View From Birmingham

“4 points out of 6 against two of the top three teams which means our ‘relegation battle’ lasted about a fortnight. The EFL must be gutted. Well in lads”

“Played 6 games against the top 3
Lost 1″

“Tremendous point, very happy…4 points out of Leeds and Sheffield United back to back?
Well done Blues. “

“Good game. Fair result init.”

“Fecking sensational to take 4 points off Leeds and Sheff Utd. Love this Blues team and I love the Monk.”

“I’ll be glad to see the back of this season, providing we stay up, we looked shattered, players playing who clearly aren’t fit as there simply aren’t no other options.
Sheff Utd definitely had the most of the play without creating a great deal, we definitely had the better chances without really enjoying much of the ball. Draw fair result, and a decent return for the week against two top sides. “

“Great couple of results against two teams who’ll both (hopefully) be in the premier league next season”

“Leeds and Sheff Utd are the best two teams in terms of keeping the ball this season”

“Having seen both Sheff U and Leeds up close this week I don’t there’s a huge amount between them but if I had to pick one to be in the play offs against Villa it would be Leeds. “

“whoever misses out on automatic between Leeds and Sheff utd I think it will be a massive ask to pick themselves up and get ready for a play off battle against teams who’ve hit momentum at the right time to get there.”

“Although they have clear talent, Sheffield United were nothing special on the night”

“Decent game and good following from United although I believe tickets were only £15? Double what we had to pay up there.
Great strike for the United goal, had some power but I think that was their only shot of that half. Their keeper had a good game and they played the ball out of midfield nicely. Our defence looked solid for a change as did Uniteds. Thought that we were holding on at the end.
Fair result”

“Solid, hard fought point against a good side. Sheffield United – best away fans at St. Andrew’s this season”

“Quality support from Sheffield United”

“Fair play to Sheff Utd fans tonight biggest and loudest turnout I’ve seen at home this season”

“Great turn out from Sheffield United considering it’s on sky. I may get shot down for this but I have always thought they were better than Wednesday fans.”

“Fair play to the Sheffield fans, brought some good noise… in the first half”

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View From Preston

“If Norwich and Sheff Utd are the best this division has to offer then we’ve nothing to worry about next season. It’s all about momentum. Although this season isn’t over yet”

“I’m fairly confident that we will be playing them again next season in the Championship. They were ok but no where near in Norwich class. Although we lost we did create at least 5 decent chances which was more than Sheff U. did. Both number 6s were the best players on the field ie Basham and Davies imo”

Sheffield Utd weren’t anything special today”

“They were nothing special….but bloody hell we were shite again.”

“SU are nothing special and on another today we possibly could have had 3 or 4 but never looked like we’d score in 180 minutes”

“SU got very lucky today. “

“Thought we played well and should have scored but missed some guilt edge chances, Sheffield Utd didn’t seem that special to me just a very solid and hard working team who I felt we got at them at times.
Did Rudd have a save to make? Just the one from Billy Sharp, apart from that I thought we looked good. “

“Seani stood no chance against their centre halves and it can’t have been a surprise that Sheff Utd were going to be horrible and physical. “

“didn’t deserve to loose against a decent Sheffield united team who just had more experience than us”

“We weren’t bad by any stretch and worth considering that this Sheff Utd has every chance of going straight up. We were undone by one defensive lapse and a couple of decisions from the referee going our way early doors and it might have been a different story.”

“Thought we played very well today, just came up against a rock solid defence and outstanding goalkeeper. “

“Sheff Utd have an outstanding defensive record and we don’t seem to have much star quality to unlock teams at home.”

“Held at arms length by an experienced and well drilled outfit. Didn’t do enough to hurt Sheff U or move their defence around”

“Sheffield united were pressing us in our own half so when we did try to play it out from the back we got caught out a few times giving the ball away in our own half”

Sheff were the better side but there wasn’t much in it, it could have gone either way if we had taken our chances.”

“Wilder is a top manager.”

“If Sheffield united got the ball and immediately passed backwards all the time they’d be 10th just like us”

“Played alright in the first half, poor goal to give away. Second half was just shite, would have been undeserved if we got something from today.”

“Ref was the 12th man where Sheff Utd was concerned, even blocked a couple of north ends through balls, love that. “

“Frustrating day today, had a couple of decent chances which we really should have taken
The ref was awful today, booked one of our players for not taking a free kick from the specific blade of grass he wanted it to be taken from, from the far end it looked like we should have had at least 1 penalty at 0-0 but we really should have taken at least 1 of the chances we created and got a 1-1 draw out of it today
chatted to a few Sheff Utd fans on the way back to the car, seemed a decent bunch, will see if we can do them a favour on Tuesday night against Leeds”

“Shocking referee today. Must be scared of Chris Wilder, shithouse”

“Can’t believe sheff united fans were allowed in the home end… sort it out Preston”

“how do you justify having at least 40 Sheffield United fans singing and celebrating in the Sir Tom Finney stand today. Disgraceful Preston”

“Fair play to sheffield, but how have 15/20 of their fans been allowed into the directors stand on the Finney, and not only that, they were left to antagonise home fans ¿ stewards sat back and weren’t even assed?? If we did that at Bramall Lane we would’ve been battered”

“I sit next to the executive area in the STFS – there were about 30 Blades fans in there.They were boisterous for sure but just singing and chanting. They weren’t in our face when they scored and never threatening. Tbh some PNE were giving them grief. Mixed aged group just enjoying their day out. “

“Sheffield United fans obviously got the tickets in the Hospitality area because they had sold out the away end.
The problem was they were mostly drunk and foul mouthed”

“To be fair to Sheff Utd fans in front of us they didn’t celebrate goal except small boy & its pne’s fault they oversold executive area. Not sure Leeds fans will be as quiet”

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View From Bristol City

“In my lifetime I don’t recall a season with so many convincing away wins at tough places, today might be the best of the lot. With ten games to go, easily our hardest fixture left delivered a stunning 3 points and you couldn’t say we didn’t deserve it.
Besides a dubious Blades opener waved on by pantomime anti-City ref Linnington, only a mid second half purple patch from the hosts made it a contest, otherwise it was all City, back from international break with a clear gameplan and lots of energy.
City deserved both of their equalisers but given the visitors poor run its unlikely that anyone at Bramall Lane anticipated that we had a winner in us, and yet after finally fading 55 minutes in, City somehow round a decisive second wind led by their subs. Exactly what we deserved after dominating at Bramall Lane. “

“Completely unexpected performance over the 90 for me and totally deserved our win. 
In some ways reminded me more of last season than this. We seemed to me much sharper at closing down and created a lot more, sometimes at the risk of giving away more chances ourselves. Sheff Utd really had both their best spells when level the first two times, and seemed to go in to their shell more when leading. If we had drawn 2-2 would still have come away happy from a good performance.”

“Sheffield Utd are a good team (though probably not at their best): very solid, move the ball reasonably well and find space in the final third. But we were, aside from the first 10 min and a 10 min period in the second half, simply the better team.”

“Their keeper should have saved first one”

“What a performance and win, deservedly won that”

“Very very big result . Needed it after recent rubbish”

” Did not expect that my God thank you for this moment”

“When was the last time we have 9 shots on target in a game?? Especially against a side like Sheff Utd at Bramall Lane!”

“Thank you Bristol City FC for a superb result against a very good team. Support was class too.
Will be walking around for the rest of the weekend with a huge smile on my face!”

“We go sixty years without a win there and since Cotts team, we are their bogey side. Great three points. Well done everyone, coaches, players and fans”

“Brilliant day out, excellent entertainment and a fantastic tactical victory (so that’s another double for the best English manager outside the Prem) “

“Both times LJ has matched up Sheffield Utd and gone three at the back and come away with 3 points.”

“Dont think SU wanna meet us in the play offs, 3 defeats for them in the last 3 competitive games since they got promoted” 

“There’s an oft quoted stat that “Sheffield United have never lost a game under Chris Wilder in which Billy Sharp has scored”, a record getting on for 60 games  
Well, they can’t quote that any more!”

“AVE THAT Billy Sharp you dognonce!”

“Sharp is a *****”

“That odious little shit Sharpe has always given it the big one when scoring against us.”

“Not just us, he gives it to every club he scores against, even Donny who looked after him so well when he lost his kid. Proper little shithouse, that bloke”

“Would have loved to see Wilders face at the end”

“I`m just looking forward to all his bitter excuses about how we cheated our way to a win against his little angels.
Poor man`s Neil Warnock.”

“No excuse for that at all for the fan being assaulted. Hope the poor chap is okay and the idiots damaging our reputation are identified.”

“Not condoning what happened and hope the SU fan is okay but Sheff Utd have some of the scumiest fans around and getting on their high horse about something their fans are more than happy to get involved in and in fairly large numbers I find quite ironic.”

“Regardless of what happened after the game, I wish the injured Blades fan a speedy recovery. “

“This is exactly why I have stopped watching football at that level.  Most fans are BREXIT UKIP morons …” 

“Spent the day in Sheffield. Friendly fans all over the town. a great place to watch football.”

“In Sheffield now having some drinks. Lovely people. Wish we could do a bit better, hopefully claims are untrue. “

“Exactly this, always a great day in Sheffield, the best “big city” away day in our division by far (relative to your Leeds, Birmingham, London etc) and I always think our Northern equivalent as a city and a place to go too, lovely places to drink, decent people, yes passionate and always an atmosphere but respectful and know their football and no trouble that is worth broadcasting.
As such it really doesn’t always need highlighting that something kicked off anymore than anyone would take the trouble to report that it kicks off in any city centre on a Saturday night between a minority with no self control. It is totally unrepresentative of the experience, yes a few SU always look for it outside a lot more than Wednesday, but zero issue unless you’re being an idiot too. 
For one thing in the division apart from Sheff Utd only Ipswich, Brentford and QPR let you out directly onto a public street among home fans and probably only Ipswich (!) besides Sheff Utd could you count as a main thoroughfare for home fans. As such it is remarkable only how LITTLE problems there are, if it was Leeds or Birmingham they’d be goading us and giving out non stop.
So total non-story. Assault occurs in proximity to 25,000 people. Wow. How about 24,990 have great day drinking among each other in big city and are civil and good humoured throughout. I always hear how wonderful the people of Yorkshire are then meet Leeds morons and wonder what the fuss is, but Sheffield is a far better example of this supposed warmth and good humour. “

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Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On McGoldrick and Stevens against Gibraltar

Ireland Fans On McGoldrick

“Was a strong option for Ireland up front, consistently making himself available to be found down the flanks. Was unlucky when his goal-bound flick from a Coleman cross was blocked by a defender.He provided the assist for the opener, finding Hendrick well with a tidy pullback. A decent reintroduction to the international scene.”

“McGoldrick was excellent for the goal, tidy player”

“Brilliant play from McGoldrick & good finish Hendrick!”

“Was decent today” “Mcgoldrick > Ozil”

“looked decent on the ball tonight”

“I thought Hourihane was our best player, McGoldrick was alright. Nobody else offered anything”

“He set up our goal. Been busy. Decent enuf today i think”

“McGoldrick is like Bobby Firmino. Needs quality round him. People know fuck all about football man”

“Chris Wilder must have David McGoldrick gumming coke constantly when he’s playing for blades, looked shite here “

“Mcgoldrick and a football is a miserable combination!”

“McGoldrick is a pile of Shit seriously”
“He’s actually muck”

“David McGoldrick being allowed to call himself a striker is injustice to strikers and the sport of football as a whole. Absolute joke”

“mcgoldrick, rubbish isnt the word”

“David McGoldrick is the worst football player that’s ever played for Ireland.”

“David Mcgoldrick isn’t even related to a footballer”

“Surely McGoldricks last cap, nowhere near the level required”

“Anna McGoldrick would make more of an impression than her namesake”

“McGoldrick, Stevens and McClean looked dire

Ireland Fans Views On Stevens

“With Stephen Ward retiring, there is a big opportunity for him to nail down the left-back berth. Picked up silly booking for kicking the ball away.” “Stevens a rare positive tonight”

“He reminds of one of the great left backs of international football at the time that got his career ended so quickly by a criminal kick. JIM BEGLIN.”

“Had nothing to do defensively, but did not really display that trademark cavalier style we have become accustomed to seeing at Sheffield United. Gibraltar got some space down the left in the closing stages, which was not helped by McClean’s uncharacteristically porous nature in front of him.”

“Stevens’ use of the ball was terrible.”

“Stevens didn’t complete one successful pass id say. Either a hoof up the line or out of play.” Was rubbish like the rest of our outfield.”

“Gotta give credit to Wilder. He gets the best out of his players like Stevens and McGoldrick”

“Sheffield United’s style does suit having a wing-back in a back three though. It is quite cavalier.”

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View From Leeds

“Gutted isn’t a strong enough description but we’ve played well today, freak results will happen we’re virtually guaranteed a play off spot so the first time in years our season is going to run until the end”

“I know we can’t let this game define our season but feels crushing, physically and mentally. Big 9 games to follow and no longer in our hands. Let’s hope this game isn’t the difference between automatic and play offs. I don’t think I could deal with play offs!”

“It feels a lot better having played well. Had a bad feeling at half time we had missed The boat. We’re at the point now though where we can’t afford to drop many if any more points. Seven clean sheets in a row for Sheffield is terrific form”

“I think Wilder got it spot on, which really pains me to say…. they didn’t press us…. just let us have the ball in our own half… and kept it tight in their half…. Wilder sussed out that we get anxious if we don’t score…. they had 30% and 10 shots compared to our 70 % and 17 shots…. this really worries me…. it’s the blueprint of how to beat us…”

“At least we played well Sheffield can’t defend like that for what’s left of the season they’ll drop points”

“Sums up most of our losses this season. Don’t take chances, killed by individual errors.Bit more composure and we’d be as good as up all ready.
Don’t feel we’ve had the breaks and Got mugged today.We dust ourselves off and go again. One of Norwich or the blunts will blink in the run in. , need to make sure we we don’t too. “

“Gutted for the lads cos Sheffield United did not deserve 3 points but when you don’t put your chances away then you can get punished.”

“Dominated game. Couldn’t finish.”

“they mugged us – as we mugged them at their place in December, two draws would have been about right – so we both gain 3 points each instead of two!…. Hows that for a positive slant?
Stop moaning we played well, missed a couple of golden opportunities to go ahead and generally were the better team. We will beat most teams in this division. “

“We can also say that SU had a great chance before half time but fluffed it. It’s about scoring goals not if’s and maybe’s. The fact is SU have a better defence and score more goals and sit above Leeds in the league. Leeds might play some very attractive football and have most possession but unless they convert chances and stop making mistakes at the back it’ll be playoffs. “

“They’ve scored one more goal and they’ve had far more penalties than we have.”

“We were unlucky in some respects but eventually just have to admit some teams are more consistent.”

“They didn’t make the mistake we did. They scored we didn’t. That’s what will take them up.”

“Their defence will get them up. Ours is shaky and I just wish they’d stop jumping in trying to win the ball first when it’s obvious the attacker has it”

“Forget top 2. SU aren’t going anywhere but up. Their defence is immense and hardly any team will score against them the rest of the season. “

“Sheffield utd defended excellently.”

“We were the better side by far but didn’t take our chances”

“Nothing in today’s performance that was bad apart from the usual failure to convert chances. Harrison’s volley, Roberts hitting the post, Jannson’s miss were all great chances so all the praise for Sheff Utd’s defence doesn’t really sit well with me. On another day they concede 3 or more. 17 shots we had 0 on target that is the crux of today’s performance. Sheff Utd had less chances, only had 1 on target but scored. They didn’t even create the goal we gifted it to them.”

“The pressure’s now off us and on them, let’s see how they handle it. Alioski was also pushed in the back in the box by Baldock second half, not even considered by the ref. We’ve had sh it refs all season.”

“baldock should of seen red first half, we hit the post and gifted them there goal. We were unlucky.”

“Alioski knocked down in their box no foul seconds later Sharpe knocked down in Leeds half ref gives a foul for similar contact. if there is any luck in game it rarely falls to Leeds. “

“Alioski is an olympic class diver. “

“Basham shouldn’t have been on the pitch. Hate Sheffield Utd, always have.”

“Refs have bottled sending players us off against us v Brentford, Nottingham Forest (away), Blunts (2 away, 1 at home), that’s 5 red cards off the top of my head. We’ve had one red card against us in two seasons, Bristol City at home which Johnson cried about even though it was blatant. Promotions are won and lost on these things. ”

“Just one of those days. Blunts came with a plan and it worked. They defend as a team. We rarely do. No point blaming the subs either when they came on we had a couple of golden chances. They didn’t go in.”

“One of those days when you outclass the opponent and lose ..Poor reffing hasn’t helped”

“Rank bad result, got beat by a team that just came to rough us up and hoped for 0-0.Very unjust result, but yet again we failed to take our chances.
Still 8 games to go and we’re only a point behind them. They mugged us today – w**kers”

“Sheffield united had a bit of luck, defended well and everything that could go wrong for ys did.”

“Unfortunately promotions are won on luck and we’ve had none all season while Blunts and Norwich have had so much. Another ref bottling a red card against us, these things cost promotions.”

“we’ve had no luck when blunts and Norwich have had it in spades.”
“Blades are jammy bastards who deserved nothing today.
Hopefully Norwich and SU’s luck runs out and we start getting it all.
What I saw today we are a miles better football team than Sheffield United”

“They got all the luck and we got nothing. “

“they are due to lose a bit of luck at some point”

“They are on a great run at the moment, as are Norwich. We had ours coming up to the new year. Theirs will end at some point, whether we are breathing down their necks when it happens is entirely up to us.
was all set up for a Leeds win and we got mugged.
Sheff UTD have a few tricky games to come (as do we) so its still all up for grabs.”

“Some blades fans think they are already there..we’ll see.”

“Just don’t want to think of another season in this shitty league. Sky moving all our games, Keith Andrews talking bollocks, losing our best players, 10 men behind the ball every game. Not going up after the way we’ve played would be both disastrous and unfair”

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View From Brentford

Blades 2-0 Brentford

“We deserved nothing out of that game – created so little against 10 men. Well played Sheffield Utd. Thoroughly deserved the win.”

“Shows the strength of their squad and the limitations of ours tbh. They are a well drilled team, we play some brilliant football but are sometimes open to a rolling over. Good luck to them”

“Credit where it’s due, Sheffield United’s defending was impressive. Lots of bodies thrown in front of shots. Still can’t believe we lost that game. Christ knows how their keeper got man of the match either. Opportunity wasted”

“8 clean sheets in a row. That’s what a goalkeeper and dominant centre halves bring. Couldn’t get a look in within 8 yards of their goal. “

“Fair play to Sheffield, rock solid at the back and earned their 3 points.”

“Well done lads, we battled hard but couldn’t get through, very difficult trying to pass your way through against 2 rows of 4 who know how to defend.”

“Sheffield utd have shown why they’re up there when we arnt. Solid, uncomplicated and a real grit.”

“They showed us why they are where they are, defended solidly and took their limited chances.”

“We have imo much better players than them but they have moulded a much better team, part of their dna that we don’t have is heart and balls, we would have lost at least 4-1 had we gone down to 10 men whilst a goal ahead.”

“They work hard as a team and get their rewards. I still wouldn’t swap most of their side for most of ours though.
However imo we could learn from the kind of shift they’ll be expected to put in when they don’t have the ball – that’s the aspect where they have the edge on us I think (as well as doing the simple things well rather than always trying to score an Arsenal goal). “

“It was a frustrating game. I was impressed with them first 10 mins and they looked a decent side, looking to play it in behind at every opportunity. We got into it after that and dominated rest of the half.
But as second half went on it was clear it was gonna be one of those nights, ridiculous amount of possession and I lost count of how many corners and shots we just wasted away. Trying to play intricate tippy tappy football on the edge of the box against two banks of 4 defenders and literally having no other outlet was never gonna get us anything. True on another night Mokotjos shot wound have gone in and Maupay would have converted the wonderful Barbet cross in the first half but credit to them and Wilder as they deserved it for hanging on for so long. You just knew they’d get a second as the game wore on.”

“29 shots, 70% possession. Conceded a second against the run of play. Stereotypical game. Never mind. We go again Saturday! Come on Brentford!”

“They hung on well with ten men, I don’t think they played that great with 11. They worked really hard and broke quick.”

“Beaten by a dogged, workmanlike and quite unappealing team. If they go up, us and several other clubs will see a big opportunity missed. Fair play to them. Like Cardiff last year, they just got it done.”

“they play some good football, tonight they’ve dug in because they were down to 10 men. Comparing them to Cardiff is just wrong.”

“Agree and they buy players that work for their system. They did a job on us earlier this year and thought they were impressive.”

” I thought overall Sheffield Utd were very impressive. Madine was an idiot and really gave us a chance. We didn’t really threaten enough though – I do not care what the stats say. I always felt they were likely to get a second goal but just how poor was our defending for that? Hats off to Wilder for bringing on McGoldrick and Sharp to give them a threat on the counter. We relied too much on Benrahma and tried to play into the heart of their defence which is their strength. Much to learn from tonight. Shows how much further we have to improve to become contenders.”

“Not sure they were that impressive…. before we gifted them the first they were chasing shadows and couldn’t get near us.
Having said that they defended well until we gifted them a second. “

“Franks out thought by Wilder tonight”

“Credit where it’s due clever substations by them”

“Their substitutions were made out of sheer desperation.”

“He could have bought defenders on but two experienced forwards were enough to see the game out.”

“Even a against 10 men a team in 14th shouldn’t be going away to the team in 3rd and dominating like that.”

“Leeds will beat Sheffield on Saturday, they are nothing special. Just we bottled it”

“Imagine where we’d be if we could defend like them…”

“I know. 8 behind the ball and hoof.
I would love it. “

“If only we had two CH’s like theirs ……………………………………. “

“Wish O’Connell had played like that for us!”

“Sheffield United are good as what they do. From what I saw JOC and Egan were excellent tonight for them but still don’t think our style suits either of them and they are in a team that plays to their strength.”

“As well as Egan has done since his move. We all know he turns as quick as an articulated truck. Run at him, Turn him inside out, just keep the ball out of the air.”

“Football can make you feel physically sick sometimes”

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View From Rotherham

“One of the worst games I`ve ever been to….and I`ve seen some sh*t !
How on earth are they near the top of the league,truely awful team,I hope they get promoted cause it wil be hillarious next season watching them playing decent teams.
If it had stayed 11 v 11 we would have got something out of it,can someone please tell our players what colour we play,because we seem incapable of passing to a team-mate,bloody crap seats as well.”

“Frustrating game. Didn’t really create much, sat back and let them knock it around and then 10 men and a goal down, uphill task. Today was a free hit. Teams playing each other around us and sheff u are were they are. We should’ve just gone for it.”

“Did we even have a shot on goal today? I think somebody needed to tell the players it was a local derby as well, the lack of intensity was a joke today, pathetic performance”

“Weather was terrible, game was terrible, atmosphere terrible! A true non event of a day. ”

“They are Clearly 10x better than us and people just can’t accept that. wasn’t outstanding today or at our ground but 2 games isn’t a season”

” Goal down, man down against one of best teams in the league, game over. A couple of wonderful saves from Rodak the rest was boring and how quiet are their crowd? Given the numbers and league position our fans would be raising the roof, and singing songs that we hadn’t stolen. Overall got what I expected but disappointed all the same and now 3 games without our captain. “

“End of the day did what they needed to do after the sending off…..hate losing to them as much as”

“if I’d been a Blades fan, I’d be using the well worn phrase “Well, you can only play what’s put in front of you”

“It’s an insult to the fans.
Not one shot on target says it all in a local derby.
The manager is happy with losing that sums it up.”

“So let’s be right sending off changed game, whether it was red or not, we were the better team leading up to the sending off and causing them some problems but we will never know”

“Showed nothing going forward after Vaulks was sent off which is understandable, defended quite well and restricted Sheff Utd, Rodak made some great saves as well, Shame the game was over as a contest as we looked in the game with 11 men”

“Never a red that today, ruined game and they didn’t go for it but fuck me they’re average. Too many players all over pitch for us we’re poor but it’s not a game you expect points from”

“Up until Vaulks’s moment of madness we were making a decent fist of it despite conceding a sloppy early goal. After that it was just pure tedium. Not a good day to be a Miller and Sheffield United didn’t play that well either but thoroughly deserved their win. “

“Certainly a day to forget.
Understandably up against it down to 10 men.
Could have been worse.”

“Sheff u better side today but reckon they’ll have to settle for playoffs”

“The thing that riles me most was although we were 1 down prior to Vaulks being dismissed, we were steadily coming back into the game with 4 chances flashed across their goal and with two Corners back to back while applying good pressure, then Vaulks sees red.”

“We built ourselves a mountain to climb with a sloppy early goal.
Vaulks then put an extension on top of it with a moment of stupidity. “

“Vaulks challenge 100% a red card. Why wouldn’t it be, arrived late and could’ve potentially injured their man. Also very uncalled for when he could’ve took a yellow and dragged him down or just stood him up. With full 11 could’ve got a point from that unlikely but possible”

“Just had another look at the foul. Thought Vaulks had won the ball at first but he didn’t did he? He had to be sent off. Pretty clear cut in the end. Silly boy very unnecessary. “

“Thought we were holding our own despite being behind but the red card made it so much more difficult when you’re already chasing the game. From my seat, we knew what was coming but it definitely looked worse from the ref’s angle having seen a replay of it.”

“for such an important game it was pathetic what Vaulks did. No thought given before diving in like he did. I’m not surprised he’s not been sent off before now this season he’s so hot headed. How many times have we seen him being over vociferous with officials and been lucky not to get cards for it? “

“I’ve seen a few comments saying it was a 2 footed challenge, it wasn’t, his left leg is trailing.
It was dangerous play, but I’m not convinced from the replays I’ve seen that he made contact with the player, and not that the player went into the tackle.
Will RUFC try to contest on the off chance they can reduce ban?”

” Just seen the challenge of Vaulks did look clumsy but I have seen just yellows given for those. Their lad did make the most of it as well.Would the ref have given the same decision if it had been a blunt player I wonder?”

“Just seen it back and I think diff day diff ref and it’s a yellow. Hes well early for the tackle and if it had been a tackle on a Rotherham player say Taylor he would have jumped the guy but think their player plays for the foul”

“Rolled around like he had been shot, physio didn’t even come on the field and he got up straight after the red came out. “

“Not a red I don’t think, clearly jumps in before the player is even near him just to block off his path, the player then runs into Vaulks as he’s on the floor to get the free kick and makes the most of it, yellow card”

“Clumsy challenge roly
No intent just clumsy”

“They made it look very dramatic and had that tackle been from a striped shirt it would have been a yellow at best. “

“very very very harsh red card. bless robertson aswell when he was injured we basically had 9 men for 15 minutes. that ref ruined the game for me”

“The ball was there to be won. It’s a local derby”

“Looking back on when we first met, I cannot escape and I’ll never forget. Leauge One you’re the one. You still turn me on. Rotherham’s coming home again…(Although I’d like to be proved wrong.)”

“Didn’t agree with the stick some of our fans were giving Dean Henderson today. Totally uncalled for. Seems a decent guy that can take and give honest banter, but didn’t deserve the horrible chants that were thrown at him. “

“He shouldn’t be snap chatting 15 year olds then”

“Our fans aren’t exactly great but neither are any of these big clubs with quality fans tbh. These didn’t sing until 91st minute and half of their ground was leaving in 87th”

“Not too disappointed with that. We gave what we could in the circumstances and battled hard. Class response from all 4 stands for Tony’s late wife”

Sheff Utd we’re class today and it will be close at the top. Thought the reception for Mrs Stewart was brilliant from both sets of fans”

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View From Wednesday

“They was going to do what to us Well done everyone.”

“Think we edged it in every area. We dominated the midfield for 60 mins, their attackers didn’t get a sniff and we created the games best chance. The only area we didn’t dominate in was the final ball but they were poor there too. “

“How on earth they are third is beyond me. Just shows what good organisation and motivation can do. “

“Good solid performance against Brazil there.  Never seen Brazil play that many long balls. I think thats got got to be disappointing for the pigs, two points dropped at a big important stage in the season.”

“Good result considering we were playing Barcelona B.”

“TBF there’s been some less than average performances tonight from the likes of Bannan, Reach and Boyd, so I’m happy with a point. At least it’s put a stutter on their promotion ambitions, another point and clean sheet and 7 games unbeaten. Building for next season.”

“Don’t write off this season yet, all sorts of twists and turns to come.”

Tell you what, if by some miracle we did sneak into the play-offs I’d seriously fancy our chances.

” We stopped their normal method of playing it out from the back by pressing high on their back line and making Henderson resort to hoofball.”

“Overall we did very well against a side who have, annoyingly, been one of the best in the league. We’ve definitely turned a corner though which is reassuring.”

“Even Steven as Solskjaer likes to say.”

“Nil nil not a great result in terms of the table but i feel a hell of a lot better after this nil nil than the last 2 games we played against them”

“Utd edged a scrappy game but that was to be expected at the moment and losing FF took one of our main threats away . “

“The Barcelona of Yorkshire mump about 0-0 when we don’t go toe to toe with them. But they still can’t beat us when we do. Right old turn up for the books. “

“I wish that I was at school with Wilder… I’d have wound him up like a top.”

” Cant disagree with anything piggy Wilder said TBF”

“How did that fat pig Sharp get through that game without a booking. What a dirty pig he really is. Built in his managers image. “

“Could have had six yellows. Every single set piece. Then snidey kick on Hector at the end. Proper Blunt.”

“Typical of that lot that Billy Blunt will be one of their club legends. Nasty piece of work when all’s said and done”

“He must hate playing us, he was tug tonight same with madine, they looked better when boldrick came on”

Madine is just a poor footballer. If wilder keeps playing him it could cost them promotion. ”

“Mind. That Fleck is a snidey little gobshite too. “

Jesus Christ how quiet were they?  Second half was  silent – think they knew they weren’t gonna steamroll us”

“Unfortunately the whole crowd sounded quiet on the tv. I think our ticket prices are keeping the ‘passionate’ fan away.”

“The home support were excellent tonight.  Pigs diabolical”

“We were loud tonight – they were worried” 

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View From Reading

“Reading are now on a run of 9 league games against the Blades which has seen them gather just 1 point. And that point was gathered at Bramall Lane almost exactly 8 years ago to the day. “

“Thank fudge that is over. Wouldn’t have scored if we’d played for a week.”

“Sheff Utd are quite possibly the best team we have played this year”

“They are a seriously good side and I think wilder is an exceptional manager. The best in the division by a distance. “

“You have to give Sheffield credit. To say we gave them the win would be naive, they’re quicker, stronger and better in all departments. But we could have done a hell of a lot more. Well played to United though, their style of play is a pleasure to watch, they’re quick, incisive and always pick the right option. Norwood and Madine were class for them, fortunately for us their LWB was pretty average or the scoreline could have been worse. They just need to cut out their pre-match comments ”

“It was a similarly poor performance as Blackburn first half against a team with the quality to actually punish us”

“Passing football like we do is nonsense, United have the perfect balance between when to go short and when to go long .Norwood > Any of our midfielders, but I could have told you that three years ago. I remember when people said Norwood wouldn’t get in our team because we had Evans, Swift and Kelly. How wrong were they”

“Gary Madine showing what a Champ striker looks like, while we’ve spent the last couple years trying to figure it out. “

“You can’t have any complaints about Oliviera. If he’d had the service Madine got I’m sure we’d have a goal or two.Now Norwood, Duffy and Fleck would walk into our team, look about and then walk right back out in disgust. “

“men vs boys, Sheff showing in last couple seasons what you can do in Champ without spending billions. And oh, they made more changes from Wednesday night to their starting lineup today than we did. “

“Sheff actually passed it around better than we did.
Of course, like most Champ teams, they are built for the Champ, and so they are also bigger, taller, stronger, meaner, and more physical than we are (something we haven’t grasped in recent years, apparently) . “

“The team on the pitch had absolute no belief that they could pull it back, and it’s hard to argue that they had any chance. Sheff Utd are a better team than us in most ways.”

“They were better in every department”

“oxf*rd me, most of us weren’t expecting anything today, I naively predicted a 1-1 but 4-0 and it could be oxf*rd worse. “

“Short passing crap ball at the back when teams are flying high in the division and pressing you is suicidal”

“Let’s hope Gomes can restore a bit of confidence in the team after this thrashing. We’re going to need it next Saturday. Still, we have had 60% possession apparently – reminds me of Stam Days!”

“It’s also worth noting that Sheffield United rested the two players that have scored 17 of their last 20 goals!”

“Has there been a bit of bribery here-Blackburn did the same on Wednesday night- or are these teams now starting to feel sorry for us?”

“To think there are three teams below us in the league and effectively worse than us is simply unbelievable”

“On a positive – I like Bramall Lane as a ground. It’s in a good location, away fans get a decent view and there’s some atmosphere.” ”

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View From Boro

“Maybe just edged the first half but didn’t make chances count then cracked under pressure.”

“Absolutely outplayed in every department!! Pulis needs to go!! Even if it’s another year in the championship? Football is basic, boring.”

“Worst thing about tonight is sheff united were under par and not up to usual standards in particular large part of 1st half yet we barely laid a glove on them. Really poor. Hanging on for 6th going to be really tough”

“Both teams poor, but they were there for the taking. “

“5-4-1 in a game where 3 points would have been huge. Sheffield United were below par and were there for the taking”

“GET HIM OUT. All the way to Sheffield for another half arsed performance.”

“Don’t dress it up a 13 man Pullis team would of got beat with his tactics and no sticker on the pitch….. Yes I mean NO STRIKER. lumping around does not qualify for this role. Boro lad or not. In fact I bet at least a dozen Boro lads in the crowd tonight are better than Hughill”

“Totally fucking schooled in that Second Half tonight. We play like a Pulis side but we don’t often show the character & savvy of a Pulis team.”

“There was a clear weakness exposed late in the First Half with Friend getting up with Downing. Sheff Utd did well to get that sorted with their Half Time change.”

“We’re *** to watch and Sheff United look quality. There off the ball runs are great as well. Better players or better manager and system?….. ”

“Not better players. Just a far superior manager.”

“They made an attacking sub and by some sort of miracle do more going forward, scoring within 15 minutes. Who would have thought!!?
Theres a lesson to be learnt there Tony, but you will never understand.”

“So pathetic to lay down and die like that against a rival.
Wilder would have us challenging for top 2.”

“No he wouldnt problem is this team under Karanka and Pulis is so driven into them (the defensive mindset) this team dont know to play any other way.”

“Gibson will have noticed the good football they play and hopefully consider their manager for our next appointment.”

“We had lost it before going down to 10 men. Let’s not try and soften the blow. Again we remain reactive and wait to go behind before making changes. Even the commentator on Sky said when we have a chance to build and play it forward, we do the opposite and pass it backwards.”

“We don’t go to win, just to suffocate opponents, awful second half, Ayala was a walking red or pen. No attacking intent, pace, wingers and the lump up front can’t stay upright and when he does gives a foul”

“Why don’t we go out an attack like Sheff Utd?”

“We the most boring team to watch in the league”

“We are a horrible, horrible side to watch, it would be a travesty if this team went up playing this negative boring football and with this dinosaur in charge.”

“Lovely stuff. Particularly enjoyed them 4 consecutive throw ins down the right.”

“Lost to a team that had Cranie and Stearman as their centre half’s”

“They had Martin Cranie and Richard Stearman at the back tonight, absolutely laughably bad stuff.”

“We weren’t great but Hugill was pulled up for virtually every aerial challenge but their scorer was all over Fry,stopping him being able to jump to head the ball!”

Sheff United players spent more time on the floor tonight than my carpet”

“That’s a red for fleck for me. two footed lunge right through mikel”

“Officials let the home fans intimidate them big style”

“Surprised the officials decided to leave their Shef Utd gear at home. Their fans were giving them grief but everything went their way. Don’t think the referee could’ve given them more, might have gone to his house and found his Shef Utd bed set. ”

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