View From Southampton

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“Bit of a nothing game, good to get a win”

“Great end to the season and feels strange having nothing to moan about”

“Very good reaction in the second half after a poor first half. Hope we can take this into the new season.”

“A fantastic run to end our season”

“W5 D3 L1 since restart. Don’t think any one would have put money on that.
Great finish to the season, let’s take it into September.”

“Great match to end the season”

“Very satisfying end to the season. Next season can’t come quickly enough.”

” a Top 8 starting line up with Top 5 cohesiveness, but it’s not yet a Top 8 squad.”

“I love the team!!
It’s almost better for us to be a bit below par in the first half. Those Ralph half time team talks must be legendary.”

“589 passes to their 155 (73% possession). Wow!”

“Romeu just can’t help himself. 3-1 up, 2 minutes left of the season and he’s slide tackle scissoring someone.”

“Lucky for us that the ref was slack”

“A great come back win. We were lucky not have ended up with only a draw or even a loss had SU taken the chances we gave them.”

“thank fuck Sharp didnt have his thinking cap on”

“Robinson made a great tackle for them”

“Sheffield certainly were a stubborn unit and what’s really pleasing is that Ralph kept us at it. We didn’t let that match fade away into some sort of meaningless pre season friendly Type game”

“United just couldn’t be arsed 2nd half.”

“We actually finished on -9 GD”

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View From Everton

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“Great win as Sheffield have done well at home.”

“tonight’s game was even with not much in it. We probably had the better moments of quality so if one team deserved to win, it was us.”

“we didn’t create loads, but they created virtually nothing”

“Nice win. Pretty stress free and some reassuring performances”

“Weird game that. We weren’t terrible first half, but the passing was awful. Seemed like nearly every pass in the opponent’s half was rushed and either underhit or overhit with a couple of exceptions. You could also see the lack of confidence with the midfielders tending to always take a first touch backwards to buy a few seconds on the ball, when if they’d got their head up their was space to move forward in to.
The goal seemed to completely turn things round confidence wise though. You could suddenly see some energy and some crispness in everything they were doing.
They never looked like scoring really and Keane and Branthwaite dealt with everything really well.”

“Just shows when the effort is there you can get the 3 points without firing on all cylinders.”

“That is definitely the most I have enjoyed watching us this season. Whilst the first half was a bit boring, we gradually started to work them out and then in the second half we were by far the better team. The goal (great header) seemed to settle the lads down and almost all of them started playing some decent football.”

“If we wanna be taken seriously and aim for that top four then our away form has to improve significantly. With Carlo here I’ve got every faith we can challenge for that quite soon.”

“good win but that’s not a top six performance”

“We’ve clearly been the better side and they’re fighting for Europe. This is the best display from us since the Derby. Obviously it’s nowhere near good enough long term, but at least they’ve kicked off their flip flops and put their studs back on. “

“Just coming into form when the season’s over and nothing matters anymore”

“You really set a low bar if you think that was coming into form , yes it was three points but it was a sub mid table performance.”

“funny thing is they have a wonder maybe once in a season thing with 14 wins,we have been bad and we have had 13 wins”

“Ref was a joke”

“They were reaching pulis levels of blatant fouls”

“They are thugs”

“Baldock should have been off. “

“Norwood went straight into Richy’s standing leg with his studs”.

” If anything I’d say foul on Richarlison. Norwood is first to the ball by a wide margin and Richarlison’s momentum carries him into Norwood. The league gets softer by the week now it seems”.

“Never a foul let alone card for Norwood”

“Henderson is GROSSLY overrated by the media. Bigging up another young English goalie for their eventual sacrifice it seems”

“Wilder said he shakes his head when he sees the subs we can bring on. oh no it’s Anthony Gordon and 31 year old Seamus Coleman.”

“I shake my head when I look at our bench too.”

“Just a full on nark,said his team deserved to win (0 shots on target )compared budgets and was generally a misery with the female reporter ,considering he wasn’t bothered about Europe he needed to tell his face that”

“Always found Wilder to be a bit of a egotistical prat. That interview hasn’t changed my mind.”

“Wilder is a blert.”

“I thought Wilder spoke well, he spent nowt and we spent a fortune yet they are higher in the league.
They could of got 6th we havnt been near that for a few seasons”

“Everton have won two away matches during a post-lockdown mini-season scenario for the first time since Ayegbeni Yakubu caused the entire north west region to shut down with his sheer physical presence.”

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View From Leicester

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“Bloody Brilliant display all round god knows where they’ve been hiding last few months”

“Deserved. We were excellent.”

“Really impressed, should of
been 5-0 “

“STUNNING performance after the horrendous last game, under huge pressure”

“That is the best 90 we have put in since Christmas”

“So relieved. Best performance & result of 2020.”

” We controlled it other than a 15 minutes period in the 2nd half. “

“Much needed win and one of the best performances this season tbh.”

“Textbook Leicester… just when you give up all hope, they show grit that you no longer thought they had in them and win like it was a pre-season friendly.”

“Youri absolutely ran the show and looked every inch the 40 million pound player we signed. Outclassed his industrious but lacking in quality counterparts in the Sheffield United midfield. “

“Given the injuries/suspensions, and off the back of the Sunday debacle, that was a big time performance which nobody should underestimate. Sheff Utd had loads to play for.
To a man they were outworked and we drained the spirit and legs out of them, which then allowed the extra quality to shine through. “

“I think we made them look poor”

“yes Sheff utd probably not at their best but that was a great response.
****ing love Wes Morgan. What a man. Sheffield United perfect opposition for him but comes in and just does his job. Legend. “

“Never trouble defensively and should have scored 4 or 5. Really impressive performance and I doubt many have dealt as comfortably as that with Sheff Utd all season.”

“Comfortable as I thought. Like I said pre match thread, they are overrated. We controlled the game.”

“Great result. Totally controlled it. Sheffield were bang average mind”

“Sheffield united were as bad as they were at Newcastle to be fair, they looked like the games have caught up with them. “

“Spurs will be the test…..this Sheff shit was on holiday “

“Made Sheff U look like a Championship team.”

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View From Chelsea

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“Just been humiliated by Sheffield United.”

“They embarrassed us”

“just forget about top 4. Congrats to Sheffield United

“sheffield looked like Bayern”

“They are a great team”

“Can’t argue with the result .. take nothing away from a good sheff Utd side”

“Well Done Sheff Utd”

“What’s scary is that Sheffield could easily have scored 5! Easily.”

“Well deserved sheff Utd win I saw them at Stamford bridge & they looked good we were embarrassed today”

“SU embarrassed us from start to finish”

“Can we buy the Sheff Utd defence?”

“It’s like we had less players, Sheff Utd players seemed to be everywhere “

“Didnt win a single personal battle across the field.
Barely laid a glove on them.”

“Sheff Utd are a very average side on paper but boy, they play as a TEAM. Everyone playing for each other – no stars or prima-dona’s and they and their coach gave us a lesson. They played to their strengths, exploited our weaknesses and were runaway winners and deservedly so. We could do with some of their defenders and their attitude and mentality.”

“This was like watching a precession of league winners facing Sheffield United, going through the motions
If I don’t launch my fist through a wall tonight it will be a miracle.”

“Why do I put myself through this nonsense of football on my vacation. I should be enjoying my time off from work with my family.
Why do I instead sit and watch, for almost 2 hours, this shameful Chelsea. Never experienced such a horrendous defensive performance, shame on you!!!”

“ready to put the keyboard through the PC”.

“Thanks for the Depression. Cheers.”

“Absolutely pathetic performance, worst of the season bar none.”

“They cut us open every time they attacked. Just toying with us.”

“Man shredded like cheese.”

“Rudiger is a slasher flick”

“Chelsea could not stretch a lump of jelly ,never mind sheff utd back line”

“The frustration is of course is that game we have watched 10 times this year. Want to beat Chelsea? Let them have the ball and pass around you. Defend in two banks of four across the edge of your 6 yard box, hit them on the counter and with crosses.”

” 76% possession in this match but lost 3-0 – since 2003-04, when full possession data is available, this is the biggest margin of defeat for a team to hold as much as 76% possession in a Premier League game. Countered.”

“Possession doesn’t mean anything when it’s all spent passing in front of your own net”

” Completely and utterly outplayed, we are a team with many inherent structural flaws that we have been lucky enough to get away with against other average (on paper) opposition. Let us make no mistake – we had this coming.
Up until now we have been lucky enough to have scraped into the CL places in what is possibly the worst top four battle in two decades. Lampard was completely shown up today”

“trashed by a team that has no stars, but play as a unit under a better manager tactically than Frank….we love Frank but he doesnt look ready for such a job.”

“they are a better team than us. I’m gutted to say it but our management team are currently tactically not good enough and I have now watched them be taught a tactical lesson by Chris Wilder, Woy, and David Fking Moves.”

“Sheffield were very well drilled excellent manager wilder”

“Lampard totally out-foxed today. Players absolutely gutless, spiritless, and abysmal.”

“Free tactical Lesson from Chris Wilder to Lampard tody.”

“Wilder has absolutely schooled Lampard”

“I am interesting in hearing Lampards assessment after having his pants well and truly pulled down completely outclassed tactically here.”

“I think Lampard should have given Sheffield United more respect from the start today and looked to have found a way to combat their style and system as opposed to expecting us to try and beat them with our own usual game. If we don’t get top 4 now this season his inexperience at certain times this season will have gone against us no doubt.”

“Frank picked a team like we were playing Brighton at home for Sheffield United away and then changed the formation three times without really addressing the problem”

” if CW can build SU with those players, are you telling me that Lampard has worse options at Chelsea?
Answer is simple: he is not up to the job, same mistakes all seasons is down to the manager.”

“Sheffield face Leicester next. Even though I am so sick of having to rely on other teams, they better perform and be deadly again against the Foxes.”

“Jorginho schooled by Mcgoldrick”

“David McGoldrick has scored his very first Premier League goal; it took him 42 shots and 1615 minutes to do so.”

“David McGoldrick
zero goals in his EPL career
we can sort that”

“Mcgoldrick looking world class against us, we are so shit that we make shit players look like world beaters.”

“It takes time.. SU have been running this system for 3 years”

” if we play like SU (who have not beaten any top 6 apart from today) i dont think our owner will be very happy.. Plus the players CW has have been playing this system for 2-3 years”

” We want to attack and win. We don’t want to sit back. It is a very demanding style. Today we lose but in a year or two we might be something else. Sheffield is sitting back. We are not.”

” Teams that sit back are the ones we struggle the most against and Sheff are the dons at it.”

“Think the players are just fed up with all these sterile matches and want to go off on their holidays.”

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View From Wolves

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“That’s generous to us ! “

“I think they deserved that”

“They pressed us big time and I lost count the amount of times we passed it sideways, and sideways, then shorter sideways, then hoofed it. Good job Coady had a good game. Shocking football”

“Fair play to Sheffield United, they outplayed us at Molineux and executed the smash and grab perfectly tonight.”

“Fair play Sheff Utd. They beat us at our own game!”

“Dean Henderson will never have an easier game.”

“Sheff United were awarded at the end for trying to win the game with their subs.”

“Sheffield United are a smart team and Wolves handled them well apart from the crucial moment”

“Not much in it but only one side went for the win in those last ten”

“The Blades are a good team, the table doesn’t lie, they’ve got great results all season, they’re big and physical and not lacking in skill either.”

“2 sides that had respect & were wary of each other – a game that needed a bit of inspiration or a mistake which we didn’t really get.”

“We were marginally the better side in the first half. Second half was pretty even before the sub”

“Doc got a bit of a doing from Stevens.”

“If it was that easy to get 6th in the PL using only 12 players the likes of Utd, Spurs and Arsenal would have been doing it for years and saving on the wage bill. Who could we have brought on to rest legs or effect change? Nuno seemingly doesn’t trust Podence or MGW much and Kilman, Burr, Jordao and Campano are really just squad fodder? Even Sheff Utd can cope without Fleck, Lundstrom and McGoldrick, we look stretched even with pretty much a full squad!”

“I am worried about next season already. There is a reason pundits keep harping on about the number of games having an impact – because they do. Despite a Covid break we have come back looking tired and our play has been sloppy. If we do get past Okympiacos we will have a short or very short break and I think it will massively impact on next season’s performances. As said above we need to start using more than 12 players. Arsenal’s subs upped the tempo against us so they ran out comfortable winners and tonight the two forwards SU brought on added impetus to their play.”

“Poor performance against a good team and ****e conditions for both.”

“no-one could run with the ball on that pudding of a pitch in the second half.”

“Wilder did a job on us with head tennis for starters then lobbing balls to nick corners as a main. Was a foul night to play football ,the pitch seemed like a skating rink for Jota and Adama both slipping at vital points in the game but credit to the blades for getting into every wolves player for 90 mins plus. We never had control going forward and this was down to the Sheff Utd players doing everything they could to block , tackle and disrupt our play.”

“They are obviously great at set pieces, why try to give away silly free kicks corners. “

“Sheff Utd looked very average yet we looked worse”

“Sheff Utd simply wanted it more and never stopped competing and in the end, got their spoils. We had more quality, they had more desire.”

“Sheff Utd hardly played well, but there was only one team making an effort tonight.”

“Can’t beat Sheffield United in two games. Crap”

“tbf they looked much better when McBurnie went off.”

“They were **** now one can say otherwise if that’s the top teams in England now wonder we struggle. Like spurs Everton it was ****ing dire football”

“**** off you Burnley mk2 ****s”

“I hate Sheffield United the plucky little club who are punching above their weight but they thoroughly deserved to nick it tonight and thats a travesty”

“They’ll be bottom 7 next season. May Find goals difficult. Will do well to stay up without major strengthening”

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View From Burnley

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“Feels like a loss”

“I’d have taken a point before the game, but feel we should’ve won that.
Not pretty but effective”

“A typical Burnley side would have got all 3 points today, in the end a well earned point. “

“They press quickly on the counter and overload the middle which is really hard to defend against. Second half was odd as they really didn’t look like scoring.
They were much better than us for the first 20 then after that we coped easily enough with them. Even without key spine players”

“2 missed chances cost us in the end but otherwise a fair result”

“A fair scoreline”

“1-1 about right over the piece, we had some good chances, but so did they”

“So frustrating, sometimes…
Well earned by the Blades, though.”

“It’s a good point but we missed two sitters that should have been buried. It was a poor game compared to the Palace game and we didn’t look quite at it. Maybe too many games too quickly.”

“Despite us creating the chances to win it, we were been poor today. Sheffield United probably deserved all 3”

“I thought we played well in first half and dug in 2nd half. We could have won it with Vyrda and McNeil’s sitters but overall a fair result. Hard earned point against a well organised team very similar to ourselves”

“Thought we did really well to get a point today. Very impressed with Sheff Utd. Lots of big mobile units who are decent footballers too. McGoldrick has done really well to reinvent himself in the role he played today. Always available and able to play the incisive ball to get attacks moving. We defended well but if you get enough balls into the box, which they did, then there is always the chance that you will create an opening. Shame about the missed chances but a win would have flattered us. That is not a criticism as with such a patched up side we did well to compete with a top half team, who were not as depleted as us.”

“before today Sheff Utd had only lost 3 away games, Liverpool, City, and Newcastle when they went down to 10 men, they’re clearly no mugs, hence why they sit 8th in the league”

“For all their posession they didn’t look like scoring many. I can see why some teams find Sheff Utd hard to play against though.
Not a great game imo”

“A strange game really that Sheffield United controlled, but yet we scored the same number of goals as them and missed two glorious chances that really should have been buried.”

“Awful, awful performance
Lucky to get a point
Dyche sat and watched us getting overwhelmed all through the 2nd half.

“Result not a great deal of help to either team in their European chase but a fair enough result. Thought the Vydra chance early doors was difficult because Henderson narrowed the angle well but McNeil should have done better after J Rod’s strike.
Has to be said, Egan’s strike was superb.”

“The Egan has landed.”

“Just a mention to the apparent future England number 1 Henderson, thought he was very poor and he patted to 25 yard efforts right back into the danger zone which should have led to goals.
Our longest rest we’ve had and we looked tired and sloppy, I put it down to the re shuffle and the amount of partnerships broken.
Another point on the board, but a game to forget really.”

“no what you want from a potential England Keeper”

“The more sides we have in the PL like Sheff Utd and ourselves, the better it is for English football. Proves money cannot guarantee success. This top 6 that everyone talks about is thankfully starting to be dismantled. I think Wolves have been immense and who knows how good Leeds might prove to be”

“So it is possible for two teams to play a PL game without feigning injury, rolling around and trying to get players sent off?! Total respect for Sheffield United
and Chris Wilder.”

“Gets his side playing decent football while h a lot of people don’t believe is possible on these finances.”

“wilder comes over as a nice, genuine and knowledgeable bloke to me; down to earth and not up his on backside like many are.”

“He is a genuinely nice guy. I know him from his time at Halifax, when my old man was poorly Chris was round at the house regularly”

“TV after match analysis: 2 mins
…can’t wait to move onto their premier darlings!”

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View From Spurs

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“Well done tottenham.
You managed to interpret how 2020 has been for the planet as a whole into a 90minute footballing performance. Quite clever really.”

“The game today was like the one at WHL, us having the ball but being outplayed except this time Sheffield got the goals they deserved”

“I cant believe they have battered us”

“Sheffield absolutely dominated us in the second half.”

“Sheffield United have a fresh and motivated squad.”

“we had the more talented team and squad. Sheffield Utd have a clear game plan, everyone knows what to do and they scrap for everything.”

“32% possession and 3-0 up. Quite simply they wanted it more.”

“To be fair Sheffield United have almost everyone back in their box defending but then again they had four or five men in out box for their second goal.
Conclusion? They work harder and are better than us, sorry but it’s as simple as that. “

“If Jose blames this on the VAR decision he’s lost me. We got dominated in the second half.”

“Bergeroasted us today.
Our scouting completely overlooked him.
Was even in our price range.
Total failure by our scouting and player acquisition department.”

“Sheffield has WAY LESS money and we lost by three to them. today was not a financial failure.”

“I don’t know if there is a stat for time in possession near the opponent’s box without testing their keeper, but I bet we are top if there is.”

“Pretty nice passes side to side does nothing vs an organised team, you need to fight for the ball and some damn movement.”

“We had some stupid% possession and a handful of shots on goal: every team struggle against masses defence: SFU are rising high in the league take a lot of points playing like this. The fault is not ENIC, but our defenders switching off (Sanchez, Aurier, Davies especially). GLC needed to impose himself a little more.That’s why we lost. They’re international defenders: they should be able to stay goal side.”

“Once that goal was ruled out Sheffield were going to do what they do – sit in and make it exceptionally hard to score.”

“Can’t defend, can’t attack. Not an ideal situation.”

“Wilder’s plans outclassed Mourinho’s”

“Chris Wilder is better at being Jose Mourinho than Jose Mourinho is at being Jose Mourinho.”

“we went top heavy and with too many runners it meant that we were relying on space in behind, which didn’t exist cause Sheff Utd were deep. Wilder then got his team to sit even deeper knowing that we didn’t have the guile to hurt them.”

“He obviously felt Sheffield struggle when players run at them, and I’m sure that’s true and it sort of worked in the first half, but something was missing. Second half they got super organised, and that’s always difficult but we move the ball too slowly.”

“Got turned over by McBunny and Mousset.
Banter club is an understatement.”

“Worth remembering Sheff Utd missing half their team and had 3 days less rest than us. Abysmal.”

“The team we put out there today had more talent than Sheffield Utd could ever dream of. This is purely a coaching and tactical failure and nothing to do with quality of player. “

“Had over a week to prepare for this match and we get embarrassed by a Championship side.”

“Sheffield was missing first choice defenders. We essentially got beat by a championship team today.”

“Sheffield Utd team is hardly full of world beaters”

“Was a classic smash and grab. Been a problem all season!”

“Newcastle beat this load of brick 4 nil ffs”

“Every one has beaten this Sheff Utd team since the restart… yet we submit like a cheap whore on a good tip”.

“On a lighter note, Sheffield will do 3 years in the premier and toodle back to the lower league’s”

“Losing 3-1 to Sheffield United is a low point. Perhaps people need to realise that young hungry players can outplay so called stars or dross like lamela.”

“The Brighton game was much worse. We deservedly lost by 3 to a worse team than Sheffield United.
Tonight, we were better for long periods but defended in an utterly gutless and brainless way. sexy”

“what a disgrace that was..
I am honestly embarrassed right now, absolutely pathetic just like the rest of this season so far.
Mourinho is a joke too and doing as bad a job as poch, maybe worse…”

“This team is not inferior to Burnley, Norwich and Sheffield United. If it isn’t 4th, it should be 5th or 6th minimum even in a bad year.”

“Mourinho and Levy are useless as varicose veins to a wooden leg!”

“Not felt like this since I saw the exit poll last December.”

“It’s not all doom and gloom we are only 8 or 9 quality signings off challenging for the league next season!”

“Typical fudging Tottenham. Seen it a million times over the years. Show up to a tough away ground in our nice pale blue kit. Look nice and tidy on the ball and get turned over because we have fudge all backbone.
Utterly fudging shameful to lose like this because in a million years, they aren’t 3 goals better than us and on the night they haven’t been 3 goals better than us”.

“no excuses (other than crap VAR decision). Mourinho is washed up.”

“The referee is a wanker. Looks like he pisses sitting down.”

“If the Kane goal isn’t wrongly disallowed and Norwood is sent off like he should have been, then we probably go on to win.”

“We have better individuals than a lot of the teams around us but we are non-existent as a unit.
The VAR decision was farcical but we didn’t deserve to win the game.”

“Dominated the first half but looked listless after that terrible VAR decision.”

“As much as we were poor, if that goal counts it’s a completely different game. We would have had the momentum. Instead it swung Sheff Utd’s way.”

“We have created precious little tonight and the players shouldn’t let their heads drop Like they have but I can’t really blame them: it should’ve been 1-1 and 10 vs 11 but it was neither. At elite level tiny fractions make big differences. VAR won the game tonight.”

“It was a referee game . The momentum gone the players played knowing they where get rubbed so they played distracted”

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View From Man Utd

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“The most casual 3:0 in ages!”

“Our best performance this season?”

“The possession football in the 2nd half just crushed Sheffield.”

“Most enjoyable game for a long time.”

“A thorough dismantling. 6 shots on target was more the Sheffield U’s 4 shots total. That was just fun to watch.”

“Made them look very ordinary.”

“Utterly bossed what by reputation was a good team”.

“Created some good chances and made a good side look very average. “

“Martial took advantage of Sheffield missing Henderson, Egan and O’Connell.”

“Most important thing for me is that we’ve come out of the break with the same form we went into it with. As we saw from Sheffield United, not every team can say the same.”

” i don`t understand what has happened to Sheffield United? They look dreadful after the break”

“Sheff Utd look utterly shot away and missed some key defensive players.”

“We would have probably drawn this game before the lockdown, so obviously happy that we have had them at the right time.”

“Sheffield Utd looked beaten before a ball was kicked. Didn’t look arsed from the 1st minute.”

“Sheffield United were terrible”

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View From Newcastle

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“That was hilarious”

“clearly the better team throughout”

“Was that Newcastle or Barcelona?!”

“Good result, decent performance when looking at other teams since the restart. Sheff U were really poor though.”

“SU where crap and lost the game.”

“They are shite”

“I thought they were very ordinary when we played them down there too.”

“second best defense in the league” pack of frauds. “

” I thoroughly enjoyed that, and also those boring frauds getting exposed for the jokers they are.”

“Pretty much stopped trying to score with 10 mins to go, which I suppose is fair enough with the result safe and the fixture congestion, but I wanted to see us push for more goals as there was a couple of chances we just didn’t bother pursuing”

“It was an enjoyable watch from more or less the first ten minutes, which was the only spell that they looked up to much. I can’t remember a game where kept the ball as well as that for a long time. Obviously helped by the red card but an encouraging start.”

“with 10 men they kept the ball a tad more than we did and their passing overall was better than ours”

“a big mistake by egan,he should have let joelinton go, as he would have missed.”

“Their goalkeeper was really poor”

“Clearly our fans constantly berating and moaning does hold us back”

” I have missed football a lot and was worried it wouldn’t work. This was fine. And I’m fine if everyone treats these like friendlies if we keep winning 3-0…..”

“When I’m in watching with the piped in crowd noise I can’t say I even notice there not being a crowd.
And who misses grown morons in the crowd hurling abuse at players? They’re generally the only tossers you catch on camera.”

“I’m struggling to get into them. They feel like friendlies to
me with a lack of competitive edge. There’s a lot more flow to games though as the refs aren’t giving anywhere near as many free kicks without the influence of the crowd.”

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View From Aston Villa

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“They’ve cleared up the goal line issue. There was no error. Apparently due to Covid-19 restrictions no goal is awarded unless it’s at least 2 metres over the line.”

“I honestly feel ashamed about us stealing a point when Nyland and Davis clearly knew it was over the line. “

“Considering our bench were a bunch of whining little bitches and pressured their manager in to gifting us a goal for the spirit of the game, for us to then pretend this was all above board, I can see why (other teams are criticising us)”

” a 1 in 9000 chance has seen us earn a point. Remarkable..”

“I’m not going to feel too bad for them about it because it’s not like they “deserved” the goal in the first place, it was a fluke mistake on our part, not that it makes it ok just that if they had scored a genuinely good goal for it to have been cancelled would have a been an even worse situation all round.”

“The goal decision was unfortunate for Sheff Utd, but we have had plenty of decision’s go against us so there is no sympathy from me.”

“Least we gained something from technology today after being shafted most of the season”

“Their goal wasnt even a chance”

“Probably a fair result, they obviously had their “goal”, we had the better chances in the game. All the talk will be about lucky Villa post-match, but we’ve deserved a bit of luck after some of the decisions that have gone against us this season.”

“we should have been a goal up before that event, maybe iven 2 up, very poor finishing by us”

“We were the better team, created more chances in a drab game where everyone lacked fitness. Incredibly, we should’ve lost, so I’ll take that.”

“Do people really not realise Sheff U were just happy to get a 90 minutes under their belt unscathed and weren’t actually trying to compete that much?”

“Decent point, but pretty scandalous. “

“Like we’ve never been away. Shef Utd were there for the taking. Luik our best player.
The reality is we should have lost.”

“Scraped a point at home against Sheffield United who have spent a fraction of what we have.”

“they were shit.”

“Let’s also be honest in saying that’s probably on the better side of how we generally play and we still didn’t really look like taking three points against a very underperforming Sheffield United. “

“Shows how far our standards have fallen if we think a draw at home to Sheffield United is a good result when we needed three points to climb out of the relegation zone. Despite how well they’re doing this season today was one of the better chances we will have this season of taking three poinits and we faiild to capitalize”

“That was a very poor performance from Sheff Utd TH. If we can’t beat a poor Blades, what chance with some of the fixtures coming up?”

“Sheff Utd were nowhere near as good as their league position suggests. Could have easily been mistaken by anyone as being a team that are in the relegation zone as us.”

“Great point at home to the shite Sheffield United! “

“The break has done Sheff Utd no favours. They looked as bad if not worse than us. They were awful. If that game had have been played when it was supposed to have they would have beaten us with the run we were both on.”

“Told you Sheffield aren’t very good.
If the goal had been allowed, it would have been a fluke; Davis barging into Nyland was one of these things. And there were the penalties we didn’t get. Probably a fair result. Sheffield aiming for Europe while we’re aiming to beat the drop? Laugh.”

“Can’t see how you can be disappointed by that. Sheff Utd looked like a League 2 side out there”

“Aren’t United one of the best away teams in the league? We should have won. It was a story of keepers. There’s is insane. Ours is insane too but completely for different reasons and he cannot play again. We could have easily won”

Apart from nylands mistake I think we were the better side and could have won one nil. Mcginn wasn’t up to speed and grealish was pushed out the game. It’s easy to see Sheffield United and forget what this side has done this season.”

“That was alright considering Sheffield are a better team than us and we had players out of position
Got away with the goal obviously .Was always going to be a strange slow drab start, that’s a point in a game we will “definitley lose” ill take them”

“Decent result against a better team. Created chances. Didn’t bottle it. Progress.
You know this behind-closed-doors thing might help our lot.”

“Given we had no other fit centre backs, Samatta not fully fit, or a match fit McGinn we still dominated Sheffield United in crucial areas of the pitch. Hause was poor and Grealish took time to show his many qualities. Nyland suspect as ever on crosses. I’m not going to entertain the stupidity of saying we should have let them score.”

Bossed that game. Should have won that.
We were organized, energetic and a threat going forward, until Keinan went off.
Play like that and we can beat Chelsea. I firmly believe that.”

“Thought it was a brilliant performance. Clinical and we would have won that 3-0”

“We completely nulled them out of the game. They created nothing. We should have won that.
It’s ridiculous if you can’t be positive after that.”

“We might have been slightly better than a woeful team today but I dont see how that makes you PROUD OF THE BOYZ or think we’ll beat Chelsea”

“was like a pre season friendly no intensity”

“I don’t miss football one bit. If I have any restraint that’s my last game of the season. What a tedious 2 hours”

“Doesnt feel right wi no fans like a pre season freindly v some lower division mob from eastern europe,anyone else think theyre playing games untill lfc win the league then itl get called as it is,due to maybe a another wee spike in covid or a few players getting it,maybe im paranoid,so need to keep away from relegation zone.”

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