View From Preston

“Phew! I almost thought we were about to lose our reputation as an absolute shambles and an embarrassment to the city! Good thing you bottled it again eh? Cracking stuff.”

“That’s killed me off that Sheff Utd 3rd. I was buzzing that we pulled it back and thought we’d push on and get the ‘old’ PNE back. Fed up”

“Wish we’d just lost 2-0 and not give me the hope, fuck off”

“Getting to the point that Neil is going to have to rely on Tea Leaves and Derek Acorah to find a solution to our fucking problems.”

“Sheffield United, despite being 4th, weren’t much better-3 shots on target, same as us and marginally more possession.”

“1st half a negative shambles. 2nd half we were excellent but were done at the end by shocking defending.”

“We might have merited something but we didn’t get it. What a shambles”

“Don’t let the comeback fool anyone. That was as bad as it was at Leeds.”

“don’t let 2 goals in 2 minutes paper over all the rubbish on view.”

“We deserved nothing out of this game but they gave us a bit of hope for a couple of mins.”

“got what we deserve. Nowt”

“My gran could run faster than our two centre backs”

“we did fuck all and a draw would’ve been robbery. They were shite 2nd half though”

“You’d think they had just won the Champions League the fucking bottle jobs”

“You’re nothing special, we lose every week”

“I need a new interest. One that doesn’t involve a deep state of depression between the hours of 3pm – 5pm on a Saturday afternoon”

“Time to get the gin out.”


Pre-Match View From Preston

“Need a confidence boost from somewhere, a scabby win at Sheff Utd would do.”

“We need to get back to basics. That means get back a defence that can keep clean sheets. So first and foremost Rudd needs dropping. Carve out a 0-0 at Sheff Utd and go from there.
Truly depressing time to be a north ender.”

“Sheff Utd home banker Saturday”

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more depressing than the performance vs Reading we just had to watch that vs Leeds. Reminded me of a sunday league side that had been on the piss all night. 3 points vs Sheff United are vital”

“We’re f****d. Rudd seems to be undroppable for reasons known only to Neil, Clarke is fucking awful but plays every week, Earl is massively overrated. Our defence last season was good early on because we had the Grayson mindset instilled and we were organised and solid. That has now worn off and we have no clue how to defend. 6 games in a row now we’ve conceded 2+ goals.
Barkhuizen plays 90 minutes yet again despite being a League Two player but Barker barely gets 10 minutes. Johnson was shocking again but we have no options because of our embarrassing indiscipline. It’s laughable at the moment just how bad we are.
F**k this season, I’m probably just gonna stay in the pub in Sheffield on Saturday.”

“If people have booked Sheffield I can see the pubs busy and the away end empty”

“Lose to Sheffield United and West Brom and Neil has to go, team selection and tactics taking us nowhere but down. Only one formation in his locker and it ain’t working, if he’s as good a manager as some think should be able to change formations during games if first choice isn’t working. Tried 4 4 2 at Norwich got beat so goes back to his favoured 4 2 3 1 that isn’t working, obviously losing Maguire and Bodin was a big loss that close to season starting but has had enough time to work out his best X1”

“Serious selection problems for Sheff Utd game but we are conciding goals which we didnt do last year and Rudd looking a liability at moment.”

“In just a few short weeks, we’ve gone from a level of optimism not seen in a very long time to a feeling of disappointment, anger and general apathy by what seems to be the majority of supporters.
We’ve had dips in form before but I don’t think the resulting meltdown has been to the levels we’re seeing now.
Will 6-7 points from the next three games make everything peachy again for the majority or has the rot set in?”

View From Birmingham

“Finished strongly, had the best chances and more than matched a proper old school side who beat vile for a laugh.
Love it!”

“Good all round performance and genuinely unlucky not to get 3 points.”

“not an easy place to go and again unlucky.”

“we are a decent team now.not been able to say that for a very very very very very long time.even when we were doing well under bruce in the premier league we weren’t as good as we are now in my opinion.”

“Bittersweet. Again. Played well. Had more than enough to beat a decent team. Watched relatively good football. Players acquitted themselves but didn’t win. Again. FFS!!!!”

“Again, we should have had at least two goals. And again, the better team.”

“ANOTHER game we deserved to win, it’s actually incredible that we haven’t won a game yet, Bogle missing an open goal from 1 yard, Juke and Gardner hit the post, we should be top 6 AT THE VERY LEAST! This clubs haunted.”

“sheff utd could have gone fourth tonight – yet we made them look poor”

” made em look shit just as we did the Albion and Swansea, two of the other supposed “big hitters””

“Only scored in three games out of nine, diabolical”

“Che Adams is lazy, uninterested and offers very little. Didn’t chase anybody down, jogged hopelessly looking lost and was even beaten by a defender on a few occasions with no intention of trying to chase him.Very frustrating to watch. I hate being negative and the other 10 are really playing like they love wearing the shirt. Che on the other hand..”.

“He was woeful – you’d think he’d be up for it against his former club. Also needs to lose some weight.”

“I just can’t stand a poor attitude and work ethic. On his day he should be unplayable but he very rarely is”

“I disagree. He’d have looked better coming off the bench. Sheff U made Kodjia look shit”

Pre-Match View From Birmingham

“Next two games are difficult, Sheff Utd away and Leeds away.
We should of had about 5 wins by now with the way we are performing but we haven’t.
I have to say I actually fancy us to win one of these games with the way we are playing.
Sheff Utd are a tough team but definitely beatable.”

“I don’t think we have anything to fear on Sheffield United. We need to believe we can win that.
We probably won’t, mind.”

“we’re gonna fecking smash Sheffield United”

“I actually fancy us to beat Sheff Utd”

“We always play better aganst the decent teams.
So we are more likely to win one of the next 2 away games because no doubt the level of performance will drop at home to Ipswich. “

“We’re absolutely dire in front of goal, playing decent football jus the end product.” “We need to be more clinical and especially against Sheffield United”

“Every dog has his day! Way we are playing it’s gonna come at some point. Maybe if our strikers put their boots on the right feet our luck might chance”

“Come on Che You Can do it”

“If we only lose 6 points because of FFP it’s still a big deal to blues and could seal our relegation. Sickening that clubs such as Sheff Wed and Villa haven’t had same treatment.”

“Only 900 sold for Sheffield United looks like sky’s red button is already taking it’s toll on midweek away support”

“Either that or the prospect of possibly not returning with 3 points. Sadly despite our efforts of late things just aren’t happening results wise. It tends to put people off paying out.”

“A cold Wednesday night in Sheffield and we have sold 853 so far! Quality support from our fans who are travelling to Sheffield United to support Gary Monk  and the boys in royal blue”

View From Bristol City

“Shithoused that one haha”

“Tell you what if I was a Sheffield Utd fan I’d go home and kick my whippet up and down the street tonight. How they’ve lost that God only knows!!! But we’ll take it!!! We’ve mugged them”

“Great win against a decent side.Game changed with our subs for me. Three great chances, finished one, job done. Maybe across the 90 Sheffield deserved a draw, but don’t care at all.”

“Draw probably a fair result. Can see why they are up there. So well organised and dangerous going forward. Great game of football”

“In all honesty, I think we were a tad fortunate not to go into half time behind, again, but were the better side in the second period.Did we deserve to win? I genuinely don’t care if we did or not but we did so happy days!”

“That’s a great result! Couldn’t make it there today but another clean sheet against a side who put 4 past Villa last game.”

“Good result against a Sheffield United side that are no mugs.”

“For all their pressure and their attacking intent in the first half I don’t recall Maenpaa having to do too much. As soon as we changed out system we looking more in control of the game.”

“Soaked up their early pressure without giving them any clear cut chances, then took control the second half and put our chances away. Organised and fairly clinical, can’t ask for much more.”

“Bad game but good teams win this kind of games”

“Da Silva won nothing  in the air against those Northern Outhouses but kept plugging away .”

“Shout out today for LJ, we were reverting back to our soporific worst creating little or nothing and on the hour mark LJ had seen enough the introduction Watkins and ODowda injected the much needed pace and Taylor’s introduction for the misfiring Diedhiou was another good call, for our 2nd half performance I felt we were worth the win, they are a nasty side, i’m glad that we beat them, well done LJ.”

“They got particularly dirty when they knew they were gonna lose. Couple of nasty challenges late on, and one shocker on Callum that was borderline red card.Got to agree, off you trot back oop narth losers.”

“I do like beating those dirty northern ….. Sheff Utd. It doesn’t happen often enough, so thanks LJ and the boys. Very well done.”

“now we wait with bated breath to hear from their permanently angry little manager to tell us all how they were robbed etc etc. love it!”

“do find Wilder a bit of a sore loser at times, I’d swear he’d rather grate his ball sack than credit a team that beats his.”

“Few scuffles on winterstoke road nothing major.”

Pre-Match View From Bristol City

“A bloody tough game …and probably goals.  Cue, boring 0-0. They’ve started pretty well, after opening the season with two defeats, reeling off 4 successive wins to lie 3rd in the table…1 point ahead of City.  Another game that probably feels like a barometer of our progress and standing in this division.  Wilder has recruited well this summer to give the squad the depth that they missed last season as they fell away in the second half of the season.  Mmmm, the parallels!! 3-5-2, playing from the back, but commit players forward, like we did in 14/15.  Let them settle into their groove and we’ll be in for a tough afternoon.  Exploit those gaps (remember what Fulham did to us at AG in 14/15), force them to play risky football deep in their half, and we can win the match.”

“Balham is a player I’ve underrated until I saw him at Bramall Lane last season, where he proved a better footballing CB than I’d give him credit for.  Can be prone to rash tackles when rattled, so might suit Taylor!!  Egan is a good alround CB and a good acquisition.  In all, a back 3 you’d be more than happy with, but like a lot of Champ central defenders, can be exposed down the sides. Norwood was a really astute signing, can play the Pack role without perhaps the passing range, but don’t ignore his quality from set-pieces.  Will keep the ball moving…so we mustn’t give him time to bypass our press.  John Fleck – red carded at their place last season.  Tenacious midfielder with moments of quality.  Need to commit him on the stretch, as he can’t resist a tackle. Mark Duffy is the dangerman – bit of a journeyman, but found his identity at SU, and a real threat.  Will cheat in midfield, and if you think where Weimann was picking up the ball in 20 yards of space v BR, that’s where Duffy will want to receive the ball, but instead of Weimann having one forward colleague, Duffy will have two, and their launching of breakaways is very impressive.  LJ talked of ‘transition’ with Twentyman on Monday…SU are the epitome of this with Duffy the key to springing Freeman or the front-men  Didn’t start the 2 defeats, can only imagine he wasn’t fully fit.”

“How do we win the game?

1. don’t let Duffy face up our 2 CBs.  So important that Pack and Brownhill work together to deny him space.  Pack might need to curb any runs forward on Saturday.  It’ll be a long afternoon if he does and has two runners against retreating CBs

2. don’t let O’Connell or Basham bring the ball forward unopposed…creating an extra man in midfield drawing JB or MP out.  This us what allows them to spring Duffy.  Eliasson and whoever played RM key to this (COD or MW), tucking in, but also the two strikers.

3. just as NE and COD/MW are important when SU have the ball, it is important that we we get it, we transition (that word again) into attack quickly, and that will require commitment from our two wide-men to get into the spaces behind their WBs, and down the sides of their CBs as quickly as possible.

4. Hunt to impose himself on Enda Stevens.  Pushing him deep into a more conventional LB will deny O’Connell space and allow MW/COD to create a 3 on 3 versus their CBs, where Weimann’s clever movement could run them ragged

5. Assuming Kalas is fit, continue to play a higher line to squeeze SU in possession.  Not saying that Clarke, McGoldrick can’t run the channels, but they do like to break centrally, so condensing the pitch will help.   6. Patience.  If we cannot break on them, then control the play, and make them run about chasing us.  Duffy won’t want to chase the ball. “

“They are a very good team”

“It’s been so long since we beat Sheffield united at Home – I can only think of one occasion in the last 6 years. It’s going to be very tough.”

“Saturday v Sheff Utd (home) Tuesday v West Brom (away) Friday v Wigan (away) To me this looks ridiculously hard, ok we’ll be nicely rested for the home encounter against S.Utd – but how good did they look v Villa!”

“The players will be full of confidence after the demolition of Blackburn. They’ll be itching to get back to Championship football and in front of their own fans.  That said I’d take a draw right now………..”

“Let’s see how it goes against high flying Sheff U, but based on our last three performances, I am confident we can at least make the play offs this season.”

“Can see us being the dark horses of the championship this season”

“They have only sold 1,300 so far bit of a shame really thinking they sold  1,900 for last game of the season 2017-2018”

“Thats a cracking effort and it will increase to about 1500. We wouldn’t take half as much IMO. “

“Both Sheffield clubs have cracking support home and away. You can’t really knock them, particularly when you take into account the lack of success. Same goes with our support though, we must be the best supported team to have not played in the top flight for nearly 40 years.”

“Decent effort. More than we will take up there i expect.”

“Sheff weds’ have always had excellent away support, far better than United’s, Wednesday would of sold their allocation Saturday.”

International Update: Wales Fans Views On Ben Woodburn


“Quite dissapointing that our brightest prospect a year ago is on the bench in the championship and cannot make our matchday squad.
What the f*ck has Klopp done with him?”

“Think Woodburn needs to look at himself.
Been given chances in the championship and not taken them.
Still think he will come good though and would be in my squad ahead of Roberts.”

“he’s had a poor start to the season. Subbed half time a week
ago and didnt come off the bench in Sheffields last game.”

“Feel bad for him, but he hasn’t performed unfortunately. “

“Woodburn has to start”

“Woodburn should have started imo.”

“ I wound rather have Woodburn than Roberts”

“We know he has quality”

“Woodburn & Brooks will eventually get double figures but not over a long period of time i hope. “

International Update: Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On John Egan

I know this is the least of our problems but John Egan wearing no.10 doesn’t seem right”

Keane is going around eating the heads off lads for not training when injured but he can’t pull John Egan over wearing number 10??”

Poor defending from Egan.
Disgraceful seeing a CB wearing the number 10 shirt too. “

Egan loves a hoof.”

Egan has looked assured at CB”

Plays at the centre of a back three with Sheffield United too and looked totally at ease marshalling the Ireland defence until the equaliser. Comfortable in possession too”

impressed, particularly during the first half. Egan didn’t lump the ball long and tried to play his way out of trouble, passing into midfield on a couple of occasions.He looked calm and comfortable on the ball and was also commanding in the box. If O’Neill opts for a back-three again next month, Egan may have just played himself into the plans of the Ireland manager, even if he was caught out for the equaliser.”

Egan earned himself a move to Sheffield United last summer and it is easy to see why. He is good in the air and on the ball. Threw himself in front of Milik’s goalbound shot just before half-time and but marched forward and was bypassed for substitute Mateusz Klich’s goal. “

International Update: Republic Of Ireland Fans On Enda Stevens

Thank you to enda Stevens for being the only player to make a challenge in the whole game”

“Great to see Enda Stevens get a run tonight”

Stevens was excellent”

Enda Stevens is another who deserves a shout I thought he played quite well”

Played well”

Stevens should be our left back. Ward is done”

Stevens should start the October games”

looked impressive”

Looked bad when he needed treatment on his ankle during the pre-match warm-up but shrugged it off and looked composed in his wing back role both attacking and defending “

solid performance and was one of Ireland’s better players during the first-half. There may also be a free slot at left-back soon.”

International Updates: Northern Ireland Fans On Oli Norwood

Great performance from Norwood”

I thought Norwood controlled the game well from midfield, but poor set pieces let him down.”

He was superb”

“MOM Olly Norwood”Olly Norwood , in particular, was a cut above”

Norwood and Davis oozed quality all through the match “

Norwood class”

Norwood played well (and I reckon he’s done sod all since crossing for McAuley against Ukraine) “

Think its the best we’ve seen from Norwood for a while, some superb long diagonal passes, though his set piece delivery wasn’t great. “

Sometimes its just not with you but im sorry Norwood delivery today has been dreadful”

He is dreadful. Full stop”

Can gave the ball all day long but if you create nothing what you expect!!McNair to start in midfield all day long over that waste of space Norwood. MON has a couple of blind spots and he’s one of them “

Norwood was awful all day”

prefer McNair to Norwood