble….so long as the likes of Wood takes his chances too.
I am worried our away form will bite us in the arse though. If this was at the CG I think we’d have ’em, but at the Lane I think it’ll be a much tougher ask.”

“Everytime I see the highlights (I know) of Sheff U matches, they create quite a few chances, more than enough to win matches but ultimately concede too many.
I dread to think what will happen should they take the lead vs Forest.”

“This is, obviously, an absolute must-win, where we simply must do what is needed to win the game.
So, we’ll probably get one of our players sent off in the first five minutes, concede a ropey penalty to go one nil down, flatter to deceive for about 80 minutes by looking good going forwards despite the man disadvantage, in our search for an equaliser, before conceding a second from a set-piece.
At least one of their goals will probably come from Anel or the Striker formerly known as Brereton.”

“I know some sound as houses Sheff U fans, who I’d occasionally go to games with back in the day if we weren’t playing. Always find it bizarre that they’re perceived so harshly lol. Some of them would even come watch Forest with me during the darker Fawaz years. Good lads.”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Forest”
  1. Just need a few pies now once we’ve gathered up all the chips off the shoulders of these Forest fans, you need to grow up and stop chucking stones whilst you’re sat in you greenhouses

  2. Oh dear! There are quite a few fans with anger issues there. I just hope Forest win otherwise the Samaritans could be a bit stretched tomorrow evening. As for me, I just want to see an entertaining game of football tomorrow.

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