“Can we play these lot every week? Massive confidence boost this. Take some energy into the next few games at least
Also I had forgot what it feels like to win. Bloody lovely. Will drink to this later!”

“They have had some beatings this season but think this will be No1 for their supporters”

“We certainly love a goal against Sheffield”

“Is there a chance we could form a break away league – just us and Sheffield Utd and Rovers?”

“Burnley have scored nine goals against Sheffield United in the Premier League this season, the outright most they’ve netted against an opponent in a single campaign in the competition “

“They fell to pieces”

“Good victory against a side that won’t pull up any trees in the championship”

“How on earth did we manage to go down this season”

“Sheffield United are really no better than anything in the Championship currently.
It harks back to last season when we blew everybody away at this level of quality. Unfortunately for us the rest of the division are so much better than this”

“the only downside to this game is that we already know we’re way better than championship teams, which Sheffield Utd undoubtedly are”

“Sheff just 12 goals away from conceding a ton. Miserable season for them”

“.We always looked the better side but Utd could and should have had 2 goals first half.”

“we let Sheff in too often and were reticent to shoot.”

“don’t look too much into this performance. Any other team would have battered our defence.”

“If Sheff Utd don’t sack Wilder before they start next season, they will be lucky to finish top half. Total busted flush.”

“Wasn’t he the one Pace alludes to in Mission To Burnley? It was Kompany or Wilder? Think we chose well.”

“I’d like McAtee in a Kompany side. Wonder if he will be available this summer from City, and if he’d be willing to go to the Champ again”

“Mouth watering getting back to demolishing Championship shite (like these) week in week out.”

“Sheffield United are addicted to woeful goalkeepers”

We’ve had some questionable goalkeeping this season but I actually feel bad that Sheff Utd have to put up with this, this lad is shocking”

“You could tell how much Berge was dominating the game the fact that sheff united fans stopped booing him”

“Berge has been like a Rolls Royce today”

“I am confident he will give us one year to try and get back – he did Sheff Utd. I think he’s a really classy player but he’s not a headline grabber and I’m not sure he’s as well valued elsewhere as by us.”

“They really are a terrible team, far worse than last season. Without Berge they are nothing, neither are we”

“Thanks to the Sheffield united fans clearing the area 30mins before full time. Made getting home a breeze”

“Embarrassing that, the lad making the throat cutting motions. What a state”

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