Loan Updates

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Stoke City Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Really don’t get the love in with him. So far offered nothing apart from alot of huff and puff. For me Fox every time at LB..”

“He can’t defend very well and I still don’t think he adds more going forward than Fox does. “

“He is a useful squad member, not a wing back at all. Fox is steadier and more versatile”

“He looked the part in his first couple of outings but now looks very ordinary and a bit of a liability at defending and in temperament. He’s been Stoked!!”

“He looked superb in his first couple of games we’ve gradually dragged him down to the level of the rest of the dross.”

“He’s been pretty average since his sending off……”

“He’s a young player learning his trade and that reflects in his play.
He’s rash and stupid but equally he has some good qualities as well.”

“Has at least one psychotic challenge in him a game.”

“A very poor man’s Stuart Pearce.”

“Watching him on the pitch I could imagine he could start a fight in a bar where only he is in there, and come out bloodied and smiling”

“Walking red card.If we can steady him down a little, he is a good player. “

“Decent up an down fullback,we ain’t going get much better am afraid”

“Another modern fullback who is better going forward than he is defending. Seem to be all the rage these days.”

“Bit of defensive coaching and he will be a decent prem/Championship wing back”

“RND seems to be a livewire player who certainly likes to be involved in the action on the pitch. When he plays in a match we are certainly aware that he is there and is not generally a passenger.”

“He’s got pace and is good on the recovery. If he’s affordable we should sign him”

“He’s by no means the finished article but if there’s a deal to be done with Sheffield, we should beat their door down for it.”

“shame he won’t be here next season.”

“do like his all action style after some of the left backs we’ve been subjected to.”

“He’s done great so far overall, just needs to channel his aggression sometimes which will come with time. Easy to forget he’s 21.”

“Some of the criticism is a bit bizarre. He’s only 21. Of course he’s not going to be the finished article!
Will be a really good Premier League player in a few years.”

“Very very decent, said it since day one, some forget he’s only 21.”

“I really like him.
As been said he’s still learning his trade and he’ll only get better.
Give him a couple of years and he’ll be one of the better left backs in the Premier League.”

Nottingham Forest Fans Views On Luke Freeman

“He’s a tidy player with decent feet but simply out of shape. You’ve got to have exceptional tekkers to get away with being fat these days”

” fancy asking him breaking from his own half. Its like Tomlin you need to give them ball near the oppositions box and let them run riot.”

“offered very little. Still carrying some extra timber. Not much fitness or pace.
Show good technical skill with ball at feet but then again so does Ameobi”

“Great thing about Luke is we can send him back in 8 games.
Hes not our problem anymore then and as such early worth bothering talking about.”

“Desperately wanted this to be the Luke Freeman that carved through opposition midfield for fun, it just aint though, safe to say it doesnt look like its happening for him here.”

“Some players work, some don’t – but it’s fair to say Freeman has offered absolutely nothing in his time here. My biggest problem is he just looks easy to play against.”

“very disappointing.
A proper Bullseye signing – “let’s see what you could have won…”.

“Fatter than Andy Reid. Get rid”

“Time he was released on a free, man.”

“Never thought he fitted in with Sabri, I just thought it was a strange signing for a team sitting deep and countering. Under Hughton his lack of pace set him back, shame he hasnt had more opportunities at 10 as thats more suited to him. Some players fit certain managers, if we had Warbuton Freeman would have been perfect.”

“Freeman was a top signing, anything that’s played out subsequently is purely down to a palpable lack of fitness.”

“I can only speak from experience of watching him comer to the city ground with the likes of QPR & Sheff Utd. I can tell you he often strolled through our midfield with relative ease using his own half as the starting point. Granted thats hardly a ringing endorsement, but he was a player who travelled freely with the ball, at pace.
Based on what Ive seen, he’s a player who travels with the ball in space, rather than a player who operates in traffic, to that end, he works in either of the last two approaches.”

Hull City Fans Views On Regan Slater

“He’s playing very well at the moment”

“Thought Regan Slater really stepped up to the plate today”

” Slater especially has been outstanding”

“Not put a foot wrong when come into the team, good engine & likes a tackle, whats not to like.”

“Slater done well. Was concerned about the latter, though to his credit, he’s done well”

“Not seen too much of him but from what I’ve seen he’s not shown enough.”

“Slater needs to up his game”

“He owes us some performances”

” Slater has largely been anonymous in all the games he’s played.”

“he’s a waste of a shirt.”

“I’d play the tea lady over Slater (Sorry if you’re reading Regan)”

“Slater has been involved in a lot of games, I still wonder if Sheff Utd’s loan contract stipulates he has to play a percentage of games if fit and available for selection”

Beerschot Fans Views On Ismalia Coulibaly

“COULIBALY-SANUSI-PIETERMAAT. Strongest midfield in the league”

“Coulibaly was born on 25 December 2000. For this reason he is immediately nicknamed the Malian Jesus Christ. Midfielder of enormous depth, used to working miracles on the pitch”

“Such an exciting young talent”

“Coulibaly is really an animal”

“One of the players of the season. Only 20 years old!”

“Thank Sheffield United very much for him”

“Having a very good season”

“Very big talent”

“Dream on AC Milan”

“remember this name please”

FC Emmen Fans Views On Micheal Verrips

“verrips has been outstanding.”

“Verrips makes an excellent impression, and I dare him calmly with the best keepers in the league”

“Man of the match tonight”

“Best player!”

“Verrips made at least two great saves.”

“Verrips kept us in the match”

“We now have a good goalkeeper”

“Goalkeeper with the most potential in the Netherlands”

“Should be in Netherlands roster”

“Been very strong”

“Verrips’ mistake, but it remains a great goalie”

” goalkeeper was still the hero against FC Utrecht, his blunder seemed to lead to the 17th defeat of the season”

“Verrips too expensive to buy”

Swindon Town Fans Views On Tyler Smith

“is Tyler still with us? Surprised he can’t even make the bench ahead of Omotoye.”

“We tried to send him back but Sheff said no”

“been dropped completely”

“Feel sorry for him as he is always bright and positive when we speak to him. Seems a difficult one for everyone to deal with”

“Tyler smith should be the one most frustrated, scored some good goals and can’t come on in front of zero goals Omotye. Hope has also had a very good season”

“Thing is Tyler Smith showed plenty of promise but then you can expect performances like yesterday when you get left out in the cold for so long”

” cant understand the love for Tyler Smith “

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International Update

Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On Enda Stevens

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“Attempted to link up down the left, but was often let down by his teammates in delivering the incisive pass.”

“Enda Stevens was muck”

“Enda Stevens dropped an all-time stinker”

“Strugglkng to remember a worse performance in an Ireland shirt.”

“Never seen Stevens give the ball away so much”

“Stevens terrible but plays the 90.”

“Enda Stevens couldn’t hold onto his own balls tonight never mind a football. Shocking”

“what has happened Enda Stevens”

“ he lost the ball on a good few occasions. Like the rest of the Irish team, he looked off the pace and low on confidence. “

“Moved to the centre of a back three when McClean came onto the left wing and didn’t do much better.”

“Not overly impressed with either wing back but Stevens has actually been actively bad with his distribution and efforts to link the play. Which isn’t helpful. Kenny is on record about the importance of Egan to what he’s looking to achieve ”

Wales Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

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“Really like Rhys Norrington-Davies”

“Norrington -Davies looks a competent player”

“Norrington Davies good”

“Natural successor to Davies, defensive fullback who can slot in a left centre back in a three”

“From what little I’ve seen, Norrington-Davies is a proper wing back, not a full back, so a different player to Davies.!”

“Played well LCB”

“So far in his handful of caps though has done really well. Bit of steel about him too”

“superb young defender.”

“RND didn’t give an inch.”

“stand out performances from Cabango, RND + Smith.”

“Decent performances from Cabango, RND and Matt Smith”

“Cabango, Rodon and RND ideal back three”

“Gunter, RND & Hennessey have all stuck their hands up tonight.”

“Did OK in a makeshift backline. Lost his runner at a corner in the second half when Mexico really should have levelled.”

“Done a alright job tonight and there’s no other decent player that can play cb”

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International Update

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Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On Enda Stevens

“Stevens worked hard and helped us get up the pitch, offering width and calmness in possession”

“There was plenty of space down the left flank for Stevens to operate in and at times he presented danger to the Serbian defence, but probably not enough for the amount he had the ball in the final third.”

“Had a couple of nice overlaps and decent passes, better defensively than Doherty”

“though he didn’t put a foot wrong at the back, he may be disappointed not to have offered more going forward.”

“He wasn’t particularly effective defensively, either.”

“Not a great night for the Sheffield United man”

“Enda Stevens hang your head in shame for that 3rd goal.”

“Enda Stevens is useless”

“Enda Stevens? Rather have Cat Stevens”

“if I was a professional footballer would they constantly say my full name when I’m on the ball like Enda Stevens?”

Wales Fans Views On Ethan Ampadu

“Ampadu such a brilliant player!! So unlucky he’s always under a manager not helping him grow.”

“Had a very good game”

“He’s great player but he’s been pushed around positions needs to pick defence or midfield like Declan rice has done”

“Ampadu in a Wales shirt is a different animal, especially in midfield which I still think will end up his best position.”

“I think the fact he has been playing in that Sheffield team in general is going to make him look awful lol. But he can do CB and CM”

“I like Ampadu but he needs someone better and more experienced next to him”

“Ampadu looked much more composed/less rash than he has in recent games for Wales”

“Not mad keen on Ampadu”

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View From Wales

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“Without fans you can hear just how demanding Ampadu is. Old head on young shoulders”

“Ampadu has got something like 20 caps by the age of 20, that’s the future right there so much promise.”

“Ampadu is so good in the middle”

“Ampadu is so wasted at centre mid. Got motm away at spurs in the ucl while playing in a 3 but this burke prefers a 28 year old who couldn’t get a game with st pauli”

“Ampadu is class”

“Ampadu can spray a pass can’t he”

“Ampadu masterclass”

“Norrington-Davies put in a real solid display”

“In the 2 games Norrington-Davies has done well, although suited better in a 5 rather than a back 4”

“Norrington-Davies has played his heart out tonight”

“I like Norrington Davies a lot”

“Norrington-Davies has had a decent game. “

“Norrington-Davies looks like a really good prospect”

“Norrington-Davies has put a shift in”

” norri gton davies is a significant upgrade on neil taylor. When he gets his final ball in better.”

“I don’t rate Norrington-Davies at all. Andrew Hughes should be called up ahead of him”

“think he’s had a good game, maybe not fully ready for this level but definitely has potential”

“He’s been alright but he’s not at all ready yet.”

“Anyone else try redoing the Manics song with a new line up? Norrington-Davies doesn’t scan as well as Robson Kanu….”

Wales Fans Views On Ethan Ampadu and Rhys Norrington-Davies

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“very good performances from Ampadu, Meopham, Ward”

“Ampadu is a rolls royce talent. Don’t ever doubt that”

“Ampadu with another solid display. Ireland never really offered much, but he held his position and always made himself an option. He’ll only get better the more he plays.”

“Ampadu excellent”

“Ampadu was everywhere tonight”

“Ampadu was quality”


“Seriously, how good a player is Ampadu? And the lad’s still basically a kid.”

“his was a mature performance. More disciplined, less showy”

“confident in possession, him and Allen will be a formidable partnership in the centre of the park. Cleaned up everything that came to him.”

“Ampadu and Morrell look a really good midfield partnership, promising signs there”

“Morrell and Ampadu isn’t a championship midfield never mind international quality.”

“Ampadu had yet another subdued game. Sound defensively, but offered nothing going forwards. “

“Think this is the most anonymous I’ve seen Ampadu play.”

“Ampadu just doesn’t know how to play the simple pass. “

“Ampadu is useless”

“not a stellar performance from RND, decision making leaves a lot to be desired and for a LWB his attacking isn’t great, lot of backwards passing. “

“I’m afraid RND wasn’t up to the task tonight”

“Finding Norrington-Davies so painful to watch”

“Any attack momentum stopped when Norrington-Davies got the ball, no pace and poor delivery”

“Norrington Davies not good enough”

“Norrington-Davies is not very good”

“Norrington Davies was struggling to really get forward as much as he needed to. “

“Norrington Davies was decent imo.”

“Yn wahanol i Malcom Allen, dim Norrington-Davies yw y problem efo Cymru heno. Ma Bales/James/Brooks i gyd wedi bod yn sal.”

Scotland Fans Views On Oli McBurnie

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“Searching ‘McBurnie’ during a Scotland game is always a good reminder of how horrible a place social media can be.
You’d never guess that the nation is meant to be in a positive mood or that, you know, he’s actually a decent player (when you don’t launch the ball at his head).”

“Genuinely don’t think McBurnie could be blamed at all if he just packed it in. The flak he takes is nothing short of a disgrace.
Missed a few chances tonight, one gilt-edged, but he played quite well. You’d think he’d spat on Robert the Bruce’s grave the way some folk go on.”

“I like McBurnie . He did well today. He’s improving.”

“No fan of McBurnie but thought he worked very hard.”

“I still think McBurnie will end up having a good career with Scotland.
He really needs a goal soon.”

“I’d be delighted to see McBurnie get a goal. His effort deserves it”

“As soon as mcburnie gets that 1st goal. He’ll settle in and will be fine.”

“Calling it now, he’s scoring the winner against England next summer.”

“Thought McBurnie played ok and was a big part of how we created quite a lot of chances. Just needs a goal!”

“McBurnie is no were near as bad as people think and did ok and should have scored. He had three attempts at goal though which is three more than Dykes had against Serbia. I think a lot of people are missing the point of the strikers in the formation we play.”

“There is absolutely no question that McBurnie just doesn’t appear to have it, but some of the abuse he takes on here is ridiculous. Way over the top at a time when there should only be positive vibes.”

“Don’t want to go down the bashing McBurnie route (again!) but he is simply not good enough to play up top on his own for Scotland. Whatever level he plays at for his club, he’s not the right fit for this Scotland side.”

“Crazy thought here. Maybe people are saying McBurnie isn’t very good because he isn’t very good.”

“McBurnie for Scotland.
Played 14
Scored 0
Assisted 0
Minutes 657 (just over 7 full games)
Scotland have only scored 1 goal when McBurnie has been on the pitch.”

“I have really tried to be see what he brings. But I’m struggling. He is nowhere near international class.”

“lots of chances and not good enough. Wouldn’t shut the door, but would only give him another go in a friendly.”

“just don’t see it. He gets in to good positions , but its like his brain is too slow to figure out what he’s meant to do and far too often after a brilliant build up, the play just breaks down when it goes to him”

“He’s shown very little to nothing in any the games he’s played. He isn’t even a regular starter for his club.”

“Dykes for McBurnie and we would have won”

“As for McBurnie, and sorry if this is harsh, but I really never want to see him start a game for us again unless its against San Marino or Gibraltar. He’s fine to throw on if we are 2-0 up and to see the game out ; but he’s hopeless, and if we had Dykes starting, we may well have won that game. Whilst Griffiths didn’t have a great game, he did create two or three chances in his 20 minutes on the pitch, and is much better at holding up the ball.”

“I can’t see mcburnie lasting in the epl long term whereas other strikers who have come up from the championship will. He’s useless and the fact I continue to say he’s useless despite him playing epl shows I don’t always rate epl players.”

“It’s clear McBurnie isn’t good enough or a good fit for us”

“A guy who can’t control a ball is no use to us.”

“Time to say enough is enough re McBurnie”

“The McBurnie “experiment”, if you want to call it that, has well and truly failed. Dykes, Griffiths, Shankland and Nisbet have got to be ahead of him from now on.”

“The mcburnie experiment has been going on for over two and a half years now . I think March when we get to three years would be a good place and time to call it a day.”

“I’d think twice about passing to McBurnie but chance going for it myself. And that’s not a good place to be.”

“The only reason McBurnie is even remotely defended is because he supports rangers”

“I wouldn’t want Mcburnie anywhere near Ibrox”

“How the did McBurnie ever become a professional player? I dont think Ive ever seen a worse player.”

“He’s truly a dreadful player. No touch, no pace and can’t finish.”

“McBurnie is pure mince.Disgrace of a player.”

“Oil McBurnie more like Oli McDisgrace”

“Playing the utterly dreadful Mcburnie for 93 minutes is I’m afraid a step backward, good teams keep ruthlessly winning, that was amateurish playing that waste of space up front”

“If McBurnie was a dog you’d be thinking about taking him to the vets to get him put out of his misery”

“McBurnie = Possesses all the speed and agility of striking sloth!”

“if he fell in a barrel of tits he’d come out sucking his thumb”

“Was gonnae do a tweet about how shite mcburnie was but it seems everyone’s got it covered”

“mcburnie is worse than George Weahs cousin souness brought on at Southampton”

“McBurnie has gotta be the worst ever Scotland player..
20m ..for the love of God why”

“Surely mcburnie canny just keep getting selected cos someone was stupid enough to pay £20m for the donkey”

“People slagging off Marcus Rashford for spending that money on houses for his family should remember that Sheffield United spent that amount on Oli McBurnie.For the record: Oli McBurnie could have a Lisbon Lions tattoo on his neck, rosaries in his pocket and a Wolfe Tones CD in his car and I would still say he is in no way even remotely close to being an international striker.”

Loan Updates

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Nottingham Forest Fans Views On Luke Freeman

“Freeman has been extremely disappointing so far”

“Disapointed with Freeman,he hasn’t settled in”

“What does Freeman bring to the team? genuine question?”

“Been poor so far”

“On Freeman’s current form we are very much lacking a number 10”

“freeman not doing enough to start”

“Him and Blackett have been terrible signings”

“Freeman awful… Again”

“There are serious question marks over Freeman imo – he’s just a passenger”

“Freeman is having no impact on games or even involvement”

“freeman contributing nothing. “


“Think we should get our money back for Freeman hopefully we’ve still got the receipt”

“I do think Freeman/Arter will come good but agreed nothing great so far. “

Hull City Fans Views On Regan Slater

“non existent so far”

“Slater deserves some game time”

“would love to see Regan Slater get some more game time, he’s put in some impressive performances when he’s been on the pitch.”

“Regan Slater must wonder what he’s got to do to get a start”

“Clearly coming off the bench and scoring and helping change the game isn’t enough”

“Slater brought energy, effort and tenacity to the midfield”

“Think he will start in the cup games”

Luton Town Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Looks a great prospect. Doesn’t look out of place in the Championship. Great defensively and going forward. Happy to have him. Would love to keep him but I’m sure he will go back and be a star for Sheffield United”

“Norrington Davies is the best player in The Championship”

“He’s outstanding”

“Outstanding again”

“Played well again”

“Excellent competitor and powerful”

“Norrington Davies needs to find some consistency”

Notts County Fans Views On Sam Graham

“Started well and then became sloppy with his distribution”

“Reminds me of Krystian Pearce when we had him on loan. Always on the edge of a major mistake. Isn’t a ball playing defender Ardley, stop playing him like he is.”

“started well and was our best at the back, but that really isn’t saying much”

“Good to see him back, he impressed me once he started more often. A good player in the making.”

“he looked much stronger and technically gifted against alfreton, very calm on the ball.”

“he looks to have matured a lot since last season too. Powerful at the back and calm on the ball”

Bradford Park Avenue Fans Views On Harry Boyes

“Boyes is some player. Thank you Sheffield United for the loan. It’s good to see such a young player plying his trade in the non league game. I’ve seen many not put the effort in when loaned out in similar circumstances. In the early stages of the game I felt he posed the greatest threat to Alfreton. He made one run in the first half working his way into the penalty area and it took a last ditch tackle to prevent him getting a shot at goal.”

“Stand out for me was Boyes always looking to get forward and create, always asking for the ball. Nice to have a confident youngster in the team”

“Boyes is our most dangerous attacking option.”

“I’ve told you before.
This kid is good.”

“That back four of Ross, Havern, Lund and Boyes doing the basics right looks solid”

“Boyes is really showing his talent”

“Congratulations to goalkeeper Dan Atkinson and defender Harry Boyes who’ve made the @NonLeaguePaper @FotMob National League North/South Team of the Day.”

“Well deserved”

View From Wales

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A selection of view from Wales fans regarding the performances of Ethan Ampadu and Rhys Norrington-Davies during their 1-0 win over Bulgaria

“Ampadu so good at inteceptions. At Leipzig his role is to dart from CB and steal the ball”

“Ampadu dragging Davies away from an argument with the referee – future captain”

“Smith seemed more relaxed today. Because Ampadu is playing alongside him in the middle (Chris Wilder take note!)”

“Ampadu. Peerless, playmaker peacemaker.”

“never fails to impress me. Unbelievable player and only going to get better”

“Ampadu doing Ampadu things”


“Don’t understand the hype around Declan Rice either, bang average player. Ethan Ampadu can do exactly what he does to the exact same level.”

“One of the biggest positives”


“My MOTM has to be Ethan Ampadu. Showed such maturity when all the yellow cards were flying around. Missed very little attack and defence wise. Bravo.”

“Rodon & Ampadu.. both seriously talented”

“a solid display”

“There were plenty of promising performances tonight. Rodon, Mepham, Ampadu & Norrington-Davies did well”

“I know Ampadu has cult status for Wales but he’s massively overrated.”

“He’s about seven years old though. There’s probably an element of projection to the general view of him, in that he looks like one of those strolling midfield generals/liberos that great European teams of the past had. But he’s a kid. A promising one, too.”

“Didnt do enough imo”

“Ampadu was poor”

“Great debut from Norrington Davies.”

“Norrington-Davies MOTM.”

“Norrington-Davies was excellent”

“Rhys Norrington-Davies fantastic on debut”

“looked at ease on debut”

” First time I’ve seen Norrington-Davies play – impressive. “

“Norrington-Davies was a STUD this game”

“Absolutely brilliant debut”

“Norrington-Davies impressed a lot”

“Rhys Norrington-Davies was a big plus on his debut”

“thought the dude looked good on his debut tonight”

“Rhys Norrington-Davies like a prime Kenny Jackett out there tonight”

“Norrington-Davies looked quite good!”

“Llongyfarchiadau Rhys Norrington-Davies cap cyntaf arbennig. Aber boi done good! “

Norway Fans Views On Sander Berge

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“Very exciting starting lineup of Norway for the game now. Martin Ødegaard, Mohamed Elyonoussi, Sander Berge, Erling Braut Haaland, Kristoffer Ajer … TOP.”

“Sander Berge’s best international match? Displays Genk class today”

“Berge Man of the match”

“Sander Berge is good, but it does not go very fast with him.”

“Berge should have been substituted”

“We can talk about hype on many Norwegian players – but no one beats Berge. What do people see that we do not see?”

“What IS Sander Berge really good at?”

“Sander Berge is overrated!”

“Both Berge and Normann will drop out soon”

“victory against a weakened Northern Ireland thanks to a comic own goal by Stuart Dallas. reckons that it is good enough for the media to talk Ødegaard into the first student, as well as Haaland and Berge into Real Madrid”

Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On Enda Stevens

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is received_315383596236456-644x337.png

“Stevens a bit unlucky with this chance”

“Enda Stevens of all people came closest to scoring for us”

“The simple joy of seeing a natural left back in a system that encourages overlapping runs and quality delivery into the box should keep the Sheffield United veteran in the manager’s plans”

“Stevens linked up well with Aaron Connolly down the left”

“A decent showing.”

“good from both full-backs in an attacking sense.

“Rock solid defensively and a useful outlet on the left. Is now Ireland’s Mr Dependable.”

“Once again, very hard to quibble with anything he did during the game and it was another assured performance from a player eager to get on the ball as often as possible.”

“Stevens didn’t have as prominent a game as he did against Wales on Sunday and conceded possession at one point that resulted in one of Finland’s clearest chances. “

“The fact Stephen Kenny gets paid money to play Matt Doherty and Enda Stevens at full back instead of wing back is why I love football”

“Stevens does something awful every game he plays for Ireland.”