View From Plymouth

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“So proud, putting the greens truly on the map! Great effort”

“oh well winning this was always slim.”

“Not too bothered really back to L1 survival”

“Unlucky not to equalise in the end Sheffield looked a bit wobbly and as said before very wasteful. Didn’t disgrace ourselves by any means.”

“The most frustrating thing about that second half was that it proved that we could be more than a match for Sheffield United if we had just put them under more pressure. We gave them far too much respect in that first half. Still, a 2-1 defeat is no embarrassment. “

“can’t see Sheffield Utd staying up playing like that. Worrying for their fans”

“If that was a strong Utd side, then they’ll be playing Luton next season.”

“Utd won’t be in the premiership next season.”

“They didnt look like a Prem team, and we didn’t look like a L1 team”

“Good show by Argo as the BBC said not disgraced by any means, as said some of the play by The Blades illustrates why they are marooned at the foot of the table.”

“Great effort we didnt roll over when they went 2-0 up and thats to be credited we made a game of it in the second half which is unsually for us as we tend to fall apart in second halfs. Sheff Utd are going down thats a certainty along with Fulham if thats their strongest 11 its no wonder they are getting tanked week in and out and not scoring.”

“Obvs they had the better players with the Prem big bucks but you could see how fragile their confidence is after we scored our goal.”

“Proud of that performance, didn’t look out of depth really – Sheff U with more bite and more presence in the final third. Cooper and Opoku personal standouts. Ramsdale had a shocker”

“Henderson to Ramsdale a huge huge downgrade for them this season”

“On this game alone, and considering they’re roughly the same age… I think I’d take Cooper over the £18.5m Ramsdale.”

“And Jephcott over Brewster! “

“Just a couple of minutes either side of half time that did us.
We played a full strength premier league team that cost apps 60 odd million pounds and did very well in spells.
I reckon Argyle had as many touches in their box second half as they did ours. And when all’s said and done Sheffield United had a nice long week of rest before the game whilst we had an 800 mile round trip and 90 mins on the Sunderland swamp on Tuesday night.
As for the commentary salivating over Brewster’s performance?! 23 million quid?! You can build hospitals for that much and the guy looked bang average as far as I could see.
Couple of better decisions in their box after we’d scored and we’d be still watching now but overall very very pleased with the performance “

“Aside from the fact that some of their players looked very fit and strong, I am encouraged that Camara, Cooper, Jephcott, Opoku in particular did not look too far of their quality. Agree Cooper looked like the better keeper by a mile”

“Reeves was the best player on the pitch. “

“In hindsight, they must have missed or skyed a bigger percentage of their chances than we did. Definitely a Premiership side in name only. Demonstrates how the distribution of wealth in the game is wrong and so much money is being wasted on mediocrity. “

“Can’t see Sheffield United progressing past Brizzle in the next round.”

“Who other than Chris Wilder or a desperate Sheffield United supporter wants to see an exciting FA cup tie killed off like that? “

“Camara missed a great chance but what about their Prem player who had the ball laid backed to him in the box and drilled the ball straight round the post!! Bad miss for them. Can’t believe VAR didn’t give the penalty either.”

” fair play to Sheffield United professional performance best of luck in the future rounds and for the rest of the PL season”

Pre-Match View From Plymouth

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“it’s the classic combination of a game we probably won’t win against not very interesting opposition a long, long way from home.”

“shame we can’t be with the boys, because beating Sunderland followed by sheffield away would’ve been something else”

“Hopefully an easy route to Round 5. Shame we’re not allowed fans”

“Hopefully an easy route?!! Nothing easy about being away to a premier league side!!”

“Their current form gives us an advantage. Although this is Argyle so even a Conference side can be a challenge for us”

“Couldn’t have asked for much of a better Draw to be honest! Sheffield United winnable then a home draw to a Championship side!”

“Sheffield United are mid table championship club at best based on results and football at the moment! Hello 5th round”

“Perfect chance to get through, I mean they have won once in 6 months and scraped passed rovers in the last round”

“Sheffield United is definitely winnable given how poor they’ve been”

“4th round draw much harder than the 5th round draw!”

“winnable the state there in atm and potentially then a championship side at HP ! Won’t get a better chance to make then 1/4 Final”

“Sheffield United away and then either Millwall or Bristol City gives us a huge chance”

“No doubt Sheffield United wouldn’t want a cup run as bad as they want to stay up? Really struggling in the prem, so a good chance”

“A hard away game for us….but who knows they might play their youth team….but maybe not….they are literally already relegated from the Premiership….so the Cup is there only chance of glory this season. “

“Can’t wait for the greens to plant 7 past Sheffield United on Saturday, allowing Sheffield FC to be recrowned biggest club in Yorkshire”

“Nice free hit on Saturday”

“Mayor masterclass incoming. Will have a lot more freedom in the Sheffield game… won’t be triple marked.”

“I hope Argyle play in their ‘home’ kit on Saturday. Spurs played in the same colours and defeated SU last weekend. I hope that ‘green’ proves as lucky for Argyle as it did for them.”

“I reckon Spurs could have played in skins and beaten SU so doubt green will make a difference.
We will actually still win though. “

“Roy Keane in the Sheffield United v Spurs game (0-2) said “Sheffield United are going down as the worst team ever to play in the Premier League”.
Jus sayin………”

“He’s never watched us
just sayin…..”

“I watched the Spurs game, Argyle will have their hands full with them.”

“for those of you who think a win is unlikely this Saturday can I refer you to 1984 and League One Argyle away to Premier League West Brom in the FA Cup.
A certain Tommy Jephcott scored the only goal of the game which was a typical Tommy Jephcott goal. West Brom were pretty much at full strength for the match and were struggling in the League as I recall. Spooky? Well here’s more.
This game was 27 years ago who has scored nearly 27 goals for Argyle? Yep Luke Tynan.
Also the game in 84 was played at the Hawthorns where do Sheffield United play? Brammall Lane! Hawthorn spikey bush and Brammall sounds a lot like Bramble a spikey bush.
Lump on this one’s written in the stars.”

“It will be the first time that the Pilgrims have played in a game with VAR available.”

“Whatever happens, I’m just looking to winning a pen awarded by VAR”

View From Spurs

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“First win at Sheff United in 46 YEARS.”

“We got away with it with ndombele worldie & sheffield united being so bad. But obviously this is why we drop points to the better teams.”

“Comfortable win never looked in question bar maybe our customary second half malaise for a spell. Tanguy exceptional, goal was ridiculous. Like him a bit deeper, gets far more involved and put a shift in defensively. Think at times playing higher he isn’t fed the ball enough. Rodon put in a promising shift also. COYS.
Sheffield United are shite, they are not in a false position.”

“Never really got out of 2nd gear but I wonder if we could if we needed to today.”

“Even though we won.. this was so frustrating to watch.”

“It doesn’t make sense to me to be 2-0 up away to an awful Sheff Utd, and to defensive, then at 3-1 just try to kill the game off”

“Lucky we played Sheff Utd today – a better team would have beaten us”

“Against a better team today would have been the same old story.”

“we’re lucky Sheff United were extremely poor on the ball themselves today”

” one win against the worst team in the league doesn’t really excuse the other dropped points against shit teams”

“Let’s not get too carried away: Sheff Utd are the worst team in the Premier League”

“Wrong team, wrong formation, Jose has lost the dressing room”

“That will do but!!! It was sheff utd”

“I know it was only Sheffield but that’s the first game in a while I felt like we were passing with a purpose.”

“Comfy enough vs poor Sheff Utd who – in stark contrast to the harryings they gave us last season – looked barely tougher than Marine last Sunday.”

“Sheffield Utd are rubbish.”

“Sheff Utd are woeful”

“Sheff Utd worked hard; they’re going down fighting”

Pre-Match View From Spurs

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“We will win.”

“Sheffield United is a heavy set team and I think we could cause damage to their lack of pacey players”

“if Jose or his team are reading, please give us all a fucking massive hard-on and play that side. Just for a laugh. It’s Sheffield f Utd, one of the worst teams in the history of this league FFS.”

“Need Doc and Davies picked to cope with the aerial threat if Sheffield United, similar v Burnley.”

“Sheffield United rarely play the long balls there game is over lapping wingbacks and cbs”

“We must set up to not lose to the mighty Sheffield united. We must worry about their great attacking threat and make sure bergwijn is there to get behind the ball. 5 at the back is a must and if possible put 2 keepers in goal. Then hope kane or son score within 20 minutes then hold on for dear life against one of the most fearsome sides in europe.”

“So we are all over them and go one up in the first half and then we come out in the second half and just. stop. playing.
We let them crawl all over us for 30 minutes and then they score.
Jose is then spurred into action but the game ends 1-1.
There, saved you 90 minutes of your time, you can do something useful instead.”

“Another 1 half performance if we’re lucky. Game Plan: Start shit, after 10minutes start playing. Score. Half time. Second Half: Camp in a low block and try counter. They equalise. Subs. We attack. Game Done. Mourinho: Controlled the game & players at fault”

“Can’t wait to go 1-0 within first 20 and defend for the rest”

“Still can’t believe we got that second against Marine”

“What’s the point 1-0 guaranteed Sheffield United will score late”

“I am nearly at who cares mode.
Team of frauds.”

“Not even arsed anymore. Doesn’t matter who plays we’ll play the same turgid way.”

“Sanchez and Dier clowning around at the back, that’s happening for sure.”

“They’ll be a lot more up for it than we are and two of our worst performances last season were against this club.”

“We lost 3-1 at Bramall Lane with arguably our worst performance of the whole season – and there was pretty stiff competition for that particular accolade.”

“I think Sheffield is a lost cause this season”

View From Newcastle

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“A new low.”

“Hahaha we actually lost”

“Totally deserved”

“Sheffield United deserved winners.”

“We got exactly what we deserved from that game”

“Comprehensively and thoroughly outplayed by a team without a win to their name in 19 games. Atrocious.”

“Completely outplayed by the worst team in Prem history.”

“We got taught a football lesson by the worst team in Premier League history.”

“Absolutely pathetic performance. Again. But this was even worse, and against the worst team in the league.”

“It’s ok, we’re still better than sheff United. Oh, wait..”

“Played lads, nobody predicted that. Nobody.”

“Its not even an exaggeration, that’s the worst Newcastle have performed in years, even before McClaren.”

“That’s up there with the worst display I’ve ever seen.”

“We play against a team that hasn’t won a single game this season. Yet we play 5 at the back and has no interest of attack or even try to score a goal. Just try to get the opposition not to score a goal and be happy with a point.”

“I listened to this on the radio and it was still painful to watch. “

“The reason sheff United were much the better team was because of how s**** we are. Nothing to do with them being amazing.”

“Sheff Utd made hard work of that”

“It’s like I’m angry but I don’t care at the same time. The Championship should be fun.. our only saving grace is West Brom & Sheffield United look worse than us”

“I don’t give a **** about the red, we were horrifc even before it.
I won’t let that maggot hide behind a red card”

“Fernandez is clearly swiping it. It’s harsh but consistent with the current rules.”

“I agree that Fernandez clearly swiped it. My contention would be that Fernandez had his shoulder in front of their player the whole time and prior to him moving his arm towards the ball their player clearly pulled at his shirt. If it was the other way (Fernandez was the attacking player) they could well have reviewed it and declared it a penalty in his favour. “

“Sharp fouled him for about 10 yards man, he was dragging his shirt all over.”

“Annoying that a second rate referee can’t see Schar was fouled (shirt pulled) before the handball especially as he reviewed it and therefore not a penalty. And Sharp should have been off for a studs tackle on Schar. Lucky we have VAR to make sure these decisions are the right ones.”

“Can’t wait to hear Bruce throw out the “no excuses, terrible performance, brush ourselves down and have to do better” s**** before he then says it was never a penalty and Sharp should have been sent off to try and brush his absolute ineptitude under the rug for another week. He is getting the biggest free ride with no fans in attendance. He would be getting mauled as much as our players do every game.
It wasn’t the pathetic play, the demoralised players, the ultra defensive set up with no interest in attacking the 2nd worst team in the league. It wasn’t the fact the mental advantage was given to them by building them up as Man City ahead of the game. It simply Bruce and Ashley again for hiring him. Will he pay compensation, bother at all if he thinks the takeover might happen or maybe he can cotton on to the fact hiring someone new might kick up enough commotion so we don’t spend another penny in the transfer market this month. Either way we got beat by the 2nd worst team in the league because Bruce makes us play like the worst team in the league. If there isn’t a manager change we will soon be the worst team not in the premier league.”

“The tactic of allowing Sheffield United to play their way into form is an intriguing one”

“Happier for Sheff United to get their win, than disappointed in us losing.
Actually laughed when they scored. Just completely numb of any anger with this stinking streak of detritus in charge.”

“Sheffield United have just won their first game in 18 attempts tonight and I’d swap managers with them in a heartbeat. That’s how turboshit this obese cockend is”

“The truth is that far from the sending off being an excuse for Bruce, it was partly his fault. If we hadn’t came and set up so negatively it’s likely we wouldn’t have needed to be so desperately chasing the bottom team around the pitch giving away free kicks, yellow cards and red cards.”

“Steve bruce wearing a top with fun on is the most inappropriate thing since Fred west submitted an application to the council for a patio extension”

“I am currently writing to my local MP”

“i’d honestly take a punt on joey barton.
if for no other reason than he might put some cigars out in ashley’s eyes.”

“Steve: “How’s the bacon did ya say?”

Plymouth Fans Views On The Fa Cup Draw

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“Fourth round could have been a lot worse. Potentially one for MOTD live. Fifth round is very crap.”

“Blimey if we beat a crap Premier Club in Sheffield United we get another crap club in Millwall or Bristol City. However as any of these are beatable we may be on our best cup run for donkey years.”

“Got a Premier League side that is strangely winnable, then a home game against a winnable-ish Championship side.”

“I reckon it’s a winnable tie, Sheffield Utd. After that we’d have to be at our best, but it’s not completely unthinkable!”

“two winnable (ish) draws there I reckon. Though I wouldn’t fancy Bristol City.”

“Possibly into the quarter final draw”

“Sheffield United, not a bad draw, it could have been a lot tougher. I think on current form this is winnable.”

“Maybe they will put the kids out and we actually turn up for an away match, stranger thing have happened, but it’s a shit draw.”

“Sheffield Utd will probably see a clear route to the quarters there. But come the day I think we have the best chance of the ‘davids’ who have been drawn against ‘goliaths’.
Come the day the pressure will be massively on them and their manager. If they continue to lose could he possibly have to beat us to preserve himself??”

“Given Sheffield are looking doomed in the prem, they could either:
a. Field a weakened team and hope the first teamers can sav them; or
b. Field a strong team knowing this is their only hope at winning some games and keeping th supporters happy.
I fear the latter is most likely.”

“I reckon it’s winnable whatever side they put out, bearing in mind their current position.”

“when we draw the shittest premiership team ever putting aside their run last season that’s not going to draw the money from tv revenues that make up the loss we will make from no fans attending or merchandised sold”

“Away to a prem team albeit a shit one is ok plus in with a slight chance of winning.”

“Prem but not glamour… upset given their form?”

“Eminently beatable given current form. 2 points! If we’re firing on all cylinders we could beat them.”

“They could be very short on confidence at the moment looking at their league position.”

“The Blades have only beaten Bristol Rovers all season”

“Sheffield’s a great day out on the razz. Oh, hang on! FFS.”

Pre-Match View From Newcastle

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“No wins in 7 games now. Great momentum to take into the Sheffield United game.”

“You just know they’ll get their first win against us. Defo putting some money on that.”

“i’m very tempted to have a daft £20 on them breaking their duck on the 12th. writings on the wall!” “Most of Sheffield United’s defeats have been by the odd goal, I’m expecting a close game”

“Sheffield United are down barring a miracle but even then they’re probably a better side than us. We’re arguably the worst team in the league.”!

“This is nonsense. Sheffield United have 2 points from 17 games. West Brom are a Championship side and are frankly doomed. There’s other sides down there you could make arguments for, but we are by no means the worst team in the league.”

“Sheffield Utd are not going to get to double figures this season.”

“We create less than anyone else in the league and concede more shots than nearly everyone. We might not be the worst in terms of results but along with West Brom, we’re probably one of the few teams that neutrals watch and have no idea what we’re doing.”

“We may have had some good luck, but its through more than bad luck that clubs finds themselves in the positions they’re in.”

“The good luck seems to have ran out and it’s hard to see where our next win comes from.”

“We’re longer odds to win then Sheffield United (who haven’t won a league game this season). Says it all about our club right now. Fully expect a below par performance from Bruce’s men.”

“if we lose Tuesday night to Sheffield United then Bruce has to go it’s that simple”

“No way do we lose here. The football gods love Bruce too much to put him under the sort of pressure that does”

“He’ll fluke a draw and see it as a massive achievement”

“Losing against Sheffield, or even just playing the way we have been, is unforgiveable”

“If we lose to Sheffield we won’t be that safe in the league though and we’ll be on a hell of a downward trajectory.”

“It’ll be interesting to see if there is actually any pressure on Bruce after the Sheffield game. We look likely to crash out of the cup at the first hurdle and then give the Blades their first win of the season by next Tuesday night. Should that happen, for any sane person his position would have to finally become untenable.”

“I think the majority of us want Bruce out.. and if he can’t beat a Sheffield United side bottom of the table with 2 points and very low on confidence then he has to go”

“Steve Bruce after Sheffield United loss: We played well, unfortunately we didn’t have that bit of luck today, but were a work in progress. Sheffield united are a good side, but I think the boys struggled especially as they had to play 120 minutes on Saturday. ”

“Easy Newcastle win for me. People overstating how bad we are again.”

View From Bristol Rovers

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“Proud to be a Gashead after that performance”

“Proud of that performance, went toe to toe with a Premier League side and nearly got something out of it, an entertaining game to watch.”

“Thought it was a great game of Cup Football.
No shame in losing by the odd goal against a full strength Premier League side, even if they are a useless one, while we were without our best players.”

“What a fantastic game and experience, it deserved fans! It was always going to be tough against a Premier League side”

“It doesn’t matter what Sheffield United”s form was like we gave a premier League team a good game.”

“We’ve given a pretty much full strength premiership side a really good game”

“We’ve done very well for a team at the ass end of league 1 against a premier league side.”

“I guess it’s just our luck Sheff Utd put out a full strength side, I doubt there’s any other Premierside doing that this weekend against lower league opposition?”

“The Prem quality shone through in the end but it was a cracking effort from us!”

“decent showing today against higher class opponents.”

“At times Sheffield Utd looked way way better than us… at other times we competed well.”

“A battling performance but the better side won and should have done by more than they did.”

“Good shift from the boys today. Most can be proud of their contribution in a game few expected a result.
Sheffield Utd deserved the win of course but Tis will be frustrated that a team with zero pace got in behind us and that we conceded so soon after scoring. I don’t think we gave ourselves much chance going behind with 20mins left.
Sheffield Utd are not a prem team and certainly won’t be come the end of the season.”

“If it wasn’t for Ollie Burke coming on I really don’t think they would of won tbh!! Can see why theyre bottom!”

“Decent performance that, though can’t piss about at the back against a Prem, even one as shit as Sheffield Utd.”

“The difference between us and a Premier League team was 2 awful referee decisions and an international footballer coming on as a sub.”

“Sheff U deserved the win but with a half balanced referee we may have got a draw there. I thought when the ref holds both hands in front of him it means advantage. Is not an advantage when the opponent is running through on goal. Blades surely going down, a back three who can’t stay on their feet can only get you so far”

“No shame in that performance today.
A number of dodgy/iffy Ref decision in that second half – the free kick we didn’t get before they broke away, throw ins, corners, free kicks that should have been in our favour. It seemed like the Ref decided not to keep up with play second half.”

“Yeah I enjoyed the game, I thought we gave a pretty decent account of ourselves and we were beaten by a better side. :and that cant of a ref of course”

” Their last two goals were both free kicks to us.”

“Good honest game apart from last 5 minutes time wasting”

Pre-Match View From Bristol Rovers

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“Yes they are having a real bad time in the Prem and this is a side that you would probably want to come up against if you wanted a ‘beatable’ premiership side. Very low on confidence, a few sending offs, concentrating on the league survival so maybe wont risk they key players. BUT… they are premier league standard and such we shouldn’t take too much notice of the ‘weak’ parts of their game. You would expect them to be a physical side that are well drilled and with the overlapping centre back tactics, not many managers would have come against that before, so we need to be aware and exploit space where ever we can. Tis will enjoy this one as he loves playing against sides where we his team are the underdogs. Imagine he can get us raring to go in this match. You only have to look at the Sheffield united squad to remind yourselves of the quality they possess (current international players (at the highest level), past international players, future international players!) Solid manager and tactition who has come unstuck this term in the Prem but previously bossed the leagues and produced excellent results. This one will be tough, very tough. “

“Sheffield United

  • Strengths
    Aerial duels Strong
  • Weaknesses
    Avoiding offside Weak
    Keeping possession of the ball Weak
    Avoiding fouling in dangerous areas Weak
    Defending against attacks down the wings Weak
    Defending against through ball attacks Weak
    Defending against skillful players Weak
    Finishing scoring chances Very Weak
    Defending against long shots Very Weak
    Defending set pieces Very Weak

Sheffield United’s Style of Play
Play with width
Attacking down the right
Control the game in the opposition’s half
Long balls
Attempt crosses often

“Interesting looking at their site most of their fans think they should put out their strongest team as they need any win for confidence, however a few say play the fringe players for game time.
If we could start at a fast tempo and snatch a lead their heads will be down, so a good start is paramount.”

“If they were involved in a relegation fight, then they should be concentrating on the league. But as they’re not (ie they’re not even in a fight, they’re down) they may as well put all their resources against us.”

“Very much depends on there mindset, are they of the mind that ‘we are going down so lets really give it ago in the cup’ or is it still too early to be of that frame of mind? think the fans side with the former but you would not expect the manager and players to have given up just yet besides a good cup run can only be good for confidence and moral surely? i would expect a strong side which we will struggle to contain.”

“I think from the first minute we shouldn’t give them any time, they will be low on confidence and it’s a great opportunity for us.
I rather we went for it and lost by say 3 than pussyfooting about and thinking what if afterwards”

“If ever we had a massive chance of a cup shock this is it, go for it from kick off and who knows,as mentioned it would be a cracking atmosphere and totally sh**e we can’t attend”

“If we’re ever going to beat a Premiership side at the Mem this must be our best chance, assuming we can put out a decent side.”

“I expect Sheffield Utd to beat us. I say this because they aren’t going to want to be knocked out of the FA cup by a league 1 side when they can’t buy a league point, never mind a win. They are as good as down to my mind, so will be treating T’coop as a way of lightening a gloomy season.”

“we couldnt beat or even score against them in league one”

“Their confidence is low. When AFCB got relegated last July I was talking to some I sit with at Dean Court and told them not to worry, by the time we’re all back watching football, Bournemouth would be near the top of the Championship and Sheff U and Burnley would be staring relegation in the face. I was only half joking Sheff U are going down and Burnley are making a fight of it. Ramsdale is a good keeper but I doubt he’ll play. Having watched Mousset at AFCB before he went to Sheff U I can say he’s absolutely useless with no pace. (Perhaps that’s why he needs a Lamborghini which he obviously can’t drive either).
I wonder how many of them played at the Mem when they drew here 0-0 in the season they went up? I would imagine it could be 2/3/4. Any statto know?
I like Wilder, feet firmly on the ground, he’s no billy-big-b* but I reckon some of his players have turned into one. He’s been let down by them this season.”

“I like Sheffield Utd and especially their Manager Chris Wilder who is a real class act. This would have been a brilliant match to attend as I think the atmosphere would have been brilliant.”

“Wasn’t keen on Wilder when he was at Oxford and Northampton, but got to like him. Went to the last away game against them, nice friendly people. A disabled girl was presented to the crowd before the game. We all joined in the round of applause for her achievement, which was only right. Her father then came on the forums thanking us. Now feel a bit of a connection to them.”

“Finished my reffing career at Brammall Lane in 1992.Morning KO when Leeds beat them 3.2 and as liverpool beat Man U 4-0 later that afternoon,it turned out to be the title decider.Only ran the line but nice to finish on a top game.Howard Wilkinson was manager.
Amazingly used to stage a Test Match there once and in those far off days it was a three sided ground.”

View From Crystal Palace

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“I feel for Sheff Utd”

“No wonder they have had so many narrow defeats if they don’t bother chasing games. Wilder has to go.”

“hope they stay up and retain Wilder, nice easy touch for six points every season.”

“A very poor match between two teams today, one being us.
The form of some of our players is worrying, any other team would have beaten us easily today.”

“Competent performance against very average opposition.”

“Good win but can’t get too carried away. Sheff Utd look dead and buried already.”

“I appreciate we are nowhere near a top Premier league team, but we won’t be without major investment. Just enjoy the evening.”

“Well played today and a great result.”

“This was a perfect time to play Sheffield but we fully deserved the win and a clean sheet.”

” Sheff.U’s only way to prevent us from thrashing them toady was to foul at every given opportunity especially when we had them on the run,”

“Eighteen fouls! Sheff.U fouled us every single time we got them on the break and the actual fact that they didn’t foul Eze as he did that thing was the biggest shock of the afternoon! lol”

“I get the feeling Wilf gets a little frustrated if he got kicked or knocked down every time Sheffield had a chance”

” Sheffs back line resorted to cheap fouling”

“So overall possession stats; Sheff U 55%, Palace 45% against the bottom team in the Division with only 2 points.
Yet according to you we had them on the run and they kicked us off the park to prevent a thrashing..??
Additionally they only had 3 yellow cards – hardly call that attritional..!!”

“Sheff U are bottom of the league with 2 points after 17 games for a reason. Today they could only name 6 on the bench, including a 16 year old and with a centre half in central midfield.Yet still midway through the first half they had the majority of possession and were bossing the game.

“55% possession which mostly consisted of playing it backwards. One of the easiest wins for Palace I have seen in PL.”

“We’ll take the 3 points. Lots of Royball 2nd half”