View From Norwich

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“Wolves at home, Sheffield United away, repeat at your leisure. Norwich can’t continue to ‘play well’ and lose games. That isn’t sustainable. That doesn’t keep you in the division.
What constitutes a positive performance? Passages of decent possession without penetration?”

“Very poor today, how have a bland club like Sheff Utd surpass us on every level!”

“Rich owners. They aren’t planning with Prudence.”

“Sheff Utd and Villa have very rich owners, more £ than Delia. Fact is we are self funded until there is concrete offer to buy the club, of which there hasn’t been.”

“They just know how to grind out results. Not sure I’d like to watch that each week but you have to admire what they’ve done this season. We’re just a bit soft in the middle like a decent soufflé!!!”

“Four minutes stoppage time after a player has spent three minutes rubbing his head for no reason and both teams have made three subs?
This game is ridiculous. Sheffield United completely outmuscled, outniggled and outhustled us today. ”

“The replay clearly showed there was no contact on McBurnie – it was pure cheating to add to the thuggery the ref completely ignored. If you want to watch a team like them you’re welcome to Robbie, but I never would. The ball was 80% over the line but just wouldn’t go in. Have we had any luck go our way this season?”

“The blades team is full of thugs. Two double-footed, off the floor tackles from Fleck unpunished. What the f?”

“Anyone else fed up with the opposition goalkeepers having worldies against us?? Incredible how often its happened this season!!”

“Poor premier league match from both teams today. Their keeper MOTM sums it up. How did we not score? Quiet stadium”

“Sheff U had a 10 minute spell in which they scored and had chances but we dominated the 2nd half. 3 Shots inside the 6 yard box without scoring. Just our luck.”

“May have been the same result but Sheff Utd had 24 hours extra to recover from their FA Cup game and didn’t then have to travel at the weekend – both likely factors in a poor 1st half.
Unlucky not to get a point at the end”

“yes. They did have a gruelling midweek fixture to contend with. So did Sheffield United, by the way.
They didn’t get back until the early hours, I suspect the Blades didn’t either. They upped it for 15 minutes and won the fixture. That’s levels. Not fitness.”

“They had 24 hours extra recovery. That’s a massive advantage to go along with being at home”

“Wednesday to Saturday turnaround proved too much in the end. They were the last team I’d want to play when not 100% physically”

“Sheffield United did not need to be good to beat us today. Impotent”

“Breaking down an organised Sheff U 1-0 down was always going to be a big ask after the Spurs effort midweek.”

“Not as free flowing today and found it hard to penetrate through thirds regularly. Sheffield made it hard , they pressed well and broke the play up.”

“Any small hope I had left is now gone. Sheff U didn’t even need to be that good, one cross and Hanley/Godfrey dont mark their men and they score an easy goal. Offered absolutely nothing going forward other than Krul and Hanley lumping it long as if we’re a League One team”

“Sheff Utd defended well; as I’m sure we expected them to.”

“Sheff Utd just so bloody efficient. Knew exactly how to play us. Bastards.”

“A few second half positives to cling to but overall City we’re out-fought by a superbly disciplined and determined Blades team full of confidence. Bramall Lane was rocking.”

“Sheff Utd also know where our difficulties lie – we can’t defend crosses into the box, whether that be from deep crosses or set pieces. They’ve capitalised on that to good effect”

“Frustrating to lose all games against fellow promoted sides this season – though impressed with Sheff Utd’s intensity today.”

“First time Sheffield United have done the double over us in decades. Well deserved, worrying lack of variation in our play when chasing”

“Was men against boys”

“Thought they looked tired but they tried their best, battled, but struggled to break down a very good, very organised Sheffield United Good luck to the Blades – hope they get into Europe. They deserve it.”

“Sheffield controlled the game. We were outplayed and out-thought. We’ve now played them 5 times since “Busgate” and the record is 4 Sheffield wins and one match drawn.”

“No Sheffield United controlled two periods of about twenty minutes in each half where they had us locked defending. They made one of those dominant periods count and unlocked us. We failed to make our dominant periods count.”

“I have an irrational hatred of them. I accept there is no real reason – just can’t stand them.”

“Two football players I can’t stand… Billy Sharp and Dean Henderson… so arrogant with no class. Of course they would be the two to rub our noses in it today.”

“A lot of their fans have never ever gotten over that game a few years ago. A real chip on their shoulder.”

“Norwich snd Sheff Utd have a lot in common, both got promoted and trying to stay up by doing things the right way (one more successfully..) yet their fans have this really weird hatred of us because we beat them once 3 years ago and wasted some time. Really odd”

“One of my least favourite grounds after the three of us were offered a fight outside the stadium after we beat them a couple of seasons ago. Yes I’m sure a couple in their ‘50s with their autistic son would be up for some mindless violence… Bizarre!”

“Horrible place, horrible fans who seem to revel in their neanderthal image. Charmless all round”.

“Hate Sheffield United, but think it’s more out of jealousy. Good investment has given them such a good season. Norwich were poor and never got going. All hope lost of survival, relying on some cup magic”

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View From Reading

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“Sheffield United are a quality side, no doubt. Chris Wilder doing a superb job. We had a proper go but to no avail. Hope the#Blades make Europe and an FA Cup Final too! Gutted, but the best team won.”

“they are a really good unit”

“TBF we flattered to deceive all game. At timeS it looked pretty but we never looked like scoring
Men v Boys in the first 15-20min and I feared a spanking was in the cards, but we grew and grew into the game. I’m not sure what happened but Sheff Utd went to crap. They seemed to just hand us midfield but they also seemed comfortable with fact we never looked like we intended to score
In short, enjoyed the pretty football but we are still overplaying everything
// also, First time watching the overlapping Centre back thing in the flesh. It’s really interesting to watch. I can see why they’re doing so well in the prem. Even if they didn’t offer much tonight”

“we looked good. Movement was much better, and our own tracking of Sheff Utds outstanding movement was excellent. Our passing was much sharper than it has been and we played very calmly and nicely under their pressing. It makes our performance last week all the more baffling”

“disappointing to match a side challenging for the top 4 and lose it on some bad decisions”

“deserved win in the end for SU, but only just. One would probably have trouble guessing which was the strugglling champ side and which was the in-form PL side.”

“No harm in losing to the best team in Yorkshire. Made them look average at times.”

“we made a Prem team look very ordinary for long periods”

“Sheffield United were bang average.”

“.On evidence that must have been the Blades worst performance of the season.”

“They really are nothing special. Two poor goals conceded which was a shame because we defended well for the most part.”

“Blast me for saying this, that’s fine, but this team really isn’t far off being a PL team.”

“Lets’ not get carried away
This was not the well-oiled Sheff Utd machine that has taken them to 8th in the Premier League.
The defence bar one was their normal set-up but all the rest for most of the game were fringe players and posed far less of an attacking threat than if Fleck and Norwood had been pulling the strings.
I saw Sheff Utd at Bournemouth back in August and haven’t been surprised at how well they have done-their passing is accurate but their downfall is in striking options and they don’t make many chances but when they do they tend to take them , just like last night .”

“We actually outplayed Sheffield United in big parts of the game and deserved to really go at least to penalties. However they were a Very well organised team. Extremely quiet set of fans might I add”

“Who said Sheffield United av best support in prem wank barely sang few kids at back giving it large didn’t show up after game wat a state”

“literally sing for 2 minutes after they score and are then silent for the whole game. Embarrassing”

“It must be time we turned the tables on Sheff Utd again. In the 00s we were their bogey team; we dominated them. But they seem to have had our number for the past 10 years or so.”

“As long as Billy Sharp plays for them we will be their bitch.”

“It had to be bloody Billy Sharp didn’t it”

“Not many footballers I would wish an injury on, but Billy Sharp is right up there”

“Sharp is clearly a bit of a knob but I’ve no real issue with that.
bit of a weird thing to say at the end of the game though. Looked a little like Baldock avoided shaking his hand as well”

“Billy Sharp owes us nothing. Everyone crying about him really needs to man up a little bit, he’s a winner and he scores goals. He has a right to be arrogant.”

“Sharp and Mcgoldrick – it was like a heritage evening.”

“United’s strikers do what all strike partnerships of that ilk do and successfully confuse the centre backs about which should be marking them. McGoldrick then drifts to the back post and gets in the gap between Morrison and Obita. Big strikers will always look to take on the full back – Ricky Lambert scored a lot of his goals that way, it’s half of Meite’s game – so I think Morrison should be the one taking responsibility for him. But it’s a systematic error rather than an individual failing.”

“Sander Berge is absolutely outstanding. Dictates almost every Sheffield United move. It’s some claim. But he’s the closest I think I’ve seen to Busquets.”

“He was the one that dribbled it out of play when no one was near him because he couldn’t control it properly”

“think they were missing Norwood and Fleck, often resorted to long balls which Morrison and Miazga dealt with fairly comfortably. Didn’t see much of their trademark runs from their 3 CB’s, but they defended well and you can see why they don’t concede often with them there and with Henderson in goal”

“Henderson didn’t have much to do but still managed to flap at a few crosses that were put in. Certainly not ready for England yet”

“What did Henderson do against us?
Wasn’t like we had like 50 shots and he saved them all. Our penalty was amazing and perfect but he didn’t save it. No clean sheet.
Yes he has done well this season but from that performance against us doesn’t get you picked.”

“Him and Pope are better than Pickford.”

“Presumably Sheff have a printer but on different settings to ours.
Medium height, white, short brown hair, efficient without being exciting
A few where the height setting got adjusted up 6 inches”

“Sheffield scored that 2nd at home VAR would have overturned that straight away. Either put VAR in every single cup game or don’t have it at all. Premier league teams have such a massive advantage over smaller teams in cups because of this. Sort it out.”

“I’m not saying we deserved to win that, but gutting to match a side doing so well and lose to some bad reffing”

“Disgraceful refereeing performance”

“Pretty sure Friend looked back at the penalty he gave us and compensated for it the rest of the game by allowing United players to manhandle us throughout without punishment
Saw on here that no team outside the Prem have won the FA Cup for 40 years. It won’t change with corrupt refereeing performances like that where they clearly favour the bigger team. Should be ashamed of himself”

“Prem ref for Prem clubs, his “performance” was shocking.”

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View From Brighton

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“A point against one of the best performing sides in the division this season, who outplayed us at home.”

” I thoroughly enjoyed today’s game. Yes it wasn’t a pretty game but too often this season we’ve played attractive football with no reward – Villa away being a classic example. GP set the team up deliberately to combat a big physical side and it worked against today’s opponents. Wilder had no complaints at the result and recognised we had done our job efficiently. Well played Albion including a very healthy away following who clapped the team off very proudly at the end of the game.”

“it was a Hughtonesque performance and we pulled it off. A valuable point, if not an entertaining spectacle.”

“Still a fan of Potterball but pleased to see the change in tactics and personnel today to take on SU in a physical battle.”

“Horrible game of football to watch and still heading back from the game now. Feel like we stole a point. But will happily take it.”

“We can’t play like that every week though. Shelf united had enough chances to win that. Had we been playing a better team they’d have finished us off when we started to hoof everything clear. But these tactics worked well against Sheff U. Potter had obviously spotted how Sheff U aren’t really a great team with the ball, just one who win all the 2nd balls, throw themselves into tackles and show a never give up attitude in how they close down everything. But in technical terms they are not great. So we went there and tried to force them to play by sitting back and allowing them time on the ball. They couldn’t invent much other than crosses in which our back 3 did very well in dealing with. Could’ve nicked a win had Dunk scored but it’s very evident we’re too good to go down.”

“Looking at the table there aren’t many better ‘teams’
Good point despite what Twaddle continually said on the radio we played it right…SU have got a very good away record…partly because they like teams coming at them..we’d have played right into the hands if we had done that…hard fought result we have to reinvent ourselves next Saturday when we will be looking for all three points”

“Shef pressed very well and were usually there for the second ball.”

“Good point really SU are a very tough side”

“The amount of crosses sheffield united got in compared to us was crazy. “

“I think we really missed out in bagging mcbernie I think him and Maupay would’ve made a fantastic pairing”

“They passed through us all game. Won every 2nd ball. Best side I have seen at the Amex. We were lucky today.”

“I thought we were awful and very lucky to get a point”

“we were awful but got a point.”

“The number of teams that have got a lucky and undeserved point against us tis season – West Ham, Villa, Burnley, Newcastle for a start – it’s about time we got a point we didn’t deserve! That’s the point I would happily have taken at kick off!”

“Should have been a red and penalty. They were better side though. Potter had it right. Away at bramble lane need those fighters today good point maybe an important one”

“Ref has some Sheffield United family I think”

“I found that a very annoying point. Every 50/50, every ricochet, everything seemed to fall sheffields way. We defended well enough, maybe I’m getting used to having 60%+ of the possession. I stand by my observation of them being the wasp at the picnic”

“Watching Final Score, Garth Crooks has been very complimentary about us, and stated Lundstram should have gone.”

“Sheff Utd are not as good as the hype.”

“That lot aren’t a real top six side we just failed to win any second balls, midfield turned over possession far to easily.”

“Nope…i think you could be mistaken there
26 46 76
Man City
26 38 54
26 28 50
27 8 44
27 8 40
Sheff Utd
27 4 40″

“Albion away supporters – 10……sounded brilliant on my stream”

“Sheffield was a brilliant away day. Proper stadium, proper fans, proper game of football. Loved it!
We robbed a point. Good luck for the rest of the season, blades”

“Blades vs Owls
What a difference
Same City, yet such a difference.
Blades Fans Classy…
Thumbs up
Whereas, Wednesday fans Classless..”

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View From The Neutrals

A selection of quotes from neutral fans on Sheffield United’s season so far

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Arsenal Fans

“Well done Sheffield if keep going like this they’ll be at least in europa next season. “

“Sheffield could make top 4 with the rate they’re going.”

“Sheffield United deserve so much credit, they are 5th in the league!
It isn’t after 5 games, it isn’t after 10 games…it’s after 26 ****ing games…outstanding from Wilder.”

“Fair play where its due they deserve all the credits so far!”

“We should keep an eye on Wilder.”

Spurs Fans

“Sheffield united’s run in is good. They’re well in it for that last top 4 place.”

“Sheffield United are only two points off Chelsea in fourth, I don’t care what anybody says this has to be getting to the Chelsea players.”

“Sheffield in the Champions League would be hillarious”

“Well if we aren’t to get top 4, I hope S United do”

“Sheffield’s crossing is just unbelievable”

“Berge looks very average so far. Gave the ball away in lead up to Bournemouth goal and then went straight to sleep allowing the attacker to get the cross in.
Based on that game, a midfield that consisted of him and Tanguy would be called ‘can’t run, won’t run’! Sander doesn’t look the most mobile”

“Dunno why lunstrum is getting benched recently, twice now he’s come on and done v well. Plus messing up my fantasy team”

“I’ve had a dislike of them after getting beaten up outside bramall lane when a student.”

Everton Fans

“Frustrating to think where we may have been this season, had we not dropped points to the smaller teams (Norwich, Sheff Utd, Brighton, Newcastle)”

“Sheff Utd are impressive but I doubt they’ll stay above us.”

“It’s testament to how rubbish the league is this year when we’re actually contending for Europe. Credit to Sheffield United though: they’ve done well!”

“I wonder what the media would say if we have a really good set of results in the next 4 matches and passed by the heroes of current media, their favourites Sheffield Utd?”

“It will be a few years and a miracle performed by Carlo before we are accepted as on of the “top” clubs. Even Sheff Utd will have to repeat this season for two more years before they get to be a member. Leicester are just about inside the door”

“Sheffield united I feel are a one season wonder”

“For where we aspire to be, players like Berge are not good enough”

Wolves Fans

“Would be a great testament to footballs to the team and the manager if they finish with Europa league. I wish them all the best.”

“Sheffield United are good. Very good. It’s brilliant to have teams like them, Leicester and ourselves putting the cat right among the pigeons.”

” fair play to Sheffield United, what a fantastic team they are currently. Guess like us last season (and this!) lots of their top players getting speculatively linked with moves away.”

“Sheffield United are having a fantastic season and look a very good team. Better than us is hard to say. Very few of their players get in our side and yet they may well finish above us and some of the “big 6″.”

“I don’t think Sheffield Utd are better than us? They’re in better form… very good side of course.”

“Sheffield United aren’t better than us. They have had better luck with injuries (mostly playing the same team like us) and not had a dozen extra games due to EL. They absolutely earn their place in the top 6 right now but I don’t think they are better.”

“Sheffield United aren’t better than us, they’re ahead of us in the table at the moment but they’re not a better outfit. This isn’t saying they’re not a good side, they are, they work as a team and they fully deserve to be pushing towards the top six but I expect that at the end of the season we’ll be above them.”

“As long as we finish above them! I am not fond to be honest. Hit the deck quicker than some of villas players so that’s saying something.”

Man City Fans

“can’t believe how they keep grinding out results they are utter shite”

“They are dire”

“Sheffield United really are shit, Fleck aside”

“Absolute Sunday morning stuff.”

“They didn;t deserve to beat Bournemouth. Lovely goal though”

“Regardless still some achievement at this stage of the season for sheff utd to be fifth and two points off a champions league spot ( although having played a game more )”

“There’s a lot of very ordinary sides in the PL. That being said, credit must go to Wilder and Howe. Wilder for getting his side to punch above their weight this season”

“Rag but Henderson is deffo better than Pickford”

Southampton Fans

“Genuinely looking forward to the last game of the season to see Sheffield Uniteds away support as they’ve been bigging it up so much! Was shocking atmosphere when we were there earlier in the season, so it’ll be their chance to prove themselves!”

“Feels like Sheffield Utd have had winnable games for weeks and weeks”

“Sheffield United They don’t want to stand still.A team safe from relegation and target achieved but still want to strengthen yet saints fans should be happy as we are nearly safe.Such a small club mentality. “

“If Sheffield United could sign Sander Berge then why couldn’t we?”

Watford Fans

“Can you not see we need to spend ! Sheff Utd spent 20m on a player in jan & it’s there 1st season up in prem”

“Proper team Sheff Utd. Didn’t start either half particularly well but ground out a good result. It’s embarrassing watching the Bournemouth players shouting and screaming as they go to ground looking for cards. As the United players just popped straight up looking to get on with play. So hope they’re one of the three to get relegated. “

“Never thought I’d celebrate a late Sheff Utd goal like that. What a f-kin state this season has turned me into.”

“Go on Sheffield United! Want them to win for Watford reasons but also they are playing the game properly not throwing themselves to the floor like Bournemouth.”

“Gosling deserved worse than a few sarky comments for trying to get a Sheffield United player who never touched him sent off”

Man Utd Fans

“It’s been fun to watch them this season”

“Sheffield United are definitely getting that 4th spot.”

“Sheffield United’s crossing is next level, cant beat a good cross, causes so many problems especially when u have players in the box with a quality delivery”,

“Chris Wilder has Sheffield so well drilled it’s incredible. A clear style of play + results will have them play Europa League next season if they keep on going like this”

“Nobody can tell me Sheffield United’s players are superior man for man compared to our side – makes all the ‘I need time’ propaganda look absolutely silly from Ole and co. Just shows you what an impact a competent coach have on ANY set of players.”

“If life were FIFA, this would be true, but it’s not. Players aren’t an accumulation of their stats. Mentality matters just as much. Sheffield United may not be technically superior, but they are mentally stronger, and that makes a difference”

“Mean while ole needs 200 million player in each position to beat Newcastle and Bournemouth LMAO”

“Sheff Utd play the right style of football and every single player gives 100% game in game out. Shame that we don’t have these levels of performances, where every single player digs deep.”

“Sheffield came from the championship and they’re a better COACHED team than us”

“I dont think Sheffield United got a star creative player in their team, they’re just well coached”

“Isn’t it funny that Sheffield United have a better manager than the Great Manchester United”

“On paper we got the a better squad than sheffield but they playing fantastic football than us. Ole with his excuses will never take us anywhere”

“It’s good seen dean Henderson playing so well for Sheffield United… but well enough to see him getting them into the top four… qualify for the champions league…only for him to come back to us in the summer playing the Europa league… life is funny”

“We’re 4 points behind sheffield united but our assistant manager is out there tweeting like we’re on top of the league table”

Norwich Fans

“They are the team of the season by far.”

“Fair play to them. Done brilliantly so far, a European spot would be a great reward for them”

“Fair Play Sheffield United. Makes me think what might have been if Norwich would have pushed the boat out not crazily but just a touch.”

“To be fair Sheff U been building squad for +5yrs & have very wealthy owner, we don’t!! Very poor investment previously & lacking in stability over same period as Sheff U. Keeping what we have now & growing will finally give what we the fans crave.”

“Sheff Utd have spent quite a lot..”

“Getting wound up about sheff utd being 5th & us bottom really is the biggest waste of energy I can think of. There are too many differences between the clubs to list at this point in time plus we’re half way through a 5 year plan, I’ll wait to judge”

“Whilst important to credit Sheff U for a fabulous season, it’s also worth mentioning that had they suffered the same defensive injury crisis we did, they’d also sit at the foot of the table. Nothing beats a big old dollop of good luck in football.”

“They’ve been absolutely amazing but the one time this season they had to make wholesale changes to their defence they let in 3 goals”.

“So without injuries you think we’d be 5th in the league? …. lol”

“Many parallels between our 2011/12 season (1st back in the PL) and Sheff Utd.’s current one. Both managers dragged the clubs up from L1 with squads built from lower leagues. Will Wilder be tempted by the Villa job in the summer?”

Aston Villa Fans

” think what wilder is doing w Sheffield United is the model for any team wanting to be competitive in the PL”

“Would be hilarious to see Sheff Utd and Leicester making the top 4 and Man Utd, Chelsea and Spurs miss out.”

“Was watching Sheffield United this weekend and while they obviously have signed new players as well, they are very drilled in their roles and it looks like they know each others movement to a tee. And a large part of this in my mind is having the same manager and squad over several years. ”

“Sheffield Utd have mature senior pros forming the spine of the side – Basham (31), Fleck (28), Norwood (28), Sharp (34), McGoldrick (32). It’s a much more mature group of players than ours, and all those senior players were there last season.”

“Sheff United 5th. Incredible from them. Fair play. 10 wins to our 7. Makes you think where we could’ve been with a striker. Not saying we would be up there but at least safe.”

“Chris Wilder has done a fantastic job with Sheffield United this season, but I wonder if some injuries will bite them at the end of the year and if they’ll start falling down the table.”

“I’m quite sad that Sander Berge ended up at Sheffield U”

Newcastle Fans

“They’re safe now”

“Got a lot of time for Sheffield United (family members who support them) but I don’t think 40 will be enough this year. We may see a record points haul for a relegated side. BUT they’re in a superior position to many. Well done and good luck to them.”

“Wilder bring a fresh mindset to the players and the league, no praising of effort or commitment, that’s a given. Hope they get into Europe, they deserve it.”

“I think Bruce has done a good job since taking over . I don’t however agree with this not having the players to play a different way. Brighton ,sheff Utd don’t play that way . I think we actually have some decent technical players and we don’t play to their strengths”

“How can a newly promoted side in sheff united made up of championship and league 1 players play a much better brand of football (with success) but we cannot. Chris wilder manages to do it with less tools.”

“Wilder is a vastly superior coach. Bruce still has no identity or playing style after 6 months and several players were not here under rafa.”

“we got the wrong Sheffield manager in the summer that’s definitely for sure!”

“I’m all for crediting Sheff Utd for having a great season & yes good on them for breaking their transfer record today but there’s still not one of their players I’d have in my Newcastle team”

“Certainly not McGoldrick but the rest of their strikers are better than what we have. The new guy Sander Berge is coming in with a lot of expectation. Overall though they are stronger than us in striker area so it’s unfair to say we wouldn’t take at least one striker off them”

“ill never take away Liverpool success this season but.. how bad have all the other teams been. I mean without doubt Newcastle (my team) will be in trouble next season if teams get back to winning/ more consistent form. Newcastle Sheffield proving good contenders through consistency.”

Liverpool Fans

“Storm Ciara stops the whole of the UK but not Sheffield United”

“I’m a bit in love with this Sheff Utd team.”

“The definition of hardwork, organisation & preparation. You dont need to have the most expensive players to compete in this league, you just need players that know their jobs & give 100% each game. Full credit due to all players & staff at the only decent “United” in the league!”

“Exceptional job, really like Sheff U and Chris Wilder. Seems great team spirit and a load of neat and tidy players. More power to them “

“Met a couple in Turkey last summer and they both thought SUFC would do ok but most likely get relegated. For them alone I’m over the moon for this side. And by the way, so much more than just a well organised defensive team!”

“Would love to see Messi turn up for a Champions League game at Bramall Lane.”

“Wilder has done it with a largely Championship level squad, and a few good additions. Meanwhile, the likes of Hodgson are whinging about no signings and battling relegation, when they’ve got more than good enough resources to be comfortable.”

Leicester Fans

“You can tell it’s a winter break when Sheff Utd and Leeds are the main talking points in the football world over the last week”

“Sheff Utd are playing similar to the way we did when we won the title fair play to them”

“We had some of the best players in the league. They haven’t got a single player who’d make a top half side. And most wouldn’t make a bottom half side.
It makes their achievement very impressive. But don’t kid ourselves that they are any good.”

“They have team full of players who’d make a top half side, that top half side being Sheffield United.”

“Hope Sheffield United can sneak into the top four, big credit to Chris Wilder. What a job he’s doing there!”

“Love to see the mass panic of the big clubs when Leicester and Sheffield United get in to the Champions League. Man Utd and Arsenal will be screaming, banging on the doors of UEFA begging for closed shop European Super League.”

“Individually they aren’t anything special but the system and the way the players compliment one another is priceless and more effective than anything Man Utd and the like could try and simply purchase off the shelf.
They don’t need the so called technical ability from key players, as long as Wilder keeps them progressing and bringing in the eight players who can play their unique system then they’ll stay a top 8 team comfortably. It’s great to see. ”

“They don’t have great individuals but they’re a good team who nail the job they’re told to do. There are many ways to skin a cat.
The real test will come next year when people are more aware of what they do. Can they adapt. But right now, they’re a good team doing the business for their manager. “

“They aren’t very good”

“You don’t get to 5th after 26 games without being ‘very good’. “

“Only a fool writes off a team in their position with 12 games to go.There are plenty of fools about though.”

“I saw the same comments about us on every opposing teams forum in 15/16 – right before we played and beat them.
It’s pure snobbery. “

“Sheffield United are brilliant, a very likeable team with a very likeable manager.”

“I’m glad Wilder called Bournemouth out for their play acting. When we played them I thought they were awful for it. Worst in the league for it”

“O’Connell should be considered for the England squad”

“Nobody’s really mentioning the likes of O’Connell though, I’d throw Baldock into the mix too, both worthy of a call up imo.”

“Henderson too”

“Henderson comes across as a right arrogant bastard but yeah he should be considered for England.”

“He’s way behind Pope. And Foster. But ahead of Pickford. But no prizes for guessing who Southgate likes best.”

West Ham Fans

“2 points off fifth place in Feb for the Blades. Whatever you think about that club in a general sense, that’s quite something”

“Most if the crap was from Kevin McCabe, much like the owners of our club”

“Champions League for Sheff Utd and relegation for us…”

“Time to bin the Tevez masks”

“They are having a great season and Wilder has done a superb job there – really building a team that knows what it’s good at and capable of.
I know it sometimes looks folly when some people, myself included, said that top 6 was possible in the early part of the season – but they, and Leicester, are proving it.”

“Wilder should cut bait and ask his agent to take any ‘upgraded’ role in the summer (or during the panic stations that start in November for underperforming clubs).
He’s done a brilliant job there but there’s no historical example of a team like that succeeding in the long term. Howe and Dyche could tell him a thing or two about not jumping when the planets briefly align. One ‘status’ club on your CV and you’re on the circuit forever. (Moyes is the one to speak to about that).”

“Why would he want to do that? He’s a Sheffield United fan. Who is to say he doesn’t go elsewhere and, bereft if his team, he can not replicate what he achieved, never mind pushing higher?”

“Good manager, shite club”

“let’s see how they get on next season”

“A lot has gone their way this season.. down next season.”

Chelsea Fans

“Sheffield United only TWO points behind us. TWO. POINTS. BEHIND.”

“good on them! Least they’ll be staying up”

“I wouldn’t mind if Sheffield United got a Champions League place instead if us”

“Well you arent a real Chelsea fan then”

“Sheffield was a tougher match than we initially thought at the time.”

” the only other on paper tough game left is away at Sheffield United all the rest are versus dregs”

“If Sheffield get top 4, then Wilder is a lock in for top 3 manager of the decade minimum, already”

“Why can fking Sheffield defend with nonames and we still defend like shit?”

Burnley Fans

“You’d have thought Sheffield will stay up now”

“Media darlings, Sheffield United, pretty much safe now. “

“If Sheffield United aren’t safe then I’m worried”

“I would think 39 will be fine although I suspect they’ll get a few more”

“Would be great to see Sheff Utd finish in the top 4. What a season they’re having! “

“Henderson just seems to be getting better each game in the Sheff Utd goal. With Heaton out injured can see him in the frame for an England cap and certainly in the squad. His shot stopping is quite sensational and a keen reason for the number of clean sheets his club are keeping “

“Henderson has looked a very good goalkeeper this season at Sheff U. Bet they wish they could sign him. “

“First season syndrome, nailed on for relegation next season”

“That taxi from Bournemouth to Sheffield must have cost a fortune for Eddies Barmy Army”

“Play acting from Bournemouth really was top 4 quality. “

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View From Bournemouth

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 73212173_1553984761409509_7596666161475878912_n.png

“Sheffield United deserved the win! “

“Real shame, feels like a missed opportunity as don’t feel Sheffield United were at their best. That being said they deserved the victory, they’re not where they are by luck. Hope they get Europe. We’ll bounce back.”

“I’ve seen us play better, I’ve seen us play a lot worse. It’s one of those games where a team challenging for Europe narrowly beat a team in a relegation battle.”

“As good as they were, the first goal was fortunate and the second one was poor from us. We could’ve done more with our first half chances”

“Didnt take our chances early and Sheff Utd slowly wore us down.”

“If the opposition work twice as hard as you there is a good chance they will win.”

“Sheffield United were not at their best and this feels like two points dropped.”

“They’re basically a respectable Burnley; they play similarly but actually have some talent playing the ball around on the ground as well.”

“Our rolling around in so called game management added the time Sheffield United for them to score at the end of the 1st half.
Sorry, our diving around under basic challenges was a disgrace.”

“where did that 3mins of added time in the 1st half come from?”

“Our rolling around counted for most of it”

“I don’t like the rolling around we do.”

“I don’t think we rolled around that much tbh, maybe on a rewatch it’ll stand out more. I thought Sheffield were excellent tbh, much better than I expected them to be- but still beatable. We had a few clear cut openings that we did nothing with.”

“Congratulations to Sheffield United for being the best team since Brazil’s 1970 World Cup team…………..or so the last 2 hours of listening to these tw@s on BT Sport would have me believe.”

“the fair result would have been a draw. Simple as that. We had as many chances as they did after all. Haven’t seen much mention here of that brilliant save by Henderson from Fraser at 1-1, I believe that goes in and we win the game. Fine lines.
Despite Owen Hargreaves wetting himself, Sheffield didn’t batter us at all. They actually had some spells of pressure and then the game evened off again. The game was lost because we switched off at the end .”

“”A good team?” Somehow these guys are being viewed as the second coming of 2015-16 Leicester. I saw nothing to convince me that they should be fifth in the table (except their 39 points, I guess).”

” I thought they were terrible for 30 mins, and then huffed a bit and got another lucky deflection in the box. However that was our fault for sitting back and inviting them on. Second half they did nothing, and scored a fairly well worked goal while we stood and watched them. Out played no. Out ‘desired’ absolutely.”

“fair do’s to them they just run all over you and pump high balls into the box and the pressure usually tells for them in the end.”

“Sheff United get the job done, but it’s not in a pretty way. The overlapping CB’s is a thing (media dine out on it) but it’s not why they are where they are. Essentially they just get it in the box and are physical”

“Not sure what’s ‘so refreshing’ about Sheff U. Perhaps it’s because pundits are seeing something different (bar Burnley) . They simply don’t piss about. They just get the ball into the box quickly”.

“They aren’t that good and we aren’t that bad. I thought we created more than them second half but we still managed to lose”

“they were bang average weren’t they, and we let them have 4 points.”

“Sheff U are not a better side than us on paper, which brings me back to lack of imagination, fitness provision and organisation from the management team.”

“I thought we played quite well against a good, organised side and another bloody HOMER ref”

“Threw away three potential points to a talentless, but workman like team.”

“we lost in a poor game where both teams made plenty of mistakes but they dealt with the mistakes well, you cant blame conditions as it was the same for both, the ref was shite and let alot go that would of normally been fouls. sheff utd are very much like we were apart from more physical (not dirty)”

“I’m not sure Eddie has a clue what to do with So Lankey. Its a little bit like when he didn’t know what to do with Mousset prior to us selling him on.”

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View From Crystal Palace

“Delete club”

“I don’t know why I bother, frankly.
Sometimes we’re lucky to get nil.”

“Hodgson must be gutted, one mistake away from a 0-0 draw.”

“Easy double over us”

“Our Midfield was woeful today. We were outplayed in both the Southampton and Sheffield matches. We desperately needed creativity… And today lacked any”

“We still look pretty blunt up top, but SU are a very good defensive outfit.”

“To be fair Shef Utd have a good defence and aren’t a bad side. But we haven’t got a player with any competence in front of goal.”

“We were technically better than them, but they were very well organised.”

“Sheffield United really weren’t anything special.”

“Got out shit housed today simple as that.
Fair play to them.”

“Real shite house win that from Sheffield United from a game with nothing in it. Way it goes sometimes, decent from us for the most part. “

“Creatively they are the poorest team we have played this season. Organised? Yes, but they offered very little until we gifted them their goal.
Thoroughly, thoroughly depressing.”

“They are cloggers and have a system on the occasions they get possession. It’s 90% guile and effort, 10% actual skill. Awful side, can’t stand teams like this in our top flight regardless of how much love you want to give them.”

“Ffs they’re not cloggers, they’re a decent team punching above their weight. Next season will be tougher for them.”

“Why will it be tougher? Surely decent players of skill will canter into the same position again. Or is it that they are organised cloggers punching”….

“I don’t like bigging up Sheffield United, because **** them… but I find it hard to deny that what they’ve done this season is impressive. It’s rare that any promoted team performs the way they have, so there’s more to it than “clogging” or simply being organised. Besides, it’s weird us criticising them for that when we’re hardly Barcelona or Brazil ourselves. We’ve basically been a kick and rush team for most of our time in the Premier League.
I don’t want us to be cloggers, I want us to develop an identity that isn’t just get the ball to Zaha and hope for the best.”

“The fact is that on the balance of the season, they’ve played better football than us. Scored more goals, created better chances and likely had more possession. So again: what does it say about us when we’ve looked so ineffectual against them home and away. We’ve haven’t looked close to breaking them down, so it stands to reason that if they’re championship level cloggers then we must be lower championship level given how easily they’ve dealt with us”

“It’s not “US” that have looked ineffectual against them, it’s loads of sides. But the way they do it is awful anti-football. But if you like that then you must love Burnley and Huddersfield”

“I thought we were by far the better team against one of the top away teams in the Prem. They were a nasty time wasting fouling team who deserved nothing.”

“I bet Chris Wilder can’t believe his luck, Utd played awful and walked away with all 3 points!
We play a truly miserable brand of football. People pay good money to watch that crap.”

“That’s 3 home games since the new year and we’ve lost to Derby, Saints and Sheff Utd without scoring a goal and never really looking convincing. Worrying times. Anyone who thinks we are safe from going down is deluded”

“Took my old man today. He said “why do Palace not attack down their right hand side?”. A simple observation from a man who watches very little football. We’re so unbalanced. It’s horrible. Fit Townsend will help somewhat, but we needed an attacking RB, we needed creativity from midfield. Complacent.”

“So didn’t deserve to lose today”

“Didn’t deserve that at all ffs”

“until they scored we were by far the better team. Its just we have a shocking striker.”

“Honestly, played well. VG’s first error and it happens I guess. This lineup was great but just want Max to start and I think we can create many more chances but inspiring game for me. Shows we can attack”

“Sheff Utd should have been playing with 10 men for over half the game and yet the ref tried to send Ward off!”

“As for Andy Madley, his incompetence knows no bounds. That was one of the most embarrassing refereeing performances I’ve seen at Selhurst”

“The ref was an utter joke. Booking Tomkins, nearly sending Ward off for a foul not even bookable, and letting SU get away with foul after foul, including one on Wilf that nearly took his legs off.”

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View From Millwall

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 81309398_749003018941632_6290736073286877184_n.png

“We’ve kept up our 100% record against Sheffield United in the FA Cup. Well done, lads.
Shame, though, we’ve been soundly beaten each time we played them….”

“Always disappointing to exit the cup.
But no disgrace to loose to a team doing well in the Prem.”

“fairly even and tight game which they edged in the second half.All in all we were less of a threat than we needed to be to overcome a good Premiership side. They were controlled and comfortable most of the time and the result was about right”

“they were different class.”

“Sheff Utd showing Prem class and deserving winners.”

“Different class from Blades in the second half who had far too much quality”

“Sheffield United played some decent football and quite simply were better than us.”

“Sheff Utd should be our benchmark”

“all credit is to Sheffield Utd, very very good side and 2 great finishes. Lost to the better side and we move on”

“They are a good side a worthy of the win.”

“they have players who can shoot from distance give their players half a yard and they will bury the ball. They deserved the win”

“There not in top six of premiership for nothing. On a different level to us, not to say we played bad. Championship more important at the moment.”

“You just can’t help but like chris Wilder and Sheff Utd. Decent club, decent fans, honest and hardworking team. I have no issues with today’s result. Go again Tuesday”

“Sheff Utd are an extremely well oiled machine (only lost to MCFC & LFC away)so hard to break down.”

“I think Millwall played quite well today but both their goals were quality, particularly Mo Besic’s opener. Would be quite happy to see Sheffield Utd win the FA Cup.”

“Fair result seeing we were playing we 10 men and 1 toothless AoB., How does he get in the team….complete waste of space today but the team played well at times but the level of passing between the 2 teams was the telling factor….not to sad to be honest and defo did not want a replay”

“They were there for the taking 1st half”

“Beat ourselves today”

“Gave it a good go but just come up a bit short. Flattering score line for them.”

“The Sheffield back three are slow, we needed someone with pace to have a go at them.”

“I hate to say it but I would rather us lose than a replay.”

“Bigger Yorkshire puddings to roast”

“The way those northern monkeys were singing you would have thought they have won the cup”

“Sheffield Utd, loudest we’ve heard from the north stand for a while. Shame it took 2-0 to hear your voice. Shit fans through and through!”

“Sheffield United give it we are still a real club Bollocks but it hasn’t taken them long to sing all the same old shit the rest of the Premiership sing. “

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View From Man City

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“Good win against a really organised side. Performance wasn’t brilliant but got the points.”

“Bloody hell, that was hard.”

“a hard thought win against a very good side. “

“That put years on me.”

“Hard fought victory against a side superbly well-drilled, full of running and a side which has consistently given sides a bloody nose.
They make the game a bit rough around the edges and although it was not one of our vintage performances, from a creative perspective, we showed a different set of characteristics, such as resilience, determination etc.”

“Hard fought win against a load of clogging wankers.Remember why I prefer wednesday now”

“Remind me of Stoke when they first got into the prem. hugely physical and aggressive and not what the majority of the leagues players are used to..
They will however get used to and prepare for their style. Will struggle in a season or two imo”

“Not much quality otherwise against an team intent on kicking us as much as possible.”

“Bunch of cloggers.
Hard faught win. “

“workman like performance, lucky not to pick up injuries”

“sums up the state of this league when Sheff Utd were 7th coming into today, absolute shite”

“scumbag sheffield ****s.”

“Sheff Utd play shit 80s football”

“like watching Wimbledon circa 80’s”

“Utd were dismal, what a poor style of football they play.”

“I despise Sheffield Utd fans
I despise Sheffield Utd players”

“Another set of no nothing nobhead fans in the Premier league. See Stoke, Burnley or Wolves”

“Hate them vile team and fans and press keep saying how great they done against us they had 2 shots on target over the the two games give over.”

“Don’t know who was more shite. Jesus, Sterling or the entire Sheff Utd team.”

“Sheffield United attempt to kick us off the park was embarrassing, Wilder is another dinosaur.”

“They really are a team in Colin Wanker’s mould.”

“Great result against a set of thugs sent out to rough us up, fucking Neanderthal tactics,Wilder has taken the mantel of Warnock for me”

“A carbon copy of Sean Dyche”

“Wilder talking shite about pushing us, saying he thinks our fans agree.
I agree they pushed us alright, they pushed our nerves to the limit with neanderthal tackling meant to maim!”

“Managers like Wilder really piss me off when they come out with shite like “Games against teams like Manchester City aren’t going to define our season”
So why set up against us as though it was a defining game for you?
And the lazy rhetoric “We’ve only just been promoted into the premier league, Manchester City have spent billions over the years”
Yes Chris, we have spent billions. That’s why we finish either first or second in the league nearly every fucking year.
Liverpool and the rags have spent a few bob too but they’re not as consistent as us.”

“They are down next year. Wilder is Mark 3 of Bassett and Warnock. Norwich play to entertain and win and they will ultimately prevail when Sheffield are back in the lower leagues.”

“Wouldn’t mind if sheff united fall apart tbh, bunch of cloggers with backwards fans. Also, wilder has a very punchable face.”

“Lost all respect for them tonight.”

“Pathetic set of fans as well – loveed in when our players bassed the ball and ept it for so long that their fans had to give up shouting handball at every touch – as i said – pathetic”

“awful team,beats the shit out of me how they have so many points on the board…”

“One of the dirtiest teams I’ve ever seen and I would imagine they will get relegated next season when the novelty factor wears off.”

“Hope they dont win another game and get relagated”

“It’s the first time I’ve really paid any attention to them, the home game I expected us to win and to be honest it was a bit of a piss up.
the new Burnley I guess.”

“game was just as expected, playing Burnley version 2, long ball and at times overly physical.”

“If that lot are 7th the Premier League must be shite. Utter garbage. Mason is a cheat”.

“Good win against a well organised, very physical team playing with 12.”

“Mason couldn’t give it to them, but he tried his best. “

“Usual disgusting cheating officiating by Mason. Club needs a new dossier on him to have him removed from our games as he is the same in every game we have him”

“Mason was shit,equal bookings i think,they set out to cripple eric and whoever else they could,vile club”

“They booed the ref, doesn’t get much more blinkered than that. Except for Liverpool fans of course. “

“The actually think they’re hard done to lol”

“We wasn’t great, but a good battling performance against a bunch of dirty bastards.
We’d see red for them tackles.
Commentary was atrocious, I bet you could watch that on SUFC own channel and it wouldn’t be as biased as that.”

“tin pot club…..nobhead fans…..Wednesday shit all over them”

“Have they stopped kicking us yet?”

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View From Arsenal

“Well, I’m back to not caring about football again. Was a fun 3 weeks lads.”

“Genuinely is becoming an absolute farce this season now. 6 wins and 11 draws. Beyond awful.”

“good point and closer to our goal for the season staying up. Im confident we will stay up now”

“Disappointing not to win it in the end, should have sealed it before they scored”

“Is there anything more stressful than Arsenal defending a 1 goal lead? Literally”

“should have won FC”

“Draw FC”

“Worse 90 mins under Arteta, never got going
Sheffield utd are really well organised”

“Sheffield Utd are a good, well drilled team.”

“Sheffield United have players who earn modest salary and are so unattractive to the big clubs they probably feel quite fortunate to be in the position. Grateful even.
That’s why they would run through a brick wall for the team and the manager. Who in our team would do that for the badge or manager. Nobody.”

“say what you want about Sheffield Utd but there a far more stable side than us at the minute and difficult to beat, that’s just where we are as a team currently”

“Sheffield United had players that could match us for speed, power and even technique. this is a bang average squad that has a HUGE summer of recruitment ahead. As for this season, it’s a write off.”

“I’m more optimistic with these performances and average results over those good results but poor performances. I say average because you’re also not considering the quality of the opposition. Teams like Sheffield and Palace are very good. Palace got a draw at the Etihad today, are City poor too?”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 81309398_749003018941632_6290736073286877184_n.png

“Sheffield is a pretty good team and we looked solid in defence until the goal.”

“Sheffield united were comfortable the whole game. We were at home. We are Arsenal FC and they are coming to the Emirates and being comfortable. They leave with a point so stop talking about some mythical improvement. Improvement is dominating matches. Improvement is winning matches and having some impact on where we finish in the league.”

“Many of you are saying
“We looked solid against Sheffield United”.
Go and repeat them words and think about it. “

“What a shit performance.
Shit result.
Because we are a shit quality team.”

“none deserved to win today. Pretty average game all around.”

“The only positive I guess is that we thoroughly outplayed Sheffield from 25-30 minutes onwards. They really had one spell towards the end.”

“Sloppy first 20 minutes but after that we dominated scored good goal failed to score 2nd got robbed by var and Sheffield score via deflection in 83 minutes. Frustrating.”

“Pen not given and lucky deflection for them. Usual stuff.”

“Proud of the effort. Should’ve had a penalty. Unlucky goal conceded through a deflection.”

“MOTM for Sheffield United was VAR”

“How comeit;s not a penalty? because :
1.Martin Atkinson at VAR
2.Mike Dean as Referee
3.Arsenal is not Liverpool”

“We should file a lawsuit against the premier league
and FA
officials for bias against Arsenal
How on earth is that Pepe Foul in the box not a Penalty?”

“Joke of a VAR, joke of a goal they get.
We’re not great, but we did not deserve a loss this game, we simply didnt. I’m not mad at the team, i’m mad at the obvious unfair treatment we’ve received this entire season. How are you supposed to compete when VAR has effectively ****ing busted us at least 9 points this season.”

“Arsenal have lost more points this season due to Var mistakes (10 Points)
Let that sink in..”.

“So. Another win VAR has stolen.”

“Corruption at its finest”

“Man we deserved to win this game but var and the players incapability to kill of a game hurt us again.”

“Mike Dean with his job again. That’s the definition of a clear pen.
I thought they want to use monitors more often now?”

“it was a dive”

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View From West Ham

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dem-Blades-Season-Ticket-Banner-Roy-on-Sale-now-2-644x225.png

“Football is dead.”

“VAR has the blood of football on its hands tonight, it has officially killed the game we once loved..”

“Fed up with celebrating non-goals. And to be against that lot”

“Well, that was Moyesy. And then VAR. I hate football.”

“I don’t know if it’s because it’s fresh in my mind but it seems like we’ve had a lot of decisions go against us as a result of VAR.”

“We were robbed of a point, and if it was liVARpool playing that goal would of stood.
Having said that, we were second best tonight.”

“Blame the new law not VAR.
VAR got it right based on the law”

“It’s ridiculous that a player having his arms by his side with his eyes closed can be called for handball when the ball is hit at him for inches away.
Especially when a Liverpool player is allowed to stick their arm out to stop the ball from 10 yards away.”

“We’re worse than VAR gutless negative performance..
Going to Sheff Utd and looking scared with the players we have.. How long does Moyes have left?”

“Gary Neville said that the attitude that coming to Sheffield united and saying a point would be a great result is everything that’s wrong with the club. We didnt play well, didnt deserve anything, and the mentality is completely wrong throughout the club if you view a draw at bramall lane as a great result when you take travelling support like that to Sheffield on a Friday night”

“Any West ham fan that doesn’t expect 3 points against that sheff utd team are idiots and are the reason why we don’t progress as a club”

“I agree with Neville, it’s pathetic that we as a club see a point away to a championship side as a good result.”

“Sheff Utd won every 50/50 tonight. Worked harder. Wanted it more”

“Sheff utd players that could only dream on out midfield wages but totally destroyed us”

“Sheffield United are a younger, fitter and frankly better side than we are. “

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 81309398_749003018941632_6290736073286877184_n.png

“Sheffield United were the better side imo and deserved the victory”

“Sheffield Utd were far the better team. If we keep playing like this we will be in serious trouble by the end of the season. How can any hammer feel inspired watching this team at the moment?”

“Sheffield United fully deserved the points and played some decent attractive football. “

“Moyes gone senile.Just said the mood in dressing room is fine as they played well and deserved win”

“First test for Moyes and he unsurprisingly fails”

“His tactics were pretty similar to his opposition manager tonight and if anything we showed more quality when the likes of Anderson or Rice got on the ball. They capitalised on a goalkeeper error. The only other difference is they had a bit more energy in the middle as Noble was **** and Mousset works harder than Haller. Antonio in the team tonight and we would’ve pissed this”.

“How much did we have to endure to lose by just one goal. We’d done the hard bit and snuffed out home advantage after about 20 minutes. Following that we looked comfortable and on the up in the remaining 25 mins of the 1st half. Start the 2nd half off and no real advantage either way. Then the error and goal. Due to that we had to then re-assert ourselves against a bouyed crowd and a team handed a goal. But we came back into it with 4 chances on goal to finish the stronger side. 2 disallowed goals, 2 terrible finishes from Lanzini and Haller should have had us level much earlier.”

“Both teams weren’t great, Sheffield Utd probably edged it with their energy.”

“They’re not easy on the eye but fair play to them”

“Theykicked the **** out of us and got away with it cos of that joke of a ref. We are significantly better and more organised that we were under Pellegrini we would have gotten smashed if he was still in charge, Sheff Utd are no mugs this season have a look at the league table”

“They had a couple of free headers from corners but other than that created nothing. Not to mention the savage hack on Anderson that has us down to 10 for 10 minutes…”

“We only lost because we were punished for a mistake.
They had 2 mistakes that Anderson and Lanzini didn’t take advantage of.
That’s basically what it came down to. Two average teams, one took their chance. “

“Played against a 5th place Sheffield United team away from home and pretty much kept them out the whole game bar Martin’s mistake”

“We didn’t deserve to lose the game. Sheffield United offered nothing, they are solid for sure but a gift for a goal from a GK mistake”

“How SU are where they are is a mystery, they’re a bit rubbish . We’re a lot rubbishier though.”

“Imagine being a Sheffield United fan and potentially dropping points at home to that shite”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dem-Blades-Season-Ticket-Banner-Roy-on-Sale-now-2-644x225.png
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