Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On Enda Stevens

Ireland Fans Views On The Denmark Game

“Great point away from home, plenty of positives, hourihane, Keogh, Stevens played well”

“honourable mentions for Duffy, Keogh, Coleman and Stevens”

“Stevens, Duffy and Hourihan really good.”

“I was impressed with him”

“I thought Stevens was decent last night, he can pass the ball and put in a few crunching tackles.”

“Stevens did well enough”

“I thought Stevens had a decent game also. He has been playing as a wing-back only for quite a while, but switched back without too many problems. All our players have problems keeping the ball, that isn’t going to change overnight”

“Stevens actually beat a few players when he had the ball but was running down blind alleys because McClean never came short for it, always running away from the ball. I think Stevens was quite solid, one of the few with confidence on the ball to try make something happen.”

“Stevens and McClean is not working at all.”

“our left side of Stevens and mcclean have been awful”

“James McLean has no discipline to hold his position and leaves Stevens exposed!”

“Stevens should be better than what he showed today.”

“Stevens has had a great season with sheff utd but he hasnt impressed me in green atal. I’d be surprised if Stevens made one successful pass”

“Persoanlly i thought stevens was our worst player”

“I know hes had a great season but im not convinced by him.”

“Mick needs to drop Stevens and put Brady left back.Stevens is rubbish , Brady would make a much more decent left back than playing in mid “

“were you even watching last night?? Stevens was very impressive. Brady should not even be in the starting 11. Some crazy cats on here. “

Ireland Fans Views On The Gibraltar Game

“I reckon Enda Stevens be the Republic of Ireland 1st choice left back for years to come. Chap is rock solid”

“He didn’t venture forward with the ball to quite the same degree as Coleman. But like the rest of the back-four, he found himself unruffled defensively.”

“Stevens was often in oceans of space on the left, but Ireland tended to focus their attacks down the opposite flank. However, when involved, he showed some decent touches. He linked up well with McGoldrick and made some clever off the ball runs.”

“Promising addition despite his instinct to control possession and play the safe ball on a night that screamed out for adventure”

“Stevens is a better wing-back too and it is unfortunate that we aren’t really going to get an opportunity to see him in his best position, for a while at least”

“Stevens tried at least, but made some awful mistake”

“how Doherty is not considered for left full ahead of this guy is a complete joke”

“An absolute farce that Doherty isn’t starting in this team. I’d have him ahead of Coleman, Stevens, Brady and McClean in each position they’re playing in now.”

“Really poor, looked a bit lost at times.”

“Thought Enda Stevens was poor this evening”

“I think he is very basic in the LB role, didn’t offer enough quality supporting the attack.”

“Thought Stevens and Coleman were awful the crossing especially”

“we were ineffective down the left hand side, himself and McClean did not link up well.”

“Mc Clean did ok, decent with the ball and created the goal. And with very little help going forward from Stevens.”

“I think we passed the ball into touch about 8 times tonight. Enda Stevens one time tried to play a5 yard ball up the line to McClean and instead just kicked it straight out of play”

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Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On David McGoldrick

Ireland Fans Views On The Denmark Game

“Superb from David McGoldrick. Everything you expect from an Irish striker, ran his bollocks off and didn’t score a goal. “

“And caught offside 27 times”

“Great work by McGoldrick tonight.”

“McGoldrick put in a great shift”

“McGoldrick so impressive.”

“McGoldrick is a smart and canny footballer. He mightn’t out run a defender but I can guarantee he will hold the ball up. Which last night is exactly what we needed. I like McGoldrick leading the line, smart footballer, brings players in, holds the ball up.Does the simple things well.”

“Weird how Dave McGoldrick is the best center forward of all time?”

“David McGoldrick was brilliant again for Ireland tonight. Does the basics so well. Relieves pressure, keeps it simple. But also vital for winning the ball back.”

“RTE gave McGoldrick a 5/10 for last night, incredibly harsh. Thought his link and hold up play was superb again”

“He was decent”

“McGoldrick big shift but was too deep at times” “we need better strikers and lose McLean and Mcgoldrick”

“Don’t agree with mcgoldrick think he holds the ball up well with very limited support and could have a decent partnership with long for this campaign if we go with 2 up front”

“Maybe Mcgoldrick will work but on his own it’s a waste of time he can’t score. We see where to improve”

“Please never let McGoldrick near an Ireland team ever again, useless is not the word. He was walking around for most of the game ”

“David McGoldrick is so shite I love watching him and we need to keep playing him.” “McGoldrick poor up top not holding it up”

“Didn’t think he offered much”

“McGoldrick is as useful as tits on a bull”

Ireland Fans Views On The Gibraltar Game

“One of the few to impress” “our only forward with a bit composure and intelligence on the ball.”

“honestly love McGoldrick. He is sexual chocolate.”

“felt like most good we produced came through him.”

“What we’ve learned: McGoldrick is central to almost everything we do well.”

“We could do with cloning McGoldrick so he can feed the ball into himself”

“McGoldrick was the best of a bad lot”

“McGoldrick is the only real positive for me over the 2 games”

“he has some strengths that I think we are lacking elsewhere, e.g. his ability to come deep and hold the ball. Think he would need a good strike partner. Him and long with McG more in the N.10 role is probably how I would go against the swiss.”

“He has a weird run, but he’s not actually slow. Has a touch of class to him, skillful footballer.”

“I swear, Mcgoldrick must have a bet on himself NOT to score.”

“McGoldrick? More like McMissdrick AMIRITE?!”

“Has a nice touch but needs to be more ruthless.”

“Ronnie Whelan giving McGoldrick motm is ridiculous, anyone with eyes could see Robinson was the best player we had today”

“Hendrick, Hogan, McClean, Duffy, and McGoldrick should maybe avoid the player ratings tonight and tomorrow…”

“don’t rate him at all. Moves around like he is in his 60’s and against proper International sides won’t do anything.”

“worked hard but long is a better player when fit”

“If Long and McGoldrick are being put forward as our ‘best’ potential front partnership…….I honestly don’t see either playing much football at their respective clubs next season other than bit part players……..”

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Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On McGoldrick and Stevens against Georgia

Ireland Fans On McGoldrick

“McGoldrick brilliant tonight. Irish players usually only get standing ovations like that when they are retiring.”

“Can’t remember the last time a player got an ovation like that leaving the field at Lansdowne. Brilliant stuff from McGoldrick”

“Impressive performance by mcgoldrick tonight. Can’t remember the last time we said that about an Ireland player”

“Billy Joel didn’t getting the standing ovation at the Aviva that Big Dave McGoldrick got.”

“Superb performance from David McGoldrick! Looks a class above everyone else.”

“Man of the match has to be McGoldrick, really looking forward to seeing more him!”

“mcgoldrick > long”

“David McGoldrick is the best striker in the world”

“David McGoldrick best player on the pitch tonight, unreal performance up front on his own.”

“McGoldrick a cult hero in the making”

“McGoldrick was excellent”

“McGoldrick’s was outstanding”

“Mcgoldrick is a great player.”

“Much improved”

“McGoldrick deserved a goal. Worked his socks off”

“Some performance from mcgoldrick”

“McGoldrick plays for Sheffield United and uses his body better than Lukaku”

“A whiff of Firmino from McGoldrick’s performance; where he picked the ball up, how he used it, how hard he worked. Knitted the whole thing together”

“If Ireland can get Bamford in, him and McGoldrick will be class together”

“McGoldrick was sensational.. It’s like what would happen if Ronaldo and Caleb Folan had a baby”

“why is McGoldrick getting his arse licked? Absolute wank”

“HITNOF can McGoldrick be MOTM ??? He was dismal.”

“How McGoldrick was man of the match there is beyond me. Useless”

“David McGoldrick leaves the field to a standing ovation, crowd must have missed him basically showing all the striking capabilities of a donkey tonight”

“Can’t fault him for effort but McGoldrick is a shit Jon Walters.”

“Who the fuck is McGoldrick? He is utterly mince. Constantly caught offside and shoots from anywhere, usually hitting the corner flag.”

“How does McGoldrick hold down a place in Sheffield Utd team?”

“How many chances does McGoldrick need”

“McGoldrick’s shite”

“Mcgoldrick is a donkey”

“McGoldrick wouldn’t score in a massive barrel of wet fannies”

“McGoldrick is non league quality”

Ireland Fans Views On Enda Stevens

“Stevens and McGoldrick were very very good.”

“Stevens and McGoldrick were the stand outs”

“Enda Stevens is some upgrade from Stephen ward, very tidy player”

“Stevens brilliant”

“Was great, really grabbed his chance”

“Enda Stevens brilliant at left back”

“Class performance!”

“Thought Enda Stevens was the excellent.”


“Had a great game tonight”

“Enda Stevens and Coleman very good again would be nice to see Doherty fit into the system some way though.”

“Some of Stevens cross field balls are questionable.”

“Not sure about Enda Stevens”

“he doesn’t make a lot of runs down the wing or get involved too much.”

“I can’t understand why they don’t play Doherty at left back. Had played there many times for Wolves and is a much better player than Enda Stevens.”

“Most unconvincing McClean/Stevens partnership since Don McClean and Shaking Stevens did that American Pie/Green Door mash up.”

“It’ll be 20 past 10 and Enda Stevens will still be running by McClean expecting a pass and not getting one”

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Loan Updates

Ricky Holmes, Rhys Norrington-Davies and Caolan Lavery have all been out injured for the majority of the month whilst Samir Carruthers has only made a few substitute appearances.

Wigan Fans Views On Leon Clarke

“Despite what the Sheffield United fans may have told us Leon Clarke is still one of the worst players to have played for Wigan in recent times. Donkey doesn’t even come close.”

“How does Clarke get a start?”

“He’s fucking thick Clarke”

“He was terrible”

“Sure we bought Clarke and not bogle ffs. Learn the offside rule”

“When will Clarke get onside?”

“Has Leon Clarke been onside once yet?”
“clarke is shocking wow”

“Clarke as much use as a ripped Johnny”

“Jurassic Clarke was absolute garbage today”

“Anyone who turned up for free yesterday to watch Leon Clarke got ripped off”

“Poor game or not, the amount of abuse Clarke took from our fans today was fucking embarrassing. Had to be dragged away from smacking a Latics fan who was abusing him today. Scored more goals from open play than Grigg this season.”

“5-2 even Leon Clarke scored ”

“One of the signs of the apocalypse: Leon Clarke scores”

Fleetwood Town Fans Views On Ched Evans

“Another quiet afternoon for Evans but not through fault of trying”

“Held the ball up well but had limited service and supply. Could have done better with header from Rydel cross and for once a bit too static in the box defensively. Goals came from the zones he was marking – could he have stopped them?”

“Fleetwood’s best player on the night. A real captain’s performance. Could have done better with some of his chances but lead from the front well”

“Back in a front two and the switch suited him. Lead the line well, asked questions of Plymouth’s defence and put a real shift in.”

“Led the line superbly tonight, I thought he was the talisman for the team and obviously, he got his goal.”

“About time hes been shite last 3 games”

“does this mean he’s signing for us seems a bit odd to have a loanee as captain otherwise”

Guiseley Fans Views On Marcus Dewhurst

“Made an excellent stop from a powerful header.”

“I felt really sorry for Marcus Dewhurst – he has been brilliant for us since his arrival .”

“can we stop lavishing praise on Dewhurst? He is so obviously better than this level that if we keep drawing attention to it some bugger with more money than us will sign him. We know he’s a great keeper now let’s keep that to ourselves!”

“Dewhurst the exception on last nights performance, two top saves and another decent one.”

“Made some great saves”

“Dewhurst gifted them the goal.”

“Can blame Marcus Dewhurst for their goal but his overall game is way ahead of our other two keepers and how many times has he saved us from a tonking?”

Guiseley Fans Views On George Cantrill

“Did well”

“Cantrill broke things up well”

“had a particularly good game last night.”

“He was great last night”

Doncaster Fans Views Tyler Smith

“caused problems immediately when he come on”

“He lacks game time”

“Only in the last 5 minutes did we realise that he needs the ball playing to feet”

“After those 2 goals, not much to write home about”

“Added pace when Rovers desperately needed to relieve pressure but lost concentration close to the end when he allowed the ball to run out when he could have played to the free Marquis. ”

Carlisle United Fans Views On Nathan Thomas

“quality player but either not yet fit or not quite at it at the moment.”

“Doubt he.ll even get a start try asking the Sheff Utd fans why hes playing for his career at Carlisle.”

“Thomas looks dangerous”

“Thomas certainly has something about him.”

“at times, superb”

“My kind of player. I grew up on Coppell, John Robertson and the peerless Davie Cooper at Celtic.
He is a real handful. Pacy, great drop of the shoulder an quick feet. Can imagine him playing much higher up than Div 4 if he could somehow bottle the magic moments and produce them more often.
He controlled the ball a couple of times today when I thought that no other player on the pitch could have managed.
You can imagine being a fullback and being concerned about the afternoon ahead.
He should really have scored a hat-trick. A centre forward may have done but that’s what you get from wingers.”

“Looked sharp and was unlucky not to score more.

Carlisle United Fans Views On Regan Slater

“I think in recent games has improved as he’s getting more game time but again looks better further forward.”

“too light weight”

“once again a weak link”

“another largely anonymous day”

“Slater was decent, midfield not as strong at the minute.”

“Slater seems to be more comfortable now with the ugly side of things and like on Saturday started really well.”

“Works hard to get back, as well as find space up front.”

“learning all the time”

Blackpool Fans Views On Ben Heneghan

“Aerially dominant and produced some impressive last-ditch blocks” “Impressed again”

“Stepped up in Curtis Tilts absence and produced some vital blocks and clearances to deal with a dangerous Doncaster side.”

“Utterly dominant in the air and produced some heroic blocks late on”

“Ran ragged by Bristol Rovers strikers and showed up for his lack of pace. Also committed some needless fouls”

“Pulled out of position to cover for others, which opened up gaps elsewhere. Came close to pulling one back at the death.”

Peterborough United Fans Views On Daniel Lafferty

“did OK and had a lot of space to work in”

“Lafferty was reliable”

“Lafferty was turned inside out as was Naismith.”

“Lafferty is not a centre half and we paid the penalty for playing him there”

“Truly awful today”

“Lafferty must the worst loan signing since Simon Gillett & Kenny McAvoy.”

“showed why he is a league one player tonight at most, no right foot and very little tricks in the locker.”

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Loan Updates

Wigan Fans Views On Leon Clarke

“He was class today”

“He looked fine and was a handful.”

“Clarke looked like a good old fashioned centre forward.”

“Does Leon Clarke know the offside rule or is he just a lazy shite?”

“Genuinely, every single ball that came to him he got flagged”

“He was very quiet today”

“As for Clarke……he created nothing and centre halfs had him in their pockets all night.”

“My only gripe was Clarke, for me he’s just not good enough. I thought that first time round and nothings changed my mind now.”

“no better than 1st time round.Leading the line,never won a header,lay off or flick on. Is he really the best we could muster up ???”

Fleetwood Fans Views On Ched Evans

“Well done Ched, just what we needed, wish we could keep you here as our player”

“Good to see Ched bag a few”

“Back in the side and back with a bang. Deserved a hat-trick but positioning was top notch.”

“Evans is insane at holding it up. “

“Sign ched permanently”

“hardly given a sniff by Luton’s mean defence.”

Guiseley Fans Views On Marcus Dewhurst

“We gained a point last night – but only thanks to some fine saves by Marcus Dewhurst.”

“without Dewhurst the defeat could have been much larger.”

“Dewhurst was fine, the others poor”

“Marcus Dewhurst saved us from total embarrassment by making some truly magnificent saves. He is a star in the making!”

Guiseley Fans Views On George Cantrill

“Played well”

“Cantrill broke things up well”

“had a particularly good games last night.”

“looks quite useful and seems willing to put in a shift”

“Cantrill was excellent after a little bit of a shaky start when he gave the ball away a couple of times. I hope he can continue that form for the rest of the season.”

“He was excellent”

“Thought George Cantrill was inspired today, even before he scored the goal, he was MOTM”

“Cantrill looks as if he has plenty to offer.”

“A great addition”

Doncaster Rovers Fans Views On Tyler Smith

“Made the EFL team of the week.”

“Two well taken goals”

“The biggest positive for me today is that Smith looks to be the predator striker I was hoping we could get to partner JM.
He certainly impressed me with the way he put those two chances away, plus he wasn’t afraid to do the hard work.”

“Great to see what Tyler Smith has been like in his 2 interviews since he arrived, a young lad just absolutely loving playing football. Such a difference to some of the loan players we’ve had from leagues above in the past”

“Even more impressive than his debut performance was how quickly Smith had whipped his shirt off and was almost in the crowd in celebration. Instant fans favourite”

“Cracking debut from Tyler Smith though today, can’t wait to see more of him”

“Excited at the prospect of watching him over the next few months”

“He looks a top prospect, calm in front of goal, quick, bright, and always on the shoulder of the defender. A young Billy Sharp”

“Sheffield United potentially have a real star on their hands”

Barrow Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Norrington-Davies was excellent.”

“Norrington deserved MOTM he was our main threat down the left particularly second half”

“Norrington-davies was immense”

“the whole team (bar Norrington who’d run for 180 minutes) just didn’t seem to have the same energy as usual”

“about been our best player week in week out”

“All of the loanees have improved. Many have added to their value and we are increasingly seen as a safe haven for youngsters in development which in turn leads to better quality players being recruited. Norrington-Davis is a shining example of this”

“Badly missed Norrington-Davies, he’d been a big attacking outlet for us”

“Wrap him up in cotton wool”

Carlisle United Fans Views On Nathan Thomas

“Skillful and tricky. A top third player who needs to be fed the ball time and time again, until he runs out of steam.”

“Has obvious ability”

“I feel that particularly with Thomas, as he gets fitter, he could, potentially be a match winner.”

“plenty of flashes of skill, looked very dangerous first half.”

“looks quality but hasn’t played enough or isn’t fit enough”

“hit n miss. Some good stuff, some awful stuff also seems to get annoyed when stuff he tried didn’t work or get picked up by other players, can see why it therefore didn’t work at Notts county.”

“Am not seeing it with Thomas i’m afraid, he was isolated for spells first half and wasn’t happy when pulled. O’Hare also is disappointing even tho he gets stuck in”

“I thought Thomas was poor, he constantly ran into the defender and kept laying the ball back to Liddle, more so in the first half, instead of going past his man or swinging in a cross.”

Carlisle United Fans Views On Regan Slater

“not much impact” “not his day and lasted just the hour” “another developing really well and gaining in confidence”

“lots of energy, keeps the ball well and never does much wrong”

“he’s a busy little player” “He hasn’t exactly set the world alight”

“Worked hard and shows really good flashes going forward.”

“Worked hard, technically very skilled, but a bit lightweight”

“seems to be a weak link atm too much being asked of him”

“an exciting prospect who will make a big impact. Not a bad player but not much of an impact compared to many others”

Peterborough Fans Views On Daniel Lafferty

“Thought he was very good”

“looked a useful addition to the side”

“Like the look of Lafferty” “Looks a great signing”

“Lafferty is a solid LB” “Very good”

“Lafferty offered a lot more going forward down left.”

“He’s strengthened the team”

“Class addition” “Really like the look of Lafferty too. You trust he’s not going to make a mistake but also calm when going forward! Could be a player!”

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Aston Villa and Brentford Fans Views On Scott Hogan

Villa Fans

“Paid over the odds for him, never lived up to the price tag.
Confidence shot to pieces, needs game time. “

“High hopes for us but didn’t work out for him. Hopefully he moves on and he scores goals. Great poacher but not much else and we didn’t play to his strengths”

“One of them players who you want to do really well but doesn’t do well unless he gets the service”

“If you play his style he makes runs the villa mid never use to see, will score goals now u watch”

“Good center forward . If service is right quick good movement runs channels well . We just don’t play to his strengths. Glad to see him get a chance at another club he’ll score goals”

“I’m tempted to say it’s the Villa Effect, we seem to make seemingly good players rubbish. ”

“Not as good as billy sharp”

“He’s basically had less than a seasons worth of games at this level (32), hardly a good enough sample size to say with confidence that he’s actually any good.”

“He just isn’t very good. He barely touches the ball, his first touch and passing is abysmal and his finishing is vastly overrated.”

“I think he had a purple spell where the design of the team, confidence and manager’s faith all aligned for him to do well. One hit wonder. Partly he has been unllucky initially, as after buying him, Bruce played him in a completely different formation, asking different roles that he was ill suited to play in the first place, which was therefore a waste of everyone’s time. Confidence dropped, some injuries, and lack of chance to settle into a side geared up for him have done the rest. Now he’s behind Tammy Abraham, ( obviously ) and offers nothing new. Even with Dean Smith here, he’s evidently not impressing well enough in training. I don’t like to see players struggle or fail so I hope he does do well – aside from where it hinders Villa obviously – elsewhere, but I suspect he peaked and was sold when his value was at it’s highest”

“He had one small spell of excellence. The fact is he is not an excellent player at this level. ”

“He was never really excellent, he had 1 patch of fantastic form that he has never come close to repeating as he lacks certain attributes, such as the ability to control the ball, or pass, or shoot, or head it. Other than that he’s OK, apart from being quite injury prone”

“had a very good 30 game spell for Brentford. He has never been excellent”

“Agent Hogan to be deployed to stop Sheffield United’s playoff push!  Very underhand but I like it!”

“I know …getting rid of hogan is like signing 2 players…hope its in the contract that he has to play ..!!!”

“An utter disaster of a signing.  A complete panic buy of a player who had a purple patch. We were well and truly done”

“why on earth would we potentially strengthen teams we are trying to catch ? if they want to buy him great but to loan him to them would be stupidity. “

Brentford Fans

“Hogan is a strange one especially as Dean knows his strengths. I rate Hogan and think hes a top finisher given the game time. “

“Absolute goal machine for us, Villa don’t know what tod o with him. I imagine Sheff Utd would be a much better fit. “

“Hogan is ok if the team play everything through him, he is not a team player. “

“Might just get Sheff Utd up. “

“he’s going to a club far better placed than Villa. Could be a shrewd signing if he hits form and scores 10 goals for them.”

” part of that slow sequence of stepping-stone moves back home that players start to make in their mid-20s if their career isn’t progressing. Hogs will probably be back at Rochdale at the age of 30 if he carries on this trajectory.”

“This trajectory is a team competing for automatic promotion, not too bad.”

“I think we did brilliant business in getting what we did before add ons given his horrendous injury record. “

“People think Scott Hogan is talented still. Even Dean Smith knows that 6 month patch at Brentford was a fluke and that he’s actually fucking shite”

“He’s played pretty much half a season (for us) in almost five years. Okay, he was as clinical a finisher as we’ve seen in that short period but who is going to gamble paying money for him on that sort of appearance record? “

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Cardiff and Bolton Fans Views On Gary Madine

Cardiff Fans

“Would be a great move for him, us and Sheffield Utd if this came off. It hasn’t quite happened for him here as yet but I think a spell on loan would work wonders for him and if he does come back to us could prove the answer for the rest of his career. I hope so as I do like him. ”

“agree and a loan move would be spot on IMHO, as it gives the lad an opportunity to get back in the groove and any decision on his expensive future can be left to the summer when we will know in which league we will be playing in next season. Don’t recall anyone form inside the club questioning his commitment or attitude either? “

” Gary Madine would be a good signing for Sheffield United. He’s only been crap at Cardiff because Cardiff were a crap club for him. It was a terrible fit and he was doomed to fail

“would rather zohore been shipped out over madine ppl slate madine but he still outscored zohore last season”

“Outscored our top striker at club says a lot really if madine is that bad then whats zohore then apart from being overrated whats he scored 9 in about 45-50 games”

” Zohore can actually score more goals in open play than Madine. If you take away Madine’s 10 yrd penalty’s he only scored about 6 goals. I don’t disagree that Zohore has been poor over the last year but at least he’s shown potential to be a very good striker when he was ripping up championship defenders for fun. Madine has shown no potential what so ever.”

“Good luck to him, it’s not his fault we paid so much for him. “

“Im sure Sheffield United are just signing him because he won a flick on to assist Pilkington’s goal against them last season. Glad he’s going and hopefully we can recruit 1-2m”

“Can have him for free. I’ll even deliver him myself”

“Don’t tell me we’ve managed to shift Gary Madine goal machine off the payroll”

“Gary Madine………goal machine……… not, lower champ or div 1 at best”

“Been an absolute disaster never looked like scoring”

” I think Gary Madine is a striker for a lower to mid Championship side. He made nil impact for us chasing promotion last season and I would be surprised if is a much different story at Sheff U but certainly wish him well.”

“Gary Madine has scored more goals against Cardiff than for us last year”

“How the fu…. did we pay all that money for him. Got to be a confidence thing????”

“Gary Madine is the biggest waste of shit to wear a cardiff shirt send that prick back to bolton on a free”

“Bolton absolutely fleeced us for Gary Madine, right up there with the worst City signings in my lifetime”

“it seems like he was bought after a good game away to Bolton. £6M is 5.5 too much.”

“Turning down £15m for Zohore a year ago… Signing Madine for £6m in January… Not signing a striker this summer… Calamitous…”

“£2m initial fee was about right really”

“Found wanting at this level”

“Gary Madine is unfortunately not of the requisite standard to play Premier League football – not fair to ask him”

“On the evidence of what I saw last season it is questionable he is Championship standard.”

“Don’t stick him on pens”

“He’s terrible”

“He’s awful. Nothing about the guy at all”

“He’s a prick”

Bolton Fans

“As if Madine is going Sheffield United 2 years after calling Billy Sharp a fat bastard”

“Seriously? Of all the places I thought Gaz would pitch up on loan this month, Sheff Utd were pretty low on the list.”

“Big fat Billy might want a quiet word”

“going to be awkward.”

“He was different class for us in L1 promotion year & in a terrible team in the first half of last season. Is he match fit? Hardly played a game second half of last season for Cardiff and same so far this season. Good signing for Sheff Utd”

“I’m becoming a Sheffield fan fuck this”

“Sheff Utd are in/famous for bringing through jewels and selling them off (Jones, and too many others to mention) before then reclaiming discarded former rising stars who never quite made it and were cast into the waste bin, to replace the gold they’ve sold.
Time after time after time they do it. “

“He was our most important player”

“I’d take him back any day if the opportunity came for him to return to us. Maybe if we wasn’t in such a mess financially we may have been able to compete.”

“I miss Gary Madine”

“I miss watching Madine swear at any person who even looks at him”

“If we could have get Madine for the rest of the season we’re safe. A small investment compared to the cost of going down to L1.”

“Without the washing machine we would be League One without a doubt”

“Just saying we’ve been spiralling since we sold Madine”

“THANK YOU GARY MADINE. The run of form, the goals, the money we managed to get which kept us alive”

“Yes and thanks to Cardiff city being mad enough”

“Never his biggest fan but he’s knuckled down and got himself sorted.”

“Thank God we didn’t get him back”

“He’s shite”

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Forest and Everton Fans Views On Kieran Dowell

Forest Fans

“Looked so disinterested and half arsed…kid thought he made it in half a season in the Championship”

” Perhaps ran out of steam was to be expected the championship is a hard slog “

“The kid clearly has something I’m not disputing that but I guess his attitude isn’t all what it’s made out to be comes across that he’s sulking cause his name isn’t first on the team sheet any more if that’s the case he won’t go far”

” Not really good enough for a PL or upper CH club really. He has talent, but not the physicality or pace to be able to use it really. No use being able to pass the ball like a machine or do 54 kickups in a minute if you’re going to get muscled out by a danny shittu type centre back. “

” He goes against everything we’ve changed for the better, he didnt press from the front, weak mentally & physically & disappeared consistently in the latter stages of his time here. He’s not a Karanka player. “

“Poor mans Carvalho, without the proactivity & work rate. Think we’ve moved on a level from Dowell”

” Not convinced. Carvalho might look busy but Dowell, despite looking clunky, was good where it mattered most.I’d take him back”

“Did nothing after Warburton went – maybe he just can’t click under Karanka? It’s unfortunate but it happens sometimes ”

“We have struggled all season to get out when pinned in, the best ways to get out are a wide player carry the ball 50 yards or you win cheap freekicks that allow you to get out. Like him or loath him, he would be useful for the final 5 months of the season. “

” His languid play will suit a team who play around him, much like Wigan for example, who will carry a player like Nick Powell. Carry is perhaps the wrong term. But they will play around him and let him coast with the knowledge he can produce moments.”

“He looks like a quality player from 20 years ago, not sure you can get away with his current lack off aggression and phsyicality in the top leagues now”

” Enitrely disagree. Best player on the park in Engerland U21’s recent 5-1 win over Denmark. He was surrounded by dirge when he was here, most of whom were not on his wavelength. Admittedly his form dipped when things got toxic and he was seen as a luxury player but the lads class. “

“last season he was burnt out by the end of January as he played far too much football and for the full 90”

“he was the bees knees not long ago”

“I think Dowell’s first few months at Forest were much more impressive than Carvalho’s, plus he was a year younger. Got turned into a scapegoat in the 2nd half of the season a bit prematurely when he had his first wobble.”

“extremely talented and if he gets back to his best he would be brilliant”

“Good player is Dowell”

“If I had to pick one of the McKay, Tomlin and Dowell triumvirate to have back it would be Dowell as I think the raw talent is there with him”

Everton Fans

“Seen little-to-nothing to suggest he’s good enough for the Premier League and Silva hasn’t used him since he stunk the gaff out in the League Cup.
Championship looked to be his level last year.”

“He hasn’t taken his chances. In fact he froze last time against Southampton. He needs to be moved on.”

” It is annoying, he will probs do well, get loads of goals and assists but too young to do it here yet. Will leave and then either disappear into the league or come back to haunt us. “

“Good move, decent team challenging for promotion who play attacking football. “

“Good move. If he impresses there, he might have the confidence to trouble our first team next year. Alternatively, if he does well and they get promoted, they can loan him for next year too and he gets a year of PL experience.
If neither happens and he’s garbage, probably get rid. “

“Along with Holgate and Calvart-Lewin, not good enough for this level”

“Last year at Forest he was shunted onto the left and the goals dried up and performances dipped. “

“To be fair to the lad, he slotted 10 in 43 for Nottingham Forest.
That’s not too far away from James Maddison’s record for Norwich. “

“i’m a huge fan but I have no qualms if he is moved on. Ultimately, these lads have to force their way into the managers thoughts. Lookman has, Dowell hasn’t. It’s the way things work. “

“I like the lad, I think he’s got plenty of talent it’s just a matter of fitting him in at the right time”

“such a bizarre case dowell, the first 6 months at forest last season he was arguably the championships best player, scoring loads of goals, fans loved him then karanka goes in charge and changes the football to ultra defensive leaving no room for dowell ( luxury player in he ) could have kicked on so much if that blurt karanka never took over he probably would have finished the season on 20 goals last season and got a premiership loan move”

“Odd one because I think he’s got the talent but he just doesn’t seem to want to get involved in games when he does feature. “

“He seems lost mentally. Sometimes when players get discouraged they never recover. Let’s hope that is not the case”

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Loan Updates

Carruthers and Holmes are injured whilst Semple has strangely been dropped completely from the Queen Of The South side despite rave reviews. Sam Graham has also lost his place in the Oldham side.

Fleetwood Fans Views On Ched Evans

“Hit the post with his header and a thorn in the Gills side but needs to be clinical.”

“asked questions of the defence but expected a bit more from him.”

“Great goal” “Good to see him get his first for a month”

“Back to the form he was in at the start of the season, lively and a constant thorn in Coventry’s side. Got the goal his performance deserved, his first in open play since the 2-1 win over Bradford in September. Back to his best”

“Like Madden worked tirelessly. A key figure in Town’s attack especially as the first half wore on. Unlucky with a couple of chances and his pull-back that just missed the run of Madden.”

“Limited to a handful of chances but battled away”

Barrow Fans Views On Tyler Smith

“Smith was playing well, so can only imagine tiredness was a factor in them being subbed.”

“Smith never stopped running all of the game.”

“Smith relentless in his work ethic.”

“blyth excellent up front we’ve missed a big man and its helping Smith massively”

“Smith will score more goals when Blyth is on the pitch.”

“high hopes of extending his loan and high praise about his efforts for one so young”

Barrow Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Should have been sent off”

“Norrington Davies red card- no arguments that it was a professional foul.”

“Should appeal as Jack was covering and very likely to get a tackle in – knee jerk / heat of the moment decision”

“Superb from Rhys Norrington-Davies. As Braintree spread play out wide he tracked the ball back, won possession and shielded it forcing the attacker to foul him.”

“Put two good crosses in”

Carlisle Fans Views On Regan Slater 

“an exceptional performance from Regan Slater”

“God knows who picked Slater as MoM, he was anonymous throughout”

“not his day and lasted just the hour.”

“he’s only a young lad learning the “men’s” game. He’ll no doubt be disappointed that every game he plays isn’t like the Swindon game for him.”

“a young player who’ll have 1 good game, 1 bad game and 1 average game.”

Blackpool Fans Views On Ben Heneghan

“Ben Heneghan was immense. He’s really upped his game since I criticised him on here so I’ll take the credit for that.”

“Had his hands full with the dangerous John Marquis but kept him fairly quiet up until his late goal. Always an aerial threat.”

“Dominant in the air and produced some vital blocks and interceptions. Probably one of his best displays for the club.”

“Stepped up to the challenge when Charlton were in the ascendancy, winning every header and making crucial blocks.”

“Made a great last ditch tackle”

“I hope Heneghan performs a week on Tuesday because I’ve only seen him in the arsenal game and the Solihull games and both times he’s looked worse than Chris Clarke!”

Tranmere Fans Views On Harvey Gilmour

“Nice to see him win young Player of the Month”

“The award was for the football played in October which was ok. Prior to the Lincoln game he was hardly getting substantial game time. Now has settled back down into being in and out of the team, too many fick ons going either nowhere or to the opposition also goes missing in games too frequently. So yeah glimpses of potential but nothing to convince me he is this amazing footballer that a few people believe he is because of a few goals”

“Who mentioned anything about him being an ‘amazing footballer’. He has won a a young player award for his performances over a relatively short period. I have been to most games this season and I have never once heard anyone refer to him as an ‘amazing footballer’. Just be happy the lad has won a relatively small award.”

“i thought he was pretty quiet the other night in the replay at Oxford City.”

“Apart from those couple of weeks where he got a few goals, i think his time here as been pretty underwhelming.”

“Can’t understand how anyone can describe Gilmours contribution as underwhelming”

“He’s not up to EFL standard”

“by no means poor, but there was a noticeable lack of quality in key moments.”

“Harris and Gilmour were dominated all game. Awful”

Notts County Fans Views On Nathan Thomas

“missed a sitter”

“he can start off well but he disappears and has been woeful since he arrived.”

“Thomas has been by far the most disappointing player for me this season.”

“I think when a loan player could be sent home and you wouldn’t miss him, I think that shows how bad and poor Nathan Thomas has been.”

“Nathan Thomas switches off. He’s been only average and he doesn’t have the work rate needed”

“doesn’t turn up.”

“I would keep him”

Bury Fans Views On Caolan Lavery 

“Ryan Lowe says in his post-match interview that Lavery is back in full-time training and that the fans may have a “Christmas present”. It might be like receiving a pair of socks when you’ve already got a drawer full.”

“If we’re contributing anything to his wages, we should send him back. Rather save the money or spend it on a position we need strengthening in. We’re not exactly goal-shy”

“don’t see why people think he would get into the 18 or even why he should?”

“Lavery was quite impressive in the game he played at Rochdale.”

“He is 5’11 and wins headers, from the limited amount I have seen.  That makes him different from the other fit forwards we have and could be a useful option on heavy pitches, even as a sub in my opinion”

ended up a LWB and penalty miss aside actually did really well when he came on.”

“was very disappointed with Lavery”

“Extremely poor”

Chesterfield Fans Views On Jordan Hallam

“took his goal well and looks a very promising signing, quick.”

“only really Rowley and Hallam in the front 5 came out with any form of credit”

“Thought Hallam was decent, took his goal very well.”

“i’m sure the lad hallam is decent but if we are looking to get out of this mess with one month loanees we will get left behind as we are doing, time for proper investment in the playing staff.”

“He was ok. It’s not hard to stand out in this team. Can tell he hasn’t played a lot of proper football, touch wasn’t great and definitely not fit. Sure that will improve but didn’t look to me be any better / worse than Reid, Shaw etc so not getting excited”

“Hallam is not up to it”

“just was not in the game”

“At Dave and Ashley’s current rate of progress it won’t be ever so long before we’re playing Hallam in the league.”

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International Updates

Our players didn’t get too many minutes over the international period but there was still a bit of interesting chat from fans of the Home Nations.

Northern Ireland Fans Views On Oliver Norwood

“apart from spraying s few tasty passes what way does Norwood contribute to the team? its not as if he has many assists, and zero goals”

“im not a big fan of Norwood , the way we sat up & dominated the game against The Republic why do we need him starting?”

“Im a big fan of Norwood but im not sure that there is room for him in there unless trying to play a really defensive set up.”

“Too many games in which Norwood just doesn’t have an impact. I’d like to see McNair ahead of him”

“McNair should be taking Norwood ‘s place for me”

“Did we really miss Norwood at all?”

“I thought we missed Norwood on Sunday. “

“I really don’t get the hate for Norwood . Well liked at club level wherever he goes on loan and at interntationl level plays a role that allows our captain and best player to do his work further up the pitch.”

“Do not drop Olly Norwood”

Scotland Fans Views On John Fleck 

“Is John Fleck international level class? Of course he is. I’ve watched him a few times this season and he’s been on another level. He’s destined for the premier league. He’s a class above any midfielder in the championship, I’ve got a mate who’s a Sheffield fan and he would tell you just how good he is. Can’t believe it’s taking this long and he still hasn’t been called up but then again we are talking about useless mcleish here. Hope the reports are true and he is in the team for the Israel match would be a great decision. There really isn’t anyone more deserving off a call up right now than him, reminds me off the Callum McGregor situation when Strachan was in charge”

“I think you’re massively overstating Fleck’s influence there tbh. Every Sheffield United fan I’ve come across would tell you that Norwood is the difference in their midfield and is the key to their season so far. If you watched the Sheffield derby the other day, then you’d have seen it reflected pretty clearly there. Fleck quietly got on with the job and did ok. Everything impressive and incisive came from Norwood. So Fleck’s not even a class above the midfielders at his own club, let alone the rest of the league. Is he better than Grealish? no. Is he better than Hernandez? no. Leitner? no. Joe Allen? no. Jota? no. Is he playing better than 8 goal callum robinson? no. How about 8 goal Che Adams? nope. You can easily make the case for McGinn.. 2 goals, 4 assists to Flecks 1 and 1. I could go on, but i’m sure everyone’s already bored and gets the point. Fleck hasn’t had a call because center mid has generally been one of the stronger areas of the side for us. I doubt anyone would drop Armstrong, Cairney or McGregor for him. Probably not McGinn either. Most would agree that Christie deserves a call, having not done too bad in the few outings he’s had and his recent form is great both domestically and internationally. Then add in that we basically need to have 2 defensive mids in the squad, and that puts Fleck at best 7th in line for a call, probably 8th.. at best.!”

“Yes Norwood has been getting the prase this season but his consistency over the last 2 season has been key where as Norwood was hit and miss for fullham.. also I do believe he’s better than the likes off grealish and Robinson, Allen, Leitner, Hernandez. Adams shouldn’t really be up for discussion since he’s a completely different player but player wise, yes I confidently believe he’s better than him. Again he deserves his call up and is more quality available to us on the bench.”

“Fleck is a defensive Mid”

“Sorry, but that makes me think you’ve not watched Sheffield United this season. They don’t have a defensive mid. Their entire system is build around being dynamic and players swapping and moving. The midfield 3 of Duffy, Norwood and Fleck all go forward and back, wide and narrow. From what I’ve seen of them Fleck tends to stay in a fairly neutral area, looking to move the ball laterally. Norwood drops deeper to do defensive work, distribute with long balls, and Duffy makes runs ahead a lot of the time. But they’re a very fluid 3, who seems to have a good understanding. Go back 2 season to when Fleck was probably performing better than he is now, and he had Coutts in along side him who was the defensive midfielder. Fleck is somewhat akin to Bannan in that he sometimes plays deeper, but he’s not a defenisve mid, in no world would you want either of them to be the shield ahead of your back 4 and they’re not fighting for squad spots with the likes of McDonald, Shinnie or McTominay. “

“What happened to the guy who got 17 assists in that season 2 years ago? Stepped up to the championship and dropped to 8. Now he’s 1/3rd of the way thru the season and has 1. Is it just a change in system that means he’s passing to overloading players who are then getting the assists? Norwood and Duffy have a few more, so is Fleck the pass before the assist now? Trying to understand why he’s playing better but his numbers have disappeared. Why has no one come in for him? Certainly scouts have been at the lane a fair bit, hence Brooks move. But it seems like Fleck’s not really been on anyones radar as far as I can tell from press. If he’s as good as is being suggested, then why’s he still at the blades? I will give Fleck credit tho. He left Rangers, started at the bottom and worked his way up. Wasn’t always easy, I remember seeing him for Coventry against Leyton Orient a few years back and he was absolutely honking. Among the worst players on the pitch, nothing worked for him at all. But clearly he’s got his head right and worked hard and is not in a much better place playing to a much better standard. So well done to the man. “

Wales Fans Views On Ben Woodburn 


“Woodburn is the player I’d drop from the squad”

“Woodburn has stolen a squad place over the last year. But harsh on him maybe, but you have Evans and Edwards playing really well amd theyve been ignored. Questions have to be asked why”

“Amazing to think that just over 12 months ago we thought Ben Woodburn was the second coming. 12 months on and he’s probably not in the top 5 exciting prospects.”

“Woodburn looked terrible.”

“Very poor”

“What was worse, the refs performance, jack collisons commentary or Ben woodburn?

“been dining out on that goal v Austria for too long. Complete myth.”

“The Sheff Utd manager giving him a run of games would help”

“To be fair when was his last first team football. Been sitting on the bench at Sheffield United ! I can’t believe he can’t get into their side!”

“don’t know what their side is like but they seem to be doing well without him! (at the moment)”

“All the more reason for Ben – if given the chance – to shine even brighter 😉 Don’t take me wrong, I was really impressed by James’ runs and ball control. But Ben has already shown that he can make a difference.”

“Ramsey deserves to be dropped and his place given to Woodburn”

Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On Enda Stevens

“Enda Stevens looks up to the level required and needs to start”

“Starting Stevens is a must”

“Stevens did alright when he came on”

“Made a couple of positive runs early on but forced back by the Peter Ankersen.”

“One of the very few successes of Ireland’s 2018, Stevens has given himself a chance of keeping the left wing-back role if the manager persists with it next year”

“Stevens did fine, and began the game brightly with a slaloming foray into the Danish penalty area in the opening couple of minutes. That reckless abandoned was soon subsumed by the poverty of his team’s approach”

“Good outlet on the left and arguably the best of the left-wing backs”

Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On John Egan

“Egan’s use of the ball was very poor, even his body shape when he’s getting it is completely wrong”

“I thought he did ok. “

“looked very comfortable on the left. Worth further looks in competitive action.”

“was forced to cut back inside onto his stronger right foot, which meant the ball often went to Duffy and then back to Randolph and was then hoofed away. Egan was defensively sound though.”

“looked a bit suspect but The best of a bad 3 last night”

“Good player. Don’t fancy him on the left of a three. On the right or in the middle and you’ll get a good performer.”

“Egan would probably be the best passing CB available to us, but he’s probably only the 3rd/4th/5th best defender.”

“Duffy and Kevin Long are our best centre backs, if we must play three at the back then Clark should be there third man.  Egan should be fourth.”

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