View From The Republic Of Ireland

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A collection of quotes taken from fans of The Republic Of Ireland on the performances of John Egan , Enda Stevens and David McGoldrick in the penalty shootout defeat to Slovakia

“Stevens was solid defensively”

“Stevens was offered few opportunities to make an impact going forward in the opening period but used space well in the 2nd”

“Got forward every chance he got”

“Stevens did excellent setting up Browne”

“Great ball to set up Browne’s chance.”

“Gave a great option in support when Ireland were going forward but was caught out of position on the couple of occasions that the ball was coming the other way. Two or three incisive runs had the Slovaks worried.”

“Stevens again has been dismal”

“Egan and Hourihane were our best in the 90”

“John Egan is some player”

“Solid in the air once more”

“an excellent performance from Egan”

“NEVER put a foot wrong defensively as he won tackle after tackle and made some big interceptions. Stepped into midfield when possible to push Ireland forward but his passing was erratic.”

“he already looks to be a key player”

“Distribution could have been better but his defending and covering was top notch.”

“The partnership with Duffy displayed a far better understanding, looking more solid and composed than last month. Not unduly troubled defensively as he read the game well.”

“Duffy, McGoldrick & Egan been outstanding”

“McGoldrick was unreal”

“Mcgoldrick was great! “

“What a fantastic performance from Didzy”

“Really impressed with Robinson and Mcgoldrick tonight.”

“David McGoldrick is a treasure”.

“Mcgoldrick different gravy tonight”

“McGoldrick was lights out tonight, only thing missing was a deserved goal. MOTM”

“David Mcgoldrick is our best player by miles”

“Mcgoldrick exceptional”

“I’ve never seen McGoldrick lose possession or not do something productive when he gets it”

“McGoldrick should play in midfield. Strong and makes great runs with the ball.”

“David Mcgoldrick deserves more respect from football fans.”

“A brilliant performance.”

“David McGoldrick is the bottom half Roberto Firmino. And I mean that absolutely as a compliment. Ireland’s most important attacking player”

“McGoldrick is the Irish Zlatan but better”

“McGoldrick looking like Iniesta at times with some of his touches.”

“David Mcgoldrick is playing like a hybrid Messi and Pirlo”

“Hard to believe he is 32 and he was running the show out there.”

“Seen milk turn quicker than McGoldrick”

“He is terrible and never scores”

Wales Fans Views On Ethan Ampadu

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“We were playing well with Moore as a focal point and 3 very good midfielders – Ampadu, Morrell, Joniesta”

“Ampadu 9/10”

“Ampadu played well. “

“Really like ampadu”

“I rate Ampadu as a future DM considering his age and experience”

“Man I love Ampadu”

“When Ampadu went off Grealish + co had run of midfield”

“Ampadu kicking Grealish off the park tonight. Respect: “

“Ampadu clattering grealish is absolutely brilliant viewing”

“Ampadu living out something most people can only dream of – twatting Jack Grealish”

“Ampadu flattening Grealish love to see it”

“I wish Ampadu would have given Grealish something to go down about! Diving all over the place”

“Grealish has skinned that bum Ampadu for 60 minutes straight ffs”

“Ampadu as a DM just ain’t doing it for me…”

“Ampadu who is apparently premiership class was given the run around all night!”

“Ampadu looking rather average”

“Didn’t even realise ampadu was playing ffs”

“Extremely poor tonight”

“I don’t get the hype on ampadu. Two loans now and barely played. Can’t all get wrong”

“Looks like Wales have picked Kwame Ampadu instead of Ethan tonight.”

“Ampadu is criminally overrated”

“It’s really not been his game”

“ampadu is terrible”

“Doesn’t look good at offering himself for the pass. Could be a CB”

“surely Ampadu has to start in cb instead of Mepham on sunday”

Norway Fans Views On Sander Berge

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“Too bad that Norway with such a beautiful generation arriving (Haaland, Sorloth, Berge, Ajjer,…) also play badly “

“Haaland, Odegaard, Sorloth, Berge are apparently not enough …”

“What the is Lars Lageback managing this team? He makes Haaland, Sørloth, Ødegaard, Sander Berge look like chinese farmers against Serbia. We’re losing against a team who’s best player is MITROVIC???”

“Berge is a good player”

“I really like Sander Berge. He organizes, marks the time of the game, usually improves the play when the ball passes his feet … His “problem” is that he is a classic midfielder. Far from what is demanded today.”

“Similar to Busquets. I still believe that this role in a 442 accompanied by a box to box still has its place”

“Berge has a lot of qualities. But he needs like all other good players around him.”

“Was good tho the whole team has been a bit shit today”

“Sander Berge. International average.”

“what the hell have Ødegaard, Berge and Ajer done today? Totally invisible and only support passes and Ajer wandering disaster behind.”

“Disappointing match by Berge. Goes terribly slow and fluent with mismatches.”

“I do not think I have ever seen Sander Berge play a good match.”

“Berge has had an absolute nightmare all game”

“Sorry but Sander Berge is very weak today”

“Berge is not quality”

“Never bought the Sander Berge hype. The impression solidly reinforced tonight.”

“Sander Berge a little too praised”

“could not show a presence”

“Sander Berge, you’re not good.”

“Sander Berge = Norwegian Obi Mikel”

“Berge 3/10”

“Berge does not work as glue.”

“Berge seems to have eaten 2 liters of ice cream a lot. Tough in the pedals”

“Not sure who I think has been the worst. Berge is not exactly on the hook”

“Can anyone tell me why Berge, as one of the team’s highest, on death and life should hit dead balls?”

“Berge is praised. I want absolutely everything Sheffield Utd hurts.”

Loan Updates

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Nottingham Forest Fans Views On Luke Freeman

“Becomes the winger we wanted to sign by us not signing a winger.
Expecting to see Colback + Sow/Cafu/Yates at the base, Arter at the top, Freeman out wide a fair few times.”

“Freeman has that look of a quality player rarely get bullied off the ball, the goal was top draw off his weaker foot.”

“freeman deserves his goal for his individual performances this season”

“Luke Freeman is head and shoulders above the rest. Excellent footballer”

“He’s magic”

“I thought we’d sent Freeman back for being too good.”

“Luke freeman shows the bollocks no one else”

“Imagine if Freeman had someone to pass to!”

“He is class – sign him up”

“Buy. Him.”

“Freeman in an out, but always dangerous”

“He must be pissed at Osborn for persuading him to come here.”

Luton Fans Views Of Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Rhys Norrington Davies will be the new Gareth Bale, Mark my words”

“Gutted we couldn’t manage to get an option to buy in the deal!”

“Get him on a permanent now!”

“Chris Wilder, how much?”

“Great player”

“Been excellent. Keep up the good work RND”

“Norrington Davies is class”

“He could do it in The Premier League”

“I love him”


“V promising”

“Massively deserved call up for Wales”

“Cranie and Norrington-Davies have been great for us!”

Swindon Town Fans Views On Tyler Smith

“I am going to go out on a limb here and say he scores 15 plus for us next season if he stays fit. I have seen a few of our games and every time his movement has impressed me. He seems to be sniffing in and around the area at all times, i like him.”

“Bags of potential and should have lots of opportunities to bag a hatful”

“It’s already been said that we may be getting goals from a range of players this year. Tyler is certainly one of them”

” he looked quite sharp and could have bagged a couple more if he’d managed to just stay onside – but I like the risk he takes on the shoulder. Keeps a defence honest.”

“for me hes a better all round player than Yates.
he has much more pace and control than Yates and he knows where the net is, I think he could easily get 15 to 20 if he plays in almost every game.”

“based on Saturday (and I think we need a few games before writing players off as not good enough) – I don’t think his hold up and linking play will be as good as Yates. Some on here underestimated how important Yates was to our playing style last year, and Tyler’s rather slight physique will mean he has different strengths.”

“had little chance to impact the game”

Liverpool and Swansea Fans Views On Rhian Brewster

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“Sheffield United fans seem very happy. Let’s hope he does well there.”

“quite surprised we’d sell him after how much we were told about him being the future for the last few seasons.”

“To sell him is criminal.”

“For me, this has shades of Raheem Sterling written all over it.”

“Why are we comparing him with Brewster anyway? Sterling was a first team regular, already established, Brewster is still an unknown in terms of how his career will go”

“Selling world class youngsters to rival clubs is not a good thing. “

“I think Brewster is the best young player at the club. His finishing is out of this world (you’ve only seen a fraction of this at Swansea). He he rounds out the rest of his game (he’s only 20) he’ll be worth a fortune.”

“I think he is a good player, a natural goal scorer with plenty of room for learning and improvement. He is a better alternative to Origi especially for goals and more importantly, a player for the future especially from 2021 / 22 season. There is nothing worst then selling a player who is talented as him and then in two years, we need a striker, we had one but we sold him!!!”

“Fantastic deal for everyone”

“It is a very good deal; wish him all the best, he has a big future imo.”

“Really rate Brewster so does Klopp, but it could be a case of needs must for both parties”

“I know the club would have the sense to insert a buy-back clause. Brewster is too talented for them not to.”

“I’ve been watching the reserves for years. Too late to catch Owen and Fowler so with the forwards/strikers I have ever seen Brewster is the best finisher I ever saw in the reserves (by miles)”

“Brewster will get very few chances here to be able to prove himself. Unfortunately. But he should shine playing at another club regularly. Nevertheless, it is a hard one to take I think.”

“No doubt he has talent but in my view two things why this transfer went ahead:
1 – JK does not play with an out and out striker hence he was sent on loan. Also some players can adapt to playing in different positions but I feel RB struggles to do so – (perhaps similar to Origi)
2 – 23.5 million with a 15% sale on fee and option to buy back is one heck of a deal
I wish the lad all the best and hope he smashes Arsenal – City – Manure!!”

“he will be good at a club that plays with an out and out striker
I think klopp feels he will struggle to adapt to playung different positions.”

“He’s 20 years old. Only a year younger than Mbappe. We’d of seen something by now, I’ve watched him in our u23’s and at Swansea, he’s a good player but that’s not enough to get the number 9 shirt here.
He’s been here 3 years.”

“Yeah he’s not as good as Mbappe, but then Mbappe is one of the best young players ever seen in football.
Daft to be using that against him.”

“Brewster was hitting similar heights to Owen and Rooney at youth levels of those two but suffered a major injury – something neither of them did before breaking through. Brewster has in the main overcome this injury but still needs more time (see Ox) to fully heal. But given his performances since Feb, there’s no reason to doubt he won’t hit those heights. But he actually needs to be given competitive chances.”

“the problem is from the reserves onto first team the leap is massive. And you really could do with no injuries.
Wilson was head an shoulders above everyone in the reserves too, but he also got an injury when he was 18-19.
It’s crucial for young players not to get such big injuries at that age, it pretty much always stunts their progress.”

“I regret that his development was hindered so much by that injury, just at the time when you might have expected him to come through into serious 1st team consideration. At the time, he was certainly held to be ahead even of Jones in who might be next. I also think there is every chance that he will develop his game and I wouldn’t for a moment rule out the possibility of his returning in 2/3 years.”

“I think too much of the Rhian Brewster discussion is through the lens of him being an “exciting youngster”, which of course he is. Robbed of 18 months at perhaps the most important stage of his development, but still an exciting talent.”

“The injury held him back at a key moment and he may well be looking at how contemporaries have overtaken him and be feeling like he has to move to improve his chances. And, while he’s definitely a prospect, it’s not as though he’s irreplaceable if he has itchy feet.”

“To play for the best team in the world with the best front 3 in the world you need to be able to do what Salah or Mane do from “out wide” (he doesn’t have the pace for this), or the movement, vision and guile of Firmino (could come, but miles off).
Brewster playing well doesn’t equate to him being a serious option for us.”

“I’ve said before that Brewster is one of the best finishers I have seen (at youth level) but I guess the game as moved on.”

“he isn’t a good enough all-round footballer for us.”

“SU gonna be in serious trouble at this rate.
THey needed a proven goalscorer with experience, relying on a 20 year old who’s only scored in championship to keep you up is a big ask especially when
there is no creative players around him.”

” I am not sure Brewster is going to be the answer on his own as they have looked so poor all over the pitch.”

“He’ll touch the ball 5 times this season at Sheff Utd.”

“They were 5th for big chances created last season.
Not sure if you saw the Wolves game, but they were crying out for a finisher.”

“This is Sheffield United not Burnley”

“He will be perfect for Sheffield United!”

“He is 20 and needs games. The, ‘if he were any good he would force his way into the team’ is ridiculous. Mane, Salah, and Firmino (who performs a specific role) are world-class in their positions so you can count on one hand the players that would push their way into the team ahead of them. So that makes Brewster a squad player. Origi is a seasoned pro so minutes here and there from the bench are going to do him no harm, he has developed as much as he is going to. Brewster is in his formative years, he needs games.
From a selfish point of view, I would want Brewster to stay as a last-ditch option from the bench but that isn’t going to do the player any good. He needs to play week in and week out and test himself against some of the best defenders in Europe. To write him off is way too premature. Maybe this time a spade is a spade and we do actually want to develop the player. As we’ve seen we aren’t flush with cash so we need to look for solutions from within the club. Loan him out and see how he does. If it doesn’t work out, fine, but Brewster after his showing last year, his pre-season, and the fact he came off a major injury that cost him a year of development deserves the benefit of the doubt.”


“I had very little hope of him returning this season, he’s gonna be a lot better than a championship club”

“Ideal move for him, sadly.
Proper player”

“Could be a great signing for them , good team ethic Ollie great work rate , Brewster to convert the chances they make”

“Played some good football last season , overlapping centre backs , brilliant wing backs hard working , and Ollie’s graft , a good fit in my opinion”

“I can’t believe no other premier league side has come in for him.”

“Physical and got pace. Doesn’t look overawed.”

“pace, power, incredible eye for goal”

“Quality player”

“natural goalscorer”

“guys a natural born finisher. Will easy make it in the Prem”

“Loved his attitude got stuck in and runs his heart out.”

“he works hard”

“Brewster is a decent player and he may be PL standard, but maybe he’s not seen as top of the PL standard, who knows. I’d be happy to have him back in Swansea.”

“Brewster was good because he was getting the service not having to fight for everything himself”

“Maybe not the cleverest decision to go there.
His work rate was his weakness at Liverpool, and often went missing in games for us. Wouldn’t expect Wilder to tolerate that, given his teams’ successes are founded on a massive work ethic.”

“For me not a team I’d want Rhian to go to, but that’s happened before.”

“I dont like Sheffield Utd, so wouldnt want anyone going there if they are any good”

“Not sure I can take watching McBurnie and Brewster up top together for Sheffield United.Both will out score Watkins in the league this year “

“think Sheff Utd might struggle this season. They had surprise value last season. and they don’t play the kind of football Liverpool do. I enjoyed watching them out-muscle many of the established teams but a repeat performance remains to be seen. Surprised Brewster went there”

“Maybe we could loan McBurnie”

West Brom Fans Views On Oliver Burke

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“This surely has to be Burke’s last chance at a decent club, if Wilder doesn’t get through to him then he’s doomed.”

“Burke must have talent – 23yo who’s played in Champ, Bundesliga, Champs League, Prem, La Liga & for Celtic/Scotland. Managed 20 games in La Liga last year, yet failed to nail down a place anywhere. Looks lost. Glad to be rid, but is he a late developer like Traore/Bale?”

“i bet he turns into messi”

“Watch him be world class when he’s there “

“If he learns how to pick his head up and play a pass then he might be decent”

“Not being funny it’s about time Burke leaves our football club. He’s got a chance under wilder to show what he can do. There is a player there.”

“Wilder will turn him into a workhorse”

“Effort beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Every time, hopefully Wilder gets him working but thankfully not our problem when he leaves”

“Wilder no better manager to get best of Burke which won’t happen here”

“If Wilder can make a footballer of Burke then fair play.”

“Of Wilder gets Burke to work he has to go down as the greatest manager of all time”

“I can’t get my head around what Wilder sees in Burke. His attitude stinks and even last night for Scotland he looked awful. Can’t wait to get him out the club”

“If he goes to the Blades and does well then fair play to him but as long as he’s away from us I don’t care”

“Had really high hopes for Burke and I thought he’d become a great player but for all the ability you have you need the attitude to match which for some reason it doesn’t”

“No ability to read the game on the ball and no work ethic to track back off it. His body language is appaling, like a sullen teenager. He can beat a man but hasn’t the Scoobiest what to do. Good luck to Wilder getting out of him what the last 5 managers have failed to do”

“Never seen a footballer so perplexed by a bouncing ball. Like a toddler trying to catch a balloon. “

“what is the point of oliver burke?”

“If we actually get rid of Burke I will do a little dance. Kids an absolute wanker”

“There ought to be a support group set up for those of us who braved his displays during those Cup games.”

“I would of swapped Burke for a pack of peanuts !”

“i would have given him away for free, nevertheless it’s great business to send that lazy git away”

“Someone get Billic a statue erected outside the Hawthorns, pronto.”

“I don’t know if he’s lacking confidence or lazy or both but outcome is still same. £15m for a player that has had 2 league starts in 3yrs is awful, especially as two seasons were in Champ.”

“He hasn’t wanted it since the moment he joined. He will have spells wherever he goes, but there is no doubt he isn’t anywhere near ready to play in the Premier League”

“Part of me really wishes someone could just stick a rocket up his arse and get him going – bit like Traore at wolves. However his attitude his poor, his work rate is non-existent and I’m beginning to doubt there is any actually footballing ability. He’s fast. “

“Fast, very fast but that’s the only thing he’s got. No end product.”

“I’ve said many times Burke is a sprinter never a footballer”

“All I think he’s got is pace, not a footballer for me, even if he had a better attitude”

“His electric pace can get him through the door. His lakc of genuine ability and desire is why he doesn’t stick around.”

“Burke is a great athlete, but not a great footballer.”

“I could see him as an excellent long jumper.”

“Is there another Oliver Burke that Sheffield United are getting mixed up with?”

“Mugged Sheff Utd of big time here”

“4 different managers all thought Burke was not worth playing. This is a great deal for Albion. We’re mugging sheff utd”

“I swear Luke Dowling just loves mugging teams off for a living”

“Sheffield United fans seem excited about Burke….. have they not saw him play”

“Sheffield are fools”

“They are welcome to him! He is a complete joke & conned us. Hope his career continues to plunge. “

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Scotland Fans Views On John Fleck

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No description available.


“John Fleck is proof that as long as you play in that stupid EPL you’ll get a game for Scotland”


“him and his team mate McBurnie are absolute dugmeat”

“Fleck & McClean non existent”

“Surely Clarke can do better than this?? Maclean? Fleck? Just to name a few. Scottish players just not fit enough.”

“Fleck, Jack, McLean and McGregor haven’t had a good Scotland game between them in years”

“McLean, Fleck, Cooper, McKenna, Palmer, Burke see ye later”

“Fleck, McLean, Cooper, McKenna, Palmer, is it any wonder Scotland are shite”

“John Fleck is one overrated lazy fat fuck. Sorry had to get that off my chest after all the Sheffield United fans bleating about how great he is the last week. Utter mince and lazy too boot”

“What is it with Sheffield and overhyped midget midfielders? Who was worse, Barry Bannan or John Fleck?”

“”Hopefully that shuts those up that constantly comment “no Fleck?!”
Aye that’s why”

“Been reading on twitter last few days how Fleck needs to play instead of McGregor. Shouldn’t even be allowed to train beside him”

“McGinn did more on first three minutes on than john fleck all game”

“Surely its of far more benefit giving guys like Lewis Ferguson, Turnbull, Mcrorrie etc a chance in games like this than roling out guys like Fleck and Patterson ?”

“Fleck was piss poor”

“John Fleck is he a fan who got a game because he’s absolute shite”

“Fleck is still a 5-a-side player I’m afraid. Tricky wee bastard who wants to skin you, not to score.”

“Fleck was awful”

“71 minutes of dross from Fleck. Useless.”

“He’s a fraud”

“How’s John fleck benching John McGinn”

“Fleck has been superb for sheff utd for years now.”

“A bit harsh to single out Fleck.”

“one of our best players”

“John Fleck looks like if you asked a court reporter to draw the average man from the west of Scotland”

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Chelsea Fans Views On Ethan Ampadu

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No description available.

“Sheffield United were a good team last season, have a decent manager and actually played some good football (mainly against us!). Hopefully they don’t suffer second season syndrome and Ethan can get some much needed minutes on the pitch. “

“Sheffield United played some good football last year, and Ampadu is going to get PL experience. Good loan.”

“Ampadu to Sheffield United is a great loan move for him. Chris Wilder is a very good manager and they way Sheffield use their CB’s to push forward, I think it’s honestly great for Ethan
He deserves a loan move where he is playing week in week out.”.

“Perfect move for him imo. Will definitely get play time in a good team in the Premier League. If all things go well, he should be ready to play for Chelsea next season hopefully.”

“Good move. Now he has to force his way into the side…
They were most impressive last season, it’s a good challenge for him.”

“If he gets a game that’ll be an excellent move, Wilder has been a breath of
fresh air and seems quite a forward thinking coach”

“Really good move. Ampadu’s playing style suits Wilder’s system so so well. Just hope he can play every week.”

“Happy he went there Wilder is a stud and he will be much better for it. Hopefully there is a recall option considering Kante may miss due to Mbappe being corona positive”

“Good one but Ampadu has to come back home(Chelsea) fully next season. He will soon become one of our best defensive midfielders in future”

“Makes NO sense, their defence was far better than ours!”

“I think he’s good enough to play for us. Unfortunately for him, that’ll be it for him here.”

” he will be their best player by a mile”

“Wales didn’t concede a goal in the 2 games and he played both of them. I wouldn’t want him to go because at this point I think he deserves a chance over Christensen that has failed to perform for years and under multiple managers.”

“It’s tough because I’d love him in the squad but he just wouldn’t get enough game time this season with us. Agreed though, I can also see him doing brilliant in Sheffield.”

“his ability has never been a question the guy just needs regular consistent football to go up a level. No doubt he’s a future chelsea leader. Just need to play and improve his injury record.”

“Good move him, but for me I’d of sooner seen him and send Christensen out.”

“Ampadu is more deserving than Rudiger or AC, hopefully this is his final loan before he gets given the chance to play a lot in the first team”

“More potential then any of our CB’s “

” if he gets minutes as a CB in a SHU defense, it will do a world of good to him”

“If Wilde actually plays him and at CB this could be an excellent move.”

“Please Chris Wilder – give him loads of minutes!!”

“I back him to get himself into that Sheffield back 3. Hopefully it goes well and next season we shift out rudiger etc”

“We should not sell this guy as we did to Ake…. That guy Ampadu is a real dude”

“No no no!!!! keep him an forget about that idiot Rice”

“Lampard hasn’t treated Ampadu fairly. It is his one big error. There is nothing defensively in Jorgino and Kovacic and club will be forced to shell out for Rice who isn’t too much of an upgrade on Ampadu. Why not give him a chance like the boys he had at derby.”

“Great mentality and I truly believe he’ll end up being better than Rice.
Don’t want to spend 70 odd million on Rice when we already have Ampadu in all honesty.”

“Ampadu for me is better than Rice who is hugely overated, bang average”

“While we are busy twerking for Declan Rice, Ampadu might just turn out to be an equal alternative.”

“Honestly don’t understand and I wunt still admit it why lampard would leave Ampadu and be chasing Rice up and down. Can someone Else relate with me?”

“Ampadu is very suspect defensively”

“He needs to take more responsibility when he has the ball. He has the talent to be very good but has to come out of his shell.”

“This is a very wrong and useless move for the player.
He can’t break up their defence that has been together for over 4yrs now and I don’t think they will bench their record signing Berg to play a loan kid.
Another year wasted. Thanks to Giggs for pushing him towards leaving”

“More like it will be very interesting to see if he plays. I dont know who the retard is that keeps on sending Ampadu on loans to fully established teams. What he needs now is game time and i would honestly have preferred him to go to a team fighting relegation but guaranteeing him 90 mins instead of him just adding squad depth to Sheffield utd. I see this as thensame as his leipzig loan . He will be a sub for Egan just like he was for Upamencano”

“I mean if he cant break into Sheffield United’s defence, then he isn’t ready for chelsea yet. I believe he’ll get invaluable premier league experience with Wilder. Ampadu is an exceptional defender for his age, im sure wilder won’t care that he’s on loan if he can improve their defence.i believe he offers Sheffield something that jagielka and Stevens can’t, thats his youthfulness, speed and passing range “

“Stevens is a LWB Ampadu is not.
Jagielka is their 38yrs old reserve CB who only made 6 league appearances last season with about half of that as a sub.
I suppose that’s not what you wish for Ampadu.”

“I think he won’t get alot of game time because Chris Wilder has a game plan with his set back 3 and I don’t see him replacing one of the CB’s in his back 3 unless someone gets injured. The better loan move for his career should’ve been to fulham”

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Derby Fans Views On Max Lowe

No description available.

“Very, very annoying. Lost for words, actually. Selling young players on the cheap. We never learn.”

“This is the most Derby thing to do ever. Whats the point bringing through players if we are just sell them?”

“If i was Lowe id want to go. Last year of contract, chance to play in the prem.”


“Lowe is a genuinely excellent defender who will thrive in Sheffield United’s system. “

“I genuinely think he could be one of the best full backs in the league if given a regular starting berth.”

“I rate Lowe as the best LB in the division”

“A mid table club’s second choice left back is the best in the league. Mmmm interesting!”

“Lowe has the best anticipation of any defender in this league when the opponent has their back to goal. Lowe intentionally stands off his man, knows the pass is coming, anticipates not reacts, touches the ball before the opponent and we’ve just won possession. However he hasn’t quite got it right yet when the player is facing the goal. He likes to dive in, litterally and it’s usually 50/50 regarding him winning the ball. If he just stayed on his feet in these situations, he’d be one of the best LB’s in the league overall”
“I do think Lowe has the better potential but isn’t as good as Bogle yet. I think if there’s any manager to get the best out of players it’s Wilder, so I actually expect them to do well there.”

“Bogle is better, but I have a feeling they will peak at different ages. Don’t know why, I just think in 5 years time Lowe will be the better player. “

“A perfect wing back”

“it is a shame he’s off. Has great potential and could be a top left back at this level. He hasn’t held down a first team spot though, is weak in the air and switches off. Not kicked in as hoped. Good player but not irreplaceable”

“Lowe leaving for 5m is disappointing, but understandable. Bogle leaving for 5m is an absolute insult.”

“Lowe is in the last year of his contract. £2m seems reasonable for a top half championship left back who can leave for free next summer.”

“If I was Max Lowe I would be practising kicking a football with my right foot, but that’s just me. I could apply that to most modern day footballers to be fair.”

“Exactly why you’d jump at the chance to go up a league.. Might not get the chance again”

“I have always rated Lowe, but it seems like Cocu doesn’t and Lampard clearly didn’t so perhaps no great loss?”

“Cocu clearly rates Buchanan and based on what I’ve seen so far l think he has far more potential than Lowe. He put in the best crosses of the game today when he moved back to the left in the second half. Selling Lowe helps his development. “

“He’s not amazing but still ahead of Malone and Forsyth”

“Forsyth a much better defender than Lowe, in fact Lowe when played always made us weaker on the left, him and Bogle let to many crosses into our box, have we all forgotten this already.”

“People who think Forsyth is better than Lowe are clowns”

“Lowe wasn’t that good last season and struggles to defend crosses in to the box. “

“Lowe hasn’t exactly established himself.”

“lots of potential but nothing to prove he will make it just yet.”

“a bit lightweight – hope he proves me wrong and storms it.”

“He’s regressed”

“Lowe looks a very average Championship player to me. “

“Lowe nowhere near good enough for the Prem”

“why do you think all of our last 3 Managers didn’t play Lowe as our left back every game when fit and also how didn’t he get a regular game out on loan at Shrewsbury, couldn’t oust their first choice left back?”

“Lowe was shipped out on loan to Aberdeen not that long ago”

“had a successful loan spell at Aberdeen a year ago and has some of the best defensive numbers in the league (despite some people’s impressions). “

“I wanted to see Lowe make the left back position his but he hasn’t been able to hold it down. He has always been a bit lightweight and I’ll never forget that Leeds game at Elland Road where that winger Clarke ran rings around him. However he did well on loan at Aberdeen so may be a move away will be good for him.”

“The main reason Lowe didn’t make more appearances last season was simply that in some games we needed the extra height and strength of Forsyth against certain opposition. For all Lowe’s strengths (as backed up by the statistics) he’s susceptible in the air and not the best at tracking players running behind him (similar to Evans in that regard); with Bogle being our first choice for RB but them both having the same aerial weaknesses it could be a risk playing them together”

“My god how many times , he played more games at LB than ANY OTHER PLAYER THIS SEASON what is so hard to understand? If someone plays the most in that position then he is the first name on the team sheet? Come on now this is getting boring , take your forsyth personalised glasses off for crying out loud”

“I’d be surprised if bogle and Lowe are anything more than backup/ cover for Baldock and Stevens. Baldock and Stevens have been vital to the way Sheffield play over the past few years. “

“Never get a game there”

“I think Lowe is going as back up”

“Pretty sure they have Osborn as backup lwb, played there vs us as well so wouldnt shock me if he left”

“if we signed Bogle and Lowe for 10M I’d feel robbed”

“We conceded 64 goals in championship last season our highest in 6 seasons with them two as full backs, good luck in prem”

“If Matty Cash went for £15 million then £10 million for the pair someone has our pants down “

“Villa hugely overpaid for Cash if figures are true. “

“Mel if you sell Bogle and Lowe for a combined £10m then your off your nut minimum double for the pair”

“Curious Villa didn’t just come in for bogle and Lowe ,they are going dirt cheap and they are every bit the player cash is ? In fact they are the best in the division in they’re positions “

“Wish we valued our own players as much as we value our stadium.”

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View From The Republic Of Ireland

A collection of quotes taken from fans of The Republic Of Ireland on the performances of John Egan , Enda Stevens, David McGoldrick and Callum Robinson in the 1-0 defeat to Finland

“Enda Stevens has done very little in an Ireland shirt. The dearth of options means he will likely always start.”

“Stevens has been very disappointing alright. He seems to come to a standstill every time he receives the ball, very hesitant to drive forward for whatever reason
His distribution today has been absolutely shocking. He is playing like a man who knows his place is under no threat whatsoever.”

“Stevens had a ‘mare”

“Stevens terrible for that goal.”

“Stevens at fault for the goal. He’s had such a poor game”

“Poor awareness for Finland’s opening goal”

“Poor awareness for Finland’s opening goal”

“Had a couple of opportunities to put in crosses, but couldn’t pick out a teammate. He was beaten at the far post for the goal but had been put in a very difficult position.”

“He’s had a worse game than Duffy and that’s saying something”.

“Stevens was sh*te today”

“He’s moved to number 1 on my list of most frustrating players to watch. Never seems to have his mind made up on what he wants to do with the ball. His first instinct is to either go backwards, or else stop the ball dead and stand still, making it difficult to play a forward pass.”

“He is always an outlet ball as, even when tightly marked, he never gives the ball away”

The home side kept going down his side but he was not always on the same page as Aaron Connolly.

“I would imagine that is because he is used to receiving it as a wing-back and are expected just to run with it, rather than as a full-back when you get the ball deeper and with fewer options.”

“Stevens doesn’t look comfortable at full-back”

“Stevens and Doherty need to be at wing back
Every man and his dog can see that”

“The high line does not suit our defence), Egan and Duffy don’t have the pace for it.”

“I still think Egan naturally drifts too wide due to being used to playing in a three.”

“The pound land Harry Kane has ruined Duffy & Egan today”

“Egan swept up around Shane Duffy in the first half”

“Did the basics well and was on hand when called upon”

“He put in a lovely challenge to stop Teemu Pukki in the second half, but couldn’t quite have the influence on the ball that he managed in Bulgaria.”

“I will never understand why McGoldrick is rated as highly as he is. He has no threat whatsoever and his hold up play is largely functional.”

” McGoldrick was an improvement since he came on, his first touch and hold up play are a lot more secure than Idah’s which is important in the role we need them to play”

“I know he’s desperate for a goal but McGoldrick should’ve had the awareness to know where Connolly was and leave it to him. Very slow to react to the chance after as well.”

“Shane Long and McGoldrick aren’t going to offer a goal threat, although McGoldrick would hold up the ball well.”

“If only he could shoot”

“He was better equipped to hold the ball up than Idah, showing the type of nice touches we have become accustomed to seeing from him, forcing a good save from the Finland goalkeeper late on. It’s a pity we couldn’t see him from the start.”

“McGoldrick should have been given the nod this evening”

“Why aren’t McClean & McGoldrick starting?”

“David McGoldrick is such a tidy footballer. If only we had 10 more of him”

“Arguably the worst performance I’ve seen from an Irish team I’d still die for David McGoldrick”

“Robinson and McGoldrick seriously upped the tempo”

“Robinson up to his usual tricks 10 seconds after entering the fray
Such an underwhelming substitution. He’s just not up to it.”

“Last cap for Robinson hopefully”

“First touch was terrible on a few occasions. May come good but was poor today.”

“Robinson, again, looked bright when he came on; shows a bit of industry and creativity. “

“Robinson looked good”

“Robinson injected some pace onto the right flank after his introduction, offering more of an outlet than O’Dowda had.”

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