Pre-Match View From Stoke

“sheff utd will tonk us on Tuesday. they were only promoted the season before last and are looking good.and then you have blackburn , wigan and Brentford who only came up last season, and all 3 are doing well in the league. I don’t think any of these teams have spent anywhere near what we have spent.we have too many individual players and we don’t play as a team.and as for bringing crouch and adam on ,surely we have better players on the bench than these.”

“I’m thinking they see us a an opportunity to get three points.”

“I thought one point tops from the two games against Brum and Sheffield U. I’ve revised this to none and if Stoke then don’t get a result against Bristol. Tone could be the man to get GR the sack.”

“I think 17th is an EXACT reflection of the sort of side we are.”

“First good side we have played we need to focus and work hard stoke supporters appreciate both those things lets hang in there till Xmas then bring in some nice presents who can get us up!!”

“This is the Championship, anybody can beat anybody.
I wouldn’t be surprised if we beat them.”

“We look like a team set up to do more damage away from home tbh, we’ll probably win.”

“Yet we have only won one away and three at home and the one away win was an hillarious oggy”

“Should have trounced Wednesday and Rotherham though. I’ve been to 3 away this season and they’ve been the 3 best performances I’ve seen.”

“At times Birmingham had 11 men behind the ball making it incredibly difficult for us to create something.Can’t see that happening on Tuesday.”

“despite losing on Saturday we bossed the game for the most part, we are certainly in with a good chance on Tuesday if Rowett can lift the side.”

“We’re on the verge of being a good side.”

“We’ll win this one.”

“I think our performances have slowly improved though, since the Blackburn game. The pockets of cohesion are there and we just need to put it together for longer.”

“We have better players than other clubs, but they have better teams; there is a difference. We need a manager who can create a team.”

“they cost more and we’re paying them more. There’s a big difference between that and actually being better players.”

“we seem to become totally reliant on Tom Ince to create something as all McClean does is run up and down in straight lines. “

View From Derby

“Great game. Credit to the championship. they are the second best team we’ve seen. Even better than last year”

“Great game to watch. Second half we looked pretty good against a good side. We defended really well in the first half too.”

“Shef Utd look very good so a great win for us”

“First half was United’s, second half was ours.”

“Sheff Utd were impressive first half, without looking overly threatening imo. Second half was clearly much better from our point of view, and the tactical changes Frank and co introduced were a major part in us taking all the points”

“They were better in the first half, they kept knocking at the door, and they deserved their goal, but they weren’t that good that they deserved more than 1.  So they got as much as they deserved. WhT they should have done was then build on that momentum and continue that dominance into the second half. But they didn’t.  It was a good game, fairly contested, and the right team won for the right reasons. Not really much to moan about there.”

“Thought we played quite well tonight in a game that could have gone either way.
I always think we play better against sides that try and play football and Utd did that.
In the end our younger legs carried us through and I thought both of our goals were brilliantly taken.”

“We beat a good team today but overall I think that we can do a lot better with the players we have. We gave the ball away far too much especially in the first half, but we still had the quality to get the win and despite the lack of service for large parts of the game Jack Marriott is always likely to win you a game because he is so sharp in the box.
There will be days where we play better and lose, but overall another step in the right direction.”

“where DID sheff u’s endeavour go in the second half?”

“They ran out of steam. Really impressed with our fitness this season”

“We played better against Blackburn and even Norwich and didn’t win yet despite not being at our best today we beat top of the league. Major positive!”

“weird game to me, scoring early it seemed we didn’t know what to do (first half) press or sit back and counter. Sitting back and counter is stressful to watch but really we should of gone in at least 2-0 if Wilson had done the right thing twice!! weird also as they came out sitting back etc.. etc it’s like we didn’t know what to do either after the goal and they didn’t know what to do second half . “

“Watched this game on Sky. I was annoyed that the pundits were giving the Blades the big one. Just like Leeds, Sheff utd started the season well last season, then faded away. I feel they will run out of steam and will drop out of the promotion race.”

“Sheff U overachieved last season but did not fall away until after Christmas but they will get found out before that this season”

“I think the Blades are overrated – most of their points have come from beating poor teams.”

“Their first half performance was overrated. whoever the knob on sky doing the secondary commentary sounded like a Sheff Utd fan. Was laughing my tits off. He is still scratching his head at why Sheff United dominated the ball in the first half and not the second”

“A great performance second half, we played on the front foot  and that’s how we should try and play away from home as we would beat most teams in this league if we play with that intensity and quality of interchange in attack.”

“Best lol moment,  utd fans singing you’ve only come to see utd.”

Pre-Match View From Derby

App5c Zoran

“Unless Hull can still be counted as Yorkshire our record against sides from over the border is poor this year and on the evidence of last year’s two performances we’ll need to be at our best.
I do however remember two or three great ‘turning point’ wins against the Blades in the not too distant past so, here’s hoping for another.
Defeat would begin a bit of a minor crisis”

“could really do with three points and a battling performance against a team that will come at us, hopefully it plays into our hands. Let’s make a statement”

“sheffield united play 3 at the back. We know one lone striker struggles against three defenders so there is no point persisting with 4231 v 343. Perfect opportunity to try summat else.”

“last year I personally thought that Sheff United were the best team we faced over both games. Seems like they’ve carried it on!”

“Who knows which Derby will turn up. I’d take a point.”

“Sheff Utd are in great form and will be full of confidence, so it looks like being our hardest game since we were outplayed by the DYS.
On our day we could win this one, but we’re too inconsistent to risk much money on the outcome.”

“We couldn’t have picked a worse time to face them they are on fire But we’re Derby anything can happen certainly have to up our game to get anything “

“Going into an international break on a winning or losing run does not automatically mean you come out of it the same way.
Also Derby are well known as breakers of opposition winning/losing streaks.”

“how often do teams go into an international break on fire and come out of it extinguished or vice versa? I think we will get something out of it”

“International break over….. Sheffield good run to come to an end.”

“How many of United’s side would you swap for ours?”

“A tough one but, I think the Rams will play well in front of Sky again”

“it’s Derby so we will probably win but I can’t see it given our inconsistency and their run of form”

“I’d like to see us match their formation in this one. Go three at the back… Man for man I think we have more skill and we will beat them.”

“We should play to our strengths and let them worry about our quality rather than switching formation to a back 3. If we play with a 3 at the back we will either have one less midfielder or one less attacking option, and playing in a back 3 is hard to adjust to. With the players we have got and our style of play I would say it wouldn’t work becuase what is the point of going down the wing and crossing with the wing backs a lot when we don’t have someone aerially dominant to win the headers.”

“If David McGoldrick serves us up a lesson in football I am going to have to go off sick for a week.”

“On paper this de-darby team ought to knock the breadcakes out of ’em. (Sheffield bants). “

“Did you know that, originally, it was Wendy who were the Blades? They adopted “The Owls” when they moved to the Owlerton district of Sheffield and the red half of steel city nicked the dropped Blades tag.”

“Ticket sales very slow again. Looks like a poor crowd against the top team.”

International Updates

Northern Ireland Fans Views On Oliver Norwood

how many average games is Ollie Norwood gonna have in a Northern Ireland shirt?!”

“If Norwood isn’t hitting the free kicks then what is the point in him?”

“Considering how bad the freekcick from him are not a hell of a lot.”

Started well and spread the play well with diagonal passes but never made much more impact going forward as the game wore on “

Booked for a silly foul”

Too many games in which Norwood just doesn’t have an impact. I’d like to see McNair ahead of him against ROI/Austria”

Bosnia at home only decent game from him in recent times .52 caps zero goals to his name, surely midfieders have to chip in with the odd goal and a few assists, hasn’t had many of them either? McNair taking set piece is he not even up to that lol”

Michael is obviously a fan but especially when he isn’t even taking set pieces it can look like he isn’t doing much “

Someone, anyone tell me what does Norwood do??????”

Doing his job. We’ll miss him when he’s suspended next game”

Norwood was excellent the 1st half”

“Norwood has been ever present during our best years this century. You don’t do that by accident.”

The rest of our players are so good that they’ve been carrying him that whole time. It makes their achievements all the more remarkable.”

Wales Fans Views On Ben Woodburn

Would be great if Woodburn could get a move like Brooks. A top flight team, but not one of the big 6, so he can actually get a game “

“He can’t get into the Sheff Utd team, he’s not ready for top flight football. He’s 3 years younger than Brooks so give him time.”

Weird how he’s not even in the Sheff U squad a lot of the time. Would have expected Klopp to have had a clause that he has to play a certain number of games, as with Grujic “!

“To be fair to Sheff Utd they are currently on top and have been winning- hard to change a winning team/squad and its not their job to bleed in youngsters. Ben will get his chance again as the season gets busier i’m sure – good challenge for him to fight for a shirt.”

Where is our lord and saviour Sir Ben Woodburn when you need him ”

Still can’t believe he wasn’t given game time tonight”

Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On Enda Stevens

I would have played Stevens at left wing back instead of a right sided centre half”

If it’s going to be wingbacks, it HAS to be Doherty and Stevens.”

Stevens is a much better player than Christie who is being exposed badly in the premier league”

once Stevens and Robinson got on we started causing Denmark problems”

Looked steady”

Given that Ireland started the game without a traditional left wing back and Stevens has been playing that role for high-flying Sheffield United, Stevens was slightly unfortunate not to start this game. Looked good on the ball”

Much better with Stevens

We need to get Rice on board, you can reshape the side around Rice, Robinson and Duffy. Even Doherty and Stevens have a big big part to play”


Former Players Update

Here I take a look at some of the players who were with us last season and see how they have started at their new clubs.

When United let Lee Evans go to Championship rivals Wigan Athletic more than a few eyebrows were raised. Evans had started the first two games of the season for The Blades and letting him go seemed a strange move from manager Chris Wilder. Little did we know that Wilder had Oliver Norwood up his sleeve to replace the Welsh international. United haven’t looked back since Norwood came into the side whilst it seems Evans has had a mixed start at The DW Stadium:

“He should play every week” “We can rotate plenty of players without too much trouble. But Evans isn’t one of them. Maybe if we’d gone 4-4-2 or played with outright widemen we could get away with it. But if everything is going through the middle Evans needs to be in there”

“Decision to drop Lee Evans was beyond any words i can write here. There’s no reasoning for that decision”

“If we had left Lee Evans on the pitch, we would have be coming back up the A1 with a point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

“Evans classy as always. Except those couple of strange corners that hit the first man, not sure what he was trying there.”

“Evans is out of his depth in this league”

“Gibson is better than Evans”

“I’m not impressed by Evans tbh. Slows things down and passes sideways too often.”

“I don’t think Evans is that good he likes a long fancy pass which looks good but doesn’t deliver enough quality passes.”

Another player who probably thought he would be in and around the first team at Bramall Lane this season is Ryan Leonard.  After months of chasing him, Wilder quickly made his mind up that Leonard wasn’t in his plans going forward and he was shipped off to Millwall.  After a difficult start to the season The Lions have picked up of late and it seems Leonard has been a big part of their recent upturn:

“The more I see of Ryan Leonard, the more I think he is a great signing”

“Massive fan of Ryan Leonard already.”

“He was sensational”

“Leonard & Gregory were outstanding all 90 minutes”

“Leonard has been superb, he looks like a proper ‘Millwall Player’.”

“The stand out performer”

“Pivotal role in the heart of the midfield”

“We could lose him for £8million next summer.”

Cameron Carter Vickers helped United out in the early part of last season before ending the campaign at Ipswich. Now he’s at Swansea but is struggling for game time:

“he might get only a game or two more this whole season.”

“Not had a single minute in 2 games”

“He needs minutes”

“He played well but won’t get much game time”

“Quite solid considering how little he has played”

“a bit of a unit and did OK when he came on.”

The name James Wilson won’t bring to mind many fond memories for United fans after a dismal loan spell at the end of last season. The Manchester United striker is now on loan in Scotland with Aberdeen.  After a good start it seems Wilson has lately been suffering with injuries:

“Best striker in years”

“I’m really enjoying the experience of having him here; really fires up the engine of possibility”

“He is literally the only striker we have capable of doing goals”

“There were moments in that game where the ball came to him when surrounded by Hibs players and he came out the other end with the ball against all probability. The lad has skill…..lets try playing the ball to his feet for a change.”

“He had some fucking terrific moments last night” “He is the man
Get him fit
Keep him fit
Get the ball to him early”

“he’s a player and he’ll do well for us, if he keeps fit”

“Once we get Wilson 100% fit, we will be fine”

“The white Nicky Maynard”
“He’s a Wanker with all the talk of using us to get himself in the shop window” “Something thats really pissed me off this season is the couple of folk on here that insisted Wilson is out of our league….. he’s on £30k/week don’t you know.
Today: No goals, no assists and a hamstring strain.
He is very much in our league” “disaster with injuries and transfers this summer. who’d have known Hoban was so injury prone, and Wilson, and Wright, and Tansey”

“Who’d have thought that signing a bunch of crocks would lead to them missing games.” “Shoot him in the paddock and claim the insurance money.”

When David Brooks left United to join Bournemouth in The Premiership, not many would have expected him to make such an impact so quickly. With 2 goals to his name Brooks has dazzled fans of The Cherries and is already being compared with some of the games greats:

“We have had Sheffield United’s pants down at £12m”

“What a signing.
You could see in the pre season friendlies when he played in a more central role he looked so promising so how the hell did Sheff Utd let him go for that price ?”

“I am starting the official David Brooks fan club! Kid just passes the eye test, sniff test and any other test you may have. I think he will be the next Modric. In terms of sheer talent I place him at the top of the club”

“There is probably someone in Sheffield who once told everyone. ” guess who I am? I’m the leader of the David Brooks Fan Club ..that’s who! ” Now an angry broken dude sat in the park with his Pics scratching his sad Yorky Ar#e! Dave Boy sat with his Accountant in Harry Ramsdens( Bournemouth branch) not knowing the poor saps name!
Leave Fan Clubs with the Music Industry where they belongs…let footballers earn their Legend status in time!
Brooksy doesn’t need it….and it’s odds on he will ship out next year..he is destined for the very top..another Thierry Henry”

“He’s an excellent footballer”

“we have a real gem here”

“Honestly think he could progress enough to play for any of the top sides one day”

“You know those players who look like they have half a second more than other players In the same situation , IMO he’s one of those . Every touch has purpose and if he doesn’t need to touch the ball he won’t, he has his head up looking at the scene in front of him” “He reminds me of cross between Wade Elliot and a young Frank Lampard.
IMHO, he’s got a better future ahead of him, than Lewis Cook has, and that really is a high level to be above”

“Needs to bulk up a little and work on his defending. Looked a tad shaky once or twice when in our box on Monday. Certainly a real talent there though and an exciting young player.”

Finally in this round up I take a look at Clayton Donaldson who always put a shift in at United before moving to Bolton. Unfortunately it’s not been a great start for the veteran striker:

“is Donaldson taking the piss?”

“Donaldson looked like someone I played sunday league with a few years ago. Shocking.”

“Donaldson was just lol”

“lol wtf Donaldson. Awful”

“Donaldson is useless”

“4 Times in the first 20 minutes he failed to lay off a 5 yard ball”

“he will make an impact eventually with his strength and direct style”

“Donaldson is fine for this season, but at 34 can only be a short term answer”


View From Hull

“Thankfully, the international break intervenes, to prevent Hull City from embarrassing themselves further in the Championship. Another lame performance from the Tigers ends in predictable defeat for the visitors”

“Poor again. Actually thought we’d get something today. I was wrong. Could of gone 1-0 up from a header, great save. Dicko scores but was offside. They got a pen. We’re also bottom”

“Well OK we lost, but not a tonking.”

“City played alright today. Deserved a point. Signs of promise, despite weird team selections.”

“first half wasn’t good. But 2nd we did alright but just didn’t create enough clear chances”

“Shame that, last 20 we looked alright, had them pinned back. Starting 11 lacked any cutting edge, nige almost as clueless as ehab”

“I think that was largely down to them managing the game and protecting their lead.”

“we don’t give away a stupid penalty we’d be talking about a hard earned point, Henriksen scores from a free header before their goal and we have a different game. All ifs and buts but, games all about fine margins.”

“Well struck pen – **** knows what it was given for”

“Definately a penalty, clear pull on their player. Our player who it was against just walked away without even looking at the ref he knew it was a Penalty.

“Was definitely a penalty, stupid pull when player was facing away from goal”

“Definite pen.”

“Elphick. ****ing idiot. Thanks”

“We are now bottom of the league and Sheffield United are top. Shows how poor this league is. Very worrying times though….”

“Adkins could / should have been a bit more positive with his selection, but to be fair, he almost pulled it off ….. if it weren’t for a player making a ****wit decision to give a stupid needless penalty away. You can’t blame Adkins for that.”

“Thanks Nige, we’ve lost to both of our local rivals in the last 3 games, if you can’t get the players up and buzzing for derby matches you can’t against the others, 1 goal by dodgy pen in last 3 games”

“NA is the kind of bloke who’d call relegation a positive…..The biggest surprise is that its taken 6th of October to hit rock bottom”

“Our team on paper is better than 10 teams in this division, so the conclusion has to be the manager isn’t good enough. It’s an international break and Blunts fans would love to have sacked him…”


Pre-Match View From Hull

“Looking forward to another decent trip on Saturday against Sheffield United. Up against another quality side chasing promotion. One of my favorite grounds as well.”

“Sheffield United > Sheffield Wednesday. Ground, fans, away day in general. All better. By a mile.”

“We’re gonna get battered if I’m honest. Hope it’s not 4 like last season”

“can’t see us troubling Sheff Utd at the weekend”

“Play Stewart and Henriksen in midfield that way we will dominate possession and have that added bite.
After playing Barcelona it’s going to be tough against Real Madrid.”

“i was reading a sheff utd ****s forum after their 2nd game against boro when they lost 3-0
fans were saying wilder has to go
he’s not the man for the job
that he’s done all he can, he can’t pick the righ tteam
now they are joint top of the championship Then again they then got Norwood”

“If/When Sheff Utd batter us Saturday, with the break coming up directly after… this must be the end for Adkins. Say what you want about finance,off field issues…we are getting worse progressively under him. I cannot see a scenario where he even nearly keeps us up.”

“Hull City’s biggest derby of the season is actually on Saturday, against Sheffield United. The Nigel Adkins derby Fans fighting over who was shitter under Adkins. An all out fight before twitter turns into a support group. Can’t wait.”

“this is least enjoyable Hull side to watch in 20 years. So so boring to watch. Slutsky got the bullet for being ten times more entertaining.”

“I’ve heard enough of Adkins bull**it, its tedious and on top of that I’m not impressed by his tactics, or lack of!
Personally Nigel, you walked into a firestorm, its raging around you and the flames are engulfing you, do us all a favour and go!”

“The over positivity is sickening and unnecessary. The long ball is mind numbing and ineffective. There are young talented coaches and managers that would come. We are down with bells on otherwise. We can’t play any duller fare and have nothing to lose.”

“More guff from todays pre-match conference…everyone wants to see the stadium full….doesn’t he talk to Enob?….the group is working hard….yada yada!!”

“He does some daft things, he doesn’t inspire and he talks utter bollocks.
Apart from that, he’s alright.”

“if he could have brought in some of his first choice transfers such has Norwood, McKenna ect we would be in a much better position than we are now. He has made some strange decisions but hasn’t a lot to work with, it dosnt help neither with the bad atmosphere around the club”

“give him the chance and then judge fairly after a reasonable shot at it. He did a great job at Scunny and Southampton. Not realistic to judge him on Reading given the circumstances. He’s a decent manager and a good guy who deserves much better.”

View From Blackburn

“Thank god thats over..”

“Below par but let’s not panic. 25 unbeaten at Ewood, solid start to the season and came undone against a pretty good Sheff Utd team, played some nice stuff. We’ll have these nights throughout the season.”

“Rovers were not at the races tonight and Sheff Utd were in full control for most of the match and deserved all 3 points. They are a good side and the best team I have seen at Ewood so far this season.”

“Fair play to Sheff Utd tonight, they were much sharper than us, organised and stopped us from playing. Best side I’ve seen so far this season.”

“Best side I’ve seen at Ewood in over a year, can’t lie we played dreadful but can’t take that away from Sheff Utd.”

“Best side too have come to Ewood this season for me. They controlled the game and out classed and out played them. Too say Forest have spent a bit this summer, Sheff United are twice the team they are. We never looked like breaking them down. Dack was a no show, Graham had no service and when he did win a header they were first too every ball. The same when one of our centre halves won a header, they were always first to the second ball. It just shows you can be successful in this league without splashing the cash”

“best side I seen play against us this year.”

“can see why sheff united are up there near the top, they look really good”

“Beaten by a team we aspire to follow in the footsteps of. Well done to Sheff Utd. We go again”

“first lesson of the season. Out classed.”

“Out of our depth against a excellent footballing side. It was almost as if the players gave up due to lack of ability.”

“Outclassed, outplayed and we looked a league lower.”

“first time this season were we havent at least dominated half of the game.sheffutd decent side though”

“Very impressed with Sheff U. No shame in losing to a team that has just gone top of the league.”

“Well beaten by a far superior side.”

“we are a newly promoted side and the side we played, last season set the standard for newly promoted sides. That’s what we should be aiming for”

“We were beaten by a better drilled, stronger, fitter side.”

“Very poor tonight. Sheff Utd very hard to break down.”

Sheff Utd defence impressive”

Sheff Utd well organised albeit fortunate with their goals but deserved to win from all round play.”

“O’Connell is a beast. Did he really go on a free?”

“Letting O’Connell go and on a free was criminal. It was obvious he was gOod enough back then”

“Brereton looks a bombscare signing. Billy sharp showing exatly the type of striker we need for this league not this prima Donna”

“6 million for a kid who uses 2 mins to tie his shoelaces.. ”

“Brereton so far looks absolute shocking. Sheff utd literally just sat in till we gave them the ball and hit on the counter. They didn’t have to do anything special”

“2-0 flattered us big time .It really frustrates me because we were played off the park…and not by Barcelona or even Crystal Palace, I hasten to add…”

Pre-Match View From Blackburn

“I see some similarities between Sheffield United and ourselves. Both recently promoted from League One, both seem to have spells of playing some exciting football, both suspect defensively, both teams that have been assembled on limited funds in comparison to most. Could do with 4 points from the next 2 to keep momentum going into the international break. Any less than 3 from 6 this week and I’ll be disappointed. Think this one will be more difficult than Villa or Forest despite them not having the over the top media frenzy behind them”

“Going to be a really tough game. They have 2 wiley guys upfront in McGoldrick and Sharpe. Not the quickest, but both good technically and clever with the ball.  It’s going to be a real battle as they work hard like us. Hopefully we sneak a win.”

“Going to be a really tough one.  Sheffield United and West Brom are the only clubs to have won 6 of their first ten games and the Blades have a horrible habit of getting results at Ewood. Blades are nicely posed to get into the top two and if they are going to make automatic promotion, this is the kind of game they need to win. This game is a huge threat to our long unbeaten home run and I will be happy with a draw, ecstatic with a win for Rovers. “

“Blades will come for a shut out and get it.”

“Rovers last 3 games yielded 7-7. Sheffield United last 2 games total 6-4/So sod’s law it will be 0-0 but given they leak at the back as well, I am expecting the Blades to come to attack.”

“for some reason I always think dull grinding game when I see Sheff Utd pop up although that’s probably not true ! Like you say though I expect a tightening at the back type game from both sides, they come along every now and then.”

“Expecting a very tough game. Cannot recall seeing Rovers beat the Blades that many times over the decades. Although we’ve drawn too many games so far I wouldn’t be surprised or too disappointed to see this finish all square.”

“They’re a very good side – a draw wouldn’t be too bad at all.”

“They are a good side, and we have played enough teams who we have considered good sides and have been unfortunate to not be on the winning side against some and have beaten others.If we want to be in the promotion mix then i feel we need to be winning this game, if we draw and then don’t beat Bolton on Saturday then 2 or 3 points from the last 3 games will be a poor return.We are unbeaten in 25 games at home and although i respect Sheff United and admire the job Wilder has done il be disappointed if we don’t claim 3 points tomorrow.A point would have been ok of we had held on against Forest but if we want to be mixing it with the teams at the top end then i think we need 3 points tomorrow”

“Two points from top 6 and playing Sheffield next. Looking good. :)”

“I wish we were playing Wednesday, Sheffield United look very good at the moment.”

“Sheff Utd have proper fans, who stay local. And support their club.
We don’t really have that at Blackburn.
There is only one guarantee on wed. Whatever we do, it won’t be good enough. And only the negatives will be picked up. But that’s just reading places like here.
Going to games is brilliant. Almost every match had been exciting between 2 very even sides. The crowd in the ground get behind us. The manager and players are making everyone who counts, proud. And going to games is now a really exciting and good thing. And we play great football.
What sets is aside from Sheff Utd, they don’t have Bradley Dack. We do.”

“Hope Mulgrew is fit, suspect he might sit out until the international break but fingers crossed as we need him alongside a shaky Lenihan. Going to be a tough game.”

“I haven’t seen anything recently explaining Mulgrew’s current situation.
If he still isn’t back will Rodwell play his third game in a week?
Downing made me feel nervous every time he got the ball against Forest.
If Nyambe doesn’t recover from yesterday’s knock then I assume Williams or Bell will play right full back (please don’t waste Bennett there).
Our once settled defence could be anything but on Wednesday.”

“Dean Henderson, goalkeeper, now on loan at Sheffield United.  Should be an interesting return to Ewood Park and especially in front of the Blackburn End after his reactions last season when playing Shrewsbury!”

“Wouldn’t be surprised to see Henderson have an absolute blinder against us- one of the reasons I am apprehensive about this one.”

“Dean Henderson. Prick. He’ll get some respite this season for one half probably backed by a large Sheffield away following. Shame really – he was a nob of the highest order and deserves all the stick he gets.”

“if his reactions in the games after his Ewood fiasco are typical then he could be a liability for them. On the other hand if he has a Robbie Savage type of personality, he may thrive on any stick he gets”

“I hope he gets his ears reddened , but that no idiots take it too far and throw shit.  Hopefully the prolonged abuse will be enough to put him off his game”

“Just had a reminder that we once signed Jordan Slew for £1.1m from Sheff United. Steve Kean’s words when we signed him – “He has strength, he wants to get in behind defenders and I think he’s a dynamic powerful young striker. He’s certainly one for the future.”
Slew now plays for Radcliffe in the Northern Premier League Division One North…. In the same division as Bamber Bridge…. one division above Clitheroe.”

View From Millwall

“2 o’clock put my adopted son on the teamsheet and leave 2.5mill worth of players on bench.3 oclock witness first wellie up the field of the day.start clapping.tell my players not to challenge oppo just let them pass the ball about at will.start clapping.3.15 get my pad and pen out(seen em do it on tele).write down instructions.6 eggs loaf of bread and pint of milk.give it to son nearly touches ball I tell him to stop it.go 1 down massive 5 foot 4 striker with free header.half time no changes.get a goal out of nothing gregs scores a one on one.i bollock him for missing the goalies legs.livers sidles up and says it’s time to revert to 1 10 formation.stay in our half for rest of game waiting for the inevitable.while talking to livers goal goes in but carry on talking anyway.take son off congratulate him on not touching the ball all game.start clapping(sorry I can’t help myself).game ends sheep sing super Neil I week rinse and repeat.”

“A disappointing result after an improved second half display. We were running around with our tongues hanging out. Their McGoldrick was coming short, linking the play, turning into us and pulling some of the strings and we were finding it tough to get the ball. For the first fifteen minutes it looked as if it could have been a real afternoon to forget. Their Sharp was running all over the place. They ran hard to try and get back into it. They had a lot of help from the ref who was made of regular brown stuff. Right in front of us he gave two free kicks which were completely wrong. Gregory was totally baffled by the first and second which looked like firm challenges on Sharp who could fall over after the slightlest of contacts. Neither of those ref’s errors led to a goal so he gave them another chance. Some slick passing saw a cross into our six yard box and McGlodrick tucked it away.”

“The team should look at the performance of Shef Utd No 21 Duffy, he ran midfield And popped up everywhere.”

“second penalty was the most stupid thing Williams could have done, stonewall pen””We should put an advert out:”Come from a grim pronvicial shithole that will be even more fucked & depressing after Brexit, making you have to live vicariously through your football team to experience any joy? Do not despair. Enjoy a nice day out in London, which will be thriving after the UK leaves Europe and enjoy the best 10 minutes of your pointless life at The Den. Just ask the losers of Middlesbrough, Swansea, Leeds and Sheffield about their experiences.”

“After second goal their goal scorer ran to get the ball out of the net basically because they fancied getting a winner.
Amos held on to it as though to say we’d be happy with a draw.
Not great body language for a home team”

“On the third goal or defenders both standing either side of the goal scorer, they was both in the right place at the right time, the cross was perfect and there is not much you can do about that”

“Was a well played goal by them just so happened it was at the end of the game, make no odds about it the ref has really done us, he changed the game, everyone will remember the late goal due to the goals we have let in late in other games, but we didn’t play to bad Amos, Leonard, Gregory & Romeo played good, Shef Utd are a good team quick passes in the last 3rd of the pitch”

“My problem is when we went in front yet again we done that silly 10 men behind the ball thing that we do where we just let the opposition have the ball and say ‘come at us’ and again we’ve pissed away the points.When they scored that penalty only one team was ever gonna win that match today, and it wasn’t us. Sheff Utd kept coming at us and it was only a matter of time, they got their reward. I only wish we could be that brave when attacking a game, again we’ve been done by a team with better fitness, and more desire to get the points than us.”

“What we were doing was working. Sheffield were rattled.
Yes, they worked very hard and they have experienced, skillful players.
BUT, we stopped doing what was working, and invited them to hit us on the chin.
So, they did.To put it another way, if we have the ball in their half, even the refs we get can’t give penalties against us.”

“Sheff Utd for the taking but we run out of gas and ideas. I can’t actually blame the players, this is a game management problem from the touchline.”

“The difference in us and Shef Utd is, they was spot on with their passing, and today every second ball dropped for them, and the ref gave every 50/50 to them, only twice in the second have did the ref give us 2 free kicks, other then that they got everything from him”

“At the moment Bradshaw joined the club to score goals but does not play has he is similar type player to Gregory but Moro will play but he does not score so should we have looked for a younger Moro type player who scores goals rather than a Bradshaw type player as we already have Gregory until he leaves in Jan to join Sheff Utd as he is a Sheffield lad.”