View From Forest



“Thanks for the 4 points, played you off the park, see you next season lots of love ‘the scabs'”

“Ironic that the team who refer to us as scabs couldn’t strike for toffee today”

“Only one team in that! Shame only to get a point but will take it. Absolutely no chance Sheff Utd are getting in the playoffs!”

“They didn’t look like a play off team to me, , they became desperate enough to rely on hoofball”

“Most football teams evolve! Sheff Utd have been playing long ball route one football since as long as I can remember!”

“They are shite, big opportunity missed today.”

“And just outside the top six. One in last week and one just outside and I am scratching my head wondering how either of them are where they are”

“Oh to be 8th in the league and shite…”

“we were the better team, and yes Sheffield United are shite (at the moment at least).”

“Just had a quick look at their forum. Some reckon we dive and timewaste and the foul by Fleck on Tomlin was a good tackle (looked a clear yellow to me) . Mind you a couple on there reckon we played well and their keeper prevented us from winning.”

“Pantilimon was  excellent again”

“Unlucky there – their keeper made some brilliant savesWhat a manager Karanka is turning out to be”

“Good point and we really gave it a go 2nd half. Unbeaten in 7 now, taking points off some decent sides.”

“Good game, they’re trash for a team chasing the playoffs.”

“I’m pleased with that result. Played well in the second half and these are no mugs.”

“A very good point at a ground where we traditionally get nowt”

“A bit unlucky, thought we were a bit wasteful in front of goal but decent performance.”

“I thought we put in a very good performance. We should have scored a couple…..the referee was a homer…..yet again. We played a team who we usually have difficulties with and on balance we should have won. I can’t believe anybody would complain about our performance”

“we look poor in the final third, but still a well earned point.I’d even take that result next season at the Blades.”

“Not bad. But not good enough.”

“How boring was that”

Pre-Match View From Forest

“Bitty form & niggling injuries are preventing Sheff U from getting back into their early season stride, but don’t write them off just yet.Personally I think they’ll continue to be a bit up & down, but be the team which rally’s a late season playoff push. Think we’ve caught them at a decent time though.  Good, but inconsistant. Let’s hope it’s an off day for them.”

“These have slipped up more than a few times at home, decent side though.Easy to make a case for a draw given our new found resilience away from home, no reason we cant nick one & take the points.One thing we can say, we’ll be in it for 90 minutes.”

“One of Sheff Utd’s biggest strengths is from their wing-backs getting forward, I think we’d be naive to try and match their formation, as they’re very good at working it for Stevens and Baldock to get in behind. Particularly because they’d then be drawing Fox out wide where he’s very vulnerable.”

“we don’t get owt there even when we have a good side so not optimistic this weekend.”

“The last time we won at Bramall Lane was 2004. A draw would definitely be a good result regardless of forthcoming matches.”

“I think this will be a tough game. I work with a few Blades fans and they haven’t given up hope of making the playoffs so they’ll be going out to win. The best I think we can hope for is another 0-0 and then try for wins against Millwall and Barnsley.”

“Millwall away is a tougher prospect than Sheffield Utd”

“Attack, attack, attack, we have nothing to lose now.”

“I know we are getting hard to beat, but the Karanka way means we find it hard to score.”

“Chance to do a rare double over a team this season in this game, would be extra sweet being as that team is Sheffield United.”

“Hate the cnuts with a vengeance. A victory over these would be even sweeter than if we’d won on Sunday
Watch out Blades, The scabs are coming to get you”

“I fancy us for this. They only know how to play one way, and whilst it’s effective, I think it’s susceptible to counter attacking.Stop the long diagonals to Clarke, and don’t let the over-lapping wing-backs get in behind to cross and you cut off their attacking supply.Can we please also think of proactive response to their usual scab bull. Something that will wind them up? Everyone pull out a twenty, wave it around and sing, ‘we’d do it again, we’d do it agaaaain, you work shy b******s, we’d do it again’.I can imagine them foaming at the mouths.”

“Any tevez songs should annoy them”

“Jessica Ennis is/was one of their fit bods,they named a stand after her before Evans signed for them and she took her name off it. Sean Bean can do one too!.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever get over that second half in the playoffs against them”

“Still one of my most crushing forest memories that play off game. The fact Johnson went on to break his leg
against them the following season after which our form dropped and Johno was never the same player, has ensured I have little love for that club”

“You shouldn’t have any love at all for Sheffield United!”

“I dislike Bumhole Lane, it’s a dump and full of scrotes.”

View From Burton

” Positives again after that display, but a sixth game in seven without a goal is not good enough at this stage. The Blades showed that ruthlessness”

“much the better chances good saves by keeper but that’s it really isn’t it same story”

“made to pay for poor finishing in the first half. United turned on the style and it should have been more than 2-0. Chances galore in the opening 45, but the same old story, I’m afraid.”

“Duffy set both goals up again tonight. Wasn’t good enough for us apparently. Too lazy and didn’t live close enough to Burton.”

“Feel fortunate to escape with just a 2-0 defeat given the way United increased the tempo after their second”

“Zero goals again we cant survive”

“we’re 5 points off safety going into Wolves and Cardiff, we could be pretty much down by the end of March”

“Championship was fun whilst it lasted.. things could of been so different.”

“2-0 down and Luke Varney and Jake Buxton come on. Enough is enough now”

“Bringing Buxton on when we’re 2-0 down was a weird decision”

“Clough bringing Buxton on when we’re 2 down. You won’t be getting any more of my cash this season im afraid”

“1 up front all game when losing is not good enough.”

“For me, this season is written off now. If we’re bringing defenders on at 2-0 down as well, I’m not certain that Clough hasn’t written it off as well”

“Enough is enough clough out board needs to show bottle like wallsalls did”

“Still persevering with 1 up front. It’s not the effort it’s the wank inept tactics.Play 2 up front. Pressure the keeper when on corners not float them into him #cloughout”

I’ve got more chance of having a hot raunchy threesome with Kelly Brook and Mila Kunis, than seeing Nigel Clough move on ”

“Spent 2/3rds of season being too defensive & playing his mates.Paying for it now & running out of players! For me I still believe he should have gone in Nov.Was told he put his Notice in then but BR refused it?”



Pre-Match View From Burton

“They called the game off on purpose. Same conditions and without under soil heating at the Pirelli, had this been a home Brewers match it would be game on. Sheffield Utd doing a ”Bradford”. Scared of little Burton.”

“We need the ex manager factor to do for them.”

“A juggernought that could be turning, squad value 18-9 million,5 players valued about a million-3 internationals. Another hard working team we should get points off. They took the spoils at the Pirelli, but after about 6 seasons in div 1 our stadium would not faze them , Bramall lane now is a different ball game ,a hostile crowd and will encourage their team, Like Millwall will be in your face for 90 minutes ,any thing here will be a bonus ,weather maybe a stay of execution”

“I can’t see us getting anything from the Wolves game I’m hoping we can get another away win in South Yorkshire on Tuesday night. We need those three points.
Curious to see the team Nigel selects. Will he play the two strikers again?”

“Team selection is a tricky one. Cloughie has come up trumps many a time with the 5-4-1 away from home but I’m not sure it’s the answer now and most certainly not after this tough run of games coming up. Darren Bent is fit and has been with us longer than a pre-season now, 6 weeks? I think I’d say the same about Liam Boyce although I can understand a bit of caution perhaps. The only weakness on Saturday was a touch of creativity, that goal creating pass or centre. I sense the only player we have who has proved he can do that is young Davenport.Very difficult with our small squad but we have to stay in touch over these 3 games and surely we have to gamble ?”

“People saying clough out, if he goes who we gonna get?”

“Anyone but him” “Anybody. Literally anybody.”

“I’m getting to a point now where why should i care when the club don’t seem to. Should of had a managnent change before Christmas”

“If you can’t support a team when they’re losing don’t bother supporting them when they’re winning!”

“The message enjoy our journey. With a base of about 3000 I am one of the few to have seen Championship football at the Pirelli. Looking forward to Bywater getting man of the match at Bramall lane.”

“I think we need to win half of our remaining games to stand a chance and considering our March fixtures we’ve somehow got to find some miracle wins from somewhere. Don’t think we’ll need as many points as last season but I can’t see anything below 47 being enough.”

View From Ipswich

“Another new record that Micks achieved is four home games and 0 goals. Mick OUT”

“Sadly that was typical Mick out there. Game turned into scrap, no quality on display but ultimately the result isn;t that bad. It’s utterly pointless, and certainly not a good result but it isn’t a bad result. We just bob further away in mid table, the second half was as boring as you can imagine and we were lucky to walk away with a point.”

“Two points wasted, bottom line.”

“Not much to write about that one really, a boring game”

“What a complete and utter waste of time.”

“Like Burton, all Sheff Utd had to really do to shut us out was keep their shape. After that, we were far too static off the ball so the only real option for the man in possession was to try and knock it over the defence, hope for a mistake, try and win the 2nd challenge etc. Not sure we were lucky to get a point – apart from a decent effort against the post they didn’t threaten the goal. Bart had nothing he had to work for and we blocked most things before they got into a dangerous position. ”

“The result isnt ‘that bad’ but that very very minor hope of top 6 is now all but a distant dream. We cant go into home games playing an setting up how we did today. Whats happened compared to the start of the season? We were leaking goals but we were bloody scoring them as well. (We were second top goalscorers in the league at a point). Frustrating and dissapointing. The guy that sits near me SBR upper said at HT “i’ll take a point today” if thats what its come to whats the point? Why the hell would you take just a point in this situation. Crazy. “

“Sheffield United aren’t Barcelona. It’s a ‘bad’ result in my book. ”

“They are a good side”

“We were outplayed”

“we were hopeless and were lucky to get a point in the end.”

“Sheffield United were far better than us, I assume on a lower wage bill. Crisper passing, overlaps and craft. They deserved to win. Probably the quality of our centre backs held them out. Couple of good blocks. As my mate said – “even the seagulls are bored”

“They were nowhere near “far better than us” just because in the 2nd half they had a few moments of nicer passing which came to nothing other than one decent effort which hit the post. If they were that much better they’d have won or at least forced Bart into doing something vaguely challenging. They were as much contributors to it being a poor spectacle as we were today.”

“Both teams were hardly an advert for on the deck football to be honest. Utd were more culpable than us, certainly first half. ”

“Not sure you could have played Deck football on that pitch.”

Pre-Match View From Ipswich

“With back to back away wins achieved – 51 points on the board after 35 is a minor miracle given some peoples viewpoints especially on TWTD with the season but there we go – that should be us fine.
Therefore, are we capable of doing anything at the other end? Unlikely. Sure, we’ve put back to back wins together ( both on the road ) with our first W W sequence since beating Forest + Derby.
5 unbeaten away is fantastic. Home is more the issue – given how we play, we’re better set up to play on the road. That’s ultimately where I think this is going to end – I don’t see us winning three on the spin. The blades are wobbling somewhat – IF we’re going to do anything it’s a fixture we need to be looking to win. We’ll see. “

“Must win game at home to Sheffield United who are in indifferent form.”

“these guys have dropped off a little so now could be the time to take 3 points off of them and do some damage to their playoff hopes and help what little hope there is for ours”

“Of the six teams we need to overtake ee still have 5 of them to play
And we have a game in hand on four of them.
I know it’s unlikely. I know it would require a big finish from us. But.. the season is still not quite over yet.

“Recent performances are a start, but we need to start scoring and winning more at home – do that in the next 2 and maybe just maybe it could be on. Winning Saturday is an absolute must”

“It’s the hope that gets you… it’s always the hope.”

“It’s quite amusing really, the Blades are, according to the experts, still very much in with a shout of the play offs while we have no chance, and yet Two wins in these games will in all probability see us above them ! “

“We don’t beat many teams above us so beating them all seems unlikely unfortunately.
If we get in the playoffs we will win it cos we literally need to win most of our games left and will be in brilliant form. I just can’t see it though.”

“The Blades and Bristol City seem to be struggling just at the wrong time in the season.”

“Having watched the blades a couple of times this season they knock the ball around with a lot more composure (and intent) than us, but expect we’ll set up to nullify them and try and hit them on the counter or by a barrage into the box. “

“Our defensive record since Cameron Carter Vickers has arrived has been quite exemplary. The most we’ve conceded in any game he’s featured is one………”

“We seem to be conceding less now we have Carter-Vickers but we certainly need the goal tally going up also” “Vickers to net the winner in stoppage time ;)”

“I’ve noticed since Mr Vickers joined us from Spurs, the most we’ve conceded in ANY given game is ONE GOAL. Superb at the back. Very happy with that figure, one goal a game at present is bare minimum a draw.” “950 Blades coming down. Not a bad effort from them – sure many didn’t bother due to the prices, however if they’d not been greedy and agreed to our 25 both ways deal….. they’d be cheaper.”

“I quite like the Blades. Proper club proper support.”

“They are a proper club.”

“Always liked them too & really enjoy our small rivalry with them.”

“Same same.
“You fill up my senses””

“must be honest I can’t stand them at all, horrible club and not particularly nice fans either.”

“This game always makes me remember 2 games with them
1 – My first game live as a town fan, thrilling 4-3 cup loss. WHAT A GAME. Not seen a better game live since! ( Ipswich 3 Derby 2 04-05 is the best I’ve seen ) 2 – 2-0 down, Pablo red at 2-0 or 2-1… not sure we were losing, I think 2-0…. yet won 3-2. Would have loved to have been at that.”

“I always remember Sheff Utd as a real bogey team for Ipswich, especially in the early days of Robson’s reign, which included a 7-0 away defeat in 71/72.”

Loan Update: Shrewsbury Fans Views On Nathan Thomas

“. Thought he’s been very poor in these 2 home games just gone . Was one occasion today he lost the ball and just looked to have given up. First game he seemed to get a lot of crosses in the box at Bristol rovers and take his man on . Can’t actually remember him running at anyone today”

“Easily our most creative player but suits a more open quick tempo game, was near anonymous today. Still should’ve equalised though but for a good save from their keeper.
One fantastic example of tracking back in the first half too, just toeing the ball away at the back post.”

“I think he could be a very decent player for us given a chance”

“I thought he played well in the first half and is not afraid to fight for the ball, he also makes a move to clear the ball from dangerous areas where others just look at the ball, however unfortunately he also gave the ball way that resulted eventually in the goal despite his attempt to put it right. I think he’s a strong player and he will be good for us.”

“He’s a cracking little player with skill and ability if… We actually give it to him in the final third. Should’ve buried the second half chance.”

“Still getting match fit, very unimpressed in the two home games I have seen him so far though.”

“So far the transfer window signings haven’t really had too much of an impact which is a disappointing as the squad definitely needed a lift”

“Thomas is class. Ran em ragged tonight.”

“The pace Thomas has is absolutely astonishing”

“Looks like we have a very decent player. He made the odd mistake but I think the more matches he gets under his belt the better he will become.”

“Nathan Thomas is very direct and exciting so gives us something different though will undoubtedly frustrate by running down blind alleys.”

“Stand out performance from Thomas”

“ For the final automatic promotion place behind Wigan it could be down to who has made the best January signing. Towns Nathan Thomas or Blackburns Adam Armstrong. Both will have a big say in remaining games. If they both do well it will then be down to which club has the best Manager to handle the pressure. Welcome to the Championship Shrewsbury Town FC.”

“What a signing Thomas appears to be, already contributing so short into his time here”

“Thomas was the exception and skinned the full back a cpl of times and was a constant threat.”

Loan Update: Rotherham Fans Views On Caolan Lavery

“First time I’ve seen him but I really like the look of him, good in the air and rapid on the ground if he gets up to speed with the lads he could be a top signing and then hopefully the rumours are true that he could sign full time at the end of the season.”

“He didn’t look fit on Saturday, doesn’t look fit enough to start yet but he did well tonight”

“Anybody notice how he practices his free kick technique pre kick off?
Always looks to lift it high and into the top left hand corner. Pretty damn good at it too.
IF the opportunity arises while he’s on the pitch, wouldn’t mind him having a crack at one.”

“he was blowing a bit, so needs to build his stamina up, get the cones out Warney.“

“Commented on that to my lad. He’s been out for a while so let’s give him a break. Thing is Warne will run him into the ground to get his fitness up and he’ll thank him for it. Looks like he’s got a lot to offer.”

Loan Update: Wimbledon Fans Views On George Long

“you had to love George Long racing up to celebrate the goal — showed real passion.”

“good work by Long to protect the point”

“Seen Long a few times this season, been excellent every time”

“Long (loan) and Deji are really the only successes so far from three windows.”

“He made a number of good saves today”

“Long is player of the season. We won’t sign him and let’s be honest he could do better.”

“We have to sign Long. If it wasn’t for him we’d be in burys situation right now.”

“hope we can sign Long but teams will snap him up.”