View From QPR

I’m disappointed we didn’t get at least a point from that. Sheffield weren’t good, their support was quiet and moaning. But we were poor until Freeman came to life a bit”

“We could have won this game tonight but as usual we make too many poor mistakes at the back and don’t put away our chances up front. We were certainly the better side tonight on the balance of play.”

“Sheff Utd were hanging on and trying to waste time.”

“Outrageous time wasting by Sheffield. We were well on top but the crossing has to be better.”

“The time wasting from blades was ridicilous”

“We gave away 2 poor goals but scored a good one matched a top 7 team away on everything else.”

“Don’t think we should feel too dejected. Ollie has repeatedly said that some of our away performances have merited more points and we’ve been doing well in spells away from home against some strong team”

“Bit of a shame really but we showed a good response because during the first half it wasn’t a match they started too strong”

“Start badly and then regain a little respect. It’s kind of frustrating as you should feel more aggrieved with another loss, but the “almost” fightback distracts from that dejection.”

“I thought that our midfield were overrun in the first half and that Luongo and Freeman left Scowen all alone too often.
Once they competed we started bringing the game to Sheff Utd and our defence got more protection as well.”

“Anyone surprised by a QPR defeat away defeat up north in the winter months deserves nothing but mocking frankly.
Hope for a good result by all means, to expect it to such an extent that you’re furious about a 2-1 away defeat at Sheff Utd is just not having any sense of who QPR are.”

“Okay second half we looked a bit better but faded in the last 10 minutes oh well 2 wins away from 24 attempts”

“The closing five minutes were pathetic. no urgency. back passing. no drive.”

“It was pathetic from the start. As soon as he changed it up we started playing again. Will he ever learn”

“For a twenty minute period in the second half we looked like we were on for at least a point. United knew it and time wasted to take the heat off. It was all a bit frantic though, all spirit but not a lot of shape. He has to start Smyth on Saturday, Washington has had enough chances for a while. “

“they were in the division below us last season. Other teams are making progress whilst we regress.”

“SU came up from League One last season, so on paper we should’ve been competitive with them. Yet, we sit in 15th, 13 points behind them in 7th.
The major difference between the two teams on the pitch is they have a decent manager.
I’m struggling to see why we shouldn’t be disappointed with the result.”

“I don’t know why QPR bother to travel to away games. Just award a 2-0 win to the home team and everybody saves the expenses all round.”

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View From Leicester

“Job done.”

“Bit of shit game really. Created little but 10 men behind the ball isnt easy.”

“Bit uninspiring. They did alright. All that matters is we’re through.”

“Sheff Utd are such a boring game, but good win regardless”

“Thought we created quite a number of chances and openings. Only concern is how easily Sheff Utd created chances at our end. Almost every set piece wound up dangerous or not properly cleared and we still relied on a superb save from Kasper to see it through.”

“If we get the first half goal our play deserved we win easily. Bit of a slog then, and really need someone other than Vardy to be able to score. But a win is a win.”

“Did well to come out with the win, we deserved to win. They were getting lucky with the bounce of the ball and this is how FA Cup shocks usually start out.”

“Could have easily been more. Felt like they were blocking every final ball.”

“Fairly easy. SU didn’t look interested until we scored.”

“Think we were better than the scoreline suggest”

“Thought Sheff United were poor, even for a championship side- nothing to lose against a team not playing particularly well, and they barely attacked all game. Surely their fans are disappointed with that, as they’ve had a lot of success playing a fearless brand of football under Wilder.”

“Thought we were always in control of the game. They came with the intention of getting a replay and I know they play wing backs but this seemed very much like a flat back 5. Obviously that meant we were going to get most of the ball and they were going to be hard to break down. Created mainly half chances throughout and don’t think we actually got out of second gear even if the performance didn’t show that.”

“shefield defended with 9 men every time we tried to attack so our 1 nil result was good”

“Was always going to be a non-spectacle against hardworking, but dour opposition. We never really got out of second gear, didn’t use up too much energy, didn’t get any injuries (I believe), almost as if the team knew the goal would come sooner or later. Routine, forgettable win, against very mediocre opposition – mission accomplished without too much fuss.”

“Good win. They only had one real chance that Kasper nearly Kaspered up… “

“I think that performance was typical of what we are, an average mid-table premier league team, which is not the end of the world all things considering. Once again our two stand-out players save the day and it will be a sad day when Riyad goes this summer as despite his antics, that boy sure can play. It was a top-draw finish from Vardy. the Blades weren’t really massively tested. “

.”At times going forward it was like Mahrez vs Sheffield United.”

“Another game which highlights how superior Mahrez is to his team mates would’ve been devoid of any attack of threat if it wasn’t for him. “

“This is what happens when teams sit back against an above average team who struggle to break others down. We got the job done as we never stopped trying to find a break through”

“Thought we played decent, hard to break a team down who come to defend, and look to nick a goal, maybe some seem to hold us in higher regard then maybe they should be, if we had took our chances the score could have been 4 maybe 5, that’s how football goes sometimes, winning breeds confidence, well played lads”

“Comfortably better than them, they just defended well enough to keep us going side to side looking for openings quite a lot. No chance they win that game, they go for it then they’ve not got 11 behind the ball when it’s 40 yards from their goal (a regular occurrence) and we’d have opened them up easier.”

“Against a team who set up to play playing 5 4 1 it was always possible we would struggle to break them down and we did. “

“Easy enough. They defended fairly well but their attack was about as dangerous as a democratic party election campaign. Once we’d got the goal it was game over – just a shame we couldn’t force the break through earlier”

“Shit game, we were shit, they were competent but not at all dangerous. Still, we won while being shit showing how we’ve come on, and our centre midfield looks so much stronger now “

“The Blades were only sharp for one second around 85 minute forcing Schmeichel to make a crucial save. Their keeper was decent. Overall a pleasant game of wasted chances won with a great goal. I’m increasingly worried about our full backs though, both Simpson and Chills were too easily beaten by Sheffield players.”

“We struggled to get past Sheffield United’s 2nd team with our first, but the most important thing is that we’re through to the quarter final! I’d pick either Gray or Mahrez as MOTM, as they were the creators today. If it weren’t for them, we’d have had no chances and would have had to take a replay at Bramall Lane. Hopefully we get drawn against another team that aren’t as good as us!”

“Tough game but we go got there in the end, Kasper did well after his poor performance at Man City.”

“Pretty shoddy performance, especially given that was a bit of a makeshift Sheff United team. Hopefully we keep getting lucky with the FA Cup draws. “

“I think you have to give Sheff U some credit for defending well and in numbers. “

“Credit to Sheff Utd for making it difficult for us. Their keeper is destined for bigger things I reckon.”

“Agreed he looked good, blooming massive to!”

“Hahaha all these people thinking their keeper was the new Peter Shilton!  He grabbed a few crosses and made a few standard saves and all of a sudden he’s going on to “big things”  and we should sign him up!”

“Thought Blackman and O’Connel were impresive for the blades. Six changes and they more than held their own.”

“BBC website gives MOTM to Sheffield’s Jack O Connell, they have written ‘The 23 year old showed maturity and focus, by making the most clearances and winning the ball back then any other team mate also he had the most touches of the ball and 2nd most passes of the visitor’. I think he he is a solid player and the reason why Sheffield have been playing well this season, and would be a great buy for us in the summer”

“good to have dumped a bitter set of fans out of another cup this season .Dont get why they were being so up tight on their forum pre-match, but this will give them some fuel to boil their piss for a bit longer…”

“L1 were getting rinsed by the blades supporters I was with on the way back to Sheff due to the sadly now predictable ‘You’ve never won fück all, champions of England you’ll never sing that’ guff. “

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Pre-Match View From Leicester

“we will win this. we’re going to win the fa cup this year. “ “We’ve got a decent chance of doing well in the competition so we should be as full strength as we can be. Ensure we win and don’t go back to Bramall Lane. Sheffield United are a decent Championship side but winnable. We need to progress. “ “Ill be livid if he puts out anything less than full strength, absolutely no reason not to now.”

“We need a win here to get back on track after a turbulent couple of matches. We’ve got 8 days gap between this game and the next Premier League game so let’s put our our best team and put in a good performance and get the result we want.”

“ Full strength would be nice. We’re too inconsistent to do anything decent in the league now. “

“After Man City we need to come out fighting and WIN.”

“No excuses to not go full strength now we’re playing once a week. Our season might as well end if we get knocked out of this.”

“We’ll play a virtual full strength IMO. Iheanacho will probably start but it will be an XI who are all first team picks.”

“Think he’ll go with best side available, which is contentious. Mahrez will play and we’ll all be happy Friday night”

“We will play a strong 11 but it won’t be full strength    kasper won’t featurethe back four will probably be a ‘first choice’ pick  Iborra will play (need his height to defend front post corners ) Silva will play  nacho will play  diabate will play  not sure if vardy and mahrez will both start on the bench m wouldnt surprise me to see a front 6 as per Peterborough”

“We’re playing a more than decent championship side who could yet be Prem rivals next year. We can’t be putting out the likes of Benny, Barnes and (unfit?) Huth or it’ll be another year of dying wonderin’”

“Sheffield United will be well up for this with nothing to lose. I expect a very tough game”

“they’ve scored more and let less goals in than us this season.”

“His job should be on the line if we don’t beat these” “Too many painful historical defeats to lesser lights in this trophy, don’t want another.”

“If we can’t beat the Blades at home then we need to take a long hard look at ourselves. The result should never be in any doubt. “

“Dip in league form, quarter final up for grabs and favourites to win. Big pressure, have we got the balls?”

“hope and think we’ll be really up for this. I expect a quick start and a comfortable win.”

“Vardy will score a hattrick in this game if he starts.”

“Can’t stand the Blunts.”

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View From Leeds

“Roll on next season. I thought SU were poor so I don’t know where that puts us? We improved second half, but still looked venerable at the back due to gaping holes in our midfield. Siaz, Cooper and Barardi to come back in, will it improve us enough? Unlike TC I expect PH to use the rest of this season to try out some different tactical formations ready to trim the squad for next season. No papering over the cracks for me we were poor!”

“The goal was a highlight but apart from that nothing much, didnt deserve to win, probe didnt really deserve a point either.”

“Generally second best over most of the park though but ok performance”

“Yet again against better opposition we lost”

“We dont have the personnel to battle adequately against teams like Sheff Utd and therefore we are always on the back foot”

“Very disappointing result but as said, plenty to build on, thought the team showed good spirit and there were some decent performances too. Think Sheff U deserved the win but a draw would not have been outrageous.”

“One of these days, some of these decisions may go for us rather than against us. I know they say they even themselves out over a season but it doesn’t feel that way at the moment.”

“Deserved a draw”

“O.k. Performance I thought. A bit unlucky.”

“We did not deserve to lose that!”

“wtf was heck thinking appointing O’Kane as captain? He was utterly useless. What happened to the “new manager bounce”? wow we really impressed our manager”

“O’Kane was their best player”

“O’Kane is back …same as usual . CRAP . Is he really a footballer ?
No one sent off but in effect with O’Kane on the pitch you are down to 10 men anyway .
Please can’t they get rid of him . Its getting to the stage I really hate his name anywhere near the teamsheet Why can’t another team suffer from having him in their team . Its really not fair .”

“really poor defensive header from O’Kane which went straight to Sharpe”

“Sharp is a class player at this level. We never used him to the best of his ability.”

“Sharp was head and shoulders the best player on the pitch followed by their little blonde fella in midfield”

“A team with Leon Clarke and Billy Sharp as its strike force getting promoted would be embarrassing for the league.”

“They have a proper keeper, every cross held and not punched.”

“Fleck commits two fouls in the space of one second on two players.ref obviously giving a yellow card discount – 2 for 1”

“Where was our penalty? They get one for phantom contact, we don’t get one for actual contact.”

“No contact at all. We were screwed.”

“There was contact but it wasn’t a trip”

“I had a very clear view of the penalty incident.
I can conclusively reveal that is definitely was not a penalty”

“total dive in my opinion”

“Cheating ref”

“We’re Leeds we only get decisions against us”

“Unfortunately these days you can’t give the player the opertunity to go down. Hunter or Charlton would have snapped him in half.”

“There was contact in the box, difficult for the ref not to give to be fair.”

“Ref got several decisions wrong imo. Alisoki foul was red because of how late their player was…… have to question intent if someone is so late on a ball.
Their winner was a pen but it was soft. O’Kane put the brakes on but it was too late and there was contact diverting the player square on.

Handball was not deliberate but diverted the ball from our player so probably a pen.
Cant understand why the Pennington tackle was not bought up, he does not win the ball after going to ground lunging in (again) and then catches Clarke. If anything that was the clearest pen of them all! I am convinced that the ref would have given that but for the handball a few minutes earlier.
De Bock could have had 3 yellow cards today! The clip on Sharp’s heel was a definite yellow a was the jump leading with the forearm and then their was the cynical pull back just after the forearm jump (that would have been soft but seen them given loads of times).
Trying to be fair as we cant blame the ref without being objective.”

“The one thing that baffles me is there’s 2 minutes left and our fans are chanting Jimmy Savilles one of our own. Why ? Is that going to urge the team on ?”

“Sadly I don’t have an answer but personally I find the chant distasteful & unnecessary. I’m certain there’s Leeds fans who were affected by Saville, yet he’s become a cult hero in the eyes of some.”

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View From Wolves

“Let’s get this down right away, Sheff Utd are no mugs but we made them look very very average. Wolves never GOT out of fust gear and we strolled it from the first minute. Both opening goals were as good as I’ve seen well erm since Neves or Jota against Hull and Millwall. We are going up and nobody is touching us, there I’ve said it.”

“Great win, thought we were a class above, against a very good team. Once we went 1-0 up so early, think that set the tone for the rest of the game. Sheffield United had lots of the ball, but only when we let them, in areas they weren’t gonna hurt us, as soon as they got near our goal, we got it back, and always looked a danger on the break.
Shocking challenge from their keeper on Jota, deserves a lot longer than 3 games as a ban. Could have done serious damage.”

“I don’t think Sheffield United we bad, I just though we turned it on tonight. The few times we have played at that capacity this season (Villa, Leeds, Bolton etc) I think we are simply unstoppable. I don’t mean that in an arrogant way, because there are some very good sides and players at this level. Sheff Utd shouldn’t get to disheartened though, they won’t play many teams like the one they did tonight, and they already took 3 points from us. “

“The thing is though that Sheffield United played well, and certainly caused us some problems. They are a good team who are a credit to their manager. Hopefully Chris Wilder gets funds in the summer to push the Blades on.”

“Thought that Sheff Utd were better than many we have played this season, but if we are on it then no one is living with us”

“This was a top quality game for the Championship and kudos to Sheff. Utd. for coming to play.
As Wilder said, they couldn’t ‘get a glove’ on us as we were so good. We definitely turned up for this one, and as a team we were superb. “

“I wouldn’t say Sheff Utd were a poor side but Wolves just seemed to brush them aside as if swatting a fly away from the food table. Wolves allowed them to have possesion in their own half and play pass it among yourselves stuff but once in Wolves half they closed them down, harried them and broke with such ease it seemed as if Wolves were playing against a side that started the game 3 players light.”

“Sheff Utd played well, not often you can be 2-0 so early on and literally not blame anyone or feel disappointed.”

“A truly comprehensive victory against a decent Blades team.” “nice to see a team come to the Mol and give it a go rather than parking the bus.
However. Totally outclassed by a team which wouldn’t look a miss in the Champions league .”

“Hopefully not. Hope they go back to Div 1…quickly. “

“We are just too good for this league. Neves and Jota play for Wolves. It’s bizarre”

“Half the Prem couldn’t have lived with us tonight, on to the next one!”

“Destroyed Sheffield United, that football we played was some of the filthiest stuff I’ve watched since a drunken night in Bangkok many moons ago.

“Total dominance, in complete control from start to finish, never in doubt, Sheff Utd came to have a go and only mustered 1 weak effort on target. We looked dangerous everytime going forward.”
“Sheffield came out to have a go, but Neves settled my nerves with that sublime goal, and there was no looking back. Can not fault anyone tonight. Totally in control, even when letting Sheffield play with the ball. Extra points as Clarke looked sick as a parrot at the end after his deflection helped the Cav shot in.”

“We swatted them away like an irritating bluebottle”

“Basically bossed them off the park within the first 10 mins Sheffield gave up after the second goal.Overall an easy win. Thought they was dirty and Lee Evans is a terrible player tried fouling us didn’t work. “

“thought Evans acted like a real asshole against Costa in particular.”

“As soon as Wilder talked pre-match about playing someone behind the forwards and going for it, the game was over. Every single team that has had a go this season has been dispatched with ease. It really isn’t the way to set up against us. “ “Very respectful post match from Wilder – fair play to him.”

“kudos to Sheffield Utd’s boss, Chris Wilder, for his generous praise of Wolves after the match with the grace of acknowledging his team were well beaten (and as others have said they are are a pretty good Championship side who will be close to the play-offs when the season concludes).”

“Gotta love Blades fans:
“Am I the only one who thinks Wolves defence isn’t all that? Fair enough if we lose the game but for all the talk about attacking them pre game we don’ seem to have really had a pop at them and put their defence under any sort of pressure. Their defence could each have rolled up a fag and had a cup of tea tonight.”
“Wolves look classy. You’ve still got to build a team but it’s obvious you need a hundred million Chinese quids and a blind eye to FFP rules to succeed now.”
Sour grapes much.”

“I’ve been respectful to all fans of other teams this season, but these lot, this was a sweet victory. “

“I thought their fans were awful, I expected much more from them.”

“Really good match write up on the Sheffield UTD forum really bigging us up and no sour grapes l,which is nice to see. “


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View From Villa

“Sheffield united didn’t deserve that. These are the kind of games that get you promoted. We’ve come on so much lately. Great result.”

“Smash and grab. Sheffield united were great have to say harsh on them but moment of magic.”

“Their having a great season and play some great football, they will be pushing”

“They are still the best side to watch in this league & our keeper was comfortably motm for me. Hope we get 2nd and they win the play offs, Wilder deserves to mix it with the best”

“They are a very good side”

“Sheff Utd were a credit to their manager and on the balance of play probably dominated. They closed us down everywhere. Doubled up (sometimes 3 on him) on Grealish

” “Sheffield Utd will beat wolves on saturday and we’ll be 9 points off the top”

“I’d be **** fuming if I were a Sheffield fan. Get in”

“Sheff Utd will definately be wondering how they have not came aeay from that game with something.”

“a great result against a very decent Sheff Utd who worked very hard.”

“Let’s face it we played like shit, but won anyway. I can live with that.”

“Sheffield should have won it, we were very poor, I thought, but who gives a shit – we are 1 point off automatic.”

“Thought, as they were at villa, that Utd are a good strong physical team, but we have that touch of class. We could have lost it, and we will lose games before the end of the season.”

“Johnstone kept us in it again – fantastic keeper”

“Johnstone was the best player. Daylight robbery really”

“Sheffield deserve credit for their aggression because that’s what stopped us from finding a rhythm, but we kept at it and our defence looked solid meaning we were always in with a shout. Scoring in the last minute is so  beautiful! Well played lads…”

“overall I though Sheffield united wanted it more but I think they went off the boil the longer the game went on, their subs didnt work “

“United were the better team in the first half, we were better in the second. Johnstone saves were on the way to earning us a point until a moment of magic from Snodgrass. We can’t rely on that type of individual brilliance to bail us out all the time”

“As a Villa fan listening to Chris Wilder after the game you have to say what a top guy and a top manager. Not enough people who are honest and say it how it is in football these days. Sheff Utd are a class act too, definitely be in the playoffs this season! Personally think Bristol City and Cardiff will fall away, especially Cardiff. They def have a lot going for them and think they’ll be one of favourites next season, hopefully we’ll be gone by then!”

“The Sheff Utd manager Chris Wilding is a class act. Smashed it this year for them and if we’re honest, probably should’ve beaten us. Would’ve taken a draw there all day, so the win is flattering but we’ll take it”

“Fair do’s to Chris Wilder there’s a way to react to a loss. I don’t think they deserved to lose. Likeable fella”

“The post match interview of Chris Wilder compared to that Lee Johnston pillock of Bristol City. Wilder oozes grace and humility whilst Johnson was just bitter and jealous. Sheff Utd have gone up a lot in my estimations tonight”

“Can somebody explain why there are loads of Norwich fans replying to Sheffield United official tweets yesterdays? They seem obsessed for some reason”

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View From Preston


“Ok so Alex wasn’t really taking this game seriously with 8
changes but I feel hes cheated the 2500 or so die hard supporters who would only have gone if they expected something out of the game”

“I disagree. Neil did take it seriously but the players didn’t perform. I’m told he was not a happy bunny on that touchline.”

“Since the draw was made for this round I have been saying to my lad that I would take fringe players and reserves today and give them a run out, so I’m definitely not going to start having a moan about AN for making changes. Fair enough, we didn’t create much which is disappointing, but neither did Sheff United. It was two poor teams on the day out there today.”

“We need at our level a strong team core and to make small but meaningful changes to it.
Not 8 at once! The level of players we have are just not good enough for wholesale messing about.”

“We didn’t lose because of the changes so stop using that pathetic excuse. The team was good enough (as a lot of people said before the match) so they didn’t do enough to win end of.” “the team was good enough to win. It’s just we didn’t do enough in the game to do that. And as mentioned before – 6 of the players have been first teamers this season and moult, bodin and rudd could be as well so that’s 9 potentially.” “we were on course for a replay if it wasnt for some stupidity by Clarke, Sheff Utd are a solid side. “

“we were very unlucky to lose today poor performance by both teams set for a draw until Clark mistake we should still be in the draw for 5th round… but we are still having a good season get a grip!! Agree that we are not playing well at moment but things are not as bad as many are saying”

“I thought we were the far better team – it wasn’t a penalty- the referee was shite – we were unlucky – some (if not all) of the squad were suffering from upset tummies – the grass was too long – the Yorkshire air was smelly – the manager knows nothing about football – the lads are tired etc etc
1001 excuses for why are now playing a lot less attractive football to what was served up for the first few weeks of the season. THIS IS PRESTON NORTH END what do you expect?”

“out of the cup, going backwards in the league this the life of the PNE fan.
I really should be used to this after all this years. Nothing ever changes.”

“Another case of a big away follwing with high expectations only to be let down by a poor performance”

“Another dire performance from PNE.”

“Absolutely shocking. Woeful performance.”

“as exciting as every Prseton and Sheff Utd fan had predicted when the draw was made”

“Mate from work has just text me saying a rumour doing the rounds on the way home is there has been a fall out.
Few things thrown and a few players spitting their dummies out”

“I think Clarke got the ball, without much touch to player.
Absolute stupid challenge though.”

“Even if it was a bit harsh, so what? It was given. We need to get over it and stop blaming refs. Todays performance was woefully inept.”

“I’d rather be out than have a replay”

“Lad stood in front of us today gave Clayton Donaldson stick for the whole game as he thought he was Nile Ranger. ‘When’s your next prison sentence Ranger?’ Unbelievable stuff ahaha “

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View From Norwich

Norwich 1-2 Blades

“Well that was a let down after the Chelsea show.
Sheff were by far the better team so no complaints really”

“We played well in patches but overall it was a shocker. We seemed to perk up a bit when Wes came on but overall it was lethargic and lack lustre. Tettey was either by-passed or awful and Maddison was seldom involved and his passing wayward. Unfortunately it was a play-off 6 pointer so it will be Championship again next season. On the plus side it highlighted that we simply must get another striker and playing 8 defensive players at home for a must win game is not ideal. Sheff Utd were worthy comfortable winners and we can have no complaints.”

“First half they had 6 attackers in or around our box every time they attacked. Wen we attacked? 2 or 3 tops.”

“tiredness was never a reason for today’s performance.
It was rank bad. Poor passing even at our snail pace and no-one pushing forward in support.”

“Tiredness absolutely was a reason for today. Not an excuse and certainly not the only reason but a significant one. Physically and mentally fatigued, the team can’t possibly be at its best after Wednesday’s efforts.”

“We may well have lost to the bullying Blades even if we hadn’t played Wednesday”

“I am willing to put yesterday down to tiredness from Chelsea, and also Sheff U being streetwise in exploiting it, even when we were chasing the game it never really felt like we were going to get anything out of it.”

“With the lack of squad depth, and goal scoring ability (noticeably our only goal again was produced by a defender) given United’s physicality and more rest the result is not that surprising”

“Sheff Utd clearly did their homework and played better than us – simple as”

“I thought they were quite good tbf. To me they should be a bit of a lesson to DF about different ways to win games in this league.”

“no complaints, they were much the better side and probably should of had the game wrapped up by half time”

“Sheffield United as well won literally every second ball and looked far fresher and generally far better a team than we did. They were always in control”

“Sheff Utd are a perfect example of what “league one standard” players can do.”

“The disappointing thing for me was that Sheff Utd really aren’t anything special. They did do the simple things well though which is something we really struggled with today.”

“Sheff U were a typical workmanlike Championship side, lots of graft but not a huge amount of quality, they were just quicker out of the blocks than we were and we never really had the energy to claw it back.”

“Ref was a complete (unt. Sheff united are a bunch of poncey (unts.”

“Just one of those games, we didn’t play well enough, be it knackered or whatever reason, but Sheff did a job on us in that game, could have been three up in the first 25 minutes.
Wilder is in the same bracket as Warnok and Pulis. “

“Interesting that Wilder recognises today was an opportunity for his team due to our 120 minutes in midweek, and he was surprised how we came on strong towards the end for the same reason.”

“It wasn’t the best performance, but Wilder did a job on us today, took Maddison out the game and Oliviera & Murphy just never really got going.
Tettey, did great to cover, then made one of his normal mistakes during a season, instead of booting it out, regrouping tried to keep position……it’s nice to see keep ball but sometimes it has to be belted into the stand.”

“Unfortunate but credit as much as it hurts to Seff United they did the job.”

“that Wilder is a fat horrible ***.”

“Well played to Sheffield Utd. Deserved the win today. As for their fickle fans and absolutely pathetic manager… I really can’t believe how childish the manager is. Don’t know his name. Don’t really care. Should take a look at himself and grow up tbh. Clearly holding a grudge over a defeat for no reason. I’ve seen way worse time wasting than what we apparently did at theirr place. And theirr managers excuses for that loss were so laughable! ”

“Their fans love his passion and clear love of the club, which is understandable, but he is severing lacking in class in general. You can b

e passionate without being obnoxious – his comments after the last game were particularly grim”

“2nd win in ten ! Course he’s delighted , we saved his job”

“Bitter, bitter fans, they’re an embarrassment to their team, whom I actually thought played very well….they and the tosser Chris ‘the bus driver’ Wilder need to get over the bitterness and concentrate on your football. Banter it may be, but they celebrated like they’d won the league….and as for the over reaction from Chris Wilder & their subs warming down was embarrassing ”

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View From Wednesday

Blades 0- O Owls


“10 man Wednesday reserves couldn’t be broken down by Chris ‘Pep Guardiola he’s one of our own’ Wilder’s Barcelona team. Their bubble has burst. 12 months and they’ll be catching pneumonia in our shadow again.”

“A full team out injured, down to 10 men, new manager one week in…and they still couldn’t score at home! Made me laugh that”

“why wouldnt we be bouncing. They couldnt beat 10 of our reserves”

“Bless. They were expecting to win 10-0 and we spoilt their party.”

“United failed to beat a 10 man, mostly reserve team.”

“Can’t beat our second string, which was down to 10 men for the best part of 30 minutes. They are shat. Well done Wednesday reserves.” “F*****g heroes  11 players out and 10 men Sheffield United you complete set of useless t*ssers”

“They were going to do the double weren’t they?  They are secretly gutted they haven’t” “

‘We can’t wait..’. Idiot.  Can’t wait to see Wilder eat those words.”

“CHRIS WILDER ON THE DERBY: ‘We can’t wait… I’m not so sure that’s the case with the opposition’  Loved it Chris.  All gob. They’ll be turning against him soon enough.”

“Bless them and their thick as pig poo manager. An absolute match made in heaven.” “Awe, them poor ickle piggies.”

“The worst club in the football league. They think everybody owes them something. No class at all. They think they are a good team 1 win out of ten, and they still believe they will get promoted. The fans are hated everywhere they go. I bet they are smashing London Road up are i type. uto”

“The smaller club always makes a big deal out of beating their larger rival. Everton beating Liverpool, Tottenham beating Arsenal (although that is changing) etc etc. Shows how poor the league is this year that they are 6th in the league, that’s the frustrating thing. If we had half our team back and firing we’d be up there.”

“the first time this season I’m genuinely proud to be an owl, think I might grow a tash in homage to jos”

“Big pressure game and we find out we are not as sh11t as we thought we were.”

“Second best performance of the season after Villa away for me. We were organised, committed and showed tremendous fight. The organisation is particularly impressive given we were playing a formation we’d never used before. The boys can be very proud of that, especially when we were down to ten men.”

“ Best performance of the season.”

“What a game”

“a proper game of football. Under the circumstances, our reserve side and down to 10 men, it was a great result.”  

“Best of the season for me because it showed real heart. “

“Smashed it. No shirking tackles, no half measures. Essentially a second rate side.  Well done, Sheffield Wednesday. You’ve made us all proud. “

“Feels like a  win. Credit to their keeper at the end for that save. Was there any pig fans in there though I couldn’t hear any “

“Moral victory to us.”

“Our patched up, low on confidence team turned up and matched them.  Wilder and co looked gutted at the end. Gutted. Long time since I felt proud of them. Moral victory ? You bet it was.”

“Pride restored”

“ Pride restored: Proud: Proud of the support. Proud of the performance. Proud we held 11 men, two linesmen and a ref.”

“Don’t think they’ll make the play offs TBH. Lots of effort with little end product. Playing a high tempo game all season long is difficult . Think tey looked leggy at the end and we looked most likely”

“They kind of looked like us 2 years ago running teams ragged and then resorting to shooting from outside the box. amazing how we were odds on favourite in August and now breathing a massive sigh of relief at getting a point. i missed the first two goals at S6 so technically we are evens”

“We kept calm and dealtj with united easily. We covered up so well.  In less than a week we’ve got fitter, more positive and play as a team.  We can go places with our new manager. Well done tonight”

“If this is a sign of things to come, it looks like Chansiri has played a blinder in bringing Jos in”.

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View From Ipswich

Ipswich 0-1 Blades

“Yes we had a few out but Sheff Utd played virtually a reserve side and still we fail to muster even a single shot on target ? Not f**king One worthy of being called an effort on goal, I mean FFS, it’s the FA Cup and I know MM doesnt give a toss about it but 12,000 cared enough to turn up and that is what you all serve up you hopelsess pile of crap !!I suppose for 15 minutes we looked ok, yes we should have had a penalty early doors after Chambo’s header was clearly stopped by a Sheffield players arm but aside from that we got worse and worse and worse, a lack of cohesion throughout, no game plan, Eleven players who seemed to ahve been thrown together and told to go out and give it their best shot, and all this against opponents who made Eight changes themselves !!!

“We didn’t have a shot in 90 minutes.
I mean, surely nobody can defend that?”

“Pretty easy to defend against I’d have thought. Sheff managed ok.”

“We didn’t have a shot against Sheffield reserves!!!!”

“They could have played with a sweeper keeper and still have nought to worry about.”

“Nothing at all positive, f#ckin freezing cold, like watching a pre season friendly.”

“I don’t say this offensively but, does Mick McCarthy have brain diseases or is he just fully blind? Saying we played well without a shot on target is the worst thing you could possibly say. “

“You wonder if MM tries to wind the fans in every interview now.” “it’s like he had a psychotic break after Sheff U scored and was watching the great match in the sky, where we came back to win 5-1.
Everyone was happy, loud chants of “Super Mick!” could be heard reverberating round a packed Portman Road….
Then the final whistle went, he snapped out of it, and had to do an interview he wasn’t prepared for.”

“He is a narcissist in full blown denial, I mean to be happy with that you have be away with the fairies, on another plane of existance altogether.”

“That was absolutely awful to watch. It seemed like it was harder to not shoot than it was to have a go. It looked like the tactics were not to equalise at all costs in the second half to avoid a replay.
It seemed like there was no interest in winning and people had to pay to watch that. MM out his style and football ta tics if that what they’re called were not to win today.”

“we had a winnable tie today against a Sheffield United side that had made 8 changes, and Mick decided to leave his aforementioned preferred front 2 on the bench in favour of Sears who quite frankly hasn’t in recent months earned that right to start for us.
I don’t care if there were 10,000 or 30,000 Town fans there today, or if they paid £10 or £30 for their ticket, the level of contempt we’ve shown to cup competitions since Mick took over is disgusting. I could’ve perhaps accepted this is we were in danger of going down, or with a sniff of going up this season and Mick prioritised the league, but given we effectively have nothing to play for I find it staggering.”

“To be fair I think that was pretty much the best team Mick could have picked today apart, I suppose, from the front players. We should cut him some slack because of the injuries despite the fact that some of them may be the club’s fault e.g. not rehabbing Bish Hyam and Adeyemi properly. And it’s not like he sent them out with instructions to not shoot.”

“A limp, no efforts on goal, home defeat in a very winnable cup tie that could have led to a money spinning and exciting tie for the clubs supporters in the next round to disengage themselves from the absolute pointless nothingness that following this club has become in the last decade.
Going nowhere. What is the actual friggin point?
I’m starting to think that Town go into fixtures on the back of pure obligation and to avoid a fine for not showing up.”

“I’ve had enough of watching boring football, I knew like many others that we’d lose today against a reserve Sheffield United team. Totally disillusioned with the club, no atmosphere in the ground, unfortunately we’re known as a turgid dogged side. When are we going to stop being this crap”

“Crowd today was 12k. Lowest in what, 20 years? And i imagine the Blunts brought a few.”

“If they were blunt i’m not sure what we where!”

“12,000 was probably not the actual either and the bought only 1,200 which was poor from them.”

“Actually, 1200 from the Blunts for a nothing cup game for their reserves is a good effort.”

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