View From Man City

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“Good win against a really organised side. Performance wasn’t brilliant but got the points.”

“Bloody hell, that was hard.”

“a hard thought win against a very good side. “

“That put years on me.”

“Hard fought victory against a side superbly well-drilled, full of running and a side which has consistently given sides a bloody nose.
They make the game a bit rough around the edges and although it was not one of our vintage performances, from a creative perspective, we showed a different set of characteristics, such as resilience, determination etc.”

“Hard fought win against a load of clogging wankers.Remember why I prefer wednesday now”

“Remind me of Stoke when they first got into the prem. hugely physical and aggressive and not what the majority of the leagues players are used to..
They will however get used to and prepare for their style. Will struggle in a season or two imo”

“Not much quality otherwise against an team intent on kicking us as much as possible.”

“Bunch of cloggers.
Hard faught win. “

“workman like performance, lucky not to pick up injuries”

“sums up the state of this league when Sheff Utd were 7th coming into today, absolute shite”

“scumbag sheffield ****s.”

“Sheff Utd play shit 80s football”

“like watching Wimbledon circa 80’s”

“Utd were dismal, what a poor style of football they play.”

“I despise Sheffield Utd fans
I despise Sheffield Utd players”

“Another set of no nothing nobhead fans in the Premier league. See Stoke, Burnley or Wolves”

“Hate them vile team and fans and press keep saying how great they done against us they had 2 shots on target over the the two games give over.”

“Don’t know who was more shite. Jesus, Sterling or the entire Sheff Utd team.”

“Sheffield United attempt to kick us off the park was embarrassing, Wilder is another dinosaur.”

“They really are a team in Colin Wanker’s mould.”

“Great result against a set of thugs sent out to rough us up, fucking Neanderthal tactics,Wilder has taken the mantel of Warnock for me”

“A carbon copy of Sean Dyche”

“Wilder talking shite about pushing us, saying he thinks our fans agree.
I agree they pushed us alright, they pushed our nerves to the limit with neanderthal tackling meant to maim!”

“Managers like Wilder really piss me off when they come out with shite like “Games against teams like Manchester City aren’t going to define our season”
So why set up against us as though it was a defining game for you?
And the lazy rhetoric “We’ve only just been promoted into the premier league, Manchester City have spent billions over the years”
Yes Chris, we have spent billions. That’s why we finish either first or second in the league nearly every fucking year.
Liverpool and the rags have spent a few bob too but they’re not as consistent as us.”

“They are down next year. Wilder is Mark 3 of Bassett and Warnock. Norwich play to entertain and win and they will ultimately prevail when Sheffield are back in the lower leagues.”

“Wouldn’t mind if sheff united fall apart tbh, bunch of cloggers with backwards fans. Also, wilder has a very punchable face.”

“Lost all respect for them tonight.”

“Pathetic set of fans as well – loveed in when our players bassed the ball and ept it for so long that their fans had to give up shouting handball at every touch – as i said – pathetic”

“awful team,beats the shit out of me how they have so many points on the board…”

“One of the dirtiest teams I’ve ever seen and I would imagine they will get relegated next season when the novelty factor wears off.”

“Hope they dont win another game and get relagated”

“It’s the first time I’ve really paid any attention to them, the home game I expected us to win and to be honest it was a bit of a piss up.
the new Burnley I guess.”

“game was just as expected, playing Burnley version 2, long ball and at times overly physical.”

“If that lot are 7th the Premier League must be shite. Utter garbage. Mason is a cheat”.

“Good win against a well organised, very physical team playing with 12.”

“Mason couldn’t give it to them, but he tried his best. “

“Usual disgusting cheating officiating by Mason. Club needs a new dossier on him to have him removed from our games as he is the same in every game we have him”

“Mason was shit,equal bookings i think,they set out to cripple eric and whoever else they could,vile club”

“They booed the ref, doesn’t get much more blinkered than that. Except for Liverpool fans of course. “

“The actually think they’re hard done to lol”

“We wasn’t great, but a good battling performance against a bunch of dirty bastards.
We’d see red for them tackles.
Commentary was atrocious, I bet you could watch that on SUFC own channel and it wouldn’t be as biased as that.”

“tin pot club…..nobhead fans…..Wednesday shit all over them”

“Have they stopped kicking us yet?”

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View From Arsenal

“Well, I’m back to not caring about football again. Was a fun 3 weeks lads.”

“Genuinely is becoming an absolute farce this season now. 6 wins and 11 draws. Beyond awful.”

“good point and closer to our goal for the season staying up. Im confident we will stay up now”

“Disappointing not to win it in the end, should have sealed it before they scored”

“Is there anything more stressful than Arsenal defending a 1 goal lead? Literally”

“should have won FC”

“Draw FC”

“Worse 90 mins under Arteta, never got going
Sheffield utd are really well organised”

“Sheffield Utd are a good, well drilled team.”

“Sheffield United have players who earn modest salary and are so unattractive to the big clubs they probably feel quite fortunate to be in the position. Grateful even.
That’s why they would run through a brick wall for the team and the manager. Who in our team would do that for the badge or manager. Nobody.”

“say what you want about Sheffield Utd but there a far more stable side than us at the minute and difficult to beat, that’s just where we are as a team currently”

“Sheffield United had players that could match us for speed, power and even technique. this is a bang average squad that has a HUGE summer of recruitment ahead. As for this season, it’s a write off.”

“I’m more optimistic with these performances and average results over those good results but poor performances. I say average because you’re also not considering the quality of the opposition. Teams like Sheffield and Palace are very good. Palace got a draw at the Etihad today, are City poor too?”

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“Sheffield is a pretty good team and we looked solid in defence until the goal.”

“Sheffield united were comfortable the whole game. We were at home. We are Arsenal FC and they are coming to the Emirates and being comfortable. They leave with a point so stop talking about some mythical improvement. Improvement is dominating matches. Improvement is winning matches and having some impact on where we finish in the league.”

“Many of you are saying
“We looked solid against Sheffield United”.
Go and repeat them words and think about it. “

“What a shit performance.
Shit result.
Because we are a shit quality team.”

“none deserved to win today. Pretty average game all around.”

“The only positive I guess is that we thoroughly outplayed Sheffield from 25-30 minutes onwards. They really had one spell towards the end.”

“Sloppy first 20 minutes but after that we dominated scored good goal failed to score 2nd got robbed by var and Sheffield score via deflection in 83 minutes. Frustrating.”

“Pen not given and lucky deflection for them. Usual stuff.”

“Proud of the effort. Should’ve had a penalty. Unlucky goal conceded through a deflection.”

“MOTM for Sheffield United was VAR”

“How comeit;s not a penalty? because :
1.Martin Atkinson at VAR
2.Mike Dean as Referee
3.Arsenal is not Liverpool”

“We should file a lawsuit against the premier league
and FA
officials for bias against Arsenal
How on earth is that Pepe Foul in the box not a Penalty?”

“Joke of a VAR, joke of a goal they get.
We’re not great, but we did not deserve a loss this game, we simply didnt. I’m not mad at the team, i’m mad at the obvious unfair treatment we’ve received this entire season. How are you supposed to compete when VAR has effectively ****ing busted us at least 9 points this season.”

“Arsenal have lost more points this season due to Var mistakes (10 Points)
Let that sink in..”.

“So. Another win VAR has stolen.”

“Corruption at its finest”

“Man we deserved to win this game but var and the players incapability to kill of a game hurt us again.”

“Mike Dean with his job again. That’s the definition of a clear pen.
I thought they want to use monitors more often now?”

“it was a dive”

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View From West Ham

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“Football is dead.”

“VAR has the blood of football on its hands tonight, it has officially killed the game we once loved..”

“Fed up with celebrating non-goals. And to be against that lot”

“Well, that was Moyesy. And then VAR. I hate football.”

“I don’t know if it’s because it’s fresh in my mind but it seems like we’ve had a lot of decisions go against us as a result of VAR.”

“We were robbed of a point, and if it was liVARpool playing that goal would of stood.
Having said that, we were second best tonight.”

“Blame the new law not VAR.
VAR got it right based on the law”

“It’s ridiculous that a player having his arms by his side with his eyes closed can be called for handball when the ball is hit at him for inches away.
Especially when a Liverpool player is allowed to stick their arm out to stop the ball from 10 yards away.”

“We’re worse than VAR gutless negative performance..
Going to Sheff Utd and looking scared with the players we have.. How long does Moyes have left?”

“Gary Neville said that the attitude that coming to Sheffield united and saying a point would be a great result is everything that’s wrong with the club. We didnt play well, didnt deserve anything, and the mentality is completely wrong throughout the club if you view a draw at bramall lane as a great result when you take travelling support like that to Sheffield on a Friday night”

“Any West ham fan that doesn’t expect 3 points against that sheff utd team are idiots and are the reason why we don’t progress as a club”

“I agree with Neville, it’s pathetic that we as a club see a point away to a championship side as a good result.”

“Sheff Utd won every 50/50 tonight. Worked harder. Wanted it more”

“Sheff utd players that could only dream on out midfield wages but totally destroyed us”

“Sheffield United are a younger, fitter and frankly better side than we are. “

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“Sheffield United were the better side imo and deserved the victory”

“Sheffield Utd were far the better team. If we keep playing like this we will be in serious trouble by the end of the season. How can any hammer feel inspired watching this team at the moment?”

“Sheffield United fully deserved the points and played some decent attractive football. “

“Moyes gone senile.Just said the mood in dressing room is fine as they played well and deserved win”

“First test for Moyes and he unsurprisingly fails”

“His tactics were pretty similar to his opposition manager tonight and if anything we showed more quality when the likes of Anderson or Rice got on the ball. They capitalised on a goalkeeper error. The only other difference is they had a bit more energy in the middle as Noble was **** and Mousset works harder than Haller. Antonio in the team tonight and we would’ve pissed this”.

“How much did we have to endure to lose by just one goal. We’d done the hard bit and snuffed out home advantage after about 20 minutes. Following that we looked comfortable and on the up in the remaining 25 mins of the 1st half. Start the 2nd half off and no real advantage either way. Then the error and goal. Due to that we had to then re-assert ourselves against a bouyed crowd and a team handed a goal. But we came back into it with 4 chances on goal to finish the stronger side. 2 disallowed goals, 2 terrible finishes from Lanzini and Haller should have had us level much earlier.”

“Both teams weren’t great, Sheffield Utd probably edged it with their energy.”

“They’re not easy on the eye but fair play to them”

“Theykicked the **** out of us and got away with it cos of that joke of a ref. We are significantly better and more organised that we were under Pellegrini we would have gotten smashed if he was still in charge, Sheff Utd are no mugs this season have a look at the league table”

“They had a couple of free headers from corners but other than that created nothing. Not to mention the savage hack on Anderson that has us down to 10 for 10 minutes…”

“We only lost because we were punished for a mistake.
They had 2 mistakes that Anderson and Lanzini didn’t take advantage of.
That’s basically what it came down to. Two average teams, one took their chance. “

“Played against a 5th place Sheffield United team away from home and pretty much kept them out the whole game bar Martin’s mistake”

“We didn’t deserve to lose the game. Sheffield United offered nothing, they are solid for sure but a gift for a goal from a GK mistake”

“How SU are where they are is a mystery, they’re a bit rubbish . We’re a lot rubbishier though.”

“Imagine being a Sheffield United fan and potentially dropping points at home to that shite”

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Millwall Fans Views On The 4th Round FA Cup Draw

The view from
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“Woohoo – not”

“Bit of an anticlimax.”

“Lets pick up a win and hope for a better draw!”

“At least we’re at home.”

“Suppose it could be worse”

“It’s a premier league team at least.”

“Should be a full house for that one and under dogs would suit us.”

“They are a good team and doing well in the premier league but they won’t want to come to the Den”

“Least we got a home draw against a premiership team and definitely winnable.”

“Its at home so no crappy travel to some crappy ground where we will have a crappy allocation.
Not the worst draw.”

“Sheff Utd they’re a tricky team but it’s better than Northampton or Barnsley say, it’s at home we can do them and get further in the cup”

“Not gonna be an easy game at all, they’ve become a very good premier league side”

“One things for sure, Sheff Utd wont fancy it.”

“Let’s hope like all premier league teams that come down don’t take is seriously and put out weak team and we will do them no problem”

“Sheff u beatable”

“They won’t be putting out a weak side for this one. It should be a great game, they are doing well in premier league. I think they will be nervous about this one. “

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“Love a home tie to a prem club”

“Not glamorous, but at home against an in form premiership side and we all know in recent years that’s counted for nowt…see you in round 5”

“I take that another cup home draw is all good.
We are capable of beating Sheffield United in my opinion.
Good gate money and hopefully a chance to reach the FA Cup 5th round.”

“Sheffield United at home, decent tie, home to a Premier League team and it’s winnable as they won’t be full strength”

“Wilder does not enjoy his Den visits.”

“They will put out a strong team wilder is no mug”.

“he won’t want to get turned over by us . The blades will feel they have moved on from the championship and will want to prove there’s a gulf in class.
Also I think we can turn them over ,makings of a very good cup tie as long as we open all four sides”

“Sheffield United is alright in my opinion. Potentially winnable on our day and at least it’s another home game”

“Sheffield United have been one of our closest rivals given how we’ve basically followed them from L1. They’ve not got a massive squad, may not play full strength”

“It’s another game that we will probably lose but play a full team against. it’s unnatractive and will cause injuries and we are one midfielder or one striker away from being in a crisis”

“I reckon that’s about 15 out of the last 17 drawn at home or thereabouts.
A winnable game and a chance to see how far we’ve progressed pitted up against a good team.”

“These last few years we have definitely had our lucky share of home draws. They just don’t want us to set foot out of London for cup games, that’s for sure…”

“Sheffield United zzzzzzz”


“Sheffield United – the first top flight team we ever played in the FA Cup…..way back in 1895”.

“Lets smash them mugs up & fill the den right up for it. Knock another Premiershit club out & cause upsets.”

“could the Millwall premiershit curse hit again?”

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View From AFC Fylde

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“Great game!”

“Good performance and a great game to watch! Well done lads”

“Beaten narrowly by a very good premier league side”

“Played well unlucky late on not to grab an equaliser”

“the lads did everybody proud!”

“lads should be proud of what they’ve done there. Passion was there, intensity was there, and we nearly pulled off a miracle coming back! Proud to be a Coaster!

“Made us proud today Fylde”

“Excellent, well done lads. Showed we can compete strongly at much higher levels. Need to sustain this now in League matches, to get up that bloody table”

“A brave performance”

“What a brave and gutsy performance”

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“So close, great performance and unlucky not to equalise”

“Salah-esque finish for the goal!!!”

“Quality pass and quality finish.”

“Rodwell is still crap”

“”Thank you very much for the support the Sheffield United fans and staff today enjoyed it so much good luck for rest of the season”

“Played well, did ourselves proud. Blades fans and staff were first class and wish them well for rest of season (and not just because my wife’s family are Blades)

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View From Liverpool

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“One of the best games I’ve seen us play this season.”

“Death by 900-odd passes.”

“Not bad that exhibition match, when does the main, highlighted,match start?”

“Easy, easy, easy. ”

“I can live with this, I had to go looking for my heartbeat at halftime just not used to being so calm as this.”

“Controlled the game from start to finish. Sheff Utd had two up top, then everyone else behind them were organised in a bus position, albeit with some freedom to interchange positions.
An early goal from a mistake from the Sheff defender, and then we never looked back. We passed the ball around, always in control, and always probing. Sheff Utd never managed anything of note, and this was more to do with how we just kept the ball. “

“It wasn’t Sheffield playing badly, it was just our lads playing fantastic football and exerting total control. A record amount of passes on our side speaks for that.
Of course, it could have been six nil, which would have reflected the game far more accurately, but hey.”

“Game over from the 4th minute. They were in damage limitation mode from then on. “

“great performance, nothing even to debate, so dominant, so comfortable.”

“Nice, comfortable and boring, total dominance.”

“Professional performance against a team who were scared to play us.”

“We’re just impossible to play against, no matter how teams set up.”

“Proper dominant performance, passed Sheffield too death broke another record.”

“We’re Sheffield even on the pitch ? “

“Training session.”

“About the most comfortable Premier League game you’ll ever see. “

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“We turned up like we hadn’t kicked a ball in ages and looked fresh. They looked drained after 5 minutes and just wanted to go home”

“That was about 1000% more comfortable than I was expecting, which shows the quality of our team rather than showing up Sheff Utd, who we know are a good side. We utterly dominated them, probably the most commanding performance from us I’ve seen this season, and at no point was I worried it wouldn’t be our night.”

“Good team, good manager Sheffield”

“even when you watch us totally outplay them, you know why they are so high in the table. The last game when a side was battered by us and somehow still in the game was Leicester. “

“That was one of the easiest games of the season. I like Sheffield Utd and their manager but they didn’t want any part of us tonight. “

“Anyone see Wilder sit down at one point with his head in his hands?I laughed seeing it, then I felt totally sorry for him. “

“They are a great side for a promoted side and he seems a good bloke but we just sucked the life out of them”

“Wilder is the most classy manager in the league after Klopp. Respects quality when he sees it.”

“Deserves manager of the season if he gets top 8”

“Chris Wilder is a football genius. But to go with it he has humility and respect for a great football side when he sees one.”

“I have never praised an opposition manager but I have a lot of respect for Wilder and his achievements with very limited resources I like him as much as I dislike moaningho the real idiot”

“Huge respect to him and Sheffield, all the best for the rest of the season”

“New found respect to him and Sheffield. Hope they do well and finish in Europe.”

“Absolutely impressed by Sheffield United and what Chris Wilder got from his players. He gets them to play with the passion and pain at losing that he showed towards the end there. We don’t need to hear words of praise from him about our performance which may come anyway, because it was all about their defensive work and spirit. This guy is a worker of minor miracles.”

“Massive respect to them. Any other team today and the score line would have been humiliating.
Defensively very very solid. Hopefully they can take points of our title rivals.”

“Chris Wilder is a breath of fresh air. I think he realised we’re the only side this season his team could not out-work. They’ve won a lot of points on grafting alone.”

” Dean Henderson is future star. Pitty, he is owned by the manure”

“Their fans were reasonably funny at times, our champion of Europe, champions of the world etc. was meet with, champions of league 1 , you’ll never sing that.
Robbo walking past them when he was subbed they started chanting, England, England, England. Even Robbo laughed.
Probably the easiest game we have had effort wise I guess, just totally dominated them. They had a couple of chances late on but it was a stroll really. “

“All the best to them for the rest of the season”

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View From Man City

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“all runs have to come to an end sometime and what a fitting end than that to be the Home of the reigning Champions.”

“About time we ground out a result like that. Dippers have been lauded for it all season. We’ll be branded as lucky.”

“Not our finest hour, but not our worst either.”

“Slow, sloppy, predictable, defence all over the shop but 3 points.”

“That was as bad as we have played all season”

“thank god for the referee’s intervention because we hadn’t created a sniff before that got handed to us.”

“We were utterly exceptional 2nd half.”

“Great win against a tough team”

“I understand why Sheffield United are in the position they are in the table and only lost one game away so far – they have incredible physicality”

“One of those games that if we were still looking like we had chance of winning the league you would say was one where we didn’t play our best but found a way to win, which is what champions do. Thought they defended fairly well, but the tweaks made a difference”

“Good win against a very decent Sheffield Utd side. Little lucky but I don’t care 3 points is all that matters”

“Tbf, Sheffield matched us well in the first half, after the change in shape they gave us little problems. 2 games in 2 days.
Not much to complain about really”

“Hats off to Sheffield United they are a really well organised side, Not looking forward to going to Bramell Lane.”

“Good result as we needed that but let’s be honest they cut through us at will at times. Luckily they didn’t have their one chance one goal boots on like a lot of our opponents this season.”

“Until we scored we didn’t trouble their keeper at all. After we scored they came out and our formation change allowed us to look more threatening but that was more down to them than us improving.”

“it’s a terrible decision (that our first goal stood) and if it happened against us this place would explode. I’ve been told by a million people that it didn’t quite touch the referee so that rule is invalid, although I would imagine all the former referees tomorrow and maybe even PGMOL will say it should have been a drop ball.”

“He clearly gets in the way and causes us to get the ball, it is very unlucky for Sheffield and they’ve got every right to be aggrieved but the rules are the rules and seemingly the rules say play on if he doesn’t touch it”

“It makes a change for one to help us by getting in the way, because week after week they get in the way of our passes and nothing happens, sometimes I wonder if they are doing it on purpose, so I’m pleased its worked in our favour for once”

“I actually think their disallowed goal should absolutely have stood — the referee didn’t really “do” anything to help us in that incident. The Sheffield player saw where the referee was before he played the pass and the Sheffield player behind him could only run through the back of the referee to get the ball — that is a mistake by the Sheffield player attempting the pass, not the referee’s fault.”

“their goal should have stood because the current threshold for VAR offside assessment is farcical from a purely technical standpoint (which I and others have expounded upon extensively previously), much less for the spirit of the game. I don’t care if it benefited us today, it’s hurt us and other teams far more, and it is absolutely inaccurate/inconsistent enforcement of the current rules”

“Shit ref not giving the foul on Kun but they then score a goal that should stand imo but yet again VAR ruins thegame for one set of fans and a game is changed because of it. Yes he was offside but with the eye, the law that says benefit of the doubt to the attacker its a good goal and one given in every season i have watched the game barr this one.”

“its wrong but nothing will change till next season at least…the rules around offside/the margins for decisions need to change.”

“As for their “goal”, if they’re going against us for that, I’ll take them when its someone else’s misfortune, that said Sergio was fouled so it should never have got there, he was pulled back by the arm, and then started wrestling (an error from him), but it still should have been an attacking free kick.”

“Our two are good. The one involving the ref — if he himself had deflected the ball into the path of an onrushing City player, that would be clearly an injustice. That’s not what happens. He doesn’t appear to touch it at all. The Sheffield United player goes through his legs to play it to De Bruyne. On the other hand, I will never change my opinion about ruling goals out because of half a foot, or half an armpit, or whatever. It was a superb pass. The goal should have stood. Fair result: 2-1. “

“VAR is still shite”

“In contrast to the Blades manager, Espirito for Wolves is pure class. Handles some tough questions with aplomb.”

“Annoying commentary on my stream constantly trying to big up Sheffield despite their lack of shots on target they were very unlucky etc.”

“Loads of coins thrown by their fans, I don’t know what they were so worked up by.”

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View From Watford

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“More than we deserved… But we’ll take it.”

“Good point. Poor performance.”

“That was a fine display. At the end of the day we were lucky to get a point, Shef United were a well worked machine with so much discipline”

“lets be honest, we got away with a point.
In a nutshell we were pretty crap
Take it and be grateful”

“Lucky overall, disappointing that we couldn’t get any moves together going forward, but it is hard to play against the relentless pressing of United.”

“Not the prettiest of performances but a solid away draw with a goal from open play.”

“Very poor up front and it is so flipping frustrating that so many players struggle with the basics. Nevertheless that is a great point against a team in form.”

“Before that kicked off, a point would of been a decent return. We got that, but rode our luck in large periods of the game. Sheff Utd are no mugs – and they play decent football.”

“They’re a good side to watch”

“I think credit to Sheffield , they look alright, so drawing with them while a shame is fair enough”

“The biggest compliment I can give Sheffield United is that I am absolutrly delighted we didn’t lose to them in either league game. They play an attacking brand of football under a great manager in a brilliant atmosphere. Slightly jealous to be honest.”

“I noticed that when Sheff Utd players paseds the ball it went to one of their own players.”

“As points go, I think that’s better than any of the home draws we’ve managed so far this season. The time to beat Sheff Utd was the home match.
Just a shame we actually took a chance for once, looked like we had them where we wanted them and then threw it away with possibly the laziest penalty you’ll ever see conceded. Hughes has looked good in recent games but completely dropped a bollock there. Stupid to assume their man would stop chasing once he’d won the first ball so comfortably. A complete brain fart.”

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“An away point is decent enough, but my main concern is the same as after the Liverpool game. The opposition are irrelevant in our situation – we need points and today was a chance at 3. However, 1 is better than none of course.
Biggest issue with today is our continued complete inability to do the basics with any sort of competence. If we have a throw-in deep in our own half, we struggle every time to make use of possession and just seem keen to get it to halfway and lose the ball. Keeping the ball isn’t important to them. And set-pieces…my god we are beyond awful at them. Free-kicks, corners, throws – just terrible at them all. Success rate is very very near zero from key positions.”

“we received some good luck.
Not before time.”

“It wasn’t a great performance, but it’s very difficult to tell how much of that is us falling off, and how much of that is the way Sheffield Utd play and them forcing us into looking worse than the past couple of performances. What I do find funny, particularly in hindsight, is all the Sheff fans crying their tears about Deeney’s pre-match comments on their playing style: “Guess he hasn’t watched us in years”/’How dare he, we play decent football” etc etc. If that was ‘decent football’ by Sheffield standards, it’s even grimmer than I thought.”

“Amusing how often their 6 ft 2 Championship cloggers fell like dandelions in a breeze when our fancy dan winger was within 2 yards of them.”

“We were awful. Sheffield Utd were awful. The game was awful.”

“We were shit but their tactics are to hoof it to the channels, win second balls and then sling crosses into the box. There’s nothing pretty about either team”

“They got lucky, never hurt us all afternoon and that’s the worse we’ve played all season. Fact”

“off-day for us.”

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View From Brighton

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“Well we were warned by United fans on their message board.
Pretty much every team they come up against has their ‘worst game of the season’. Fact is Sheffield United are so organised they manage to have players up front when they attack and near enough everyone back when they defend.”

“They made us poor. Started the game excellently, didn’t give us any room or any time on the ball, threatened themselves whilst we offered nothing, and then we simply never recovered. We were rattled.
Someone quoted a post on their board saying ‘every team says they have their worst game against us’. You can see why today – and we did too. They made us poor and we had no answers.
Also easy to see why they sat deep second half. They did their homework and knew we’re poor in the final third and struggle to create.”

“We were poor but I’d not take credit away from them either. Said before and I’ll say again fantastically well organised side who work so hard at what they do and deserved a win tbh.”

“Beginning of the season this would have targeted as three points, but as it stands Sheffield United are the fifth best team in England, no shame in losing to them.”

“United were full of energy and were non-stop pressing – and being clever by taking advantage of when they’d lured the players down their end to then launch really fast attacks. We couldn’t match them at all in the first half. It did feel a bit like they’d done a lot of research on us and knew the way to play.”

“Sheffield were a unit with a gameplan that I envy in a way. Such togetherness and understanding. I hope we can mix our style with their spirit and cohesion.
Much-deserved victors.”

“I’m not sure they work harder or run more than the average PL team but their defensive organization is simply world class, maybe the best in Europe since no top teams play defensively these days. Combine it with the animals they have up front and they are a dirty challenge to anyone.
When they take the lead they won’t lose unless you have a midfield with Individuals that can score from distance or challenge multiple players and win set pieces or cause uncomfortable movements in their defensive positions. And we don’t have that.”

“I’ve got a lot of time for Sheffield United, mainly because they’re not MASSIVE.
But also, a decent manager who preseason was immediately dubbed by “pundits” as not good enough.”

“She’d U probably best promoted side in last 20 years, we weren’t at the races but sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say the other side are just better than you.”

“They were incredibly well organised and soaked it up all our pressure with ease. Rightly 5th for a reason and I’d say that 1-0 flattered us”.

“Even Liverpool struggled to break them down and only won by a late penalty. They deserve their 5th place in the league. Wilder has done a fantastic job with them.”

“Good team Sheff U. Did a number on us today.”

“One of the most hardest working teams I’ve seen never gave any of our players a moments peace”

“only 3 seasons ago there were a League One side
now half way through this season they are above Spurs,Arsenal & Man Utd
fair play”

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” It was crystal clear that Utd already rocked a jelly suspension pimped up ride from hell, and thus were more PL ready than Boris’ oven ready (never a palatable option) brexit.
Wilder is a wiley fox like manager, with a work ethic matched only by his manic charges. Indeed he made our own, our very own humble Potter look akin to that mis-guided fool of a farmer Bean, left turning to Bolger and Bean for tactical advice – alas; doomed from the start, of a stark and strangely familiar narrative.
Blades for Europe? – I think we might be seeing a lesser miracle, in the age of the undoing of the ‘big six.'”

“Sheffield United: well played. You make it hard for the opposition. Deserved to win.”

“They fully deserved it and are not massive.”

“We lost to the better team”

“they were magnificent yesterday, and really ought to have won by more than the single goal.”

“very easy to see why they are 5th in the league, exceptional defending.”

“I was impressed by them, a really well organised, hardworking, decent football team. Far, far better than the two teams they came up with and well deserving of their position ensconced in the top half of the table.”

“Their work rate is incredible and if you don’t match them at that you are going to struggle. Thought they were exceptional first half lot more cynical and niggly second half. You can see why they are doing well”

“Credit to Sheffield Utd, they defended superbly, kept their shape throughout and worked hard not to give us any time on the ball in danger areas. They got what they deserved. The table doesn’t lie, they are a decent side although too many of our players had off days today.”

“They generally play decent football but can also scrap in Game in needed. Defensively solid and a threat going forward. They played well today and have all season today was not a fluke and should be given credit when it’s due”

“Every Blades player had a precise role and they carried it out to the letter. Allied with an always pass forwards philosophy. Absolutely no interest in being possession kings. Exemplified by McBurnie and McGoldrick making Dunk look like Michael Keane. If they keep this up, Europa League deservedly beckons.”

“They’re clearly miles better than us this season. Giants in mind and body in defence and organisation, supremely confident that they’re better than our likes, even Championship George Baldock played like Andy Robertson, whilst the two Mc’s made Dunk and Webster look slow paced donkeys.”

“I honestly believe we underestimated Sheff Utd today, and throughly got what we deserved absolutely nothing. Complacency was definitely there in abundance. They are fifth in the league for a reason, well organised. We had no answers to it!”

“Reminded me of THAT England vs Iceland game… they made us look poor and we were suckered into forgetting how we can pass.”

“Wilder did a job on us with the help of our team.”

“Chris Wilder is THE best English manager in the game. I’m excited to see what he does with a team of world class players, because he’s making a championship squad look brilliant.”

“It was a 1_0 thrashing. Beaten by a better team not better players”

“I was impressed by the work they did. But I do wonder whether they can carry on with that
level all season. I personally think they will stay up – but I don’t think it will be the easy ride
to safety/high spot in the league that they are currently predicting.”

“Credit to Sheff United – good hard working spirited team with limited natural talent, who made it extremely difficult for us.”

“They are very organised and cynical and can press or play on the break. Good side – but we chose today to have our biggest off day of the season”

“The angering thing is that they’re really not very good.”

“We were abysmal first half. Second half we lacked the guile to break down a massed Championship level defence.”

“feel drained after watching that. I’m not sure one single Sheffield United player would get in our team but they were one of the most organised gritty teams I’ve ever seen. They won every 50/50 and we could not work any space against them. I think they’ll do well this season but not sure they’d be able to keep it up for years at this level.”

“Credit to United but they played Championship style and tactics .”

“They reminded me of Wimbledon, lots of balls over the top and the most cynical team i have seen since we’ve been in the premier league. Its effective though so you cant blame them, completely knocked us out of our stride.”

“I’ve seen them a few times this season and every time they’ve turned the match into a slug which is understandable with the players they’ve got. They rightly get a lot of plaudits for how they are doing as they are getting the most out of a limited playing squad. They play effective football.”

“It’s not pretty to watch as they turn every match into a horrible battle but it is extremely effective. I can’t see them sustaining it for more than this season though.”

“Let’s not try and justify that performance by pretending SU are some World force in football. They all played teir roles well but we were shockingly sh*t”

“I didn’t think Sheff U were amazing – certainly not the fifth best team in the country- but they did a job on Potter and the boys.”

“Totally done by tinpot United. Depressing”

“Apart from their no 17 McGoldrick, who to me looked the best player on the pitch yesterday, we look to have a far better player base for becoming a top ten team than they do. Major upgrades needed obviously, but Potter has only been here five minutes, Wilder’s had three years to mould his team. I know which one I’d back over an equivalent term.”

“We were very poor. I don’t think they had to do much to win that game.”

“The fact that Chris Wilder can get results in the Premier League using the likes of Luke Freeman and David McGoldrick speaks very highly of him, but I just get the feeling that, when one or two teams work them out and give them a stuffing, others will quickly follow the example.”

“If it wasn’t for VAR, that could of been a lot worse. Plus Mcgoldrick is not a premier league striker, he is woeful.”

“Put McGoldrick in an attack-minded team, instead of one with eight defenders, and he might just flourish”

“They know how to feign injury to break up play…. Especially the guy in latter part of second half when we had gained a lot of momentum. Not sure if his name was Lazarus but he was dead one minute and then just got up and walked around as if nothing had happened. That bit was not good to watch and I think there were 3 other incidents like that.”

“I don’t think Sheffield United are a top 5 team, but with a very good manager in Chris Wilder I can understand why they are where they are. Good luck to them. Loudest away fans this season.”

“Their support was pretty amazing…. so loud”

“It was good, yeah, but you’d expect fans of any team with their away record to be pretty bouncing. They were quiet for quite long spells when we were pushing second half (albeit getting nowhere)”

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View From Aston Villa

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“They’re a good team, but that performance was an absolute embarrassment, and nobody comes out of it with any credit. The defence was good in the first half, but in absolute disarray in the second, the midfield was absolutely atrocious. I don’t know what Smith was even trying to get them to do. We spent huge periods just penned in our our half twatting it anywhere just to get rid of it. That’s just not good enough.”

“Knew this would be a tough game, but wow do we match up badly with Sheffield United, they eat soft teams like us alive”

“we should be doing what sheff Utd should be doing …. proper team!!!! Proper team spirit!!”

“Our lack of movement and pressing is a concern. Sheff Utd are the polar opposite of us”

” Sheff U are a v.decent side. However we made them look like Citeh!”

“We still look a mile off Sheff Utd tbh, and we’ve had plenty of time. However i don’t think they will be down there by the end of the season, so it’s the games ahead that really are MUST win. I’d love to show the commitment Sheff Utd do, and play the football they do too”

“First half we did alright but it was obvious sheffild utd would come out 100mph 2nd half after a rollocking and they did.”

“Simply couldn’t keep up with Sheffield’s tempo.”

“Sheff Utd resembled a team that are a firmly established Premier League team. I continue to be impressed by them”

“Sheffield United have spent a fraction of what we have over the years, and look how well they’re doing. Whether it’s the manager, players, tactics not working, I don’t know, but we’re in big trouble. Pi**ed off.”

“We’ve spent far more than Sheff Utd but they didn’t really need to get out of 2nd gear to win today”

“Sheffield United aren’t a great side, they’re organised but they were there for the taking today – the Villa that played Liverpool would have battered them – they’re getting results and well done to them, I like their manager and they’re living the dream.”

“It’s the manager, he don’t put up with any shit. That team is rubbish on paper, but they all do a job, the little flicks for the goals today, we looked at them like they were Barcelona.”

“Sheffield are made up of players that have played the majority of their careers in League 1 or the Championship and are 5th. We’ve spent a lot of money on players that are supposed to be good enough for this level and will most likely be 18th later today. This tells me our manager just doesn’t know how to get the best out of them.”

“On the short-term, it’s better to play the Sheff U hand (stick with same team, continuity, etc). However, on the medium/ long-term, they will need to spend to become established. The comparison to us is lame, and pointless. We had to spend. We had no choice. Context guys.”

“We were a joke all over the pitch today. Losing so comprehensively away at Sheffield United just isn’t good enough! I used to be so confident and I’m starting to worry”

“I think, if you watch Sheff Utd play and analyse what they do well, irrespective of their modest fee’s for their players……and then you watch us, for me there is a stark reminder of what we do wrong and they do right.”

“Nothing we should have feared about that sheff utd team. Difference was tactically and in attitude. Wilder brilliant. Not long left for smith i think”

“We should expect better, if the blades can do it with their team, who look no better man for man to me, then we should be able to.”

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“Sheffield United will be in the bottom 6 next season. There’s always one team who gets promoted and has an excellent first 6 months but then falls away over the next 18. Their players should not be that much better than ours, we let them win with our abject performance”

“Nobody can tell me that Fleck has more talent than some of our players but he works hard for 90 minutes”

“Pathetic, but how can we possibly expect to compete against 5th placed Sheffield United with their work ethic and will to win?”

“They’ve spent nothing and are streets ahead of us. We have wasted millions”


“First thing I’d do is ban gloves, 4 ? of them today complete fannies with gloves on, Wilder must have thought Christmas had come early.”

“Sheffield is a shithole”

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