“I liked him tbh but he needs a new club and a fresh start, good luck to him”

“As long as he doesn’t turn into a Leif Davis and help SU back to the PL. “

“He’s a great player – unfortunately the managers haven’t utilised him properly Hate to say it but I hope he finds football & solace at the Blunts “

“Gutted to see him go. Bielsa loved him too. Talented lad”

“Top top pro. Passionate, great work ethic, and just a good young man. “

“Disappointed he’s leaving”

“Good lad, player in there, just couldn’t come together here. “

“Good player needs to be playing regularly.”

“Good luck to him. Bielsa saw something in him. It’s just he injured too much and Marsch is a clown.”

“ There’s a decent little player there if he can remain fit”

“ Tidy player, some fitness issues but solid for the Champo as a utility man”

“injured a lot and never really held down a definitive position to play in the team.”

“Tbf he’s pish and injury prone that’s why he never got a regular game.”

“His fitness record has been poor. Just when he looked like he was going to get a few games he got injured for a few weeks. “

“Be lucky if they get 3 games out of him. Always injured. “

“Wonder how many times he’ll be “poorly” “

“he’s made of weetabix”

“Just because he’s a good lad he isn’t a good player. Good luck to him but has never been good enough unfortunately “

“Good engine and will work hard, but very limited quality on the ball – low-end championship at best “

“He is nowhere near good enough to play for a team challenging for promotion mark my words”

“Average at best. He’s meant to be a CM but he’s not physical enough and doesn’t have enough on ball ability to play there for a decent side. More of a make shift full back. He’s got bags of energy and will do the dirty work but he’s so basic”

“Had no impact last season move him on. “

“No loss”

“waste of wages”

“He wont get games at Leeds, just not good enough. “

“I’m surprised that he got a move so high up. Great for him”

“The hopes of him staying here were that he’d settle for being a fringe bench player as he’s such a big Leeds fan. Reasonable he’ll be off to a lesser club … like the Blades. “

By Roy

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