View From Hull

“Fantastic result this.
Young kids get a win
Players needing a boost scored a goal.
That **** Norwood missed.
Perfect night.
Well done Nige”

“so the difference was Norwood trying to hit the floodlights …. dodged a bullet there then”

“Good result, who needs Norwood anyway.”

“Agent Norwood”

“Karma for Norwood”

“How funny that Norwood was the one that missed! Bet those comments about us will bite him in the arse! Karma bites back”

“Ha ha should have signed for City”

“Sheff Utd have just been ripped off for Norwood. Thank god he never came here. Space station still trying to track the flight path of his penalty”

“In your face Norwood”

“**** me, had worse nights! Beat those misshapen headed bastards” “Always good to beat those ****s Sheffield United, no matter what the competition or however much I hate our ****ish owners.” “Get the ****ity **** in.”

“Good result
Pleased for the young uns
Delighted Norwood ****ed up
Any time you beat that ****ing horrible club is a good result mind you”

“Unbeaten in Pigtown this season.”

“Good win that”

“Wilder said they were the best team. Whatever I’m sure you said that last season in the league”

“Just Bitter we should have had a pen”

“What a sour man”

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View From QPR

“lost to a very average side”

“Think we deserved a draw out of that.”

“We created enough. Eze could have had 4 goals”

“Eze and their goalkeeper best two players on the pitch”

“We were the better team in that first half, but United edged a poor second half. We had 15 shots to their 8, even if quite a few of them were from long range.”

“Not really clear cut chances though.”

“Sorry, we didn’t deserve anything out of that game after the 2nd half performance”

“We huffed and puffed, scored a good goal, then once again conceded either side of half – time. Second half we disappeared badly, and with that defence and attack we are rightly one of the relegation favourites.”

“We dominated in patches as did United. Scrappy most of the time but overall not good considering some of our performances last season.”

“Performance was patchy in the first half and poor in the second… Didn’t look like scoring after the penalty…”

“We are a naive team, to nice to play against , teams like she’d Utd, Preston, Leeds etc are going to bully us to death”

“Think strength is what was missing. Utd had it in abundance.”

“What did worry me slightly was how we failed to respond on the field to United’s basic ploy of dropping deep to block the spaces previously exploited by Eze and Freeman.”

“All looked very easy for Sheff Utd second half.”

“The worrying thing was we probably played as well as we can. “

“What worries me the most is that Sheffield United were utter shite too. “

“They were but we never looked like scoring an equilizer. “

“I’ve been wondering about our “mini league” and thinking about what teams are in it…. I reckon Preston and Sheff Utd are just average midtable teams so they are well out of our league. But, I’m really struggling to think of many teams as disjointed, toothless and powder-puff as us…. I’m looking at Rotherham. Brum, Ipswich and Reading and then I struggle.”

“A tremendously frustrating afternoon.
We had a good spell when we scored and looked in control. Their goal (just before half-time as usual) really seemed to knock us sideways.
Ingram looks very shaky, although he made one excellent save from Leon Clarke.
We played well in spells, but we have a lot of players who don’t know when to release the ball.
There is something weak about us. Not the whole game, but it was noticeable in significant spells of the game. Didn’t have a clue what the penalty was for.”

“1st half we were better but always lightweight, a team like the blades has to be put away and chances taken, we were silky and passiin well and a good goal set us up… i go go
for beers 1-1, didnt see it, but 2nd hald utd fancied it and with a weak pen given, elbow > but no one went dowm , no hand was weak, 2-1 game over.”

“Still early days, only two games in, but that was worrying. All the same problems as last season without the intensity that dragged us through games like that. That said, the penalty was weird and the goal apparently offside, so they’ve been gifted two goal goals. Without those it’d look a bit rosier I suppose. “

“McGoldrick comes on as sub in the 64th minute, wins a penalty and scores it in the 65th. Not watched but almost sounds like a plan…interested to hear if it was merited”

“It looked like one of the softest pens i’ve ever seen”

“Obscenely soft penalty. Typical
We were ok in 1st half, poor in 2nd for the second week in a row which is worrying.
Desperately need a bit of quality on loan, preferably a mobile striker who can link up with eze and freeman.”

“Pen did look at bit soft”

“Not been that angry at a game for a long, long time. Unless I missed a blatant handball from the other end of the ground, that was never a penalty.
Then the game killing shite that football allows by not having a timer that stops the moment the ball is out of play. The ref gave 4 separate warnings to their ‘keeper to hurry up with no punishment.
Then there was the small matter of just 1 minute 40 seconds play in the “5” added on.
Of course the secret is don’t be behind if you don’t want the oppo to do that, but my god, it was hardwatching… “

“The Ref should have cracked down on the time wasting, he was being made a mug of. “

“Absolute shithousery cheating from the Blades, which the ref was complicit in allowing. Completely lost control. Utd reffed the game second half. Soft as sh*t pen too.”

“I actually believe now after both games that teams like sheff utd, p ne, Reading etc look at what ref they have next game and look at his record. Is he piss weak like the two so far or do we actually try to win by playing some football. Its become part of the preparation for games almost as much as studying the oppo players. We need to take note. Cheating is now unfortunately part of the game, and cheats obviously do prosper.”

“It’s not just for time wasting that these teams do it though. If so, then the time added on at the end would make up for it to some extent. It’s because it breaks up the play, stops us getting any rhythm or momentum.
How the ref allowed Mcgoldrick to pretend to be injured on the sidelines then stagger ONTO the pitch and then collapse to hold up play I just don’t know. “

“Opposition teams are using injuries to control the game.”

“That’s 2 games that teams have time wasted and spoilt the game to their favour , we just don’t have an edge , I think we will be lucky to get to 40 points this season “

“Hope we were taking notes on how to close out a game ugly style.”

“Blame the ref if you want and many will, but the amount of times we gave the ball away was criminal.”

“I think it was a penalty tbh, little soft but definitely backed in under McGoldrick.”

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View From Boro

“3 corners 3 goals. Get ****ing Pulis’d”

“It’s not like the rest of their game was decent, we’ve played right through them a couple of times“

“Can we play them every week?”

“I think there was too much space on the left when Utd attacked, too often. That needs sorting in future. Fortunately they’re rubbish and didn’t taken advantage”

“Sheff Utd didn’t look up to much, certainly not as good as last season and far more open than the corresponding game then.”

“Wilders team is made up of nobodies and our team is made of somebodies. And to be fair to him, we do have the quality of players in our team who should be better than theirs. But it didn’t stop them giving us a game last year. If that’s going to be his problem this season, they’re in for a long hard slog and are going to struggle. “

“strange as they seemed such a good side. But then there’s not many in their side who you’d take, certainly I wouldn’t. So he’s going to have to work to get the best out of them again really. As I said, a tough slog on his hands. No surprise he really wants to strengthen”

“I think the momentum from promotion carried them the first 2/3rds of last season, then they started to run out of steam a bit. Think they will struggle this year Sheffield United.”

“Think Sheff Utd have won 8 of 31 competitive games going back to last season.
Not the best record like.”

“Sheffield United are awful they are in trouble this year, could go down on this performance. You are in big trouble if you can’t defend set pieces.”

“We have made them look awful . We have won well”

“We played well tonight.Every player played well at times.” “

We won 3-0 but couldn’t string three passes together- Or is winning all that matters ?”

“I agree. Weve no co operation between the forwards and everything keeps breaking down with Assombolonga. Its a blessing sheff Utd were XXXXXX”

“That Woodburn looked like he had a bit”

“Overrated Schite.”

“The lad is 18, hardly any first team chances at Liverpool. He will be a great player in the future. Wish we went for him on loan. Watch the goal he scored for Wales v Austria after just coming on as a sub. Superb. “

“That Duffy fella they brought on looked twice the player Woodburn is. Everything went through him when he came on.” “Duffy and Woodburn were both decent”

“Duffy had much more about him than Woodburn but that was only because we sat back in the second half.”

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View From Swansea

𝔹𝕝𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕤 𝟙-𝟚 𝕊𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕒


“Our first win at Brammal lane in the league since 1937.”

“Got to admit I didn’t see this coming,but a great win for us having gone a goal down. “ “What a win! Great resolve from the boys!” “Outstanding victory at, to use a cliché, a very very tough place to go. “

“Sheff Utd tend not to be a pushover.”

“Not many teams will get an away win at either of the Sheffield clubs.”

“We deserved to win that game .Although a point wouldnt have been the end of the world “

“Far exceeded my expectations. Hope everyone else thinks so too.”

“In short, played some nice stuff second half and the future’s looking a lot more rosy than it did yesterday.”

“Brilliant seeing the pace, width and attacking intent. All the new lads played well and defence solid.”

“What a refreshing change to see us actually passing with intent, our two wingers made the difference. Keep this up and we will be up there at the end of the season.”

“Very promising start,think what we can be like in a few months times.
Carry on like this, it could be an exciting season. “

“The big difference came with the introduction of Montero … we all know what he can do when fit but only time will tell if that can last most of.a season.” “The positive for me is the pace of attack.”

“Five minutes away from securing a very creditable point on the road and we make an attacking sub. I’ve really missed that kind of positivity.”

“What an odd game – at times we looked excellent, other times ragged. Can’t argue with three points though.”

“Montero when fit and firing is without doubt the best winger I have ever seen at any level, but the rarity of him being both fit and firing is comparable to Paul Gascgoine being sober and not bringing chicken to serial killer hostage situations.”

“Ryan Wood did not take part today for Brentford. Hopefully that signing is done” “That was ok. Don’t think we’ll be in a relegation battle this season.”

“We were pretty terrible in the first half, but perked up massively after they scored.” “First half was worrying and it only got better when Montero came on. If  we can keep Montero fit for the season, I am sure, he will rip championship defences apart.”

“Sheff U created a lot of chances”

“Mention for the Ref, thought he had a very good game, good advantage for our second, vast improvement of those media whores in the EPL.”

“So happy Naughton is not any where near our team”

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View From Doncaster

“Overall, I think this game confirmed what many people already knew. We have a strong first eleven but not much behind that.
The first half which by and large was our starting team, held their own well against a strong blades team. We were easily the better team, created the better chances but as so often before we couldn’t put them away. However you could argue that on another day we could have been 2-0 up at half time which is encouraging.
Just about a full team change for the second half and the quality from Rovers took a big dip as a result. Utd took control and we found ourselves chasing the ball too much. They pushed forward and we failed to make the required tackle and the two goals they scored were too easy.”

“a decent game to watch, very interesting to read the Sheffield United forum where one or two are very concerned how we dominated the first half, one having a rant that they could have been four down at half time but for a great goalkeeping display.I think he had forgotten two worldie saves from Morosi and slightly exaggerated the game although we did match them in the first half and while Crawford was on he looked a good player again, deserving a goal with a great bit of football through the centre of their defence. “

“Good run out against a well-organised team. Two halves two teams. I get why McCanns done it, still trying to find his ideal 11. Definite positive signs! Sheff Utd played well. Moore outstanding, McGoldrick looked good and I can always appreciate a great Billy Sharp goal”

“We simply can’t give up the midfield like we did tonight”

“We were against top championship quailty tonight so its very doubtful that we would ever take control.”

“We played against a top half Championship side yesterday so a bit of perspective needed.”

“That was pretty much the squad + new signings that finished their season against bristol city in the championship last year plus a couple of signings. I just checked. There could have been a couple with injuries but so had we.”

“We are not good enough again up front, with  too many chances going begging and little to show for the fine approach work . We can beat teams who are not in our League but not teams with better players or similar.”

“It seems fair enough and probably about right with us playing a decent championship side a week before the season kicks off.”

“ Did they have Buffon in goal??? Moore had a blinder”

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View From Inter Milan


“Sheffield utd. is a decent side and their season starts in a couple of days. There is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I liked McGoldrick in his 6 caps for Ireland and thought he deserved to be called up a bit more than he did considering the lack of quality upfront.”

“Honestly pre season or not this shit is worrying…our midfield was obliterated by a championship team.”

“Really nothing worrying. Normal preseason.”

“A random preseason friendly game with a random Championship team. Enough said.”

“even though that game wasnt good. People seem to forget, that perisic, brozovic, n9, miranda and vecina are missing. So we we shouldnt panic that hard right now.”

“we don’t have Perisic, Brozovic, Nainggolan, Miranda, Karamoh, Vecino and now Dalbert, that’s 7 players out, 4-5 of them which are starters, so stop panicking about the performance.
Spalletti was also playing a new formation for the first time.
And we aren’t as far into preseason as the teams we are playing.”

“Boring game”

“Not enough shots on goal against an English pub team”

“Out of all the teams in england how did we end up playing sheffield united?”

“Enjoy the first team players during these friendlies because we’re gonna be playing with Primavera this season. So many f injuries.”

“our fullbacks are really trash”

“Watching Candreva makes me sick”

“i don’t think any scudetto winning team has ever had this disastrous preseason.
not even top4 clubs play this ugly even with their second team.”

“we’re gonna get hammered in Champions League.”

“we’re gonna get crushed in CL”

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View From Bradford

“We made 12 subs. Cant see the point myself”

“Sheffield looked rather rotund should we say.. Still faster than us mind”

“We couldn’t get a kick in midfield first half” “They were sharper than us more mobile.”

“We played with credit tonight. Good stuff.”

“Decent run out against a good championship side in the end.” “We were quality tonight.”

“Our young lads had them rattled a few times in the 2nd half”

“We looked good 2nd half”

“Not a bad result whatsoever against Utd.”

“They’re a decent team”

“Very good side under Wilder”

“Great finishes by John Fleck for them and Payne for us.”

“Lee evans is a good footballer, wish we’d have pushed the boat out for him when we had the chance”

“Billy f*ck*ng Sharp, every fu*k*ng time he scores against us” “Knew Sharp would score against us. He can’t not do.”

“Can we please sign Sharp?”

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View From Sweden

“It’s a shame Sweden did not play their best when we needed it most but if we had to exit, it’s good it was against such a good England team. Southgate has done a great job melding the fantastic talents of the individual players into a well functioning TEAM. Now Sweden is out I wish England all the best and hope they CLINCH the CUP”

“Congratulations England and well fought Sweden!”

“Congrats, England! It was a deserved victory, can’t deny it. Well played!”

“Afraid we just ran into a very good team.”

“England were better today”

“England was significantly better than Sweden.”

“They were tremendously good”

“I have tremendous respect for the England national team… especially for their humble coach Gareth Southgate. An honorable man.”

“Good tactics from England today”

“the England class was better and Sweden did its worst match in the World Cup.”

“They had class when it mattered”

“Sweden was lucky. South Korea, Mexico and Switzerland we won then lost against Germany and England so I think we should be happy with how far we advanced. We should not exaggerate Sweden’s capacity.”

“England is several classes better than Sweden. The defense was as usual best. Our attackers did the best they could according to their ability. Both Germany and Mexico played miserably.”

“think people are too worthy losers. What England is a better team? They only had luck, cheated and Sweden is the best. You shouldn’t be worthy.”

“Jordan Pickford played well against Sweden today and England earned the profit. I am proud of Sweden”

“Sweden made England look good”

“I hate England”

England were poor, Sweden were poorer on the day. Sweden’s finishing problems continue. Look to Euro 2020 with a new CB partnership of Lindelöf and Jansson and hopefully an Alexander Isak…”

“England the second most boring team behind us!”

“The BBC commentator really say that England players pushing opposition players to the ground is “Expressing ourselves strongly”? He really did.”

“England did not impress. We win with the same determination that we showed against Mexico”

“Croatia will crush England. England did not play well today. Sweden played its worst game in the World Cup so England will get a rudely awakening”

“Croatia are much better than England and Sweden”

“Hope Croatia get revenge from us”

“Congratulations to your English Nato victory over Sweden. Germany & England won.”

“Sweden cannot win over Nato. Both England and Germany are taking the help of radio Våger. The game is determined by satellite.”

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View From Colombia


“Colombia has a very good game today…Without key players, they got a good game plan.”

“Two very even teams and it came down to spot kicks.
Unfortunate that Quinterito and James were not available to take them but that is the way it goes.”

“We never had the chance to compete with the best team possible. With James, Fabra & co this England match would have been completely different.”

“God that was so frustrating. I thought that justice was happening and here we are getting ********ed again by faith…this isnt right. We should have advanced…”

“The Englishmen has the ref in their pockets

“Kane was fouling the player before receiving the ball”

“Very harsh penalty call”

“Kane grabbed the defender oulled his shirt then fell in front of him, have no idea how VAR didn’t catch that”

“The penalty was soft considering how physical the ref let play get.”

“Every dive from an English player was a card for Colombia. Kane diving holding his head from a bump in the back? Yellow. Just terrible referring”

“They were so dirty”

“Stones and Henderson are a disgrace”

“If it was Neymar diving the media would be going mad.  I want to hear a whole day of Henderson play acting and some of the diving in this game.”

“While I can’t abide Neymar’s flopping, he does get fouled a lot. Everybody in the world knows you don’t have to foul Jordan Henderson….”

“Lingarrd such scum. What a nasty guy. Dives and nasty challenges”

“Only thing that bugs me is it was the arrogant english of all people who knocked us out. So annoying, hopefully Sweden knock them out.”

“They’re arrogant and they’re not. This team is probably the most humble that they’ve fielded. And they know that.”

“there’s no denying how arrogant the english media, fans and “pundits” are. You may be right about some of their players but I can’t stand how they go out of their way to humiliate, belittle and embarrass other teams, players and nations.”

“The English are not arrogant IMO, but they have this weird solipsistic world view. They think they are the center of the universe. Be grateful you don’t live in Europe. Here all the comments are being made from the English perspective. The narrators and commentators were so biased I had to turn off the sound to be able to watch the game.”

“the English media and many fans are arrogant but that group of players is probably the least arrogant England I’ve ever seen. Not really a ton of stars like the previous generations but a bunch of guys who accepted their roles and were actually much better organized then England sides of the past”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the England versus Sweden game”

“I’m going to burn my colombia shirt”

“I’ve followed this team since 2000 and all I have to show is failure and misery and pain we never win everything and whenever we lose I spiral into depression and want to kill myself and others. I have to learn to NEVER TRUST COLOMBIA BECAUSE ALL THEY DO IS FAIL AND CHOKE.”


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View From Belgium

“Try again next time England”

“Bye bye England, get rekt by Columbia”

“Victory over an English team never felt this good!!”

“The English were calculators…!!! We’ll see who gets the best out of it…”

“We fell into the treacherous trap…..”

“Not sure who has won… Belgium,…or England.”

“England was so bad it was impossible not to win”

“Do people actually believe England lost on purpose?”

“If we can’t beat Japan or Brasil, we’re not ready to be world champ’. And they wanted to show that, let’s go”

“Faultless performance : 3 wins”

“We are for real”


“Lets’Go Belgium! The Brazilians are saying they are already in the semifinal.”

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