View From Man Utd

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“The fact that game was even remotely competitive is just gross”.

“Talk about making a meal out of it, christ”

“Two big fat Christmas presents for Sheffield United tonight with those goals but thank feck we held onto the 3 points.”

“Thank feck for that. Can’t even believe how a very easy game turned like this in last 5 minutes.”

“Hanging on against them at the end ffs.”

“Way closer that should have been but 3 points anyway. Henderson is not the answer.”

£3-1 would have flattered Sheffield United, and suddenly we’re hanging on at the death?!”

“De Gea plays and that’s 0-3.”

“The least consistent team in the history of football. We get outplayed for the first and last 10 minutes of the game and in between that we are steamrolling them.”

“Needed that win. 3-2 flattered them really, gifted them the 1st & the 2nd was lucky and not a corner anyway. Some decent football at times.”

“I thought we were unlucky. We played well apart from the nightmare start. Should and could have scored a lot more than 3.”

“Terrible first 15 average in the middle 60 and terrible in the last 15 again. In the end it was enough against a poor Sheff utd, job done.”

“We made it hard for no reason. But deserved win. Sheffield Utd are shite this season.”

“Weird game, thankfully Sheffield United pretty shite and Bruno and Pogba are pretty good.”

“No problem with a hard fought away win against what I will always maintain is a decent side short of confidence. Liverpool and City could easily have dropped points to these this season as well and both scored less than us in their game”

“Great effort from Sheffield they really put United under pressure early on. But Sheffield choosing to play such a high line against a United side with so much pace was naive to say the least. United are one of the best counter attacking teams in Europe and Sheffield just couldn’t live with it. Had Sheffield dropped deep after their goal they could have caused real problems for a United side that has trouble against teams who employ a low block.”

“Impressed with their workrate. Ramsdale needs to be dropped though.”

“Sheff Utd have now made the worst start in the English top flight since the league was formed back in the 1800’s”

“It’s a double whammy on the first one. We were the previous holders of the worst start – in the 30s apparently.
Thanks Sheffield”

“Will be glad to see Sheffield United go down, were a bunch of thugs today”

“Next away game we might as well just boot the ball into our own net at kick off.
To be fair we sort of did that today anyway”

View From….. Sheffield United

Mixing it up this week after yet another loss. Instead of looking at the comments from Southampton fans, I take a look at Twitter to see what our own fans are saying.

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View From Leicester

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“Although I’m obviously happy to win, I fear this is nothing more than papering over the cracks. “

“Well that papers over plenty of cracks.We were ****ing dire”

“papers over the cracks. Were gonna struggle to do much this season if Rodgers doesnt pull his head out of his arse”

“Cant even celebrate that because the three points just hides the fact that we’ve been crap for a month, were crap today, and will be crap in the immediate future if Rodgers doesn’t change his mindset to games.”

“Thank ****. That win feels so ****ing jammy, no idea how we made it so difficult . Rodgers is so lucky”

“Hate to be that guy but Rodgers got that horribly wrong. “

“Still worrying how Brendan is oblivious to anything other than his own ego”

“Fluking a win doesn’t excuse the performance(s) of late.”

“Happy to be top four.Mind numbing, otherwise.”

“Can’t believe that tbh. Didn’t deserve it, played crap for most of the game. But a wins a win I suppose. “

“Great result but not deserved”.

“Not many positives to take from that other than 3 points but at the end of the day they’re all that matters!”

“It’s sheff though…should have been an easy 3 points but will take it.”

“A very welcome win, but we should really have torn them apart”.

“On the first half we merited a lead. The second we didn’t. If they’d gone down to ten as they should then maybe it would’ve been different.”

“Weird one. Had enough close chances, especially hitting the post twice, that calling it shithouse or a smach and grab seems harsh.
But at the same time, thoroughly lucky. Poor for large, large parts of the game and some baffling decision making all round. “

“I thought we were decent.”

“Bloody brilliant and a well deserved win! “

“Totally dominant all game. Thoroughly deserved.”

“Football’s a game of confidence. I’m not having that as us being jammy. Sheff U score from their only shot on target.
If anything they were fortunate, we hit the post twice, their goalkeeper twice got away with howlers and they should have been down to ten men”

“Fully deserved the win, they were absolute crap and pretty much other than the goal Sheff Utd did absolutely nothing”

“Lol at people saying we didn’t deserve it, we’re lucky etc.
They played for the point and got nothing”

“As if people are angry about us scoring a winner hahahahhahahhahaha “

View From From West Brom

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“Don’t say we don’t get any luck in this league “

“In all honesty we were outplayed there”

“Sheff Utd deserved to get something from that.”

“It was a very lucky win. Sheffield Utd struggle to beat an in form Sam Johnstone, but even then they should have scored atleast 1 of the 3 or 4 sitters they had.”

“We got the luck tonight, two scoops over from a couple of yards by them – we look so lightweight sometimes.”

“Couldn’t give a damn about what Sheffield deserved. About time we had some luck. And by the way, we have recently found a very good goalie in the last 3 games.”

“Yes, we were lucky, but I’m sure we will take that after 88mins against Spurs and the disputed penalties and farce refereeing VAR against Man Utd”

“Didn’t deserve to win that or even get a point
Sheff Utd don’t look like staying up and it looked like 2 champ teams”

“A better team would have hammered us with the chances we gifted to them.”

“Think we have the more skilful players, but it was only in the last 20 minutes we dropped back and let Sheff pile the pressure on. They should have converted at least one.”

“I thought it was an even game up to the last 20 mins”

“We were lucky in all honesty. Hope we can kick on from here. Johnstone and Gallagher strong again. How come Oli Burke can actually play when we have sold him for a pittance?”

“Relieved to get the win but let’s not kid ourselves, we weren’t the better team and were very lucky. Confidence is a big thing in football so hopefully we can use that and tighten up and carry in getting results”.

“Could have easily conceded 5 tonight but oh well. 6 points from 10 games and we’re 17th. Madness!”

“Great result, but let’s not pretend it was a good performance.
At the back we are horrific, god knows what we do on the training pitch. Two poor sides and it’s hard to see either saying up. The best we can hope for under the current set up is avoiding unwanted records. “

“only another 6 needed to avoid Derby’s record.”

“The result was all that mattered. We sat in last 20 and ran down the clock – got through that period by poor luck that Sheff Utd finishing was terrible. But doesn’t matter.”

“Our luck is changing. Europe here we come!”

View From West Ham

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“A nice solid win.
I’m loving the back-to-back 1-0 wins against teams near the bottom that we’re expected to beat.
So very unlike West Ham.”

“We deserved to win. It was a professional performance, but our crossing, passing and decision making was poor”

“Good professional performance. we’d have lost a game like that in Yesteryear”

“We were much better than against Fulham. For me we were the definitive ‘better side’.”

“we looked pretty comfortable for most of the game in all honesty.”

“Sometimes in the past I’ve seen us lose to a good side by a goal or two. We may have hit the post or even equalised but you felt the other team were only playing in second gear.
That was us today. The team that could have gone up a gear if needed. That Moyes isn’t doing bad is he?”

“1-0 seriously flatters Sheffield United”

“we had control except for when McBurnie smashed it against the bar.”

“Sheff Utd got in alot of blocks and defended with lots of intensity throughout.”

“Sheff Utd worked extraordinarily hard the whole game and will get a result soon imho”

“Should of easily beat Sheffield Utd but somehow we made it tough”

“We looked in a different league to sheff utd who are dog shit”

“Sheffield United look lost. 2nd season syndrome massively”

“Easy to see where Sheffield United are struggling, they don’t release it quick enough, you’ve got numbers in the box, put the ball in quickly, surprise the opposition”

“Poor old Chris wilder. Invents the overlapping center back which half the league are now copying (including us) and then gets relegated. Good.”

“The fact that the latest comes against my pet hate team makes it still better. Nosedive karma for the Rams, err, Blunts!”

“pay back for sheff United”

“Do any of our players have a questionable contract clause that directly or indirectly, impacted on that defeat for Sheffield today? Asking for a northern friend.”

View From Chelsea

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“We’ve got our proper Chelsea back, fantastic performance again, and make no mistake for long periods this was a very hard fought contest despite the match stats. That makes the score line even more impressive.”

“Sheffield United may not have been in the best of form this season but considering we struggled against them badly in both games last season, that was a mightily impressive performance and result.”

“Really impressed with that performance, we recovered well against an awkward opponent.”

“A comfortable win after a competitive first half.”

“That was a top performance. We had 100% control of that second half, probably the most dominant half of football I have seen from us in the league for a long time.”

“We were shakey in those first 10 minutes but after that we were in cruise control. We really could and maybe should have scored 6 or 7!”

“Well that was an absolute pleasure to watch!”

“Nice win, we totally neutralised them.”

“Wonderful game. No more playing down to lesser teams!!”

“They literally had no chances after 10 minutes”

“What a dominant performance bar the first 10 minutes. Absolutely buzzing!”

“We had 70.3% possession, didn’t quite feel like it but woah”

“Ziyech created six chances against Sheffield United, the most any Premier League player has created in a single home game this season.”


“I hate sides like Sheffield United
Turn up their style when its time to face us and then fade away immediately in games afterwards.
This time they were in a poor run of form coming into the game and tried to attack us right from the off. Furious when Goldrick or whatever his name is scored as well…Only 4 PL goals, and 3 against us!!”

“That mccgoldrick dude always scores against us then doesnt score for weeks lol”

“Trying not too get too excited it was bottom of league club we were playing”

“Sheffield United may be bottom, but that’s the first time this season they’ve had a really good shoeing”

“This is Sheffield United’s joint-heaviest Premier League loss under Chris Wilder and the first time they conceded 4 goals in a Premier League match under him. “

View From Man City

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“Well done City, poor conditions but a great win and 3 points..”

“Made hardwork of that but a wins a win.”

“Phew! That second half dragged on forever. It’s a shame we didn’t have 5 subs for Pep to use “

“Proper away result.”

Went into power save mode.
Killed game.
Energy saved.”

“We we very controlled, we dominated possession and territory in both halves. They had the inevitable 10 minute purple patch, after that we were in cruise control.”

“That was a very good performance in awful conditions v an awful opponent.”

“Rodri MOTM for me, dealt with McBurnie easily all game”

“a great result at a difficult place to win.”

“Result more important than the result , the Blades is not an easy away game , we looked a far more solid outfit and never gave them a sniff”

“Sheffield United don’t concede goals, I read that in 45 Premier league games they’ve only conceded more than 2 goals in 3 matches – and one of those was a 3-3 draw.
And we don’t have a striker!
I thought we played well, created a lot of chances, Ramsdale kept them in it, and we were solid at the back.”

“Although Sheffield United offered no great threat, its good not to shudder at every opposition attack these days.”

“Good performance. Yeah we didn’t score as many as we would like, but we looked in total control and looked like we could have turned it up a notch or two if required. If it wasn’t for Ramsdale could of quite easily of been 3/4. Restricted them to 1 chance in the whole game, lots of positives from the defence.”

“Sheffield keeper was prime cassilas and neuer today”

“Glad we got the points but I really do have to say we have become boring to watch and I never thought I’d have to say that after some of the football we were playing just a few years ago. We used to play teams like that off the park and they couldn’t keep up with our quick football.”

“Pep really should be managing our subs better.While we should have scored a bucket full we didnt,we became leggy and casual in the second half and Sheffield were unlucky not to get an equaliser because of such.”

“Good game management, but a poor game to watch.”

“Goes without saying than I’m happy with the results but my word we have turned into such a boring team at times. It’s like watching Spain after their peak ten years ago.”

“Another piss poor performance but at least we have the 3 points. Our attack is concerning, considering how we barely put chances together.”

“Well last season we didn’t grind out 0-1 wins nearly enough, but we weren’t good”

“Mahrez is stealing a living, completely ineffectual and doesn’t work hard enough.
Defence looks great but Cancelo will always give someone a chance.
Bernie more like his old self in the second half.
And, whisper it quietly, De Bruyne is becoming something of a liability because he needs a rest and is out on his feet, impacting his work rate and decision making.
Walker man of match for me.
Did I mention how shite Mahrez is?”

“We have been shit before but its more frustrating these days because of the quality of players that we have bought in and the money paid for and to them.
If Reyna made a cap pass we understood. When KDB does it over and over and over its a bit rich.
Call it spoiled if you like but imo we’ve lost whatever it was that pulled us in before. Its now hard work to watch. “

“There is no joy in that City squad. Certainly no joy watching them. I enjoyed the Pearce days more that this. And I’m not joking. Give me Vassell and Cole over Sterling and Mahrez. Or
Bosvelt over Rodri. We are awful. Something needs to change. Probably the only change is me walking away finally.”

“We’re 2 points off the top of the table (with a game in hand) and you’re having a hissy fit and talking about quitting football because we won 1-0 away to one of the best defensive teams in the country, with no fit strikers and sandwiched inbetween 2 Champions League games.
Take a deep breath, take a step back, and realise how ridiculous it is to compare that to the Pearce days.”

“It’s hard to watch a team trying to break down a team not interested in playing football for 90 mins .
That isn’t City’s fault.”

“Ederson very poor, didn’t make a save.”

“I’m sure it was just a coincidence that Oliver decided to be stood right in our passing lanes all the time.
He must really put the work in during the week.
Corrupt prick.”

“OliVAR set the tone in the first five seconds by not getting his cards out and gave free license to Sheffield to kick us. Hope Pep mentions a lack of protection in his presser.”

View From Liverpool

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“Good win againt dogged opposition who will take points from teams bigger than them this season just like last.”

“Difficult but 3 points will do

“Poor first-half. Awful refereeing again.”

“Tough game. Job done.
VAR can go to hell. “

“VAR is amplifying the worst refereeing situation in any sport. As for the game, gritty and utterly what we’ve come to expect.”

“Scrappy 3 points”

“Just like last season when we were a winning machine despite VAR. It’s a bit grim that my first reaction to Jota’s goal was “Disallow that you tossers!”. I then watched the replay like a hawk for the slightest nonsense they could possibly rule it out for…
On the game itself, I hate that we’re now a soft touch again to balls bunted up the middle of the pitch. It was our Achilles heel for years but having VVD there I had almost forgotten about it. At least Watford went down last season.”

“Phew. Hate having no fans at Anfield.
I know it’s nothing new by now and the same for all teams, but it looks like a chore at times without fans there pushing them on. “

“Pretty decent after the setback from that pen.
Really good 2nd half. “

“And Breathe.
Made heavy weather of that but ultimately never really in doubt
.Shocking penalty decision though, VAR continues to ruin the Game.”

“Seasons going to be a slog, isn’t it.
No fans, poor officiating, and players looking knackered.”

“I don’t even feel anything. Football is a joke. Can’t celebrate goals, it’s all about the refs and their egos.
Pathetic sport right now.”

“it’s a shambles. You can’t even celebrate. “

“Whilst delighted we won I am starting to hate the var football.Can’t celebrate goals . It’s more of a lottery than a guy blowing a whistle as before “

“For years we saw too many shite results against endless bunches of fgrocks like the ones we were against tonight. But tonight the mentality monsters stuck their middle finger up to them and the **** at Stockley Park. I don’t give a shit who played well, who had a duffer, it doesn’t matter when the opposition might as well have 13 players. We won, that’s all that matters,**** the Premier League”

“I love it when we win these ‘dirty’ games”

“seems to be a rule for a couple of seasons now that you can pull and kick Salah in the box as much as you like.”

“That will do me,we played against 12 men”

“Not a bad result considering we were playing against 18 men.”

“Is Ferguson still holding influence? He always had Riley in his pocket. Don’t want us to catch their 20 titles. It’s obvious corruption. They won’t let us win the league this year.”

“Boggles the mind how people actually want us to stay in this corrupt league just to get screwed over week after week.”

“every VAR decision is mysteriously going against us.
It can’t carry on forever no matter how much the PL may want it too, it will soon become too noticeable if they do it every f**king week. “

” We’ve all been done one way or another, definitely us more so in recent times but I doubt you will see many organisations in favour.”

“it’s because of who we are. We had the audacity to win the prem, they’ll do what they can to try stop us retaining it.”

View From Fulham

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“Shockingly poor first half. These slow starts will get us relegated.The second half was better but normally we would have been down 0-3 after such a poor first half. Sorry, I still can’t see this squad finishing above 18th.”

“Second half was quality. We bossed the game and they got a very dodgy penalty . There are signs of hope, Lookman obviously, RLC too. Pity we didn’t win but I’m a bit more hopeful than I was at half time.
Looking at the table, it’s possible 32 or 33 points will be enough this season.”

“Thought we looked a lot better in the 2nd half- and do believe we have a chance of getting out of this”

“Obvious disappointment in not winning the game, but we could have been 2 or 3 nil down at half time.
The season is a marathon not a sprint and judging us on our second half today, at last we look like we have the makings of a competitive side in this division. Certainly some confidence now moving forward.”

“They dominated the first half, and we were all over them in the second, so a draw is probably a fair result on the balance of play. However, it’s disheartening because we were finishing all over them – another 5 minutes and we would have scored.”

“Mixed feelings. Should’ve been down by a few goals first half, but were the better team second half. Mitro had a shocker. Adarabioyo was outstanding and Ream did well.
Lookman was very very good 2nd half and scored a genius goal.
Overall a fair result but disappointing.”

“Disappointed to drop two points.
We had enough chances to have won this comfortabley today, especially in the second half.”

“Second half was quality. We bossed the game and they got a very dodgy penalty”

“thought we looked much better as a side. Rode our luck at times…..McBurnie could of had a hat trick, but it was a joy to watch.”

“Think we should have taken all three points but a point away to a side that is going to be in the relegation mix is not a bad result. The team is starting to take shape, you can see that. Our stats were much better today also. We dominated possession, had 15 shots, 6 on target. They were holding on for a point towards the end”

“We’ve got a window now to take some points and put a window between us and Sheffield Utd the next few games as they play Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea (two of those games away).”

“We improved as the game went on. Sure it was against a rival who were there for the taking, and we are already behind the curve with regard to staying up, but there were encouraging signs.”

“Shocking first half, much better second. Lacking confidence and also, sorry to say it, but the same players are the culprits. There’s potential there, but we should’ve been looking to win. Sheffield Utd did better against Arsenal than we did by quite a way, so there’s definitely improvement from our end”

“Sheffield U had a fair amount of chances, but they seemed more dangerous than they were because they were offside most of the time.”

“Berg for them was immense”

“Mariner all at sea with the pen. Var is a joke & is truly spoiling the game. How you can give a pen 3 minutes after the event. What would have happened if we had scored in those 3 minutes?”

“If this is the future of football then I’m not interested anymore. I just don’t see that as a foul at all. I thought the rule was that it has to be something clear that the referee has missed. If VAR is going to dissect every bit of every game then there would be about 300 fouls and 10 penalties over 90mins”

“Excellent close up pic on the BBC showing that both players had a foot in the air both trying to get the ball. No way should that be a pen. There was no intent to foul. One of the worst VAR decisions I have seen & there have been plenty of shockers.”

“I think VAR has killed the game for me.”

View From Arsenal

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“Ugly day. Ugly victory. Could easily see recent Arsenal vintages snatching a draw or a loss from that game.”

“Ugly, boring, uninspiring football”

“3 points. Meh performance. “

“Thankk f*** for that.
really poor performance.”

“Unconvincing again.
But a win is a win. “

“I feel we were far more convincing today than we were against West Ham. That one was really fortunate. “

“We won, we put them in their place and the goal slightly skewed it (good goal but did Leno dive a bit late?). When we use our skills we beat less skillful teams, kinda elementary.”

” It was tough as Sheffield Utd were really disciplined but I liked how we kept the ball moving side to side stretching play, staying patient and waiting for an opening.!”

“Not lucky but very clinical with chances we got. Today total 6 shots! 5 on target.
Win today is great but don’t let fool you that we desperately need creativity in side and Arteta need to tell his team to be more adventurous”

“There was nothing lucky about this win. We deserved it. Scored two great goals. Sheffield didn’t create a single decent chance apart from a long range goal from outside the box”

“they deserved nothing from this game “

“Sheffield was winning all of the crosses with a flat 5 at the back.”

“Sheffield didn’t create anything besides the goal at the end. Very comfortable, albeit quite a boring game.”

“Well deserved win. They didnt create anything to talk about except the goal”

“I don’t care too much that we have won. We ain’t doing shit this season. Bar a 10 minute spell we were total shit. Sheffield united went for it and almost got a draw in the end despite them being ordinary themselves.”

“Happy for the team, but this ain’t good enough.”

“We had no control last 10 min when they decided to press our midfield.”

“We drew this game last season, of course Sheffield have started the season poorly but still a tough opponent so it was an important win.”

“Sheffield is a tough side to break down despite them being 17th. Theyve been losing games by a goal mostly. Against Leeds it was very late, about the 88th minute.”

“Really annoying how the pundits are rubbing one out over brewster like he is messi. I swear souness was touching himself when he was blowing smoke.”

“McGoldrick should have been sent off twice before he scored, **** “