View From Hull

“Thankfully, the international break intervenes, to prevent Hull City from embarrassing themselves further in the Championship. Another lame performance from the Tigers ends in predictable defeat for the visitors”

“Poor again. Actually thought we’d get something today. I was wrong. Could of gone 1-0 up from a header, great save. Dicko scores but was offside. They got a pen. We’re also bottom”

“Well OK we lost, but not a tonking.”

“City played alright today. Deserved a point. Signs of promise, despite weird team selections.”

“first half wasn’t good. But 2nd we did alright but just didn’t create enough clear chances”

“Shame that, last 20 we looked alright, had them pinned back. Starting 11 lacked any cutting edge, nige almost as clueless as ehab”

“I think that was largely down to them managing the game and protecting their lead.”

“we don’t give away a stupid penalty we’d be talking about a hard earned point, Henriksen scores from a free header before their goal and we have a different game. All ifs and buts but, games all about fine margins.”

“Well struck pen – **** knows what it was given for”

“Definately a penalty, clear pull on their player. Our player who it was against just walked away without even looking at the ref he knew it was a Penalty.

“Was definitely a penalty, stupid pull when player was facing away from goal”

“Definite pen.”

“Elphick. ****ing idiot. Thanks”

“We are now bottom of the league and Sheffield United are top. Shows how poor this league is. Very worrying times though….”

“Adkins could / should have been a bit more positive with his selection, but to be fair, he almost pulled it off ….. if it weren’t for a player making a ****wit decision to give a stupid needless penalty away. You can’t blame Adkins for that.”

“Thanks Nige, we’ve lost to both of our local rivals in the last 3 games, if you can’t get the players up and buzzing for derby matches you can’t against the others, 1 goal by dodgy pen in last 3 games”

“NA is the kind of bloke who’d call relegation a positive…..The biggest surprise is that its taken 6th of October to hit rock bottom”

“Our team on paper is better than 10 teams in this division, so the conclusion has to be the manager isn’t good enough. It’s an international break and Blunts fans would love to have sacked him…”


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View From Blackburn

“Thank god thats over..”

“Below par but let’s not panic. 25 unbeaten at Ewood, solid start to the season and came undone against a pretty good Sheff Utd team, played some nice stuff. We’ll have these nights throughout the season.”

“Rovers were not at the races tonight and Sheff Utd were in full control for most of the match and deserved all 3 points. They are a good side and the best team I have seen at Ewood so far this season.”

“Fair play to Sheff Utd tonight, they were much sharper than us, organised and stopped us from playing. Best side I’ve seen so far this season.”

“Best side I’ve seen at Ewood in over a year, can’t lie we played dreadful but can’t take that away from Sheff Utd.”

“Best side too have come to Ewood this season for me. They controlled the game and out classed and out played them. Too say Forest have spent a bit this summer, Sheff United are twice the team they are. We never looked like breaking them down. Dack was a no show, Graham had no service and when he did win a header they were first too every ball. The same when one of our centre halves won a header, they were always first to the second ball. It just shows you can be successful in this league without splashing the cash”

“best side I seen play against us this year.”

“can see why sheff united are up there near the top, they look really good”

“Beaten by a team we aspire to follow in the footsteps of. Well done to Sheff Utd. We go again”

“first lesson of the season. Out classed.”

“Out of our depth against a excellent footballing side. It was almost as if the players gave up due to lack of ability.”

“Outclassed, outplayed and we looked a league lower.”

“first time this season were we havent at least dominated half of the game.sheffutd decent side though”

“Very impressed with Sheff U. No shame in losing to a team that has just gone top of the league.”

“Well beaten by a far superior side.”

“we are a newly promoted side and the side we played, last season set the standard for newly promoted sides. That’s what we should be aiming for”

“We were beaten by a better drilled, stronger, fitter side.”

“Very poor tonight. Sheff Utd very hard to break down.”

Sheff Utd defence impressive”

Sheff Utd well organised albeit fortunate with their goals but deserved to win from all round play.”

“O’Connell is a beast. Did he really go on a free?”

“Letting O’Connell go and on a free was criminal. It was obvious he was gOod enough back then”

“Brereton looks a bombscare signing. Billy sharp showing exatly the type of striker we need for this league not this prima Donna”

“6 million for a kid who uses 2 mins to tie his shoelaces.. ”

“Brereton so far looks absolute shocking. Sheff utd literally just sat in till we gave them the ball and hit on the counter. They didn’t have to do anything special”

“2-0 flattered us big time .It really frustrates me because we were played off the park…and not by Barcelona or even Crystal Palace, I hasten to add…”

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View From Millwall

“2 o’clock put my adopted son on the teamsheet and leave 2.5mill worth of players on bench.3 oclock witness first wellie up the field of the day.start clapping.tell my players not to challenge oppo just let them pass the ball about at will.start clapping.3.15 get my pad and pen out(seen em do it on tele).write down instructions.6 eggs loaf of bread and pint of milk.give it to son nearly touches ball I tell him to stop it.go 1 down massive 5 foot 4 striker with free header.half time no changes.get a goal out of nothing gregs scores a one on one.i bollock him for missing the goalies legs.livers sidles up and says it’s time to revert to 1 10 formation.stay in our half for rest of game waiting for the inevitable.while talking to livers goal goes in but carry on talking anyway.take son off congratulate him on not touching the ball all game.start clapping(sorry I can’t help myself).game ends sheep sing super Neil I week rinse and repeat.”

“A disappointing result after an improved second half display. We were running around with our tongues hanging out. Their McGoldrick was coming short, linking the play, turning into us and pulling some of the strings and we were finding it tough to get the ball. For the first fifteen minutes it looked as if it could have been a real afternoon to forget. Their Sharp was running all over the place. They ran hard to try and get back into it. They had a lot of help from the ref who was made of regular brown stuff. Right in front of us he gave two free kicks which were completely wrong. Gregory was totally baffled by the first and second which looked like firm challenges on Sharp who could fall over after the slightlest of contacts. Neither of those ref’s errors led to a goal so he gave them another chance. Some slick passing saw a cross into our six yard box and McGlodrick tucked it away.”

“The team should look at the performance of Shef Utd No 21 Duffy, he ran midfield And popped up everywhere.”

“second penalty was the most stupid thing Williams could have done, stonewall pen””We should put an advert out:”Come from a grim pronvicial shithole that will be even more fucked & depressing after Brexit, making you have to live vicariously through your football team to experience any joy? Do not despair. Enjoy a nice day out in London, which will be thriving after the UK leaves Europe and enjoy the best 10 minutes of your pointless life at The Den. Just ask the losers of Middlesbrough, Swansea, Leeds and Sheffield about their experiences.”

“After second goal their goal scorer ran to get the ball out of the net basically because they fancied getting a winner.
Amos held on to it as though to say we’d be happy with a draw.
Not great body language for a home team”

“On the third goal or defenders both standing either side of the goal scorer, they was both in the right place at the right time, the cross was perfect and there is not much you can do about that”

“Was a well played goal by them just so happened it was at the end of the game, make no odds about it the ref has really done us, he changed the game, everyone will remember the late goal due to the goals we have let in late in other games, but we didn’t play to bad Amos, Leonard, Gregory & Romeo played good, Shef Utd are a good team quick passes in the last 3rd of the pitch”

“My problem is when we went in front yet again we done that silly 10 men behind the ball thing that we do where we just let the opposition have the ball and say ‘come at us’ and again we’ve pissed away the points.When they scored that penalty only one team was ever gonna win that match today, and it wasn’t us. Sheff Utd kept coming at us and it was only a matter of time, they got their reward. I only wish we could be that brave when attacking a game, again we’ve been done by a team with better fitness, and more desire to get the points than us.”

“What we were doing was working. Sheffield were rattled.
Yes, they worked very hard and they have experienced, skillful players.
BUT, we stopped doing what was working, and invited them to hit us on the chin.
So, they did.To put it another way, if we have the ball in their half, even the refs we get can’t give penalties against us.”

“Sheff Utd for the taking but we run out of gas and ideas. I can’t actually blame the players, this is a game management problem from the touchline.”

“The difference in us and Shef Utd is, they was spot on with their passing, and today every second ball dropped for them, and the ref gave every 50/50 to them, only twice in the second have did the ref give us 2 free kicks, other then that they got everything from him”

“At the moment Bradshaw joined the club to score goals but does not play has he is similar type player to Gregory but Moro will play but he does not score so should we have looked for a younger Moro type player who scores goals rather than a Bradshaw type player as we already have Gregory until he leaves in Jan to join Sheff Utd as he is a Sheffield lad.”


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View From Preston

“Phew! I almost thought we were about to lose our reputation as an absolute shambles and an embarrassment to the city! Good thing you bottled it again eh? Cracking stuff.”

“That’s killed me off that Sheff Utd 3rd. I was buzzing that we pulled it back and thought we’d push on and get the ‘old’ PNE back. Fed up”

“Wish we’d just lost 2-0 and not give me the hope, fuck off”

“Getting to the point that Neil is going to have to rely on Tea Leaves and Derek Acorah to find a solution to our fucking problems.”

“Sheffield United, despite being 4th, weren’t much better-3 shots on target, same as us and marginally more possession.”

“1st half a negative shambles. 2nd half we were excellent but were done at the end by shocking defending.”

“We might have merited something but we didn’t get it. What a shambles”

“Don’t let the comeback fool anyone. That was as bad as it was at Leeds.”

“don’t let 2 goals in 2 minutes paper over all the rubbish on view.”

“We deserved nothing out of this game but they gave us a bit of hope for a couple of mins.”

“got what we deserve. Nowt”

“My gran could run faster than our two centre backs”

“we did fuck all and a draw would’ve been robbery. They were shite 2nd half though”

“You’d think they had just won the Champions League the fucking bottle jobs”

“You’re nothing special, we lose every week”

“I need a new interest. One that doesn’t involve a deep state of depression between the hours of 3pm – 5pm on a Saturday afternoon”

“Time to get the gin out.”


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View From Birmingham

“Finished strongly, had the best chances and more than matched a proper old school side who beat vile for a laugh.
Love it!”

“Good all round performance and genuinely unlucky not to get 3 points.”

“not an easy place to go and again unlucky.”

“we are a decent team now.not been able to say that for a very very very very very long time.even when we were doing well under bruce in the premier league we weren’t as good as we are now in my opinion.”

“Bittersweet. Again. Played well. Had more than enough to beat a decent team. Watched relatively good football. Players acquitted themselves but didn’t win. Again. FFS!!!!”

“Again, we should have had at least two goals. And again, the better team.”

“ANOTHER game we deserved to win, it’s actually incredible that we haven’t won a game yet, Bogle missing an open goal from 1 yard, Juke and Gardner hit the post, we should be top 6 AT THE VERY LEAST! This clubs haunted.”

“sheff utd could have gone fourth tonight – yet we made them look poor”

” made em look shit just as we did the Albion and Swansea, two of the other supposed “big hitters””

“Only scored in three games out of nine, diabolical”

“Che Adams is lazy, uninterested and offers very little. Didn’t chase anybody down, jogged hopelessly looking lost and was even beaten by a defender on a few occasions with no intention of trying to chase him.Very frustrating to watch. I hate being negative and the other 10 are really playing like they love wearing the shirt. Che on the other hand..”.

“He was woeful – you’d think he’d be up for it against his former club. Also needs to lose some weight.”

“I just can’t stand a poor attitude and work ethic. On his day he should be unplayable but he very rarely is”

“I disagree. He’d have looked better coming off the bench. Sheff U made Kodjia look shit”

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View From Bristol City

“Shithoused that one haha”

“Tell you what if I was a Sheffield Utd fan I’d go home and kick my whippet up and down the street tonight. How they’ve lost that God only knows!!! But we’ll take it!!! We’ve mugged them”

“Great win against a decent side.Game changed with our subs for me. Three great chances, finished one, job done. Maybe across the 90 Sheffield deserved a draw, but don’t care at all.”

“Draw probably a fair result. Can see why they are up there. So well organised and dangerous going forward. Great game of football”

“In all honesty, I think we were a tad fortunate not to go into half time behind, again, but were the better side in the second period.Did we deserve to win? I genuinely don’t care if we did or not but we did so happy days!”

“That’s a great result! Couldn’t make it there today but another clean sheet against a side who put 4 past Villa last game.”

“Good result against a Sheffield United side that are no mugs.”

“For all their pressure and their attacking intent in the first half I don’t recall Maenpaa having to do too much. As soon as we changed out system we looking more in control of the game.”

“Soaked up their early pressure without giving them any clear cut chances, then took control the second half and put our chances away. Organised and fairly clinical, can’t ask for much more.”

“Bad game but good teams win this kind of games”

“Da Silva won nothing  in the air against those Northern Outhouses but kept plugging away .”

“Shout out today for LJ, we were reverting back to our soporific worst creating little or nothing and on the hour mark LJ had seen enough the introduction Watkins and ODowda injected the much needed pace and Taylor’s introduction for the misfiring Diedhiou was another good call, for our 2nd half performance I felt we were worth the win, they are a nasty side, i’m glad that we beat them, well done LJ.”

“They got particularly dirty when they knew they were gonna lose. Couple of nasty challenges late on, and one shocker on Callum that was borderline red card.Got to agree, off you trot back oop narth losers.”

“I do like beating those dirty northern ….. Sheff Utd. It doesn’t happen often enough, so thanks LJ and the boys. Very well done.”

“now we wait with bated breath to hear from their permanently angry little manager to tell us all how they were robbed etc etc. love it!”

“do find Wilder a bit of a sore loser at times, I’d swear he’d rather grate his ball sack than credit a team that beats his.”

“Few scuffles on winterstoke road nothing major.”

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View From Villa

“4-1 in the 93 minute and we give the ball away taking a quick free kick on the edge of our box summed it up. Completely schooled by less talented players. No plan, no imagination. ”

“The players look like they don’t want to play for the manager. Change needed, now .Totally smashed by utd, they should have had 2 or 3 more. Bruces game has always been built on a stubborn defence but he has messed about with it so much its shambolic.”

“Our squad is worth like 10 times what Sheff united’s is and they smashed us too bits ”

“not sure if we just look bad orSheff United look very good”

I find my self watching Sheffield United and I don’t know even one player yet I wish we were them.”

“FFS we played Sheffield not Man City”

“Sheffield played like they do trainning / formation/how to open up angles to receive passes / when to make runs etc during weekdays .. we looked liked 11 individuals that only does physical trainning & basically nothing else .”

“Interesting how Sheffield United have players in a natural position, in a consistent formation they continue to use, with a consistent way they seek to play. That is the sign of a good manager, how is doing a brilliant job there. Very little resources but is taking games to the bigger sides and overachieving. Our manager who has had millions to spend changes formation every 3 months and sticks square pegs in round holes.”

“We actually did well to only lose by 3 Dire dire performance, fair play Sheffield United, ruined us”

” No words really. Could’ve easily been 7 or 8 tbh we were shocking. Simply not good enough against a team put together for a fraction of the cost of a player on our bench. Well played Sheffield Utd”

“And just like that, we’ve not won in 5. Sheff Utd aren’t shite, but dicked by 4? Sheff utd have destroyed us. Could easily of been 7 or 8 and they haven’t really got into full heat. Far far too easy and a thrashing at that. Unforgivable and he has to be removed”

“‘Get spanked by Sheffield untied 4-1 is embarrassing need to sort that shit out”

“We were f*****g outplayed by Sheffield Utd.”

“Sheff utd superior to us in every way. ”

“,Hilarious at Bramall Lane. I’m stood here watching Chris Wilder dick all over Steve Bruce. This game perfectly shows why Bruce is a dinosaur, no idea what to do on the ball never mind off it. Sheff United playing easy triangles up the pitch, modern football”

“They held off after 4”

“Promotion candidates don’t get spanked 4-1 by middle of the roade Sheffield United.Shows where we are.”

“I don’t think that Sheffield played fair today they are supposed to get a goal up and then sit back and defend, not go out and score more this is totally against the rules
Obviously didn’t read the script tossers”

“Aston Villa shouldn’t be conceding 4 to Sheff U”

“From 2nd to 4th to 11th behind the likes of Sheffield Wednesday who had a transfer embargo and other teams that started off shit”

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View From Bolton

“Sheffield are someone to aspire to. They haven’t spent millions but showed you can play good football with a good work ethic and players showing for the ball. For long periods we looked pedestrian. 0-3 didn’t flatter them”

“We got away with that. It could have been a record home defeat if Sheff had continued to play as they did in the first 15 mins.”

“Sheff Utd could have won about 6 nil easily.”

“They could and should have won by at least double that score.”

“Sometimes you just can’t stop them. Sheffield were outstanding”

“Sometimes when you lose you have to admit that you were absolutely dreadful. Other times you have to admit the other side were exceptional. Today it was both”

“They were a good side who knew what each other was doing and just passsed the ball around us.Thankfully we won’t play many teams who play this way again this season.”

“Sheffield looked decent fair play. Ref absolutely wank again”

“Sheff Utd looked really well organised and deserved the points”

“Their midfield as a whole is ran the show.
Quicker, stronger, better movement and better with the ball. Did someone die in the dressing room before kick off?”

“Although we were very poor, I thought Sheffield United were a class above today. I wish we could move the ball about like that”

“hate sheff united but they are a good side.”

“They are the type of team we struggle to deal with. High pressing team that plays quick passing footbsll with strikers that Run the channels. Absolute nightmare for us. We sit too deep and don’t close anybody down.Like watching a premier league team play a Sunday league team. Only Alnwick gets any credit, everyone else poor .They won’t get an easier game all season.Having said that we aren’t going to be up against that style every week so we will be fine.”

“I’ll bet good money that Wilder could get our squad playing reasonable football….Its all about the coaching & the managers mentality / football philosophy – unfortunately Parkinson doesn’t want to play any sort of football….”

“Wilder in training (midfielders) – when you get the ball, look for a Sheff Utd shirt, pass to feet & move into space to give him an option then get forward and support the forwards.
Parkinson In training (midfielders) – when you get the ball just hoof it anywhere & get back and defend, it doesn’t matter whether you pass to a Bolton player or not, oh and don’t worry about Magennis just hit it in his general direction and then get back & sit in front of the back four – don’t you dare get over that half way line.”

“It was absolutely awful. Would love to see how many were in the ground at FT. Norwood was top draw. About 10x better than Lowe and Murphy. Enjoyed watching him play.Can’t describe how bad that was today. I’m going to say that’s the worst performance I have witnessed under PP.”

“Maybe we should have got McGoldrick. He retained possession well.”

“Beevers and Wheater couldn’t ‘t handle Sharp and Clarke, being properly found out by two supposed journeymen. Their midfield too nippy and sharp for us too, not for first time.”

“Main question seeme to be are Sheffield that good or are we just that bad?”

“We all know what our back line are good at but we also know what tears them to pieces. Movement, quick one touch football and runs in and around them. There are another dozen teams like Sheff United in this league who can do exactly the same to us as they have. We’re banking on getting results against the other dozen or so who don’t do it. Ie: Birmingham’s, Readings etc”

“Even mid table teams in this league play us off the park.”

“Not sure that was a fair contest from the off what with Sheffield United having a weeks rest compared to our game in midweek.”

“It was a reality check because Sheffield United are not a good side. What really worries me is that SU are not a good side and we lost to a very poor today. In May we’ll see who is the better off at the end of the season”

“awful atmosphere apart from the 2,000 Sheff Utd fans, and I even thought they scored after 5 mins when I thought the ball went over the line off the bar. Worst thing is Sheff Utd for me were not as good as Bristol City or B/ham”

“That was so one sided – they reminded me of Wolves last season, only with smaller and quieter support.”

“Big congrats to Sheff Utd on beating a big club away from home in the league”

“We were dreadful but Leon Clarke wearing gloves in August should dock them points.”

“The worst thing about today and the one thing i cant forgive or get my head around was the fact that Leon Clarke was wearing gloves! He had long sleeves on too”

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View From Norwich


“A point would have been a fair result and we could easily have snatched it.”

“Sheff U deserved that, ”

“I think much of today’s battering was down to Tettey (one of my favourites) having a poor game. I’ve seen him completely dominate midfields – even in the Prem. – but today he looked tired. I have a horrible feeling he’s getting too old.I did think it was a cracking game today though. Sheffield are a team who apply relentless physical pressure a lot of the time & know how to turn the screw. If we don’t learn how to cope with teams like this we’re gonna be toast.”

“Not battered…….how about……bettered?…..”

“Honestly such a disheartening way to lose. Don’t know whether to be angry at the team or what because we played so well in general in that second half. Defensively disciplined and should’ve won it with the chances we had, Leitner’s being the stand-out. Obviously no-one expected him to match the number of goals Maddison got last season but he simply has to be converting chances like that. At the very least he had Hernandez to his left just knock it to him and he has an open goal. Overall Leitner wasn’t at his best. The rest though all superb. Tettey and Trybull absolute warriors, Hernandez too good for Sheffield United’s backline, Rhodes looking dangerous, Pukki I like more with each game, Jamal looked like he hadn’t been away, Klose in particular at the back was solid, Krul looked reliable. There were so many good performances in there that I just can’t get my head around how we’ve lost.”

“Two glorious chances went missing. Fine margins in this game, but it’s now been an underwhelming start following an underwhelming season. How long does Farke have at this rate?”

“Sheffield United had a good start last season but ultimately finished mid-table like us. Apparently they had a problem with a virus which messed up their preparation for this game, yet we were the ones that you say looked tired towards the end. They made a couple of good signings in the summer (Henderson and Egan),but we can’t use the excuse that we’ve got lots of new players that need to gel because Sheffield United had 6 new players on the pitch today and we had 4.”

“That’s what happens when you miss the chances”

“Again, wasted chances. Could’ve been very different.”

“Yeah if they had taken their chances they would have wiped the floor with us”
“Result doesn’t do the performance justice. Onwards and upwards”
“That’s what we get for trying to waste time for the last 10 minutes. Should have gone for it….poor”
“We need a new coach”
“Let’s stop farke in about and get a manager that knows how to get out of this league”
“he has no clue, we are going down unless he goes back to the 4th tier of german football where he belongs.”

“3 wins in 19 daniel not good”

“playing a physically easily bullied, ball playing defender like Klose against Sheff Utd is not the thing. Play the muscle. Play Zimmermann vs the physical sides.”

“They were as physical as ever”


“And Sheffield are a Shite side too !! Can’t even beat them FFS !!!”

“are more obsessed about beating us than the scum are. Know which Sheffield team I’d rather support”
“Come on people, let’s get behind the team. At least if we do, and we have some luck we might just stay up this year”

“Worst of the summer signings, Ben Marshall ladies and gentlemen.”

“How on earth did we not get Woodburn from Liverpool given the Dortmund link and the better football philosophy compared to Sheff Utd”

“Think Rhodesy enjoyed that one. Blades notsomuch”

“I noticed the lack of noise today Jim – but the style of play sucks the life out of you. We are *** to watch at the moment.”

“Surprised it was as few as 1100 seemed like more. LDC, Utd could well have been out of sight after 20 mins. But yes felt all too predictable in the end. Tbf Farke hasn’t lost the away fans who still travel. But many have obviously simply given up. Things may well look different if we don’t win any of the next three I suspect. ”

“Just come out of the ground. Coaches in a safer position and better organised all round. Lessons learned I hope”

“A message to Sheffield United. YOU ARE DISGUSTING! To hear you’ve chased my friend and his group down the road and glass another fan? Hang your heads in shame”

“Form is temporary, class is permanent. Sheffield fans who glassed a Norwich fan hang your heads in shame. Horrible club”

“Absolutely vile club”

“Must say I’m never going to bramall lane every again”

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View From Hull

“Fantastic result this.
Young kids get a win
Players needing a boost scored a goal.
That **** Norwood missed.
Perfect night.
Well done Nige”

“so the difference was Norwood trying to hit the floodlights …. dodged a bullet there then”

“Good result, who needs Norwood anyway.”

“Agent Norwood”

“Karma for Norwood”

“How funny that Norwood was the one that missed! Bet those comments about us will bite him in the arse! Karma bites back”

“Ha ha should have signed for City”

“Sheff Utd have just been ripped off for Norwood. Thank god he never came here. Space station still trying to track the flight path of his penalty”

“In your face Norwood”

“**** me, had worse nights! Beat those misshapen headed bastards” “Always good to beat those ****s Sheffield United, no matter what the competition or however much I hate our ****ish owners.” “Get the ****ity **** in.”

“Good result
Pleased for the young uns
Delighted Norwood ****ed up
Any time you beat that ****ing horrible club is a good result mind you”

“Unbeaten in Pigtown this season.”

“Good win that”

“Wilder said they were the best team. Whatever I’m sure you said that last season in the league”

“Just Bitter we should have had a pen”

“What a sour man”

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