View From Palace

“has there ever been such a pre match build up thread? Judging by their comments and posts on their threads, are they and us trying to start a new rivalry. I’ve never really thought or given two hoots about Sheff Utd since that infamous day at Wembley. We’ve played them a few times since of course but nothing to write home about.”

“Outfought and outplayed!They had so much desire and fight that we weren’t just losing out on the second ball but the third fourth and fifth!

“They didn’t’t stopped and we didn’t start.”

“the better team won.”

“Their tactics were good. Ours were abysmal.”

“What a shocking game – a very poor advert for the PL.
My hat goes off to our fans who paid to watch a team that did not seem to be trying.”

“Both teams were really awful.
If that was it, football would be dead. “

“Look at Norwich and Sheffield United, when a player has a ball, the rest of the team are making good runs forward, providing options and creating overlaps. We didn’t do that once today, completely clueless going forward. Playing McCarthur and Luka in a narrow midfield always meant it would be difficult to get the ball out wide, we had nobody dropping in between the lines to give people options and no one to carry the ball through midfield. And we still might lose Wilf.Better team won today but they are nothing special and the fact we struggled against them so much is truly worrying.

“The worst game of Permiership football I have ever watched. Ashamed for all connected to the club.”

“They were terrific today. Well organised, pressed with intensity won near all ariel duels, Hats off Chris Wilder

“Sheffield gave us a coaching clinic, coming out with a well executed plan that plays to the team’s strengths, as opposed to our 90 minutes of boring, inept, disinterested crap.”

“Arguably our worst performance since promotion and they just managed to win. They are fighting for survival that’s for sure.” “Out-muscled and outfought by a team totally up for it.”

“Today has to be one of our worst performances in years against an extremely limited Sheffield United side”

“Sheffield Utd did not look to be a good team and we still did not look like laying a glove on them.”

“Sheffield United looked like a newly promoted team full of running, headless tackles and lots of enthusiasm. We were just awful. Beyond awful.” “Sheff Utd will be cock a hoop with that but soon they will realize we are one of the worst outfits in the league on our day.”

“They made us pass the ball around aimlessly because they knew how to close a football team down. ..they battled, we pussy footed.” “In a way I hope it was arrogance that assumed we could turn up and turn them over and not for the fact that they outclassed us but I’m not sure.”

“Worse performance I can recall for a long time . Passive , Pedestrian , no movement , no quality , out fought .” “They had tactics; we didn’t.
We had some pre historic 4-4-2 with players out of position.” “Although we created Jack I must say SU were the master spoilers in the second half. Their ability to time waste and break continuity was up there with best of those ilk. “

“Utd weren’t much good but they deserved the three points.” “For me it’s unpalatable to play with 9 behind the ball at Sheffield Utd but no doubt he would point to the very good away form last season as vindication of his methods.
What I can’t accept is his refusal to take any responsibility and he stated that the forwards didn’t work hard enough and he was disappointed that we didn’t manage to have a shot on goal after going a goal behind.”

“we completely failed to deal with their system at both ends. We actually started pretty well, and after 15 mins thought the game might turn into an interesting tactical battle with our quality showing through, but by the end it was embarrassing.”

“7 years of prem football and that is how we look against a newly promoted side. We are shit.”

“The club is a mess. What a shocking performance against an extremely average side.”

“Outplayed both in skill and determination by a newly promoted side. Disgraceful performance. Deserve to go down.”

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View From Bournemouth

“They deserved that point.
We looked slow throughout the game.
Big up to Ramsdale who did a fine job, we could have been a goal down in 30 seconds.
Nothing much all game from King and Wilson.
Have we suddenly become a long ball team?
Pretty disappointed to be honest. “

“We struggle against teams who sit deep…we dont have any creative midfielders…..although tbf no one has outside the top 6…..we haven’t become a ‘long ball team’ just a counter attacking one. “

“Sheffield U looked like they had 15 players on the pitch second half. We looked knaccered. Why? It’s the first game of the season!”

“We’re going down, any optimism for new season gone in one game. Continuation from end of last season. Absolutely turgid and dog performance. Attack non existant, Rico & Mepham awful. No one could keep the ball or play a 1 yard pass. Playing 3 CB at home to Sheff Utd, got what we deserved, they deserved a point.”

“We set up like we were playing Man City and not Sheff U, very poor from Eddie today and had us at disadvantage from the get go. “

“Great advert for championship football. Shite v shite if you ask me.”

“They definitely deserved at least a point. They worked hard , closed us down, made it difficult to get the ball to our forwards. We looked unimaginative and even disinterested at some points. We looked weak on the left. Not sure what game Eddie was watching but we needed changes after we’d scored. However, Sheff utd played at their best to get a point against a very poor Bournemouth team. We will improve whereas they will struggle playing every team like that”

“They looked more up for it to me”

“Sheffield Utd used their subs wisely. We Didn’t.”

“Just a completely flat day. Fair play to them, hardworking, well drilled and fully deserved a point.”

“Shocking performance they deserved their draw”

“actually felt quite comfortable second half, they looked fairly limited, can’t remember them creating a chance…until that free kick and the keystone cops equaliser.Poor match, two poor, limited sides.”

“as poor as we were they created nothing and were fortunate with their goal. Still, we should have been more clinical and composed with our breakaways.”

“they didn’t look a threat despite us being horrendous, so it’s very much 2 points dropped. If the players bothered to turn up would’ve been a comfortable win.”

“They were there for the taking and we failed to finish them off. Two poor sides.”

“Mepham got caught out in the first 10 secs of the game with that long ball and throughout the course of the game he looks scared with the ball at his feet and beaten for pace by McGoldrick, not really an Eddie player, looks a liability.”

“Not really even the score this game could very much have been a 0-1 banana skin .. United far more up for it then us … it’s the first game of the season !FFS boys look like your up for it”

“Sheff U look very well organised/drilled.”

“Full credit to Sheff Utd for the way they played. They could of & maybe should have got all 3pts”

“Sheff Utd deserved the equaliser at the end.”

“Draw probably the fair result but Sheff Utd could have nicked it.”

“Draw a fair result. Sheff hung in and stayed in the game, deserved something. Wind spoiled the game.”

“I did say to the people sat next to me when Billy Sharp came on that he was a good striker. If they had to equalise then happy for Billy to score (if you know his history).
They deserved a point (unfortunately).”

“I was about to say ‘I remember Bill Sharp tearing us apart for Scunthorpe about 12 years ago, how times have changed’. Maybe not changed that much afterall”.

“Billy Sharp, a name that belongs to a football player in a comic, seems to have been around forever!”

“No onfield leadership. SheffU can be much happier.”

“Carried on from last season, outworked by the opposition, no movement off the ball, no chances created.”

“Ffs full ass defensive squad out there basically 7 defenders on the pitch and still can’t get a clean sheet. Against a promoted side at that!”

“Sheff were happy for us to have the ball and prevented any forward ball. -moved the ball with zero intensity.”

“didn’t deserve even a draw. Villa, and I hate to say it, will tear us apart if we have another showing like that. Sheffield United are now a team that I hate. The fans, players and the place.”

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The View From The Media

A selection of quotes and predictions about Sheffield United for the upcoming Premier League season.

“Sheffield United enter this season as rank outsiders, achieving survival would guarantee Wilder’s place as Manager of the Year, but with many sides in strong positions ahead of 2019/20, there may be no room for the Blades to cut out a place for themselves. Prediction: 20th”

Michael Potts, The Radio Times

“Wilder is underrated and the Blades will give it a go. But is the quality there?. Prediction: 19th”

Scott Minto, The Mirror

“There is always at least one prediction that goes against the grain and this is mine.Sheffield United are plenty of people’s tips to go down but I am going with the Chris Wilder factor and the stirring surroundings of Bramall Lane to keep the Blades in the Premier League. Prediction: 17th”

Phil McNulty, BBC Sport

“On paper, it looks a huge task for the Blades to survive. The bookies have them as 8/11 favourites to go straight back down. The signings they have made have improved the squad. Whether it’s enough only time knows. Much will rely on Mousset but, in the end, it could all be decided by trusted players like Sharpe and Henderson. If they do stay up it will be a minor miracle, Wilder has his work cut out.”

Simon Hahn,

“When you are dragging in lads from South East Scandinavia you know you’re not preparing very well. To be fair they have smashed their transfer record three times but still when you are resting your hopes on Lys Mousset, it’s relegation I’m afraid”

The Irish Guy, HITC

“Don’t get too familar or attached to The Blades. Unlike House Bolton, their knives may not be that sharp. This could be a short stay in the top flight.  No reason to sugarcoat this: it’s not good. Oddsmakers peg them as the worst team in the Premier League. They’re the least likely to win the EPL, finish in the top 4 or top 6. Their squad is the least valuable in the Premier League. There’s a strong correlation between overall team value and eventual finish. Norwich City, who bought one player this summer, is valued more. This is going to be a brief stay in the Premier League unless their Saudi owners invest some money quickly. “


“Sheffield United will probably start the season with one of the weaker squads, and most will consider them relegation favourites. On the other hand, their impressive team harmony, Chris Wilder’s managerial know-how and shrewd recruitment skills, one would back the Blades to survive their first Premier League season in 12 years.”

Andrew Zarb,

Sheffield United are going down. They’re not even taking the Premier League seriously. They’re still bigging up Billy Sharp, and as much as I love Billy Sharp; great record, absolute legend, local boy came good, third spell at the club, but he is League One.He’s not good enough for the Premier League and with the greatest of respect, it’s all sentimental bull that Sheffield United are hoping will take them through to 17th in the Premier League.”

Adrian Durham, Talksport

“it’ll be Norwich, Sheffield United and Bournemouth who face relegation to the Championship”

Michael Owen, The Express

“The Blades are back in the big time after two promotions in three seasons, but a thin squad without much Premier League experience will need the brilliant Chris Wilder to work wonders once again to ensure it’s a lengthy stay.” Prediction: 20th”

BT Sport

“Sheffield United would appear equipped to squeak out a 17th place finish. Considering the uncertainty around other teams in the Premier League and that the Blades have retooled without significant losses, I could see them rising to as high as a 16th place finish this season.”

Chuck Booth, Yahoo Sports

“16. Burnley 17. Southampton 18. Brighton 19. Norwich 20. Sheffield United”

Stan Collymore

“They stepped up to the second tier superbly, with several among the division’s outstanding players last season, but the gap to the highest level is bigger still. The skipper Sharp has the most league goals in the 21st century – 227 – but none have come in the top flight. Hopefully that will change.”
Richard Jolley, The

“Make no mistake, this team will relish the prospect of turning up and spoiling the party for anyone who underestimates them. (Chris Wilder’s) legendary status at Bramall Lane also helps in this regard with his job secure even in the event of relegation and the freedom attached to having nothing to lose will very much aid their approach. “

Oliver Walker,

“Sheffield United have been busy in the transfer market and they need to be. There’s a growing gap between the Championship and the Premier League and not everyone has as much money as Wolves. In Chris Wilder, they have a promising manager but those kind of bosses often get poached. United need to get off to a good start and their early fixture list isn’t that difficult. Even so, they will struggle to survive and an immediate return to the Championship looks on the cards.”

Steve Ashfield,

“under Chris Wilder, they have achieved two promotions in three years. Emotion rips through this part of Yorkshire, but do they have the necessary quality to stay up?”

Ben Grounds, Eurosport

“I don’t think it’s a difficult decision (to choose them for relegation), if you’re gonna have youre centre backs turning up in oppositions box in The Premier League you’re gonna get annihilated. I would say there are three managers who are in danger, I think the obvious one is Chris Wilder at Sheffield United.Teams that come up, as soon as they realise they’re in big trouble the first thing they do is change the manger.”

Steve Nicol, ESPN

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View From Barnsley

“I’d be more disappointed as a blunt tbh as although they got the win they had to play dirty against our pace and they wont get away with it in the Premiership.”

“I expect them too be back in the championship very soon”

“Thought the quality of Sheff Utd shone through not sure it’ll be enough in Prem mind but I hope it is for em , I hate Sheff Utd but love Wilder.”

“Actual scoreline 1-4. Realistic scoreline 1-2. They scored two goals following fouls on our players and the ref gave naff all.”

“Two second half goals from blatant offsides . We were in line ..linesman”

“I thought one was definitely offside and the other was debatable but it’s clutching at straws really. We were well beaten in the end.”

“not the result I was expecting”

“overall a promising performance against a strong side. “

“Thought we got hammered and there were few if any positives.”

“Today we got absolutely hammered”

“Well beaten”

“Sheff U dominated”

“Sheff Utd look well drilled.”

“thought they outplayed us. we had a good 15 mins second half and scored s well worked goal. blunts were a class above us. personally don’t think Fulham will be as strong / well organised as they’re in transition. “

“I’d say United are probably of the same quality as Fulham, so I’d prepare for an arseholing next week if today is anything to go by.”

“we’re playing Fulham next week. Rhey’re a top quality side who are as good as if not better than Sheff Utd.”

“callum robinson is a bit of a tit aint he. Celebrating like it matters.”

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View From Chesterfield

“Sheffield United showed their Premier League quality tonight but it’s nothing for Chesterfield fans to worry about.”

“Friendlies aren’t for the fans in my opinion, they are for the players to get up to speed, they don’t really prove to much on how a seasons going to pan out, know one ever got promoted or relegated winning friendlies. I would sooner have a couple of beers than watch them to be honest, an save the energy, tears an stress levels for when the season gets going.”

“Good work out, nothing more nothing less. Wholesale changes second half, development squad players getting a run out whilst they bring on million pound players. No comparison. Anyone who gets depressed by the result wants their head looking at.”

“I accept your point but still found it increasingly depressing with every second half minute, good for the finances but nothing else”

“humiliation on and off the field as expected”

“Total humiliation”

“Friendly or not depressing. We are miles off. If nothing else shows the size of the task. Embarrassing”

“Yep, that’s right we’ll be playing the premier standard of Sheffield United week in week out”

“One of their players cost more than our clubs worth, that should put some perspective on it.”

“The difference in these sides in comparison to where both were five years ago is frightening. Spireites were arguably a better team then. Blades a class above in every single area now. Easy in the end for United.”

“We need players to beat National League teams at the current time, not Premier League teams. I know it sticks in the throat that we were on a par with the Blunts 4 short years ago & now there is a massive gulf but it really is irrelevant to our current plight. Sheridan is putting together a team I think will challenge so throwing toys out of the pram after tonight really isn’t necessary. Like I say, it still rankles but let’s keep our eyes on what’s immediately in fro nt of us, The National League & winning it.”

“Is now a bad time to remind ourselves Wilder was seriously linked with our job?
But if memory serves our owner went for some Welsh bloke instead.”

“I’m all for taking the urine out of both Sheffield clubs when they’re scrapping with us in the upper echelons of L1
But show some grace, they have done remarkably well to reach the PL, on much much smaller budget than their rivals
Fair play to them, we could learn something from them, they’ve achieved due to work ethic, team spirit and stability”

“Don’t be surprised if United surprise a few during next season….Billy Sharp is a class goal scorer, he’ll still bang a few in next season.
Obviously making loads of substitutions doesn’t help the flow, so second half United were bound to take advantage…still positives to take from the game versus a premier league with a strong lineup”

“Seems main defensive tactic tonight was don’t mark Billy Sharp!”

“Let’s be honest, Billy Sharp is light years ahead of any of our defenders.”

“Defenders at our level wouldn’t stop Billy Sharp if he played with a ball and chain on his ankles – no comparison.”

“Defenders at our level would get outpaced by the ball n chain lol”

“I didn’t go tonight, but I can’t believe the fuss being made on here. Nobody in possession of their senses could have expected any other outcome when a NL team faces a Premier League team. A striker like Sharp is going to walk over a National League defence every time”

“if you think that a pre season game against a Premiership side proves anything, and you shout out things like ‘close them down’ or ‘play it out’ – you probably drink bath water. Don’t know what lowered the IQ more, the ‘meet me at Mcdonalds’ kids who’d never been to a game and left when we were losing to a Premiership team – or the dee daah bellends who raved whilst offering out fans in a pre season game ”

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View From Burton

“Good win against a premier league team.”

“Encouraging performance”

“An impressive win”

“I thought United could have been out of sight in the first half.
Post and bar and bad finishing.
Second half top they had lots of chances but woeful finishing and great defending.
Great goal to win it.”

“Good workout against strong opposition where for large parts it was a backs to the wall job. Nice to get the winner at the end with all the young lads on and Marcus’s goal was an absolute stunner and even drew applause from the away end.”

“It’s a shame that a brilliant goal like that doesn’t mean anything.”

“Sheff Utd put out what seemed a full strength Prem side. We looked weak on paper; no Collins, no Fadz, no Allen plus Quinn and Fox out injured. They started really brightly moving the ball sharply all across the park and it was no surprise they went ahead. Sharp and McGoldrick looked a real handful up front. Somehow we clawed our way into the game and although Sheff Utd were clearly the better side, we got the result and for a friendly it wasn’t a bad game. Not sure you can deduce much from the game. Not sure it helps our cause playing a full strength Prem side. 1900 there mainly from Sheffield. “

“ Much of the time saw Albion’s players sticking to their defensive duties to withstand waves of Blades pressure.”

“ Clough may well have uncovered a gem in Richard Nartey. He was excellent tonight after a cagey start, understandbale when they had the powerhouses of Billy Sharp and David McGoldrick up front.”

“ Very enjoyable game at the Pirelli tonight, a 2-1 win for the Brewers, but a great work out against a very good team”

“ Best wishes to them in The Premier League next season”

“ You’re always gonna slip on the occasional greasy chip butty”

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View From Real Betis

“Good game, but as long as there’s no striker in the team, we’re still with last year’s deficiency.”

“We didn’t deserve to lose, the referee couldn’t be more bad. We had two good chances and I don’t know how the other team stopped them “

“Disappointed but not surprised.”

“If you missed the game…. you didn’t miss a thing… don’t bother to see it… hurting the eyes”

“up to the miniture 30 or by there not a shot at the door basically the same as last year with pre-season match level

“Inept , sign someone at once”

“What a bunch of inepts”

“Shame even in pre-season losing to newly promoted team”

“we don’t applaud like seals in a circus like it was a great with a newly promoted English team.”

“We conceded to a menu name from McDonald’s”

“Let the pessimistic, fatalist comments begin and messing with players who wear our jersey, it’s a season first game. For me we can lose all pre-season games and win the league. I will stay calm”

“Can you really draw conclusions and say the barbarities you’re saying for losing this game? The team hasn’t been training for two weeks and a new coach. Let’s put her on the ground for God’s sake. “

“This is pre-season, negative people who criticize the minimum, to suck them”

“some go dramatic . A week of training, half-gas match, 45 minutes with quarries and players out. “

“Betis will be a good team to watch this season .. Dark horse for champions league place if they add the right players”

“hope it’s a good year for Sheffield. “

“Good luck to them in The Premier League”

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Roy’s End Of Season Awards

A look back at some of the brilliant, beautiful and bitter comments from the past season.

Most arrogant fans: WEST BROM

(Last years winner: Brentford)

They certainly weren’t alone but The Baggies fans fell into the trap of believing their club would better The Blades mainly due to the fact our squad didn’t contain as many big name players as theirs:

” if we have a pretty full strength then I think we should win, however our home form has been terrible and we’ll need to find a way to break them down. If they play gung-ho against us, I think we’ll beat them, bit like the Leeds game.”

“no disrespect to these but come on this should be targeted as a win. i cant think of one of their players who would get into our team. its time for our players and coaching staff to give us a performance that stands out”

“none of their players would get in our best 11. They are punching miles above their weight this season, I’ve never considered them a serious threat to the top 2. Fail to beat these on Saturday and Norwich and Leeds have the automatics in the bag.”

“we should have enough to beat these,with Murphy and Harper improving and Gayle and Phillips back,it will be the usual stupid short passing at the back and in midfield going astray making us own worst enemy that is our biggest problem,maybe at home we need to let the opposition have more of the ball and hit them on the break,rather than us having to attack them.”

“Tell you what, the users on the Sheffield United forum are overly confident aren’t they? Incredible stuff. One thinks they’ve got the best strikers in the League, that’ll be Billy Sharp, David McGoldrick, Gary Madine and Scott Hogan? Ermm no mate. Most think they’ll beat us easily on Saturday, I’m dumbfounded.”

“If we play to our best and Sheffield United play to their best we will beat them comfortably”

“Can’t wait to stuff them on Saturday and then see what they say!”

“No reason why we can’t put 4 or 5 past them”

After the game, their opinions had somewhat changed…

“Come up against a decent side and we’re found wanting again”

“Won’t see a more comfortable 1-0 than that. Schooled. “

“Sheffield United were the better side and probably deserved to win. Disgraceful from Rodriguez to be honest, that’s not the way we should be playing. Though if he scored it’d be a different story, I can guarantee that!”
“Got beat by a team with a better game plan”

“Sheff Utd just about deserved it. Our key players not on the top of their game. Not enough quality in final third, too slow build up.”

“Sheff Utd played well, defended resolutely first to the ball and kept it in possession.”

“It was a test to see where we really are in terms of promotion and the evidence suggests we will fall short of automatic as SU were just too good for us today”

“Wilders plan worked perfectly..could have stayed out for another hour and we still wouldn’t have scored”

“Sheffield United deserve credit, they did their homework on us and it paid off “

“Fair play Sheff Utd. Best team I’ve seen this season. Shut us completely down”

“credit to sheff utd took their chance look a decent side”

“sheff Utd so much better than us tonight,didn’t deserve anything”

Sheff utd did to us what we did to stoke a couple of weeks back…….perfect away performance from them.”

“Credit to Sheff Utd, thought they played really well, good football, good movement and a yard quicker in every position. “

Some though still were not convinced by United..

“Can’t see past Norwich and Leeds walking it now.”

“sheffield united arent a particularly goods side nor for a minute do i think they will go up but they wanted it more than us”

“We made a good well organised championship team look better than they are really but again not surprised. Just scratching my head”

Sheff Utd are hard working but ain’t world beaters. “

“Regards Sheffield United I thought they were a functional side nothing more, still expect to finish comfortably above them,  and would be more than happy to meet them in the play offs if we don’t make top 2.”

“Even in defeat you can see that we have the better team”

“We dominated just didn’t take our chances. Still think we’ll win the league”

Most Respectful Fans: BLACKBURN ROVERS

(Last years winner: Derby)

United did the double over Rovers, scoring 5 and conceding 0 in the process., but that doesn’t always mean the opposition will give you respect. The Blackburn fans though were extremely complimenary of United after The Blades 2-0 win at Ewood Park in October:

“Fair play to Sheff Utd tonight, they were much sharper than us, organised and stopped us from playing. Best side I’ve seen so far this season.”

“Best side I’ve seen at Ewood in over a year, can’t lie we played dreadful but can’t take that away from Sheff Utd.”

“Best side too have come to Ewood this season for me. They controlled the game and out classed and out played them. Too say Forest have spent a bit this summer, Sheff United are twice the team they are. We never looked like breaking them down. Dack was a no show, Graham had no service and when he did win a header they were first too every ball. The same when one of our centre halves won a header, they were always first to the second ball. It just shows you can be successful in this league without splashing the cash”

“best side I seen play against us this year.”

“can see why sheff united are up there near the top, they look really good”

“Beaten by a team we aspire to follow in the footsteps of. Well done to Sheff Utd. We go again”

“first lesson of the season. Out classed.”

“Out of our depth against a excellent footballing side. It was almost as if the players gave up due to lack of ability.”

“Outclassed, outplayed and we looked a league lower.”

“first time this season were we havent at least dominated half of the game.sheffutd decent side though”

“Very impressed with Sheff U. No shame in losing to a team that has just gone top of the league.”

“Well beaten by a far superior side.”

“we are a newly promoted side and the side we played, last season set the standard for newly promoted sides. That’s what we should be aiming for”

“We were beaten by a better drilled, stronger, fitter side.”

“Very poor tonight. Sheff Utd very hard to break down.”

Sheff Utd defence impressive”

Sheff Utd well organised albeit fortunate with their goals but deserved to win from all round play.”

“O’Connell is a beast. Did he really go on a free?”

“Letting O’Connell go and on a free was criminal. It was obvious he was gOod enough back then”

“Billy sharp showing exatly the type of striker we need for this league”

And when United beat the Lancashire club 3-0 at Bramall Lane in December, the Blackburn faithful were just as respectful as two months previous…

” On the plus side, we don’t have to play Sheffield Utd again in the league this season.. “

“Sheff utd were one of my picks to go up this season – and nothing I saw today changed my mind. And honestly, I hope they do go up. Just because if we’re gonna get dicked 3-0, at least it was to a team that got promoted…”

” At the end of the day, we’ve just played the top two in the Championship and the best team to visit Ewood this season. It was always gonna be tough. “

“They are top of the league for a reason”

” If Ben Brereton is worth £7 Million then what is Billy Sharp worth? A quality striker and the difference today. “

” Sure as the sun sets. Sharp scores”

” The one quality striker on the pitch and he makes the difference. What do we do leave our best striker on the bench, start the dud Brereton and are now playing without a striker.”


(Last years winner: Millwall)

There have been many funny moments on the View From this season. From a Bolton fan shitting in a sink to Leon Clarke being disparagingly labelled ‘Jurassic Clarke’ by Wigan fans but none of them come close to the Pre- Season predictions of Sheffield Wednesday fans. Find the full set of these ill-judged forecasts in the link below.

Mardiest Fans: NORWICH CITY

(Last years winner: Norwich City)

The first team to retain their award this season is Norwich City. Despite being promoted the Norwich supporters still seem very easy to upset as shown after United’s 2-1 victory over the Canaries at Bramall Lane way back in August. Back then manager Daniel Farke wasn’t quite as revered as he is now….

“We need a new coach”

“Let’s stop farke in about and get a manager that knows how to get out of this league”

“he has no clue, we are going down unless he goes back to the 4th tier of german football where he belongs.”

“3 wins in 19 daniel not good”

Farke wasn’t the only one in the firing line…

“And Sheffield are a Shite side too !! Can’t even beat them FFS !!!”

“We can’t even beat Sheffield United shocking”

“Wilder shouldnt flatter himself ….he obviously has a bigger problem with us than we do with them. ..sheff utd always have been and will be an irrelevance”

“are more obsessed about beating us than the scum are. Know which Sheffield team I’d rather support”

“How on earth did we not get Woodburn from Liverpool given the Dortmund link and the better football philosophy compared to Sheff Utd”

“A message to Sheffield United. YOU ARE DISGUSTING! To hear you’ve chased my friend and his group down the road and glass another fan? Hang your heads in shame”

“Form is temporary, class is permanent. Sheffield fans who glassed a Norwich fan hang your heads in shame. Horrible club”

“Absolutely vile club”

“Must say I’m never going to bramall lane every again”

By the time the teams met again in January, Norwich were top of the league and Farke a hero. The Blades too were in the promotion mix and a 2-2 draw at Carrow Road seemed a fair result but once again the Norwich fans were not happy…

“That’s a sickener.  Particularly considering the differing quality of football played by the two sides. “

“For all the talk of Sheff Utd not being cloggers and playing football, they did nothing except hoof it at Madine and kick us. “

“Sheff Utd are bunch of knobheads – those who said they weren’t cloggers clearly don’t know what they’re talking about. Basham in particular is a c-un-t. We scored two great goals playing proper football on the plus side. Another ref with no consistency whatsoever. Let the game flow which was a plus but booked Zimmermann for the same tackle Sheff Utd players had already made 4 or 5 times, and let them kick us off the park with late tackles and leaving the foot in.”

“Strange one. Sheff Utd acting like they’ve won the league when they’ve got a point which keeps them 3 points below us?!
weird bunch.”
“Strange mentality to be happy with a point when they could’ve won it. A win puts them above us but happy to settle for a draw. Not sure about that myself “

They weren’t finished yet. When Chris Wilder was voted LMA manager of the year, the Norwich fans were once again up in arms…

“Sooo, Chris Wilder gets championship manager of the year. Well here’s a message from me to all who voted for him over Farke and to all who consistently ignore #NCFC fabulous achievements this season. YOU CAN ALL FUCK OFF. That’s all. Goodnight.”

“Means more to Wilder. Farke has the trophy he wanted ”

“Wilder had momentum from league 1 promotion, Farke was in the 4th tier in Germany then”

“Shocking bias. Farke managed his side on next to no money and dragged the club from mediocrity to playing splendid football.”

“He’s failed everywhere but blades!”

“Farke inherited a squad full of over the hill players who were hugely overpaid… he’s had a much harder job than wilder”

“We won the league and they didn’t. Farke is better than Wilder and will go on to do bigger and better things than him, with or without Norwich”

Funny how opinions change isn’t it?

Most Knowledgeable Fans: HUDDERSFIELD TOWN

(Last years winner: Brighton)

Whilst many Blades were underwhelmed by the signing of Martin Cranie, Huddersfield fans were telling us exactly the sort of player we had just purchased. In fact their views were ours just 6 months later!

“Good solid pro, hope it works out for him.”

“Played his part in some great times when called on. A good solid pro”

“Lot of respect for him, always been dependable even though he never got much of a chance in the first team.”

“Solid player without doing anything spectacular, did a good job for hs.”

“Really liked Cranie – what a good free signing and servant.”

“I don’t recall him ever letting us down when called upon. I always liked Cranie and was sad to see him go.”

“Good Luck to him, never let us down.”

“I always respected Martin Cranie whilst he was at Town – never a superstar but gave his best every time he was called on and never let us down. Best of luck for your future, Martin.”

“I also like Martin Cranie, a solid pro who did a good job for us when called upon. I personally think alongside Schindler he could still do a job for us if required.”

“When Tommy Smith went off injured at Wembley and Cranie came on, I was unconcerned because I knew he would do a solid, professional job for the remainder of the match. In the club’s biggest game in living memory. With £100m at stake. In a tight 0-0 scoreline. That is all.”

“a solid pro for us, never a regular first team player, but he did a job for us whenever called upon. And didn’t let us down. Good luck for the future Martin.”

Most Depressed Fans: MIDDLESBROUGH

(Last years winner: Ipswich)

Swansea didn’t fancy their chances on the first day and Stoke were reeling from a woeful season but by the time ‘Boro came to Bramall Lane in February their fans had well and truly had enough of “Pulis-Ball”:

“Absolutely outplayed in every department!! Pulis needs to go!! Even if it’s another year in the championship? Football is basic, boring.”

“GET HIM OUT. All the way to Sheffield for another half arsed performance.”

“Don’t dress it up a 13 man Pullis team would of got beat with his tactics and no sticker on the pitch….. Yes I mean NO STRIKER. lumping around does not qualify for this role. Boro lad or not. In fact I bet at least a dozen Boro lads in the crowd tonight are better than Hughill”

“Totally fucking schooled in that Second Half tonight. We play like a Pulis side but we don’t often show the character & savvy of a Pulis team.”

“They made an attacking sub and by some sort of miracle do more going forward, scoring within 15 minutes. Who would have thought!!?
Theres a lesson to be learnt there Tony, but you will never understand.”

We the most boring team to watch in the league”

“We are a horrible, horrible side to watch, it would be a travesty if this team went up playing this negative boring football and with this dinosaur in charge.”

“Lovely stuff. Particularly enjoyed them 4 consecutive throw ins down the right.”

The “We Didn’t Know You Cared So Much” Award: HULL CITY

(Last years winner: Hull City)

The last award sees Hull City once again take first prize. Will anybody truly know why they hate us so much?

“Those of a certain age will dislike them as much as I do , will be tough but here’s hoping for a decent win.. the fact our home record is so strong is promising”

“I hate them. I hate them more than I hate Leeds, and would love to **** them over on Monday.”

“They have always been w*****s ,..made even worse by their new found big time persona despite playing in no mans land for **** knows how many years”

“I hate Sheff U with a passion with their aloof and arrogant fans, worked in Leeds for many years and have more friends there than in Hull so although I don’t particularly want Leeds promoted I would much rather them than the c(bl)unts any day”

“If there’s anything worse than Sheffield U itself , it’s their fans. It would make my week to thrash them tomorrow.”

“I think I now slightly favour the vermin over sheffield.
I was thinking earlier which sheffield player I have disliked most over the years, the one that most epitomises the boastful cockiness of these ****s. The list is a lengthy one:-
Alan Woodward- unsmiling grey haired s y ****
Len Badger- dirty thuggish defender
Paddy Kenny- utter **** of a human being, goads fans then retreats as they get nicked
Billy Sharp- archetypal cocky bluntsman, proper badge kisser
Geoff Salmon- had some verbals with this **** in the Anglo Scottish in 1980?
Colin Morris- another old bastard like Woodward mark2
Keith Edwards- guaranteed to score against us, even if he was guaranteed for us against them.
Chris Morgan- archetypal bluntsman dirty ****, Warnock disciple
Bob Hatton- how did he escape ? How come he ended playing for them of all teams?”

“Edwards was a dirty sod as well by the way, lot of off the ball stuff. But look no further than their current manager for unfavourable traits, always mardy always moaning away to the 4th official when they’ve been on sky and things don’t go his way ,…proper bellend, i can see why the blunts like him he reminds me of that twat Warnock.”

“My dislike for Sheff U is greater than my dislike of TWS but I think there’s more chance of The Blunts coming straight back down and for that reason I would prefer them to go up before Leeds”

“I dislike SU more than TWS but hope SU go up as they have more chance of coming straight back down.”

“The danger is that sheffield would spend the money wisely, take a relegation and then go again. They yoyo between the divisions, don’t need these ****s to go up.”

“Can’t stand either of them, so it would be ****ing hilarious IF they both lost 2 and drew 1 of their games and west brom won all 3 of theirs”

Here’s to next season!

Here’s to next season!

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View From Leeds……

This is not something I usually do but after huge pressure (about 8 requests) I succumbed to the demand. Here are some of the more tormented comments from Leeds United fans following their failure to secure promotion…..

“They’ve won promotion but yet still talk about Leeds. Obsessed.”

“Absolute respect for Wilder’s achievement at a professional level but his behaviour and that of some his squad has revealed some pretty small time insecurity. “

“Remember Bielsa defending Henderson after his howler at Bramall Lane when everyone else was taking the piss,strange how Henderson/Wilder r now quick to stick the boot in on Bielsas achievements now.Prem club with a small club mentality.”

“It always comes back to bite you in the arse, that kind of bullshit. I’ve plenty of friends from the right side of Sheffield and don’t wish them ill next year, but I might take a look at the chop odds for next season’s PL managers…”

“The whole filming of them partying and carrying on at Bramall Lane looked very chavvy and classless plus the drunken interviews left a lot to be desired especially when he dwells on Leeds rather than his own team and their merits and achievements.”

“Screw Chris wilder. I can’t stand him or his squad of players. They play a shit house style of football. And it’s only through our fuck ups that they are there. It should be us. If we weren’t so Leeds at times it would be.”

“It’s particularly galling in the case of the bacon wearing, rapist supporting, victim blaming, shoe waving, litigious, hypocritical cry babies that are Sheffield United.  It’s not even as if they’ve been well run as a club, signed or produced any decent players, or have a decent fan base. What is the point of them in the Premier League, seriously!”

“The blunts will come a cropper amongst the elite”

“I hate and despise the club and all it stands for….always have done. Tin pot club. Awful fans.”

“Relegated by February.”

“Wilder will find out the HARD way next season, he can gob off all he wants now but they are gonna need a miracle to stay up “What Norwich and Sheff utd don’t have is 46 cup finals like Leeds have. They don’t have teams raising their game against them like Leeds. They haven’t had an injury crisis like Leeds have had all season. “

“I’ve been staggered at the number of Norwich & Sheffield Utd fans I’ve seen slagging Leeds. If we’d held or nerve and managed automatic promotion I wouldn’t give a damn about any other team. Strange”

“They’ll come straight back down after the manner of Cardiff; just a collection of aging journeymen who’ve over achieved. Are McCabe and Prince Gazillions still suing each other? Can’t see them investing enough to make a go of it. It’ll give their fans something else to have a greasy chip butty on each shoulder about though, as they inevitably slide back to their natural home in league one.”

“Norwich and Sheff United both promoted but what’s everyone talking about? Leeds vs Villa.. There’s a energy around this club that people are envious of”

“I’d rather be in the Championship forever than support a shit club like Norwich with their shit, inbred fans in a virtually silent stadium despite them being just over 20 minutes away from the Premier League! Imagine Elland Road..”

“2 teams promoted from the Championship and the main talking point was Leeds. Easily the biggest club in this league”

“Fulham played pretty football, some pundits claimed it was the best ever in championship, spent £100m and couldnt stay up. Can’t see overlapping centre backs and Billy Sharp getting on well in Prem. Even teams like Burnley will have a field day vs Blades”

“Only bottlers will be sheff utd next season when they are relegated and embarrassed to themselves”

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Premiership Fans Views On Sheffield United’s Promotion

A collection of quotes from fans of Premiership clubs about the return of The Blades to the top flight.

Man City Fans

“Well done to Sheffield United. 6 points clear of third placed L***s with and a GD 14 better than the banjo players.”

“Congratulations to Sheffield United and especially my Blades mates after a 12 year absence. What a great achievement by Chris Wilder and his men. Six long years in the 3rd Division and he got them up in his first year. Two years later his innovations (eg overlapping centre backs), and astute man management has worked wonders again.
Looking forward to going to Bramall Lane next season.
Such a shame not about Leeds!”

“Yep congrats to the Blades, I worked in Sheffield for most of the 90s so I know a few Blades, very pleased for them especially as they’ve pipped the dirties to the automatic spot.”

Liverpool Fans

“Their side screams Brexit football “

“They need patterning first game of the season”

“Next seasons whipping boys”

“Giving the LMA award to (Chris Wilder)this anti-football dinosaur perfectly sums up “Brexit Britain”

“They play really good football acc, they get their centre halfs to overlap their fullbacks”

Spurs Fans

“Wilder is a good manager. Hope they stay up!”

“He has done a remarkable job to get Sheffield United back to the big time”

“We like them because they hate West Ham”

“Love Brammall Lane as an away day.”

“always liked bramall lane – proper old school football ground”

Chelsea Fans

“I cannot believe that SHIT Dee daa team is going up. they are so so thuggish and boring”

“We will be Competing with Sheffield United and Norwich when Hazard leaves. “

“They’ll finish bottom”

“Chris Wilder aren’t you a comedian. On Eden Hazard “I’m quite happy he’s going if I’m honest. Does he want a lift to the airport”. For a start it’s not even confirmed that he’s leaving. You think your funny haha can’t wait to see your side get relegated next season“

Arsenal Fans

“Sheffield United got Arab involvement and achieved promotion after 13 years in the Football League. “

“Well my local team Sheffield United got promotion the Prem for the 2nd time in my lifetime so if Arsenal win the the final against Chelsea I will be happy”

“Really good team with CB’s contributing a lot to the buildup and defend as a solid back 5. Would get the necessary games under the belt. Wilder and Alan Knill are a solid duo who have brought out the best in players. Dean Henderon the best example.”

Man Utd Fans

“Nobody was expecting Sheffield United to get promoted at the start of this season. It will be interesting to see them get six points off us, I mean, how they do in 19/20 “

“Really looking forward to Sheffield United in the PL next season”

“Sheffield United have been a breath of fresh air in the Championship this year with a unique style of play that must have come as such a relief to the fans who have had to endure many years of hoofball”

“Sheffield United fully deserve this promotion. Just an example of a talented manager who’s built a club up on relatively minimal resources and also playing the right way.”

“Think they’ll surprise a fair few with how they play next year. “

“Ole won’t make it here and we’ll be back here arguing about whether to go with someone inexperienced but capable of making their team play good stuff like the Sheffield manager with his overlapping centerbacks thing”

“It’s ‘Sheffield United’”

“The jobs Wilder has done at Northampton and Sheffield Utd in particular have been miraculous. He has had the Midas touch so far, and I really hope that the club enjoy a productive summer transfer window and can hold their own in the Premier League next season.”

Everton Fans

“I do hope Jagielka goes back to Sheffield, he left when they were relegated and it would be poetic for him to return as they come back”

Sheffield play there centre backs in a weird formation they get up along the full backs when they attack, can’t see them getting jags for that role. might be worth them getting him to at a bit of prem experience about the place but not as a starter. “

“Another decent sized club that was floating around the championship”

“They will struggle to stay in the Premiership next season”

“I can’t stand Sheffield United”

Wolves Fans

“Playing Sheff Utd next season. What a job Wilder has done there.”

“Really pleased for them. Proper club.”

“Delighted for the Blades. Great club, great stadium, great fans, great away day. Stoked for them.”

“Norwich and Sheff Utd coming up are both good for us. Both teams play football. ”

Leicester Fans

“They are often fascinating to watch live. Basham is excellent at driving forwards! Often very similar to the way Harry does it when he gets frustrated at the midfield doing nothing”

“Sheffield Utd and Norwich both played entertaining football be interesting to see how they get on.”

“If Sheffield United want to stay in this division, they’ll need to learn very quickly that you need to be able to keep clean sheets.”

“I don’t doubt that Sheffield United will be a lot more defensively focussed in the Premier League”

“Sheffield United will be fine.”

“Looking forward to Sheffield Utd being back. Always had a soft spot for them for some reason”

“Why did Sheffield United having a bus tour for finishing 2nd?”

“Celebrating promotion?”

“Wilder has done a great job getting them up because they’re a very average group of players. Good to see a big northern club in the Premier League and one of the best grounds around.”

“Sheffield United are a nothing club, million times more than Norwich.”

West Ham Fans

“Fantastic effort by Sheffield United, but please; had they shown the same effort and fight in their final game against Wigan in 2007 then they would’ve remained in the Premier League!”

“Try not to blame us when you go down next season”

“They blame us for everything. They do have a good manager there though.”

“This should be tasty. I wonder how many tevez chants we will bring out for those fixtures ????”

“Sign some unknown Argentine striker illegally and relegate Sheffield United again”

Watford Fans

“Congrats to Norwich & especially Sheffield United. Remember the days in the late 90’s & 00’s when SU were always a tough little outfit & for a time a lot better than SW. Realistically can’t really see anything other than both of these teams struggling.”

“Sheffield Utd in particular appear set to be next season’s Cardiff. Squad very much geared to Championship football.”

“I doubt any of the promoted teams will have the firepower of Fulham in the transfer window.”

“Fair play Sheffield United, always felt a bit sorry for them after how their previous Premier League spell went. Way too early to be writing them off, the Premier League riches (as long as you actually use them, unlike Cardiff, or don’t go mental, unlike Fulham) means that nobody goes in as a no-hoper these day”

“The day Watford are relegated from the Premier League I will celebrate. An incredibly dull league.My wife is a Sheff Utd fan and after our game on Saturday I went up to Sheffield for a curry and a few beers with her and a load of other Sheff Utd fans. They are all delighted at the glory of promotion, but not one of them is feeling particularly excited about actually being in the Premier League. What is there to be excited about? Premier league success is simply avoiding failure.”

Crystal Palace Fans

“Let Chris Wilder learn from his mistakes in the Premier League with Sheffield Utd and then get him in to replace Roy at the end of next season.”

“Chris Wilder is an absolute hero”

“They play great football”

“I’ve always had a soft spot for the Blades.”

“I follow every PL club on Twitter minus Brighton and I must say, Sheffield United have been complete value for the follow in these first few days. They’re having a great time and who can blame them? Palace 2010 levels of team spirit. “

“I went to one championship game last season. Sheffield United v Norwich. Now both promoted. Great to see them both in the EPL. Good teams.”

Newcastle Fans

“Massive congratulations to Sheffield United following their promotion to the premier league! A great city, a club close to my heart after 4 years in Sheffield & an incredible achievement from all involved.”

“Fantastic to have them back next season”

“With Huddersfield down and the other two north east teams still languishing down in the lower leagues, does that make Sheffield United our local derby next season? Jesus Christ!”

“I love the thought of a trip to Sheffield for the Newcastle game, so look forward to a Tuesday night or Sky destroying the plan with an unmanageable kick off time”

“They’ll be a tough team next season”

“Very happy for the wife today as her Shithouse of a team Sheffield United have finally got promoted back to the prem. At least creates a bit of conflict next season between us! “

Bournemouth Fans

“think one thing is blatantly obvious having watched an awful lot of championship football lately. None of the current batch are a Wolves and unless anyone has serious backing , then they can expect a rocky ride when they come up.
Villa are financially up a **** creek, Norwich and Sheff Utd look like the next Hudds / Cardiff . Norwich won’t go crazy on the spending front , not sure about Sheff Utd. “

“the championship been a strange one this season no one has really had a stand out season it has been a lot more even through the league apart from a few poor teams, i agree with them not really spending big either fulham will be a example of why not to blow all the tv money in the summer.
i reckon a trend will be set of getting promoted and hoping to stay up without upgrading team too much and get that big payday”

“It’s nice to see another English manager (Chris Wilder) doing well”

“I feel we will be struggling to stay up with the likes of Brighton,Burnley,Palace Sheffield Utd and Norwich. “

“They are a good bet to go straight back down”

“Not convinced by Farke of Norwich. He stinks of “did well to get them promoted, sacked in November” to me. Sheffield Utd would probably be like us and Huddersfield, wildcard. “

Burnley Fans

“Whoever comes up with Norwich and Sheffield Utd those will be the three relegation places next season,can’t remember the last time three weaker looking clubs came up.”

“Chuffed they’ve gone up….nice 6 points for us next season”

“They are 10 yrs behind us”

“They showed how to celebrate!”

“Brilliant Team Spirit. They’re gonna need that in spades next term. They also need to evolve slowly and not rush it, a la Fulham. Their swashbuckling style will see them take a few thrashings, next season, but it could get them some vital wins that see them safe.”

“Wilder is a great manager and will make them competitive. I’m pretty sure most neutrals wrote us off when we stayed up with the likes of Boyd and Arfield as regulars.”

“Always liked ’em for some odd reason. Remember when their ground was really odd with only 3 sides but they still used to manage an atmosphere. My worst visit there was in the 70’s when they had the Argentine Alex Sabella. He ran us ragged and they stuffed us 4-0.
As someone has said if they play the way they seem to have done this season I can see them scaring a few teams next season but they might just ship 6 or 7 against teams like City and Liverpool. Should be an interesting season for them and I hope they stay up – they are one of the sleeping giants in my view.”

“There’s very few ‘Sleeping Giants’ left, and Sheff Utd aren’t one of them, IMO. They’re a ‘Big’ Club, but their Top Tier history is patchy at best.
Villa maybe, Leeds possibly, Sheff Weds, at a push; but not Sheff Utd.”
“Definitely Villa (THE sleeping giant in my opinion) and Leeds. I think Sheff United not necesarilly because of history (although it is a very long history) but as potential I think. “

“Sheffield United are are not even the biggest club in Sheffield.
Look forward to taking 6 pts of them next season”

Southampton Fans

“Sheff Utd going up with a retro Saints strike force of Billy Sharp and David McGoldrick!”

“Norwich, Sheff Utd and Leeds are good away gigs”

“A relief Sheffield United are up and not Leeds”

“I don’t like Leeds.. and their fans were going crazy a few weeks ago when we were linked to one of their players and they looked like going up then.. different story now.
They are a nasty club, so much there that’s not nice. They don’t behave in a way we’d accept.
I’m glad Sheff and Norwich are coming up..”

Brighton Fans

“This morning I was thinking us, Bournemouth and Sheff U (or either West Brom/Derby if they come up) to go down”

“Both Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday are bigger clubs than us where history, even relatively recently, are taken into account. Sheffield United have spent the same amount of seasons outside the first half of the leagues than we have spent in them.”

“Sheffield United have wealthy owner. Some Prince”

“Chansiri knows he bought the wrong club”

“Well done to Norwood. Hope he finally gets a crack in the top flight. Can’t ask any more than 3 promotions in 3 years.”

“Hope he gets his chance (and ****s it up and United fill a relegation spot).”

“I understand Norwoods frustration, however I wouldn’t have said he was a key member of either of those promotions squads. However this year should be better for him, has been a key player for Utd all season and you’d think they’d keep him for next season rather than get rid back to the championship. “

“Norwood can cross a ball better than any of our current players. He has a really good touch. So bad move . Better than Kayal and Stevens and getting better. Good luck to him”

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