View From Boro

“Maybe just edged the first half but didn’t make chances count then cracked under pressure.”

“Absolutely outplayed in every department!! Pulis needs to go!! Even if it’s another year in the championship? Football is basic, boring.”

“Worst thing about tonight is sheff united were under par and not up to usual standards in particular large part of 1st half yet we barely laid a glove on them. Really poor. Hanging on for 6th going to be really tough”

“Both teams poor, but they were there for the taking. “

“5-4-1 in a game where 3 points would have been huge. Sheffield United were below par and were there for the taking”

“GET HIM OUT. All the way to Sheffield for another half arsed performance.”

“Don’t dress it up a 13 man Pullis team would of got beat with his tactics and no sticker on the pitch….. Yes I mean NO STRIKER. lumping around does not qualify for this role. Boro lad or not. In fact I bet at least a dozen Boro lads in the crowd tonight are better than Hughill”

“Totally fucking schooled in that Second Half tonight. We play like a Pulis side but we don’t often show the character & savvy of a Pulis team.”

“There was a clear weakness exposed late in the First Half with Friend getting up with Downing. Sheff Utd did well to get that sorted with their Half Time change.”

“We’re *** to watch and Sheff United look quality. There off the ball runs are great as well. Better players or better manager and system?….. ”

“Not better players. Just a far superior manager.”

“They made an attacking sub and by some sort of miracle do more going forward, scoring within 15 minutes. Who would have thought!!?
Theres a lesson to be learnt there Tony, but you will never understand.”

“So pathetic to lay down and die like that against a rival.
Wilder would have us challenging for top 2.”

“No he wouldnt problem is this team under Karanka and Pulis is so driven into them (the defensive mindset) this team dont know to play any other way.”

“Gibson will have noticed the good football they play and hopefully consider their manager for our next appointment.”

“We had lost it before going down to 10 men. Let’s not try and soften the blow. Again we remain reactive and wait to go behind before making changes. Even the commentator on Sky said when we have a chance to build and play it forward, we do the opposite and pass it backwards.”

“We don’t go to win, just to suffocate opponents, awful second half, Ayala was a walking red or pen. No attacking intent, pace, wingers and the lump up front can’t stay upright and when he does gives a foul”

“Why don’t we go out an attack like Sheff Utd?”

“We the most boring team to watch in the league”

“We are a horrible, horrible side to watch, it would be a travesty if this team went up playing this negative boring football and with this dinosaur in charge.”

“Lovely stuff. Particularly enjoyed them 4 consecutive throw ins down the right.”

“Lost to a team that had Cranie and Stearman as their centre half’s”

“They had Martin Cranie and Richard Stearman at the back tonight, absolutely laughably bad stuff.”

“We weren’t great but Hugill was pulled up for virtually every aerial challenge but their scorer was all over Fry,stopping him being able to jump to head the ball!”

Sheff United players spent more time on the floor tonight than my carpet”

“That’s a red for fleck for me. two footed lunge right through mikel”

“Officials let the home fans intimidate them big style”

“Surprised the officials decided to leave their Shef Utd gear at home. Their fans were giving them grief but everything went their way. Don’t think the referee could’ve given them more, might have gone to his house and found his Shef Utd bed set. ”

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View From Villa

” I gotta say they were by far the best team and one of the best to come here , players all playing for each other and moving the ball around well and quickly ,unbelievable ending ,an error on each which looked so unlucky from their back four all night,crazy game but that’s why we love it”

“Apart from Leeds, Utd are the best team I have seen at Villa Park this season. Completely played us off the park with the high energy and will to compete and win every second ball. We got extremely lucky and I doubt any Villa fan would have expected a point from the game at 3-0 down. Play like that for the remainder of the season and the Blades will be in the Premier League. As for Villa, I think we have a few more long hard seasons of championship football to look forward to.”

“Honest to god, Sheffield United are the best team I have seen this season. We did not deserve a point but they fell asleep in the last 15. We woke up and snatched the point. wouldn’t want to face them in the playoffs. “

“Ultimately today, we’ve got another draw – and as magical as the moment was, it’s probably a draw that in the cold light of day puts an end to our hopes of reaching the playoffs. We should have had a penalty and they should have had a goal disallowed twice, but we haven’t been unlucky, quite the opposite – we’ve robbed Sheffield of a win and their fans of their own table topping moment. If I had an ounce of decency, I’d apologise to Sheffield United.”

“Hats off to Sheff Utd and Chris Wilder. Great, almost unique system. Good to watch, fit and passionate. All the things we’re not unfortunately. Bbrilliant, creative manager and a great team to watch ”

“Ref crap but ultimately, good teams take the initiative from the off. That’s why #SUFC won’t be far away (no right to be there with £ spend), and #AVFC will blag it (huge £ should be top 2) if they go up. “

“Sheff feel like they lost.
Villa feel like they won.
That’s footy. “

“Wow, football, marvellous, isn’t it. totally out hustled all over the park for 70 mins and then Sheff Utd got all jittery and gifted us a couple of goals.”

“How the hell have we got a point from that! Thought we were absolutely dreadful. Gonna be hard for Sheff Utd to pick themselves up”

“Absolutely disgusting performance for 82minutes. Of course fans left with that absolute pathetic attempt of football on the pitch. That one-off miracle only papered over the cracks. Anyone who is happy with that needs their head checking.”

“Despite the possession stats being in our favour….I thought they dominated the ball better than us, closed down better than us, passed the ball better than us, showed more urgency and tenacity better than us and showed better anticipation. its a great comeback, but to ignore the previous 70 minutes is folly….we will go nowhere playing like that.”

There were periods in the game it was embarrassing.

“Bizarre finish. Probably the most undeserved point I’ve seen but a great comeback!”

“DS said we were the better the team hahahhaha “

“Villa’s worst performance of the season bar none
There for the taking, also that blades second goal had so many reasons to be disallowed, the referee was terrible for Villa. “

“Sheffield can’t really complain at a draw as Villa felt the referee gave them every decision.
Other than the 3 goals (one of which was illegal) what else did the Villa keeper have to do? I can’t think of one other save he had to make”

“The commentators were cumming themselves all game about Sheffield United but really, they’re not that good.”

“Could so easily have lost comfortably against a side who just do the basics right for me….not much more else. “

“What’s even better is Sheffield United fans got cocky singing “We are top of the league” then bottled it”

“the Sheff Utd fans were a credit to the club and team tonight. The best to come to Villa Park this season”

Have to love seeing all the Sheffield Wednesday fans gloating on Twitter, no offence but where are they in the league compared to Sheffield United, as a Villa fan Sheffield is red and white “

“Better football. Better fans. Best in Sheffield.”

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View From Bolton

“Parky went for a 0-0 and he got half of it right – we got Nil. We actually played ok, but we were never going to get anything from this game with Parkys negative tactics. Their first goal was a foul on Hobbs imo, no complaints about their 2nd apart from our shite marking in the box.” 

“Bolton Wanderers Nil” – the most used phrase in football. “

“It’s pretty shit. 1st half played for 0-0. And it worked. 2nd half, was never going happen, 0-2 was a result and Parky ( hands in pockets) is well happy. Sad times. “

“we were not that bad, but not good enough. It isnt gelling, the players do seem to be capable of performing and today there are moments where they show what they are capable of. But before they gel and become a championship side they will be relegated :lol:. I dont blame the manager, it isnt him. He cant help  howling mistakes from individual players. Like todays first goal, how is that the managers fault? The first goal was a players fault. And one goal like that, and its the end of the game when you cant score.

“Today was like any other 20 or so games this season. We were not that bad. But just not good enough. The club is in a massive rut and we need something quick to lift the gloom. The manager is the only thing we can change so he has to go. ”

“This isnt Parkys fault. Boltons played well. Individual errors from players gifting goals is the players fault.”

“Fucking budget. Got fuck all to do with it. if we had an extra £11m on our budget it’d just mean we had a keeper worth £1m more lumping the ball 80 yard. 2 holding midfielders worth an extra £2m staying our side of half way and playing Square and backward passes. And a striker worth a million quid not seeing the ball anywhere other than 6 feet above his head for 90 mins. how PP sets his team out to play isn’t because they’re worth fuck all it’s because it’s all he knows”

“The really annoying thing is that outsiders think PP has done a good job against all the odds. No, he’s crap with no money, and he’s the same with £100 million. He’s another Pulis, Hughes, Morinho, but worse.”

“We set up from the first minute to nick a 0-0.  Players tying shoelaces in the first 10 minutes. Sheffield Utd weren’t all that.  Have a go at losing 4-3, 3-2 or even fucking 3-0 having a go rather than surrender 2-0 before a ball is kicked. “

“we only have 2 strikers n both of em turn like a fucking triple decker bus”

“The FAT PIG scored”

“Who the fook was supposed be he marking fat little Billy Sharp?”

“Can not watch this side again sober.”

“On the upside, Sheffield need to clean one of their sinks out. “

“It’s unfortunate for the cleaners at Bramhall Lane, minimum wage or not, I would refuse to clean the sinks! On to football matters, what was in the sink represented what was on the pitch and on the sidelines. “

“I mean enough about the game, team, club like but who fucking shits in a sink? The smallest of small time clubs. “

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View From Norwich

“fair result, bit disappointing having lead twice, but can’t really complain about the result, the ref was shite”

“We weren’t at our best today and our passing wasn’t great at times. You can’t play possession football if you needlessly give the ball away. Disappointing but have to say a fair result and it keeps us well and truly in the hunt. On to next week”

“When are we actually go to  beat a top 6 team? A draw was not a disaster but feels like a defeat. Farke slow making subs and shocking defending for their 2nd goal.”

“After the Leeds game, our only remaining game against a top six side is Boro away. plus Bristol at H. Leeds still have to play Boro, WBA home, Sheff U at home and Bristol away. Sheff U still have Boro H, WBA A, Sheff Weds A, Leeds A and Bristol H”

“Fair result today. Those grumbling about not beating any of the top teams should bear in mind that we lost to both WBA and SU at the beginning of the season before we really got going, and have improved on that in the return games fielding the least experienced back line in the division and a second string midfield pair in front of them. At full strength we are perfectly capable of beating whoever we need to if it comes to the playoffs.” 

“We ship far too many goals to be auto promotion imo. I don’t fancy us in the play offs as we can’t  beat anyone  any good. I hope I’m wrong but I think we are going to fall a little short”

“Very Disappointing.  Leaking again. One pointless goal. Second half performance not as good either. Fair play to a stubborn SU I suppose “

“Thought the team played well against a good Sheff Utd”

“Such a shame we didn’t win today, weren’t at our best & Sheff utd are decent”

“Not surprised Sheff Utd are up there. I’d say they’re a better side than WBA based on the few games I’ve seen of each. Thought a draw was fair but frustrating we can’t hold onto a lead.”

“It was an intense game today and it looked tiring for both teams. Maybe we could have got the subs on earlier but it was so tight and tense that it is difficult to blame DF. We were under the cosh sometimes but pressuring them in return. Yes a win should have been the end result but it was an entertaining game and four goals once again. “

“Yeah fair result in the end, as you say though dj frustrating after leading twice. We do seem to have a bit of a soft underbelly, which really isn’t something you want as a team going for promotion . A point would be fine as it meant Sheffield United wouldn’t gain any ground on us, and they didn’t. So I’m happy enough about that. I do find it funny United were time-wasting, and their fans were singing that ‘take your time Sheffield United’ song, considering that them time-wasting was fine by us. A draw is a much better result for us than it is them, as it means they haven’t gained any ground on us. Particularly considering our favourable run of games after Leeds next week. Not the brightest bunch are they. Best moment of the match though had to be Zimmermann shoving Billy Sharp straight to the ground off the ball, and then Sharp getting up and tryna square up to him before realising he barely comes up to Zimmermann’s shoulder”

“Strange one. Sheff Utd acting like they’ve won the league when they’ve got a point which keeps them 3 points below us?!
weird bunch. Decent performance from us”

“Strange mentality to be happy with a point when they could’ve won it. A win puts them above us but happy to settle for a draw. Not sure about that myself “

“They’ve done us home and away, they played very well today as did we. Fair play to them!”

“Well, we hang on for a draw but only 7 shots, though 5 were on target. Status quo preserved but 3 points behind Leeds now and West Brom have a game in hand. Big disappointment but at least not a disaster. Whew”

“We’re like a boxer with a glass jaw. If we can’t defend, we don’t deserve to go up.”

“That’s a sickener.  Particularly considering the differing quality of football played by the two sides. “

“For all the talk of Sheff Utd not being cloggers and playing football, they did nothing except hoof it at Madine and kick us. “

“Sheff Utd are bunch of knobheads – those who said they weren’t cloggers clearly don’t know what they’re talking about. Basham in particular is a c-un-t. We scored two great goals playing proper football on the plus side. Another ref with no consistency whatsoever. Let the game flow which was a plus but booked Zimmermann for the same tackle Sheff Utd players had already made 4 or 5 times, and let them kick us off the park with late tackles and leaving the foot in.”

“Penalty was pretty soft, Buendia clearly nudged him but the guy went down like a ton of bricks.”

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View From Swansea

“I think I saw the best team we’ve played tonight, for the first half hour.
They literally gave us the run around
But the size on them, half of them were fatties and the other half over the hill.They were literally spent after half time and we came right into it and scored a superb goal. ”

“How good would they Be with a decent target man up front that knows how to put it away”

“Potter got it spot against a good Sheff Utd team.”

“Great win, rode some serious luck though.”

“How did we win that? Oh well 3 points is 3 points”

“Brilliant 2H performance against a very good team. We looked superb at times.” “We weren’t at our best (credit to Utd) but one header aside I never felt like we’d concede”

“Thought a draw was a fair result but superb by the boys second half.” “Sheffield United were very decent opposition”

“Superb win against an impressive Sheffield United side.”

“Sheffield United showed their qualities during the match.” “There was a good shape to The Blades”

“Was not expecting that result”

“The “front three” of McBurnie, Routs/James and Dyer seemed to be deployed to pin their centre halves back. The overload they had on the left was almost always initiated by the wide CB pushing on.
To this end it worked well and even gave us more bodies in space when we recycled possession.”

“Had to win today and deservedly did so.”

“Great result for us that, double over them now and they were 2nd ! First half we gave them too much respect, 2nd half much better 1”

“Great 3points. double over Sheffield United who were on a great run.”

“No mean feat doing the double over them”

“Performances like today will push us bloody close to the play offs”

“Performances like we saw in the 2nd half, not the first.”

“Their manager winging about the ref. Booked 2 of my players and no penalty at the end of the game.
Can expect a “come up and see me “from the FA and a contribution to the Xmas party slush fund £10,000 maybe.”

“Fair play their fans were decent but got nothing on the jack army. Cracking second half performance after being bossed in the first”

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View From QPR

“Hardly forced their keeper into a save all game. Disappointing.”

“The whole performance was just drab. Limited their chances but created nothing ourselves at all. Literally nothing. Not one serious chance.”

“We were second best all day, got what we deserved. #### all. “

“We had a collective inferiority complex”

“For not one misplay, this was a nil-nil draw. Despite not getting the results, and not having any efforts upfront, there’s a lot to like about today’s performance.”

“a draw would’ve been fair, last season we would have got turned over big time, we’re improving no doubt, dust off and go again”

“Dull game. No real chances other than the goal for either side. Eze looked good but had to get the ball from his own half most of the time. “

“they were there for the taking in my opinion. We just didn’t seem to click today”

“Blades up to 2nd place now but they are not good enough to stay there… “

“We aren’t tough or robust enough. When we do put ourselves about we aren’t very good at it and get bookings for really lame fouls. At least take someone down properly if you are going in the book. Sheffield at the top and another team that look nothing like decent enough.”

“This ref was exactly what United needed to play that type of match, they really didn’t overly impress me today, we were dreadful, some of that has to do with the ref and the way United were allowed to play though!”

“United fouled us cleverly very early so we couldn’t counterattack. They did not even get yellow cards! When we did manage to break our passing was too late”

“I´m sick and tired of the fouls when a team tries to counter. Manchester City are the worst culprits in the PL, but I´m pretty sure Sheffield United have a comparable statistic in the Championship. Crap game”

“The ref was awful.”

“Funny how when we are not winning there is only 3 minutes extra-time and their keeper is aloud to take all the time in the world. “

“Shape was excellent, work-rate never dipped, defence excellent and ref did us no favours in stopping one break away to book one of theirs. He should have booked at least five Sheff Utd players for cynical pullbacks but only once our breaks had been allowed to build up (where possible). ”

“Our captain could’ve done more to get in front of McG. Beside that one effort it was a level match”

“we were facing a very solid team today. McGoldrick again showed why he’s a cut above everyone else out there. “

“It’s amazing how McGoldrick always scores against us!”

“Going down 1-0 away to Sheff Utd is not a bad result by any stretch. We were in the game for 90 minutes. I can’t believe the unbelievable season we are having considering the state our club has been in! ”

“The fact that we are disappointed we didn’t get a result away from home against a team going for automatic promotion speaks volumes… ”

“Sheffield Utd are a top side, so today was always going to be tough”

“Many a team have been ripped apart at Bramal Lane, so a 1-0 defeat isn’t that bad.
Good side playing well. ”

“No shame in losing to this lot. 2nd in the table.”

“Expect them to be in the mix for promotion”

“We were quite competitive against a good Sheff Utd side”

No shame losing to this Sheffield Utd. They really impressed today. Still we gave them a good game. “

“We weren’t at the races today but we also restricted a strong automatic promotion chasing side to very little on their own patch, so that’s a positive to take away. Really liked Bramall Lane as well. Another ground ticked off the list.”

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View From Wigan

“Was outplayed by the best team I’ve seen at the Dw this season”

“May take some stick for this but I don’t think there was much in the two teams today (and stats agree). A few key moments and a severe lack of confidence killed us. Sheff Utd reminded me of our Roberts and Ellington days, 442 with two awesome forwards”

“glad I walked out absolutely shocking we have heavy artillery but it’s on the bench and our only defensive midfielder was taken off and from then on they ripped us apart no disrespect to sheff Utd they were a great team” “Apart from the tactics, work ethic, game plan, movement, quality and chances there was nothing between the teams.”

“Difficult to know where to start analysing that debacle. For starters I’ve experienced more atmosphere at a funeral. I guess we’ve all seen the film before and knew what was coming.”

“We can say all we want about the opposition but look at what a mess Sheffield were in 3 years ago when they were mid table in L1. They hired a lower league manager and their current squad is made up of a lot of players we could’ve potentially / realistically had on a free or for cheap over the past few years so they aren’t like a Villa or West Brom with Prem players and parachute money we can’t compete with. Sheffield just have a good positive system that plays to their strengths and they’ve recruited smartly in exactly what they needed in every position to make it all work. They aren’t a crazy expensive team filled with big name super stars we could never have hoped to get here, they are just a great example of what a club like ours can aspire to if we can get it right – especially on tge recruitment front. Easier said than done but it is proof that you don’t have to spend a kings ransom finding good players who can compete at this level if you have a good eye for talent.”

“Sheffield were hungrier, better fitness levels. solid shape, higher up the pitch and fully deserved their win. We did not create a single chance from open play. Aside from a spill from their keeper.”

“Watching Sheffield play today gives us an idea where we need to be.
I don’t think they were at their best but they were a million miles ahead of us and our bumbled efforts.”

“a team very low on confidence played a team very high on confidence the result says it all if Evans would have stuck that chance away could have been a different performance not saying we would have won like” “We should’ve had Fleck on a free when we went up under Caldwell as Sheff U were only L1 and we were Championship – he was clearly a good player worth taking on a Bosman from seeing him in L1. He was one of the lads i hoped we’d go for along with Dack. “

“The fact that Sheff Utd signed Fleck for a free transfer and Norwood for cheaper than Evans says it all about how far behind our recruitment is. “ .”A player that was promoted with Brighton, then Fulham and now pushing again with Sheffield united is surely worth more then 1 million. “

“Sheffield will pay 1.98 million for Norwood, basically 2million which is a steal for a player of his experience and quality”

“Lots of poor performances, Evans was woeful, even though he created our best two chances. Took one corner in the entire game at the 85th minute, also the chance in the first half after he won a tackle high up the pitch then reacted before 3 Sheffield defenders and put it wide from close range. With Egan most likely blocking it if it was on target, still a very poor miss. Not too mention his close range passing was very poor. Worst game for us in all of his time here. “

“If the great Lee Evans who everyone wants in the side wasn’t inept then we would have been 1 up.”

“Walton was abysmal again as was Evans and Roberts.”

“We have a lack of confidence. Its clear. Evans missing and Walton being shite are not Cooks fault.”

“They scored 1 in the first half they scored 2 in the second, it’s how football goes sometimes! Or according to some! The set up today was poor and we created fuck all bar one really bad miss from a player who was so far up the field he had a nose bleed!”

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View From Derby

“Fair play to Sheff Utd. Proper club and fans, highlighted if it was ever needed how shit our home support is, got behind their team, shouted for everything and made it hostile, everything we don’t. Pulled their team through”

“Thought they were much better first 20, we played well for 25 minutes for the rest of the half. Didn’t really threaten bar that one Wilson chance. It’s all well and good looking pretty for 20 minutes but we just didn’t capitalise. Didn’t deserve to go in 1-0 down but not sure we deserved to be winning either.
Second half we didn’t have a sniff. Thought McGoldrick went down like a pansy but wouldn’t have argued if it had been given. Carson is always in the thick of it at their place, what the fuck was the back pass decision all about. Bizarre.”

“Bullied and out muscled all over the pitch unfortunately, leading to lack of simple ball control and the inability to find a team mate. Can’t remember their keeper making a save”

“they were visibly rattled after the goal and we did nothing to panic them after. We actually let them gain control and score!”

“we’d just scored out of nowhere and then I don’t think we strung 3/4 passes together after it!”

“Keogh can’t head properly, he can’t kick properly, his awareness and positioning are both terrible, he’s always sliding in/selling himself, I can’t speak for other players but they can’t have much confidence playing next to him, we’ve not progressed an inch in the 300 (how?) Games he’s played. Even his hair is poo. Enough or shall I carry on?”

“Anyone who thinks Keogh had a bad game or is the cause of our defensive problems dimly can’t let go of the past and is holding a grudge.
The only player willing to make things happen with the ball. Bailed out his fellow defenders on several occasions. He is not responsible for both Tomori and Wisdom giving Sharp a free header and Carson casually folding to the ground. 
He’s not responsible for Tomori completely losing McGoldrick and failing to get back and challenge him. He is not responsible for Bogle losing his man and then deflecting the ball away from Carson.
Our wingers did not do enough to combat the threat of Sheffield United’s wing backs. Time and time again Bogle and Wisdom were left in two on one situations as Jozefzoon and Wilson didn’t help them out well enough. I think Waghorn and Bennett (if fit) would’ve been a much better fit for this game.”

“Keogh best player on the pitch today for me.”

“Tomori may as well not have been playing today – couldn’t cope with either Sharpe or McGoldrick.”

“We made Leon Clarke look like Ronaldo “

“We’re not very good to be honest. Defence is a shambles, it’s embarrassing. Lampard is doing a good job though & needs to chill out a bit. He doesn’t look happy at the minute and seems to be taking it out on everybody but his players.”

“If no investment in better players is forthcoming we’ll continue going nowhere.”

“We’ve spent 15 mill. How much more do we need?!”

 “Don’t know why but that performance has left me feeling particularly annoyed. Sheffield United are a good team but from what iv seen recently we have got no chance of promotion. We seem to have gone backwards.”

“A well organised team who played to their strengths and all knew their jobs.
In contrast, we were, not for the first time in the last month, a team of eleven individuals.”

“Expected win today, really did. Don’t think they’ll go up at all. Leeds play great football, top manager……. I really really do not like saying that, trust me. They are stand out to me, Norwich, how can they exist on late goals like that, got to be a stat busting ratio. Still, ‘tis the season etc etc boys and girls. Alcohol awaits…….apologies in advance to you tee totallers. Some clubs have spent far more than us but are looking up at us and would love to be where we are, please consider that. Won’t mention names or clubs but, hey Gary your trainers are crap and erm how much have you spent?”

 “thought we played well in the first half. Two lino decisions twice stopped marriott when he was onside. But billy sharp is a bloody handful. Not sure what the goal celebration was all about. Wonderful free kick. For me that was his best yet. And no it wasn’t a penalty. Mcgoldrick went down under no pressure as soon as he felt tomori touch him.
Second half became a battle. we lost out in a physical scrap, and the subs seemed to make us worse. The last goal was poor and the scoreline flattered them a bit. When moves break down we are very vulnerable to the counter and we got rattled.
but tbh i expected a narrow defeat.”

“They were no great shakes offensively, but very well organised, knew how they were going to attack and their strikers were always in the game.”

“SU didn’t look great we made them look average. Disappointed with that. Bullied off ever ball in midfield and shaky defensively, Frank looks like he’s ages 10 years” 

“Sheffield Utd no chance of goin*up that I know” 

“We will see them in Championship next year”

“The difference between our reaction to conceding and United’s is what won them the game. They immediately started shithousing, conned the ref into booking Keogh and had their fat little ******** of a manager jumping up and down on the touchline complaining about everything. We rolled over and played dead.
Don Goodman is a rick of the highest order. The fact he can sit and watch a slow motion replay of McGoldrick’s pathetic penalty appeal and still insist it should’ve been given is a new low, even by his own myopic standards.”

“Don Goodman your a disgrace after 9 replays I showed my 9 year old with no sound on the so called penalty moment and he said nothing happened. Sky TV have a look at yourself. Come to think of it, Don you could have played for us and done more than our midfield did.”

“Sheff U got a lot of borderline decisions, but they’ll still whinge about how the ref was somehow against them. Love a whinge more than a win!”

“Sheffield United will be happy. They’ve won and will still find a way to whinge about the ref. “

“shizen as we’ve been, we don’t have to have Billy Fluffing Sharpe as our hero. Sheff Utd along with Sunderland have to be the blandest teams in the country.”

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View From Ipswich

“Good result in the end, well done Town

“Happy with that but it could have been so much better”

“Town played so bloody well today. Im SO proud of them. If we keep this style of play and never say die attitude, we will not go down.”

“A very creditable point today giving hop that we won’t be relegated by a huge margin. Indeed we might just scrape 21st place.
Onwards and upward”

“we defended well today (aside from a slight lapse for their goal) and carried more of a threat ourselves. I’m a touch disappointed we didn’t find the win as it looked achievable but that in itself is quite telling. Ref was utterly, utterly abysmal again today though, something needs to be done about that.”

“Imagine coming to bottom of the league Ipswich and not being able to beat us with 12 men”

“It’s a great point for us, Sheff Utd were a class above us, but we put in so much effort we deserved the draw.”

“from what I saw Sheff UTD were miles ahead of us in terms of quality so to not lose was a good achievement. Poor time to concede again though, absolutely killed what little momentum we gathered before the break, happened far too often this season.”

“Norwood, Duffy and Fleck were miles better In all aspects of that midfield. I’m delighted with a point.”

“Sheffield played some really nice stuff. Good point for us. We were pretty poor with no one particularly standing out. But to put a positive spin on it we played crap but still got a point.”

“Not the best performance, still struggle with ball retention and creating chances but against a good footballing side that could easily have turned us over, can’t complain.
Just a shame we don’t have that quality to kick on when we take the lead.”

“We certainly lacked the control going forward that McGoldrick, Sharp, Duffy, Fleck and Norwood gave the Blades. But hopefully we’ll get a couple of signings that are better on the ball.”

“Blades have been developing a passing game over years… we’ve had weeks”  

“Good result against a side looking for promotion, at least Macgoaldrought/sick note didn’t score”

“We’ve rattled Sheffield United fans after little Ipswich have took a point off them. Brilliant!”

“Bolton briefly replaced them as the scum of the north but I think it’s reverted back to Sheffield United now. I’m down with that. “

“Yes or Scum of the north we hate Sheffield We hate Sheffield” 

“Never forgive. Never forget.
Nah, I quite like them now, mixing it with teams who have far, far bigger budgets.
Wilder does come across as a bit of a classless nob though.”

“Ever since that BBC documentary about them in the early 90s I’ve quite liked them. Greasy chip butty song, loyal fans, proper ground. “

“they are ok, far worse clubs”

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View From West Brom

“Really poor first half but got a decent goal out of nowhere, then played much better in the second half.
Gareth Barry bossed it…he’s 38 in three months”

“Who said football is a game of two halves!”

“Said we’d have to up it in the second half and we certainly did!”

“A game that flip flopped , two evenly matched teams, very little melodrama, and a proper game that we deserved to win.”

“First 40 minutes we were all over the place and not offering much going forward. Could have easily been 2 or 3 down. Then we scored and we took over. Last 5 minutes of the first half we took over .
Second half was as good as I’ve seen albion play in a long time. A near perfect performance, played some lovely stuff, always looked like scoring, strong at the back and I never once thought Sheffield Utd would score. Brilliant performance and because of how good we were I thought we deserved the win”

“Insipid first half performances have to come from somewhere,is there a lack of “Umph” from the manager pre match?
It’s not good enough to put in a half that could see you “buried” as the excellent Keith Andrews remarked at half time.
“individual brilliance” rather than team set up got us the win in his and Michael Brown’s opinion.
Week after week pundits are basically saying that our organisation and application are rubbish in large parts but that our front four are constantly creating miracles to dig us out of the c r a p!
Sorry if I seem picky but we have to be better than this defensively and from more forward players putting in defensive efforts.
This is an incredibly poor division this year,it’s there for the taking with a couple of good signings and players and coaching staff sorting out this p I s s poor first half dross they keep turning out.”

“First 15-20 minutes there was only 1 team in it and it wasn’t us. I feared for a bit of a hammering. After that we got more into the game and started to get a grip without creating anything, like against Villa and then we scored from pretty much our first real chance….again like the Villa game. Sheff Utd started to fade in the last 5 minutes of the first half and I said at half time that if we could be more cohesive in the second half we’d win.
I thought we were great second half, a mirror image of the first! Sheff Utd looked all over the place and just couldn’t cope with our play. Liked the look of their 21 (Duffy I think), a very tidy little player.”

“i do think we are to open to start games last night was a typical example their full backs were bombing on leaving both our full backs exposed most of the first half i’m not sure what they changed at half time but it worked maybe they should have changed in the first half.”

“They pressed us extremely high first half and ran out of steam, you could see it after 35-40 mins. Second half they couldn’t close us down as quick so we had time on the ball, this coupled with us having much better players meant we were pretty comfortable.If Moore’s gameplan was to keep us in it until they pressed themselves to death then I’ll give him credit, dangerous though as they could have been 2 or 3 up by that point.”

“He told them to keep the ball irrespective of where it was on the field, this drew Sheffield United on to us. Barry sat even deeper and controlled the midfield, we then passed through the bewildered home side. Simple but effective change from the first half where we tried to hit Barnes at the earliest opportunity. “

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