Pre-Match View From Hull

“Not much time to reflect on Middlesbrough as we play another play off hopeful. Sheffield United are on another good run of form lately and their attacking approach surely means goals against us. As long as Leon Clarke doesn’t bag another four I’ll live…
Can Adkins spring a surprise on his former employers? Well…I wouldn’t think so, no.”

“Personally I can’t see why any Sheff Utd would want to attend or watch the game. It’s obvious that Adkins will turn into Guardiola against his old club, seeing an easy 5 0 win with the sexiest football we’ve seen before a 10 games losing streak which ends in our relegation”

“I think what city fans need to realise is at the moment our team is of championship/league 1 standard
and nigel adkins is prob the same std?
and we should therefore expect no more
now if the owners had lavished the manager with gifts then we should be underwhelmed
last seasons squad if retained from last year would have surely gone back up as champions
but now we have nothing
league 1 champions 2019?
maybe not even play offs?
time to get real methinks”

“When you listen to Adkins you think wow, did he really get promoted twice with Southampton? He sounds like a Sunday league chap, after being on the sauce all night.”

“In a perverse way I’d love to hear NA put a positive spin on relegation.
Well Nigel City are in league one next season..
Yeah, but we’ll be in the first round of the FA Cup.
Just think of the new grounds to visit. Think of the ticks.
Luton always bring a few”

“If Adkins is the answer then the question can only be “who do I need to see to get my insurance renewed”.
Not entirely his fault but Stevie Wonder could win this league with the squad we have.”

“Adkins is a fool.”

“He came from Reading with a lack of knowledge, he studied management at Scunthorpe college…”

“I fully suspect Adkins was told there is no money to spend, he was out of work and in desperate need of work. For all his positiveity and upbeat soundbites we are not cohesive on the pitch, no creative players on the pitch and its hit and hope. Adkins is proabaly suited better with a League 1 team anyway as it will be a re-building job when we fall into it, as in most cases whatever is happening at the top, lack of interest from the owners, eventually transfers onto the pitch.”

“What’s he supposed to sound like. He’s got a depleted squad, zero investment, 2 years of endemic failure on the pitch, fans who don’t care and an owner who has given up and waiting for his payout at the end of next season. He’s basically a palliative care nurse for a terminally ill club, helping it to die in the least painful manner.
The rugger is back on this week, Cheats old bean, so we can once again forget this nonsense, focus on a real sport. Let’s be honest, football viewing nowadays is for foreigners and second gen migrants who do the weird screeches, spakky hand signals, pidgin Ingrish innit and exaggerate that a tackle by Bellerin was ‘savage’ on fan TV programmes.
Best to cut the whole farce loose, leave it to the shit munchers and focus on something else.”

“I’m with him. the players didnt play for Slutsky, and they aren’t playing for Adkins. They need to wake up. Many probably think if they go down they will be bought. I’d put clauses in player contracts that tie them in for another season if relegated unless the club choose to sell”
“even the best manager in the world wouldn’t make much difference
we can barely compete against most championship teams”

“I think this is the worse team I’ve seen in a number of years.” “1 win against the top 16 teams”

“We’ve only won 3 points (out of a possible 39) from matches against the top 9 teams. Sheff Utd up next…”

“I hope Sheff Utd fans complain to the EFL & the FA about the pricing of the tickets. Maybe if other fans start to kick up a fuss then someone will actually sit up & take notice.”

“Once again Hull City fans have to apologise on behalf of our owners who claim to have the best run club in the football league. Thats why crowds have halved and stands have closed. No concessions for kids and OAPs for two years.”

“We apologise for the behaviours of those in charge of our football club who are inept and have lost interest. Sheff Utd fans attending the game may see many protests on Friday all part of a very sad story, with Hull City fans desperate for a happy ending”

“Based on opportunities to humiliate at any cost the Allams, strikes me (as we wont be on Sky any time quickly) this Friday is the only time to do so…”

View From QPR

I’m disappointed we didn’t get at least a point from that. Sheffield weren’t good, their support was quiet and moaning. But we were poor until Freeman came to life a bit”

“We could have won this game tonight but as usual we make too many poor mistakes at the back and don’t put away our chances up front. We were certainly the better side tonight on the balance of play.”

“Sheff Utd were hanging on and trying to waste time.”

“Outrageous time wasting by Sheffield. We were well on top but the crossing has to be better.”

“The time wasting from blades was ridicilous”

“We gave away 2 poor goals but scored a good one matched a top 7 team away on everything else.”

“Don’t think we should feel too dejected. Ollie has repeatedly said that some of our away performances have merited more points and we’ve been doing well in spells away from home against some strong team”

“Bit of a shame really but we showed a good response because during the first half it wasn’t a match they started too strong”

“Start badly and then regain a little respect. It’s kind of frustrating as you should feel more aggrieved with another loss, but the “almost” fightback distracts from that dejection.”

“I thought that our midfield were overrun in the first half and that Luongo and Freeman left Scowen all alone too often.
Once they competed we started bringing the game to Sheff Utd and our defence got more protection as well.”

“Anyone surprised by a QPR defeat away defeat up north in the winter months deserves nothing but mocking frankly.
Hope for a good result by all means, to expect it to such an extent that you’re furious about a 2-1 away defeat at Sheff Utd is just not having any sense of who QPR are.”

“Okay second half we looked a bit better but faded in the last 10 minutes oh well 2 wins away from 24 attempts”

“The closing five minutes were pathetic. no urgency. back passing. no drive.”

“It was pathetic from the start. As soon as he changed it up we started playing again. Will he ever learn”

“For a twenty minute period in the second half we looked like we were on for at least a point. United knew it and time wasted to take the heat off. It was all a bit frantic though, all spirit but not a lot of shape. He has to start Smyth on Saturday, Washington has had enough chances for a while. “

“they were in the division below us last season. Other teams are making progress whilst we regress.”

“SU came up from League One last season, so on paper we should’ve been competitive with them. Yet, we sit in 15th, 13 points behind them in 7th.
The major difference between the two teams on the pitch is they have a decent manager.
I’m struggling to see why we shouldn’t be disappointed with the result.”

“I don’t know why QPR bother to travel to away games. Just award a 2-0 win to the home team and everybody saves the expenses all round.”

Pre-Match View From QPR


“After a very pleasing weekend win against Bolton, there is no break as we go away to the steel city to face Sheffield United on Tuesday night. Sheffield United are knocking on the door of the playoffs, as they lie in 8th, just four points adrift of 6th place. It has been an impressive season for last years League one winners, helped by Billy Sharpe, who a few weeks ago became one of the only three players to score 200 goals in the English league this century.
We should hopefully have Smyth available again from the start, and it is encouraging the Luongo made it through Saturday without any problems which is encouraging. I fear it’ll be tough on Tuesday night as we enter that part of the season where some teams have a lot to play for, and others (like ourselves I am pleased to say) are destined for mid table, and can’t really do much to change that. Surely we now want to see out the season without any major injuries, whilst giving as much game time and experience to the likes of Eze and Smyth.
Let’s hope they’ve got the same keeper tomorrow night as last time out”

“No easy games and this is a toughie.
Very happy memories of our win there in 200?
They started off well but have fizzled out so we have a decent enough chance.”

“Midweek game away to a good team in Yorkshire. Surely a comfortable away victory in pleasant weather with the team applauded off the pitch from all four stands. ”

“let’s not get too excited about  beating Bolton. The Beeb report described us as ‘deserved’ winners and that we were the ‘stronger side’ in the first half. But don’t get too excited: this is against a club who’s season performance has been nailed-on relegation form™. For us to get two unanswered goals at home against this side after they are down to ten men is not exactly the stuff of legend. ”

It was a reasonably decent, certainly adequate, result. That’s all.

“I think Holloway’s keen not to have any of those terrible 6 game losing runs again like last year which is why we haven’t seen much departure from the 3-5-2 because it sort of mostly works in that we aren’t going to get relegated”

“Another four wins and we’ll be safe. Loads of teams below us now who cant buy a win.Lets not put all the kids on the park until we’re mathematical safe. I’d tell the players that the sooner we’re safe the sooner your holidays start. Then get all the kids out there to see whst theyre made of.”

“Don’t think it will take four wins to reach safety! The teams in the bottom three are in poor form, so safety will only require 45 points this yearDon’t mind another four wins though!”

“Far from safe. I think we’ll get sucked in to it.I mean we still need eleven points minimum. Where from? Half our games are away from home, so that’s 0”

“Only 13 points off 6th. Could still do this.”

“Well i think qpr can win there next ten matches and i think we could hit the play offs my thoughts are based on matt smith is a player that can destroy any team in the division”

“If we won the next ten games i’d be eloping to the bahamas with Scarlett Johansson on a large pink marshmallow yacht upon a sea of tangerine custard”

“I think if we score more goals than the opposition and the teams around us acquire fewer points than us, then almost certainly maybe we could make the play offs. Mind you, if my aunt had a cock she’d be my uncle.”

“We are where we deserve to be…. lower mid table.”

View From Leicester

“Job done.”

“Bit of shit game really. Created little but 10 men behind the ball isnt easy.”

“Bit uninspiring. They did alright. All that matters is we’re through.”

“Sheff Utd are such a boring game, but good win regardless”

“Thought we created quite a number of chances and openings. Only concern is how easily Sheff Utd created chances at our end. Almost every set piece wound up dangerous or not properly cleared and we still relied on a superb save from Kasper to see it through.”

“If we get the first half goal our play deserved we win easily. Bit of a slog then, and really need someone other than Vardy to be able to score. But a win is a win.”

“Did well to come out with the win, we deserved to win. They were getting lucky with the bounce of the ball and this is how FA Cup shocks usually start out.”

“Could have easily been more. Felt like they were blocking every final ball.”

“Fairly easy. SU didn’t look interested until we scored.”

“Think we were better than the scoreline suggest”

“Thought Sheff United were poor, even for a championship side- nothing to lose against a team not playing particularly well, and they barely attacked all game. Surely their fans are disappointed with that, as they’ve had a lot of success playing a fearless brand of football under Wilder.”

“Thought we were always in control of the game. They came with the intention of getting a replay and I know they play wing backs but this seemed very much like a flat back 5. Obviously that meant we were going to get most of the ball and they were going to be hard to break down. Created mainly half chances throughout and don’t think we actually got out of second gear even if the performance didn’t show that.”

“shefield defended with 9 men every time we tried to attack so our 1 nil result was good”

“Was always going to be a non-spectacle against hardworking, but dour opposition. We never really got out of second gear, didn’t use up too much energy, didn’t get any injuries (I believe), almost as if the team knew the goal would come sooner or later. Routine, forgettable win, against very mediocre opposition – mission accomplished without too much fuss.”

“Good win. They only had one real chance that Kasper nearly Kaspered up… “

“I think that performance was typical of what we are, an average mid-table premier league team, which is not the end of the world all things considering. Once again our two stand-out players save the day and it will be a sad day when Riyad goes this summer as despite his antics, that boy sure can play. It was a top-draw finish from Vardy. the Blades weren’t really massively tested. “

.”At times going forward it was like Mahrez vs Sheffield United.”

“Another game which highlights how superior Mahrez is to his team mates would’ve been devoid of any attack of threat if it wasn’t for him. “

“This is what happens when teams sit back against an above average team who struggle to break others down. We got the job done as we never stopped trying to find a break through”

“Thought we played decent, hard to break a team down who come to defend, and look to nick a goal, maybe some seem to hold us in higher regard then maybe they should be, if we had took our chances the score could have been 4 maybe 5, that’s how football goes sometimes, winning breeds confidence, well played lads”

“Comfortably better than them, they just defended well enough to keep us going side to side looking for openings quite a lot. No chance they win that game, they go for it then they’ve not got 11 behind the ball when it’s 40 yards from their goal (a regular occurrence) and we’d have opened them up easier.”

“Against a team who set up to play playing 5 4 1 it was always possible we would struggle to break them down and we did. “

“Easy enough. They defended fairly well but their attack was about as dangerous as a democratic party election campaign. Once we’d got the goal it was game over – just a shame we couldn’t force the break through earlier”

“Shit game, we were shit, they were competent but not at all dangerous. Still, we won while being shit showing how we’ve come on, and our centre midfield looks so much stronger now “

“The Blades were only sharp for one second around 85 minute forcing Schmeichel to make a crucial save. Their keeper was decent. Overall a pleasant game of wasted chances won with a great goal. I’m increasingly worried about our full backs though, both Simpson and Chills were too easily beaten by Sheffield players.”

“We struggled to get past Sheffield United’s 2nd team with our first, but the most important thing is that we’re through to the quarter final! I’d pick either Gray or Mahrez as MOTM, as they were the creators today. If it weren’t for them, we’d have had no chances and would have had to take a replay at Bramall Lane. Hopefully we get drawn against another team that aren’t as good as us!”

“Tough game but we go got there in the end, Kasper did well after his poor performance at Man City.”

“Pretty shoddy performance, especially given that was a bit of a makeshift Sheff United team. Hopefully we keep getting lucky with the FA Cup draws. “

“I think you have to give Sheff U some credit for defending well and in numbers. “

“Credit to Sheff Utd for making it difficult for us. Their keeper is destined for bigger things I reckon.”

“Agreed he looked good, blooming massive to!”

“Hahaha all these people thinking their keeper was the new Peter Shilton!  He grabbed a few crosses and made a few standard saves and all of a sudden he’s going on to “big things”  and we should sign him up!”

“Thought Blackman and O’Connel were impresive for the blades. Six changes and they more than held their own.”

“BBC website gives MOTM to Sheffield’s Jack O Connell, they have written ‘The 23 year old showed maturity and focus, by making the most clearances and winning the ball back then any other team mate also he had the most touches of the ball and 2nd most passes of the visitor’. I think he he is a solid player and the reason why Sheffield have been playing well this season, and would be a great buy for us in the summer”

“good to have dumped a bitter set of fans out of another cup this season .Dont get why they were being so up tight on their forum pre-match, but this will give them some fuel to boil their piss for a bit longer…”

“L1 were getting rinsed by the blades supporters I was with on the way back to Sheff due to the sadly now predictable ‘You’ve never won fück all, champions of England you’ll never sing that’ guff. “

Pre-Match View From Leicester

“we will win this. we’re going to win the fa cup this year. “ “We’ve got a decent chance of doing well in the competition so we should be as full strength as we can be. Ensure we win and don’t go back to Bramall Lane. Sheffield United are a decent Championship side but winnable. We need to progress. “ “Ill be livid if he puts out anything less than full strength, absolutely no reason not to now.”

“We need a win here to get back on track after a turbulent couple of matches. We’ve got 8 days gap between this game and the next Premier League game so let’s put our our best team and put in a good performance and get the result we want.”

“ Full strength would be nice. We’re too inconsistent to do anything decent in the league now. “

“After Man City we need to come out fighting and WIN.”

“No excuses to not go full strength now we’re playing once a week. Our season might as well end if we get knocked out of this.”

“We’ll play a virtual full strength IMO. Iheanacho will probably start but it will be an XI who are all first team picks.”

“Think he’ll go with best side available, which is contentious. Mahrez will play and we’ll all be happy Friday night”

“We will play a strong 11 but it won’t be full strength    kasper won’t featurethe back four will probably be a ‘first choice’ pick  Iborra will play (need his height to defend front post corners ) Silva will play  nacho will play  diabate will play  not sure if vardy and mahrez will both start on the bench m wouldnt surprise me to see a front 6 as per Peterborough”

“We’re playing a more than decent championship side who could yet be Prem rivals next year. We can’t be putting out the likes of Benny, Barnes and (unfit?) Huth or it’ll be another year of dying wonderin’”

“Sheffield United will be well up for this with nothing to lose. I expect a very tough game”

“they’ve scored more and let less goals in than us this season.”

“His job should be on the line if we don’t beat these” “Too many painful historical defeats to lesser lights in this trophy, don’t want another.”

“If we can’t beat the Blades at home then we need to take a long hard look at ourselves. The result should never be in any doubt. “

“Dip in league form, quarter final up for grabs and favourites to win. Big pressure, have we got the balls?”

“hope and think we’ll be really up for this. I expect a quick start and a comfortable win.”

“Vardy will score a hattrick in this game if he starts.”

“Can’t stand the Blunts.”

View From Leeds

“Roll on next season. I thought SU were poor so I don’t know where that puts us? We improved second half, but still looked venerable at the back due to gaping holes in our midfield. Siaz, Cooper and Barardi to come back in, will it improve us enough? Unlike TC I expect PH to use the rest of this season to try out some different tactical formations ready to trim the squad for next season. No papering over the cracks for me we were poor!”

“The goal was a highlight but apart from that nothing much, didnt deserve to win, probe didnt really deserve a point either.”

“Generally second best over most of the park though but ok performance”

“Yet again against better opposition we lost”

“We dont have the personnel to battle adequately against teams like Sheff Utd and therefore we are always on the back foot”

“Very disappointing result but as said, plenty to build on, thought the team showed good spirit and there were some decent performances too. Think Sheff U deserved the win but a draw would not have been outrageous.”

“One of these days, some of these decisions may go for us rather than against us. I know they say they even themselves out over a season but it doesn’t feel that way at the moment.”

“Deserved a draw”

“O.k. Performance I thought. A bit unlucky.”

“We did not deserve to lose that!”

“wtf was heck thinking appointing O’Kane as captain? He was utterly useless. What happened to the “new manager bounce”? wow we really impressed our manager”

“O’Kane was their best player”

“O’Kane is back …same as usual . CRAP . Is he really a footballer ?
No one sent off but in effect with O’Kane on the pitch you are down to 10 men anyway .
Please can’t they get rid of him . Its getting to the stage I really hate his name anywhere near the teamsheet Why can’t another team suffer from having him in their team . Its really not fair .”

“really poor defensive header from O’Kane which went straight to Sharpe”

“Sharp is a class player at this level. We never used him to the best of his ability.”

“Sharp was head and shoulders the best player on the pitch followed by their little blonde fella in midfield”

“A team with Leon Clarke and Billy Sharp as its strike force getting promoted would be embarrassing for the league.”

“They have a proper keeper, every cross held and not punched.”

“Fleck commits two fouls in the space of one second on two players.ref obviously giving a yellow card discount – 2 for 1”

“Where was our penalty? They get one for phantom contact, we don’t get one for actual contact.”

“No contact at all. We were screwed.”

“There was contact but it wasn’t a trip”

“I had a very clear view of the penalty incident.
I can conclusively reveal that is definitely was not a penalty”

“total dive in my opinion”

“Cheating ref”

“We’re Leeds we only get decisions against us”

“Unfortunately these days you can’t give the player the opertunity to go down. Hunter or Charlton would have snapped him in half.”

“There was contact in the box, difficult for the ref not to give to be fair.”

“Ref got several decisions wrong imo. Alisoki foul was red because of how late their player was…… have to question intent if someone is so late on a ball.
Their winner was a pen but it was soft. O’Kane put the brakes on but it was too late and there was contact diverting the player square on.

Handball was not deliberate but diverted the ball from our player so probably a pen.
Cant understand why the Pennington tackle was not bought up, he does not win the ball after going to ground lunging in (again) and then catches Clarke. If anything that was the clearest pen of them all! I am convinced that the ref would have given that but for the handball a few minutes earlier.
De Bock could have had 3 yellow cards today! The clip on Sharp’s heel was a definite yellow a was the jump leading with the forearm and then their was the cynical pull back just after the forearm jump (that would have been soft but seen them given loads of times).
Trying to be fair as we cant blame the ref without being objective.”

“The one thing that baffles me is there’s 2 minutes left and our fans are chanting Jimmy Savilles one of our own. Why ? Is that going to urge the team on ?”

“Sadly I don’t have an answer but personally I find the chant distasteful & unnecessary. I’m certain there’s Leeds fans who were affected by Saville, yet he’s become a cult hero in the eyes of some.”

Pre-Match View From Leeds



“Recent Form (last 8 league games)
Lost 4, Won 2 with 2 Draws
Scoring 7 Conceding 11
Lost 3, Won 2 with 3 Draws
Scoring 8 Conceding 9
LEEDS have averaged 1.47 points per away game so far this season while blunts are 1.73 points for home games
We are 9th spot on the Away table 22 points from 15 games and blunts are 8th in the home table 26points out of 15 games. This season in the league
61% of Sheffield Utd’s conceded goals occured in the first half. Sheffield Utd have failed to score in their last 3 home matches.
Leeds Utd have failed to win in their last 6 matches. 35% of Leeds Utd’s conceded goals occurred after the 75th minute.  Now I know its all doom and gloom at ER and with TC9 gone god knows what leeds team will turn up on Saturday. But blunts aren’t exactly setting the world alight lately either ”

“This is the start of something special under our new messiah and our late march to the playoffs!!”

“heckingass will unleash the beast within our team.
I’m weirdly optimistic.”

“Sheffield not playing as well as earlier in season (I hope)”

“ Sheffield Utd will play similarly to Baardiff and we HAVE to stand up to them…. “

“This was a home banker for me but now we’ve had a management change the game could either way if Heck has a huge influence on our players minds & confidence in the short-time he’s had to work with them.
Like us Sheff Utd fans have suffered of late seeing their club drop out of the top six, they looked very good when the blunts made us look daft last October “

“Its difficult to predict.
We could have the new manager bounce and come out and put in a great performance.
That’d certainly go some way to easing the fear about Hecky.
But head tells me that won’t happen, fairly downbeat about our chances under Hecky and in this game, I’d take a draw now. “

“can’t see a win. Sharpe’s bound to score so we’ll need at least 2 to win.
As it has been lately, more in hope than expectation. A sad return to what it has been for many seasons now. “

“Given the missing players this isn’t going to be easy think PH needs a miracle start to be honest.”

“New manager is walking into a run of games. where we could easily lose 4 or 5 games on the trot.
Then the fickle fans will start saying another bad appointment , we need to give this guy a chance, but i have a sneaky feeling that the fans want an instant turn around, simply not going to happen in my opinion. I think the pressure is going to mount over the next few months”

“no physical presence or heading prowse on the pitch bar  Jannson (out now) and vierra,was going for 2-0 blades has they have lost more than us and had some beatings recently and will finish mid table has their squad and depth suggests, Your quite right new manager/tatics/hope usually brings results in short term,yes they could have 3 hit the woodwork and 4 off the line and us 1 shot and deflect in ,but has saturday form/squad says 9 times outta 10 this won’t happen
Now unless 11 men behind the ball which we can not play (as above) 2-0 (sharpe will score) blades, totally out gunned and humiliated in front of sky cameras, our only solace cry from the terraces ,so now get back in that ole spitfire i can see ya on my radar now heat seekers locked on here come the flames”

Loan Update: Bury Fans Views On James Hanson

“James Hanson will take some time to get up to speed but I thought he did okay in winning balls and leading the line”

“it’s only one game but Hanson looked no different from Smith.”

“Hanson looks unfit also but then it is no surprise as he is short of minutes on the pitch”

“Hanson is unfit”

“Can’t honestly see what Hanson brings us, just a poor man’s Tom Pope in my opinion, would have been better to keep Smith, at least he was more mobile”

“an immobile lump.”

“Hanson is like a lump of lard”

“Hanson although i always thought a handful when playing for Bradford looks fat and awkward for us . Absolutely zero threat in the air and woeful at his feet”

“Hanson could be a useful signing as/when we drop into Lge 2, but he needs people to play to his type of game (badly phrased but I hope you know what i mean!).”

“Hanson played only once for Sheffield United before he came to us. His fitness reflects his injury problems. He tries hard but he gets no support.”

Loan Update: Chesterfield Fans Views On Louis Reed

“Reed gets better every game”

“Reed was class”

“I thought Reed matched the high standard he’s set over recent times” “ Reed is going from strength to strength and was fantastic today”

“He is starting to look a real player” “our most skilful, creative player”

“Would be a good investment”

“The only way he would sign is if we retain our league status so nowt will happen before May.
He’ll probably have some L1 suitors as well given his consistent form”

“A real player, is Louis.”

“I know it’s a division lower, but I think he’s as good as Jimmy Ryan. There surely must be L1 scouts looking at him.”

“I wish it were otherwise as he seems to be finding his feet, but a Portsmouth or a Rotherham or a Bradford will be nosing out a bargain, as well as the sides who come down from the Championship IF he continues show his current form.”

“This lad is captain material. If our club has returned to any kind of normality before the end of the season then we should be pulling out all the stops to get him.”

“could potentially go on to be player of the season”

“He has come on leaps and bounds in a very short time. He obviously had the talent, just a question of whether he had a good footballing brain. And a season more with us would do him good, as he seems to be learning a lot from Jack and the new coaching staff.”