View From Derby

“Great game. Credit to the championship. they are the second best team we’ve seen. Even better than last year”

“Great game to watch. Second half we looked pretty good against a good side. We defended really well in the first half too.”

“Shef Utd look very good so a great win for us”

“First half was United’s, second half was ours.”

“Sheff Utd were impressive first half, without looking overly threatening imo. Second half was clearly much better from our point of view, and the tactical changes Frank and co introduced were a major part in us taking all the points”

“They were better in the first half, they kept knocking at the door, and they deserved their goal, but they weren’t that good that they deserved more than 1.  So they got as much as they deserved. WhT they should have done was then build on that momentum and continue that dominance into the second half. But they didn’t.  It was a good game, fairly contested, and the right team won for the right reasons. Not really much to moan about there.”

“Thought we played quite well tonight in a game that could have gone either way.
I always think we play better against sides that try and play football and Utd did that.
In the end our younger legs carried us through and I thought both of our goals were brilliantly taken.”

“We beat a good team today but overall I think that we can do a lot better with the players we have. We gave the ball away far too much especially in the first half, but we still had the quality to get the win and despite the lack of service for large parts of the game Jack Marriott is always likely to win you a game because he is so sharp in the box.
There will be days where we play better and lose, but overall another step in the right direction.”

“where DID sheff u’s endeavour go in the second half?”

“They ran out of steam. Really impressed with our fitness this season”

“We played better against Blackburn and even Norwich and didn’t win yet despite not being at our best today we beat top of the league. Major positive!”

“weird game to me, scoring early it seemed we didn’t know what to do (first half) press or sit back and counter. Sitting back and counter is stressful to watch but really we should of gone in at least 2-0 if Wilson had done the right thing twice!! weird also as they came out sitting back etc.. etc it’s like we didn’t know what to do either after the goal and they didn’t know what to do second half . “

“Watched this game on Sky. I was annoyed that the pundits were giving the Blades the big one. Just like Leeds, Sheff utd started the season well last season, then faded away. I feel they will run out of steam and will drop out of the promotion race.”

“Sheff U overachieved last season but did not fall away until after Christmas but they will get found out before that this season”

“I think the Blades are overrated – most of their points have come from beating poor teams.”

“Their first half performance was overrated. whoever the knob on sky doing the secondary commentary sounded like a Sheff Utd fan. Was laughing my tits off. He is still scratching his head at why Sheff United dominated the ball in the first half and not the second”

“A great performance second half, we played on the front foot  and that’s how we should try and play away from home as we would beat most teams in this league if we play with that intensity and quality of interchange in attack.”

“Best lol moment,  utd fans singing you’ve only come to see utd.”

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International Updates

Northern Ireland Fans Views On Oliver Norwood

how many average games is Ollie Norwood gonna have in a Northern Ireland shirt?!”

“If Norwood isn’t hitting the free kicks then what is the point in him?”

“Considering how bad the freekcick from him are not a hell of a lot.”

Started well and spread the play well with diagonal passes but never made much more impact going forward as the game wore on “

Booked for a silly foul”

Too many games in which Norwood just doesn’t have an impact. I’d like to see McNair ahead of him against ROI/Austria”

Bosnia at home only decent game from him in recent times .52 caps zero goals to his name, surely midfieders have to chip in with the odd goal and a few assists, hasn’t had many of them either? McNair taking set piece is he not even up to that lol”

Michael is obviously a fan but especially when he isn’t even taking set pieces it can look like he isn’t doing much “

Someone, anyone tell me what does Norwood do??????”

Doing his job. We’ll miss him when he’s suspended next game”

Norwood was excellent the 1st half”

“Norwood has been ever present during our best years this century. You don’t do that by accident.”

The rest of our players are so good that they’ve been carrying him that whole time. It makes their achievements all the more remarkable.”

Wales Fans Views On Ben Woodburn

Would be great if Woodburn could get a move like Brooks. A top flight team, but not one of the big 6, so he can actually get a game “

“He can’t get into the Sheff Utd team, he’s not ready for top flight football. He’s 3 years younger than Brooks so give him time.”

Weird how he’s not even in the Sheff U squad a lot of the time. Would have expected Klopp to have had a clause that he has to play a certain number of games, as with Grujic “!

“To be fair to Sheff Utd they are currently on top and have been winning- hard to change a winning team/squad and its not their job to bleed in youngsters. Ben will get his chance again as the season gets busier i’m sure – good challenge for him to fight for a shirt.”

Where is our lord and saviour Sir Ben Woodburn when you need him ”

Still can’t believe he wasn’t given game time tonight”

Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On Enda Stevens

I would have played Stevens at left wing back instead of a right sided centre half”

If it’s going to be wingbacks, it HAS to be Doherty and Stevens.”

Stevens is a much better player than Christie who is being exposed badly in the premier league”

once Stevens and Robinson got on we started causing Denmark problems”

Looked steady”

Given that Ireland started the game without a traditional left wing back and Stevens has been playing that role for high-flying Sheffield United, Stevens was slightly unfortunate not to start this game. Looked good on the ball”

Much better with Stevens

We need to get Rice on board, you can reshape the side around Rice, Robinson and Duffy. Even Doherty and Stevens have a big big part to play”


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Former Players Update

Here I take a look at some of the players who were with us last season and see how they have started at their new clubs.

When United let Lee Evans go to Championship rivals Wigan Athletic more than a few eyebrows were raised. Evans had started the first two games of the season for The Blades and letting him go seemed a strange move from manager Chris Wilder. Little did we know that Wilder had Oliver Norwood up his sleeve to replace the Welsh international. United haven’t looked back since Norwood came into the side whilst it seems Evans has had a mixed start at The DW Stadium:

“He should play every week” “We can rotate plenty of players without too much trouble. But Evans isn’t one of them. Maybe if we’d gone 4-4-2 or played with outright widemen we could get away with it. But if everything is going through the middle Evans needs to be in there”

“Decision to drop Lee Evans was beyond any words i can write here. There’s no reasoning for that decision”

“If we had left Lee Evans on the pitch, we would have be coming back up the A1 with a point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

“Evans classy as always. Except those couple of strange corners that hit the first man, not sure what he was trying there.”

“Evans is out of his depth in this league”

“Gibson is better than Evans”

“I’m not impressed by Evans tbh. Slows things down and passes sideways too often.”

“I don’t think Evans is that good he likes a long fancy pass which looks good but doesn’t deliver enough quality passes.”

Another player who probably thought he would be in and around the first team at Bramall Lane this season is Ryan Leonard.  After months of chasing him, Wilder quickly made his mind up that Leonard wasn’t in his plans going forward and he was shipped off to Millwall.  After a difficult start to the season The Lions have picked up of late and it seems Leonard has been a big part of their recent upturn:

“The more I see of Ryan Leonard, the more I think he is a great signing”

“Massive fan of Ryan Leonard already.”

“He was sensational”

“Leonard & Gregory were outstanding all 90 minutes”

“Leonard has been superb, he looks like a proper ‘Millwall Player’.”

“The stand out performer”

“Pivotal role in the heart of the midfield”

“We could lose him for £8million next summer.”

Cameron Carter Vickers helped United out in the early part of last season before ending the campaign at Ipswich. Now he’s at Swansea but is struggling for game time:

“he might get only a game or two more this whole season.”

“Not had a single minute in 2 games”

“He needs minutes”

“He played well but won’t get much game time”

“Quite solid considering how little he has played”

“a bit of a unit and did OK when he came on.”

The name James Wilson won’t bring to mind many fond memories for United fans after a dismal loan spell at the end of last season. The Manchester United striker is now on loan in Scotland with Aberdeen.  After a good start it seems Wilson has lately been suffering with injuries:

“Best striker in years”

“I’m really enjoying the experience of having him here; really fires up the engine of possibility”

“He is literally the only striker we have capable of doing goals”

“There were moments in that game where the ball came to him when surrounded by Hibs players and he came out the other end with the ball against all probability. The lad has skill…..lets try playing the ball to his feet for a change.”

“He had some fucking terrific moments last night” “He is the man
Get him fit
Keep him fit
Get the ball to him early”

“he’s a player and he’ll do well for us, if he keeps fit”

“Once we get Wilson 100% fit, we will be fine”

“The white Nicky Maynard”
“He’s a Wanker with all the talk of using us to get himself in the shop window” “Something thats really pissed me off this season is the couple of folk on here that insisted Wilson is out of our league….. he’s on £30k/week don’t you know.
Today: No goals, no assists and a hamstring strain.
He is very much in our league” “disaster with injuries and transfers this summer. who’d have known Hoban was so injury prone, and Wilson, and Wright, and Tansey”

“Who’d have thought that signing a bunch of crocks would lead to them missing games.” “Shoot him in the paddock and claim the insurance money.”

When David Brooks left United to join Bournemouth in The Premiership, not many would have expected him to make such an impact so quickly. With 2 goals to his name Brooks has dazzled fans of The Cherries and is already being compared with some of the games greats:

“We have had Sheffield United’s pants down at £12m”

“What a signing.
You could see in the pre season friendlies when he played in a more central role he looked so promising so how the hell did Sheff Utd let him go for that price ?”

“I am starting the official David Brooks fan club! Kid just passes the eye test, sniff test and any other test you may have. I think he will be the next Modric. In terms of sheer talent I place him at the top of the club”

“There is probably someone in Sheffield who once told everyone. ” guess who I am? I’m the leader of the David Brooks Fan Club ..that’s who! ” Now an angry broken dude sat in the park with his Pics scratching his sad Yorky Ar#e! Dave Boy sat with his Accountant in Harry Ramsdens( Bournemouth branch) not knowing the poor saps name!
Leave Fan Clubs with the Music Industry where they belongs…let footballers earn their Legend status in time!
Brooksy doesn’t need it….and it’s odds on he will ship out next year..he is destined for the very top..another Thierry Henry”

“He’s an excellent footballer”

“we have a real gem here”

“Honestly think he could progress enough to play for any of the top sides one day”

“You know those players who look like they have half a second more than other players In the same situation , IMO he’s one of those . Every touch has purpose and if he doesn’t need to touch the ball he won’t, he has his head up looking at the scene in front of him” “He reminds me of cross between Wade Elliot and a young Frank Lampard.
IMHO, he’s got a better future ahead of him, than Lewis Cook has, and that really is a high level to be above”

“Needs to bulk up a little and work on his defending. Looked a tad shaky once or twice when in our box on Monday. Certainly a real talent there though and an exciting young player.”

Finally in this round up I take a look at Clayton Donaldson who always put a shift in at United before moving to Bolton. Unfortunately it’s not been a great start for the veteran striker:

“is Donaldson taking the piss?”

“Donaldson looked like someone I played sunday league with a few years ago. Shocking.”

“Donaldson was just lol”

“lol wtf Donaldson. Awful”

“Donaldson is useless”

“4 Times in the first 20 minutes he failed to lay off a 5 yard ball”

“he will make an impact eventually with his strength and direct style”

“Donaldson is fine for this season, but at 34 can only be a short term answer”


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Loan Update: Notts County Fans Views On Nathan Thomas

“started the season out of form.”

“I like him”

“Made a massive mistake”

“Trying to dribble out in a stupid position? Can’t be doing that there, he had so many other options. Stupid, stupid decision.”

“missed a pearl of a chance.”

“Didnt make an impact”

“I didn’t notice him much at all.”

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Loan Update: Blackpool Fans Views On Ben Heneghan

“At fault for Doncaster’s goal and got away with another couple of poor mistakes as well. Looks low on confidence.”

“His best display in a Blackpool shirt. Won everything in the air and made a number of key tackles and blocks to keep Andy Cook quiet.”

“Did well in place of the suspended Donervon Daniels, despite almost scoring in the wrong net early on.”

“Played well .. keep it going”

“a good steady performance.”

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Loan Update: Queen Of The South Views On Callum Semple

“At 19 years old he has been excellent so far.
Strong in the air and plays through the midfield or long and Has a great playing relationship with Doyle that is getting better each week.”

“I sincerely hope he stays”

“He was wonderful”

“Semple and Doyle look like they have been playing together for years. It will be a shame if they don’t continue after Christmas but no doubt it will be between Sheffield and Queens what happens He is getting games so fingers crossed”

“Callum Semple gets better and better each week and I really hope we keep him beyond January when his loan spell ends, he is certainly destined for a big future in the game”

“Love Doyle and Semple at the back. Big Strong pairing who have really hit it off. One experienced, one only 19 but is so strong for a young lad.”

“Huge signing”

“I am going to chuck Callum Semple name into the mix for an Under 21s call. At only 19 years old he is head and shoulders a better prospect than Harvie at Ayr who has just had a call up. Scottish parents. Maybe playing for Sheffield Utd means it won’t happen.”

“Great display, bust a gut”

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Loan Update: Barrow Fans Views On Norrington-Davies

“a great piece of play by Norrington-Davies for Smiths goal”

“Norrington-Davies did very well on his debut at left back both defensively and going”

“Norrington-Davies had a very decent debut”

“The Sheffield United lads combine! Rhys Norrington-Davies slipped it through to Smith for the goal!”

“Been impressive so far”

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Loan Update: Barrow Fans Views On Tyler Smith

“Smith never got a look in against them 6 ft defenders.”

“Smith is quick and a good player but he’s going against giants”

“Smith isn’t a lad who can play against 2 centre half’s on his own”


“We’ve seen enough already to know that Smith is a natural predator if the chances are created for him but after watching him get inevitably outmuscled for most of the match (not his fault of course) when the ball does finally fall for him he tucks it away only for it to be too little too late in the end”

“Tyler Smith is good in front of goal he’s not good at battling 6 foot 4 defenders for headers however”

“Smith has a great touch and movement but sometimes just seems to stutter when he should’ve just got a shot away, he also looks like he could do with a rest”

“Tyler Smith tries hard and is a skilful player – but probably needs a bigger , more experienced player to play off up front”

“excellent finish by Smith”

“Tyler smith is a class act”

“An excellent goal by Smith”

“The workrate from Smith is astounding at times”

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Loan Update: Oxford Fans Views On Ricky Holmes

“He is so, so good at our level. A genuine game changer”

“Holmes He is going to be some player for us “

“Holmes is so savvy”

“Good to have a free kick specialist on our books again. Heavily involved with our play in the final third.”

“Holmes was almost unplayable in the first half.”

“much quieter than recently and it is hard to know why.”

“Holmes looked shot from the start. Why he played against Fulham I do not understand at all.”

“didn’t look fit.”

“He has class”


“Wasnt bad”

“i like him but too greedy, not looking for the best option and i feel like he’s playing for himself”

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Loan Update: Fleetwood Fans Views On Ched Evans

“MOM again” “Once again went off to a standing ovation”

“Viva Ched Evans”

“Really missed him today”

“We missed him when he was out injured”

“He missed the Accrington game due to a knock and has suffered a virus this week. He was badly missed last week but understandably did not return at full strength or all guns blazing. Should have fed Madden when pouncing on a Turner error. Wrong decision and took a battering from Southend. Good defensively again”

“He has better defending stats than Ronaldo on Fifa19! There’s only one Ched Evans!”

“Duos involved in the most goals in the football league 18: Godden & Cummings (L1) 13: EVANS & HUNTER (L1), Maupay & Watkins (Ch), Curtis & Lowe (L1)”

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