“First half today was realy good. Entertaining, some good passing and we looked bright and creative. We also closed down well (more so than usual) with both Kilkenny and Welsh limiting Sheffield Utd to hopeful strikes that sailed wide.
Second half again we started well. Right up until Grayson chose to put the slow lumbering liability that is Jack King on. From that point on we conceded central midfield, componded when Welsh was hooked off too for the lacklustre out of form Browne. King did nothing but get in the bleeding way. “

“I think they were already over running us but King is slow and offers little”

“I thoroughly enjoyed that game. A proper cup tie.”

“we had today a stinker of a referee who looked at every occasion to award Sheff Utd a free kick. the only quick free kick he allowed was there’s and he even stopped play whilst their player tied his lace up a real poor abysmal performance by the referee who ahs effectively put us out of the Fa Cup. I don’t like Sheff utd but they are a good side and capable of good results but today they fielded a weaker side and we very nearly capitalised on it.”

“the real turning point was when Clough brought on Jamie Murphy. The only time Woods got anywhere near him was the challenge that was penalised and resulted in their equaliser.”

“It might have been a different incident you saw but Huntington was definitely fouled 30 seconds or so earlier – no excuse though, the referee didn’t give it and we should have kept concentration. 
The referee was simply awful though – the worst decision by far being the booking late on for their defender for a tremendous tackle, one of the best I’ve seen for a long time. “

 “think the ref was shit but not as bad as many we have had. He stopped quick freekicks in the game as most were rolling balls or about 20-30 yards away from where the foul was committed. The one they took was in and around the area of the foul and was stationary. I wouldn’t want to get Sheff Utd over 2 legs in the playoffs. “

“Our response to them bringing on one of their best players should have been a positive one not one of surrendering the midfield battle. “

“ It seems that we just switched off for their equaliser. After that they had most of the pressure and we were probably hanging on a bit at the end. “

“We were hanging on a good while before they scored.”

“we played far better than we have done recently. Yes will be hard at Sheffield but will have Beckford back Seb getting better each game. We still have as much chance as them in my opinion . As ever though their crowd will claim for everything penalty fouls handball just hope we get a strong Ref . “

“Great cup-tie which could have gone either way. Happy to be still in the draw although chance of a big club has gone down. We were evenly matched in the league 2 weeks ago and a home victory in the replay, is by no means certain. Another match should mean £100,000 in gate money. “

“After the header that went past the post, our approach to the game was simply negative and bearing in mind the strength of the opposition team we simply voted them to put us under pressure. “

“Missed opportunity for me, Sheff Utd clearly had half an eye on their league cup game and with home advantage, we really should have pushed the boat out to win here. Bramall Lane on a Tuesday night, we’ll do very well to get the win there. “

“Not being a negative fool (well, I am but being driven to it I think) but once we lose to Shef Utd at Brammal lane, don’t make it to Wembly in the JPT AND fail to go up ….

Can’t see Grayson being here much longer. Just too negative – sure we had a spell of being able to park the bus that lasted about 5 games but that’s gone again.”

“Bad result against a very weakened Sheff Utd side. Missed an opportunity there. Can’t see us getting a result in the replay. Sheff Utd have come good recently and I fully expect them to beat us with a stronger side out. “

“No chance we are going to win at Brammal Lane. “

“we cant beat Sheffield Utd reserves”

“Sheffield Utd reserves? We also made 6 changes”

“They’ve rested their best players for their big game next week. It’s was a very weakened Blades team. “

“Says a lot this if he’s so scared of even Sheffield Utd’s second string that he has to resort to panic substitutions like he has. “

“Well we had a good run int cup, time to get back to the league and trying to keep a play off position!”

 “We allow teams a way back into games, far too easily. They bullied us these fuckers. “

“Surely a high probability we will have another TV game. Only two draws today. Another boost for the bank!”

“Bound to get Sheff Utd in the playoffs now”

“In a way it was a good game toWhach both fans were loud and Sheffield brough a lot too. good free kick and was a tight game “

“1-1 well done lads! You did us all proud! WE ARE THE INE AND ONLY NORTH END! “

“Good game today at north end. In the hat for next round. But the feckless populous still support Liverpool and man Utd. #twats”

“I thought it was a decent game ref was wrong to keep on stoping it tho but good draw win in repaly then get Bradford at home”

“Decent game and performance today. Confident we can win the replay”

“Safe trip home to all Sheffield united fans who went to Deepdale today good match in the end bring on the repaly”

“against Sheff United’s reserve team? You’re genuinely happy with that are you Grayson? Not good enough.”

“another tough game v sheff utd. They’re a top side. We shaded 1st half, they tonked us 2nd. Rested loads 2day, Clough doin well “

“Feels like an opportunity missed today, they clearly had an eye on the league cup. Should’ve gone for it more at 1-0.”

“Good end to end game today! Thought we were better side 1st half thought they stepped it up 2nd half”

“on a train full of #SUFC fans, they making a load of noise banging tables with those extra digits! #footballbanter #lancashirelalala”
“Cracking game at Deepdale today. Shame about it being a draw. We play each other too much haha. If we get them in the play offs that’ll be 6 times this season!! “

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