Nottingham Forest Fans Views On Jack Robinson

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“He’s done well to land a Prem move, not sure what they’ve seen tbh”

“He’s better than he has shown in his last few performances, but still not really shown himself to be prem quality whilst here.”

“He is ok as back up , But let’s face it if he is second best at a championship club then I find this very odd .He is bang average , He is ok going forward but makes loads of mistakes and his positional abilities are shocking, He will be murdered by VAR in the prem”

“He’s been poor this season. I’m not sorry to see him go.

“Don’t know why they’d want him he’s terrible

“If we have ambitions of been in the top league it won’t include Jack Robinson sell sell sell”

“Will not be missed and on big wages”

“I will drive him to Bramhill lane myself. Gives away too many free kicks in dangerous areas”

“Says enough about Osborn as a LB that they want to bring Robinson as well”

“Actually quite starting to like Sheffield United. Not only do they give us £3.5m for Ben Osborn but they want Robinson too?”

“They’ve take one of our shite left backs why do they want another”

“Blades: a bang average forest full back… “take our money””

“He can’t play wing back so get rid”

“He’s an average Championship defender who is currently 2nd choice LB and 5th choice centre back, who’s contract is running out in six months.”

“He was decent initially. Been absolutely dreadful when he’s played this season tho”

“Played well as a left sided centre half but has been liability at left back”

“He’s not a bad player but his mistakes are too frequent and often bad ones. Although maybe that does make him a bad player with a reasonable level of ability.”

“Don’t get the hate for Robbo. I rate him, he’s not as good as Riberio but a good championship left back”.

“I maintain that Robinson is a good player who is just going through a terrible run of form”

“I like Robbo, has made mistakes but can be a really good Left back on his day”

“I think he may actually be just as average in the Prem too…The kind of player to be able to up his game to always be average at any level. “

“Seemed to remember he was in POS discussions last season. Always rated him better as a CB personally, but never been as hyper critical as most on his FB performances. Commitment without question, has ability, proof your only a couple of mistakes away from being shit at Forest. “

“They would look at him has a left sided centre half could be a good player there for them in a 3 and back up.”

“Steady utility man , can play anywhere in the back 4”

“Robinson at LB:

P18 W10 D7 L1

Robinson not at LB:

P9 W1 D4 L4 “

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Blackburn Rovers Fans Views On Jack Rodwell

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“Added some class to our defensive line”

“Decent player who can plan in 2 positions, but I wasn’t too upset he left. I’d go to Italy or MLS if I was him, he’ll always have a mercenary tag in England.”

“I reckon he is a class player”

“He’s class”

“To have a player of Rodwell’s ability that can play midfield or centre back is a rare luxury I’d have liked to have seen him play more in midfield instead”

“to be fair to him, Rodwell did show his class at times and I was in favour of offering a new deal had he wanted to stay.”

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“Rodwell is excellent quality but he might be employed better in a system which employs a single deep sitting centre mid, rather like Campo at Bolton a few years back. “

“I’d personally class him as a midfielder but mostly played in defence for us”

“had talent but questionable attitude and certainly not fit for purpose having been signed as a CB”

“Too good for Rovers – unless he saw us as such a step down it would negatively impact on his career.”

” get Rodwell’s attitude right and you have a class midfielder”

“Rodwell was very good for us in games last season. He’s good player, but a weird guy.”

“Rodwell has had about 3 of the last 4 years on holiday. He should be the freshest footballer in all 4 divisions. And at his a

“Thought he strolled the games with Lenihan around Christmas.”

“looked decent when we’re in control, totally disappeared when we were under the cosh. Also a pretty rubbish CB”

“Rodwell was not fit for purpose as a centre back”

“at best, bang average for us last year”

“What a waste of a God given talent.He’s scammed a very nice living out of achieving the square root of sweet FA and when his career is over will be remembered for nowt other than being a complete waste of space. In fact his father should have shot him into space almost 30 years ago! “

“What a waste of obvious talent, its a crying shame that the money they get destroys their hunger for success. That’s why I’m falling out of love with the game”

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Pre-Match View From Man Utd

“Who knew we’d be at the end of November and the United from Sheffield would be higher than the one from Manchester?”

“Will be a tough game. Have had some fantastic results so far this season.Should have at least got a draw against Liverpool, beat Arsenal, drew with Chelsea, should have beaten Spurs. “

“Sheffield United have gone 60 games without losing by more than one goal. They’ve been great this season. Full value for their league position. Only lost to ‘Pool by a keeper howler. Came back from 2 down to draw at the Bridge. Dominated Spurs to the point of embarrassment. Swatted aside Everton away. Can’t praise Wilder enough so far. Ole will need some special wheeling to get through this one. Should be a good game…”

“Sheffield are going to be extremely compact. They have allowed a grand total of 4 goals at home this season. They don’t score a lot of goals, but their defense is harder to score on than both Liverpool and Manchester City right now. This is a team that will play extremely compact, 10 men behind the ball and spring the counter attack. Sheffield so far is the fairytale story of the season.”

“Expecting a VERY tough game but with our form and especially Fred’s form i think we can break down their defence and get a result. Sheffield is this years 18/19 Wolverhampton”

“They have a solid defence. This will be Ole’s first real test”

“Ole beats Sheffield United, a team with a defined style, belief & will out work and fight us 200%? No way”

“A solid defensive block with a midfield that will scrap for every single ball and not allow us to settle and dictate the game.From the games I’ve seen them play, their work rate is second to none.”

“Any team that is solid and sits back will cause us trouble. It needs the coaches to come up with a Plan B.”

“A tricky tie on paper and Man United have already lost to worse teams than Sheffield United this season. “

“Sheffield United haven’t lost a league game by more then one goal in like 14 months or something. We’ll do very well to get a win here.”

“We’d have to massively ride our luck to come away with 3 points.”

“Sheffield United are the real test to see how far we’ve improved.”

“Sheff Utd are so good tactically. Wilder should be in the convo next time any English club mgmt job is mentioned. I’m convinced no job is too big for him”

“At times it’s like they have 12 or 13 players on the pitch!”

“Sheff U have been great this season and I really like the way they play, but at home they’ll give it a go and leave spaces more than they would away from home.”

“Now, why would they ever do such obviously stupid and suicidal thing? Because they play at home they are obligated to be suicidal? Does Chris Wilder have no clue and can’t even figure out what is obvious to all of us – that United is clinical in quick counter-attacks and struggles against a packed defense? Why would they ever open up the game when we have Martial, Rashford, James and crappy midfield? Obviously, they have much better chances sitting back and destroying us in midfield. So – why would they not use such obvious advantage? There is no honor in attacking stupidly and losing foolishly. They will surely expose our weaknesses and won’t act suicidal.”

“I think the pessimism here is a little bit exaggerated. Sure, we have lost way stupider games, but FFS it’s Sheffield United… Like – seriously.This game is entirely ours to win or lose and we can do both ourselves, easily. Sheffield doesn’t matter that much. “

“Why are so many people pessimistic about our chances? It’s Sheffield, not Barcelona. And without Dean Henderson too. “

“Sheffield U are actually a lot harder to beat when they are playing away.”

“I’m optimistic that the way Sheffield United play will actually make them the ideal opponents for us with Rashford and James’ pace on the break, but we will see”

“don’t think Dean Henderson will ever be good enough to be United’s no.1 but he is a very impressive keeper and he as much as the defenders will have been responsible for their defensive record, but with a PL debutant(Verrips or Moore)coming in….The newbie might play a blinder, but it’s more likely that with a fast start we can play on his nerves and the uncertainty DH not being there will cause, get an early goal, play to our strengths(counter-attacking at pace) and it could be a walk in the park.”

“It’s also important to note that Sheffield United are not a huge offensive threat like you expect Chelsea or Liverpool to be. It is not a high scoring side. Their strength entirely lies in their ability to close ranks in the back and catch teams too high up. Sheffield Uniteds problem on the other hand is that they will be playing a side that is just as hard to score on as they are. Key difference is that our strikers are vastly better, and are finally hitting form. We’re the favorites in this match, but we should not make the assumption that this will be easy, because it will certainly be a tight game, unless the floodgates somehow open. “

“For the first time n a long time, i see some positive change coming from results and players. It is not gane by game consistent but from the last 6 we have won 5 and played very well in 4, awful in the first against Partizan away and was complacent in the away gane against Bournemouth. Today was a huge test of complacency and we got the early goals, got complacent but for the first time in a very very very long time we showed urgency to score and that resulted in a quick fire goal. For the first tkme on a while, i think i am thinking clearly, we will beat Sheffield united away. ”

“I am starting to see signs that we are capable of scoring a few goals in a game and with Sheffield United’s strong defence, we would do well to score more than 2. “

“Sheffield aren’t scoring that much and their defensive record at home isn’t great”

“I’ve just seen a Manchester United ‘fan’ with a picture of the Sheffield United badge as his profile picture. State of this fan base…imagine wanting us to lose!”

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View From The Republic Of Ireland

A collection of quotes taken from fans of The Republic Of Ireland on the performances of John Egan, Enda Stevens, David McGoldrick and Callum Robinson against Denmark.

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“Egan/Stevens have been massive finds”

“Egan was solid at the back until he had to come off”

“Egan lifted the mood two minutes in by charging into the middle of the park and throwing himself at a long ball to win a header and played on the front foot”

“I think defender wise we’re ok with Duffy and Egan”

“Stevens and Doherty were good”

“Stevens very good at lb”

“Stevens drove Ireland on throughout the game, and his cross for the Doherty goal was nothing short of phenomenal. His most impressive Ireland performance to date.”

“Composed and never ruffled, he looks more comfortable in a green shirt with every game.”

“Cant be fun for Enda Stevens having McClean alongside him on the left wing or for our full backs when under pressure to have no easy out ball in midfield because we are afraid to get on it in tight spaces.”

“Robinson is an upgrade on McClean”

“Robinson has plenty of room to improve”

“For a fresh pair of legs and given the amount of possession we had, he should have made an impact Robinson had an extra 15 mins on the pitch and done no more than Maguire”

“Robinson never really threatened the Danish defence”

“Robinson was excellent. Put in one beautiful cross, which couldn’t be steered home by McGoldrick.”

“McClean is not good enough. That much of an untouchable, berating other players . Stevens went back at him to be fair. Stealing caps with Hendrick and whelan. ”

“we aren’t good enough. Apart from Stevens and McGoldrick trying to combine it was all frantic stuff.”

“Doherty was excellent going forward and in a 3-5-2 system (similar to that used by both Sheffield United and Wolves) would not be required to defend as much. Such a system would also offer some much needed support in attack to McGoldrick. Stevens has done well at LB but he too would almost certainly be more comfortable playing the same wing back position he does for his club”

“McGoldrick tried to link up with Stevens, in fairness to Stevens he was only just away from playing him in and McGoldrick is our one player with a bit of composure. Stevens himself picked out an excellent ball for the goal. We didn’t need them to become any better players, but just to try and make one chance instead of hoping for a chance. “

“McGoldrick, Stevens and Doherty were our best performers.”

“I thought McGoldrick was dropping too deep to receive the ball , when he laid it off we had no options in front and it was leading us to slowing the play down.”

“Spends too much time outside the box for my liking – maybe thats why he never made it to the top given his other many attributes.”

“If he didn’t come out of the box we would never pass the ball forward in their half. He needs players willing to break past him from midfield, unfortunately we don’t have any.”

“his touch and link up play is very good. but most of the time he has to come deep and there is nobody up front which is part of our problem. not his fault though.”

“Another brilliant performance from Didzy
It’s a shame no one was there to play off him.”

“I thought he was excellent. His close control was very good but not made for a lone striker role”

“Showed some beautiful touches early on, providing the type of linkup play that was sorely lacking in the previous two competitive games. Everything good Ireland did inevitably came through McGoldrick”

“poor fella is fckin wasted with us , if he had a decent striker playing off him we’d get goals galore”

“Raging he is 31. What a player”

“He’s a very good player to be fair but McCarthy’s system demands an awful lot of him. He has to be the target man, come short, run the channels etc. Fairly flogs him and it’s no wonder we were so desperate with Collins in his place last month.”

“How much was he missed for the two matches last month? McGoldrick was excellent in this vital game, winning ball, holding it, moving it around.”

“Didzy. I’m so Didzy my head is spinning
Like a whirlpool it never ends
And its your goals making it spin”

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Fans On Mo Besic

A collection of quotes taken from fans of Bosnia and Herzegovina about the performance of Mo Besic against Italy

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“Besic has only one appearance for Sheffield this season and it shows.

“Besic I love you bro but you fell off like a mfff”

“mannn injuries bro its sad”

“Besic at fault fr one of the goals”

“Besic is the worst player I have ever seen in my life”

“I know about 3 deadass that play better than besic”

“Besic is limited”

“Besic is expectedly stupid”

“Is Besic a professional football player?”

“It is high time that Besic, Kolasinac and several other players stopped calling for the national team.”

“Muhammad Besic continues to play for the national team solely because of a good game against Argentina. The fact that this match was played over five years ago doesn’t really matter. Ask Prosinecki.”

“Has poor quality and often plays well. The truth is, he rarely reached the level he had in that game.”

“As soon as possible forget about this defeat from Italy and let the team relax, I suggest that Muhamed Besic take the guys to a Sarajevo tavern and bring some peasant fight in his style, purely to strengthen relations within the national team before the barrage”

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Do You Miss Me?

In this section I take a look at how fans of our players’ former clubs are reacting to our start in The Premier League.

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“Watching the Sheff Utd Arsenal game and Lundstram is hands down best player on the pitch. Premier League suits him and I think he’ll get a move to a bigger club. Not sure if we have any sell on clause there?”

“I thought Lundstram would be a solid Championship player, but he is doing better than that.”

“Apparently Sheff Utd have a song for him – ‘There’s only one Jonny Lundstram, one Jonny Lundstram, He Used to be Shite but now he’s alright, living in a Lundstram wonderland!!’”

“Lundstram was so good for us at first I and many others said he’d get back to the Prem at some point. then he didn’t take to League 1 quite as well as expected and he was clearly not as important as Ledson, got the move to Sheffield and never seemed popular with their fans, but is playing regular now and by all accounts has been a revelation” “remarkable how Lunny has come good at the top level.”

“Great to see Lunny doing so well.
Can’t help but feel, though, that if we do side-by-side comparison of Lundstram and Brannagan, playing for us in the same league (League One) at the same age (23)…….then Brannagan is the better player.
I can see Cameron ending up in the Premier League as well – but hopefully after delivering us a promotion and then a massive fee!” “he’s playing so well, he could be the ball playing midfield maestro that the England team has been missing in recent years but yeah I’d rather have Brannigan”

“It’s easy to forget just how good Lundstram was during his time here. He really made us tick and was such a sweet striker of a football (with both feet). I think Brannagan’s form so far this season might just shade Lundstram’s best form in a yellow shirt, but I think Lundstram did it over a longer period of time. I also think he may have had a more suitable style to the Premier League than Brannagan, but that’s not to say I don’t think the latter could make it (back) there.”

“Just watching Spurs v Blades. Lunny is one of the best players on the pitch and bossing spurs. And a classic bit of baldock to get blades level”

“Baldock looks very impressive”

“Baldock would certainly get into our team of the decade”

“Right back has to be George Baldock in our team of the decade. We’ve not been blessed in this position and whilst the likes of Damien Batt was steady, no one has been as exciting as young George”

“Gorgeous George looked pretty good against Spurs

“Badlock does seem to have an effect on certain, ladies, shall we say?”

“And some men too”

“And who would have thought that 10 years after losing home and away to Hayes and Yeading in the Conference, Chris Wilder would be managing in the Premier League”

“listening to Wilder in the press makes me appreciate not only how refreshing KR is but also, how much of a w****r Wilder is, in comparison. I dont care what he did with us, his behaviour since then has put me right off of him.”

“Personally I think Karl Robinson us much like wilder in that he’d do very well at a club with a large budget.”

“We should have the Chris Wilder stand but only if in that stand they have to exclusively serve chips (on your shoulder) and pints of bitter. “

“Some people just can’t let go with Wilder.What he did for us and what he has achieved subsequently just shows this was no fluke.
Following his career with interest.”

“What a player”

“He’s gone from strength to strength”

“Heartbreaking to watch Enda Stevens make a mistake for a goal on MOTD. When you still love someone it’s hard to let go ” “Can we have him back please?”

“Just an FYI that we all said Enda Stevens was the best left back outside the premier league and the world is now realising we’re right”

“He was so good for Pompey – knew we’d see him in the prem before too long”

“Looked every inch a PL defender. Made his debut in top flight almost 7 years ago. Wonder if he thought the chance would come again. Was playing in League 2 with Pompey just over two years ago.”

“He was outstanding at Pompey.”

“In a nice way, it’s one of those “well he sure showed us” situations- RE some of the comments on Twitter/here that were going around, that they haven’t even signed a first choice defender”

“Egan and O’Connell doing really well for Sheffield U. Correct decisions by DOFs? Makes you wonder?”

“most of us fans didn’t see them making it in the top flight.Fair play to them both, for holding their own.”

“Good luck to them both. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but not many people on here complained when they left, so would say at the time the DOFs made good decisions.”

“Genuinely pleased for them both. At the time I believe we got an excellent fee for Egan and except Sheffield United no other team would have paid that amount for him. I for one was delighted with the deal we got. Egan was Chris Wilder top target last summer and you can see why. He fits perfectly into their system and at the same time has really turned into an top defender.”

“They have both developed and flourished at a new club with a new system. At the start of last year, Egan would have been behind Meps, JJ and possibly Konsa in the pecking order.”

“It’s the right place for both of them. Thin line for professional footballers between making it and not. Everyone in the top 5 divisions (and beyond) is a decent player. Sometimes it’s just about being in the right place at the right time.”

“Egan and O’Connell. Two hard workers that fit into that Sheffield United team and ethos, like a glove.
However, I wouldn’t swap them for Pontus or Jeanvier.”

“Not compatible with our style of play.
Quite honestly if anybody wants Brentford to beat Arsenal by boring them to death with Sheffield style football a la meat and potatoes, I would genuinely despair. I just hate their uninspiring, workmanlike football. ”

“Overlapping centre halves is hardly workmanlike or uninspiring.
I think some people cannot accept that Chris Wilder is an innovative manager and that Sheffield Utd are no longer an up and at them team that just relies on Yorkshire grit. Sometimes cliches no longer fit. We used to be a long ball team. Not anymore. Things change.”

“He may not have the personality and charisma of some of the greats but that Sheff Utd side looks like he’s moulded a collection of decent hard working Championship level footballers into a hard working, decent Premier team.
Hate their supporters but they’re in a great place and he’s done a fantastic job since he took over.”

“One player who always seems to get a shift in is Chris Basham . Thought he’d just about disappeared after he left us, but he’s done a cracking job for Sheff Utd and doesn’t really look out of place in the Premiership so far.”

“Seems a really wierd coincidence that Basham and JOB are both playing midfield or right back, and never seem to make one position their own wherever they go. Very similar standard players, could have ended up in Div 2 or Prem depending on the fortunes of the clubs they happened to be with at the time”

“If someone had told me 4 years ago Basham would start another Premiership game I’d have laughed. Fair play to him, Billy Sharpe, absolutely making the most of their talent. Basham could possibly have a shout for the longest period between Prem starts, his last was for us about 10 years ago”

“Always liked him and i think we did get some money for him but now in the Premier League.”

“If anyone deserved his success it’s this lad, Coyle took the mickey out of him, but Basham had the last laugh….”

“My clubs in the shit pan and sky sports are analysing how quality Chris basham is – where did all go wrong”

“He was a donkey for us”

“Can you believe John Fleck and McGoldrick are playing in the premier league”

“someone playing for us only a couple of seasons ago is good enough to be MoM in the premier league in a match against the league leaders. When we have players who are good in our side I always wonder how well they would do at the top level. Just goes to show that there isn’t such a massive gap in skill between the divisions as you might think.”

“remember they weren’t anywhere near premiership standard when they left. They have developed into premier league players, which is something that we could not do for them. Good luck to them and I hope that they do well.” “

“I bet John Fleck misses lumping futile balls to Marc-Antoine Fortuné and Marcus Tudgay”

“remember when Cov fans were happy to see Fleck go. One of our best of the last 15 years ”

“I didn’t actually think Fleck was that good for us, or much of a loss.
Who’s laughing now.”

“He’s still capable of that hospital pass to the opposition while under no pressure just in front of the defence putting his team in the shit.”

“I remember one game at Ricoh where he gave the ball away to the opposition, the ball came back to him and he gave it away again.”

“He had his good points but you just knew every few games he’d give the opposition an almost free run on goal.”

“He’s been gash on Fantasy Football points.”

“Why did we let Olly Norwood go?”

“Great to see Ole Norwood doing well for Sheffield United always thought he didn’t get a fair crack of the whip at ours”

“I think we all saw good moments from him…passing, corners, free kicks, but never quite imposing himself in a match. But look at him now…..”

“Underrated him. In truth though I just think some players click with some managers and styles and it just works!”

“with all the spending last two summers, did we really upgrade on him?”

“Norwood always had a great attitude and work ethic – we are missing some of that – good luck to him”

“Propper and Bissouma are both better than Norwood. So is Gross.”

“So pleased to see David McGoldrick having the chance to display his skills in the Premier League. He is playing a big part in Sheff Utd’s unexpected success – mainly as a playmaker. Such a quality player. “

“Pleased to see him doing so well.”

“He really didn’t look out of place v Spurs today”

“It’s like seeing an old girlfriend out with a richer, more successful and better looking man”

“I’m glad he is doing well. He was a smashing player for us, when fit – a real pleasure to watch. The move was perfect for him.”

“McGoldrick is just pure class. Absolute joy to watch.”

“buzzing for Didzy”

“Love seeing Mcgoldrick playing in the premiership. Miss him at Ipswich”

“How I miss real strikers like McGoldrick and Waghorn”

“it was just his time to go. A fantastic player but his heart wasn’t with him staying here.”

“Hate the bloke funny how he’s not injured all of a sudden”

“Pleased to see the d1ck pretended to be injured with us.”

“His consitency at Sheff U does raise a whole load of questions about the fitness regime at ITFC”

“Or about the standard of refereeing that allows someone to kick him in the groin and not even get a card for it.”

“Mousset had 3 goals in 58 appearances for us. He now has 3 in 7 for Sheffield Utd”

“How about Mousset now scoring for fun!”

“Always knew Lys Mousset was a goal machine waiting to happen”

“just shows… a good player doesn’t necessarily work with every team”

“He’s getting service”

“I want Mousset back”

“I’ll back our strikers ahead of him over a season :-)”

“Mousset and Mings becoming club hero’s after years of struggling to get into our side”

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View From The Republic Of Ireland

A collection of quotes from fans of the Republic Of Ireland on the performances of Enda Stevens and John Egan against Switzerland

“Stevens turning into a fine footballer.”

“I thiught Stevens was one of the best of a bad bunch? He was involved all the time and didn’t shy from the ball unlike that cretin Hendrick”

“Agree no problems with his display”

“Started poorly playing in an unfamiliar position yet grew more solid as game passed by”

“I didnt think Stevens did too badly at all tbh.Lost the ball a lot but did well on a few occasions to recover it”

“Stuck to his task well and tried to get Ireland motoring”

“Solid defensively, but we have yet to see him sparkle in an Ireland shirt.”

“poor with the ball before moving back to left back where he looked much happier driving forward in the second half.”

“pathetic tonight”

“I thought Stevens was good in the first half and did okay in the second, far from pathetic.”

“Stevens needed to come off Lichtsteiner to experienced for him”

“Stevens was awful.”

“Stevens worries me”

“LWB is definitely his best position. There are still questions about his suitability though”

“crazy to think we have two top class wingbacks excelling in the premier league in Doherty and Stevens, and when we finally employ a system that uses wingbacks, we use neither in those positions”

“Distribution could have been better but rallied after a slow start”

“Made a few decent clearing headers but his distribution was poor as he was guilty of a few poor long balls forward.”

“Kicked about 4 long balls to nobody”

“Egan loves a stupid foul”

“I feel sorry for Randolph, Egan, Duffy and the lads up front! What we have on the wings and and in the middle of the park is absolutely useless!

“He made a number of vital interventions and put in an all-around excellent display.It’s mad to think he wasn’t in the team until the last game. He brings a new found calmness to the Ireland backline. Absolutely superb”

“John Egan was everywhere, solid performance”

“Probably our best player”

“Egan was a positive”

“Egan promising”

“Very solid display”

“Good performance”

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Loan Updates

It’s been a tough month for some of our loanees. Sam Graham has been ruled out for the rest of the season with injury, Regan Slater has lost his place at Scunthorpe and Oliver Greaves has mostly been used as a substitute at Barrow. Here I take a look at the players who have featured somewhat more regularly for their clubs:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is palace-pre-644x50.png

“Duffy might be absolutely fantastic in a number 10 but how would we know if he’s never played?”

“Duffy’s barely been given minutes but his creative output in the same position last year means he should probably play 10”

“Joe Allen is miles better than Ince, Powell or Duffy”

“I think we should put Duffy central advanced and support him.”

“Duffy is a quality player, a little past his best but should be seen as competition for Clucas rather than as a No.10”

“I would play Duffy to give us a bit more bite”

“Duffy has been ok today.”

“Duffy looked good towards the end, would like to see more of him.”

“Duffy was passing to his own players, we don’t like that down Stoke!”

“I just don’t think Jones wanted Duffy. Surely if he really rated him we’d have seen more of him on the pitch.”

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“Great to see him made captain tonight”

“has impressed in his (albeit limited) time at Spotland, providing defensive solidity in addition to genuine attacking potency, making himself one of the first names on the team sheet”

“Takes a superb free kick”

“2nd most tackles in League One”

“He;s made the biggest impact of all our summer signings”

“Am I blind or was Rhys Norrington-Davies and Ollie Rathbone the only two players that turned up today?”

“Man of the match today”

“Had a fantastic game”

“well done Rhys Norrington-Davies, what a game!!”

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“Parkhouse must be a candidate for Young Player of the Year. But it will probably go to a player from one of the Dublin clubs.”

“If a gold medal could be struck for guts ,perseverance and a willingness to die for his club Parkie you would be the only winner”

“George Kelly should be looking at Parkhouse and asking himself whether his career his best served by sitting on the bench at Dundalk.”

“Parkhouse frustrates at times but don’t forget the youngster is top scorer.”

“I’m sometimes critical of Parkie but forget his work supporting others. His pass to Junior for first goal on Friday was superb. I’ll try to be more circumspect in future.”

“Parkie has the most delicate touch to bring in others and now his Ariel work v defenders is sublime If his touch in the box comes like Junior’s has we are into clover.”

“Parky is a very average player, but works hard and gets goals at least.”

“Bit harsh on Parky. If only we played someone with him up front to take some of the burden off him,people forget his age and the fact it’s his first season playing in this league.”

“Parky’s head must be wrecked, running around mad after 4 defenders. He must come off every game exhausted”

“David Parkhouse is an awful finisher. He puts in a great shift but misses to many guilt edge chances.”

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“Smith looks head and shoulder above any of our strikers. .”

“Chased and harrassed defenders and showed one moment in the first half where he really showed what he was about other than the disappointing finish. He really should have put that chance away that he created himself but hit it weekly straight at the keeper when the net beckoned. He was unlucky on a couple of occasions and never gave up despite it not being the ideal sort of game with so much physical presence in numbers in the opposition.”

“Smith is a good additions that add something to us”

“Great finish by Smith.Great to finally have a second striker scoring some goals and Smith now has four and he hasn’t started that many games!”

“Smith took his goal well”

“I don’t get is why Smith was dropped? Plays well and scores on Tuesday night and is only rewarded with a space on the bench today.”

“Smith is very poor”

“Don’t rate Smith”

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“I think Thomas is suffering from Pressley’s coaching. He seems a pale shadow of how he started the season.”

“Another example of Pressley failing to get the best out of individuals by insisting that everyone conforms to inflexible tactics and Opta stat targets, regardless of whether they are suited to or capable of it.”

“Needs a spell out the team not good in a poor team” “it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest of Thomas was left out, couldn’t understand why people were creaming themselves over him coming back. I said last season he was a 45 minute man, may as well not exist in the second half of games, and has also been proved this season to be a one trick pony. That trick worked on the first home game but hasn’t done since.”

“Don’t get me wrong Thomas is a decent player but it was like the second coming when we re-signed him. He had a lot of very average games last season but people forgot.”

“I expect Thomas to be back firing soon enough. And then back off the boil again. And then back firing. The nature of a lower league winger.”

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View From The Republic Of Ireland

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A collection of quotes from fans of the Republic Of Ireland on the performances of Callum Robinson and John Egan against Georgia

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“I like Callum Robinson but for some reason he seems out of sorts when playing for Ireland. Maybe it’s just me. “

“The starting XI was ok but some of the players were off the boil, mcclean the king culprit but also Robinson, hourihane, Collins looks limited”

“Robinson is the worst player ever to pull on the green jersey“

“Connor Sammon?”

“it’s a tight one”

“Rather have Mary Robinson and Michael Collins out there than that other 2.”

“Callum Robinson looks lost on the wing”

“Cut a lonely figure wide on the right and was rarely involved”

“He wasn’t good”

“Very disappointing”

“He struggled big time”

“He was dire”

“Was starved of decent delivery, but showed his danger with a few teasing crosses. Probably Ireland’s biggest attacking threat on the evening, which admittedly was a sparse shortlist, but was an anonymous figure after the break.”

“he is a good player”

“He really fights hard”

“It must be said that John Egan slotted in really well at CB and was a big positive for us. Looks like he has been playing there for years”

“Rock steady on his competitive debut”

“Coped with everything that came his way, with one or two vital headers, and can reflect positively on his first competitive start.”

“Only positives from that game were that Egan came in and gave his first decent performance for us, and Connolly came on and looked bright.”

“John Egan got Man Of The Match – not surprised a centre-half got it. Sums up the rest of the team. “

“Duffy and Egan have been good. That’s the only positive”

“Duffy and Egan looks like it could be a very good partnership”

“What did work: the Duffy/Egan partnership, which looks like it has real legs”

“Egan and Duffy look to be a decent centre back pairing”

“Egan pretty decent”

“Well played John Egan”

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Scotland Fans Views On John Fleck

“If ever one players inclusion in a Scotland team confirms how low we have sunk it is John Fleck. I honestly couldn’t tell you who at least 6 of tonight’s team for at club level.”

“Playing regularly in the premier league lol probably better than half our squad”

“Playing regularly in the Premier League isn’t exactly a barometer of quality these days, some absolute dross cutting about”

“Why do Scotland managers pick dross like John fleck”

“Liam Palmer, John Fleck and Snodgrass are garbage”

“Didn’t even know John Fleck was playing”

“John Fleck for Ryan Christie is just murderous in my opinion. Why bother.”

“John Fleck is useless. If you ask for him because he played in the Championship, then you are deluded. There are better prospects in Scotland (i.e. Christie)”

“How John fleck starts before Ryan Christie is beyond me” “How has John Fleck started ahead of Stuart Armstrong started tonight?” “Rather midfielders from Scottish Premiership than see Fleck again in an Scotland kit.”

“hes pish”

Clarke out……Clarke out…..Clarke out there is no hope for us no matter who’s in charge it’s simply a lack of talent ,Wonder kid John Fleck debut at 16 for Rangers this wonder kid gets first cap 12 years later …..nuff said methinks”

“John Fleck, who was the next big thing at Rangers more than a decade ago, yet apparently only made his international debut tonight. Didn’t even realise he was playing.”

“To be fair, Fleck’s done ok tonight. Definitely played very well for an hour or so”

“Gave the jersey everything he had to show he can compete at this level”

“Wee Fleck not singing the dire flower of Scotland, good start to his debut”

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