Brighton and Fulham Fans Views On Oliver Norwood

Brighton Fans

“He always tried hard for us.”

“Will do a good job at Sheff Utd”

“Excellent squad player in the championship , the step up maybe one too far”

“was always impressed when I saw Norwood play and was surprised he wasn’t more involved. We should be looking at better quality players now “

“I liked Norwood”

“Never stops running, great passer of the ball, and very good set-piece delivery.”

“he was/is a good player, but not best suited to being one half of a midfield two.”

“Doesn’t fit in our system in that league of 4-4-2”

“A little lightweight but a good tidy player with an eye for a through ball. Our tactics of playing strong midfielders with defensive duties over attack would never suit his game.”

“I would think he’s worth around £3m”

“Good player but needs to be playing. He’ll be great in the Champ for somebody”

“Useful player in the right set-up in the Championship”

“upper Champ is his level.”

“he is a mid-table championship player”

“reliable second choice CM for a promoted team to the Premiership”

“He is not Prem level IMHO, so sell…”

Fulham Fans

“Norwood proved a good signing”

“Good engine on him, calm on the ball and confident set piece taker. He’s not a game changer but he rarely puts a foot wrong”

“surprising amount of defensive contributions for us last year”

“Hollywood passes are sublime and can score from 30 yards. Cool on the ball, but can do the ugly stuff too”

“Different class at times”

“Really liked him. 100% effort every time he played. Honest player. Not stellar but above average in my opinion”

“Very decent Championship midfielder.”

“Great squad player”

“Would have been a good addition to the squad, and really put in some great displays when called upon.”

“I’d take Norwood to add passing depth to our midfield”

“His wayward passing would really cost us in PL”

“I think people are getting a bit sentimental with Ollie Norwood as well, decent for the championship but not a premier league player”

“Hollywood. Dives into tackles and sprays 40 yard passes all of which is unnecessary. 92nd minute in playoff semi and we get a free kick, instead of taking his time he pays a quick ball across the box looking for Johansen’s run. He brings very little to the team.”

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Oldham Fans Views On Kean Bryan

“Kean Bryan will play for England.”

“excellent footballer and seems like a decent lad with a good attitude.”

“I really like Bryan , hope he recovers from us and goes on to have a great career.”

“Bryan had a really good season at Oldham but was unfortunately injured towards the end of the season for last few games and he was a big miss”.

“Unfortunately, due to injuries we coudn’t play him. Had he that option I believe we’d still be in Division One. “

“He’s better than L2 for sure.”

“Can play comfortably in midfield or centre back. Really professional, great passer and decent from set pieces too!”

“Athletic, reads the game well for a young un and can pick a pass..can play at the back or in midfield”

“He can play in a number of places left mid left back center back and can also score goals have a look at his goal against Fleetwood last season”

“He should always be played in midfield”

“If he plays infront of the back 4 then he would probably need abit of time to adjust to that position as he has been a centre back throughout his career however he certainly has the  tools to do it.”

“He’s better futher forward where he can pull the strings”

“Personally think his best position could be left back but can understand people who want him pushed into midfield, one of his qualities is his versatility.”

“When he played midfield early doors he did appear to vacate the midfield area and it left us exposed. Think he might have to learn a little bit more positional sense but hes nore than capable plus his sweet left peg should mean he can start attacks from deep a d pass the ball forward accurately and quickly”

“Hits a decent free kick as well as being calm decent passer likes to get forward but fast enough to get back great player for us, turned up to a few away games and stood with the fans when injured at end of season quality that”

“I think he’s been a bit overhyped but I like him, he has a lot of potential. Seems to have a refreshingly good attitude for City academy player.”

“What worries me is why he isn’t off his tits on E and pissing on local monuments like a proper footballer”

“Im sure if he is introduced to Jose Baxter that can happen.”

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Liverpool Fans Views On Ben Woodburn

“Great signing for anyone, glad he’s only going on loan. Will be a good player for Liverpool in couple of years”

“Really tidy, good touch, positive intent when he’s on the ball. Will add a creative spark. Plays behind a striker, but i’ve seen him used across our front 4 and in a midfield 3.”

“He needs games. Interesting to see which position he plays”

“Needs minutes now at a stable club. Hopefully he can slot right into the gap David Brooks has left at United since leaving for Bournemouth. “

“Personally I see him as a number 10 playing behind the strikers long term and that’s where Klopp has tended to put him in the friendlies. He doesn’t really have the pace for playing out side. “

“he needs regular games. The championship at a big club will be good for him for a season. “

“He’ll get regular first team football and at his age with his potential that’s just what the lad needs and it will be a chance to look at his own game and encourage him to make that step up from a lad to a man, hard-work brings its own rewards “Good luck son” fight for it”

“I would love to see him staying. He is perfect for rotation. But I guess Klopp know what he is doing.”

“Kloop should have let him go out on loan last season then he may had the chance this season. Very talented teenager with great future ahead of him. Like any other professional players. This lad need to play.”

“Be interesting to see how he gets on playing regularly. There’s talent there but I feel he needs to adapt to the bulk he’s put on.”

“make no mistake, this kid is the real deal”

“Good for the lad. It feels like he stalled last year and didn’t give Jürgen a reason to pick him. Going out to the real world of the championship at a club that will want to play good football is perfect. Hopefully he thrives and we demand him back!”

“Good move. Club that plays decent footie in a competitive league and he should thrive”

“Glad he’s not gone to long ball merchant Bruce”

“Better than going to Villa I would say, Sheffield are one of the better teams in the Championship”

“probably more chance of game time with Sheff Utd and a more stable club, hope he does well, very good player”

“Chris Wilder plays decent footy. Should be a good move for him”

“Interesting destination for him. Go on the blades.. Sean Bean will be delighted”

“Would have preferred him to go to a premiership club second tier team”

“He’s decent but still very young”

“Good move, just think some of our other youth players have surpassed him. The game time will do him good i guess, rather than bench warming at Liverpool”

“to be honest, it’s difficult for him to be in our starting XI…even for non league competitions”

“He isn’t as yet anywhere near good enough for first team. Likely to progress more by playing at a decent club as long as he gets game time rather than being on LFC bench”

“He’s decision making can be poor plus a little light weight. Might struggle in the Championship.”

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Ipswich Fans Views On David McGoldrick

Wonderful player when fit and played in his right position. It was absolutely pointless playing him to track back & chase. It didn’t do him or the team any good. Ar least the idiot who asked him to do that has gone now. Good luck David & enjoy the rest of your career. “

Shame to see this one go but it is the right decision for us at the right time in his career. Injuries and wages can be deployed elsewhere. He was one of my favs for some time. Good luck DmcG”

Talented player. A dream to watch when injury free.”

Really is a lovely player on his day.”

Lovely footballer (on a large salary) who was at the end of his contract and wanted to move closer to his home. “

Awesome on his day… I guess those days were surrounded by injury. Huge shame.”

Was an excellent player, but too many injuries didn’t help his game time.”

Did well but too many injuries”

he will go all season without one now, he will probably score a record amount of goals too, just to to make sod’s law much more soddier”

On his day he’s unplayable, but how little did we see his day? Leicester offered us £8m and we turned down! Although at the time we was all glad we did so hindsight is a wonderful thing. “

Sad to see him go, on his day he was unplayable. But realistically, he became injury prone and was on a high wage”

He is quality on his day, just find him very hit and miss. Think we should have sold a few seasons back 10 million was too much to turn down for us.”

Technically very good player, but sooooooo slooooowwwwwww.”

Great on his day no doubt & a technically talented footballer but latterly injured too much & when playing often looked to be resting in past laurels.”

Our best/technically gifted payer over the past few years, unfortunately he is the football equivalent of David Haye, all the talent in the world but badly let down by his body.
And given he’s now in his thirties, you can’t see it improving. “

Quality player. Legs made of Wotsits.”

Talent never in doubt and a joy to watch.
Just a shame he’s made of glass.”

There is no point being good if you are injured a lot of the time.
No doubt t on his day he is a good player. Not many can argue we had to lwt him.go being a high earner and not playing many games”

Unfortunately he cant stay consistently fit, and was one of our highest earners.”

Everybody rates him, but he can barely do 90 minutes and is very lazy. “

good on his day but not consistent enough in my eyes.”

Poor mans Berbatov, but just more injury prone. Could light up a match with 2/3 touches of magic. Didn’t need to run or chase balls to prove his quality. It’s a shame, but as many others have said, it frees up a lot of wages. Best of luck to the chap. “

He will be injured for 80 percent of his time as he was with us. Great game aren’t but attitude and effort lacking!”

As soon as he gets a contract somewhere his injuries will start up again, only saying”

Good riddance”

Thank God he left”

another of the lame and lazy should have gotten rid of 2 years ago IMHO”

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Brentford Fans Views On John Egan

“Sorry Sheffield United fans Egan is such a dead signing haha. Upgrade on Jack O’Connell nonetheless but honestly nothing special. Was a complete mess last season” “If we’ll sell him for anything more than £2m I’d be very happy!”

“dont think anyone at brentford properly rates him tbh!”

“A decent player but not at our level I’m afraid”

“He’s certainly more a Wilder player that a Brentford one.”

“I’m easy about it. Never felt he was great”

“When was the last time we signed a bad centre back? We seem to find them alright and Egan would be at the lower end in terms of quality”

“in previous sides John would have been a solid, popular, no nonsense defender. However we’ve been spoilt with some really good central defenders, Herman, Ivor, Sonko, Sodje, Turner, Andreas and now Meps and John hasn’t quite reached their level”

“No great loss”

“When we first signed him, I was hoping for more from JE than he’s shown so far, but maybe he’s one of those players whose progress proves to be slow-but-steady?”

“our style of football dictates we play out of defence & I think Egan is the most uncomfortable defender at the club coming forward with the ball resulting more often than not with a sideways pass that loses us any momentum.”

“A decent player but someone already summed it up perfectly, I never felt all that confident with him in the team. Let’s just say i’d be more forgiving if Mads made a mistake next year than Egan, not all that sure why.”

“I think many on here will not be too bothered if JE moves on but even i forget hes getting recognition on the international stage and winning caps for Ireland. Shows how far we have come in the last decade.”

“I never felt confident with him in our team, in a team where a no nonsense stopper is required no problem but he is not a confident ball player imo”

“Egan has done ok but isn’t suited to our playing it out from the back style of play.”

“I think Egan is a decent CB but he’s never going to be more than that and as alluded to above he’s not a ball playing centre half so he doesn’t fit our style.”

“I dont think Egan is a bad player, but has limitations. We are not sticking to the status quo, exciting times.”

“He’s solid and played well back half last season but he’s limited in his ability to play out from the back and he needs a quick partner in the centre of defence.”

“No real need to sell him with two years left on his contract so I guess that the coaches have just decided he doesn’t suit our style and we have better options which I think most would agree with. Either that or Sheff U have offered us a really good deal.”

“Egan has developed into a damn good defensive centre half who puts his body on the line.
Personally I don’t think he suits our style of play but he’s tried hard to fit in and definitely improved on the ball”

“I also see Egan as a pretty good defender at this level and replacements of similar or better standard are hardly two a penny.”

“I like him. Poorest on the ball of our centre backs but does what you want your defender to do and that’s put your head on the line”

“I was a bit unsure about him but he was really good towards the end of the season and his passing and ability on the ball were much improved.”

“He was far more composed at the end of last season”

“Egan is an experienced and reliable defender who seldom has a bad game”

“He’s comfortable enough with the ball at his feet and I haven’t really seen that as too much of an issue. Not every defender is going to play like Beckenbauer and, as someone said earlier, the first priority is to defend. He also poses a serious threat at set pieces which our other defenders lack. “

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Man Utd and Shrewsbury Fans Views On Dean Henderson

Man Utd Fans


“Great move for him. Proper football club, and a championship season will do him good.”

“Good luck Dean. Work hard, be lucky and it will all be at your feet before you know it.”

“I’m really exited hearing all the hype about him”

“I believe in him. Natural replacement for De Gea down the line”

“I t’s telling that only a month ago, the likes of Arsenal and Spurs were linked with trying to take him for free.
This guy has great potential as a ‘keeper, he’ll end up better than Butland & Pickford.”

“Played brilliantly for Shrewsbury last year and one of the reasons why they almost got promoted. I imagine a lot of English clubs will have scouted him.”

“Henderson might not be United’s starting goalkeeper in the future because we have De Gea but the lad is talented as feck and could go for big money in a few years.”

“Amazing keeper”

“Sam Johnstone is far superior to this young clown.”

“Who the hell is Dean Henderson”


Shrewsbury Fans


“Can I be the first one to wish Deano all the success next year and in the future wherever he goes
A great player and a true gentleman
Thanks Deano for everything”

“Great keeper. Loved him here”

“One of the best loan signings we’ve ever had. He’ll go on to have a pretty good career I’d suggest.”

“I actually think he will be the England keeper in 5 years or so and rightly so as he’s pure class.”

“Fantastic player and person, great to see him come over the barriers and give away his gloves, boots and shin pads.”

“I love how committed he has been to Shrewsbury and am certain he will have a fantastic career. And if his form ever drops and he needs to go out in loan again to reset himself, I would have him back in a heartbeat.”

“Has a great career ahead of him”

“He will be almost impossible to replace”

“his manner of departure is contrast to Mr Hurst. Both had superb seasons on their individual experiences, yet Dean will go down as a “popular” legend. Don’t know him personally, but watching his actions on the balcony, after Charlton, leading the chorus in front of the senior players, and Roland, with his enthusiasm and eagerness to play to the crowd suggests leadership qualities……
Could he be a future manager or something or maybe a TV pundit if he makes it at a big club. Thanks Dean, and what is it with Salop goalies, so many brilliant ones over the years…..”

“He is quality but the last couple months he seemed to have lost the ability to come and take a cross cleanly without dropping/fumbling it.
Apart from that a top class lad and keeper.”

“He made a few mistakes in the last few months with his catching and positioning for set pieces but I was definitely impressed with him overall and he will learn from this season and kick on with man utd, I really do think one more season out on loan and he will be man utd first team goalkeeper for the 19/20 campaign.”

“Gone to Sheff Utd. They had Jamal Blackman on loan last season who did well for them. Good move for Deano i think.
Could we now have George Long?”

“Or Mark Duffy!”

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Roy’s End Of Season Awards


I started the idea of “The View From” back in United’s first season in League One. With the clubs continual failure to escape from the third tier I became quite familiar with forums and message boards for clubs such as Oldham, Walsall and Gillingham. Traits of clubs soon emerged and by the time of our eventual promotion I knew what to expect from each set of fans.

The championship offered a chance for me to get an impression of a whole new set of fans. Some things surprised me, other’s not so much. Here I present my findings and offer my own personal awards.

Most Arrogant Fans


Wednesday are banned from this category as it would be unfair on the others but just for a laugh here were their views just before the first derby:

Never been so confident ahead of a derby , lets be right there now saying there the favourites because Paul Couts ( who ? ) Billy Sharpe and Leon Clark might be fit , now fucking forgive me but I hardly thing our back four are losing any sleep worrying about that , apparently they play attractive football ! I would be more worried If the usual bunch of cloggers turned up we will batter them no problem”

if billys not fit that means they could be depending on Leon Clarke.
panic over then……. “

They honestly think we’re bricking it over Coutts and Fleck? In fact they probably think we’re bricking it over their entire team. Of course they can win on Sunday, it’s like any match in the championship, you have to be at it to pick up points but I genuinely believe the experience we have will give us the edge on the day and in Wallace and Fletcher in particular we have players who generally perform in the games that matter the most.”

I think that ‘pashun’ could overspill and if the ref is on it I can see them being reduced to 10 men in the first half. I believe we have too much for them in particularly in terms of movement of the ball. If Hooper is on form I can see us smashing them 4-0 or 4-1. “

The way CC, Lees & SWFC have conducted themselves before the game is absolutely fantastic, calm, composed with a clear message. They all seem very focussed. They know how much it means to all of us, and are not been dragged into a war of words with the tin pot brigade at the other side of the city. We haven’t look rattled at all, with the mind games & sideswipes from Wilder and the rest of their brigade. This is the reason I think we will win, our players have to much class, quality & experience, and know the end goal.  Wilder IMO will be riling up there players all week, as a do or die sort of game, to the point were I think they will lose focus, discipline and overall the game as they won’t be able to compete with quality.  Lets not forget CC has managed in some big derbies before like Besitkas, Sporting. He is keeping his cool, unlike Wilder whose lack of experience in big sell out games is starting to get to him, to me he is like a rabbit in the headlights trying to please the fans at every twist and turn, but forgetting the real goal at the end of the day . my god I hope we wipe the floor with them, just to shut the, up “

With Wednesday out of the equation the award goes to BRENTFORD who on the first day delivered us these gems:

Sheffield U will not handle the step up in class from L1 and the boys know how important it is to get early points like Huddersfield did last season – here’s hoping anyway!”

I feel that Brentford have too much quality in their squad for the Blades to match them, and Wilder needs to evolve his side from League One winners to Championship competitors if he is to challenge the Bees on the opening day of the season.”

Sheff utd won’t know what hit them – bees will be 3 up by halftime”

I think they’ll get hammered. I doubt too many Clubs will be able to cope with our passing, pressing and movement this season.
As ever our own downfalls will be caused by silly, preventable and sloppy mistakes at the back and not by anything the opposition will do. With that caveat in place and assuming we play to our potential, Sheffield are in for a nasty welcome to the Championship.”

Sheff Utd have clearly been on an excellent run, but I do think the top half of the Championship is a way away from the top half of League One”.

Even in the return fixture when United were above them in the table their fans has little respect for The Blades

We’re a much better side and they’re on the slide. “

“I think we’ll be bang up for this one and they’re no great shakes”

United ended up finishing on the same points and The Bees as took 4 points off them.

Most Respectful Fans

Derby County

United outplayed The Rams on both their meetings this season but that isn’t always enough to gain praise from rival fans. The phrases “They were crap but we were worse” or “They were there for the taking” are often seen after a good performance from The Blades. Derby though took their defeat at The Lane with genuine grace:

A team with over paid and over rated players v a team that works hard and is probably under rated.”

Same old same old,another season same problem cant do the basics against organised teams”

players on half the derby wages wanting the ball and win more”

Sheff Utd: Workman like. Team performance. Determination. Desire.”

We play a half decent side and get beat. Simple. No cutting edge in front of goal. We have for a couple of seasons now.” 

Paul Coutts ran the show, rejected him about 4 seasons ago. Going backwards.”

Schooled by Coutts and Freeman, nice one Derby”

Coutts named MOM ran the midfield against ours that cost us around 8 million… that’s gonna take me some time to get over”

The praise for The Blades was even greater after the 1-1 draw at Pride Park on New Years Day:

Sheffield United looked like a good side. Based on today, I’d say they’re still a good bet to finish in the top six and I’m not really sure why or how their form has dropped off and they’ve lost to some of the teams they have. For us, we looked tired. That’s not an excuse, there’s no reason why we should have been any more tired than Sheffield United. Their style is a game we could have thrived under and not many teams come to PP and play the way they did, but for whatever reason it just didn’t work today. In wider context, it’s a very good point. We could easily have lost that. They scored from probably their only clear chance of the game but they always looked capable of creating something every time they came forward”

Sheffield United were fantastic at times, best side I’ve watched home and away this season”

Fair play to Sheffield United, come to a tough place, should’ve got the win and the fans were in full voice throughout the 90 minutes.”

Sheff Utd did better than I expected. They either played out of their skins or they have had some real bad results lately.”

Credit where it’s due. Sheffield United are a good teambeen the better team in both games against us this season. Like how they use the 3-5-2 to attack rather than sit back” “Didn’t deserve a point at all, they were a lot better than us all over the pitch.” “Sometimes certain teams just have the measure of you and the Blades are one of those teams against us right now. So, all things being considered I don’t think that’s a bad point. We weren’t good and to my mind they looked the better team.”

Sheff Utd plays well I thought; pinned us back with power and strength and I’ve not seen our centre halves get less success in the air all season, although with the amount of set pieces they had I thought they coped well.”

Sheff Utd looked good today tbf, had a lot more energy. Deserved to lose so a point is good”

They were the better side. Impressed with them”

Sheff U are a good side and we’ve managed two lucky points against them”

Another great point gained against a good side in this division”

they were a very good side and this will probably be looked back as a point won. We’ve come away with something after being outplayed completely”

Funniest Fans


Millwall’s reputation goes before them and there is a section of their online community who live up to their infamous stereotype but most of the fans I have come across have seemed thoroughly decent and often hilarious. They are always good for a quote or two as proved by their musings this season:

A to Z of Sheffield United

A is for Abdullah bin Musa’ed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud – son of Prince Musa’ed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and his mother is Princess Fatima bint Hashim bin Turki bik Alngers of Turkish descent. No, he is not one of the local taxi drivers made good, he is a rich paper merchant and 50% owner.

B is for Blades. This used to be Sheffield Wednesday’s nickname, until Wednesday moved to Owlerton & became the ‘Owls’. And in true northern style, the men from Bramall Lane nicked it the moment it was left unattended.

C is for Chengdu Wuniu, a Chinese team the Blades bought in 2006 to find talent. It obviously worked well!

D is for Diego, as in Maradona. In 1978, the United manager Harry Haslam watched the 17-year-old Maradona in action on a scouting trip to Argentina and was so impressed he immediately arranged a £200,000 deal. But the transfer fell through when the Second Division club failed to stump up extra cash on top of the fee. The biggest ‘the one that got away’ ever?

E is for equal. The record between Millwall and Sheffield United is 22 wins each & 8 draws.

F is for founded in 1889, four years after the Lions.

G is for Greasy Chip Butty song – sung to the tune of “Annie’s Song”, it celebrates Sheffield culture – such as getting fat and smoking & drinking yourself to death.

H is for Harry. One of United’s most famous recent sides is the one under Dave ‘Harry’ Basset, which kicked and rushed their way to promotion to the old First Division from the Third in 1990 and enjoyed 4 seasons of top flight football – their longest run in the last 40 years.

I is for Ifill, the Blades taking the tricky winger from us after our relegation.

J is for John Smiths Bitter – the only drink they serve in Sheffield.

K is for kit, United have played in red and white stripes for most of their history in contrast to Wednesday’s blue and white

.L is for for Lipsham. Millwall’s first-ever manager made his name as a winger for Sheffield United, where he won an FA Cup Final medal. Did a great job in building a very decent Millwall team between 1911 and the start of the first world war.

M is for missing. Bramall Lane was a three sided ground right up until the 1970s, because it hosted county cricket matches for Yorkshire CCC. It is the only ground to be home to the football league champions (United) and county cricket champions (Yorkshire) in the same year (1898).

N is for naughty. Sheffield United has a very active hooligan element still (Blades Business Crew), and has had many run-ins with Millwall’s own finest over the years. The BBC came unstuck recently in SE London, but at least they made the effort, unlike many (including Leeds).

O is for old. Not United related, but Sheffield is home to the oldest football club in the world – Sheffield FC, founded in 1857

.P is for Paul Peschisolido, former Blade married to lovely Karen Brady. Had to endure taunts of ‘You’re sh1t & your wife’s a slaaaaaag’ many a time at The Den.

Q is for queue, a famous feature of the Sheffield city landscape, especially in the 1980s outside Job Centres, and nowadays outside Greggs’

R is for roundabouts. There are a lot of them around Bramall Lane.

S is for Sheffield Wednesday. The original ‘Blades’ and also regulars at Bramall Lane. It was because Wednesday stopped using the ground that the landlords at Bramall Lane decided to start Sheffield United. United fans respect and thank Wednesday for that all the time.

T is for Tevez. Carlos Tevez scored the goals that helped keep West Ham up at the expense of Sheffield United, even though it was proven that his contract didn’t meet FA rules. Blades fans are very Zen about this now, accepting that fining a club a few million pounds, who cheated to stay in the multi-million pound PL, was completely just and fair.

U is for Unitedites – another nickname given to Sheffield United fans. No idea why!

V is for very wet. It rains in Sheffield at least once in every 24 hour period.

W is for West Ham United. Blades fans hate them nearly as much as us (see T). However, they’ve
not killed any Hammers yet, sadly.

X is for Xenodochy. Natives of Sheffield are very welcoming. It is almost impossible not to pull a northern tart in the Leadmill.

Y is for years. Sheffield United have not managed to win at The Den in just over 7 years

.Z is for zenith. Sadly, Sheffield United peaked early in their footballing career, their best years were between 1897 and 1902, when they were runners-up in the league twice, champions once; and FA Cup winners twice and runners-up once. “

The Blades Business Crew’s top boy is Norris Ramsbottom . He led a crack unit of Sheffield’s finest into the back doubles of Bermondsey, but came unstuck – literally; his false leg fell off. Noz has always told people that he lost his leg in Afghanistan; but in fact it was in Gregg’s (so to speak). That’s because like most northerners, Nozza is addicted to a diet of sausage rolls and pasties. He lost his leg to diabetes and then to some young rascals on a SE London estate. Yet, the BBC are still the top firm in Yorkshire – unlike the famous Leeds United, they do at least forgo getting selfies with tourist at Borough Market to actually venture into Bermondsey

Some of the Fixtures already leaked for next season. Millwall vs West Ham: Thursday morning 5am, Fiji National Stadium. Millwall vs Tottenham 2:45am Monday morning, North Korea Missile Testing Arena with Kim Jong Un in the studio”

If Millwall gets promoted, I’m cancelling the kids’ season tickets. They can’t get a sniff of sporting glory at such a young age. It’ll ruin them. First they need to suffer decades of soul-crushing misery.”

Preston Fans also deserve a mention in this category for this comment alone:

Lad stood in front of us today gave Clayton Donaldson stick for the whole game as he thought he was Nile Ranger. ‘When’s your next prison sentence Ranger?’ Unbelievable stuff ahaha  “


Mardiest Fans 

Norwich City

There was serious beef with United and Norwich this season which stemmed from The Canaries time wasting antics in their 1-0 win at The Lane back in September. With United leading in the return tie at Carrow road the Blades fans sang”take your time Sheff Utd and follow the Norwich way” whilst after the full time whistle Chris Wilder ran to the away fans comically tapping his watch. This naturally didn’t make the Blades 2-1 victory any easier to swallow for the home side:

“Ref was a complete (unt. Sheff united are a bunch of poncey (unts.”

“Wilder is in the same bracket as Warnok and Pulis. “

“that Wilder is a fat horrible ***.”

“Well played to Sheffield Utd. Deserved the win today. As for their fickle fans and absolutely pathetic manager… I really can’t believe how childish the manager is. Don’t know his name. Don’t really care. Should take a look at himself and grow up tbh. Clearly holding a grudge over a defeat for no reason. I’ve seen way worse time wasting than what we apparently did at theirr place. And theirr managers excuses for that loss were so laughable! ”

“Their fans love his passion and clear love of the club, which is understandable, but he is severing lacking in class in general. You can b
e passionate without being obnoxious – his comments after the last game were particularly grim”

“2nd win in ten ! Course he’s delighted , we saved his job”

“Bitter, bitter fans, they’re an embarrassment to their team, whom I actually thought played very well….they and the tosser Chris ‘the bus driver’ Wilder need to get over the bitterness and concentrate on your football. Banter it may be, but they celebrated like they’d won the league….and as for the over reaction from Chris Wilder & their subs warming down was embarrassing ”

Most Knowledgeable Fans



  Well they did try to warn us about James Wilson…………

don’t think we saw him at his best. But maybe we actually did?”

The bloke was useless”

Such an average, overhyped player”

I didn’t think he was good for us at all”

he’s lazy and lacklustre and very weak”

will never make a championship striker, weak, lazy and disinterested.”

didn’t look interested at all”

What a disappointment he was”

James Wilson is terrible.”


Most Depressed Fans


Many clubs had worse seasons than the Suffolk outfit but I didn’t come across any set of fans with such a huge sense apathy. Most of the blame was laid squarely at the door of the now departed manager Mick McCarthy and this really came to the fore following our cup win at Portman Road:

Another new record that Micks achieved is four home games and 0 goals. Mick OUT”

Sadly that was typical Mick out there. Game turned into scrap, no quality on display but ultimately the result isn;t that bad. It’s utterly pointless, and certainly not a good result but it isn’t a bad result. We just bob further away in mid table, the second half was as boring as you can imagine and we were lucky to walk away with a point.”

Yes we had a few out but Sheff Utd played virtually a reserve side and still we fail to muster even a single shot on target ? Not f**king One worthy of being called an effort on goal, I mean FFS, it’s the FA Cup and I know MM doesnt give a toss about it but 12,000 cared enough to turn up and that is what you all serve up you hopelsess pile of crap !!

I don’t say this offensively but, does Mick McCarthy have brain diseases or is he just fully blind? Saying we played well without a shot on target is the worst thing you could possibly say. “

You wonder if MM tries to wind the fans in every interview now.” “it’s like he had a psychotic break after Sheff U scored and was watching the great match in the sky, where we came back to win 5-1.
Everyone was happy, loud chants of “Super Mick!” could be heard reverberating round a packed Portman Road….
Then the final whistle went, he snapped out of it, and had to do an interview he wasn’t prepared for.”

He is a narcissist in full blown denial, I mean to be happy with that you have be away with the fairies, on another plane of existance altogether.”

McCarthy’s FA record is P-9 W-0 D-4 L-5 ”

Mick will be delighted with holding Sheff Utd to a 1-0 loss. “Let me tell you,not many teams will achieve a 1-0 loss against that lot”

What a complete and utter waste of time.”


The “We Didn’t Know You Cared So Much” Award

Hull City

During United’s spell in League One this award was usually won by Oldham Athletic who seemed to have a bizarre grudge against United and inexplicably saw us as one of their main rivals.  With no Oldham this season, Hull City gladly stepped into the breach. Following their 1-0 win at The KC Stadium many Blades fans will have been surprised to see how hated they were by followers of the of East Yorkshire side:


If anyone says we haven’t under achieved they’re silly ****s. They’re a bag of **** .absolute ****ing dogger. And they’ve been in the play off places most of the season. GTF A little fat **** **** up front with a big fat **** **** alongside of him and they’re their two best players.
The rest are none entities.We completely dominated them. The only annoying thing was we stopped going after 65 minutes and decided to hold on.**** piggy ****s.”

Started questioning my hatred of Sheffield Utd!Thank you very much for Keithy Edwards, Thank you very much, thank you very very very much… Thank you very much for Billy Whitehurst… etc… Thank you very much for Stephen Quinn… etc… Thank you very much for Wembley 2014… etc thank you very much for Harry Maguire… etc… Thank you very much for 3 points last night… etc.. can we play you every week?”

The whistles seriously pissed the enemy ****s off. Get in.”

Great 3 points , City 1 vermin 0 , up yours Wilder .”

can’t stand them”

I hate them”

always good to get one over on the Blunts.”


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LOAN UPDATE: Swindon Fans Views On Chris Hussey

“Hussey should have jacked after Luton. Peak hussey”

“Will remember his goal at Luton, one of the bright spots of a disappointing season”

“Was a key player”

“Hussey was good beofe his injury. After that he wasn’t very good.”

” After the incident at Newport he should have never worn a Swindon shirt again anyway.”

“I’d like to thank Chris Hussey for the occasional half decent cross but most of all for hitting one of our fans. It was probably both merited and overdue”

“Not a great loss, under performed for a so say championship player. Let’s hope we don’t take the option up to sign him full time”

“Poor defender”

“Best of luck in the future as long as it’s not in a red shirt at SN1”

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LOAN UPDATE: Chesterfield Fans Views On Louis Reed

“Big thanks to Louis Reed this season”

“A disastrous season, but a deserved award fr Louis Reed to win Player Of The Season”

“He was our best player of the season”

“Well deserved award”

“Good player but bottled it in the crucial games.”

“Disappeared when we needed him”

“Reed should fluck off back to Rammall Lane, he has totally tossed it off when it mattered.”

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LOAN UPDATE: Wimbledon Fans Views On George Long

Thank-you to George Long for playing a key role in keeping us in League One for a third season”

“We’ve had some great keepers, but he’s up there with the best of the best (in my view). Can’t see how he would stay (bound to be a Champ team who’ll nab him), but we’ve just got to keep showing him our passion and maybe (just maybe …).”

“We take him back on the spot”

“Dream on about trying to sign him permanently. Not going to happen”

“I agree he will be beyond us”

“He applauded the Athletics End for some time as he finishes his warm up. With a heavy heart, we say that he ends it with a wave goodbye. Thank you, George”

“Time to start a go fund me to pay for his wages next season”

“We should set up a boy George fund to keep him”

“Good man George how could we not take to you any one that loves our club we will love them 10 fold back ”

“Imagine he is ready for top L1 or Championship side, whether on loan or for ££. Been a shining light (and we gave him lots to do!)”

“Sheff Utd loan us little Gem, love him to stay and join those other Dons goalkeeping legends,George you are the man”

“Sheff Utd  were pretty decent last year, and they’ve got a fab manager, but if they’ve got two keepers ahead of him I’m even more impressed!”

“Love him but he has a cylindrical head”

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