View From Cardiff

Cardiff 2-0 Blades

“I didn’t think Sheffield United were a bad side and worked the ball really well in the middle of the park.”

“looked like a pen from where I was sat as his arm was in the air.
It wasn’t one way traffic and they created a few chances, but we should have probably had a couple more too. Think we were good value overall.”

“They had a lot of possession and were unlucky with the penalty appeal. We did have a good second half probably deserved to win. Without being patronising, they were far better than Villa. We will probably come down to earth at Wolves on Saturday, but we are enjoying a good start. Long long way to go.”

“They were outclassed yes, but I wouldn’t worry too much if I were them. Once they get the hang of the division they’ll be more than safe. They created a few chances and moved the ball well but the way we’re playing at the moment it was always going to be tough for them.”  

“Could have scored 5 or 6, we were excellent
Tomlin was sublime, he made everything he did look effortless and embarrassed some of their defenders”

“.we were so on fire at the beginning of the second half, that it was an anticlimax to see us retreat towards our goal for the last twenty minutes. Bringing Halford on showed Warlock’s mind set.
It could have gone horribly wrong – the Blades had several opportunities to score. And it does nothing for fans’ blood pressure.”

“Whilst I agree it was all Sheffield the last ten minutes, I came away with my fingernails intact. We looked very comfortable at the back.”

“It was like Warnock (as a fan) told us to hold off.
They couldn’t handle us for 25 minutes of the 2nd half and it wasn’t by chance we just let it go after we scored our 2nd”

“1,385 Sheffield United fans on a Tuesday night nearly 400 mile rd journey.” “They wernt very vocal”

“What on Earth was that all about tonight?
Clapping and cheering for Ched Evans a player who has never played for Cardiff and was doing his best to prevent us getting three points from the game.
I wonder about some of our fans sometimes”

“What are you confused about?
Welsh footballing fans, supporting a Welsh player that was wrongly accused of a male problem, that almost ruined his career. Confused, I am.”

“Showing support to a Welsh player wrongly convicted. Nothing wrong with it and jess ellis should say sorry to him the stupid women”

“Why wouldn’t we cheer him? What a pointless post, how dare you show support to a Welsh player? Who’s careers was ruined…… I’d personally like to say well done to everyone who showed support, it’s good to show him he’s not been forgotten by his country men. Well done to everyone who supported him!”

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