“Presumably wants to be first choice and we weren’t offering that option. “

“Releasing a relatively young left back who has good experience in the Championship seems a pretty brain dead decision to me. “

“Good with his head, has a long throw in him, great first touch and can take the ball out of the air better than anyone – he’s young …hes a keeper for sure”

“very dissapointing as he offers a lot going forward. Could be a useful midfielder.”

“he loves going forward, is good on the ground and in the air and if not wanted at LB could be bedded into a no10. He certainly would be better than Barnes”

“This one makes no sense, we should be keeping him”

“Seems a really great guy judging by the pre-season footage from Germany and his general demeanour. He’s the type of player that will come back to haunt us”

“This is another decision that will come to haunt us.”

“If played as wing back in a back 5, we probably would’ve seen the best of him.”

“He is probably the one out of contract player I’d have wanted us to keep.”

“I thought he was getting better and better tbh.”

“A decent championship LB.”

“Sam is a perfectly capable Championship full back especially in the attacking sense.”

“I felt he offered way more than Giannoulis overall and being young could be coached on the defensive side of his game where he is lacking.”

“Defensively Dimi is so much better than McCallum, but I do think this is a shame if true. McCallum is decent moving forward, his first touch is also brilliant. His aerial presence is awesome, which is an area we really struggle in. His work rate when you compare him to Stacey is miles off though. Overall a shame he’s moving on”

“Nowadays, the attacking side is more important than the defensive side for a full back. I’m a bit surprised by this though. He’s still very inconsistent with defensive lapses, but he’s shown enough recently for me to want him to stay. It will be interesting to know whether it’s his decision or the club’s.”

“I do think that McCallum has looked fairly good in this counter attacking Wagner side, but do wonder if he’s got the composure with the ball at his feet to play possession based football or patient passing game, which might have been a factor in play here if that is Knapper is going with all of this”

“I wanted him to do well but he did not look like a player you could trust this season- just constantly caught out of position. He turns 24 around the start of the new season so while he’s still young, he should be entering his prime. “

“Sadly not good enough in the area of the pitch he’s meant to specialise, ie defence.”

“Nice lad, but we can do better. Or at least will have to do better if we want to challenge at the top of the table. “

“Sam has some really good attributes. But one major deficit.He’s just too damn slooooow ..”

“It took Farke one friendly at Luton to realise he isn’t good enough. Defensively he is a nightmare. “

“Not good enough so this is the correct decision. “

“He’s awful”

By Roy

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