View From Plymouth

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“So proud, putting the greens truly on the map! Great effort”

“oh well winning this was always slim.”

“Not too bothered really back to L1 survival”

“Unlucky not to equalise in the end Sheffield looked a bit wobbly and as said before very wasteful. Didn’t disgrace ourselves by any means.”

“The most frustrating thing about that second half was that it proved that we could be more than a match for Sheffield United if we had just put them under more pressure. We gave them far too much respect in that first half. Still, a 2-1 defeat is no embarrassment. “

“can’t see Sheffield Utd staying up playing like that. Worrying for their fans”

“If that was a strong Utd side, then they’ll be playing Luton next season.”

“Utd won’t be in the premiership next season.”

“They didnt look like a Prem team, and we didn’t look like a L1 team”

“Good show by Argo as the BBC said not disgraced by any means, as said some of the play by The Blades illustrates why they are marooned at the foot of the table.”

“Great effort we didnt roll over when they went 2-0 up and thats to be credited we made a game of it in the second half which is unsually for us as we tend to fall apart in second halfs. Sheff Utd are going down thats a certainty along with Fulham if thats their strongest 11 its no wonder they are getting tanked week in and out and not scoring.”

“Obvs they had the better players with the Prem big bucks but you could see how fragile their confidence is after we scored our goal.”

“Proud of that performance, didn’t look out of depth really – Sheff U with more bite and more presence in the final third. Cooper and Opoku personal standouts. Ramsdale had a shocker”

“Henderson to Ramsdale a huge huge downgrade for them this season”

“On this game alone, and considering they’re roughly the same age… I think I’d take Cooper over the £18.5m Ramsdale.”

“And Jephcott over Brewster! “

“Just a couple of minutes either side of half time that did us.
We played a full strength premier league team that cost apps 60 odd million pounds and did very well in spells.
I reckon Argyle had as many touches in their box second half as they did ours. And when all’s said and done Sheffield United had a nice long week of rest before the game whilst we had an 800 mile round trip and 90 mins on the Sunderland swamp on Tuesday night.
As for the commentary salivating over Brewster’s performance?! 23 million quid?! You can build hospitals for that much and the guy looked bang average as far as I could see.
Couple of better decisions in their box after we’d scored and we’d be still watching now but overall very very pleased with the performance “

“Aside from the fact that some of their players looked very fit and strong, I am encouraged that Camara, Cooper, Jephcott, Opoku in particular did not look too far of their quality. Agree Cooper looked like the better keeper by a mile”

“Reeves was the best player on the pitch. “

“In hindsight, they must have missed or skyed a bigger percentage of their chances than we did. Definitely a Premiership side in name only. Demonstrates how the distribution of wealth in the game is wrong and so much money is being wasted on mediocrity. “

“Can’t see Sheffield United progressing past Brizzle in the next round.”

“Who other than Chris Wilder or a desperate Sheffield United supporter wants to see an exciting FA cup tie killed off like that? “

“Camara missed a great chance but what about their Prem player who had the ball laid backed to him in the box and drilled the ball straight round the post!! Bad miss for them. Can’t believe VAR didn’t give the penalty either.”

” fair play to Sheffield United professional performance best of luck in the future rounds and for the rest of the PL season”

View From Spurs

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“First win at Sheff United in 46 YEARS.”

“We got away with it with ndombele worldie & sheffield united being so bad. But obviously this is why we drop points to the better teams.”

“Comfortable win never looked in question bar maybe our customary second half malaise for a spell. Tanguy exceptional, goal was ridiculous. Like him a bit deeper, gets far more involved and put a shift in defensively. Think at times playing higher he isn’t fed the ball enough. Rodon put in a promising shift also. COYS.
Sheffield United are shite, they are not in a false position.”

“Never really got out of 2nd gear but I wonder if we could if we needed to today.”

“Even though we won.. this was so frustrating to watch.”

“It doesn’t make sense to me to be 2-0 up away to an awful Sheff Utd, and to defensive, then at 3-1 just try to kill the game off”

“Lucky we played Sheff Utd today – a better team would have beaten us”

“Against a better team today would have been the same old story.”

“we’re lucky Sheff United were extremely poor on the ball themselves today”

” one win against the worst team in the league doesn’t really excuse the other dropped points against shit teams”

“Let’s not get too carried away: Sheff Utd are the worst team in the Premier League”

“Wrong team, wrong formation, Jose has lost the dressing room”

“That will do but!!! It was sheff utd”

“I know it was only Sheffield but that’s the first game in a while I felt like we were passing with a purpose.”

“Comfy enough vs poor Sheff Utd who – in stark contrast to the harryings they gave us last season – looked barely tougher than Marine last Sunday.”

“Sheffield Utd are rubbish.”

“Sheff Utd are woeful”

“Sheff Utd worked hard; they’re going down fighting”

View From Newcastle

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“A new low.”

“Hahaha we actually lost”

“Totally deserved”

“Sheffield United deserved winners.”

“We got exactly what we deserved from that game”

“Comprehensively and thoroughly outplayed by a team without a win to their name in 19 games. Atrocious.”

“Completely outplayed by the worst team in Prem history.”

“We got taught a football lesson by the worst team in Premier League history.”

“Absolutely pathetic performance. Again. But this was even worse, and against the worst team in the league.”

“It’s ok, we’re still better than sheff United. Oh, wait..”

“Played lads, nobody predicted that. Nobody.”

“Its not even an exaggeration, that’s the worst Newcastle have performed in years, even before McClaren.”

“That’s up there with the worst display I’ve ever seen.”

“We play against a team that hasn’t won a single game this season. Yet we play 5 at the back and has no interest of attack or even try to score a goal. Just try to get the opposition not to score a goal and be happy with a point.”

“I listened to this on the radio and it was still painful to watch. “

“The reason sheff United were much the better team was because of how s**** we are. Nothing to do with them being amazing.”

“Sheff Utd made hard work of that”

“It’s like I’m angry but I don’t care at the same time. The Championship should be fun.. our only saving grace is West Brom & Sheffield United look worse than us”

“I don’t give a **** about the red, we were horrifc even before it.
I won’t let that maggot hide behind a red card”

“Fernandez is clearly swiping it. It’s harsh but consistent with the current rules.”

“I agree that Fernandez clearly swiped it. My contention would be that Fernandez had his shoulder in front of their player the whole time and prior to him moving his arm towards the ball their player clearly pulled at his shirt. If it was the other way (Fernandez was the attacking player) they could well have reviewed it and declared it a penalty in his favour. “

“Sharp fouled him for about 10 yards man, he was dragging his shirt all over.”

“Annoying that a second rate referee can’t see Schar was fouled (shirt pulled) before the handball especially as he reviewed it and therefore not a penalty. And Sharp should have been off for a studs tackle on Schar. Lucky we have VAR to make sure these decisions are the right ones.”

“Can’t wait to hear Bruce throw out the “no excuses, terrible performance, brush ourselves down and have to do better” s**** before he then says it was never a penalty and Sharp should have been sent off to try and brush his absolute ineptitude under the rug for another week. He is getting the biggest free ride with no fans in attendance. He would be getting mauled as much as our players do every game.
It wasn’t the pathetic play, the demoralised players, the ultra defensive set up with no interest in attacking the 2nd worst team in the league. It wasn’t the fact the mental advantage was given to them by building them up as Man City ahead of the game. It simply Bruce and Ashley again for hiring him. Will he pay compensation, bother at all if he thinks the takeover might happen or maybe he can cotton on to the fact hiring someone new might kick up enough commotion so we don’t spend another penny in the transfer market this month. Either way we got beat by the 2nd worst team in the league because Bruce makes us play like the worst team in the league. If there isn’t a manager change we will soon be the worst team not in the premier league.”

“The tactic of allowing Sheffield United to play their way into form is an intriguing one”

“Happier for Sheff United to get their win, than disappointed in us losing.
Actually laughed when they scored. Just completely numb of any anger with this stinking streak of detritus in charge.”

“Sheffield United have just won their first game in 18 attempts tonight and I’d swap managers with them in a heartbeat. That’s how turboshit this obese cockend is”

“The truth is that far from the sending off being an excuse for Bruce, it was partly his fault. If we hadn’t came and set up so negatively it’s likely we wouldn’t have needed to be so desperately chasing the bottom team around the pitch giving away free kicks, yellow cards and red cards.”

“Steve bruce wearing a top with fun on is the most inappropriate thing since Fred west submitted an application to the council for a patio extension”

“I am currently writing to my local MP”

“i’d honestly take a punt on joey barton.
if for no other reason than he might put some cigars out in ashley’s eyes.”

“Steve: “How’s the bacon did ya say?”

Pre-Match View From Newcastle

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“No wins in 7 games now. Great momentum to take into the Sheffield United game.”

“You just know they’ll get their first win against us. Defo putting some money on that.”

“i’m very tempted to have a daft £20 on them breaking their duck on the 12th. writings on the wall!” “Most of Sheffield United’s defeats have been by the odd goal, I’m expecting a close game”

“Sheffield United are down barring a miracle but even then they’re probably a better side than us. We’re arguably the worst team in the league.”!

“This is nonsense. Sheffield United have 2 points from 17 games. West Brom are a Championship side and are frankly doomed. There’s other sides down there you could make arguments for, but we are by no means the worst team in the league.”

“Sheffield Utd are not going to get to double figures this season.”

“We create less than anyone else in the league and concede more shots than nearly everyone. We might not be the worst in terms of results but along with West Brom, we’re probably one of the few teams that neutrals watch and have no idea what we’re doing.”

“We may have had some good luck, but its through more than bad luck that clubs finds themselves in the positions they’re in.”

“The good luck seems to have ran out and it’s hard to see where our next win comes from.”

“We’re longer odds to win then Sheffield United (who haven’t won a league game this season). Says it all about our club right now. Fully expect a below par performance from Bruce’s men.”

“if we lose Tuesday night to Sheffield United then Bruce has to go it’s that simple”

“No way do we lose here. The football gods love Bruce too much to put him under the sort of pressure that does”

“He’ll fluke a draw and see it as a massive achievement”

“Losing against Sheffield, or even just playing the way we have been, is unforgiveable”

“If we lose to Sheffield we won’t be that safe in the league though and we’ll be on a hell of a downward trajectory.”

“It’ll be interesting to see if there is actually any pressure on Bruce after the Sheffield game. We look likely to crash out of the cup at the first hurdle and then give the Blades their first win of the season by next Tuesday night. Should that happen, for any sane person his position would have to finally become untenable.”

“I think the majority of us want Bruce out.. and if he can’t beat a Sheffield United side bottom of the table with 2 points and very low on confidence then he has to go”

“Steve Bruce after Sheffield United loss: We played well, unfortunately we didn’t have that bit of luck today, but were a work in progress. Sheffield united are a good side, but I think the boys struggled especially as they had to play 120 minutes on Saturday. ”

“Easy Newcastle win for me. People overstating how bad we are again.”

View From Bristol Rovers

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“Proud to be a Gashead after that performance”

“Proud of that performance, went toe to toe with a Premier League side and nearly got something out of it, an entertaining game to watch.”

“Thought it was a great game of Cup Football.
No shame in losing by the odd goal against a full strength Premier League side, even if they are a useless one, while we were without our best players.”

“What a fantastic game and experience, it deserved fans! It was always going to be tough against a Premier League side”

“It doesn’t matter what Sheffield United”s form was like we gave a premier League team a good game.”

“We’ve given a pretty much full strength premiership side a really good game”

“We’ve done very well for a team at the ass end of league 1 against a premier league side.”

“I guess it’s just our luck Sheff Utd put out a full strength side, I doubt there’s any other Premierside doing that this weekend against lower league opposition?”

“The Prem quality shone through in the end but it was a cracking effort from us!”

“decent showing today against higher class opponents.”

“At times Sheffield Utd looked way way better than us… at other times we competed well.”

“A battling performance but the better side won and should have done by more than they did.”

“Good shift from the boys today. Most can be proud of their contribution in a game few expected a result.
Sheffield Utd deserved the win of course but Tis will be frustrated that a team with zero pace got in behind us and that we conceded so soon after scoring. I don’t think we gave ourselves much chance going behind with 20mins left.
Sheffield Utd are not a prem team and certainly won’t be come the end of the season.”

“If it wasn’t for Ollie Burke coming on I really don’t think they would of won tbh!! Can see why theyre bottom!”

“Decent performance that, though can’t piss about at the back against a Prem, even one as shit as Sheffield Utd.”

“The difference between us and a Premier League team was 2 awful referee decisions and an international footballer coming on as a sub.”

“Sheff U deserved the win but with a half balanced referee we may have got a draw there. I thought when the ref holds both hands in front of him it means advantage. Is not an advantage when the opponent is running through on goal. Blades surely going down, a back three who can’t stay on their feet can only get you so far”

“No shame in that performance today.
A number of dodgy/iffy Ref decision in that second half – the free kick we didn’t get before they broke away, throw ins, corners, free kicks that should have been in our favour. It seemed like the Ref decided not to keep up with play second half.”

“Yeah I enjoyed the game, I thought we gave a pretty decent account of ourselves and we were beaten by a better side. :and that cant of a ref of course”

” Their last two goals were both free kicks to us.”

“Good honest game apart from last 5 minutes time wasting”

View From Crystal Palace

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“I feel for Sheff Utd”

“No wonder they have had so many narrow defeats if they don’t bother chasing games. Wilder has to go.”

“hope they stay up and retain Wilder, nice easy touch for six points every season.”

“A very poor match between two teams today, one being us.
The form of some of our players is worrying, any other team would have beaten us easily today.”

“Competent performance against very average opposition.”

“Good win but can’t get too carried away. Sheff Utd look dead and buried already.”

“I appreciate we are nowhere near a top Premier league team, but we won’t be without major investment. Just enjoy the evening.”

“Well played today and a great result.”

“This was a perfect time to play Sheffield but we fully deserved the win and a clean sheet.”

” Sheff.U’s only way to prevent us from thrashing them toady was to foul at every given opportunity especially when we had them on the run,”

“Eighteen fouls! Sheff.U fouled us every single time we got them on the break and the actual fact that they didn’t foul Eze as he did that thing was the biggest shock of the afternoon! lol”

“I get the feeling Wilf gets a little frustrated if he got kicked or knocked down every time Sheffield had a chance”

” Sheffs back line resorted to cheap fouling”

“So overall possession stats; Sheff U 55%, Palace 45% against the bottom team in the Division with only 2 points.
Yet according to you we had them on the run and they kicked us off the park to prevent a thrashing..??
Additionally they only had 3 yellow cards – hardly call that attritional..!!”

“Sheff U are bottom of the league with 2 points after 17 games for a reason. Today they could only name 6 on the bench, including a 16 year old and with a centre half in central midfield.Yet still midway through the first half they had the majority of possession and were bossing the game.

“55% possession which mostly consisted of playing it backwards. One of the easiest wins for Palace I have seen in PL.”

“We’ll take the 3 points. Lots of Royball 2nd half”

View From Burnley

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“Really can’t see the Blades getting out of it, even at this relatively early stage.”

“I think now that Sheffield Utd look doomed”

“They can still put a run together.”

“Need to win something like every 2nd game , not going to happen is it”

“they need to change. They literally just play walking football and don’t have a shred of urgency in them.”

“Sheffield were the better team but couldn’t create too many chances”

“Sure, the performance wasn’t great, but tonight – it really was never going to be about that. It was about facing a team who were fighting for their absolute lives and would do anything to get their first win. They were always going to perform at their maxmum to get something from the game.”

“SU were fighting for their lives and were always going to raise their level.”

“At the end of December, and your team has two points only, that’s not because you’ve been a little bit unlucky. It’s because you aren’t very good at all, yet they presssured us like manure would.”

“Another team to leave the Turf wondering how they lost .. They got Burnleyed.”

“Very fair interview from Wilder, I like him”

“He’s always very balanced in his view.”

“Never feels the need to hide behind a bunch of excuses. Honest as the day is long, a proper Manager.”

“He’ll probably lose his job soon but he’s a good manager and a good sport.”

“Looks a beaten man”

View From Everton

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“Sheffield United could be worse than Derby.”

“Arguably the worst side to ever play in the Premier League (I actually think Sheffield United vs. 08′ Derby is a tough one) “

“Sheffield United might be the most desperate team in the history of the league”

“A better team than Sheff Utd might’ve punished us”

“3 of our best players out, brutal conditions, a right footed centre back playing left back again, tired af…”

“Massive win that especially considering the players we have out. “

“Awful game to watch,ref was abysmal,Davies head and shoulders above the rest,scrappy result but considering the injuries a very good one”

“Massive win tonight. We outmuscled them.”

“Sheffield United offered very little in an attacking sense.”

“0.46 of Sheffield United’s 1.17 xG is from a shot that was offside.”

“Davies MotM. Tough for some folk on here but he was seriously good. Not sure what it means going forward as he’s had plenty of false dawns and Sheffield United stink but for tonight I’m letting that go.”

“They are debating that Mcburnie penalty claim, no chance….clutching at straws there”

“it was ugly two teams were playing and credit to sheff, they scrapped like hard dogs as they should in their position, but we never gave in.”

“Doubt Sheffield United will have an easier game all season”

“Easy to see why Sheff Utd broke the bank for Brewster……”

Pre-Match View From Everton

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“Can only expect a loss against Sheffield United”

“Sheff utd is the perfect banana skin between two big matches and with a thin squad.”

“Nailed on Sheffield utd first win of season”

“Sheffield Utd have not won in the PL yet. You know the script.”

“Sheff Utd are a typical grim 8pm away day kick off with the players still hungover from Christmas Day and Sheff Utd have not won a game yet and ex kopite Brewster is yet to score a goal for them yet – enters Everton…”

“Whats crazy is im much more confident of beating City than Sheff Utd!”

“What Carlo now needs to do is find an optimal balance for playing sides with inferior players. In some ways this is harder. Sheffield United will be a good test. I suspect we don’t have that right now and this is why he needs to be supported in the transfer window”

“They will be hard to break down”

“Sheffield will be difficult as it stands to reason they cannot lose every game.”

“I haven’t see many 90 minutes of Sheffield Utd but from what I have seen they arent miles away from the side that did so well last season. The difference I think is that last season they made those final passes and scored their chances when they came and this year they can’t seem to hit a barn door. Its one of those games that if you go there thinking you will brush them aside then you could get embarrassed because they will make you work for your point”

“I expect Sheffield United to be a scrap, I don’t expect us to go there and wallop them 5-0, but truthfully we have to expect to win the game”

“Sheffield United, currently rock bottom of the prem; what better opponent could you hope for in the middle of a congested run of fixtures when you have injury problems?”

“I watched the sheff utd game against Man Utd and sheffield were so bad it wasn’t true,the goals they let in were awful and all preventable with just half decent defending”.

“They are bottom of the league, bereft of quality, and their formation and tactics have been sussed out. We need to get points outta this one, preferably 3.”

“Watched the Brighton/Sheffield game and they were really poor, would be mid-table in the Championship IMO with the standard they’re currently playing at, wafer thin on the quality front”

“I remember watching them against Chelsea and Chelsea battered them but couldn’t squeeze the ball between the sticks and Sheffield went up the other end 3 times and scored 3 goals and just took the game away from them. The fact that Lundstrum scored a few probably shows how much of a fluke it was, but saying that they worked their arses off every game to get that bit of luck”

“Lundstrum with a straight red so he’s out and a big part of how they play.”

“They were a poor side last season and they’re a poor side this season. I remember being sat in the pub after they’d taken three points from us and thinking they were the worst side that had been to Goodison. We were just even worse! They’re getting what they should’ve got last season”

“I have no idea how they did so well they have some real dross in their squad. I was ashamed we lost to them, their tactics are very championship like and their squad too. I hope we smash them”

“I don’t know much about the transfer workings at Sheffield United but they make some terrible decisions, imo”

“Sander Berge was a great signing”

“I think Sheffield is extremely important as let’s face it beating them 3 and losing to a Sheffield that hasn’t won yet would be ‘Everton that’ of old”

“It’s a real, completely irrational I admit, pet hate of mine, but it isn’t right. In fact, they should actually be referred to as ‘United’ (over ‘Sheffield’, that is), unless they’re playing another United!”

“I often call them Sheffield, because there’s only one Sheffield in the league.
The reason why it’s fine to call them Sheffield is the same reason why it’s fine to call Manchester United ‘United’. It’s because it’s blatantly obvious who you’re talking about.”

“Respectfully I disagree. Two clubs in Sheffield , both United and Wednesday , although the latter haven’t been in the top division for a bit.”

“Without wanting to echo that dwarf Wilder, you wouldn’t call Man Utd or Man City ‘Manchester’”

“There are two clubs in Sheffield but that’s not really the point. There’s only one in the league we’re playing in so it’s obvious who the lad was referring to. The argument that you can’t call them Sheffield because you wouldn’t call Man City ‘Manchester’ is daft.”

View From Brighton

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“Well that was fun”

“surely we should be burying a ten man Sheffield United side with only one point so far this season?”

“Was there any stage when it looked we had a 1 man advantage? “

“Seething. There really is no hope with Potter now. It’s absolutely disgraceful we haven’t beaten a side playing with ten men, with 12 defeats from 13 games before today.”

“Not expecting Potter to ride this out now”

“Thanks for your efforts Graham. You can go now. “

“Point gained against 10 men of a side that many forget have already forced a draw against Fulham this season. Fantastic Potterballing at its best.”

“Game management and lack of ideas,Potter was supposed to be the clever manager but Wilder is head and shoulders above him along with most Premier league managers .He will be great for us in the Championship”

“So why are SU at the bottom of the league with only 2 points after 14 games? What were Wilder’s ideas and game management in those games?
I’d say a draw was a fair result, it wasn’t like SU were miles better. “

“Totally out thought.”

“SU have a team spirit we can only dream of. Fair play to them”

“I doubt sheff utd will block that many shots in a game again this season. FFS. “

“For what it’s worth I think conceding the equaliser is a mortal blow to Sheffield United. They must have thought they had their first win. If Burke had scored that one at 0-1 it would have been all over. “

“I’m pleased we drew because while a point does nothing for us whatsoever, it could be crucial in killing off any potential Sheffield United recovery.”

“It feels like a huge two points dropped in terms of the opportunity to finally win at home, playing ten men for an hour. However, despite hitting the bar at the end, it also feels like we’ve been very fortunate to save a point from a game that we could easily have lost 2:0.”

“when you create three clear cut chances and concede from near enough the only shot you conceded all game, which happened to be a tame deflected effort it suggests you probably did deserve to win.”

“They could and probably should have been 3-0 by the time we equalised.”

“. Very fortunate to get a point in the end… “

“Sadly this is a desperately poor team. To play against 10 men for 60 mins and play like we did, so so poor.”

“Did Brighton deserve to win today? The answer is clearly yes. Potter can lead a horse to water, but he can’t make it drink. The players clearly buy into the style of play, they consistently get into fantastic goalscoring positions, the manager cannot legislate for supposed PL level players missing sitters from 4 yards out.”

“Did we deserve to win today ? Lol if the ball is not on target or in the net then no .
90 mins of the same old shite tippy tippy everyone afraid to shoot
Premier league players is the point they are mostly not I’m afraid
Potter leading a horse for water bet he would get even that wrong or take it the long way round
One home win in a year ? Happy with that ? “

“It had shock away win written all over it – United already now having the record for the poorest start to a season,
Then after the sending off I was seeing the headline: “Plucky ten man Sheffield……”
There would be a backs to the wall Dunkirk Spirit.
And how often do the remaining ten men pull together all the more so…..
So yes, we should have won, and had the chances to. but it’s a funny old game, football. “

“Ok we weren’t brilliant but definitely 2 points lost, we were a lot better than them. I know that’s not hard but we were. A simple header on target and its two points more.”

“The Hughton promotion winning side would of hammered that lot today.”

“If we dont beat Arsenal, I think that’ll be my last game until we’re back in the championship (where we belong)”

“The problem our fanbase have is there are too many premier league groupies looking to sack the manager all the time.”

“The ref didn’t cost us the game and separate to our own failings BUT bearing in mind this idiot gave the penalty to Saints when it was clearly outside the box I thought he had an awful game. Firstly, he should have given a very obvious foul on March just before the sending off, that would have saved him from being made to look like a piece of cheese and giving just a yellow when it was a very clear red and then allowing Ramsdale to continually waste time (only booking him in the 89th minute once the damage had been done) and then somehow adding only 4 mins injury time. A terrible performance to match our own. And I thought their goal was offside in the build up but that’s not down to him. “

“I counted three elbows used against Albion players in tackles and no bookings for any of them, other than that he wasn’t that bad”

“I thought he was OK, no complaints from me.”

“They clearly showed that March played them onside twice in the buildup to the goal. He then left Bogle go when he ran out of his zone meaning that he had an acre of space to turn and shoot.
Not blaming March, blaming the coaching. “