Fulham and Watford Fans Views On Slaviša Jokanović

Fulham Fans

“Good luck to them. They have employed the best manager avaialble with a proven track record.
It was a great pity what happened here, I khonestly thought after getting promoted things would change but instead they became more dysfunctional.
I suspect they will be promoted if not next season then surely the one after. I wish i had the same faith with our team.”

“I’d make them favorites to go up now”

“Red hot favourites”

“Well they’ll walk it so he will look good. Decent premier league side that got bad luck last season so ripe for a bounvback. The sort of job Harry Redknapp would always take.” –

“That’s one of the promotion slots gone already then. The Blades have some sexy football to look forward to next season.”

“So Sheffield United already planning their return to the PL, Slav appointment is amazing for them! Good luck to him!”

“That’s a kick in the nuts. Sheffield United will definitely be challenging for automatic places next season, especially with the backing he’ll receive from those new owners. And I bet they let him get on with it too; no interruption or interference from a chairman’s clueless offspring. Next season just got much harder.”

“Good luck to him, wish he was still our manager. Sheffield will do well this year with his style of football. Better then us with Parker at the helm I reckon.”

” Am I envious? You bet I am! If he brings them to the Cottage he should receive a standing ovation. Well he will from me.”

“Jealous of the Slav appointment, but happy for them – always had a bit of a soft spot for the Blades.”

” Blades fans are in for a treat. As a Fulham fan I really hope they finish second next season! Welcome back, Slav”

“If it transpires he was available and we stuck with Parker over him, that for me would be the biggest f up Tony could make this year. A quality manager that gave us some of the most entertaining football for years at the cottage, proven track record at champ level, with a decent prem defence like we had this last year he might have actually had a chance to still be here! Our loss is Sheffields”

“Sheffield Hiring a top class manager while we still have heard NOTHING from anyone at Fulham about what is going on! Every fan i have seen is Sad about Slav going to Sheffield while we are seemingly stuck with dull boring football next season”

“When they spank us next season both home and away TK will have a whole load of egg on his face for letting him go.
Expect a lot of fan discontent”

“Gonna be INCREDIBLY awkward next season when Sheff Utd turn up to the Cottage and the Fulham fan’s chants are 10000x louder for Slav than the ones for Parker.”

“Not a happy day for me and many others I’m sure! I can see Mitro playing for Slav at Sheffield playing exciting football scoring for fun and get promoted first time of asking. Whereas in true fulhamish fashion see us fail to do so under Parker playing dull, uninspiring dross. All against the backdrop of Brentford in the premier league. Now before anyone calls me a bed wetter I’m sure any Fulham fan with an ounce of pride would find that hard to take so if it doesn’t bother you may I suggest you try choking on your prawn sandwich and try fecking croquet instead!”

“Mitro will probably follow”

“Gutted! Would love to have Slav back and a new DoF! I suppose we will be stuck with TK, SP and the departure of Mitro. Depressing”

“I am absolutely gutted at the news! I’m still upset that we sacked him.”

“The best football I have ever seen us play was under Slav”

“Wow, that hurts more than I thought it would.
I’m never sure going back is a great idea and it often fails, but seeing him in an opponents dugout is going to be a really hard pill to swallow.”

“It’s infuriating that we sacked Slav and yet Parker got the whole season!”

“Slav was getting it right, they sacked him when results and performances were getting better.”

“Dont forget his prem debacle but Scotts prem record was worse wasnt it? And my point mentions that Slav never had the defence we put in place this year. Im confident that if he’d been given Areola, Anderson, Tosin, Tete, Aina and Robinson he’d have done a dam sight better than he did having Ream at the back! I’m not TK hater but our defence left alot to be desired that year!”

“Well he will never come back with the b system that made him leave in the first place. Even though I am not sure ever returning would be a good thing. We remember the Championship season but his Prem debacle we forget and happily put all the blame on TK.
Good luck to him but I am a firm believer in never go back. It only leads to disappointment.”

“Really is time we stopped talking about Jokanovic but don’t forget he had bad periods here as well as good, we had to waite a while after his arrival for good results and then his premiership period was bad. Yes Parker had good defenders this season but then Jocanovic had good attacking players.”

“The bad periods you describe are because he uses the first 10 games or so, to create the ‘identity’. He did the same at the beginning of each season with us. It’s a trait, I expect it to be the same at Sheff Utd.”

“Hope he appreciates all the problems that had concerned Wilder,with the training ground and the like.”

“At both Watford and Fulham there’s seems to have been issues with him and even kmac said he can be “intimidating”.

“Ah yes Joka and his ‘kiss and tell’ relationship with the local rag. At least Parker never stooped so low. Great football when it worked but why did end up coaching in the football backwater that is Quatar. Ah yes the money. just enough to blinker one to the human rights abuses of exploitated labour.”

Watford Fans

“I’d still have him back here”

“Yes I would have be happy if he came back to us earlier.”

“Good appointment. “

“Absolute legend”

“his teams are great to watch. Great track record at this level. They’ll be there or there abouts.”

“Good choice by them going for a hat trick of Championship Promotions.”

“At Watford he came in after we already had three managers by October and won promotion by scoring a lot of goals. Give him the right players to work with and they have every chance at bouncing back quickly.”

“No doubt they will be back in The Premier League next season”

“great appointment for them I think, Brewster has had a very poor season in the PL but I’d back Joka to get the best out of him which will be key in bouncing back”.

“Looking forward to some Slav style “we’ll score more than you” football”

“I miss the Big Slav days….where I could watch them run their hearts out, they had urgency and the will to win. “

“Hell of a signing that.
A rare breed.
A coach that has a plan B.
And isn’t afraid to change a system after just 20 mins.”

“Do you remember the days when Fans asked for a sub, Joka did it within minutes.
He saw what changes needed to be made.
I miss those days.”

“Joka was all bout attack, goals,subs after 20mins if it wasn’t working all action”

“If they don’t get anything out of Brewster in the Championship he could turn out to be one of the most expensive dud signings ever. And in a sport full of dud signings that takes some doing. “

“Must be paying him a pretty penny to tempt him back from Qatar where he must’ve been earning a fortune.”

“FINALLY our team feels like the one that got us promoted under Slav. All playing for each other, pushing until the end, blowing teams off the park “

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View From Burnley

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“what a dire spectacle that was”

“I have never seen such uninspiring anti-football in my life.It is absolutely dire to watch.No wonder people would like to see us go down.It is a bad advert for the PL.”

“Genuine question, does anyone actually like watching us play?
It’s painfully boring”

“The team looks a bit stale
Just like the manager”

“I up front against Sheff Utd is just pathetic. The basics are all wrong and as mentioned above the mentality.”

“we made sheffield look like Barcelona”

“Another shocking performance against the worst team in the league.”

“Only surprise was it was only 1-0. That shows how poor they really are.”

“We were absolutely dire against the worst team in the league”

“We should have had a penalty but we deserved nothing from this game. Woeful from start to finish. An absolute shocker”

“A ghastly performance amongst many ghastly performances in a ghastly season”

“The main positive is I don’t have to watch us play for a few months.
Horrendous season”

“The opposition were not of the same quality. If Ben is playing today they don’t score. You can argue the toss about the other games but we played better in both and got stuffed by good teams. Today reminded me of one of our don’t give a monkeys cup type performances against a lower league team with nobody wanting to get injured.”

“Well disappointing to say the least against statistically the worst side in premier lge history. Genuinely fear for us next year”

“It’s disappointing to say the least, but Sheff Utd are nowhere near the worst team in PL history.
Remember Derby’s 11 points, or Huddersfield’s 17 point haul, there maybe others that have fared worst then Sheff Utd’s final tally of 23, but I can’t bring them to mind off the top of my head.”

“if sheff Utd lost today it would be the first time a side has lost 30 games in a premier lge season
Also the Mcgoldrick goal that got them to 20 goals saved them from being the first side since 1888 to not score 20 goals in a season since Loughborough .
So statistically they are pretty bad””

“Mc Goldrick has more of a football brain than our entire team”

“I’ve seen enough after watching a 17 year old humiliate Dunne and Taylor”

“Jebbison is lively, where is our 17 year old livewire forward? getting splinters on the bench”

“That guy Robinson would be someone to look at from today’s game for sure.”

“Get Robinson signed!”

“He was the best player on the pitch”

“Man of the match was the plastic bag”

“to be fair, it showed more movement in the attacking third than any of our players”

“I have been told that the plastic bag is out of our range as a summer target”

“I could have probably looked good playing against us today!”

“watching Norris playing for BFC is an embarrassment for him and the club. He literally cannot even punch the ball”

“I’d say Ramsdale in the opposite goal has been much worse than Norris.”

“They outplayed us at the Turf for long periods of the game, we have been so fortunate to have a brilliant keeper and defence take weaken that and we certainly are relegation fodder.”

“They certainly showed more pride than we did”

“Thank goodness that season is over. I’ve hated most of it.
I’ll give football a month at the start of next season and if the ills aren’t improved I’m giving up to it.
Corrupt VAR decisions
Squealing and acting by players
Time wasting. From keepers holding the ball forever to refusing to take GKs, players standing on the ball at FKs, kicking the ball away from FKs, etc.,
Arguing with refs when they know he was correct.
It’s not the game I grew up loving.”

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Pre-Match View From Burnley

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“It will be a relief when the final whistle blows at Bramall Lane.
It’s been a horrible season ( with the odd notable highlight) and I’ll be glad to see the back of it.”

“Delighted we stayed up. Dyche worked another miracle….but it’s been really tedious at times.”

“Really has been a hard, tough season and I do think it’s made more difficult with not being there.”

“Be really, really glad to put this season to bed.
Without fans, we can be a very ordinary team. With the fans at TM, we can do extraordinary things.”

“its been a tough season which we can hopefully finish on a high, ideal chance given we’re visiting the whipping boys of the division.
And our away form has been pretty decent so I’m quietly confident of the 3 points.”

“I hope we’ve got enough left in the tank to finish with a welcome victory, I think we will have. My only concerns are whether we’re in holiday mode, and also the keeper situation, but even with those issues we should surely have enough about us to complete a double against the basement boys.”

“We’ve been brilliant away from home in recent weeks and if we are at our best we’ll win as easily as we did against Wolves & Fulham “

“they have picked up nicely in last few games and will show some pride with their fans. I fear another goal keeping gash unless Pope plays”

They’ve won one out of their last four, including defeats to Newcastle & Crystal Palace.”

“Dreary and boring and probably a 1-0 win either way.”

“They’ll want ( or should ) to sign off with a performance, and with the crowd it it may lift them.
Saying that they are proper garbage”

“Two teams who’d rather be elsewhere. They might rouse themselves for their fans”

“Sheff Utd will be in front of their fans and have pride at stake. Since the new year they have beaten Brighton, Villa, WBA. Man Utd and Newcastle, and lost by the odd goal to Man City and Chelsea. Yes relegated but not dead . Yes we may have more points than them, but with the exception of Villa above we struggled against all those teams”

“Can’t see us scoring as S U will want to finish on a high.”

“We will lose.
I said a while ago that we would not get another point from our last 4 games and have been proved wrong only by the ability of Fulham to be so poor for half an hour.
The team we have now will struggle next season, so God knows what will happen if we lose any of our crown jewels.
We need a good window more than ever.”

“Think we are already on the beach mentally and I there are far too many games where we struggle to score.”

“We never win the last match”

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View From Newcastle

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“Decent win in the end, should’ve been more but for their keeper and some iffy decision making. But decent result.”

“I thought we played well although it almost always seems to go through ASM.”

“Bruce’s army hanging on in there. Yawn.”

“Jesus Christ a wins a win. But **** me we make it hard work.
No one can watch that game and tell me that Bruce isn’t a dick.”

“Amazing having fans back”

“Great to see fans back like”

“Wow what a difference the crowd makes at St James great atmosphere.”

“What a stinking gam.Nice to make sure the fans in attendance get the full Steve Bruce masterclass. “

“I’m telling you now, if that cabbage heed prick is in the dugout first game next season, I definitely won’t be watching. 34% possession at home to Sheff utd. I mean, in isolation it’s a ****ing sackable offence.”

“Classic Bruceball. Total muppet!”

“game… 3/10, mainly due to willock.
crowd…. 0/10,nothing about bacon, one barely audible anti-ashley chant.
pathetic in all honesty.”

“No way are we signing Willock”

“That we have years more of Ritchie and Gayle is frightening. Willock will go somewhere ambitious and we’ll be drafting Fraser back into the side.”

“Yeah no takeover and no willock.”

“5 at the back at home against the worst team in the league”

“for a variety of reasons I haven’t watched a single game of ours this year, mostly because the sight of the fat mess in our dubiously named technical area properly makes my flesh crawl..”

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Pre-Match View From Newcastle

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“Hope everyone supports the team v sheff u but any anger needs to be directed at the EPL for refusing to make a decision on our takeover”

“Man Utd spent the best part of half a billion, have won cups and are heading to another final and protest for there club, then there’s Newcastle pillaged for 14 years happy to be there on Wednesday again Sheff Utd honestly I despair”

“Well with Sheff u winning at Everton,the Newcastle fans that are going on weds have 1 job now as a game that doesnt matter…Bruce Out screamed for 90 mins to let him know…its time to go”

“Every single one of us going to the sheff Utd match has an obligation to make it crystal clear what we think of Steve Bruce. Its not about goin to support the team it’s about going to get rid of Bruce.”

“Bruce is at breaking point as evident by his recent interviews, he’s close to resigning. It’s important that we keep the pressure on. If you’re going to the Sheff Utd game, give him hell for 90 minutes. Let him know that we’re more than some keyboard warriors.”

“Hope he gets hell from the 10000 in at sheff utd”

“Get the cabbages ready lads”

“Replace the words of Smelly Cat with Cabbage Heed?? This need to go down at Sheff Utd game “Cabbage heed, cabbage heed what are they feeding you??” “Cabbage heed, cabbage heed it’s never your fault!!”

“I would get rid of Bruce tomorrow. But lots of talk about cabbages and that for sheff utd. For me I’d rather any protests be directed firstly at the likes of Ashley or Hoffman . I think Bruce thankfully is gone in the summer”

“If the team don’t beat Sheff Utd and Fulham now then you can melt that manager of the month trophy down and send it to the 800 season ticket holders who have bothered entering a balot for tickets.”

“The recent history of Newcastle means it would feels on brand for us to follow up nearly upsetting the Man City juggernaut with an insipid failure of a performance against Sheffield United. So we can only hope we don’t do that”

“Scoring 7 goals in consecutive games against two of the league’s best sides before being complete impotent v 20th Sheffield United would be peak Newcastle United. “

“Of course you can forgive conceding goals to a team like Man City. But 5 clean sheets in 36 games this season – only Sheff U have less – is pretty abhorrent.”

“Im not scared of Sheffield”

“We will batter Sheffield United on Wednesday”
“We should really look too humiliate sheffield United”

“Anyone got a deep feeling of foreboding for Wednesday night? Sheffield United beat Everton (lol) and we’re on the beach. I hope I’m wrong and we keep this run of decent performances up, but something is nagging at me that we’ll lose”

“SUFC could win at Newcastle, without a stretch of the imagination. Our ” recovery ” is build on sand.”

“Can’t wait for the overlapping centre half’s to appear again on Wednesday for Sheff Utd. It would be peak Toon to get done by them.”

“Let’s hope we can wallop Sheff Utd & Fulham in our last 2 matches to send a message that we’re determined to improve next season”

“Seven goals in two games against Leicester and Man City. Mad. Keep it up against Sheff Utd and Fulham please. Entertain us”

“Saudi Arabia: Boxing – no outrage F1 – no outrage Sheff Utd – no outrage Newcastle United – outrage from every man and his dog”

“We should buy this Jebbison from Sheffield Wednesday. He’d do a better job than Joelinton”

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View From Everton

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“Its getting harder and harder to follow this club. I’m just really really tired.”

“At least fans of Norwich, WBA etc have fun winning promotion
We just exist in limbo”

“Better team won”!

“Lucky not to lose by more”

“Well done Sheffield United, fully deserved their win.”

“fair play to the Blades. They played and fought us off the park.”

“Yep, bossed the midfield, defensively brilliant and full of energy all over the gaff.”

“We weren’t just outfought by Sheff U tonight, we were outplayed. That’s by a team with 5 wins and 2 draws all season before tonight.”

“Outfought and outplayed for long periods.”

“Sheff U, no manager, nothing to play for, showed us what its like to play for the shirt.”

“A team that has been relegated five or six games ago, has just outplayed, outthought, and outthought our team and have utterly deserved to win “

“Sheffield Utd were a technically gifted side tonight compared to us”

“A team with nothing to play for who were relegated ages ago showed more fight and cohesion than we have all season.”

“Disgraceful,that must be the easiest game Sheff United have had all season,against possibly the best side we can put out”

“Sheff Utd didn’t even need to play that well, they scored but didn’t even have to sit back.”

“Managed to make them look like Brazil, didn’t we?”

“Face it, Sheff U had nothing to lose and were playing for pride. We were the opposite.
And like a lot of teams this year they scented blood early on. They just had to shut us out to win it and it’s scarily easy to do.”

“Picking wages up for sod all and damn sight more than at Sheff U”

“Sheff Utd are a Championship standard team but they play with patterns and repeatable actions.”

“Yet again outbattled, and tactically worked out by so called lesser teams and coaches.”

“Annoying seeing the Sheff Utd management team buzzing. They can’t believe the let off they have had with how we have been. “

“The Sheffield players want to put themselves in the shop window. “

“I’m not calling for Carlo’s head but he’s equally culpable for these grotesque performances. He picks the formations and players, is supposed to provide specific roles with a coherent vision. He’s a manager despite how substandard the team is, his mission is to find a way to get the team to perform. Especially against the most abysmal team in the premier league. However how bad our team is , it should be better than Fulham and Sheffield”

“There is no way there was only one David McGoldrick on the pitch, There was at least 3 of them”

“He seemed to be all over us. Dominating our midfield.”

“Amazing how we allowed a 40’year old mcgoldrick to look like prime Cruyff “

“Said the very same earlier….!!!
Dropped into the holes, picked passes out, beat players for fun and he’s pure shyte”

“Among the worst performances of the last decade. Not even basic skills were present. Complete lack of effort, passing, movement, communication, awareness and skill. Pathetic. McGoldrick was made to look like Messi.”

“Imagine how we let a 17 year old have a tap in for his first start. We’re really very nice aren’t we?”

“Beaten by a non league player. Can it get worse”

“One of the worst teams in Premier League history are schooling us at home , what a time to be alive ! “

“That was like watching a Jack Whitehall concert.”

” cheers Everton.”

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Pre-Match View From Everton

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“Another game? Aaaarrrgh. What have we done to deserve this?”

“Why do you build me up. Everton. Baby . Just to let me down.
We go again in this never ending season.
We still cling on to European hopes following a boring 0.0 draw against the Villa . A game lacking excitement that we could have snatched late on.
Next up is a home game against the worst side in the league already relegated Sheffield United.
They have been terrible all season . We need the win . Are at home. What could possibly go wrong.”

“The game everyone has been waiting for.
Skills and Tekkers AOTS.
A festival for the eyes of every football fan.”

“This game will be absolutely putrid viewing.”

“Even thinking of watching this game is boring me”

“I’d rather spend 90 mins arguing with a COVID denier”

“Covid does not exist”

“Who cares, just play the kids. Sick of the lot of them”

“Big home defeat incoming here. Just to round the season off nicely”

“One of the worst PL teams in some time, already relegated, best MF out injured, best FW been nicked…
Everton are finally going to reach peak Everton, here.”

“Too many pessimists on here. I go for 0-0.”

“Sheffield United’s away record this season W1 D1 L15
They have scored 18 goals in total this season which is still 2 behind Derby’s record low of 20
The trouble is Sheff Utd lose an awful lot of games by a single goal. They rarely get hammered and are arriving at a time when Everton have their lowest points per game total at Goodison in their history.
Does anyone care?”

“surely just surely even we will beat sheff utd who have 1 win at man utd in Jan,1 draw at Brighton in december while losing the other 15, sheff utd have also only scored 7 goals away while conceeding the 2nd most away”

“Sheffield United have looked very poor since relegation was confirmed, so surely we can’t mess this one up.”

“We will score 4”

“Jags notches last minute to take the points…”


“Jon Moss reffing. He will still outrun some of our slugs”

“What an absolutely horrendous time for a football match”

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View From Crystal Palace

“SU were easily the worse team we played all season absolutely clueless”

“Let’s see how we fare against Saints who will be a far stiffer test than the Leagues worst team.”

“Sheffield are shyte. Even Luka looked ok against them.”

“unfortunately not many PL sides are as poor as Sheffield Utd in midfield.”

“Sheff Utd were never gonna score lol”

“Fairly dull and uninspired against a very poor Sheffield team”

“We had 21 attempts on goal, 9 were on target to the blades 0.
Does that sound like a negative boring managed side?
Sure it was to a team that were already down, but there are no gimmes in this division”

“Fully deserved win and had we taken our chances and netted more, the scoreline would not have flattered us.”

“Most I’ve enjoyed a game in a long time. We were terrific, although I appreciate we were against poor opposition. That could/should have been 0-5.”

“Man of the Match was Ramsdale without him in their goal the score would have reflected our superiority.”

“I really do feel bad for Zaha. With better players around, he would have likely contributed to 2-3 goals, given Sheffield’s leaky defence.”

“I think credit should be given to Sheffield Utd player who didn’t go down after being fouled by Mitchell. Clear penalty and a perfect example of why players do go down. Ref could/should have given a penalty anyway”

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Pre-Match View From Crystal Palace

“I just can’t see us winning again this season. The end of last season was bad enough.
Sheffield United vs Palace will be like a Cup Final to see which is the worst team in the Premiership on current form. “

“To lose at Sheffield is unthinkable.
This quite awful side has amassed 17 pts,a negative GD of 42 and the table doesn’t lie”

“Yet another defeat,third in a row,apparently a new unwelcome record for us.
Sheffield,on the other hand,with their paltry points total and poor performance overall,should be an easy three points for us and put us in an unassailable position as far as any possible relegation is concerned.
Things must change and I think a 2-0 win is achievable.”

“I did watch the City game but with a total lack of enthusiasm. Glad of the early ko so I could get on with something meaningful. Can’t believe I felt like that! Anyway last week we play a skillful, pampered team, next team up and it’s the complete opposite … Shef Utd.
Here’s a chance to show how far we’ve really come.
A big win, I feel.”

“Our record against relegated teams in recent times is impressive:
2 years ago = W 5 D 1 L 0
last year = W 4 D 2 L 0
so far this year (against the current bottom 3) = W 4 D 1 L 0
I see no reason why this record should be broken so it’s
a Palace win for me”

“Sheffield Utd playing for pride and looked more like last season’s team against Brighton. I don’t think it’ll be easy, but I think we showed in the first half of the Leicester and Man City games that we’re not that bad.”

“dour 1-0 to us.
roy sets up to defend(as usual) but we do ’em “

“Probably a nil nil draw, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we won. The players and manager have surely targeted this game to secure survival, rather than the far more difficult games we have otherwise.”

“we’ll have 10 men behind the ball, a couple of counter attacks, usual substitutions that provides nothing new.
This is a game where we could blood new players but Roy will serve up the same turgid rubbish we’ve seen all year.”

“They will try against us very hard but we should be better organised and have better quality. “

“They’ll be targeting this as possibly their last win in the league.”

“This game will be a much greater challenge for us than perhaps many expect.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended with honours even.”

“For some weeks now I have convinced myself that this fixture will be a certain 3 points for us. Probably the last win of the season. But, after recent performances, I’m not so sure and I agree with Willo (especially after his prediction about yesterday’s match!) that Sheffield seem to be having something of a revival since their PL fate was decided. It will not be the foregone conclusion that many of us expected. “
“Cant see us winning this one either”

“I think the way things are going Palace lose”

“Four straight defeats in a row,then Roy should go!!”

“Lose at Sheffield???Such further woe,Roy must GO!!”
“It will be a major disappointment should we become the vanquished at Sheff Utd.
HOL will be awash with those boiling,steaming and raging and I for one will be in the hot kiln of my bate.”

“i predict boredom”

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Pre-Match View From Spurs

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“Seriously what’s the point in football? You can’t compete with the likes of City so you are playing for nothing.”

“It’s simply not a level playing field for us. We should look at joining some form of cup where losers don’t get knocked out…”

“I don’t expect much more either tbh. I just continue to live in hope like I’ve been doing since about 1968. It’s too late to give up now and start supporting someone better.”

“with it being a 7pm kick off it can only ruin a maximum of 4-5 hours of everyone’s weekend.”

“Yay a game to determine if we scrape into the Europa league again only to get knocked out against the first half decent side we face!”

“First match this season I’ll deliberately not watch. Hope we win so I’ll feel bad.”

“Just want the season over, us not to finish 7th and end up in the Europa conference and Woolwich not to win the Europa league. This clearly means we will finish 7th and Woolwich will win the Europa league.”

“Don’t care.
Nothing to play for, and these dickheads will keep making the same mistakes they’ve been masking all season.”

“Literally who cares – passing interest.”

“Probably give this one a miss as still nauseous after Wembley.
Anyway there’s always Call the Midwife and Line of Duty !”

“Thank goodness United won their last match against Potter & Hove Albion, after losing the 6 before that. We need Dr Tottenham to stay away”

“More than likely labour and make hard work of the game . If we are lucky might scrape a2-1 win I, if still suffering a league cup hangover Sheffield could nick a 1-0 win . Who knows what Tottenham will turn up Sunday.”

“Sheff have nothing to lose so will be playing with pride, so we need to watch out. If we see a passive, negative approach and we lose or draw this game, then its clear the players have completely packed up for the season.”

“Weirldy,i feel confident we will score 3 or more goals in this.”

“Hopefully some of them will be at the right end.”

“We will bottle all 5 games left bar Sheffield”

“As long as winks and sissoko aren’t anywhere near the pitch we should win this easily”

“If winks starts this game I’m not even going to bother watching as it will tell you everything you need to know.”

“The way things are going, i reckon we will lose 0-8, to the worse team prem team in a while and at the end Harry kane will run to the camera ,rip off his shirt to reveal an Woolwich tattoo shouting ” had you fooled ya bellends” ,before announcing he has signed a 5 year contract with Leyton Orient.The photos allegedly for the shirt sponsorship are just a smoke screen”…

“Already pumped for this one, by Sunday I will be a nervous wreck.
Hopefully will settle back to glancing nonchantly at the screen and being relaxed once Sisokko starts pointing at nothing, winks plays another five yard pass to the centre back and Aurier screams into the air as he’s penalised for another needless foul. Hoping son does not cry.
6-5 Spurs”

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