View From West Ham

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“A nice solid win.
I’m loving the back-to-back 1-0 wins against teams near the bottom that we’re expected to beat.
So very unlike West Ham.”

“We deserved to win. It was a professional performance, but our crossing, passing and decision making was poor”

“Good professional performance. we’d have lost a game like that in Yesteryear”

“We were much better than against Fulham. For me we were the definitive ‘better side’.”

“we looked pretty comfortable for most of the game in all honesty.”

“Sometimes in the past I’ve seen us lose to a good side by a goal or two. We may have hit the post or even equalised but you felt the other team were only playing in second gear.
That was us today. The team that could have gone up a gear if needed. That Moyes isn’t doing bad is he?”

“1-0 seriously flatters Sheffield United”

“we had control except for when McBurnie smashed it against the bar.”

“Sheff Utd got in alot of blocks and defended with lots of intensity throughout.”

“Sheff Utd worked extraordinarily hard the whole game and will get a result soon imho”

“Should of easily beat Sheffield Utd but somehow we made it tough”

“We looked in a different league to sheff utd who are dog shit”

“Sheffield United look lost. 2nd season syndrome massively”

“Easy to see where Sheffield United are struggling, they don’t release it quick enough, you’ve got numbers in the box, put the ball in quickly, surprise the opposition”

“Poor old Chris wilder. Invents the overlapping center back which half the league are now copying (including us) and then gets relegated. Good.”

“The fact that the latest comes against my pet hate team makes it still better. Nosedive karma for the Rams, err, Blunts!”

“pay back for sheff United”

“Do any of our players have a questionable contract clause that directly or indirectly, impacted on that defeat for Sheffield today? Asking for a northern friend.”

Pre-Match View From West Ham

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“Up against a team that ain’t won a game this season?
Step up West Ham.”

“West Ham will always be West Ham. Some things will never change.
Nailed on routine Sheffield United win.”

“This has a Sheffield United win written all over it”

“Went to this fixture last year and though we weren’t bad (Rice’s VAR handball apart) they got the better of us second half. We may have improved since then, and they have been losing by ‘the odd goal’ most of this season, but think it’ll definitely be a tough one”

“Rightly or wrongly they’ll have this down as a targeted home 3 points….and they need them. Hopefully that means they’ll come at us which should suit us more?”

“Not sure why but I’m feeling confident about this one. Maybe it’s because I think they’ll be so desperate to win that they’ll come at us and that suits us. It’s crucial, however, that we don’t fall behind early. That would suit them down to the ground and I could see us struggling to get back in it.”

“They have scored 4 goals in 8 league games.
They have this ridiculous international break to somehow regroup and make a decent fist of staying in this division, so they will be targeting another smash and grab victory over us.
Whereas they have conceded 14 goals in that many games, we have scored the same tally.
This points to me to a score draw as the likeliest outcome.”

“A tougher game than it looks given their current predicament.”

“i have some concerns about this one. While Sheffield Utd are, indeed, bottom they’ve only had one big loss (against Chelsea 4-1) and have been competitive (losing by a single goal) against Liverpool, Man City and a much improved Aston Villa.”

“I think this one is going to more difficult than some think. We’ve done well so far this season playing a certain style against certain teams but we got bogged down against Fulham.”

“Almost every individual statistic and piece of information from the form line points to us getting at least a draw, and very possibly a win.
From their perspective, they will try to make it physical. The only things where they are marginally better than ours is aerial ability, tackling and winning penalties.
They have been vulnerable in open play and at set pieces, and they have the lowest possession percentage in the league (Fulham , by contrast, usually have the majority of the ball).
I’ve seen a couple of their recent games and thought they were a bit better than the table says, and I like a couple of their players. Berge has been really good in games I have seen. The ‘keeper appears to be a bit ropey.
If we score early-ish and they have to come onto us, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if we win by a pretty clear margin.
Last season, I actually felt we played better in the game we lost at theirs than the one we drew at ours where they looked much the better team.”

“Bloody ‘ell, what a game..
They still haven’t won a game yet this season & this will be their first chance to, after the international break. Just lucky that their fans can’t be their 12th man..
With Antonio back I could see us winning.

“They way they line up should play into the hands of our two wingbacks as the likes of Bowen, Benrahma (if starting) and Antonio (if starting) will all find themselves matched up one v one and leave plenty of space for the wingbacks to overlap and get involved. The issue there is that you condense the pitch and need something special from someone to unlock a defence. That is where we will look to Benrahma and Bowen.
Tough side to break down at home so won’t be easy. All hangs on Antonio for me.
If he is fully fit and firing, I can see us going there and getting a win. Without him, I really think a draw will be all we get. Antonio is now THAT important to us, insane.”

“Tough game . If Antonio is not 100% then we should not play him”

“This will be a much tougher match than most expect. Sheffield United are the only team to have played tougher opponents than us. They’ve not conceded that many, especially considering who they have played. Their problem is scoring. The key is not to concede early , the longer we keep a clean sheet the more likely we are to win. If we take a lead, their heads could drop.
What we do have going for us is that Wilder has recently blamed the players, so all may not be right at what was last year a very tight group. They also have a few injuries, especially in defence. What is going against us is that they have very few players away on international duty, compared to our 10, and McBurnie and Brewster are desperate to open their accounts.”

“Its strange, I think im more worried about Wilder than I am his side. Or at least I would be if we didnt have someone as equally strong minded and determined in our own dugout. Football games are won or lost on the pitch. However, I am more assured going into a fixture like this with Moyes in charge than I would be if Grant or Pellegrini were at the helm. “

“Also big fan of Wilder. He spoke very well and was quite sympathic towards us after the shambles of a decision at there place last season.
Having said that, I did back them to get relegated at the start of the season. There squad is full of bang average hardworking championship players who have got second season syndrome written all over them.”

“Sheffield United are still very much a side of Championship players. No proven PL players prior to last season. They massively over-excelled last season through hard work, finding the perfect tactics, playing without fear, and obviously, having a fantastic team spirit.
I think it was inevitable they’d struggle massively this year, especially with David McGoldrick up front (guaranteed to score now I said that!). However, I’m expecting this to be a really, really tough game, and with no win under their belts yet, that work-rate and determination will be at the fore when they face us. We’ll really need to match them to get anything methinks.”

“I think calling people like David McGoldrick and Sam Baldock’s brother ‘Championship players’ is overselling them a bit.”

“Berge is one of the most average players I’ve ever seen.
I couldn’t care less if he plays or not.”

“Henderson is a huge loss for them, one that could cause them to drop. Play like we have been, and we’ll thump them.”

“No crowds is a real leveller. I think we have the better players so I think we have a very decent chance. Sheff Utd are experiencing second season syndrome and will likely return from whence they came.”

“They remind me of the team that Stoke City got promoted with last time they were in the Prem. Half their players looked like plumbers called Dave. “

“This is a big game for them. To be on 1 point after 9 games is a bad spot to be in from a historical perspective.
Only one other team (in the premier league era) has been on 1 point after 9 games played and that was Man city in 95/96 (who were relegated, but did manage to get to 38 points in the end).
A draw would put them on 2 points (obviously) and in the following company:
Newcastle 2018/19 – stayed up in 13th place
Sunderland 2016/17 – stayed up in 17th place
Southampton 98/99 – stayed up in 17th place.
I think what that tells us is that points after 9 games is actually not that helpful a metric. So I wouldn’t read too much into the above”

“I want to see this lot get relegated, I think I want to beat them almost as much as I would like to see us beat Chelsea (Ok maybe not quite but they are up there).”

“Can we please bring Tevez on loan for this one?”

View From Wales

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“Without fans you can hear just how demanding Ampadu is. Old head on young shoulders”

“Ampadu has got something like 20 caps by the age of 20, that’s the future right there so much promise.”

“Ampadu is so good in the middle”

“Ampadu is so wasted at centre mid. Got motm away at spurs in the ucl while playing in a 3 but this burke prefers a 28 year old who couldn’t get a game with st pauli”

“Ampadu is class”

“Ampadu can spray a pass can’t he”

“Ampadu masterclass”

“Norrington-Davies put in a real solid display”

“In the 2 games Norrington-Davies has done well, although suited better in a 5 rather than a back 4”

“Norrington-Davies has played his heart out tonight”

“I like Norrington Davies a lot”

“Norrington-Davies has had a decent game. “

“Norrington-Davies looks like a really good prospect”

“Norrington-Davies has put a shift in”

” norri gton davies is a significant upgrade on neil taylor. When he gets his final ball in better.”

“I don’t rate Norrington-Davies at all. Andrew Hughes should be called up ahead of him”

“think he’s had a good game, maybe not fully ready for this level but definitely has potential”

“He’s been alright but he’s not at all ready yet.”

“Anyone else try redoing the Manics song with a new line up? Norrington-Davies doesn’t scan as well as Robson Kanu….”

Wales Fans Views On Ethan Ampadu and Rhys Norrington-Davies

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“very good performances from Ampadu, Meopham, Ward”

“Ampadu is a rolls royce talent. Don’t ever doubt that”

“Ampadu with another solid display. Ireland never really offered much, but he held his position and always made himself an option. He’ll only get better the more he plays.”

“Ampadu excellent”

“Ampadu was everywhere tonight”

“Ampadu was quality”


“Seriously, how good a player is Ampadu? And the lad’s still basically a kid.”

“his was a mature performance. More disciplined, less showy”

“confident in possession, him and Allen will be a formidable partnership in the centre of the park. Cleaned up everything that came to him.”

“Ampadu and Morrell look a really good midfield partnership, promising signs there”

“Morrell and Ampadu isn’t a championship midfield never mind international quality.”

“Ampadu had yet another subdued game. Sound defensively, but offered nothing going forwards. “

“Think this is the most anonymous I’ve seen Ampadu play.”

“Ampadu just doesn’t know how to play the simple pass. “

“Ampadu is useless”

“not a stellar performance from RND, decision making leaves a lot to be desired and for a LWB his attacking isn’t great, lot of backwards passing. “

“I’m afraid RND wasn’t up to the task tonight”

“Finding Norrington-Davies so painful to watch”

“Any attack momentum stopped when Norrington-Davies got the ball, no pace and poor delivery”

“Norrington Davies not good enough”

“Norrington-Davies is not very good”

“Norrington Davies was struggling to really get forward as much as he needed to. “

“Norrington Davies was decent imo.”

“Yn wahanol i Malcom Allen, dim Norrington-Davies yw y problem efo Cymru heno. Ma Bales/James/Brooks i gyd wedi bod yn sal.”

Scotland Fans Views On Oli McBurnie

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“Searching ‘McBurnie’ during a Scotland game is always a good reminder of how horrible a place social media can be.
You’d never guess that the nation is meant to be in a positive mood or that, you know, he’s actually a decent player (when you don’t launch the ball at his head).”

“Genuinely don’t think McBurnie could be blamed at all if he just packed it in. The flak he takes is nothing short of a disgrace.
Missed a few chances tonight, one gilt-edged, but he played quite well. You’d think he’d spat on Robert the Bruce’s grave the way some folk go on.”

“I like McBurnie . He did well today. He’s improving.”

“No fan of McBurnie but thought he worked very hard.”

“I still think McBurnie will end up having a good career with Scotland.
He really needs a goal soon.”

“I’d be delighted to see McBurnie get a goal. His effort deserves it”

“As soon as mcburnie gets that 1st goal. He’ll settle in and will be fine.”

“Calling it now, he’s scoring the winner against England next summer.”

“Thought McBurnie played ok and was a big part of how we created quite a lot of chances. Just needs a goal!”

“McBurnie is no were near as bad as people think and did ok and should have scored. He had three attempts at goal though which is three more than Dykes had against Serbia. I think a lot of people are missing the point of the strikers in the formation we play.”

“There is absolutely no question that McBurnie just doesn’t appear to have it, but some of the abuse he takes on here is ridiculous. Way over the top at a time when there should only be positive vibes.”

“Don’t want to go down the bashing McBurnie route (again!) but he is simply not good enough to play up top on his own for Scotland. Whatever level he plays at for his club, he’s not the right fit for this Scotland side.”

“Crazy thought here. Maybe people are saying McBurnie isn’t very good because he isn’t very good.”

“McBurnie for Scotland.
Played 14
Scored 0
Assisted 0
Minutes 657 (just over 7 full games)
Scotland have only scored 1 goal when McBurnie has been on the pitch.”

“I have really tried to be see what he brings. But I’m struggling. He is nowhere near international class.”

“lots of chances and not good enough. Wouldn’t shut the door, but would only give him another go in a friendly.”

“just don’t see it. He gets in to good positions , but its like his brain is too slow to figure out what he’s meant to do and far too often after a brilliant build up, the play just breaks down when it goes to him”

“He’s shown very little to nothing in any the games he’s played. He isn’t even a regular starter for his club.”

“Dykes for McBurnie and we would have won”

“As for McBurnie, and sorry if this is harsh, but I really never want to see him start a game for us again unless its against San Marino or Gibraltar. He’s fine to throw on if we are 2-0 up and to see the game out ; but he’s hopeless, and if we had Dykes starting, we may well have won that game. Whilst Griffiths didn’t have a great game, he did create two or three chances in his 20 minutes on the pitch, and is much better at holding up the ball.”

“I can’t see mcburnie lasting in the epl long term whereas other strikers who have come up from the championship will. He’s useless and the fact I continue to say he’s useless despite him playing epl shows I don’t always rate epl players.”

“It’s clear McBurnie isn’t good enough or a good fit for us”

“A guy who can’t control a ball is no use to us.”

“Time to say enough is enough re McBurnie”

“The McBurnie “experiment”, if you want to call it that, has well and truly failed. Dykes, Griffiths, Shankland and Nisbet have got to be ahead of him from now on.”

“The mcburnie experiment has been going on for over two and a half years now . I think March when we get to three years would be a good place and time to call it a day.”

“I’d think twice about passing to McBurnie but chance going for it myself. And that’s not a good place to be.”

“The only reason McBurnie is even remotely defended is because he supports rangers”

“I wouldn’t want Mcburnie anywhere near Ibrox”

“How the did McBurnie ever become a professional player? I dont think Ive ever seen a worse player.”

“He’s truly a dreadful player. No touch, no pace and can’t finish.”

“McBurnie is pure mince.Disgrace of a player.”

“Oil McBurnie more like Oli McDisgrace”

“Playing the utterly dreadful Mcburnie for 93 minutes is I’m afraid a step backward, good teams keep ruthlessly winning, that was amateurish playing that waste of space up front”

“If McBurnie was a dog you’d be thinking about taking him to the vets to get him put out of his misery”

“McBurnie = Possesses all the speed and agility of striking sloth!”

“if he fell in a barrel of tits he’d come out sucking his thumb”

“Was gonnae do a tweet about how shite mcburnie was but it seems everyone’s got it covered”

“mcburnie is worse than George Weahs cousin souness brought on at Southampton”

“McBurnie has gotta be the worst ever Scotland player..
20m ..for the love of God why”

“Surely mcburnie canny just keep getting selected cos someone was stupid enough to pay £20m for the donkey”

“People slagging off Marcus Rashford for spending that money on houses for his family should remember that Sheffield United spent that amount on Oli McBurnie.For the record: Oli McBurnie could have a Lisbon Lions tattoo on his neck, rosaries in his pocket and a Wolfe Tones CD in his car and I would still say he is in no way even remotely close to being an international striker.”

Loan Updates

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Nottingham Forest Fans Views On Luke Freeman

“Freeman has been extremely disappointing so far”

“Disapointed with Freeman,he hasn’t settled in”

“What does Freeman bring to the team? genuine question?”

“Been poor so far”

“On Freeman’s current form we are very much lacking a number 10”

“freeman not doing enough to start”

“Him and Blackett have been terrible signings”

“Freeman awful… Again”

“There are serious question marks over Freeman imo – he’s just a passenger”

“Freeman is having no impact on games or even involvement”

“freeman contributing nothing. “


“Think we should get our money back for Freeman hopefully we’ve still got the receipt”

“I do think Freeman/Arter will come good but agreed nothing great so far. “

Hull City Fans Views On Regan Slater

“non existent so far”

“Slater deserves some game time”

“would love to see Regan Slater get some more game time, he’s put in some impressive performances when he’s been on the pitch.”

“Regan Slater must wonder what he’s got to do to get a start”

“Clearly coming off the bench and scoring and helping change the game isn’t enough”

“Slater brought energy, effort and tenacity to the midfield”

“Think he will start in the cup games”

Luton Town Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Looks a great prospect. Doesn’t look out of place in the Championship. Great defensively and going forward. Happy to have him. Would love to keep him but I’m sure he will go back and be a star for Sheffield United”

“Norrington Davies is the best player in The Championship”

“He’s outstanding”

“Outstanding again”

“Played well again”

“Excellent competitor and powerful”

“Norrington Davies needs to find some consistency”

Notts County Fans Views On Sam Graham

“Started well and then became sloppy with his distribution”

“Reminds me of Krystian Pearce when we had him on loan. Always on the edge of a major mistake. Isn’t a ball playing defender Ardley, stop playing him like he is.”

“started well and was our best at the back, but that really isn’t saying much”

“Good to see him back, he impressed me once he started more often. A good player in the making.”

“he looked much stronger and technically gifted against alfreton, very calm on the ball.”

“he looks to have matured a lot since last season too. Powerful at the back and calm on the ball”

Bradford Park Avenue Fans Views On Harry Boyes

“Boyes is some player. Thank you Sheffield United for the loan. It’s good to see such a young player plying his trade in the non league game. I’ve seen many not put the effort in when loaned out in similar circumstances. In the early stages of the game I felt he posed the greatest threat to Alfreton. He made one run in the first half working his way into the penalty area and it took a last ditch tackle to prevent him getting a shot at goal.”

“Stand out for me was Boyes always looking to get forward and create, always asking for the ball. Nice to have a confident youngster in the team”

“Boyes is our most dangerous attacking option.”

“I’ve told you before.
This kid is good.”

“That back four of Ross, Havern, Lund and Boyes doing the basics right looks solid”

“Boyes is really showing his talent”

“Congratulations to goalkeeper Dan Atkinson and defender Harry Boyes who’ve made the @NonLeaguePaper @FotMob National League North/South Team of the Day.”

“Well deserved”

View From Chelsea

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“We’ve got our proper Chelsea back, fantastic performance again, and make no mistake for long periods this was a very hard fought contest despite the match stats. That makes the score line even more impressive.”

“Sheffield United may not have been in the best of form this season but considering we struggled against them badly in both games last season, that was a mightily impressive performance and result.”

“Really impressed with that performance, we recovered well against an awkward opponent.”

“A comfortable win after a competitive first half.”

“That was a top performance. We had 100% control of that second half, probably the most dominant half of football I have seen from us in the league for a long time.”

“We were shakey in those first 10 minutes but after that we were in cruise control. We really could and maybe should have scored 6 or 7!”

“Well that was an absolute pleasure to watch!”

“Nice win, we totally neutralised them.”

“Wonderful game. No more playing down to lesser teams!!”

“They literally had no chances after 10 minutes”

“What a dominant performance bar the first 10 minutes. Absolutely buzzing!”

“We had 70.3% possession, didn’t quite feel like it but woah”

“Ziyech created six chances against Sheffield United, the most any Premier League player has created in a single home game this season.”


“I hate sides like Sheffield United
Turn up their style when its time to face us and then fade away immediately in games afterwards.
This time they were in a poor run of form coming into the game and tried to attack us right from the off. Furious when Goldrick or whatever his name is scored as well…Only 4 PL goals, and 3 against us!!”

“That mccgoldrick dude always scores against us then doesnt score for weeks lol”

“Trying not too get too excited it was bottom of league club we were playing”

“Sheffield United may be bottom, but that’s the first time this season they’ve had a really good shoeing”

“This is Sheffield United’s joint-heaviest Premier League loss under Chris Wilder and the first time they conceded 4 goals in a Premier League match under him. “

Pre-Match View From Chelsea

“It’d be nice to beat them (and convincingly) after last season’s performances against them.
I think Wilder is a really good manager and they’re a good side (particularly when you consider their resources), but we should be looking for a convincing victory here. They’re in a tough spot at the moment, so I’d like to see us being ruthless and efficient with our chances.”

“They put 5 past us in the 2 games against us last season, this game will show us how much we’ve developed defending on the transition in comparison to last season.”

“After last season draw and loss…3 points be lovely and another clean sheet too. “

“I can’t see them remaining in a relegation position and sooner rather than later their form should pick up. They are still quite a resilient team and may prove tougher to break down than some are anticipating. “

“This is the sort of game where we’d drop stupid points last season, hopefully that’s fully put to bed now!”

“We should have time to have more training unlike this weekend for this fixture as playing at home against Rennes midweek and we are at home on Saturday.
They are struggling just now as well.”

“Don’t want to underestimate any team in the EPL. But we should have too much for them.”

“Blades are in free fall at the mo.
Had rotten fixtures so far. Already been to Liverpool and Arsenal as well as hosting City and Wolves.
Did themselves no favours by getting just 1 point against garbage teams like Fulham and Leeds though.
They are struggling for goals, should be no charity from Mendy and co.”

“Sheffield are one of the worst teams this season. In current form we got nothing to worry about, but still we need our best players to keep the momentum going.”

“This is a dire Sheffield team who are looking like they’ll be relegated”

“top half of the table last season, Sussed out now relegation fodder”

“Ampadu looked so good as the holding central midfielder against Man City. He is so mature for his age and a natural leader. The whole time he was talking and pointing out where his colleagues needed to go”

“When you read the Sheffield United fans forum and their raving about Ampadu as a ‘must buy’ player and a future superstar. It almost makes it quite sad when you read the contrasting feedback in relation to RLC. I’m excited for Ampadu coming”

“Hope Sheffield don’t get relegated for his sake. He needs to keep his chin up and come back next season with a spring in his step.”

View From Man City

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“Well done City, poor conditions but a great win and 3 points..”

“Made hardwork of that but a wins a win.”

“Phew! That second half dragged on forever. It’s a shame we didn’t have 5 subs for Pep to use “

“Proper away result.”

Went into power save mode.
Killed game.
Energy saved.”

“We we very controlled, we dominated possession and territory in both halves. They had the inevitable 10 minute purple patch, after that we were in cruise control.”

“That was a very good performance in awful conditions v an awful opponent.”

“Rodri MOTM for me, dealt with McBurnie easily all game”

“a great result at a difficult place to win.”

“Result more important than the result , the Blades is not an easy away game , we looked a far more solid outfit and never gave them a sniff”

“Sheffield United don’t concede goals, I read that in 45 Premier league games they’ve only conceded more than 2 goals in 3 matches – and one of those was a 3-3 draw.
And we don’t have a striker!
I thought we played well, created a lot of chances, Ramsdale kept them in it, and we were solid at the back.”

“Although Sheffield United offered no great threat, its good not to shudder at every opposition attack these days.”

“Good performance. Yeah we didn’t score as many as we would like, but we looked in total control and looked like we could have turned it up a notch or two if required. If it wasn’t for Ramsdale could of quite easily of been 3/4. Restricted them to 1 chance in the whole game, lots of positives from the defence.”

“Sheffield keeper was prime cassilas and neuer today”

“Glad we got the points but I really do have to say we have become boring to watch and I never thought I’d have to say that after some of the football we were playing just a few years ago. We used to play teams like that off the park and they couldn’t keep up with our quick football.”

“Pep really should be managing our subs better.While we should have scored a bucket full we didnt,we became leggy and casual in the second half and Sheffield were unlucky not to get an equaliser because of such.”

“Good game management, but a poor game to watch.”

“Goes without saying than I’m happy with the results but my word we have turned into such a boring team at times. It’s like watching Spain after their peak ten years ago.”

“Another piss poor performance but at least we have the 3 points. Our attack is concerning, considering how we barely put chances together.”

“Well last season we didn’t grind out 0-1 wins nearly enough, but we weren’t good”

“Mahrez is stealing a living, completely ineffectual and doesn’t work hard enough.
Defence looks great but Cancelo will always give someone a chance.
Bernie more like his old self in the second half.
And, whisper it quietly, De Bruyne is becoming something of a liability because he needs a rest and is out on his feet, impacting his work rate and decision making.
Walker man of match for me.
Did I mention how shite Mahrez is?”

“We have been shit before but its more frustrating these days because of the quality of players that we have bought in and the money paid for and to them.
If Reyna made a cap pass we understood. When KDB does it over and over and over its a bit rich.
Call it spoiled if you like but imo we’ve lost whatever it was that pulled us in before. Its now hard work to watch. “

“There is no joy in that City squad. Certainly no joy watching them. I enjoyed the Pearce days more that this. And I’m not joking. Give me Vassell and Cole over Sterling and Mahrez. Or
Bosvelt over Rodri. We are awful. Something needs to change. Probably the only change is me walking away finally.”

“We’re 2 points off the top of the table (with a game in hand) and you’re having a hissy fit and talking about quitting football because we won 1-0 away to one of the best defensive teams in the country, with no fit strikers and sandwiched inbetween 2 Champions League games.
Take a deep breath, take a step back, and realise how ridiculous it is to compare that to the Pearce days.”

“It’s hard to watch a team trying to break down a team not interested in playing football for 90 mins .
That isn’t City’s fault.”

“Ederson very poor, didn’t make a save.”

“I’m sure it was just a coincidence that Oliver decided to be stood right in our passing lanes all the time.
He must really put the work in during the week.
Corrupt prick.”

“OliVAR set the tone in the first five seconds by not getting his cards out and gave free license to Sheffield to kick us. Hope Pep mentions a lack of protection in his presser.”

Pre-Match View From Man City

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“Most of us on here can remember “Typical City” so i’d just like to point out Sheff U hav’nt won a game yet”

“Season starts here, no more no pre-season excuse. Same team as tonight please with the same intense. I am convinced we will be Champions this season.

“we need to carry on playing the way we played against Marseille tonight. It will be a another tough game.
This will mean starting on the front foot. It would need us to be mentally tough as well. I will settle for a win no matter how it comes.”

“A much tougher game than the one we faced in Marseille …. Sheffield United are ‘competitive, and will be itching to put that unfortunate Liverpool defeat behind them …… we can win if we stay compact at the back, and put a workmanlike shift in , but we’re gonna know we’ve been in a match!”

“this lot will defend defend defend and they’re pretty successful at doing that on their day. Remember last season’s game at Bramall Lane where we made real hard work of it and scraped the win, I expect the same here”

“They are in poor form and struggling for goals so will see this as a free hit but they are decent defensively. We must start well and press aggressively. If we score twice we’ll win and possibly comfortably. Foden and KDB are vital for this one.”

“I wonder if we are gonna replicate the match v Marseille, or will it drop down a gear, 70% poss, as slow as a boat to China, and Sheff (the only other side from last season in the top ten with any morals) United are gifted a goal with out creating a chance of their own? No matter how hard yer try pessimism is hard to shake off!”

“I think we can beat Sheffield Utd next week without Aguero or Jesus”

“Looking forward to us reverting to type against SU and watching Mahrez walk up and down the wing all afternoon”

“Marseille were poor….we can’t expect a similar “welcome” in Sheffield !”

“Sheffield could have scored 3 goals at Liverpool”

“Sheffield will go at us with aggression”

“Gundogan will be the first on the team sheet for this , he will control the midfield against a workmanlike team like Sheff Utd.,and enable KDB and Foden to do the damage , but if we dont get an early goal they will grow in confidence and we need to avoid giving away set pieces its the only way they will score.”

“Sheffield United are the new Stoke”

“We can’t even be confident about beating Sheffield United at this point, they will just park their bus and our impotent forwards will somehow manage to miss a few. “

“We will get nowhere with Mahrez and he himself will not fancy the SU boys giving him a kicking.”

“Sheffield never stop fouling”

“I have the feeling our already disastrous injury record will look a whole lot worse after a game against Wilder’s animals. He’s allowed to use such tactics as they don’t have as big of a transfer budget as we do apparently.”

“It’s going to be a tough season for Sheffield.”

“they’re not the same as last season so what is everyone so worried about?”

“Sheffield United are in ruins”

“Sheffield are totally wank”

“they’re crap”

“Be playing Sheffield Utd and Officials. Why does Oliver get so many games which involves us and the Dippers. He is so pro Dippers and anti us, it must be a 10 point swing per season due to his officiating”

“Oliver motm for Sheffield like the scumbag was for Leicester!!!!”

“Sheffield will be a dangerous side with Oliver leading the attack”

“At least they won’t have their thick as pig shit fans booing every refs decision they don’t like”

“Sheffield United close to my worse ever away game last season . Horrible yorkies.”