Loan Updates

Wigan Fans Views On Leon Clarke

“He was class today”

“He looked fine and was a handful.”

“Clarke looked like a good old fashioned centre forward.”

“Does Leon Clarke know the offside rule or is he just a lazy shite?”

“Genuinely, every single ball that came to him he got flagged”

“He was very quiet today”

“As for Clarke……he created nothing and centre halfs had him in their pockets all night.”

“My only gripe was Clarke, for me he’s just not good enough. I thought that first time round and nothings changed my mind now.”

“no better than 1st time round.Leading the line,never won a header,lay off or flick on. Is he really the best we could muster up ???”

Fleetwood Fans Views On Ched Evans

“Well done Ched, just what we needed, wish we could keep you here as our player”

“Good to see Ched bag a few”

“Back in the side and back with a bang. Deserved a hat-trick but positioning was top notch.”

“Evans is insane at holding it up. “

“Sign ched permanently”

“hardly given a sniff by Luton’s mean defence.”

Guiseley Fans Views On Marcus Dewhurst

“We gained a point last night – but only thanks to some fine saves by Marcus Dewhurst.”

“without Dewhurst the defeat could have been much larger.”

“Dewhurst was fine, the others poor”

“Marcus Dewhurst saved us from total embarrassment by making some truly magnificent saves. He is a star in the making!”

Guiseley Fans Views On George Cantrill

“Played well”

“Cantrill broke things up well”

“had a particularly good games last night.”

“looks quite useful and seems willing to put in a shift”

“Cantrill was excellent after a little bit of a shaky start when he gave the ball away a couple of times. I hope he can continue that form for the rest of the season.”

“He was excellent”

“Thought George Cantrill was inspired today, even before he scored the goal, he was MOTM”

“Cantrill looks as if he has plenty to offer.”

“A great addition”

Doncaster Rovers Fans Views On Tyler Smith

“Made the EFL team of the week.”

“Two well taken goals”

“The biggest positive for me today is that Smith looks to be the predator striker I was hoping we could get to partner JM.
He certainly impressed me with the way he put those two chances away, plus he wasn’t afraid to do the hard work.”

“Great to see what Tyler Smith has been like in his 2 interviews since he arrived, a young lad just absolutely loving playing football. Such a difference to some of the loan players we’ve had from leagues above in the past”

“Even more impressive than his debut performance was how quickly Smith had whipped his shirt off and was almost in the crowd in celebration. Instant fans favourite”

“Cracking debut from Tyler Smith though today, can’t wait to see more of him”

“Excited at the prospect of watching him over the next few months”

“He looks a top prospect, calm in front of goal, quick, bright, and always on the shoulder of the defender. A young Billy Sharp”

“Sheffield United potentially have a real star on their hands”

Barrow Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Norrington-Davies was excellent.”

“Norrington deserved MOTM he was our main threat down the left particularly second half”

“Norrington-davies was immense”

“the whole team (bar Norrington who’d run for 180 minutes) just didn’t seem to have the same energy as usual”

“about been our best player week in week out”

“All of the loanees have improved. Many have added to their value and we are increasingly seen as a safe haven for youngsters in development which in turn leads to better quality players being recruited. Norrington-Davis is a shining example of this”

“Badly missed Norrington-Davies, he’d been a big attacking outlet for us”

“Wrap him up in cotton wool”

Carlisle United Fans Views On Nathan Thomas

“Skillful and tricky. A top third player who needs to be fed the ball time and time again, until he runs out of steam.”

“Has obvious ability”

“I feel that particularly with Thomas, as he gets fitter, he could, potentially be a match winner.”

“plenty of flashes of skill, looked very dangerous first half.”

“looks quality but hasn’t played enough or isn’t fit enough”

“hit n miss. Some good stuff, some awful stuff also seems to get annoyed when stuff he tried didn’t work or get picked up by other players, can see why it therefore didn’t work at Notts county.”

“Am not seeing it with Thomas i’m afraid, he was isolated for spells first half and wasn’t happy when pulled. O’Hare also is disappointing even tho he gets stuck in”

“I thought Thomas was poor, he constantly ran into the defender and kept laying the ball back to Liddle, more so in the first half, instead of going past his man or swinging in a cross.”

Carlisle United Fans Views On Regan Slater

“not much impact” “not his day and lasted just the hour” “another developing really well and gaining in confidence”

“lots of energy, keeps the ball well and never does much wrong”

“he’s a busy little player” “He hasn’t exactly set the world alight”

“Worked hard and shows really good flashes going forward.”

“Worked hard, technically very skilled, but a bit lightweight”

“seems to be a weak link atm too much being asked of him”

“an exciting prospect who will make a big impact. Not a bad player but not much of an impact compared to many others”

Peterborough Fans Views On Daniel Lafferty

“Thought he was very good”

“looked a useful addition to the side”

“Like the look of Lafferty” “Looks a great signing”

“Lafferty is a solid LB” “Very good”

“Lafferty offered a lot more going forward down left.”

“He’s strengthened the team”

“Class addition” “Really like the look of Lafferty too. You trust he’s not going to make a mistake but also calm when going forward! Could be a player!”

View From Reading

“Reading are now on a run of 9 league games against the Blades which has seen them gather just 1 point. And that point was gathered at Bramall Lane almost exactly 8 years ago to the day. “

“Thank fudge that is over. Wouldn’t have scored if we’d played for a week.”

“Sheff Utd are quite possibly the best team we have played this year”

“They are a seriously good side and I think wilder is an exceptional manager. The best in the division by a distance. “

“You have to give Sheffield credit. To say we gave them the win would be naive, they’re quicker, stronger and better in all departments. But we could have done a hell of a lot more. Well played to United though, their style of play is a pleasure to watch, they’re quick, incisive and always pick the right option. Norwood and Madine were class for them, fortunately for us their LWB was pretty average or the scoreline could have been worse. They just need to cut out their pre-match comments ”

“It was a similarly poor performance as Blackburn first half against a team with the quality to actually punish us”

“Passing football like we do is nonsense, United have the perfect balance between when to go short and when to go long .Norwood > Any of our midfielders, but I could have told you that three years ago. I remember when people said Norwood wouldn’t get in our team because we had Evans, Swift and Kelly. How wrong were they”

“Gary Madine showing what a Champ striker looks like, while we’ve spent the last couple years trying to figure it out. “

“You can’t have any complaints about Oliviera. If he’d had the service Madine got I’m sure we’d have a goal or two.Now Norwood, Duffy and Fleck would walk into our team, look about and then walk right back out in disgust. “

“men vs boys, Sheff showing in last couple seasons what you can do in Champ without spending billions. And oh, they made more changes from Wednesday night to their starting lineup today than we did. “

“Sheff actually passed it around better than we did.
Of course, like most Champ teams, they are built for the Champ, and so they are also bigger, taller, stronger, meaner, and more physical than we are (something we haven’t grasped in recent years, apparently) . “

“The team on the pitch had absolute no belief that they could pull it back, and it’s hard to argue that they had any chance. Sheff Utd are a better team than us in most ways.”

“They were better in every department”

“oxf*rd me, most of us weren’t expecting anything today, I naively predicted a 1-1 but 4-0 and it could be oxf*rd worse. “

“Short passing crap ball at the back when teams are flying high in the division and pressing you is suicidal”

“Let’s hope Gomes can restore a bit of confidence in the team after this thrashing. We’re going to need it next Saturday. Still, we have had 60% possession apparently – reminds me of Stam Days!”

“It’s also worth noting that Sheffield United rested the two players that have scored 17 of their last 20 goals!”

“Has there been a bit of bribery here-Blackburn did the same on Wednesday night- or are these teams now starting to feel sorry for us?”

“To think there are three teams below us in the league and effectively worse than us is simply unbelievable”

“On a positive – I like Bramall Lane as a ground. It’s in a good location, away fans get a decent view and there’s some atmosphere.” ”

Pre-Match View From Reading

“Bring on Sheffield United”

“Im not fearing this game so much now the back line looks solid. I think we can make things very uncomfortable for them.”

“Saturday is a bit of a free-hit”

“for me this game is a bit like a free hit, we are expected to get nothing out of this game and if we played like we did in the first half against Blackburn then we’ll get slaughtered!!
So let’s go there with nothing to lose and see where it takes us, anything out of this game will be a bonus.”

“This has to be seen as a “bonus ball”. No one expects Reading to get anything whatsoever so the pressure is right off and all heaped on the Blades as they will look to continue their great from this season that has seen them become genuine promotion contenders.
United have won 7 of their last 12 in the league and are unbeaten at home in the league since losing to WBA in mid December. They have scored in all but one of those games. They have shown grit, fight and determination but also can be subject to a little bit of panic from time to time like in the 3-3 draw with Villa a week or two ago. this will definitely need a performance akin to the Forest and 2nd half v Blackburn to get anything out of it. Last thing we all need is another Blackburn first half performance otherwise it’ll all be over after half an hour. “

“Goes to show that fancy, fast-flowing football isn’t necessary the recipe for wins. The team showed enough grit and bottle to see out the Blackburn game, even after a setback. Pressure massively off for Sheff United. Same next weekend please!”

“Not the greatest performance but it brought out the true fight and spirit in this set of players. Simply wanted it more than Blackburn tonight, dug deep and got a crucial 3 points.”

“With the Blackburn win we can go to Sheffield United with the pressure off a bit. Nobody expects us to get anything there and if we do it will be a huge bonus. A draw would be a huge result if we can get it. It’s all about Rotherham on the 23rd, that is the big one”

“Couldn’t have been landed with a more annoying game after a good victory.”

“Sheff Utd are a decent side, was very impressed with them against Villa until the blew up. Cant see us getting much from it”

“Don’t expect anything at Sheff Utd”

“I think we will lose, but narrowly. Sheffield United are not a spectacular team playing silky football. They are well organised, work hard and keep going. They will have done their homework on us and will put loads of pressure on the keeper passing it out and close all the space. The only chance we have is to keep it scoreless as long as possible so the crowd, turning up expecting a turkey shoot start to mutter and grumble by about the 70 minute mark, and then we get a smash and grab from a piece of quality from our man in the mask!” “Fear we will get beaten up there but the game is a bit of a bonus one. It is all about Rotherham next Saturday.”

“I predicted Sheff Utd to be around 20th this season. Spectacularly wrong – a very good side in 3rd ATM”

“I do remember saying I thinks sheff utd would go down”

“Reading4eva predicted a bottom three of Hull, Sheff U and Villa with Wednesday to win the league :lol:”

“Sheffield Utd away will always remind me of 2 things:
Nicky Forster’s bullet from outside the box on Sky & Kevin Doyle scoring after about 12 seconds in the Prem.”

“Guess who the forth official is for this one? none other than mister Geoff Eltringham himself.”

“yeah just saw that. WTAF? Surely that’ll get changed”

“I sincerely hope there’s a tactical plan for one of our staff to bump into him and accidentally land their boot in his face. Unbelievable that the FA/efl have made this decision, he should be nowhere near the championship, let alone our games.”

View From Boro

“Maybe just edged the first half but didn’t make chances count then cracked under pressure.”

“Absolutely outplayed in every department!! Pulis needs to go!! Even if it’s another year in the championship? Football is basic, boring.”

“Worst thing about tonight is sheff united were under par and not up to usual standards in particular large part of 1st half yet we barely laid a glove on them. Really poor. Hanging on for 6th going to be really tough”

“Both teams poor, but they were there for the taking. “

“5-4-1 in a game where 3 points would have been huge. Sheffield United were below par and were there for the taking”

“GET HIM OUT. All the way to Sheffield for another half arsed performance.”

“Don’t dress it up a 13 man Pullis team would of got beat with his tactics and no sticker on the pitch….. Yes I mean NO STRIKER. lumping around does not qualify for this role. Boro lad or not. In fact I bet at least a dozen Boro lads in the crowd tonight are better than Hughill”

“Totally fucking schooled in that Second Half tonight. We play like a Pulis side but we don’t often show the character & savvy of a Pulis team.”

“There was a clear weakness exposed late in the First Half with Friend getting up with Downing. Sheff Utd did well to get that sorted with their Half Time change.”

“We’re *** to watch and Sheff United look quality. There off the ball runs are great as well. Better players or better manager and system?….. ”

“Not better players. Just a far superior manager.”

“They made an attacking sub and by some sort of miracle do more going forward, scoring within 15 minutes. Who would have thought!!?
Theres a lesson to be learnt there Tony, but you will never understand.”

“So pathetic to lay down and die like that against a rival.
Wilder would have us challenging for top 2.”

“No he wouldnt problem is this team under Karanka and Pulis is so driven into them (the defensive mindset) this team dont know to play any other way.”

“Gibson will have noticed the good football they play and hopefully consider their manager for our next appointment.”

“We had lost it before going down to 10 men. Let’s not try and soften the blow. Again we remain reactive and wait to go behind before making changes. Even the commentator on Sky said when we have a chance to build and play it forward, we do the opposite and pass it backwards.”

“We don’t go to win, just to suffocate opponents, awful second half, Ayala was a walking red or pen. No attacking intent, pace, wingers and the lump up front can’t stay upright and when he does gives a foul”

“Why don’t we go out an attack like Sheff Utd?”

“We the most boring team to watch in the league”

“We are a horrible, horrible side to watch, it would be a travesty if this team went up playing this negative boring football and with this dinosaur in charge.”

“Lovely stuff. Particularly enjoyed them 4 consecutive throw ins down the right.”

“Lost to a team that had Cranie and Stearman as their centre half’s”

“They had Martin Cranie and Richard Stearman at the back tonight, absolutely laughably bad stuff.”

“We weren’t great but Hugill was pulled up for virtually every aerial challenge but their scorer was all over Fry,stopping him being able to jump to head the ball!”

Sheff United players spent more time on the floor tonight than my carpet”

“That’s a red for fleck for me. two footed lunge right through mikel”

“Officials let the home fans intimidate them big style”

“Surprised the officials decided to leave their Shef Utd gear at home. Their fans were giving them grief but everything went their way. Don’t think the referee could’ve given them more, might have gone to his house and found his Shef Utd bed set. ”

Pre-Match View From Middlesbrough

“Is Sheff Utd a must win for top 2? Im thinking it is. 7 points off Leeds with a game in hand but fail to beat Sheff Utd…..”

“I’d be more worried that we might not make a play off spot, we won’t trouble the top two again this season.”

“Try again in April with the “must win” rubbish. After Wednesday we have 45 points to play for. I doubt that we will be 46 points off second place, so the answer is ……..

“A win would be great on Wednesday, but remember a draw takes points off SU. It will be a very tough game.”

“As much as a draw was still a decent result, I think it’s hamstrung us if we’re hoping to catch Leeds or Norwich.”

“WBA, Sheff U and Bristol City are more likely than us to get that second spot.”

“Well I thought we would beat Leeds and should have and I am going for a BORO win. Why over the last three games have I thought positively about BORO? Well I really can’t get my head around it other than we have what we have and we need to get behind them and support the team. Perhaps it’s simply wishful and desperation. Regardless of formation, Pulis, the players put in a performance which I hope holds good for remaining of the season.”

“Don’t know why but I think we will win this one. For some odd reason and I can’t quite say why. Think the squad might have got some belief back from 4 points against WBA and Leeds and looking at the table we can ill afford to drop points. Leeds and WBa have semi tough home games and while I expect WBA to beat Forest I reckon Swansea cuold trouble Leeds. Norwich will beat PNE though and there is a good chance that Derby and Bristol will win too. A loss against Sheffield could see us drop out of the Play Offs and we really don’t want that. Boro to win”

“they played 3-5-2 last game, with an inverted central pyramid.
So 3-5-2 would match up. exactly. It then becomes about winning individual battles.
Ayala/Flint/Fry vs Madine & Sharp. I would think we will do OK there.
Mikel vs Dowell their number 10 – we know which way that should go.
Howson & Saville vs Norwood & Fleck – would be a good battle
Shotton vs Enda Stevens who has had a great season. This will be a key battle
Friend vs Baldock again a tough battle to call
Britt & Hugill vs Basham, Egan & O’Connell. I think we would be looking to get Britt in behind Basham who isn’t quick.
Man for man we are a better team, if we are setup right we should be able to stiffle their attacks, because they play a pretty basic get it forward early and try to bully you type of game, that should be tailor made for us. “

“Basham is out. He will be a big miss for them, his overlapping runs cause all sorts of problems.”

“The only thing that makes there formation interesting is there wider centrebacks overlap there wingbacks. That’s why I would be tempted to go with VLP as we may be able to catch them on the break with a bit of pace.”

“Living in Sheffield a lot of Blades fans I speak don’t rate Stevens. I think he’s improved this season but if Shotton gets into him a couple of times early doors could win the psychological battle there.
United’s play tends to focus on getting the ball forward early (from CB, often big diagonals) but once in the opposition defensive third they play some very nice football and I think they’ll be able to move us around quite easily.
Wouldn’t be surprised to see similar to Saturday (central striker with two midfielders pushed up) to try and close the CBs, stop the balls coming over in the first place.
Sheffield United do a lot of good work centrally round the edge of the box – don’t be surprised to see Mikel and Clayton deployed.”

“I can’t see how we can compete for top 2 anyways, as our home form is simply disgraceful for a side in the top 6.
Our away form is sublime mind so I wouldn’t put us past us putting in a performance on Wednesday.
Looking at Villa’s goals on Friday, Sheff Utd are weak as pi$$ from crosses into the box. Their keeper and defenders didn’t know how to deal with them so I’m hoping we exploit that weakness of theirs….especially given how tall, strong and powerful we can line up.”

“I think he will go for the same lineup injuries permitting and I fancy us to at least take a point in this game. Throwing away a 3-0 lead is a lot more deflating than a 1-0 lead. Even if it is against dirty Leeds…”

“that’s gonna hurt Sheffield for Wednesday. The players were pointing and arguing with each other at the end”

“It will hurt Sheffield for Wednesday as they weren’t United.”

“They play wingbacks like us. They just play 20 yards higher up the pitch.”

“Blades ship goals an like every team in this league can be nudged off the pace.“

View From Villa

” I gotta say they were by far the best team and one of the best to come here , players all playing for each other and moving the ball around well and quickly ,unbelievable ending ,an error on each which looked so unlucky from their back four all night,crazy game but that’s why we love it”

“Apart from Leeds, Utd are the best team I have seen at Villa Park this season. Completely played us off the park with the high energy and will to compete and win every second ball. We got extremely lucky and I doubt any Villa fan would have expected a point from the game at 3-0 down. Play like that for the remainder of the season and the Blades will be in the Premier League. As for Villa, I think we have a few more long hard seasons of championship football to look forward to.”

“Honest to god, Sheffield United are the best team I have seen this season. We did not deserve a point but they fell asleep in the last 15. We woke up and snatched the point. wouldn’t want to face them in the playoffs. “

“Ultimately today, we’ve got another draw – and as magical as the moment was, it’s probably a draw that in the cold light of day puts an end to our hopes of reaching the playoffs. We should have had a penalty and they should have had a goal disallowed twice, but we haven’t been unlucky, quite the opposite – we’ve robbed Sheffield of a win and their fans of their own table topping moment. If I had an ounce of decency, I’d apologise to Sheffield United.”

“Hats off to Sheff Utd and Chris Wilder. Great, almost unique system. Good to watch, fit and passionate. All the things we’re not unfortunately. Bbrilliant, creative manager and a great team to watch ”

“Ref crap but ultimately, good teams take the initiative from the off. That’s why #SUFC won’t be far away (no right to be there with £ spend), and #AVFC will blag it (huge £ should be top 2) if they go up. “

“Sheff feel like they lost.
Villa feel like they won.
That’s footy. “

“Wow, football, marvellous, isn’t it. totally out hustled all over the park for 70 mins and then Sheff Utd got all jittery and gifted us a couple of goals.”

“How the hell have we got a point from that! Thought we were absolutely dreadful. Gonna be hard for Sheff Utd to pick themselves up”

“Absolutely disgusting performance for 82minutes. Of course fans left with that absolute pathetic attempt of football on the pitch. That one-off miracle only papered over the cracks. Anyone who is happy with that needs their head checking.”

“Despite the possession stats being in our favour….I thought they dominated the ball better than us, closed down better than us, passed the ball better than us, showed more urgency and tenacity better than us and showed better anticipation. its a great comeback, but to ignore the previous 70 minutes is folly….we will go nowhere playing like that.”

There were periods in the game it was embarrassing.

“Bizarre finish. Probably the most undeserved point I’ve seen but a great comeback!”

“DS said we were the better the team hahahhaha “

“Villa’s worst performance of the season bar none
There for the taking, also that blades second goal had so many reasons to be disallowed, the referee was terrible for Villa. “

“Sheffield can’t really complain at a draw as Villa felt the referee gave them every decision.
Other than the 3 goals (one of which was illegal) what else did the Villa keeper have to do? I can’t think of one other save he had to make”

“The commentators were cumming themselves all game about Sheffield United but really, they’re not that good.”

“Could so easily have lost comfortably against a side who just do the basics right for me….not much more else. “

“What’s even better is Sheffield United fans got cocky singing “We are top of the league” then bottled it”

“the Sheff Utd fans were a credit to the club and team tonight. The best to come to Villa Park this season”

Have to love seeing all the Sheffield Wednesday fans gloating on Twitter, no offence but where are they in the league compared to Sheffield United, as a Villa fan Sheffield is red and white “

“Better football. Better fans. Best in Sheffield.”

Pre-Match View From Aston Villa

“It has been 12 years since we last beat Sheffield United at Villa Park. We have played them twice since that 3-0 win in 2007 (prior to which, we had greeted our returning European Cup winners 25 years after they were crowned Champions of Europe). We lost 1-2 in a 2014 FA Cup tie and then drew 2-2 last season having been 2-0 up within the first 10 minutes. Overall we have won 59 and drawn 30 of the 125 league games between the two clubs. The Blades are founder members of the Football League and have been champions once in 1897-98. They have won the FA Cup 4 times in 1899, 1902, 1915 and in 1925. They have been outside of the top flight since 2007 and were in League One from 2011 until 2017. They are currently 11 points above us and a point nearer to the automatic promotion places (3) than we are to the play off spots (4). We really need to win this one, if only as pay back for the embarrassing 1-4 defeat we suffered at Bramall Lane 4 months ago. A win would see them on top of the league at the end of the game. A win for us would see us move within a point of sixth place.  Let’s make it a comfortable win and another clean sheet for us, so that we can begin the weekend in style and with a wide smile.”

“Sheffield United haven’t won an away game since New Years Day – enter Aston Villa”

“Think we will lose this one.Sheffield United is a good team”

“Sheffield United are gonna do us in next game”

“Only hope is we up our game against the better sides because we have certainly blown a decent chance with our form over the last 2 months to get ourselves in a strong position, not picking up anywhere near enough points from a kind run of games. Need to try something different, would love Keinan to start to give SheffYoo something unexpected to think about. Another draw if we’re lucky”

“not really looking forward to it tbh as I think we will lose. We couldn’t even break down a woeful reading team don’t see how we can sheffield united? If grealish is back then it might boost the place but I don’t think he will be back”

“Since the false dawn of those fantastic results at ‘Boro and Derby we’ve played 11 games and scraped 2 wins during a fairly kind run of fixtures. If we perform like we have since ‘Boro you’d expect us to lose this one. “

“Grealish is back soon and we’re a totally different team with him in the side. Still don’t think we’ll have enough this season, but there we are.”

“If Jack plays we win if he doesn’t may as well toss a coin”

“The next 2 games are against physical sides and both need beating–but my one fear is if Jack makes a much much needed return he could well get crocked again—referees and  also our own players need to protect the lad.”

“They are direct but not in a long ball sense. They play good football but are also very in your face”

“They go top with a win. Quite the motivation. Be nice to see us try to pass the ball. Grealish to come off the bench and get clattered at least once. “

“Interesting game this – there’s a sort of meh around the whole place, season drifting into nothingness, nowt to play for, nowt to get excited about. We’re not far off the playoffs points-wise but we’re not looking like we’re going to challenge for them, it’s all a bit waiting for 2019-20. But. Win this and I think you might get a bit of buzz back, Sheffield United are good and we know it, if we can beat them, not only does it keep us within touching distance of the top six, but it might give the place a little bit of spark. A big win could set the season on fire and any kind of win will blow though the embers and provide a bit of warmth.”

“Fortunately, Sheff U rarely draw. While we are approaching half our games drawn. I so hate draws. Amazing to think Sheff U go top by beating us, having lost more games than us this season. Salute to not drawing football matches.”

“I hope we win this one but I’d love it if these lot went up via autos over Leeds and West brom”

“We’ll need to play well. Sheff Utd are a decent outfit, well managed by Chris Wilder and we owe them one after the pathetic display up there earlier in the season!”

“Hopefully this will be the game we turn up, motivated to go and press and move the ball quicker.
If not they will turn us over – Wilder got them well tuned in most games.
Still waiting Villa, a lot of talk but little action.”

“Wilder for me is one of the best managers in the league. I rate him highly.”

“Wilder dont say a lot he just gets on with his job  –and he loves Sheffield Utd” “Bloody amazing that a team only promoted last season is giving cause for concern. Their management has done a great job on them.”

“Wilder has got them well tuned, but come May he has had three years to get them there , so early days yet for Smith. ”

“Wilder won League 1 by some distance in his first season with Sheffield Utd, 2nd season top half finish in this league and now challenging for automatic promotion. He’s won promotion with 2 different clubs before that as well. I’m sorry but Deano looks a long way off matching that sort of record. I personally think Wilder is a far better Manager”

“Like Wilder very much,gives very sensible interviews doesnt slag off the opposition and has got Sheffield playing some decent stuff.”

“What I dont understand is that when Smith first came the high pressing and trying to win the ball back were an obvious improvement in our game, and then it just stopped. Are we not fit enough to play it or have some of the older players and those that dont see it as their job making life difficult for the gaffer.”

“Yeah, the first half-dozen or so games were like a breath of fresh air, and gradually we have reverted to type and stroll around with all the zip and enthusiasm of a testimonial match, just like the Bruce days.”

“I actually see a Steve Bruce parallel. Unfortunately.  The only exception is we played some decent football for half a dozen games when Dean Smith arrived, defence excepted.  At the end of the first Steve Bruce season 50 % of us thought his tactics and ability to motivate players at a club our size was very questionable.  Seems to be going same way”

“I feel positive about this, defence is hopefully gonna stay solid and build from there. I know we have been poor lately but if we can continue to look safe at the back we can turn this corner.”

“Defies all logic, but I have a good feeling about this one.”

“Big crowd, under the lights, if we’re up for it we can blow them away, Jack or no Jack.”

“Predicting a 3-2 win following a surprise super-sub return by Jack. Shef U to go 2-0 up only to collapse following an accidental face stamp on their goalie by merciless Mings.”

View From Bolton

“Parky went for a 0-0 and he got half of it right – we got Nil. We actually played ok, but we were never going to get anything from this game with Parkys negative tactics. Their first goal was a foul on Hobbs imo, no complaints about their 2nd apart from our shite marking in the box.” 

“Bolton Wanderers Nil” – the most used phrase in football. “

“It’s pretty shit. 1st half played for 0-0. And it worked. 2nd half, was never going happen, 0-2 was a result and Parky ( hands in pockets) is well happy. Sad times. “

“we were not that bad, but not good enough. It isnt gelling, the players do seem to be capable of performing and today there are moments where they show what they are capable of. But before they gel and become a championship side they will be relegated :lol:. I dont blame the manager, it isnt him. He cant help  howling mistakes from individual players. Like todays first goal, how is that the managers fault? The first goal was a players fault. And one goal like that, and its the end of the game when you cant score.

“Today was like any other 20 or so games this season. We were not that bad. But just not good enough. The club is in a massive rut and we need something quick to lift the gloom. The manager is the only thing we can change so he has to go. ”

“This isnt Parkys fault. Boltons played well. Individual errors from players gifting goals is the players fault.”

“Fucking budget. Got fuck all to do with it. if we had an extra £11m on our budget it’d just mean we had a keeper worth £1m more lumping the ball 80 yard. 2 holding midfielders worth an extra £2m staying our side of half way and playing Square and backward passes. And a striker worth a million quid not seeing the ball anywhere other than 6 feet above his head for 90 mins. how PP sets his team out to play isn’t because they’re worth fuck all it’s because it’s all he knows”

“The really annoying thing is that outsiders think PP has done a good job against all the odds. No, he’s crap with no money, and he’s the same with £100 million. He’s another Pulis, Hughes, Morinho, but worse.”

“We set up from the first minute to nick a 0-0.  Players tying shoelaces in the first 10 minutes. Sheffield Utd weren’t all that.  Have a go at losing 4-3, 3-2 or even fucking 3-0 having a go rather than surrender 2-0 before a ball is kicked. “

“we only have 2 strikers n both of em turn like a fucking triple decker bus”

“The FAT PIG scored”

“Who the fook was supposed be he marking fat little Billy Sharp?”

“Can not watch this side again sober.”

“On the upside, Sheffield need to clean one of their sinks out. “

“It’s unfortunate for the cleaners at Bramhall Lane, minimum wage or not, I would refuse to clean the sinks! On to football matters, what was in the sink represented what was on the pitch and on the sidelines. “

“I mean enough about the game, team, club like but who fucking shits in a sink? The smallest of small time clubs. “

Pre-Match View From Bolton

“always a good away day this”

“Looking forward to this – one of the better away days”

“Fat billy, Madine, Pukka Pie stand….what’s not to like.”

“this will get shitty, imo,pissed up kids, pissed up owd blokes,a right royal dicking,not a recipe for a happy afternoon “

“I wanted to go, my lad asked if we could go, I’m on half day so I can still go. I cant be trusted to keep my shit together with our window lickers though”

“Think I’m done with away games now until it calms down. I’m on the verge of sacking home games off too.”

“It will be cold.And the m0ngs will piss me off. And we will lose. And madine will score”

“expect us to lose & can live with that, but I just don’t want to be near to, or have to listen to,  bellends who are hoping for the worst so that they can squeal abuse at the owner, the manager or this week’s scapegoat. I’ll probably give Wigan & Blackburn a miss for the same reason.”

“Hasn’t captured many this. think last week 500 sold”

“Not surprising is it given the chance of us winning or even nicking a draw.”

“Dry bumming with no lube”

“We will get an early lead, then get battered”

“Can’t see anything other than a utter dicking by these tossers.. “

“Looking through the remaining fixures and cant see more than another 6-7 points. Bolton 0 Saturday and they will score at least 3 “

“Just 36% possession in a must win home game against Reading. Less shots. Parky has blamed the fans in a press conference One win in 16 with 17 left… 7/8 wins needed to stay up”

“So we go into the rest of the season with 2 strikers who have scored 4 goals between them all season”

“Clayton Donaldson 0 goals in 860 minutes.”

“Donaldson’s stats are laughably bad. One upfront who has less than one shot per game. “

“The situation at Bolton is that bad that we can’t even sign Ched Evans”

“Anderson told Evans club that they will get paid out of Augusts EFL payment and that they have to pay his wages until then”

“19 goals in 29 games and we sign a defender.”

“We need to beat Reading. Wigan Millwall Sheffield Wednesday qpr Ipswich and win a top team or draw some top teams. Looking bleak right now”

“Gary Madine hasn’t scored a professional goal for a year. Bolton play Sheffield next………”

“We’re gonna get murdered by Sheffield United on Saturday unless agent Madine helps us out”

“We we will win 1-0 Madine own goal and he takes his shirt off to show his Weds. shirt underneath.”

“You’ve got Madine Gary  Madine

just do not think you understand

6 million in the bank 

he is fucking wank

you got Gary Madine. 

To the tune of the Gary Madine song. 

Then applaud him.”

“Plays into our hands a target man. We are most vulnerable against anybody with the slightest bit of pace.”

“Sharpe movement is top class”

Aston Villa and Brentford Fans Views On Scott Hogan

Villa Fans

“Paid over the odds for him, never lived up to the price tag.
Confidence shot to pieces, needs game time. “

“High hopes for us but didn’t work out for him. Hopefully he moves on and he scores goals. Great poacher but not much else and we didn’t play to his strengths”

“One of them players who you want to do really well but doesn’t do well unless he gets the service”

“If you play his style he makes runs the villa mid never use to see, will score goals now u watch”

“Good center forward . If service is right quick good movement runs channels well . We just don’t play to his strengths. Glad to see him get a chance at another club he’ll score goals”

“I’m tempted to say it’s the Villa Effect, we seem to make seemingly good players rubbish. ”

“Not as good as billy sharp”

“He’s basically had less than a seasons worth of games at this level (32), hardly a good enough sample size to say with confidence that he’s actually any good.”

“He just isn’t very good. He barely touches the ball, his first touch and passing is abysmal and his finishing is vastly overrated.”

“I think he had a purple spell where the design of the team, confidence and manager’s faith all aligned for him to do well. One hit wonder. Partly he has been unllucky initially, as after buying him, Bruce played him in a completely different formation, asking different roles that he was ill suited to play in the first place, which was therefore a waste of everyone’s time. Confidence dropped, some injuries, and lack of chance to settle into a side geared up for him have done the rest. Now he’s behind Tammy Abraham, ( obviously ) and offers nothing new. Even with Dean Smith here, he’s evidently not impressing well enough in training. I don’t like to see players struggle or fail so I hope he does do well – aside from where it hinders Villa obviously – elsewhere, but I suspect he peaked and was sold when his value was at it’s highest”

“He had one small spell of excellence. The fact is he is not an excellent player at this level. ”

“He was never really excellent, he had 1 patch of fantastic form that he has never come close to repeating as he lacks certain attributes, such as the ability to control the ball, or pass, or shoot, or head it. Other than that he’s OK, apart from being quite injury prone”

“had a very good 30 game spell for Brentford. He has never been excellent”

“Agent Hogan to be deployed to stop Sheffield United’s playoff push!  Very underhand but I like it!”

“I know …getting rid of hogan is like signing 2 players…hope its in the contract that he has to play ..!!!”

“An utter disaster of a signing.  A complete panic buy of a player who had a purple patch. We were well and truly done”

“why on earth would we potentially strengthen teams we are trying to catch ? if they want to buy him great but to loan him to them would be stupidity. “

Brentford Fans

“Hogan is a strange one especially as Dean knows his strengths. I rate Hogan and think hes a top finisher given the game time. “

“Absolute goal machine for us, Villa don’t know what tod o with him. I imagine Sheff Utd would be a much better fit. “

“Hogan is ok if the team play everything through him, he is not a team player. “

“Might just get Sheff Utd up. “

“he’s going to a club far better placed than Villa. Could be a shrewd signing if he hits form and scores 10 goals for them.”

” part of that slow sequence of stepping-stone moves back home that players start to make in their mid-20s if their career isn’t progressing. Hogs will probably be back at Rochdale at the age of 30 if he carries on this trajectory.”

“This trajectory is a team competing for automatic promotion, not too bad.”

“I think we did brilliant business in getting what we did before add ons given his horrendous injury record. “

“People think Scott Hogan is talented still. Even Dean Smith knows that 6 month patch at Brentford was a fluke and that he’s actually fucking shite”

“He’s played pretty much half a season (for us) in almost five years. Okay, he was as clinical a finisher as we’ve seen in that short period but who is going to gamble paying money for him on that sort of appearance record? “