View From Liverpool

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“Good win againt dogged opposition who will take points from teams bigger than them this season just like last.”

“Difficult but 3 points will do

“Poor first-half. Awful refereeing again.”

“Tough game. Job done.
VAR can go to hell. “

“VAR is amplifying the worst refereeing situation in any sport. As for the game, gritty and utterly what we’ve come to expect.”

“Scrappy 3 points”

“Just like last season when we were a winning machine despite VAR. It’s a bit grim that my first reaction to Jota’s goal was “Disallow that you tossers!”. I then watched the replay like a hawk for the slightest nonsense they could possibly rule it out for…
On the game itself, I hate that we’re now a soft touch again to balls bunted up the middle of the pitch. It was our Achilles heel for years but having VVD there I had almost forgotten about it. At least Watford went down last season.”

“Phew. Hate having no fans at Anfield.
I know it’s nothing new by now and the same for all teams, but it looks like a chore at times without fans there pushing them on. “

“Pretty decent after the setback from that pen.
Really good 2nd half. “

“And Breathe.
Made heavy weather of that but ultimately never really in doubt
.Shocking penalty decision though, VAR continues to ruin the Game.”

“Seasons going to be a slog, isn’t it.
No fans, poor officiating, and players looking knackered.”

“I don’t even feel anything. Football is a joke. Can’t celebrate goals, it’s all about the refs and their egos.
Pathetic sport right now.”

“it’s a shambles. You can’t even celebrate. “

“Whilst delighted we won I am starting to hate the var football.Can’t celebrate goals . It’s more of a lottery than a guy blowing a whistle as before “

“For years we saw too many shite results against endless bunches of fgrocks like the ones we were against tonight. But tonight the mentality monsters stuck their middle finger up to them and the **** at Stockley Park. I don’t give a shit who played well, who had a duffer, it doesn’t matter when the opposition might as well have 13 players. We won, that’s all that matters,**** the Premier League”

“I love it when we win these ‘dirty’ games”

“seems to be a rule for a couple of seasons now that you can pull and kick Salah in the box as much as you like.”

“That will do me,we played against 12 men”

“Not a bad result considering we were playing against 18 men.”

“Is Ferguson still holding influence? He always had Riley in his pocket. Don’t want us to catch their 20 titles. It’s obvious corruption. They won’t let us win the league this year.”

“Boggles the mind how people actually want us to stay in this corrupt league just to get screwed over week after week.”

“every VAR decision is mysteriously going against us.
It can’t carry on forever no matter how much the PL may want it too, it will soon become too noticeable if they do it every f**king week. “

” We’ve all been done one way or another, definitely us more so in recent times but I doubt you will see many organisations in favour.”

“it’s because of who we are. We had the audacity to win the prem, they’ll do what they can to try stop us retaining it.”

View From Fulham

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“Shockingly poor first half. These slow starts will get us relegated.The second half was better but normally we would have been down 0-3 after such a poor first half. Sorry, I still can’t see this squad finishing above 18th.”

“Second half was quality. We bossed the game and they got a very dodgy penalty . There are signs of hope, Lookman obviously, RLC too. Pity we didn’t win but I’m a bit more hopeful than I was at half time.
Looking at the table, it’s possible 32 or 33 points will be enough this season.”

“Thought we looked a lot better in the 2nd half- and do believe we have a chance of getting out of this”

“Obvious disappointment in not winning the game, but we could have been 2 or 3 nil down at half time.
The season is a marathon not a sprint and judging us on our second half today, at last we look like we have the makings of a competitive side in this division. Certainly some confidence now moving forward.”

“They dominated the first half, and we were all over them in the second, so a draw is probably a fair result on the balance of play. However, it’s disheartening because we were finishing all over them – another 5 minutes and we would have scored.”

“Mixed feelings. Should’ve been down by a few goals first half, but were the better team second half. Mitro had a shocker. Adarabioyo was outstanding and Ream did well.
Lookman was very very good 2nd half and scored a genius goal.
Overall a fair result but disappointing.”

“Disappointed to drop two points.
We had enough chances to have won this comfortabley today, especially in the second half.”

“Second half was quality. We bossed the game and they got a very dodgy penalty”

“thought we looked much better as a side. Rode our luck at times…..McBurnie could of had a hat trick, but it was a joy to watch.”

“Think we should have taken all three points but a point away to a side that is going to be in the relegation mix is not a bad result. The team is starting to take shape, you can see that. Our stats were much better today also. We dominated possession, had 15 shots, 6 on target. They were holding on for a point towards the end”

“We’ve got a window now to take some points and put a window between us and Sheffield Utd the next few games as they play Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea (two of those games away).”

“We improved as the game went on. Sure it was against a rival who were there for the taking, and we are already behind the curve with regard to staying up, but there were encouraging signs.”

“Shocking first half, much better second. Lacking confidence and also, sorry to say it, but the same players are the culprits. There’s potential there, but we should’ve been looking to win. Sheffield Utd did better against Arsenal than we did by quite a way, so there’s definitely improvement from our end”

“Sheffield U had a fair amount of chances, but they seemed more dangerous than they were because they were offside most of the time.”

“Berg for them was immense”

“Mariner all at sea with the pen. Var is a joke & is truly spoiling the game. How you can give a pen 3 minutes after the event. What would have happened if we had scored in those 3 minutes?”

“If this is the future of football then I’m not interested anymore. I just don’t see that as a foul at all. I thought the rule was that it has to be something clear that the referee has missed. If VAR is going to dissect every bit of every game then there would be about 300 fouls and 10 penalties over 90mins”

“Excellent close up pic on the BBC showing that both players had a foot in the air both trying to get the ball. No way should that be a pen. There was no intent to foul. One of the worst VAR decisions I have seen & there have been plenty of shockers.”

“I think VAR has killed the game for me.”

View From Arsenal

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“Ugly day. Ugly victory. Could easily see recent Arsenal vintages snatching a draw or a loss from that game.”

“Ugly, boring, uninspiring football”

“3 points. Meh performance. “

“Thankk f*** for that.
really poor performance.”

“Unconvincing again.
But a win is a win. “

“I feel we were far more convincing today than we were against West Ham. That one was really fortunate. “

“We won, we put them in their place and the goal slightly skewed it (good goal but did Leno dive a bit late?). When we use our skills we beat less skillful teams, kinda elementary.”

” It was tough as Sheffield Utd were really disciplined but I liked how we kept the ball moving side to side stretching play, staying patient and waiting for an opening.!”

“Not lucky but very clinical with chances we got. Today total 6 shots! 5 on target.
Win today is great but don’t let fool you that we desperately need creativity in side and Arteta need to tell his team to be more adventurous”

“There was nothing lucky about this win. We deserved it. Scored two great goals. Sheffield didn’t create a single decent chance apart from a long range goal from outside the box”

“they deserved nothing from this game “

“Sheffield was winning all of the crosses with a flat 5 at the back.”

“Sheffield didn’t create anything besides the goal at the end. Very comfortable, albeit quite a boring game.”

“Well deserved win. They didnt create anything to talk about except the goal”

“I don’t care too much that we have won. We ain’t doing shit this season. Bar a 10 minute spell we were total shit. Sheffield united went for it and almost got a draw in the end despite them being ordinary themselves.”

“Happy for the team, but this ain’t good enough.”

“We had no control last 10 min when they decided to press our midfield.”

“We drew this game last season, of course Sheffield have started the season poorly but still a tough opponent so it was an important win.”

“Sheffield is a tough side to break down despite them being 17th. Theyve been losing games by a goal mostly. Against Leeds it was very late, about the 88th minute.”

“Really annoying how the pundits are rubbing one out over brewster like he is messi. I swear souness was touching himself when he was blowing smoke.”

“McGoldrick should have been sent off twice before he scored, **** “

View From Leeds

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“Champions of Yorkshire!!!”

“we look like we’re a Premier League team, we play like a Premier League team and we believe we’re a Premier League team.
We’re winning the matches we should be winning so far and we have the comfort of knowing the even if we lose against the teams we expect to lose again, we pick up and go again the next time.”

“A very good performance over the ninety minutes, we definitely deserved all three points.”

“We were clearly the better side today.”

“that was a battle, but the better team won in the end.”

“Overall we deserved the win which gives us a nice confidence boost”

“Fairly even i thought, could have gone either way.
We played the better football largely imo although Blades had there moments.”

“Great performance today. Sheffield Utd were no pushovers, and had some lively passing movements. Good to see McBurnie and Sharp get nothing from the game. I’m another who fears past players playing against us. “

“The victory was deserved, but both goalkeepers did an awesome job. Luckily for us, Meslier did even better.
Very important 3 points, Sheffield Utd is a very organized side. Leeds never stopped trying and we finally got it.”

“It was always going to tight today. Blunts well organised and don’t score much. I said last week I’d be very happy with a boring 1-0, although it wasn’t a boring game”.

“They’re still very dangerous, I think their luck will pick up soon.”

“Great win, they set up to cancel us out I’m well chuffed with the three points and clean sheet.”

“Good solid performance away from home, and an excellent 3 points against well-drilled opposition.”

“I thought the referee was very good. He was fair and didn’t buy a lot of the falling over (from both teams). It was funny to see some players fall over and get really annoyed when he didn’t give them the free kicks that they normally get.
If we can continue to beat the lower level teams and pick up some points against the top teams I think we’ll be OK.
What a great start to this season.”

“These matches are easy but the statistic that sums it up for me is the fact the Blunts conceded 18 fouls against our 4. Tells me they were the ones struggling to compete with us and the win was deserved.”

“This was a great win on many fronts, away from home, derby game, up against a very physical team and a game that they were convinced they would win – hence the bitterness from Wilder after the game.”

“Gobby Wilder will be silent tonight, excellent.”

“Wilder thinks the Blunts should have won….also that his player was fouled in the lead up to our goal”

“What a deluded twat Wilder is, in his interview I thought he was going to throw up when saying we were a descent side, he fkg hates us and me him and his team of has beens, hope they get relegated along with that arrogant twat Sharp.”

“Yep. Decent manager. Worked wonders with the club but a right ct. We had more possession, more shots, more shots on target, more corners and most importantly more goals. In his interview he says that it says it all that our keeper was MOM and that if Marcelo walks in front of him he will tackle him. Just came across as a ct as usual. “

” let`s all laugh at Wilder”

“He is just a idiot as the rest of the blades fans.”

View From Aston Villa

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“Red card and missed penalty completely changed the match. Our performance was poor enough. McGinn and Trez very poor. Could have, and should have, been 3-0.
That said, fantastic result. Onwards.”

“An undeserved win, I thought Sheffield united did enough earn a draw.”

“3 points is 3 points but this was very much how it looked last season and that is worrying.”

“Three points is fantastic.
Performance was horrible. Absolute shite.”

“10 men for entire game and yet again we create absolute bobbins from open play. We are turgid.”

“10 men that barely left their own box and was the 4th best defence in the league last season. “

“78 minutes against one of the poorest sides with 10 men we should have had a hatfull! Absolute garbage. God help us against a decent team with 11 men!”

“WTF! They were top ten team last season and one of the most organised. Surely you are trolling. Different game against 11 men, doesn’t mean we’d be worse.
Bizarre comment!”

“this was a piss poor , boring and extremely lucky start, there was nothing satisfactory about it.. Would rather we played our hearts out , created chances and excitement but lost than have to watch that shite all season.”


“Yes, it’s terrible when we win against a very good Sheffield team.”

“Atrocious game of football. Who cares though, Spurs started slowly too and look what they did yesterday.”

“They are a tough tough side to break down in that situation. Plenty of teams will struggle to work through that banked defence.
We got the job done.”

“Played poor and won. Thank you that will do, especially our first game, we may have f*ckd that up last season.
Sheffield a tricky team. Dean needs to coach 11 vs 10.
We do need new players though”

“you have to give credit to them as they defended really well and allowed us no space.”

“We will be better when we get more attack minded players in, simple as that.”

“Shows we still need some quality brought in”

“Not the prettiest, but best performance from a team a week behind so far. Don’t forget how tough it is to break down 10 men, especially a big organised side like SU, many top teams also struggle under those circumstances. “

“Shef Utd are difficult to break down as it is , with 10 men even more so as you literally have nothing to counter attack against.”

“we looked better for first 12 when they had 11 but as soon as they went all out defence their defensive prowess showed as they won everything in the box.
such a well drilled team.”

“Very pleased with that to clear out the cobwebs against a stubborn and very well organised Sheffield United.”

“First game back is always going to be a challenge, especially against a side like Sheffield United, who are hard to break down, very organised from the defensive line moving up the pitch. Still an ugly side to play against.”

“once they went down to ten men they just formed up and dug in which is our worst nightmare as we’re not a slick pass and move team.
Delighted with the three points, thought both the red card and sending off were soft as shit.”

“You can only really judge that performance on the 12 minutes before the sending off, where we looked good and moved the ball quickly resulting in them having a man sent off.
After that it wasn’t so much park the bus as put wheel clamps on it and fill it with cement. The only space was in front of their 8-man defence so it was hard to do much beyond pass it sideways.
A good result against a defensively resolute side who will give everything to protect their goal.”

“Great start to the season, three points and a clean sheet. We weren’t at our best today, but for the first game back that was fine for me. I expect us to sharpen up as we shake of the rust, but I saw plenty of positives there for us to build on.”

“We were all over them, red card or not we absolutely dominated them throughout the game and looked like the only team who would win. Plenty of positives, nearly all players had good games”

“Comfortably the better team, even before their (harsh!) red card, and a fully deserved three pointer. “

“Attack against defense against one of the best organised teams in the country for 80 mins.”

“Sheffield United defended like trojans, I’m not sure why anybody was expecting us to tear them apart after the red card because if they are known for one thing then it’s for being extremely organised. Penalty aside (and it was at most a “seen em given” level award) we looked comfortable.”

“Last season we would have not got 3 pts for this”

“I get people’s frustrations, but we would have lost this game last season”

“Chris Wilder does a great looking miserable. Love seeing it. This time last season they’d have won comfortably.”

“What are people complaining about? A win, a clean sheet, and good performances from all our new signings, and all of this after being a game behind. Yes, we looked toothless at times, but come on, that was a triple-decker parked bus by one of the most organized teams in the league. Look at their starting XI…would any of them get into ours? The reason they finished so high in the league last year is because of their organization, which was already going to be hard to break down when they didn’t have 10 in the box. Let’s just be happy about the result!”

“It has to be said that Sheffield came to spoil the game even before they had a man sent off. They are a gritty hard working team, this was never going to be a fluent game.”

“I watched them against Wolves, they were shite. They were lucky last season, this season they will be found out. They work hard but they have no class. Not one of their players would get into our team.”

“No team loses to opponents in salmon pink, as I posted at 17:59. “

“bring on the salt from Sheffield fans!”

View From Burnley

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“Felt it was solid last pre season friendly. Good cup win.”

“We played well and won.”

“A better team performance than one full of individual flashes. That’s what we’ve come to expect under Dyche. Overall that’s a 7.5 performance for the character, team spirit and work ethic we showed against a well-drilled side”

“First game of the season with a 2nd choice CF pairing. I thought we played really well. Great to see Dunne and Benson get a shot. We knocked the ball around very well in close quarters at times. Good watch I thought. UTC”

“Well result was good that is the first positive. The second positive I thought that Jimmy Dunne did really well. On the negative side I thought Lowton and Brady were poor – Lowton particularly not at the races. But a reasonable performance given Sheff had a number of regular first teamers.”

“We were good tonight, and I know it was only Sheff Utd reserves but Dunne and Benson looked decent, and pieters more than did a job again
Who needs signings when we have a magician in charge”

“Easily the better side in the 2nd half”

“1st half wasn’t great, but 2nd half we were much better, in a cup tie all that matters is getting through, sadly our win has come at a cost, and we’ve got another game next Wednesday, with an already depleted squad.”

“We may have been rubbish for 90 mins but we arent half fantastic at penalty’s.”

“it was more like a lower league friendly game”

“Dyche treat this meaningless competition has a friendly and rightly so.
Premier league survival is the be all and end all for most in our league”

“Lackluster performance against Sheff Utd B team doesnt fill you with confidence and hope for the season ahead”

“Blades are worse than us!”

“Thought Vydra had a really good game, high press on Jagielka worried him throughout.”

“That jack robinson guy should be ashamed of himself
Described as “reckless” on the bbc website, and that`s an understatement.
As for the pathetic linesman and referee, words fail me”

“Horrific challenge by Robinson, and one you’d expect most to be out with for a while”

“Career threatening injury IMO”

“Shocking challenge. Did he get booked? If not surely should be some retrospective action.”

“Th e guy followed through with a clearance and hit Joey really hard behind his knee. He was in agony and had to be given gas and air and was carried off with his leg in a splint —not a nice sight”.

“It’s difficult to say a straight red.
The defender definitely wins the ball cleanly ahead of Johann, but the follow-through looks terrible.”

“IMO there wasnt any maliciousness in the initial challenge it was a “take everything” type challenge to let the winger he meant business.
Sadly for us it ended badly, but I’m sure Robinson didnt want or mean that outcome.”

“Player got the ball clearly. His studs ended up in JBG’s leg but it looked like an accident to me.”

View From Wolves

“What a start, complete different approach to when we played Sheffield United back end of last season.”

“Well already 2 points better off than against shef utd last year and still have another game at home against em yet “

 “Really pleased with that, I was nervous about our lack of pre season games, but they fully deserved that win”

“Complete opposite of most of the matches last season, when we had slow starts and grew into the games. This time, a lightening start when all players looked bright and on form and we gradually regressed into what was a poor second half, although SU didn’t look like hurting us.”

“Nice of Sheff utd to turn up an hour late”

“Big improvement from Sheffield United in the second half but we weathered the storm really well. Brilliant start to the season “

“They were at home. They needed to turn up at some point they were garbage for an hour.”

“We looked in control for vast majority. Sheffield United did improve but got caught out early on”

“For a opening game, that was fairly decent!
The second had clearly wasn’t the best and a need for a natural RWB is clear, BUT 2 early goals; both superbly taken and of which sucked the life out the Blades will do very nicely.”

“We go through spells in games where we just can’t seem to keep the ball, either go to aimless hoofs or passes that just aren’t there. Still 2-0 though Sheff Utd really only had that one chance”

“Maybe we’ll switch it up this season and be great in the first halves but crap in the second halves. Let’s hope not! “

“ Reverted to type a bit second half and really should have conceded. “

“Good win. Deserved. But Sheff Utd put avoidable pressure on us. Hit and hope clearances, lack of thought and careless passing out, need to be better when we turn over possession”

“Solid performance .Sheff Utd came back well but deserved three”

“Was never going to be fluent against Sheffield United. They turn every game into a scrap.”

“Moving to 352 settled it down and sheff u were done. Great start “

“Sharp made the exact same run 4/5 times and we were caught out every time”

“Marcal has been tidy on the ball. Maybe needs to learn about the physicality of this league. Especially against teams like this.”

“Sheff Utd proper meatheads when it isn’t going their way”

“Wilder with some proper super spreader behaviour”

“McBurnie is a prick”

“Baldock is a prick”

“Visually, the Sheffield United team resembled the cast of Trainspotting.”

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Derby Fans Views On Jayden Bogle

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“Why do we always sell our best players?”

“If Bogle adapts straight away to the Premier then in one year he will be £25 million.”

“I think he’ll have a top career and even a big move after Sheffield, it’s a shame England have so many good young right backs. He will achieve more than Cash does in his career for sure!”

“Bogle is up there as the best RB in the league with plenty more potential.”

“He’s our most saleable asset”

“Tell you what, it’s an excellent move for Jayden”

“Bogle would thrive in Sheffield United fluid set up I think, where offensive skills in defenders are key, so a sell on clause is important”

“Bogle is clearly a very good player and will suit the wing back role very well. He was always going to make the step up at some point. “

“bogle is a clsss player at 20”

“Bogle is 20, got 17 assists and 3 goals in 2 seasons which aren’t bad for a winger, let alone a fullback. Let’s not forget he was injured for a portion of last season which certainly had an impact on his form.”

“At least as good as Cash”

“Really did enjoy watching Bogle on his day.”

“8 million for Bogle? Matty Cash probably is a better player but not by much and he’s 3 years older and he’s gone for 15, there’s no way a 20 year old English right back who’s as good as he is is worth 8 million”

“in today’s market Bogle is a 12 million all day long, Brentford, Southampton or even Forest would be getting 15 million for him all day long.
15 million is the absolute minimum they should be going for. “

“Twenty-three year-old Cash went for £14,000,000, rising to £16,000,000 after one good first season at right-back. Twenty year-old Jayden Bogle has 17 assists and three goals in two seasons as an attacking right-back. “

“An insult how little he has gone for”

“Not bothered about max Lowe going just Bogle”

“he had a fairly indifferent season last year so they’re paying for potential.”

“Bogle has potential. But he was slated so many times last season”

“This time last year Bogle was one of our best assets. In Lampard’s year he came from nowhere (well Swindon via the under 23s) to be our first choice right back. Lampard’s team and tactic played to his strengths. Breaking forward a lot, providing an outlet. Driving from right back into the box and providing crosses. He was excellant. He’s had a poor season. It feels like he’s been asked to defend more and his headers seem to be into the middle of the park to a waiting opponent (should someone tell him to head it back where it came from?). Managing that kind of thing can be taught. For me Bogle as still a class act. His brilliant debut season makes him a premier league quality full back and in the right forward thinking team mid table team (sheff u, wolves Leicester etc), he would be a great asset”

“Bogle good breakthrough season but inconsistent and frustrating of late”

“Bogle is a good player, with potential of course to improve greatly at his age – but he’s rather been Cyrus Christie Mk. II for me last season – often wasteful in advanced positions and loose defensively, suspect positionally too often.”

“No doubt about it, going forward, Bogle is an asset. Young lad, plenty of potential. However, as a defender, he’s a liability.”

“Bogle as a player is a tough call. Suspect defensively which is going to cost us at times, although he will probably cancel that out with goals or assists. He will improve. Maybe not a lot or immediately but I can see him having a higher peak value than the lower of those figures.”

“Bogle needs to learn how to defend.”

“Think Bogle’s naivety may be exploited by Premier League forwards”

“Bogle at this moment in time with his defensive frailties would be found out big time in the Prem”

“he’s nowhere near as bad at defending as people make out. He’s no worse than the average championship fullback in defence, and he’s a lot better going forward.”

“Bogle was questionable defensively on occasions, but yeah used in the right formation and given more freedom to go forward he could be worth a lot more in years to come, it’s a tough one you’d hope they’d put some sell on clauses in.”

“I think both Bogle and Lowe would be found out in the Prem. Good luck to them both though… “

“Bogle had one good season under Lampard and has been average since.”

“So Sheffield United are possibly buying Bogle and Lowe for around 10 million. Sheffield United who were a league one team in 2016 and we seem to have made absolutely no progress whatsoever. Yes we keep saying we are a work in progress. What progress? The plan was to build using our youngsters. So we train them up and sell them. Then we train the next lot up and sell them and so it goes on. As somebody who was lucky enough to be there in the glory days of BC I get a bit tired of people saying we don’t have a God given right to be in the top flight. That’s where we should aim to be. If Sheffield United can do it why can’t we?!”

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View From Preston

“Two games unbeaten against Premier League opposition.”

“Best performance I’ve seen since we went top at Charlton! Sheffield U couldn’t get near us, it was keep ball for long periods. And when we shifted through the gears we looked dangerous.
I’d have that starting 11 for 1st league game, no issues.
It was as if we’d remembered how to play football.”

“Brilliant performance that, great game to watch”

“I thought we were really good in the second half tbh.
Really carved them open.”

“No more than North End deserved. Far more positives than negatives to take from that. Good run out.”

“Deserved not to lose that. Overall I thought we played all right and looked defensively sound aside from a sloppy goal.”

“Deserved that, we were impressive 2nd half.”

“We played well and looked good going forward. Sinclair was excellent.”

“Good result, played well.”

“Fair result, for me.”

“Overall a very good performance in an entertaining game. We didn’t learn too much new with the same strengths and weaknesses as normal (but that’s hardly a surprise). We looked confident though and upbeat in our approach.”

“Some of these Prem Players would give the Women in a Wimbledon Final a run for their money, with the Grunts and groans and shouts”

“Comeback Kid – Kasabian. Very strong pre-kick off song selection from Sheff Utd.”

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View From Derby

“Well, I’m not one for hyperbole, but after the last two pre-season matches I can only see relegation on the cards this season.”

“Boring, dreadful, could play until next season in that formation and not score.Jesus I hope we don’t go with 5 AG the back. Players looked lost – Never had more than two players attacking and had the excitement of a 400M tortoise race.On the positives Marriott looks fit.”

“Seriously.. Its early days, long season, players to come back etc.. But it does feel like we are accepting a slow start almost. 3 or 6 points dropped at the start of the season count just as much as they do at the end, and usually will be the difference between play offs or not.Partnerships take time. Would prefer us to concentrate on preferred system /players and hit the ground at least jogging. So many players out injured /not available already, it would have been nice to feel some system is emerging rather than lots of tinkering. No panic, no abuse…just my feelings as a Cocu supporter. Long way to go..highlighted desperate need for Lawrence and ANother to give us some impact up top.”

“We look terrified when teams press us, we don’t know how to play round / through a high pressing team”

“We didn’t play well. No idea how to attack. Easy loss of possession at the slightest pressure. Poor.”

“we’re missing a huge amount of senior players and we’re against a good solid premier league side and trying a new formation. We’ll be fine. “

“Yes SU are a very good team and pressed us very well but I don’t think it’s too critical to say there are somethings to be concerned about. There have been opportunities to move the ball far quicker than we have, the creativity in our attacking play needs to improve and we generally look ok but nothing to get very excited about.”

“Sheff Utd press very well! “

“This is Sheffield United ‘s B team we are playing, would get our ass handed to us on a plate if we played their actual team. Good job it’s Barrow first game.”

“Have to say Norwood is some player. Great feet and vision.”

“How’s pla ibrahim looking??”

“Like everyone else. Looking at Sheffield United playing football.”

“great play by Sheffield for the 2nd and what a ball. “

“Sheff Utd have been excellent today, they’ve put in some really good crosses and maintained a good shape and a good press. Been a good test for Derby. “

“Quite painful viewing. Huge gulf in quality between the teams after the changes. Derby can’t get out. Sheffield United so well drilled “

“Sheff Utd very well drilled, as you’d expect “

“Sheffield United’s quality of crossing really is a cut above. An area the Rams could learn from “

“Sheffield were comfortable in every aspect”

“Nah I don’t agree at all. We’ve been in a number of good positions on the break and matched them for large portions. They have been a bit better at key moments but other than that it’s been a good test. “

“Footballing lesson….and by the way, what a great kit the blades have there too!”

“Sheff United’s away kit isn’t very ‘Yarkshire’ is it? They look like a right bunch of pansies “

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