View From Birmingham


“I can’t remember the last time we came from behind to win a game.”

“A brilliant performance. Brilliant management from Monk.”

“tbh we are not a bottom half team, this season has been a disaster from the start even pre season was a washout. As you say can`t wait now for next season and pre season.”

“not only will we be in this division next season, we will be in th Top 6”

“Great win today against a decent Blades team who had everything to play for, fair result, what was with Duffy? he didn’t cut it at Blues get over it son, you just didn’t warrant a place in the team simples.”

“Really deserved that bit of a funny game but the thing with football is it ent over till it’s over. Very soft goal to conceed and not sure why a player that a lot of blues fans wanted to see given a chance thinks there’s a vendetta against him. Looks a right **** now anyway.Great following to from UTD, and a great season after being promoted.”

“What’s Duffys problem? Apart from being ginger. And crap.Maybe he is still scarred from being unable to dislodge Lee Novak from the starting 11 during his time here”

“Duffy was the worst player I have seen this season”

“Poor man’s Jacques Maghoma.”

“our fans really were the twelfth man today as well as in other games. There is no other fans in this league like our Fans”

“..that sheff player faking injury for 6 minutes the only way to quiet us down”

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View From Millwall


“A dramatic and exciting game which ended all square.We started off on the front foot and pressed them back from the off. Everybody looked up for it and was getting their foot in, closing down and denying them space. But they were up for it big time too. There was lots of good movement in the middle, people running off the ball, going wide and putting crosses in but we defended stoutly. They probably had slightly the better of the first half with chances. The ones of note was some close control by their 9 Clarke and a decent shot from 25yards which Archer saved well. We had a decent header from Cooper and some good attacking play but it came to nothing and ended all square at the break.The second half was a different story. They came out all guns blazing and pressed us back from the start. They stretched us this way and that and really our us under pressure. Their best chance came from a cross from the left which their bloke headed from 6 yards and Archer pushed it over for a corner. It was real Gordon Banks stuff. We had some decent movement forward with a great ball to Gregory from Morison on the right. He ran into the box and should have pulled the trigger but he squared it and it came to nothing. Then it was their turn. A good ball to their Clarke went off with a firm challenge from Hutch. It looked a goal kick but the ref deemed it to be a corner. We didn’t clear it very well and their winger swung it in from the left, it was headed back across goal and Clarke nodded it in from three yards. Their mob went nuts. But their joy didn’t last long. From the kick off it went back to Cooper who swung it forward into their box. It sailed over the head of their defended and Morison met it on the full and side footed it wide of their keeper for the equaliser. It was our turn to go nuts. We brought on Fred for a tiring Marshall but he did very little. Elliott came on for the last two minutes to replace Gregory and had a couple of touchesThere were two shouts for a penalty at each end. Their forward got booked for diving and ours could have gone either way. And so it ended an exciting draw….which I would have taken at one o’clock.Archer made three world class saves which kept us in it and got my MOM. Romeo was very strong and focussed and Meredith was his normal aggressive and energetic self. Hutch and Cooper were rocks at the back but had their work cut out all afternoon. Wallace was lively and threatening and both Saville and Wallace were busy and solid. Marshall played well but didn’t have too many opportunities to shine. Gregory had his normal busy game and one chance which he should have made more of. Morison showed his class with a deft finish for the goal.”

“Solid result. I had this down as the hardest of our games left. Need at least one win
from Fulham, Villa or Boro, though.”

“Fair result I thought.”

“A bit of frustration from a few around me during the first half. As a few away games this season we grew into the game, they still had the pressure, we still looked dangerous. To score immediately after gave us the lift, I thought we were gonna win it.”

“like most games this season…Sheffield United passing it around the back.Millwall more interested in going forward asap.”

“What character. They threw everything at us & thought they’d won it.”

“not the best performance by a long shot but I’ll take that.”

“On their forum there’s a few digs about us being ‘poor’; yet on twitter a fair few Blades say it was a fair result. I would imagine that’s probably because people that bother being on a forum are the more one-eyed fanatical type of fan. Personally, thought we sounded very good – it was a game they needed to win & we could afford to draw. So, we were a bit more cautious than usual – bar when we needed to grab a goal back & instantly went up a gear and got straight back into it.”

“Haven’t heard anybodys fans say we are any good this season , well the table and results dont lie”

“Great all round archer man of the match”

“Some Sheffield United fans may argue they deserved to win if not for Archer; but I don’t think they’ve got two legs to stand on.”

“Archer was great, the shot they had that was going in to the top corner I thought was a goal as Archer didn’t move to the very last second, almost like his hand teleported there”

“Archer MoM”

“Just got to keep going . We’ll get there for sure”

“What a ride, not sure my ticker can take much more! Amazing season, will go down as one of the best.”

“Chris Wilder has always been my favourite opposing manager. So honest. Take note, Warnock.”

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View From Boro

Can’t find the words to correctly express my disappointment”

“Much better second half after that meltdown in the first but the damage was already done. The season isn’t over but we just aren’t good enough to beat them around us to get back in the playoffs.”

“picked up 4 points out of 12 in last 4 games and they want to go in the playoffs. Absolutely no chance this has been such a disappointing season and again proves our scouting network is dreadful. We can’t keep blaming managers and players”

“Overriding feeling – frustration. Frustration at what was a suicidal first half, giving us a mountain to climb. Frustration at a second half where it was everything for us that the first wasn’t. Big, big blow is that result.”

“By far the better team second half and you couldn’t fault their effort. With a bit of luck we might have got the unlikely draw”

“Very impressed with the second half, hopefully we can use that to kick on.Sheff Utd won’t end up in the play offs if the have second halfs at home to 10 men like that, they were muck.”

“Have another look at what you’ve just written bearing in mind our performance against 9 men a week ago!!”

“Their first goal was a wonder strike really early and the sending off was harsh, it’s hard not to get demoralised after that. Fair play to them coming back like this, must have been one hell of a half time team talk.”

“that first half was completely unacceptable.When two teams go toe to toe and one team comes out on top, someone has to come out second best and sometimes you just hold you hands up and say that’s football, but that first half wasn’t toe to toe. It was short of work rate, people shying away from graft, hiding from responsibility.Second half the team worked so so hard, so pats on the back for that. They really stood up for the team, man for man, in the second half, but where was that in the first?Still only 11 points from teams in the top half all season. Awful record.”

“I don’t want to hear about how well Boro played 2nd half. Amazing what you can do with pressure off and nothing to lose. But at 0-0 and pressure on, bottlers. Lazy, uninterested, no energy. Pathetic. And Leadbitter…..great servant but no thank you any more.”

“Do you earn points for playing “well” in the 2nd half.
We didnt play well. We competed in the 2nd half.”

“who cares, battled to what… only just losing against a team who’s entire squad costs less than one of our subs. And that isn’t meant to sound arrogant and disrespectful towards the opponents at all, just proof that once again we’re outfought and out thought by a team on a shoestring budget.”

“They could have 9 men and we woudnt have broke them down”

“We were absolutely awful first half. Much better in the second half but unfortunately the damage was done. Second half showed the fight and spirit the fans want and if we carry on like that we’ll be fine. Pretty sure the ref was a sufc fan though”

“We weren’t very good, but; Leadbitter – that is a harsh red. No malice in either booking, no final warning, both in quick succession? Sheff Utd players rolling about all over the shop, he’s failed to be equal handed in handing out cards to their players, and how is Clarke allowed to stay on the field for the second goal? Should he not have to leave the field of play after rolling around feigning injury, leading to a stoppage?”

“United were falling over at every opportunity demanding a yellow and the ref has fallen for it. Game over, but it’s only football.”

“Assombalonga got nowt out of the referee, and was pulled all over the place. Felt like 10 vs 12 at times. Still a crap result like. A draw would’ve been fine.”

“Well we pulled a goal back with 10 men. We would not have done any worse with 11 men. So perhaps the ref is not blameless”


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View From Barnsley

“Shitfield United played like we normally do. And got the same result we normally do. We were best side in first half apart from a 10 minute spell in the middle, second half united came out to batter us and did for half a hour.”

“Best side first half could easily have been 3-0 up….second half deedars improved but talking like it was a massive burglary lol!…..We … are still suffering from having our team ripped apart…that side would have walked this IMO ….still they had a decent season and not over yet”

“feel we got what we deserved in the end, despite us looking out of it for 10 minutes after their second! Sheffield United were a well organised side with half decent players playing a particular system that suits them collectively. They are definitely over achieving, and i think they will struggle next season.”

“1st time we have won from a losing position this season”

“So unlike us.. its that, more than say winning 1 or 2-0. That restores a hope we can actually pull it round and stay up.. ”

“Massive win and a massive performance. ”

“delighted that chubby boy Billy didn’t bring his shooting boots today, he normally does against us.”

“Clarke was real handful”

“Always is against us, going all the way back to when he was at wednesday as a young ‘un, sithi.”

“He was on his arse knackered that last twenty minutes.”

“1-2 – Sheff Utd fans “We’re sending you down, we’re sending you down, we’re Sheff Utd, we’re sending you down”
3-2 -Barnsley fans “You’re keeping us up, you’re keeping us, you’re Sheff Utd, you’re keeping us up”. Its S**t like that makes me love us even more.”

“Good chant.Even saw a few of their fans clapping it so I’m guessing they appreciated it too.”

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View From Cardiff

“Sheffield were good but we were shite. You can’t do anything without the ball”

“We have just got a vital point by never giving up, even when not playing well. That is the sign of a very good team who dont deserve critiscism at this point, just support to get over the line. How we play is irrelevant.”

“Doesn’t matter , we have won loads on the trot , been to a play off hopeful , played shit but grabbed a vital point.I would have been happy with a point before the game and I am happy now”

“Credit Sheffield but we never seemed able to cope with their pace like we did at Brentford. We lost so many 50/50s. I think the heavy pitch may have had something to do with it.”

“The pitch didn’t help but I think it was more a case of simply not being at all at our best, against a very good team.”

“Never got out of our own half all game never won a tackle free kick or throw in. Sheffield absolutely murdered us with their ten goals each half. Final Score 1-1 Get In”

“Sheff. Utd were impressive”

“Worst we’ve played in months, against a good team, could easily have been 3-0 yet we come away with a point. Magic”

“We never got to grips with their 3-5-2”

“Sheff Utd are a good side  and getting 4 points off them this season is a great result”

“Got away with that, absolutely terrible showing from us.”

“Thought Sheffield United played some really good stuff.”

“we were outthought and outplayed. That happens in professional sport. After all , the other teams are trying to win too.”

“Warnock was given a tactical masterclass”

“They are one of the best sides we have played in my opinion. Coleman’s biggest mistake as Wales manager was not bringing on Brooks instead of “joniesta” against Ireland.”

“Second best tonight but great goal by Pilkington, he should be having more game. Two Welsh boys in United line up played well,Brooks a future star but our players never gave up and it could be a valuable point.”

“Brooks has got great movement and intelligence, he is going to be some player one day.”

“If we can clinch promotion then maybe Neil should consider giving the Blades a call and see how much they want for Brooks!”

“If we were at our best, we would have made them look very average. When we’ve been that bad this season, we’ve usually lost. Preston away early season springs to mind. We weren’t winning any second ball. Hoilett was off form tonight, same with Mendez Laing. Zohore huffed and puffed and we couldn’t really pass the ball whatsoever. If Sheff Utd were a better side they’d have put 3 or 4 more on us, but they’re not. They’re not clinical at all.It’s a huge point considering how awful we were”

“The pitch won tonight.”

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View From Brentford

“I think this was one of the games where our bad luck earlier in the season evens itself out. Sheffield United had a number of chances and if it wasn’t for Bentley they probably would’ve scored 3 or 4. I don’t recall their keeper needing to make many saves, certainly not any difficult ones. They’ll come away from today feeling robbed.”

“After the Boro game pretty much decided that we would not be challenging for the play offs. Just want us to now enjoy the rest of the season and unfortunately the conditions today played a large part in a very under par performance. Many may disagree but thought United were the one team whom looked like they wanted it more and felt we were fortunate to get a point.”

“did OK but we had no goal threat today. Lucky to get a point. Bentley MOM by a mile.”

“Game wasn’t great and without Bentley they could have won comfortably. Good to see an opponent really go for the win when so many have come and say back for a draw.”

“Bentley kept us in the game. Excellent saves.”

“Bentley kept us level”

“7 shots on goal. At home. Probably worst attacking performance of the season.”

“one of our worst performances of the season, despite some nice flurries. fair few players need to make a fair bit of progress. ah well – still been a fun year, and another season in the championship beckons. hopefully we’ll get a proper bloody striker in the summer.”

“Boring game – largely fault of the conditions. A fifth season in this league is a great achoevement. However, I think we need a few changes as we are in danger of starting to go backwards. Got to strengthen up front.”

“So so sloppy today. ridiculous amounts of unforced errors”

“Very poor today. Just never got going. Midfield v one dimensional and passing atrocious. Little movement up front. Clarke struggled at LB. Watkins improved things but we never really did enough to win that game.”

“Below par performance with poor passing and difficult conditions.”

“Really poor performance No options up front. Poor passing ,outfought, looked exposed at the back,, allowed far too many crosses in, lacked any fluidity, misplaced passes all over the shop, Maupay on his own against three big defenders, nothing created from wing play, never looked like scoring until Judge and Ollie came on. Fair play to the Blades who made it very hard. The game epitomised our weaknesses – lack of striker and support for striker, failing to close down crosses, lack of height etc. Players quickly left the pitch – they looked peed off and angry and frustrated. They worked hard but we know where we need to work . The play in the final third always bbroken down. Next season. these. Issues will be addressed I. trust”

“Good to see Clayton as deadly as ever with 1 on 1s……..”

“Deserved the point….could have been three IF we sorted our passing out……Maupay and Watkins biggest culprits amongst others.
Well done Mep’s great saves from DB…..Woods unlucky to be sent off IMO.”

“Worst performance I’ve seen in a while
Conditions played into their game
Didn’t see the incident with Woods but looking back he goes for the keeper first but never a red for either.
Oh and whoever threw the bottle of beer at Simon Moore is a c***”

“Having seen replay again, Woods possibly unlucky…..could’ve been just trying to grab keeper’s arm to get the ball..keeper definite red though……..”

“Watched the red cards kerfuffle. Woods may have touched the keepers face right at the start, nothing malicious though. Don’t think Woods should have been sent off, but the ref took the easy option in my view.”

“Two things on the sending offs;

1. Why was Woods in such a rush to get the ball? There was plenty of time left

2. If I were Sheff Utd manager i’d Be asking the keeper why didn’t you just let Woods have the ball? Sheff Utd needs the win more than us

Totally unnecessary red cards”

“Common sense would’ve seen a telling off and a yellow card at most for both. Two reds doesn’t do either team or the quality of the game as a whole any favours.”

“Two minutes before the goal there was a blatant yellow card for their number six but he’d already been booked and the ref did absolutely nothing. He was a joke.”

“That was the clattering of Sergi wasn’t it? Awful officiating, definite yellow, the player should have been sent walking back to the dressing rokm ”

“Me, my wife and kids had a fair amount of grief on the way back to the car.
I suppose targeting kids is not as bad as lamping a bloke in a wheel chair, so I should probably consider myself lucky.”

“They are right up there with the other scummy Yorkshire knobs at Huddersfield. ”

“I’ll put them just below with Huddersfield – whom are utter scum.In fairness to Yorkshire fans I have always thought Wednesday fans have been great bunch from my own experience.”

“Complete scumbags. I don’t know if I would have been so composed. Seem to be gathering a pretty horrible rep”

“Agree horrible set of fans. ”

“I’ve never seen so many middle aged men carrying an imaginary Capet under each arm. ”

“As ive stated before, living in sheffield, definately the nastiest bunch of scrubbers yorkshire has to offer. Course i’l be accused of being a wendyite, but everyone knows how they behave. That beer bottle at bentley and the random flair in the 1st half is just another 2 examples of their fans. On a seperate note I do think we were lucky today. Had donaldson put that in a tthe end, ex player n all, I’d be reaching for the suicide pills.”

“Probably not the best day to complain about beer bottles launched at goalkeepers ”

“Rarely see police horses outside GP but they were needed today which tells a story. Had several unsavoury incidents with them lot. Makes me laugh reading all the bedwetters on their forum about Millwall having their flag day at theirr place. Cowards who when confronted aren’t so big and brave. Shame as until I was old enough to know better, Currie, Sabella and the red and white stripes gave me a soft spot for  them!

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View From Forest



“Thanks for the 4 points, played you off the park, see you next season lots of love ‘the scabs'”

“Ironic that the team who refer to us as scabs couldn’t strike for toffee today”

“Only one team in that! Shame only to get a point but will take it. Absolutely no chance Sheff Utd are getting in the playoffs!”

“They didn’t look like a play off team to me, , they became desperate enough to rely on hoofball”

“Most football teams evolve! Sheff Utd have been playing long ball route one football since as long as I can remember!”

“They are shite, big opportunity missed today.”

“And just outside the top six. One in last week and one just outside and I am scratching my head wondering how either of them are where they are”

“Oh to be 8th in the league and shite…”

“we were the better team, and yes Sheffield United are shite (at the moment at least).”

“Just had a quick look at their forum. Some reckon we dive and timewaste and the foul by Fleck on Tomlin was a good tackle (looked a clear yellow to me) . Mind you a couple on there reckon we played well and their keeper prevented us from winning.”

“Pantilimon was  excellent again”

“Unlucky there – their keeper made some brilliant savesWhat a manager Karanka is turning out to be”

“Good point and we really gave it a go 2nd half. Unbeaten in 7 now, taking points off some decent sides.”

“Good game, they’re trash for a team chasing the playoffs.”

“I’m pleased with that result. Played well in the second half and these are no mugs.”

“A very good point at a ground where we traditionally get nowt”

“A bit unlucky, thought we were a bit wasteful in front of goal but decent performance.”

“I thought we put in a very good performance. We should have scored a couple…..the referee was a homer…..yet again. We played a team who we usually have difficulties with and on balance we should have won. I can’t believe anybody would complain about our performance”

“we look poor in the final third, but still a well earned point.I’d even take that result next season at the Blades.”

“Not bad. But not good enough.”

“How boring was that”

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View From Burton

” Positives again after that display, but a sixth game in seven without a goal is not good enough at this stage. The Blades showed that ruthlessness”

“much the better chances good saves by keeper but that’s it really isn’t it same story”

“made to pay for poor finishing in the first half. United turned on the style and it should have been more than 2-0. Chances galore in the opening 45, but the same old story, I’m afraid.”

“Duffy set both goals up again tonight. Wasn’t good enough for us apparently. Too lazy and didn’t live close enough to Burton.”

“Feel fortunate to escape with just a 2-0 defeat given the way United increased the tempo after their second”

“Zero goals again we cant survive”

“we’re 5 points off safety going into Wolves and Cardiff, we could be pretty much down by the end of March”

“Championship was fun whilst it lasted.. things could of been so different.”

“2-0 down and Luke Varney and Jake Buxton come on. Enough is enough now”

“Bringing Buxton on when we’re 2-0 down was a weird decision”

“Clough bringing Buxton on when we’re 2 down. You won’t be getting any more of my cash this season im afraid”

“1 up front all game when losing is not good enough.”

“For me, this season is written off now. If we’re bringing defenders on at 2-0 down as well, I’m not certain that Clough hasn’t written it off as well”

“Enough is enough clough out board needs to show bottle like wallsalls did”

“Still persevering with 1 up front. It’s not the effort it’s the wank inept tactics.Play 2 up front. Pressure the keeper when on corners not float them into him #cloughout”

I’ve got more chance of having a hot raunchy threesome with Kelly Brook and Mila Kunis, than seeing Nigel Clough move on ”

“Spent 2/3rds of season being too defensive & playing his mates.Paying for it now & running out of players! For me I still believe he should have gone in Nov.Was told he put his Notice in then but BR refused it?”



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View From Ipswich

“Another new record that Micks achieved is four home games and 0 goals. Mick OUT”

“Sadly that was typical Mick out there. Game turned into scrap, no quality on display but ultimately the result isn;t that bad. It’s utterly pointless, and certainly not a good result but it isn’t a bad result. We just bob further away in mid table, the second half was as boring as you can imagine and we were lucky to walk away with a point.”

“Two points wasted, bottom line.”

“Not much to write about that one really, a boring game”

“What a complete and utter waste of time.”

“Like Burton, all Sheff Utd had to really do to shut us out was keep their shape. After that, we were far too static off the ball so the only real option for the man in possession was to try and knock it over the defence, hope for a mistake, try and win the 2nd challenge etc. Not sure we were lucky to get a point – apart from a decent effort against the post they didn’t threaten the goal. Bart had nothing he had to work for and we blocked most things before they got into a dangerous position. ”

“The result isnt ‘that bad’ but that very very minor hope of top 6 is now all but a distant dream. We cant go into home games playing an setting up how we did today. Whats happened compared to the start of the season? We were leaking goals but we were bloody scoring them as well. (We were second top goalscorers in the league at a point). Frustrating and dissapointing. The guy that sits near me SBR upper said at HT “i’ll take a point today” if thats what its come to whats the point? Why the hell would you take just a point in this situation. Crazy. “

“Sheffield United aren’t Barcelona. It’s a ‘bad’ result in my book. ”

“They are a good side”

“We were outplayed”

“we were hopeless and were lucky to get a point in the end.”

“Sheffield United were far better than us, I assume on a lower wage bill. Crisper passing, overlaps and craft. They deserved to win. Probably the quality of our centre backs held them out. Couple of good blocks. As my mate said – “even the seagulls are bored”

“They were nowhere near “far better than us” just because in the 2nd half they had a few moments of nicer passing which came to nothing other than one decent effort which hit the post. If they were that much better they’d have won or at least forced Bart into doing something vaguely challenging. They were as much contributors to it being a poor spectacle as we were today.”

“Both teams were hardly an advert for on the deck football to be honest. Utd were more culpable than us, certainly first half. ”

“Not sure you could have played Deck football on that pitch.”

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View From Fulham

“After a slow and fairly under energised first 20 mins from us, we looked perhaps a little too confident in our own abilities….And the next 25minutes showed everyone why…
We have Mitrovic….
Great combination one touch passing is tearing an otherwise organised team apart. In Mitrovic we have a the forward we have been calling out for a long time…The perfect combination of strength, hold up play, poaching ability and quality finishing.After apparently taking an elbow off the ball early on from Stearman it was wide smile stuff and brought a hearty laugh to see Mitro react in the right way. His flexing his biceps and smiling his arse off at Stearman after he’d scored was a fantastic moment. Not too aggressive but brilliantly playful and enjoying putting him rightfully in his place….Sit down Richard. Brilliant football last 20 mins from us, truly all over them and we look unplayable when we’re in that flow. ”

“Mitrovic is a tidy, shrewd piece of business. He bullied the Blades tonight and every touch of the ball had a purpose. With the way he holds up play and dispatches, he’s basically a train station.”

“Its not just the result, its the manner of the result and the way we are dominating teams. Very impressive”

“dominated possession, passed with gusto and finished with precision in one of the finest displays at the Cottage. Champagne football.”

“The real Pride of London cut another pretender down, make them look average, and send them packing with zero points from the Cottage.”

“in the last 20 minutes of the first half it was like a Prem team playing a lower league side.”

“We absolutely bossed them. The second half was embarrassing, genuinely felt sorry for the fans that travelled”

“We looked so dangerous when they were in possession”

“Not conceded a goal at home for 495 minutes.”

“What is good to note is that we are playing teams off the pitch.”

“did we get out of 2nd gear ??, That was a master class performance. Blimey how good is this side right now”

“We crusied past them” “Boring just another 3 points”

“Oh I do love thrashing Sheffield United”

“I think the current top 6 will be the same at the end of the season, hopefully in a different order.”

“The only team we need to worry about are the officials! the match officials! I really hope we don’t experience the same as last season! There is no doubt that along with Wolves we are the top 2 teams in the Championship, we were probably the best team last season in the league but where did it get us? Like every Fulham fan I am over the moon at what we have achieved especially in the last 14 games, but it might again become a lottery, surely if we play our style of football we cannot again be robbed by FL officials? As much as I hate V.A.R. analysis, there must be a case to adopt it for the play offs? I can’t believe I suggested that!”

“I think the clappers are terrible but with our ground at least they help generate noise albeit extremely artificial”

“I personally like it creates a good atmosphere before the game albeit a bit American !”

“Luv em myself,loluv the stuff about em.hilarious.”

“Can’t stand them but concede they help make a bit of noise which might spur the lads on.”

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