Neutrals View On The Sheffield Derby

“The intensity of Sheffield United is great. Watching this you have to wonder how on earth we beat them!” (Middlesbrough Fan)

“Best team ive seen in the league so far” (Aston Villa Fan)

“Watched that Sheffield derby. Christ, Wednesday got battered, no idea how they managed a draw” (Blackburn Fan)

“One team trying to win and the other hanging on,very similar to the game I watched on the 23rd Oct there” (Stoke Fan)

“It was such a one sided man vs boys match. The only thing it was missing was a goal” (Barnsley Fan)

“Very dull game which left me with my mind wandering for much of the match…I’ve no fear of either of them now” (Rotherham Fan) “Wednesday defended brilliantly. Credit to them” (Brighton Fan)

“Dull one that.
Second-half was basically attack vs defence” (Bristol City Fan)

“Great defensive display from Wednesday. United huffed and puffed against a good defence, but they couldn’t find that handball that is required in these type of games.” (Forest Fan)

“Sheffield United overpassed it at times for me. In those types of games they just have to pull the trigger a bit more and hope for the best.
Good 0-0 win for Wednesday by the looks of things at the end” (Bristol City Fan)

“Most one sided game I’ve watched in a while” (Birmingham Fan)

“Good result for us, but Sheff Utd play in a way that worries me for when we play them. Wednesday defended really well, hope we can do the same ! I know, hopefully we will be taking the game to them which to be honest Wednesday didnt get the chance to do even if they were capable. The two teams that currently would be my tips to finish 1st and 2nd, would be Derby and Sheff Utd, and hopefully us putting in a great challenge” (Leeds Fan)

“Sheffield united look a decent outfit here! Very lively! Can someone lend Wednesday a ball to have a kick with” (Leeds Fan)

“Utd are made Wednesday look a Reading fan they will make us look like a pile of wank we play them” (Reading Fan)

“It’s the full backs that make Sheffield United look good those 2 bombing down gives them so many options going forward it’s hard to defend against, Wednesday defended well but over the last 2/3 years the money they’ve spent you’d be pretty annoyed having to go defend like that against your local rivals.” (Derby Fan)

“I really dont see the hype around Shef Utd. A very average Sheff Wed team have been able to cope with them. Local Derby or not it’s a game they should be creating chances and winning.” (Derby Fan)

“I’m amazed that the fawning commentators didn’t give the MoM award to Billy Sharp (who was tripe).” (Derby Fan)

“Christ, Wednesday got battered, no idea how they managed a draw. Cracking save from the penalty, though!” (Blackburn Fan)

“Said from the start of the season though that Wednesday would be in big, big trouble… they are awful… and we should end the weekend two points behind the “flying” Blades!” (Blackburn Fan)

“Wednesday had no backbone” (Palace Fan)

“What a terrible Sheffield Derby that was, Wednesday never left their own half and United have no quality in final third. Shows how bad the Championship is this season!” (Arsenal Fan)

“One sided derby. I wonder if Wednesday know that it isn’t a crime to attack” (Chelsea Fan)

View From Wednesday

“They were expecting to hammer us, Sky were expecting them to hammer us, the bookies were expecting them to hammer us and a vocal crowd on here have been expecting the same. The main basis for the theory was our inability to keep a clean sheet and the lack of fight and togetherness in contrast to their pashun. We went there to do a job and we delivered and again, like last time, could have nicked it.  The celebration after Dawson saved the penalty showed everyone all you need to know re. how together the players being picked are in contrast to snidey threads started by our own so called supporters just minutes before kick off. Wilder’s face following that of Billy’s showed you who the winners were tonight and for all their possesion they had a dodgy penalty and not much else to show in terms of clearcut chances. It could be argued that Fox had and missed a better opportunity and Matias wasn’t far from giving us the perfect evening. We are powerful – Chris said so but he wasn’t delighted and they dominated at arms length whilst we defended and got stuck in all night like fuckingwarriors.”

“Dem bottling Blayads strike again.”

“Bitter Blunt Billy Hahahahahahahahaha”

“Chuffed to see Wilder really annoyed they didn’t win but pretending it was all about the performance and he wouldn’t want to be in our dressing room and his players aren’t on 40 grand a week and he really was very, very happy which we all know he wasn’t. That was good to see. “

“Jos out thought Wilder. The players worked hard.”

“When it comes to the crunch, they are, they always will be, and will never stop being w@nk”

“Sheff U define themselves by derbies. We define ourselves by trophies”

“People laughing at the blades cos hey couldnt beat us. calling them bottlers. Look at yourselves. Everyone who watched that game knows our biggest rivals, and an absolutely nothing club, are miles and miles ahead of us “ “I cannot believe that performance. Its not their fault. They’re not very good. What are we as a club.  Did we even have 20% possession. Couldn’t even make a sub and try and win the game. Celebrating that draw on the pitch after that performance. Against Sheffield United? They’re a nothing team, a nothing club, they’e absolutely nothing. We looked like we couldn’t even set up properly at professional level. It was like watching bullying out there, almost like abuse, it was difficult to watch. They have no right to be footballers them lot. I’ve never been so embarrassed. Shameful. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. “

“At kick off I’d have taken a 0-0 for sure as I thought we’d get smashed.  But it on full time fans around me were punching the air and hugging. Hang on. We’re not Rotherham. We’re not Chesterfield. We’re not Doncaster. We’re not Sheffield United.  We’re the oldest, best supported and most successful team in Sheffield and we played for a nil-nil and then celebrated when we got one.  We didn’t try to attack and we only brought on one sub who could make a difference. Should we accept this? Shoukd we celebrate this?”

“They are Significantly better than us.”

“Is it really out thinking an opponent to pick 8/11 naturally defensive minded players and camping on your six years box all match. Anyone can do that and have a chance of a clean sheet.  We’re Sheffield Wednesday!”

“Think this was a wake up call for some of our deluded fans. To see how the mighty have fallen.”

“Last year he looked like his world had ended. His ego will again be bruised, the legend in his own living room once again failed to overcome a team out of sorts and short on resources. They played Ok, but that was it.”

“ At least Warnock was funny. It’s class, because despite how good they are, they still won’t go up”

“They played really well… but he should be ashamed that he couldn’t even get his team to score against our lot”

“Wish I was more articulate so I could explain my emotions right now. But I’m embarrassed.   At kick off I’d have taken a 0-0 for sure as I thought we’d get smashed.   But it on full time fans around me were punching the air and hugging. Hang on. We’re not Rotherham. We’re not Chesterfield. We’re not Doncaster. We’re not Sheffield United.  We’re the oldest, best supported and most successful team in Sheffield and we played for a nil-nil and then celebrated when we got one.  We didn’t try to attack and we only brought on one sub who could make a difference. Should we accept this? Shoukd we celebrate this? “

“we are in an absolute state, kids low on confidence, and we’ve gone away to Real United and kept a clean sheet. Don’t be deluded they are a far better side than us currently, this is a great point.”

“Shows how far the bar has fallen. Ok, a draw away in a derby is a decent result, but to be fair we’ve been hammered in all but result, while accepting results obviously important wasn’t great. I’ve watched my team play 9 in defence, spending most of the game in our own 18 yard box, hardly venturing into the opposition half, never mind carrying a genuine goal threat”

“We’ve taken a point at Rammel Lane, when we’re down to the bare bones of options. This’ll be a massive confidence boost for the squad. Matias and FF coming back in will fuel the momentum. Embarrassing for the Blunts more than anything.”

“This Season United are in the ascendancy  while we are waiting out FFP. In that context, we should be happy with the defensive performance a least, when we are away from home. “

“Apart from the penalty blunts did very little in last 3rd. Jos out thought Wilder. The players worked hard.”

“We’re awful, so a point is better than I expected. Resilience is the only praise I have for our team tonight. “

“We achieved what we set out to do tonight. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t ambitious, it wasn’t positive but it did get us a clean sheet and a point away from home against the second placed team in the division. The fact that it was The Blunts and they’ve dropped points is also welcome.”

“Hinchciffe said United were the best Championship team he’s seen this season especially in the first half and they way they play is better to watch than half the Premier League. United did look good at times but I thought he was a bit over the top. “

“Hinchcliffe: The Blunts play better football than most of the teams in the premier league.WHO HURT YOU ANDY? Embarrassing yourself every single week struggling to carry that biiiiiiig, big chip “

“Can’t deny I feel relieved that we avoided a beating and stopped the rot, but that was the performance of a side looking to get a replay in  a cup tie.”

“What do you expect him to say? The regression we’ve shown the past 18 months cannot be spoken of positively.”

“Never (even as a neutral) have I seen such a one sided game. I don’t we’ve even passed it between ourselves for longer than 10 seconds. This is Sheffield United, not bleeding Barcelona, it reminds me of when we went to Man City in the cup few years back and I don’t think we saw any of the ball Its disgraceful. Two teams in the same league. Is this how far we’ve sunk, that we can’t even give thr pigs any sort of a game?”

“ I can’t abide by any Wednesday fan who thinks this is tolerable. Will still be embarrassed if we happened to win”

“Agree we are bobaar it’s soul destroying united team is flipping Scottish second division apart from a couple of players the difference is the managers”

“ This is the championship where all teams are of similar quality. Do you think any other team in the league would set up like this, of course they wouldn’t, and even with fletcher bannan reach”

“Over a 3rd of the way into the season. We shouldn’t have to be playing like this.

“Jos doesn’t set teams up to attack for 90 minutes – we already knew this.  Missing our main flair players from the off in Matias and FF. Other teams (with more quality than us) have gone to the Lane this season and been taken apart for trying to play attacking football.  They aren’t 3rd in the league because they are cack mate, regardless of what you may want to try and make yourself believe.  Take it for what it is – a decent point at at a difficult ground and team to play against.”

“its the pigs ffs not Man City  edna Stevens mark duffy.ffs we are not playing to our potential “

“Think that performance was about as good as we could have expected. Got away with it tonight if we are honest”

“Great that we kept our first clean sheet but that was a terrible performance. It isn’t just tonight the majority of the season has been negative. Jos needs to go ASAP”

“Over the past twenty years we’ve probably had a season and a half’s worth of playing attractive attacking football. That, and the fact an ultra defensive, often desperate, no score draw against the pigs is seen as a good result truly saddens me.”

“if That’s as much as we can get motivated to play in the game against Our Local derby God help us against any other team we sat back for the full 90 minutes that was the plan. the manager sat in the dugout rocking Fearing for his job.we cannot paper over the cracks with that  performance if fellow Owls are satisfy With this You are too easily pleased sack him Dc before its to late”

“ Probably the most excruciating match I’ve watched. “

“We’ve respected United so much tonight that a 1-0 win for them would’ve felt like 4 or 5. We’ve literally waved the white flag tonight and they took pity on us, it was pathetic.”

“It was awful, painful to watch at times, but come on that’s a good result. Credit to the back5 and keeper. Have to try and be positive from here on in. First clean sheet,couple of attacking players back.”

“0-0 away from home against a team flying I is a good RESULT but there was nothing encouraging about the fact we we were completelt dominated, could have played all night and not scored, and couldn’t string 3 passes together in the other half of the pitch. “

“On the face of it 0-0 written on a piece of paper does look like a great result when you consider the form guide. But, it wasn’t a 0-0 where the clean sheet is a building block. It was a 0-0 brought about by pure negativity with zero flow. There’s nothing I’ve seen tonight that we can transfer into the next game. It was a night of complete one offs.”

“Some people may be happy with what they have seen tonight, but i may have watched a different game to the commentators or some fans,but i have NEVER  in nearly 40 years of watching Sheffield derby’s seen us so dominated by THEM.”

“We were rubbish. Anyone suggesting otherwise is wearing blue and white tinted specs but…. I’d have taken a draw beforehand and I’ll take it as a result now. Well in young Cam Dawson, clean sheet and excellent peno save.”

“Some fans are happy with a clean sheet and being battered for 90 minutes….. Is this what SWFC has come too? A team performance but please…..celebrating clean sheets is a joke. “

“Keeping them under 4 at our place is year on year improvement. “

Pre-Match View From Wednesday

“No one can expect us to get anything from this game, we can have hope for sure but let’s face it they are a far better team that score goals and we are a poor team that can’t keep a clean sheet. So based on that we need to score 2 before it even starts”

“I fear this could be the biggest derby defeat in our history”

“If Billy Sharp can manage a hat trick against Wigan, imagine how many he’ll get on Friday. I don’t think I’ve ever dreaded a derby this much”

“We are going to get mullered on Friday unfortunately! Wilder has something neither of our last two managers have had an eye for a bargain and real passion” “If the pigs don’t beat us by four or more then it’s a bonus. Anything less than 4 will be like a lottery win. Poor blades they’re in an awkward position lol”

“All the pressure is on United. expected to lose by 3 or 4 goals on friday “

“They’ve never had a better opportunity to give us a good thrashing. It’s why they’ve been flooding onto this site and radio phone-ins over the last couple of weeks. If they don’t win by at 5 clear goals they’ll be bitterly disappointed. It’s a shame for them that November the 9th doesn’t fit as good into a song like Boxing Day does. Now there’s a thought. Maybe we should nick their own shitbutty song off them? The thing is to show them they’re not getting to you before, during and after the match. Showing them you’re not bothered will upset them a lot more than if you give a reaction to their prompt ”

“Expected to lose and nothing to lose, all the pressure is on the pigs”

“Although dont want to lose to United, if its a narrow defeat and a battling performance then fair enough no shame in that. But really, really fear it going to be a humiliation that we will never live down.”

“I just hope it’s not too painful for us”

“Would take a similar game and result to last season, which sadly shows where both clubs are currently at.
Don’t expect to get it though, defence is a shambles no clean sheet all season, midfield easily overrun and an overrated forward line. (We’re great in every other department though!)
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst.”

“The only way we will get a result is if they think they have won it before KO”

“That seemed to be the case last year at theirs. Can’t see them taking us as lightly this time and if anything we look worse now than we did going into that game.”

“Perhaps Wilder and that lot will get so amped up that they fall flat… Probably wishful thinking tbh. We are so poor at the moment that I can’t see anything but a very long night…which is bizarre considering how we were 6th literally weeks ago.”

“if united don’t win by at least 5 it’ll be a miracle. We’ll be lucky to get nil and I’d snap your hands off for a 2 nil defeat as it stands. They could turn up in slippers and smoking jackets, brandy in one hand and still beat us. For some reason not one blade I’ve spoken to agrees and they are as nervous as me it seems. Weird bunch, after all, they’ve spent the last season and a bit telling us daily that they’re better than us. Wish they’d make their minds up.”

“We’re so bad that we have to resort to court cases that happened years ago, years in the league below that were over 18months ago and the fact were a bit older than them which so clearly proves our underlying superiority.    I bet all this will hit em hard despite walking over us on Friday.Oh and one more point. I’d rather have mcsue and the Poundland Prince running our club properly instead of the million dollar baby we have in charge of ours running it into the depths of oblivion “

“Even the pigs keeper is confident enough to stick his neck out on social media. Hope it comes back to bite him but I can’t see it”

“If we win – treat it like the world cup final and rub it in every pigs face like it’s the only thing that matters.If we lose – act completely indifferent as if it is the most irrelevant thing to happen since the announcement of the royal’s tour of Australia.“

“Win – win for us. They should win handsomely. Anything less would be a dissapointment for them. If we get hammerred then what with the last 4 results Jos would have to go. ?And then ofcourse, we might just bounce back after the Norwich debacle.”

“They don’t seem very confident. Pretty much all of them I have spoken to have said that anything can happen in a Derby. One thing I do agree with them though…. If Utd take an early lead our helps will drop and that could be bad news.”

“Most I speak to prefer being the underdog in this game, and being the favourite doesn’t suit them and might not suit the team either. Putting that aside CW will have them pumped up for it, something which I can’t see Jos doing unfortunately and that might see them through. CW clearly wants to win this, possibly more than any other, evidenced by changing stuff like the walk out music last year.  Dreading it, these games are never fun”

“They were particularly impressed with the world cup final celebrations with the draw in January .They have the FEAR, and yet in paper the odds are MASSIVELY in their favour. “

“Imagine if we win by any scoreline. There team of all conquering super men being beaten by our shower of s**t. Derby matches are funny games and anything can happen. Do i think they will win? Yes! but anything can happen. They are Sheffield United not 1970s Ajax.  If our team cant turn up for derby day they never will. The pressure is all on them and just like last season at there place it galvanised us and we got a point in difficult circumstances.”

“They’ll fall away like last year – they still don’t have the quality in depth to do it all season, not a chance. Plus they still have an aging donkey couple of centre forwards – it’ll all come crashing down after Nov/Dec again when they’ve been sussed”

“Yes we’ll probably lose. But the mood amongst Wednesdayites on here is reyt embarrassing. Let’s get behind the lads and show some positivity for two days at least. We can go back to moaning on Saturday. But come on, we’re older, bigger and BETTER than them. We’re running scared of Sheffield United ffs.”

“Horrid weather for Fri night. Wind, heavy rain. Makes it a lottery. Will favour their more agricultural style over our sophisticated Holland-1974 football.  Say it quickly; keep a straight face”

“If we turn these c**ts over it will be better than the Tudguy double IMO. Those DRAWB bastards are starting to think they’re fucking Barca.”

“us pipping them to promotion when they were however many points clear in 2012 was marvellous. And then for them to lose in the play-offs, outstanding times. They can bang on about beating us 4-2 and the ‘bouncing day massacre’ (so cringe), but that season will go down in Sheffield history.”

“We always seem to win the significant games between us. Boxing day 79, fa cup semi final and in our promotion season in 2012. Whatever happens in this game it doesn’t shape the future of either club although it will not doubt go on their honours board.”

“More worried that after this season Utd will have had 13 from last 19 seasons.  Our city dominance of the 80s and 90s and lengthy spells throughout time has been surrendered. Thanks to all the pretenders in charge that have aided in this.”

“The hatred on their forum is embarrassing compared to the stuff posted on owlstalk.”

“Imagine if we win Friday night and Jermaine Jackson & Garrido become Wednesday fans again”

View From Forest

“Tbf a draw wouldnt of been unfair to either side, it was one of those games where 1 goal was going to win it and it did. Neither team really bothered each others keeper. It was a good solid performance, not one youl remember but a great 3 points, we dealt with them well.”

“They are a good side and tbh, the last twenty was pretty comfortable.”

“Solid enough against a huff and puff kind of team..Good result.. Looking at Sheff Utd squad though if that was our squad we’d go down this season… Pretty impressive stuff really.”

“Said it would be a tight victory but we’ve bossed today.”

“The ref missed everything they did. It was almost like it was two different games – non contact for us and wrestling for them. Always makes the win sweeter against scummy teams like them and Cardiff.”

“because they saw Leeds nick a point thanks to some blatant cheating, they thought a point was fair too given their scrotty little weasel John Fleck was diving and feigning contact about five times.Get fucked Blunts. Bye.”

“Billy Sharp is still a wanker. I can’t believe referees still get conned by his falling over. Oh well, he can get on the bus and head home with a big zero points today.”

“Sheff Utd don’t offer one thing today. Not one”

“they didn’t get away with their usual bullying antics today”

“Always good to beat that shower.”

“An old chap sat near me said it shows how poor this league is if Sheffield United are top of it. Based on their performance today I’m inclined to agree.”

“Top of the league? You’re having a laugh.”

“Just read their forum and left totally fucking bewildered. Somehow they think they deservd a draw. They were worse than Wednesday in my opinion.”

“Bit like the Sheff Weds game for me, we defended well, midfield were solid and we played the game we wanted to. Was a harder game than Sheff Weds but that’s because Sheff Utd are a better team.”

“Thought it was a decent game today, good atmosphere and a fantastic 3 points. Sheff Utd weren’t a patch on last season imo… their fans were fairly quiet too. I think they enjoyed our ‘Sheffield Wednesday… they’re bigger than you’ ditty however.”

“Sheffield United are just a smaller version of Wednesday tbh”

“United were awful as were Wednesday against us. Wednesday fans slightly better though”

“Did they even sing a song? Even Wigan sang a song?

“They sang ‘were top of the league’ about ten times before the hour mark and nothing else apart from one scab chant on the half hour. Feel sorry for them in their next game cos they’ve got nothing to sing at all.”

“Sheffield United amongst the worst fans we’ve had at the City Ground this season 100% cheers for the 3 points from all the scabs x”

Pre-Match View From Forest

“Utd somehow lost their last away match at Funtime Frankie’s Comedy Elect. That’s their only loss in the last 8 games. They haven’t failed to score in their last 7 matches. Utd haven’t scored more than 1 goal in a league match at Forest in their last 12 visits.
This league fixture was first played in 1893
Utd are nicknamed The Blades after their founder, safety razor legend King C. Gillette We put out a second string against Burton for a reason. Winning these matches are top of AK’s list. We are due a performance at home, the big crowds deserve one ”

“Should be a good game they proper go for it, can see it being a very open game”

“I think everyone is aware this will be a tough one.
Sheff Utd have a style that I think is unmatched in this league. Leeds perhaps try and play a similar way albeit in a different formation.
They play 3-5-2 but their CB’s often overlap and join in with attacks. So you can find yourself hemmed in under a lot of pressure.
Key is when you get the ball, you get it in behind quickly. When they have the ball, the DM’s need to be very efficient at blocking and picking pockets.
They do concede goals however, and if we can be resilient, we can do them. They are not unbeatable. It’s just vital that when they have their spells, we stay strong because we can punish them.”

“Can only see a blades win.”

“We’re gonna get another lesson in how not to play winning football.”

“Sheff Utd are in really good form at the moment and I feel that they will have too much for us”

“A point would still be a good return.”

“I never fancy us to beat these and looking at the last 11 encounters is there any wonder.
Still not sure how we beat them at home last season.
If we play well, retain some possession and don’t sit back, we could easily win. Can’t see it though.”

“Pressure will be on on Saturday, love to see a positive attacking game of football from Forest but sadly i fear most of the pressing and attacking will probably come from Sheffield. Hope I’m wrong”

“Really can’t see us beating shef u. They will tear us a new one I’m afraid”

“I expect us to be punished by the blunts if we carry on losing possession so easily.
Think we need to go back to basics as we’re struggling to string more than a couple of passes together.”

“Sheff Utd have a lot of mobility in their team.”

“Pantilimons confidence looks very low and with the blades 12th man (the WFCG crowd) on his back it does not bode well. A couple of clearances straight to touch or to an opposition player and they will be on him like a shot.”

“Can’t wait to play long ball, constantly foul them, get at least 3 yellows, and time waste for 60 minutes. Fuck off karanka, your football is shite”

“Interesting to see how Karanka deals with their back 3. It normally causes teams no end of problems. Also, Norwood’s possibly been the stand out midfielder in the league so far this season, he’ll run the game if we let him.”

“Gonna get smashed coz he will set up to stop them like against leeds even tho were home team.”

“Already on the back foot after Burton. They’ll dread playing at the CG again.”

“If we don’t take 3 points from this, what was the point of playing a shit XI on Tuesday?”

“People asking for Karanka to be sacked because we’ve lost a cup game. You ‘ll all be licking his arse again when we beat Sheffield united”

“if we beat those scumbags from Sheffield on Saturday then Burton will soon be forgotten as disappointing as it is”

“Play our first eleven and we’ll win, but we’re at home so the negative crowd will transpire to a loss, so that probably means a draw, which will mean we’re about 10th, which is promotion this season but last season was relegation.”

“A big performance here could really push us on tho. This may be the moment when we go from being Champ chancers to real Prem contenders. Sheff U are doing great, but they have only drawn 2 all season and are perfectly beatable.”

“Piece of p*** this one. Easier than you might think. They aren’t scared of us so will come to play, which will allow us to play as well.
Forest to bring Sheffield’s run to a dramatic and sudden halt with a convincing 2-0 victory that has us all purring and wondering what all the fuss was about.”

“Got to be beating teams like this at home”

“”Teams like this”? They’re top of the league!”

“They’re crap, they have Billy Sharp up front FFS”

“I see Billy Sharp has been chelping about how confident they are going into this game.
Hope we fucking smash them.
A bit of a grudge match for me this is, I really want to see 100% from the players. Any bollocks on Saturday and it won’t just be Barry throwing rotten tomatoes.”

“Sheff Utd fans wanted rid of Sharp at the start of the season.
Reality is, we’re all fucking idiots aren’t we”

“I liked him when he was here.gave his all in a difficult time in his life.. “

“This year round I’d like to see some more intelligent “scab” jibes from their fans
Like, oh I dunno – “Forest pay their players by SCAB Transfer””

“Smash the piggy bastards, do it for Desmond Sinclair Walker!”

Loan Updates

Fleetwood Town Fans Views On Ched Evans

“6 league goals now for Ched Evans. Impressive start to life in a Cod Army shirt “

“He has already been great for FTFC, we miss him when he is not playing. Ched and Paddy playing well together”

“Hope they look at the option to buy him”

“Gave us a bit more direction when he came on, could it have been a different story had he started?”

“No goal but that does not mean he did not play a vital role in this win. A key figure in our attacking play.”

Oxford Fans Views On Ricky Holmes

“Ricky Holmes has been our most lethal attacking outlet and having his injury managed game by game.”

“Undoubtedly a talented player, now approaching the latter part of his career. Requires regular times out, injections and is quit obviously getting very frustrated with what is going on around him.”

“Holmes might stay due to his seemingly undying man crush on Robinson. But I can’t see him lasting beyond a couple more defeats”

“Holmes is injury prone or an injury waiting to happen”

“Holmes has to have back injections and periodic ‘rests’”

“The chances of getting Ricky Holmes to sign a permanent deal with us are getting thinner by the week.”

“nothing to say apart from superb”

“another great performance”

“Holmes excellent today.”

“For me, Holmes is just superb to watch. Work rate. Skill. Shithousery. I really hope that we somehow manage to keep him till the end of the season”

Oxford Fans Views On Samir Carruthers


“I was really disappointed with what I saw from Carruthers, I know he’s probably rusty and needs time but I expected more from him”

“Carruthers was indeed dreadful”

“Carruthers was dreadful. Those little chips he tried to play into the box for Mackie were awful”

“Carruthers not fit and that allowed them to win the midfield battle”

“Carruthers terribly off the pace and got targeted”

“Carruthers is an injury waiting to happen.”

“we have other players in that role and he’s only on loan, so not much use to us longer term.”

“Gave the ball away time and time again but i think he will get up to speed and find some form soon enough.”
“admittedly it was only very brief, but he looked our only useful player in the 15 minutes he played v Barnsley before the injury “

Barrow Fans Views On Tyler Smith

“Smith was a constant threat”

“Smitthys run and through ball was fantastic”

“An excellent goal by Smith”

“I really hope we can keep Smith”

“Tyler Smith was magnificent – kicked to bits”

“only Tyler Smith can hold his head up”

Barrow Fans Views On Rhys Norrington Davies

“Plays with a maturity beyond his years and settled into the squad very quickly. Have been really impressed with what I’ve seen so far and clearly he has a future above VN level. Very early to tell, but if he continues to progress I would not rule out seeing him in the Sheff Utd first team squad by the end of next season. Hope he stays injury free. Shows how these longer term development loans can work for both sides if they get it right.
Very happy we have him for the rest of the season.”

“Keep forgetting he’s only 19 and Barrow is his first shot at first team football. Plays like he has a lot more experience”

“Bonus for us that he is staying for the season”

“Nice to see him called up for Wales U21’s”

“Great signing!”


Queen Of The South Fans Views On Callum Semple

“only Dobbie, Doyle and Semple got pass marks from me.”

“I thought Callum Semple was super. Really impressive for a 20 year old central defender and had the better of the bigger, stronger and more experienced Jordan White” “Very surprised to see Semple dropped to the bench”

“Very disappointed that Semple was rested yesterday. Pity Martin has not performed to any decent level so far this season to prevent the young lad from being rested.”

“very disappointed Semple was rested again”

“I was surprised he was dropped”

“Sure he will feature again soon.”

Notts County Fans Views On Nathan Thomas

“We have got to remember he is a loan player and there is no rumour of an option to buy. So with that in mind do we really want to develop players for others gain when we have talent on the bench and under contract. But having said that I do believe Thomas is a brilliant footballer and will succeed at this level.”

“i would have him starting personally”

“I think right now it’s right that he’s a rotational player. He does well starting but he’s not very consistent”

“I would describe him as a good squad player, he might not be consistent enough to be a starting regular but hes still a very important squad addition. He can start or can impact at as a sub, either way he does try and works hard. I think he might be more of a player to bring on off the bench, he seems more motivated and it gets the best out of him. But there has been times he’s done well having started”

“He’s doing a cracking job as a sub you can he wants the ball etc when he comes on .. hopefully he will get another start and continue to impress ..”

“I think he’s usually better coming on from off the bench, he seems more “got to give recognition to Thomas. What a fantastic free kick.”

“So the on loan winger from Sheffield’s starts may have been reduced but I’ve got to say he’s turned to Notts impact substitute..! Since the arrival of Harry, Notts have changed the first team players etc. But one player who hasn’t started many games but has become our impact player Nathan Thomas about the 60th minute up he comes on and for me makes an impact. Whether be winning the ball or setting up a set pieces or being the assist with a goal or chasing dead balls he just gets on with it and doesn what an impact substitute should do.”

”fired up and can go missing quite easily when he starts. I don’t know, it’s not down to a lack of effort but more that he doesn’t get enough of the ball to lift himself. When he comes on as a sub he usually does get the ball as the other players are tiring”

“He looks to be a squad player more than anything”

Tranmere Rovers Fans Views On Harvey Gilmour 

“On his 45 minutes last night he can stay – turned the game on it’s head from lacking belief to tearing into them! They didn’t know what the hell had happened!”

“Very much a game of two halves, with Gilmour proving to be the catalyst for success for Rovers!” “

Great cameo”

“Inject Harvey Gilmour into my veins”

“Get him extended till end of season”

“Gilmour MOTM. Looks a proper baller”

“Harvey Gilmour, what a performance”

“huge performance” “Sheff Utd can get fucked if they want him back”

“It’s the Harvey Gilmour show… again!”

“He’s on fire”


“What a month he has had”

Carlisle United Fans Views On Regan Slater 

“He doesn’t effect the game enough and is too neat and tidy, good player to use to keep things ticking over but no use when behind at home.”

“Tidy enough in front of the back four, but doesn’t seem like he’ll offer anything but that.”

“Struggles physically but wants the ball”

“A pointless pair of legs in central midfield, did nothing and certainly didn’t improve us.”

“Thought he was excellent on Tuesday”

“Regan Slater will be a class player”

“He’s playing so well”

“there is potentially a very good player in Slater.”

“special mention to Slater in the middle as well, who I thought had a magnificent game.”

“some tidy play”

“worked really hard, and had a bit of steel about him, quick feet, is good in a tight spot”

Oldham  Fans Views On Sam Graham

“Looked useless when he came on.”

“just don’t rate the guy so far, I feel Hamer is better. I’m all for loan players, but i’d rather see us develop our own players”

“I’ve not been impressed withgraham one bit since he’s come in, I’d bin him and bring in a player with a bit more experience.”

“Graham over Hamer is a completely baffling one. It’s almost like, if we don’t use Graham in a certain amount of games, then we have to pay Sheffield United more money…”

“He’s a centre back who’s hardly been played as a centre back.”

“If Sheridan knows better he’d of dragged Graham off after ten minutes and at worst halftime when he was quite clearly struggling to play in the position he’d been asked, yet again we are stuck with a shite defender making his mistakes at the teams expense”

“he’s a kid and had a bad one today”

“Indecisive, slow and clumsy… send him back. Hamer is a far better player.”

“should never play again, he’s had chance after chance and is frankly shite, makes some dreadful errors and the concentration level is piss poor.”

View From Wigan

“Didn’t expect anything from today’s fixture so no surprises here!”

“Didn’t really expect anything given Sheff U are one of best sides in league – but it’s a major concern how inept we are at defending away from home.”

Sheffield looked just a bit better than us today”

“Sheff U finishing int top 4 for me”

“Sheff Utd are a good side so no disgrace to lose to them.”

“Always going to be a difficult game today but we didn’t test them much.”

“Did ok in spells but defensively we a shambles.When we did get forward it quickly fizzled out.”

“First 20 and last 20 we were very good, in between awful!!”

“another poor performance”

“First half was the best we’ve played away since Stoke second half. Apart from the shambolic defending for both goals.”

“Second half we were the better side. Nothing in it first half. They just took all their chances”

“Think it’s a more encouraging performance against the arguably the best team in the league.”

“Without three of our front four and one of our regular defensive midfielders out we didn’t fair to badly. Just a shame we have not got the strength in depth.
It’s going to be a long season.”

“Considering we were playing against the best team I the league away from home with about half the squad missing, it could have been a lot worse.”

“Thought performance was as good as could be expected …but ousting Powell again 70 mins and always going to leave us with a creative hole.Sharp is a good striker at this level and always been a workhorse so credit to him..They top of league…..but we’re they far superior to us ?..Not for me …just have quality going forward.”

“I felt we were actually ok today performance wise, i felt the scoreline flattered Sheffield but you can see why the are towards the top of the league – one of the best sides we’ve played.Biggest difference was Billy Sharpe was alive to everything and absolutely clinical when he got half a chance. While too often our final ball was poor and when chances did come we couldn’t convert.”

“Dan Burn and Dunkley got totally battered”

“Burn was always going to struggle against sharp and so it turned out”

“Problem there  is if we had rested Dunkley then we would have had an untried centre partnership playing against one of the best forwards in the league in Sharp”

“Burn was disgraceful.”

“Sheff U fouled Powell on every high ball but ref let it go.”

Pre-Match View From Wigan

“Got a young team who are struggling to cope with the pressure of bigger grounds and more intimidating atmospheres, not helped by a manager setting them up to park the bus and treat a draw like a win inviting pressure on and off the pitch. Plus injuries are killing us, wiping out all our pace which made us so dangerous on the break, not helped by the manager refusing to play the quickest attacker we still have available. Finally we also have a small cluster of players who are simply not good enough at this level but are seeing gametime due to injuries (Vaughan, Connolly etc). Think that covers it.
I’m right behind the manager and players but with Sheff Utd and Boro next I’m extremely worried. The last three performances away from home have been as bad as I’ve seen us over the last few years.”

“We go into home games trying to win, when we go away it’s like damage limitation and you can’t go into a fight afraid to throw a punch and expect to win in. Fortune favours the brave and away from home we’ve quite frankly been very cowardly.”

“We are six points behind leeds and eleven points from rock bottom but play Sheffield this weekend. Another loss would shift the balance and start to draw us into a relegation battle.”

“I don`t get our inconsistency and why we lump it forward with no support for the knock down
Play like that at Sheffield and we could be in for a thumping”

“I can accept a defeat.
I can accept two, three defeats on the bounce.
I can accept a poor performance.
I can accept experimentation.
But I cannot accept the way we are rolling over and abandoning our successful passing and pressing game principles away from home. Half a dozen games of this **** and no signs Cook is learning from his mistakes.”

“I don’t think he knows what to do to fix it does Cook. He seems to have run out of ideas away from home and has resorted to basically parking the bus in an attempt to steal a draw from somewhere to break the losing streak and hope that it brings confidence, momentum to the players. Only problem is the players have no belief in themselves”

“Reality check. Little old Wigan, punching above our weight.
Yes, we have played shyte in most away games so far but I am still predicting mid table finish.”

“Are we really that bad or are some folk going over the top with criticism of the club/manager and his selection of certain players .
After all we arnt doing that badly surely when you take into account what happened last time we was in this league I mean after 14 games we had a grand total of ten points and had not got a win away from home not much difference there chaps our home form a couple of years ago wasn’t much better after 14 games we had 2 wins and 2 draws plus three defeats with in many posters views at the time and indeed some are saying the same now not championship players .
All in all we are doing fine people must remember that away form in this league ain’t like league one you just can’t go gung ho all the time have patience we have the right man this time for the job in hand and hopefully when injuries clear up a more than adequate team to finish comfortably mid table/ top half judging on teams played so far”

“Not bad at all. Infact, very good for a team that hasn’t been at this level (literally or figuratively), for a number of years. My only criticism is that I know how good we can be and I would like to see us play to what I perceive as our strengths. I also have nasty memories of what a defensive approach can lead to in this league and defeats can stack up very quickly.”

“We’ve already shown this season we can compete when we apply ourselves. The issue is we aren’t applying ourselves properly away from home. If we wouldn’t have been so negative away from home and maybe had a touch more luck with dodgy refs we could easily have another 5 or 6 points that would have us floating around the automatic places. If anything I’d say we’ve not got as many points as we probably should have.”

“Well done Wigan, agree to buy the player which means he will never play for them again but agree to Sheffield Utd’s request to make him non eligible for Saturdays game.
Who does the contracts at Wigan ? Ray Charles ??”

“Sheffield Utd allowed Leonard to play, but not Evans. Therefore not our decision. It’s pretty obvious Sheff U see us as more of a threat that Millwall, so take it as a compliment.”

“Sheffield Utd see us as more of a threat than Millwall”.. thats got to be about the most bellend remark anyone’s said on here for a good while.”

View From Stoke

“Nothing to like about this team whatsoever. No quality, no desire, no guts. Incredibly lucky to get a point from that game tonight.”

“We got lucky from a clever free kick where the keeper didn’t properly cover his near post. On another day we would have lost 3 or 4-0 and had no complaints. That was an absolutely dire, directionless performance.”

“Worst performance I’ve seen from this group. We are getting worse.
We should have been smashed 4-5.”

“That was embarrassing. The goal just masked how bad we were.”

“we’re stealing points on luck”

“They must be fuming.”

“How we got a point after playing so badly I do not know. If I was a Sheffield fan I’d be gutted after being so much better than us. After scoring they really took their foot off the pedal.”

“Amazing result from such a terrible performance. But glad we got the point obvs.”

“Feels like a defeat. We didn’t deserve anything. ” a well earned point!” my arse Radio Stoke”

“Every player involved in the last two games and the manager should donate this weeks wage to a local charity, I’m totally lost for words at how inept we have been.”

“I fell asleep in the first half, literally full on asleep.
The second half we contrived to be worse.”

“Can you be delighted and also completely numb at the same time? That’s how I felt when we scored.”

“I cheered and then felt empty again 5 seconds later”

“I think their keeper was watching that Joe Allen freekick on the same stream i was. Very, very lucky and undeserved point tonight”

“My biggest issue is we have played 4-4-2, 4-4-1-1, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-3-2 this season and we have been wank in every game”
“It’s like we’re playing walking football. “
“Frustrating thing is ,they were not much better in my eyes and even though we are wank I still think the league is there for the taking , whether that’s us is up to the players”

“I’ll take a point all day after that.
We need to stop showing teams in this league so much respect, we have the resources to dominate. As soon as we stop sitting off the ball, these looked on the back foot.”
“1 point gained against a decent team, good result”

“Good noise from the Stokies”

Pre-Match View From Stoke

“sheff utd will tonk us on Tuesday. they were only promoted the season before last and are looking good.and then you have blackburn , wigan and Brentford who only came up last season, and all 3 are doing well in the league. I don’t think any of these teams have spent anywhere near what we have spent.we have too many individual players and we don’t play as a team.and as for bringing crouch and adam on ,surely we have better players on the bench than these.”

“I’m thinking they see us a an opportunity to get three points.”

“I thought one point tops from the two games against Brum and Sheffield U. I’ve revised this to none and if Stoke then don’t get a result against Bristol. Tone could be the man to get GR the sack.”

“I think 17th is an EXACT reflection of the sort of side we are.”

“First good side we have played we need to focus and work hard stoke supporters appreciate both those things lets hang in there till Xmas then bring in some nice presents who can get us up!!”

“This is the Championship, anybody can beat anybody.
I wouldn’t be surprised if we beat them.”

“We look like a team set up to do more damage away from home tbh, we’ll probably win.”

“Yet we have only won one away and three at home and the one away win was an hillarious oggy”

“Should have trounced Wednesday and Rotherham though. I’ve been to 3 away this season and they’ve been the 3 best performances I’ve seen.”

“At times Birmingham had 11 men behind the ball making it incredibly difficult for us to create something.Can’t see that happening on Tuesday.”

“despite losing on Saturday we bossed the game for the most part, we are certainly in with a good chance on Tuesday if Rowett can lift the side.”

“We’re on the verge of being a good side.”

“We’ll win this one.”

“I think our performances have slowly improved though, since the Blackburn game. The pockets of cohesion are there and we just need to put it together for longer.”

“We have better players than other clubs, but they have better teams; there is a difference. We need a manager who can create a team.”

“they cost more and we’re paying them more. There’s a big difference between that and actually being better players.”

“we seem to become totally reliant on Tom Ince to create something as all McClean does is run up and down in straight lines. “