View From Arsenal

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“Credit to Sheffield United tonight. A club without the budget that we have, but they’re a proper team. A functional system, a coach who knows how to get the best out of each of his players & the work-rate from all involved on the pitch is superb. We could learn a thing or two.”

“They play some pretty decent stuff too! A credit to the PL”

“Quality side. Never easy for anyone going there”

“They are a team with balls. A team that will fight. A team that are not afraid. A team that we are not.”

“Sheffield United strategy is so simple when they have the ball they attack when they don’t have the ball they defend…what’s not to like”

“Sheffield United football philosophy is so easy to understand. Our is so confusing”

“United were amazing defensively. Just maybe we should get their manager in to improve us defensively!”

“Even Liverpool had a hard time against them.
We’ve been beaten by an organised team with a manager who knows how to maximise his teams’ potential.
If only we had a man in charge who could do just that.”

“Sheffield United manage really speaks honestly. I wish we had him tbh”

“I’d take the SU manager over Emery now.”

“We should look no further than Chris Wilder. He’s doing an excellent job with his team.”

“Guys like Chris Wilder that’s thier level they suited more with these kind of teams he defended with 10 men at home making big jump to top 6 club is big risk”

“First half they were all over us. That Sheffield Utd team is rank, plumbers the lot of them.
Until the last 20 minutes they were well in control, played good possession football and didn’t get bothered at all.
He’s taken them from League 1 to the PL in three seasons, he’s one of the best innovators in the country. Watch them in other games, they’re usually on the front foot.”

“I wouldn’t say we dominated anything other than possession. We had more pointless possession than in any other game I can really remember”

“Easiest money Dean Henderson will ever earn”

“Credit to them? Sheffield didn’t have to try, Arsenal were playing tippy tappy football, walking and jogging everywhere, Sheffield were under no pressure”

“Embarrassing to be so utterly dominated by Sheffield Utd from start to finish.We had the ball, but it was EASY for SU.”

“Sheffield worked hard but were lucky based on the play, scored from set piece then defended. I agree creativity is lacking from us but there were still opportunities.”

“They play the most boring football tho. at least we try to go for a second goal“

“I think we look completely limp in midfield, no intimidation factor at all, when these shitty teams play the other top teams, especially the top 2, they have lost the game before they start.”

“Beaten by pubbers”

“What knobend at Sky decided Sheffield Utd v Arsenal was a good TV selection? We all could have told them it’d be wank”

“Through large patches of the game I was wishing Ozil was on the pitch, not a good sign.”

“If Mousset was even slightly better than the Championship level plumber he is, they win 2-0.”

“When we look back on the Emery years & cry ourselves to sleep at night wondering why we didn’t sack him off earlier, we must always remember the one big shining bright positive from his reign. Something that will live with us forever. Those beautiful kits. But THAT. IS. IT.”

“Emery is a Dick.”

“Meet the new manager, same as the old manager but worse.”

“Emery should be left on the side of a Sheffield road. Let the locals feed off his carcass.”

“This serves us right for repeatedly calling them Sheffield.”

“After 61 years as an arsenal fan i am close to quitting, i have never seen anything as bad as this in all that time!”

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View From Watford

“We can’t beat Sheff Utd. There are no teams, realistically, that we look like we would beat.”

“Play five across the back, stifle the opposition and try to nick a goal on the break or from a set piece – almost the perfect away performance. Oh, hang on… we were at home. Against Sheffield Utd. FFS”

“No way can anyone consider that a good result.”

“That was the game we had to win.
And we didn’t even try to win it.
Two errors which we inexplicably failed to punish and created next to nothing else. “

“We had enough chances to win, but didn’t deserve any more than a draw”

“kept looking at the scoreboard to check how much closer we are to the end of the game. Boring and dull that had an end of season feel about it. Also, I haven’t seen the stats yet, but I swear Sheff Utd had the ball a crap ton more than we did, I thought we were the home side?”

“didn’t think it could get any worse but it just did
Lets just forfeit this season, **** off for 8 months and start again in the championship”

“Christ, we’re so going down this season.”

“An enjoyable and exciting game of League Two hoofball”

“We needed a win today to give us any chance of building a run and getting out of our predicament. There are not enough “winnable” games left for us to accomplish the 39 odd points we will need to stay up and moreover, it doesn’t look like we’re even close to being able to put together the sort of run needed to dig ourselves out of the bottom 3. If anything, it looks like we are becoming more and more accustomed to being relegated. The players today, with the way they played and their co-ordinated lack of belief certainly looked every inch a team on their way down.
There is no way we aren’t going down. If there are any odds available on relegation, I would stake a sizeable sum. It would be printing money. This side is doomed.”

“Sitting back and giving the Blades the advantage won’t cut it as they will also be in the relegation battle”

“We should’ve won that. They didn’t create much. Clean sheet at least. 4th bottom still achievable. Bring on the next game. I’ve not given up hope. It’s too early.”

“Wasn’t that bad a performance to be honest. On another day it’s 3-0. Sheff Utd tidy but never looked like actually scoring.”

“We kept a clean sheet. They didn’t really have any chances, we had three absolutely gift wrapped ones. I understand us keeping it tight and just trying not to concede. Those are the positives at least.”

“Clean sheet and Sheff Utd didn’t look like scoring were positive”

“More solid at the back, which was a plus point, but against a team that probably came for a point.”

“I look forward to the “good point” crap, as we now head into our ninth game of the season without a win, having also just failed to beat a newly promoted team at home, who dominated possession against us, and in which we had 2 ****ing shots on target the entire game.
Just pathetic. I despise this group of players. Useless, spineless s**t bags the lot of them.”

“Watford fans do love a point though. Always take a point, even against average newly promoted sides at home.”

“I’m not content with a horrendous, lifeless draw at home to Sheffield United, in our eighth game in a row that we’ve failed to, you know, WIN in.”

“I’m normally positive but that was a ******* horrific performance. We only kept a clean sheet because we gave up all attempts to be any sort of attacking side, and sheffield united had two terrible strikers up top”

“Sheff United have some rubbish strikers they will be in trouble at some point”

“Norwich, Villa, Newcastle and Sheff utd prob wont set a very high target. We’re 2 wins behind schedule.
Deeney is the answer. “

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View From Liverpool

“Hardest 3 points we’ve got so far this season” “we’ve been in a game here today.”

“Great performance from Sheffield United. I didn’t expect that” “Even as a Liverpool fan I can say harsh result for Sheffield United. If they keep up that style they will gave A LOT of the “top 6” some scary days.”

“Not many are gonna win at Bramall Lane”

“They have a bit of Yorkshire grit in that side and will be tough to beat for any visiting side especially the top 6 because they will play like this today”

“United were very good… after playing these and Norwich… feels like two teams equipped to stay up.”

“I hope SU put in that amount of effort when they play City”

“thought Sheffield were very good, hope they play that well against City as well.”

“just hope Sheffield play like that against the rest of the Top 6.”

“all credit to Sheffield United”

“Sheffield U were superb at closing us down”

“to be honest that’s probably a harder game than some aways against other top 6 sides.”

“We won’t be the only team at the top to go there and struggle this season. They’re much like Wolves of last season, but without the goal threat of Jiminez.”

“They were superb and with a very loud crowd behind them.”

“Felt like the biggest test ever and we overcame it”

“Sheffield deserved something from that, we are VERY lucky.”

“There is no way in hell we deserved 3 points”

“We were very lucky here. Shef United fair play! Big fan of Chris Wilder.”

“Hats off to Sheffield they’re not pretty but one tough nut to crack.”

“Full credit to Sheffield United, that’s the hardest game we’ve played in a while. They were so well organised and hard working.”

“bit of a smash and grab, bit lucky to get out with 3 points.”

“The clean sheet was due to their lack of quality up top when under pressure more than anything. I’m sure a load of teams are gonna go there and get turned over. They try to play decent footy and have a great crowd behind them. Credit where credits due. They aint bad, they just came up against a side today who don’t know when they’re beat.”

“Thank f**k we don’t need to go there again this season.”

“Glad to have got that out of the way, they’ll give many teams a very tough game this season!”

“Sheffield look like a well drilled team and the atmosphere was cracking.”

“Credit to them. Played very well and look exceptionally coached.”

“Defending for our lives against this lot. Embarrassing”

“poor , lucky and got away with it but take all the luck we can get”

“Got away with one there. Three points though, which is what matters.”

“Manner of the goal was harsh on Sheffield United but I’m confident that if he had stopped that we still would have ground out a win.”

“We take all our chances and that would of been a stroll today. We all know there are those games like that in the league were you just have to win ugly. Another three points. That’ll do for me.”

“Spent years watching United and Chelsea sweep up titles winning like that.”

“Was never going to be as easy as some thought cup finals for these teams just up”

“I like these wins we don’t deserve to be fair. We dont deserve the win today, but we have them and that’s just great.”

“That was uglier than peter reid”

“That was a Carlos Tevez level of ugly and far too ugly for my liking.”

“Sheff Utd played well, they defended well but they mostly had half chances and we missed 3 sitters. We also had 70% possession all game and more attempts on goal. We just lack a bit of creativity in midfield as Henderson and Gini are not the creative players so we will definitely find it difficult to break down teams like Sheff.Utd who rely on physical players, long ball and likes to play deeper.”

“We missed so many good chances. People should calm down who says we were luck. It’s Sheffield that were luck”

“we didn’t play as well as we could and yet still could have put 4 or 5 past them if it wasn’t for poor finishing and a blatant penalty not even going to VAR!!!” “Yea they got a good home field advantage, but our goalie is better than their goalie. They parked the bus and tried to waste time, then when we scored they finally started playing, screw them they got what they deserved. We go what we deserved. Go a Reds!!!!”

“They were also bit snide, and there were quite a few hacks in there. The step on Salah’s arm, although not blatant, was kind of a dick move.
Hope they can equally “raise” their game when City come to town.”

“City will batter them, they have the players in midfield to provide the invention needed to break this kind of team down.  We didn’t really have any creativity from midfield and still created 3 clear chances against them.” “nice to see Chris Wilder, another star of Jurassic Park, hanging out his players to dry in true English dinosaur fashion.”

“like that lad , pulled no punches with the keeper either. If you want to be a top player then don’t make stupid mistakes. Had his team up for it and it looks like they give most teams a game at their place.” “If the likes of Pardew, Allardyce, Hughes had been in charge of Sheffield United today, well for a start they’d have got twatted but if the game did end up going the same way they’d be straight on the TV bitching and whinging.
Got a lot of time for Wilder. I hope he keeps them up – think he will.”

“Really like their manager too. Love the way he talks about the game. Really demanding of his players.”

“I was so judgemental on Wilder, saw him as a bit of an old timer, cut from the same managerial cloth as those pricks Allardyce and Pardew. But the way he’s got them promoted playing this football for what is a distinctly mediocre squad is amazing. It takes a lot of intelligence to do what he’s done, and his self awareness and behaviour off the field is tantamount to his intelligence. It’s an insult I ever thought he was in the same bracket as that parochial minded LMA cabal and I’m sorry I ever thought that. Nobody deserves to be compared to that shower of shite, especially Wilder.”

“Joe Elliott, Sean Bean, Colin Wanker, Michael Palin, Dave Bassett, Joe Root, can you hear me, can you hear me, your boys took a hell of a beating, your boys took a hell of a beating!”

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View From Sunderland

“We’re in League One and have beaten more premier league teams than the mags”

“Pity we didnt play Premier League opposition every week”

“Even though they’ve both had somewhat depleted sides out, that’s two premier league teams beaten quite comfortably. The less hustle and bustle and shithousery the game is the better we are.”

“Not really a premier league 11 though was it? 10 changes..”

“Can only beat the team the opposition out out. 8 changes for us.”

“And perhaps this is our best team.
No one knows, especially jack ross.”

“I actually felt hopeful for this season after our defending v Portsmouth in the play offs thinking he might sort our defence. Similar tonight in a way though I now fully expect to be disappointed.”

“Seriously – was that our reserve team? It’s hard to tell – bar the keeper virtually all have featured in the league. Great result, but not knowing our first XI is part of the problem.”

“Sheff Utds main concern is premier league survival this season, and given all the changes they made, them losing this game won’t arse them much as had they played their first team and lost”

“Sheff U made 10 changes from their team at the weekend, so their players were likely trying their best to get noticed to put them in the running for selection in the next match.”

“It’s the arrogance of Prem players. Our lads are reserves are fighting for a shirt (or more specifically a contract). They can’t be arsed. We’ve seen it from the other side enough times.”

“It’ll still be a side better than most league one opposition we face and we also made changes too.”

“I think the opposition’s mentality and attitude to the game has a lot to do with us winning as well.”

“all Burnley and sheff utd are interested in is stopping in the prem league and don’t take the competition seriously hence the reason they got knocked out in early stages last season.”

“The premier league sides outside the top six see the League Cup as an inconvenience now sadly. 11,000 crowd and ten changes says it all about Sheffield Utd’s approach.”

“Prem sides make stacks of changes. It’s no wonder they struggle to play coherently or even take it seriously if that’s the message of importance the manager gives them. Are back up players are much of a muchness compared to our supposed first team as well. It makes it easier for us to tweak a few players around.”

“looking at the results of others, Premier League teams think the cup is an unnecessary distraction and they are better off out. “

“It’s great that we won but it should be league……league….league.”

“We probably had more shots in this game than our last two league games”

“Against a reserve side yes. Fleetwood drew with Liverpool U23s. Oxford beat WHU, Burton beating Bournemouth. Doesn’t mean they are great sides either. This game means absolutely nothing. “

“As if us beating Sheff Utd is giant killing”

“An upset maybe, but not a Giant Killing. Sheff Utd will never be a bigger club than us. They’re a Mid-level Championship club at best – didn’t once sell out 32k Bramall Lane during their promotion season”

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View From Everton

“is anyone actually surprised at that result, I mean really?”

“It’s the worst possible result in the worst possible way.”

“Absolutely crap match”

“To be honest I thought we would win that game even when 1 down. The amount of possession we had we should have won. Totally lost our Shape when we changed formation. How on earth can’t we get the ball in the back of the net. We have a good team on paper are we just unlucky or is the good team on paper only though my blue tinted glasses.”

“That was as bad as I’ve seen since I got a season ticket.”

“7 points from 6 easy games is terrible. A win today and things would have looked fairly rosy. But the manner of the performance and losing by 2 goals is just a kick in the head.”

“I honestly can’t believe how bad that performance was. It really couldn’t have been much worse, and we have thrown another season away because the top 6/7 looks way out of reach for us.
Losing 2-0 at home, to Sheffield United. My God, we are now at ground zero.”

“Getting beat at home 2-0 by Sheffield United is unforgivable.”

“You can’t expect to lose this badly at home to Sheffield United and get away with it. Tactically inept.”

“Gameplan at 0-0 = pass about the backline, wait to go down the wing and cross to 3 big CB’s against 1 striker.
Gameplan at 1-0 down = pass about the backline, wait to go down the wing and cross to 4 big CB’s against 2 strikers.
Gameplan at 2-0 down = cross some more against a back 6/7 that Sheff Utd had expecting the same garbage over and over.
I have never in my life seen a manager make 2 or 3 changes in a game and still have the same shocking get it wide and cross mentality.7 points from Palace, Villa, Bournemouth, Wolves, Sheff Utd, Watford.
Get in the bin.”

“That was easy for Sheff Utd to defend against yet we cannot defend set pieces very well and get caught out on counters to easily.”

“Ashamed, absolutely disgusted with this latest shambles, never, ever looked like scoring or deserved to, the best TEAM won without breaking sweat.”

“Sheff Utd have won today as they adopted tactics and a game plan.
Something we never have.”

“Sheff united didn’t even need to commit players. They had their game plan and stuck to it. Fair play to them.”

“Credit to Sheffield UTD, they were hungrier.”

“I was impressed by how well Sheffield United defended today. I couldn´t imagine us being so disciplined.”

“I’d be surprised if we didn’t win more away games than they do even with how bad we are. Bunkering and praying you can hold on and score on the odd counter or set piece is how you might survive relegation. It is not how you push top 6.
Did you enjoy Allardyce? Because although he was meh at it, that is what he looked to do.”

“Their second was a great through ball and a nice finish through Pickfords’ legs.”

“Silva said “we controlled the game”, Nonsense.
You control a game of football by creating chances, putting the ball in the net, and defending solidly, especially from set plays.”

“Great away performance from Sheffield United. The type we should be looking to replicate tbh.”

“They rarely rode their luck. They were difficult to play against, and allowed us just three shots on target all game. “

“They scored 2 goals with one shot on target how is that not lucky”

“they defended properly and made themselves hard to play against. We don´t do that away from home. We play the game like we´re City or Liverpool.”

“I don’t think we’d be happy if we went away to Bournemouth and got outshot 15 to 2 even if we did win. I know I’d be glad to win and asking questions by Monday.
And making yourselves hard to play against still is admission that you aren’t good enough and if the other team clicks you can’t win. It’s praying for luck.”

“we had 71% of possession and 15 shots compared to 2 for Sheff Utd. Once Mina’s freak goal went in we had little idea and Sheffield scored again with a rare foray upfield.
They were very lucky to hardly threaten and score two but it says as much about our own failings as well.”

“Scoring two goals on two shots is riding your luck. Sitting deep and not trying to really attack for an entire half is riding your luck.
They got lucky they were playing a team that has no idea how to attack.”

“It’s not riding your luck. It’s having a system and sticking to it. These got 2 at Chelsea and were unlucky to leave there with only 1 point.
They set up how they set up and we played right into their hands. Excellent management from Wilder. “

“Well played Sheff Utd. Proper manager, proper recruitment policy, proper team ethic and clarity about what they’re trying to do.”

“Chris wilder is no mug. What he’s done at sheff united is astonishing. He must have saw that and thought we are in here. Good managers play to their strengths.”

“Well played to Sheff Utd,they have a decent boss there”

“There is a lot of good British managers that get overlooked that probably know a lot more about our club and where we should be. U only have to look at our prediction league to see how cocky we are. Jags in his interview was very magnanimous but you could tell he thought it was an easy win”

“Its embarrassing that we cant do the simple things but Sheff Utd can.”

“They played like a boxer who’s realised you can’t hurt him with your best punches”

“Their keeper did nothing but catch easy balls it’s disgraceful”

“Their keeper had nothing to do”

“Their keeper was having a chip butty on his line, he had nothing better to do, Everton didn’t fancy shooting today.”

“We’re far too easy to play against.
Give away goals and have no clue how to break a team down.”

“Virtually no noise till just before kickoff when the teams come out,  then after kickoff all goes quiet again,  apart from utd fans.  Ive been in livelier morgues im telling you.  No atmosphere what so ever.  The game?  I think that is our worst performance ive seen at goodison since i cant remember. I refused to go under BFS.  One save their keeper made.  Absolute dross. We got turned over by a rag tag company of grafters.  Shocking. “

“Proper classless fans, this Sheffield United lot. Boring goading, similar to Midlands clubs.”

“I’m not even arsed anymore”

“Give it Moyseh till end ut season”

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View From Southampton


“Sheffield threw everything at us including the kitchen sink”

“Sheffield United were very unlucky not to get something from the match with the amount of clearcut chances they had & never gave up till the whistle.”

“Got to say I was impressed with Sheffield United first half, they knock it around nicely.”

“We rode our luck”

“Lucky to win”

“Fantastic three points. A bit of luck and a gritty professional defence of our lead !!!”

“I thought that was a superb away performance. There were long periods of that 2nd half where we just bossed it, took control of the ball and just played at our pace.We did get lucky on some occasions, but so did Sheff Utd as we could have easily had 1 or 2 in the first half. It was an honest and well fought game between two keen sides. Positive outlooks for both sides I think.”

“I thought we were in total control second half.”

“Thought it was a pretty decent game which could’ve gone either way to be fair. For a change the ex Saints didn’t come back to haunt us, McGoldricks finishing hasn’t improved any, he should’ve had a brace before we scored, but blew both chances. Didn’t see the Billy Sharp tackle as was clapping and chanting Boufal as he walked in front of the fans after being subbed.”

“McGoldrick’s efforts were a bit tame”

“we had more quality than them in the final third but we were nothing special and if they had a decent striker we would have conceded at least once.
Let’s not forget, this is a team with McGoldrick, Sharp and some homeless bloke as it’s strike force, FFS.”

“Not really sure what Wilder was talking about either, aside McGoldricks 1v1 saved by Gunn, we had all the best chances in that game and pretty much every highlight package shows that. They had 17 shots, but only got 4 on target and they needed a wonder save and the post to stop us scoring more.”

“Small-time northern mentality. They always think everyone’s out to get them and are constantly hard-done by. It’s a sort of Liverpool-lite.”

“These sides should realise their huff and puff is limited and on borrowed time if can’t finish. . You played a sophisticated side that outclassed you (of sorts)
Want to stay up just take your chances against us – we are quite liberal with them.”

“It’s amusing reading that thread from their forum complaining they had the better chances and should have won. The only really clear chance they had was when McGoaldrought got away from JV but fluffed his shot and made it easy for Gunn.
Their keeper made the best save of the match from Adams’ header in the first half. And his earlier shot against the post was really unlucky, cos he hit that superbly.”

“I love the irony of them accusing our players of going down with the merest touch, when despite being pulled back outrageously by their defender, Djenepo stayed on his feet to score the winning goal. And the commentary I was listening to praised Mason for allowing the game to flow, instead of blowing for every niggly little foul, as many of them being made by Sheffield Utd. Thank god he didn’t blow for that blatant foul on Djenepo.”

“Yes we were unlucky with Adams not taking his early chances but we got opened up multiple times and SU really should have scored which would have been a different game. It’s fascinating quite how much the VAR decision changed the momentum of the game. Ignited the away end anyway. Very satisfying victory, and an improvement but not sure that we are a much better team than SU – they are our level and on another day they would beat us.”

“VAR is working out great for Saints. Hotly contested, but a fair result in an even match thanks to VAR. Either side could have one, but justice prevailed through technology……’cos the rest was even”

“Loving VAR right now. Our games are anything but dull that’s for sure.”

“Very very lucky with that JWP handball Can see why Sheff United were fuming.”

“Absolutely baffled that VAR didn’t overturn that. We would rightly be fuming if that was the other way round.”

“Seriously? The ball just hit his arm after travelling through a bunch of players trying to head it. Never a pen and rightly not given.
I wouldn’t be fuming at all.
Pretty much the only thing Mason got wrong yesterday was not giving us a really obvious corner in the second half.”

“I used to think Lee Mason was a fat-headed skate cheat but he’s alright now.”

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View From Chelsea

“This may very well be up there with Bournemouth last season as the most embarrassing result I’ve ever seen.”

“Dominated by Sheffield United in the second half”

“Outplayed for the whole second half”

“Sheffield deserved that for the way they made us look like amateurs.”

“Tactically outclassed by a championship side, at home.” “I think the trouble with most people is that Lampard didn’t manage to get a grip on the game against a newly promoted side, which btw, he knows and had time to prepare for.On performance alone we should have lost this game and the Leicester one as well.”

“We were lucky to get a draw”

“They had two styles of attack, long ball out from the back and crosses from out wide. We failed to stop either happening.”

“Big boys vs a small team (us). We don’t have any identity or can’t keep any possession”

“The most embarrassing thing you can say about that is that we allowed Sheffield f*****g United to come in to Stamford Bridge and totally dictate the game in the second half. Think about that. A newly promoted side came in and they forced US to adapt to them rather than the other way around. We couldn’t do ANYTHING with the ball in that second half. Against a side that doesn’t have a single player who would make our squad and after being 2-0 up!”

“We have a patched up team out there with people either very young and inexperienced or old and experienced. Yes so it was Sheffield United – but they are a f****g hard working decent team – they will finish in the Top 10 and grind out results against other clubs too”

“Doesn’t matter that they are! That team should not be drawing at home with sheff Utd! If people think that group of players drawing is acceptable then we are in massive trouble”

“Sometimes you just got to give credit to the opposition, Sheff U played really well in the 2nd half, this draw is tough to take but we only got ourselves to blame”

“Disappointing to only leave with a point today. But props to Sheff Utd, surprisingly good” “Fair play to Sheff United deserved the draw”

“Well done Sheff Utd! Went to the match. We struggled defensively when they attacked us.”

“Sheffield were all over us 2nd half”

“They look tidy and we’ll organised and know their game plan to perfection. They will stay up”

“you dont take experience off like kovacic for kids when your 1 goal ahead you do that when your 3 up lampard showed total disrespect to sheff utd and underestimated them same showed by playing tomori if you are gonna play tomori at least take zouma out he is having a shocker”

“The problem is the so called seniors Azpilicueta and Zouma give away an easy goal. One gets bullied by f****g Callum Robinson and another can’t time his bloody run.”

“Azpilicueta was culpable for United’s first goal, when he was way too easily beaten by Enda Stevens in the build up and he generally failed to inspire confidence, particularly when confronted with the pace of Callum Robinson”

“Lets be honest even at 2-0 we were pretty shite. Never created more than maybe 2 chances from open play (Kova and Tammys chances). A better performance from their GK for 1 of the 2 goals and for the other if their 2 CBs didnt cock up, we wouldnt of scored. Simple as that.”

“we blew a 2 nil lead AT HOME and drew with a team whose top 27 players have a combined market value of around what we spent on just Morata . they have ELEVEN players under one million quid in MV and their highest MV player is worth less than we sold LUIZ for to Arse at that £8m cut-rate price. NOT ACCEPTABLE”

“How does one draw against Sheff utd?????”

“We also drew 2-2 against the European Champions. Perspective is needed”

“Sheffield are above us due to our stupid goal difference”

“I know it is early stages but these are games that our rivals would win comfortably imo at home. We will face better teams than Sheffield United also”

“Well, if we cannot win at home against a pub side …. I am afraid we will have to fight against relegation and ending up 10th or so would be an achievement.”

“5 points after 4 games against pub teams bar ManUtd. Worst is being outplayed by Norwich and Sheffield in second half.”

“So now even recent PL Champions are pub teams. Priceless!”

“So disappointed when Sheff Utd scored, I crushed my coffee cup and chucked it On the floor of the Stand!”

“Lol you must have been livid mate”

“I’d like to see Frank dressed as a skinhead on the sidelines. Ben sherman,braces,jeans and bovver boots,eith nutting gestures for poor play!”

“Sheff Utd fans singing 2-0 and you effed it up and to be fair they are right!”

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View From Blackburn

“Pointless game.”

“I thought this was our best performance of the season by far.  At times we played some really good stuff and outplayed United for large parts of the first half.”

“The game was there for the taking and if we had scored that pen, would have gone on to comfortably win I think. The positive is dominating a prem team who despite the changes had more money on the pitch then our whole club is worth.”

“First half hour I thought we played some good stuff, opened them up and looked dangerous getting forward. The winning of the penalty was just one of a number of nice moves into dangerous areas.Then came the inevitable regression as we cannot sustain the pressure indefinitely although we were still competing well in the game when we fell behind.They probably couldn’t believe their luck going in at 2-0 given the balance of the game but sadly that’s the way we seem to operate these days – bucket loads of possession, some nice passing and moving around the midfield, some decent play getting forward, but then nothing by way of a final ball or killer instinct. Just wasteful, hesitant or poor decision making – take your pick but it happens every time we get into advanced areas and means we are struggling to convert our possession into goals or even decent goalscoring opportunities. It seems Mowbray’s frustrations boiled over which they rarely do which probably sums up the ineptitude of the referee tonight. An abysmal performance from him who I think was just looking forward to an easy and comfortable night out and a routine home win. Sadly not the first time we’ve had to endure that particular referee and won’t be the last”

“The difference in the first half was the keepers. Their keeper saved a penalty and the rebound whilst ours clapped at a perfectly catchable cross. Leutwiler prefers to punch than catch and it drives me mad. Poor, poor goalkeeping. The second goal should have signalling least a double change at half time but Mr Play It Safe did nothing. When he eventually changed he kept his two banks of four when I thought we should have gone all out.”

“Last nights game was very reminiscent of last season with the set up and way they played but predictably shipped a few crap goals and didn’t take their chances. Yes good opposition but who’d made about ten changes so essentially a bunch of strangers so we saw plenty of the ball.  Maybe reinforces the more pragmatic approach of the first team recently.”

“We played well last night, not a lot you can really fault from the performance apart from actually testing the keeper, our goalkeeper & Smallwood. Dreadful players that really shouldn’t be playing for us again if we want to progress.The biggest thing is though, we are struggling to score goals, far too many “cute” attempts at through balls and making that final pass, we were trying to walk it in at times. I also don’t see this changing anytime soon, we’re in for a long frustrating season on that front I think.”

“They had two shots, and made ‘em both count. Good reason why they are in the PL, and we’re in the Championship (yes, I know there are more reasons than one).”

“Interesting stats on this one. You’d expect a team with such domination in stats to win the game comfortably or at least draw. But when you can’t keep the ball out of the net at your end and fail to take your chances at the other end this is where it leads.”

“When stats like these don’t lead to a win, it should be a one off-just one of those days etc. But with Rovers , I think it is becoming a pattern.”

“2 really shite goals to give away from pretty much the blades only chances”

“Rovers played well and were the better team throughout.The young team were knocking it around towards the end really nicely. Future is bright with these kids.Sadly, we gave away 2 of the softest goals I’ve seen away.”

“Wasn’t bothered about the result before the game. Not quite sure how we managed to lose” “I’ve seen us play far worse and win games.”

“Horribly let down by two goal keeper foul ups and a penalty kick as bad as they come.” “We have plenty of possession but we create very little with it.”

“Mowbray got sent off for lecturing a BallBoy about lifestyle choices. This is true, believe it or not.”

“Mowbray was initially yellow carded for leaving the technical area. He spoke to a ball boy about the time he was taking to give Rovers players the ball back. He must have said something to the referee because a red card was produced within seconds presumably for something he said.I honestly don’t know what Mowbray thought he was doing by speaking to the ball boy. That’s completely out of his remit. All this ‘good human being’ is bollocks in my view and in my view he has made a fool of himself. Uncle Tony indeed .The referee was poor all night and his inconsistency was about as bad as I have seen.”

“Reading his comments in the LET about wanting to teach the ball boy about ethics, honour, integrity and personal values the ref probably did everyone a favour. He does come out with some nonsense does old Tony.”

“Somebody needs to talk to TM about the ethics, honour, integrity and personal values of picking Smallwood/Evans in midfield and giving Leutwiler an extension despite not being good enough to start in League 1, let alone for a Championship club.”

“Wish we had ball boys who slowed things down and helped the team out when defending leads. The one at Sheffield looked at least 16-17 and was no doubt a youth team player well rehearsed  in such things. Our ball boys are young children of Primary school age by the looks of things. We could do the same but don’t. “

“Ravel Morrison is a dirty bastard. Shocking tackle on Travis”

“Ravel Morrisons tackling on Travis was shocking!”

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View From Leicester

“well it wasnt pretty but we got the 3 points! so job done!”

“Awesome result! Great strike by Harvey, but wow we don’t half make it nervy for ourselves, felt like I could hardly breathe last 5 mins”

“Good result, questionable performance. We will face much better sides this season and are going to need to improve massively if we want to carry on winning.”

“Great result at a tough place to get one…plenty of teams will lose there this season.”

“Didn’t rate them, worked hard which is fair enough but ultimately just a lump the ball in the box team.”

“Kind of embarrassing to have to park the bus against this team, but I’ll take the three points however we can get them.” “We really are turning into a deluded billy big spuds lot of fans when they use embarrassing against teams that give there all. A lot of us really have forgot what we were all about now t

“Great win at a tough place. Sheff Utd will trip a few up this season”

“Think they deserved a draw, tbh.”

“Bramall Lane will be a horrible place to go this season”

“Got a praise the lads, lesser teams would have crumbled against that kind of play. They became overly aggressive and tried to bully us, but we stuck at it and won.”

“Sheff Utd will beat many average sides at home. I like how they look to get the ball into quality areas before crossing. Not a team who lumps and hopes.They will however get picked off by the top sides on the break”

“Got to give credit to the blades. Whilst they are unspectacular they are very good at what they do. They will make a lot of teams look average this season and didn’t really allow us to step out of 3rd gear. I reckon they’ll stay up comfortably.”

“Well we shithoused that one. Ugly, but a win away so…. Perhaps it was something to do with the weather, but same for both sides and it didn’t seem to affect Utd who I thought were very good, and surely won’t get relegated.”

“Worth mentioning, although Brendan got it right eventually Wilder had our cards marked for majority of that. We weren’t great but still got the 3 points. This team has another 2-3 gears to go into.”

“Any team that takes points from Bramall Lane this season will have to battle ****ing hard for them. Brilliant result and I’m ****ing delighted”

“Sheffield werent a very demanding opponent, I expect more from BR and the lads”

“Not sure Sheffield United have enough quality to stay up, but they played with great fighting spirit, they gave us a really good test today.”

“For anyone who has complaints about the performance, please take into account the type of game this was. I tip my hat off to Sheffield United because they fought like lions throughout the entire game. They were first to so many balls and though they lack Premier League quality, they gave 110% throughout. They reminded me of us in our first season upon our return with the heart they showed.”

“Teams will struggle at Bramall Lane this season.”

“Sheffield are a decent side who play with heart and conviction. It augurs well that we could go to such a tough ground and win”

“I don’t think Sheffield United will lose more than 6 or 7 times at home this season.”

“Sheff Utd were good value, tough team – strayed over the line a bit but were generally decent.”

“I don’t get the Sheff Utd praise. Distinct lack of quality and bankers to finish 20th.”

“they turned it into a championship game”

“they were so bad they did not deserve to have ball on our side of the pitch,but ya 3 point is great”

“They’re poor and they stink of Cardiff. Today we’ve shown how to counter their bullying tactics, and they will be beaten more often.”

“It was old fashioned tactics in an old fashioned stadium with an old fashioned, blood and thunder atmosphere.”

“has any team who comes up and “battle hard” and is a “tough place to go” ever stayed up? isn’t that just code for they have a big man up front, they’ll probably take a point off arsenal but ultimately they’ll score 25 goals all season and then fu ck off”

“Sheffield United aren’t dissimilar to Burnley and Stoke, so I’m pleased we were able to walk away with limbs intact, heads held reasonably high, and most importantly, 3 points in the bag.”

“They are relegation bound, but at home, on a long unbeaten streak at the start of their Premier League return, this was like a cup tie against a lower division team giving their all – a totally different proposition to playing them later in the season when their confidence is low and the initial euphoria has worn off.”

“Thought they were horrendous and look destined to be relegated”

“Sheff U were literally sideways, sideways and then hopefully hoof a cross in. Repeat. No dynamism”

“No other PL team plays like Sheff U. Maybe Burnley I’ll give you. Possibly Newcastle (when Carroll is fit, which will be hardly ever). Everyone else tries to play through you on the floor, even when behind and chasing the game. Quite frankly, I’d rather defend a lead against a team that does that than against a team like Sheff U. It’s hard to nick the ball away and counter when it’s 20 feet above your head. It’s really not easy to look good against that style”

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Neutral Fans Views On The Blades Win Against Palace


“to me they  look like a championship team playing in the prem”

“I think Sheff had no problem picking up points against frankly rubbish bottom half Champo teams but raising their level against prem teams every week will be too much.”

“if you look at the summer signings Sheffield does have the look of a club building for a play-off spot next season.”

“Sheff U are going to be hard to beat but are a pretty horrible side – over the top challenges all the time, not overly great to watch.  I’d much prefer our ‘style’ over theirs but good luck to them I suppose!”

“Still think Sheff U will struggle. This is as good as they can play I reckon & they struggled. They certainly wanted it more than CP but I feel their, er, robust style may cause them problems in the end.”

“Sheff Utd fans are completely delusional if they think their attacking play is as good as ours – there is no contest whatsoever! They’re pretty robust in defence, I’ll give them that, but that was a very poor Palace side so even that isn’t much of a compliment.

Both looked Championship to me. I’ve got no worries watching that, not exaggerating when I say that I think that’s quite possibly the worst game I’ve ever seen in the Premier League quality wise.”

“There is no Pukki, Buendia, Vrancic, Hernandez, Cantwell, Drmic etc at Sheff Utd as far as I can see, or am I missing something? Time will tell of course, but I’m confident that our focus on attack, and a quality one at that, rather than defence will prove to be more successful in our attempts to staying up this season – sure, we’ll take some beatings along the way, but I don’t think they have enough quality up top to surprise too many teams like we possibly can. “


“Both Norwich and Sheff Utd pretty much showing us how it is done.  Got a horrible feeling we are this seasons whipping boys, again… points going to be very hard to come by.”

“Wish we were in Norwich and Sheff Utd position in the summer, not having to rebuild.”

“I think it’s ok that Norwich and Shef United have picked up 3 points. Puts more pressure on Newcastle and Palace who will also be down there this season.”

“Shef Utd  even though devoid of stars , played as a team / well drill/ everyone know their roles / always look to pass to teammates”


“Fair play to Lundstram..great player…didn’t think he had the all round game for the Premiership….hope he proves me wrong. Who would have thought 2 Oxford players from 3 or 4 years ago playing in the premiership.”

“Only ever seen negative things from Sheffield fans about Lundstram so surprised he’s getting a game in the prem but fair play to him thought he looked a potential top flight player when he was here”

“Did we put a sell on fee for lundstram because I don’t think he won’t be at Sheffield Utd next season on this performance shame we never brought baldock”


“In the premier league and can’t even fill their stadium. What an absolute pub team”

“That Sheffield side are Stoke reincarnated”

“Hope they stay up”


“Sheffield have really impressed their first two games, reckon they might stay up”

“Well done to Sheffield United”

“I’m delighted for Sheffield United. I hope they put a great performance this season”

“That was an amazing pass by Norwood. KDB vibes”

“Really like Ollie Norwood, good footballer. Pleased he is doing well”

“Sheffield United’s #7 looked tidy.”

“Such a boring game.”


“Sheff united looking strong picking up as many points as possible at this moment in the season very important for them.”

“Sheffield United look like they work for each other, always closing down together, going to be a tough place to go for most teams. .”

“Love that result. 4 points in 2 games. Avoiding defeats. Solid start for them.”

“Sheffield have no quality though. They will be really fucking boring to watch if they spend half the games time wasting.”

“they are a horrible team to watch. Some dirty tactics in this game and challenges. But thats what you expect from them, think they have always been a crap team to watch.”

“That roar at full time gave me goosebumps!!!”


“fantastic atmosphere at Bramall Lane”

“Pity the game doesn’t match it”

“Been impressed with Sheff UTD, with the analysis from experts like Danny Mills I thought they were a hoof ball team, couldn’t be more wrong, they play some nice stuff and break fast and in numbers including the centre backs.
I reckon these could stay up as they will provide the other smaller teams massive problems, they may take the odd thrashing but along with Norwich I have been impressed.”

“Decent sides came up this year. Villa showed a lot at Spurs, Sheff U got a point away from home where usually Bournemouth are decent. And Norwich showed a lot against us and won yesterday.
Wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of the crap teams that have graced the Premiership get relegated this year. Palace and the like.”

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