View From Arsenal

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“That’s our first ever Premiership win away to Sheffield United…Mikel Arteta, record breaker, history maker”

“Overall a great performance yesterday, even though Sheffield Utd is by far the worst team in the league this season.”

“Tbf, you can’t even praise Arteta too much for this…you don’t deserve too much praise for beating the worst team in the league, just get the job done and we did.”

“We beat a mid table championship team.”

“We have found our level”

“Wish we could play against Sheffield United every game”

“Sheffield are so slow”

“Sheffield were crap to be fair. Bottom of the table and nothing to play for. “

“I mean let’s be honest Sheffield United are just about the worst Premiership team I can remember, but it’s fun to watch a match in which we’re clearly superior because I’d forgotten what that felt like.”

“Good result, not so good performance. Fortunately for us Sheffield had nothing. We subbed Saka for Willian who can harass them to force an error and solve the game, they sub McGoldrick for.. Brewster.”

“Great result and performance. Who we played must be taken in to consideration as they were awful.”

“Good performance, but as many have pointed out the opposition was pretty hopeless.”

“Make no mistake that Sheff Utd team is firmly in the top 2/3 worst sides of the PL era so I was annoyed to see us bringing on Willian and Elneny rather than Nelson or Azeez.”

“Good result but won’t read too much into it. Sheffield had no plan to get the ball forward and the players have given up.”

“Sheffield did not care at all”

“Sheffield Utd’s season so far.
P30 W4 D2 L25 F17 A55

“They are awful”

“I don’t want to kick Sheffield United when they’re down, but Ramsdale is one of the worst goalkeepers the PL has ever had.”

“Can’t think of many worse downgrades than Henderson last season to Ramsdale this”

“That sponsor on Sheffield United’s kit makes them look proper Brexit”

“Shefflield’s warmup jacket is dope AF though tbf”

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View From Leeds

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“No disrespect to Sheff Utd.. but I LOVE IT when we play a weaker team and get to watch pure Bielsa ball”

“Played well, just not as clinical as we can be.”

“Completely outplayed Sheffield today, good win, some missed chance”

“We were fabulous. Just a bit of bad luck. Performance was fine, loads of chances, just needed better finishing. Sometimes results just don’t reflect that”

“Closer than it should of been. Really should have buried them earlier in that game but delighted with the win.”

“Won a scrappy game, always scrappy with relegation teams. Maybe we didn’t score as many as we should but another great win”

“Good to win but feel we could have got some much more from that. Too many players being greedy”

“Made far harder work of that than we should have. Very happy to have won, but I suspect Bielsa will not be happy with the overall performance. I know I’m not!”

“We were piss poor today. A competent team would’ve buried us”

“I thought we dropped down to their crap level but we won so lets forget about the game and move on to beating City next week!!”

“Good win, poor display. Our passing was below standard all game, but at least we looked reasonably solid at the back.”

“Felt like we had one eye on the beach and the other on next season.”

“struggled at times with sheff utd’s pressing and 4 attackers, but a brilliant ground out performance, something that is slowly being learnt by the squad.”

“blunts are all but relegated, Wilder has just been sacked, and they have arguably our worst manager ever in charge. Funny old game ain’t it”

“Ironically Heckingbottoms best Elland Road performance.”

“Why did the referee VAR desert us again today? Baldock should have seen red for two footed challenge on Roberts. Does he have to lame him or break a leg to get a red?”

“Got sick of hearing Sheff Utd players cry out every time they got tackled “

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View From Chelsea

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“That was hard work but we’re through! Yay!”

“We got away with one today”

“Got away with it today”

” makes it look better on paper but this was a lot closer than a 2-0″

“We were abysmal that whole game against and abject and demoralised Sheffield side. Barely created a chance, substitutions made no sense at all, very lucky to get through that tie.”

“Rode our luck today and were lucky to get the win. “

“We really rode our luck in that 2nd half.”

“Sheffield played pretty well. You could tell we made 9 changes to the squad, there was a lot of miscommunication, especially early.”

“They did play very well second half. Deserved a goal really.”

“So stressful that”

“they certainly had chances to take us into extra time.”

“This wasn’t an easy game and you can’t compare this Sheffield with the one you see in premier league these days. This was the biggest game for them of the season. There is no hope in PL so they gave everything on the pitch today. Yes, Chelsea wasn’t great today, but there were a lot of changes also to reward some players. Job done. Great run defensively, lucky though to not conceed one today.”

“Sloppy lazy performance, Sheffield didn’t really have enough to hurt us
Football without shots…thank god for Ollie Norwood taking the pressure off “

“We were lucky they are so bad”

“The commentator was absolutely gutted Sheffield didn’t score”

“Burke is swift” – surprising nod to 18th century Irish literature from a commentary team whose performance tended more towards ‘drooling moron’.”

“Keown is such an insufferable tat. Most of the other annoying ones I can at least zone out to, but his voice has such an annoying quality to it, and he chats such extreme levels of sht that it’s almost impossible to ignore. If you got cornered with the guy at a party you’d start drinking yourself into oblivion. “

“He’s an absolute tit. Near the end of the game he mentioned “big international friendlies” on the horizon for Mount, which got a tongue-in-cheek response of “San Marino”. Being the tiny-cocked man-child that is he, he gave a grave “well, they’re all big games when you’re fighting for you place in the squad”. No, mate — Jesse Lingard is in the squad for a reason, please do us all favour and stop making sounds.”

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View From Southampton

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“Will take that. Feels good, been a while!! “

“Got the job done, wouldn’t go overboard about the performance though. They are absolutely awful so no barometer at all to measure premiere league quality. Massive 3 points though, gives us breathing space. “

“Comfortable win. The whole team worked their socks off. I was particularly impressed by the 2nf half performance. We never took our foot off the pedal.”

“A good win and never in danger of losing, bar the odd moment of a poor final ball or finish by the opposition”

“Could have been 4 or 5, but it is good to be creating chances again.
Wilder’s subs helped us, made them worse each time”

“Should have been 3 or 4 with some better decision making in the final third, but a win and a clean sheet I think will be massive for the players, we aren’t on that sort of run anymore and we look more solid at the back.Yes the opposition were bad, but on the run we have been on that means very little.”

“Should have been 0-5. “

“Solid performance. Should really have been 5-0.”

“Sheff Utd were terrible”

“This Sheffield Utd team are one of the worst in PL history, blimey.”

“My word, SU are so, so bad…they make us look like Barca!”

“Sheffield United as poor as their position suggests.”

“we won’t play a team as bad as this again”

“If you are relying on Dave McGoldrick for your goals… well you can see why they are the lowest scoring team in all of Europe.”

“McBurnie is so bad…its laughable.”

“At least we didn’t spunk £25m on Brewster. Incredible the fees Liverpool get”

“Hard to read too much into it due to the absolute dreadful opposition. Worst PL team in a very, very long time. I think that Derby team had a little bit more about them? This lot are proper cloggers. They’ll struggle big style next year IMO. Long way back.”

“SU really are poor. Fleck should have walked as should the Neanderthal McBurnie.”

“One thing’s for certain the PL will be much better off without Sheffield U – Effing – nited who surely must be the dirtiest, least, skilful team ever to be there. It will be surprising if we don’t have four or five injuries to contend with after the dust has settled on this brawl of a match. Adams was lucky not to have had a broken leg after that horrendous late tackle on him, how was that not a red card? At least we stood our ground and refused to be intimidated by this bunch of Yobs.”

“Garth Crooks saying Fleck should’ve seen red for the tackle on Che.”

“Well, it doesn’t happen often, but just occasionally he is right.”

“John Fleck every bit as nasty a piece of work as his uncle.”

“Thought the ref was decent today even if you could argue that he should have sent a couple of their players off.”

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View From Aston Villa

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“Sheffield United were never gonna be an easy game. People who thought that are completely deluded.
Still think our quality would shine through but you have to admire the heroic defending from Sheffield United. They clearly haven’t given up yet. “

“Well played Sheffield Utd.”

“Fair play to Sheffield Utd, they showed they wanted it more.”

“Sheffield Utd look like they’re fighting for their lives”.

“They deserved to get something from that!”

“Sheff Utd defended well to our blunt attacking play. Fair play to them.”

“Smith out thought by Wilder!”

” I think Chris Wilder wins the game – in the first half, tactically, he got his shape and his tactics completely right, we struggled to get out, struggled to do anything with the ball and were outnumbered all over the pitch, particularly in wide areas – he completely out-thought us. In the second half, his team gave an organised, disciplined defensive performance full of character. We were out-managed tonight and that’s to Wilder’s credit.”

“Credit to Sheffield too.class defending and dug in. Impressive. The clearings in the woods “

” Sheff Utd, well done to them I gotta say. Defended with bodies on the line.”

“We played last seasons Sheffield.”

“Fair play to Sheff U, that’s how you see out a 1-0 with ten men. I think the sending off did them a favour, we just started chucking it in the box and we were playing well in the second half up to then.”

“In some ways they did a Villa on us.”

“Credit to Sheffield . So well organised in defence especially after going down to 10. Ramsdale did well to deal with the crosses as well. Did absolutely well for what they need to do. Full on credit to them”

“Didn’t deserve to win that , professional footballers and they can’t beat the first man with a cross! Harsh red too so Sheffield United deserved the win!”

“They are probably owed that after last season, but what is with us against 10 men.”

“Fair play Sheffield United – they dug in and defended very well. Still think they are atrocious though.”

“its not as though sheff U played well. They were awful …and we could barely muster a shot on target against 10 men.”

“Can’t wait for Sheffield United to be relegated – got away with a penalty and should have ended the game with 9 men, all that talk of Sheffield ‘steel’ papers over a turgid team.”

“Those things arent Sheff U fault, it’s down to the officials. It’s like hating us and wanting us relegated because of the goal line technology issue. They will go down anyway”

“It’s clear to see why Sheffield United are going down”

“Shef Utd got promoted the same year as us and were far the better side by then. Now despite tonight they are almost certainly going to get relegated and we are almost certainly aren’t.”

“We’ve just lost to a team that I swear subbed on a 20 stone fan who must have won a competition.”

“We should have won that, poor finishing cost us a fairly comfortable win. Having said that, the approach to the game, and particularly the last half an hour was absolutely **** dreadful. We had no ideas other than twatting it in to the box from out wide.
To not get a result against Sheffield United with a man advantage for half an hour is just **** inexcusable.
Come the end of the season, it’ll be points dropped to the likes of this lot and Burnley that will have cost us what could have been a very good finish.”

“How the **** did we lose that? One of those games yet again. Restricted them to next to nothing and made more than enough chances to win it, infuriating.”

“We were crap but still created more than enough chances to win. Not good enough at all.”

“Frustrating that!! Should of won at a canter, had tons of chances but couldn’t put it away”

“We didn’t deserve to lose, but it was one of those games you feel you can play forever and not score. Missed some absolute sitters, too. Frustrated more than disappointed, really.”

“We are terrible against 10, especially as they were already ahead. Unlucky though as we had 4 very close chances, one a penalty shout. Frustrating but we are not terrible.”

“We were poor yet should have scored a hatful. Ref was terrible”

“Ramsdale had one save, from a shot that was straight at him. This was the worst performance of the season”

“Ramsdale (whose bang average) has had his easiest game of the season, laughing his tits off at one man team Villa.”

“What’s more embarrassing than losing to Sheffield United ? Losing to 10 man Sheffield United !”

“Embarrsement of a result that. Losing to one of the worst ever pl sides with a man down “

“Poor utter garbage can’t even beat 10 men against the worst team in the league.”

“Really hope Sheffield notches up another couple of wins because it would be embarrassing if Villa were among the teams who lost to the 2nd worst team in PL history”

“Quite an embarrassment, can we send Barkley back please!”

“Very sporting of us to bring on Barkley to make it 10 a side”.

“Can’t believe I was excited with Barkley signing, Terrible player”

“Smith needs to figure out how to play football without Grealish.”

“4 minutes added time and to blow up on 4 minutes is a **** joke. VAR must’ve taken 3 or 4 minutes on the red card alone plus 6 subs or so at 30 seconds a piece?
Officials were abysmal tonight all round Inc. The red card. Useless.”

“Should have been a penalty, that ref was awful, but that’s nothing new.”

“Ref was awful, for both teams, don’t think he got a decision right all night. .”

“As cynical as the Jagielka foul was it’s still a yellow all day long.”

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View From Liverpool

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“We’ve won a game! And it was thoroughly deserved on the road. Better from the Reds tonight, who carved out chances and probably should have made it more than 2-0 – but we won’t complain.”

“Totally deserved. Good performance”

“Bit disappointed it wasn’t more, because we deserved another couple of goals, but can’t be picky right now.”

“Fantastic win. Should have been 5 or 6, but we created chances.
Great tactics by Jurgen to start with, wish he would do it more often. A bit slow to counter the changes by Sheffield”

“Adrian didn’t make any saves to make which is a massive bonus.”

“Good win against a poor side.”

“Their centre backs were all over the place , poor from them.”

“Sheffield United are a Championship club,with their current level of investment,very average team”

“They’re about Wycombe level to be honest”

“How bad are Sheffield Utd?”

“One thing you can say about Sheffield United they never ever give up.”

“Thank God for that! They are an awkward team to play against”

“Sheffield had two bouncers playing up front”

“Sheffield United players consistently go down holding their heads after no contact with their heads in the challenge.”

“Jesus! The Sheffield United side dive about more than Neymar!”

“Sheffield united like giving aggression but can’t take it”

“Sheff u saving brewster for the championship what a shame for a great prospect, I’d still prefer him from the bench than origi”

View From Bristol City

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“Another afternoon ruined”

“Ah the magic of the FA cup. The plucky underdog gives their all in a blood and thunder encounter against higher opposition, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the opposition in an entertaining game attempting to muscle their way into the next round and a chance of glory,
Or… maybe not”

“Best thing you can say about this game is we haven’t embarrassed ourselves as much as we normally do.”

“Bearing in mind Sheff Utd are rock bottom of the Prem we haven’t really laid a glove on them – even when we had a 11. We are just so poor offensively it’s comical. .”

“the whole thing is a bit depressing. I know they’re the better team but… we barely played….”

“Unfortunately as usual – the opposition find another gear when we simply can’t.”

“Sheffield Utd looked like they had another gear and at times opened us up”

“Got what we deserved”

“Absolute tripe , sheff united their for the taking terrible peformance time for this muppett to be shown the door hes way out of his depth.”

“Best team won , no doubt”

“Sheffield United are bottom by a long way in the league above us, and were the better team tonight”

“Sheffield Utd are a very good side. I think we could have signed McGoldrick from Ipswich. Some rumours going round at the time. What a signing he would have been. Looked really dangerous floating around in the free role”

“Not an unfair result but it does stick to go out the way we did. It wasnt brilliant but it wasnt as bad as some are making out.”

“We did ok . Second half changed with sending off . Sheffield Utd did enough to deserve the win”

“Not a terrible performance, needed a bit of luck around the box”

“We sort of kept them at bay, but never looked any threat at all on the counter attack, totally toothless.”

“We’d play until midnight and still not look like scoring”

“It wasn’t terrible but absolutely nothing up front, at least until the changes.”

“I can take the losing, but we’re just sooooooo boring to watch.”

“They struggled with our revolutionary and unorthodox 6-1-1-2 formation.”

“God that was dull. Again. Result not unexpected I guess but we could have done a lot more. Just wish we would give it a go.”

“We werent terrible, but, still. Went out with a whimper sadly. We really don’t have much to look forward to with this coaching setup imo.”

“That was a free hit tonight. A chance to get some confidence in the players have a few shots let them play with freedom. But no negative and boring”

“We look like Mike Bassetts all-stars. How on earth did he land this job, did they think we wouldn’t notice”

“No disgrace, and we will play Sheff Utd again next season”

“Let’s be honest, we are rotten but Sheff Utd aren’t much to write home about.”

“We all seem to be over looking Sheffield United were poor with a strike force that terrorises no team and we made them look slick. They are a championship team in waiting – we should expect to compete with them next season even if they field this team.”

“Sheff U are not a good side, and we did not even have a go at them.”

“Sheff Utd were really poor”

“Sheff Utd were terrible”

“That looked like the mid table Champ battle that it really is”

“Sheff U are really poor easy to see why they are bottom by a distance. “

“Sheffield are bottom 3 by a distance not bottom by a distance.”

“No disgrace in that. Despite the Blades 63% possession they only just edged us in shots on target as we defended well. Can’t complain about the penalty devision but I think the red card is harsh: it’s not as if he made a keepers save or punched the ball off the line. “

“Don’t think that the penalty was wrong, probably red card too but VAR only at PL grounds?
Rights and wrongs aside, at AG it wouldn’t have been a penalty. Probably.”

” It’s ridiculous having a competition where this exists only at 20 grounds, it’s hardly a level playing field and while we didn’t look like scoring neither did they really
VAR should either be at every game or none”

“I can put up with most things about modern football but i cannot stand VAR. Not just because a decision went against us just watching any game i think it ruins it. Mark Ashton being a belter, Dean Holdens uninspiring football won’t stop me going to games! But the second they bring VAR to the championship thats me done”

“I see a very decent performance, marred by an undeserved red card.”

“I can only assume this comment is a deliberate attempt to wind people up.”

“That female commentator must be a Sheffield utd fan never heard anyone so biased.”

“I kept giggling everytime she said Jack Hunt, so I’ve enjoyed her commentating”

“What is Jack Hunt’s passing ability on football manager?”

“Get Wilder in when Sheff Utd give him the boot.”

View From Chelsea

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“Oh well. Another 3 points without ever looking remotely comfortable.”

“Huh? We looked completely comfortable all game, brainfart from Rudiger aside.”

“that was anything but comfortable”

“No idea how anyone thought that was comfortable”

“at no time in this game have we looked comfortable and in control – just a mess.”

” if I was a smoker would been 1/2 a pack at least.”

“bloody hard work that.”

“what a relief. This game was never gonna be easy.”

“Big 3 points, but it was not great to watch, and if we got a sucker punch in stoppage time, i dont think we couldve complained, since we spent the whole second half, turning down openings in order to keep possession. Low risk football, is ultimately more risky when you dont look to finish teams off.”

“Can’t remember Ramsdale making a save!”

“as I expected prior to the game this was always going to be tricky.
and we nearly cocked up, with rudiger being a fool.
end of the day give me games like this with 3 points over beautiful football”

“This was always a gonna be a tough game no matter where Sheffield United are in the league they give 110% for their manager so this is a good win”

“Sheffield United made us look crap and work very hard for that.”

“Sheffield did a good job of boxing out our midfield pivot, but it was harder than it should have been for us.”

“John Fleck doing his annual Messi against us”

” Fleck was running past Jorginho like he wassn’t there!!!!!”

“Sheffield are a much better side then their position suggest. Going down but they can give anyone a good fight.”

“Both teams gifted the other a goal but the run by Werner and the finish by Mount were the moments of quality that mattered.”

“Nearly shat myself on that last overhead”

“It almost feelt like the commentary is rooting for Sheffield. Disgraceful.”

View From West Brom

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“We can’t even beat the teams who are going to be relegated with us !!!”

“Neither did Man Utd.”

“Sheffield Utd are on a run of form at the minute they beat Man Utd at Old Trafford then only lost 1-0 to Man City. then they paly a team who have lost all confidence in themselves ( us ). “

“We are the worst team in the Premier League and will finish bottom.
Credit to Sheffield United who are far far better than us.”

“Sheff United will finish above us, they’ve got way more about them.”

“Sheffield United have been improving over the last few weeks and are starting to look like that bad run is behind them.
It’ll almost certainly be too late to save themselves but as you say, they’re better than us”

“We saw it at the hawthorns and we saw it again tonight – they are miles better drillled than we are.
And MILES fitter.”

“Let’s face it, this is basically the same performance from both sides in the reverse fixture. They missed 4 or 5 sitters in that game. They should have had 6 points off us, not 3.”

“This is why those cup wins for Sheff Utd last month DID COUNT as part of a good run of form, despite what some posters think. They have their noses up now and by the time we play Brighton, we will be bottom of the league, which is a fair reflection of the 2 sides.”

“Sheffield United wanted it more; far more. They pinned us, won nearly every second ball and when you’re allowed to put that many crosses in, you’re going to eventually score.
Pathetic, spineless bunch. “

“The fact that the Blades wanted it so much more than us is what hurt me the most this evening. That made for pretty sad viewing.”

“Effort and energy costs nothing, they wanted it more and got it.”

“Pathetic again. Embarassing 2nd half. 1st half i thought we were comfortable, playing an away game.
But 2nd half they just sat too deep straight from the start. No where to take the pressure off, cause we were all too deep. No one in midfield to hold the ball and make a pass.”

“during the first half we went ahead against the run of play, I don’t think we had a chance before that and could/should have been losing. Maybe with a bit more luck we’d have got a draw but we simply weren’t good enough and overall Sheffield United were better.”

“Sheffield looked toothless in the first half and we somehow allowed to them to get even more comfortable while trailing”

“We we took the lead against the run of play against a very poor opposition. The second half was then so shameful. “

“Played of the park by a dire bottom United team !”

“Unable to get the ball off the team bottom of the league.”

“Why is we make every poor side we play look like Barcelona”

“We made Chris Basham look like Maradona”

“I think we’d make Chris Packham look like Maradona TBH.”

“One of the reasons Sheff Utd have struggled this season is because teams worked them out. They get crosses in to an overloaded box. Stop the crosses, they have nothing.
What do we do, let them cross all game long.
Do we even scout opposition teams?”

“Bringing McBurnie on totally changed the game. We did nothing to counter his presence in right midfield. nor exploit the fact Basham was constantly pushing forward into space. We just looked a bit thick.”

“Looking at the shots of the respective managers tonight………
Wilder was giving directions, reinforcing stuff they had done in training
Allardyce was yelling & losing his rag.
Know which one I’d rather play for.”

“This is the worst I felt after a game for a while. They deserved it, we had no fight, no plan, no leader.”

“I just want this season to end so incredibly badly. It’s making me so blinking miserable it really is. Run out of bad things to say.”

“I’ve finally reached a point where I don’t care about being relegated. To think, if I’d been earning £40K a week or more, I could have got to that point a few months earlier.
Genuinely the lowest I have ever felt about my club.”

“An owner and squad of players who don’t really care, added to that VAR and the fact we can’t go to the games has made me as disinterested as I can remember.”

“I wish I had never liked football, for every one high there are 20 lows.”

“Fleck should have been off. Reckless challenge from him 1st half went unpunished”

“Why did he take Robinson off, everything we were doing was going through him”

“Robinson was our best payer and he took him off”

“Think we are both doomed with Fulham”

“We are the worst team in the top two divisions with the possible exception of Wycombe.”

View From Man Utd

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“Pack of absolute melts”

“Over the last 30 years, it was probably the worst performance.”

“Credit to Sheffield United though. They didnt even have a full bench. Came with a plan that we couldn’t get the better of.”

“that was a great defensive performance from Sheffield. They got their tactics and discipline right then fate rewarded them with two goals”

“That’s what they call a reality check….Sheffield United were excellent”

“Deserved result. We’ve been shit for a long time but scraping wins. Today our luck ran out.”

“Never looked like winning it.”

“SU played well and deserved the win, but again, we were useless”

“To think we lost this game at home with fans or without itself is embarrassing all credit to Sheffield United fully deserved it”

“Why did we respect Sheffield United??!!”

“Didn’t give Sheff Utd any respect, got found out with a shoddy performance.”

.”couldn’t make it any easier for Sheff Utd.”

“Clubs like Burnley and Sheffield Utd and even Wolves have become good at defending with 7 or 8 players and it is hard to break down. Giving away 2 stupid goals didn’t help and we didn’t get the break on the Martial one.
I think not having home crowds helps them as it’s harder to build intensity.”

“out classed by an extremely mediocre team”

“If you can’t break down the bottom of the table. Who have 9 players out, and can’t even fill their bench. Then you don’t deserve to be where we are in the league.”

“Embarrassing result for all United supporters. We should rightly get stick for losing at home to a side in Sheff Utd’s position.”

“I can’t fecking believe we’ve lost to Sheffield United. Sheffield United!!! That’s more embarrassing than the 1-6”

“Guess who City are playing this weekend, Sheffield United at home. Do you think there’s even a remote possibility of Pep or his players being complacent? Expect another 5-0.”

“Guarantee that City will give United a lesson in how to thrash Sheffield at the weekend.”

” City will be without Aguero and KDB and will probably bench Jesus and City will batter Sheffield United 4 or 5 nil… this is why United are useless!!! It’s Sheffield bloody united!!!”

“Man city will put 5 of 6 past Sheffield United on Saturday, you watch. A proper team, that have the quality and the manager to win the league.”

“Clubs only ever want to play out of their skins against us & rubbish against every other team Sheffield United play them blue bas***ds at the weekend watch them defend really badly & allow them to put lots of goals past them guaranteed”

“NOBODY worth their salt loses to Sheffield United.”

“It’s Sheffield United! Couldn’t even fill their bench!”

“Sheffield United are cannon fodder. Sheffield United just won 2-1. Sheffield United are bottom of the league. I cannot believe what I have just witnessed. No onslaught. Everything was around the box. No kitchen sink and bombardment. Anybody?”

“losing to sheffield at home is the height of it. Complacency!!!”

“No-one to blame but ourselves. Sheffield United didn’t do much.”

“Can’t believe we lost 1st spot against such team on our home with such goals.”

“I dont even think Sheffield United have defended like we did for the 2nd goal all season”

“Sheffield United have scored 2 goals in only 2 games this year, both against United. You do not win a title defending like this. the forward play today was depression inducing.!”

“Sheffield Utd’s big day out.”

“Were Sheffield United actually trying to score that second goal?
The move had all the pace of a team trying to walk it to the corner flag to waste time.
They couldn’t believe their luck”

” shithouses played for a draw.”

“We were awful today, that won’t change, BUT Sheffield were extremely lucky with both of their goals, and we should’ve had the martial one-they didn’t deserve to win the game. “

“The only plus is that we won’t have to face Sheffield next season, cos they’re so shit they’ll be relegated.”

“Commentators creaming themselves over the sheff utd players got old”

“Can’t Sheffield United celebrate their victory? ….if you are a true Man U fan,you would definitely be happy for them. They’ve shown us that there’s more to be done.”

“I’d rather have Wilder in charge than Ole”

“As crap as United were tonight – and we were undoubtedly – if it’s not a foul for Sheffield United’s opener then it isn’t one for Martial’s that was disallowed. They’re either both goals or both fouls.”