“What the has Seriki done wrong to not get into this shower of shite since QPR? “

“Still baffled as to why he got took off that day”

“might be the worst sub I’ve ever seen”

“Idiot manger sorry head coach picked him as being at fault for one of goals at QPR, but more experienced players at fault for goals get away with it”

“Seriki was struggling at times in that game though”

“why sign him if we don’t trust him? Surely he’d have been a better choice as wing back than Fergie?”

“I wouldn’t think the blunts will be delighted. Another club who will likely be careful about loaning players to us. “


“I’d like us to sign Freckleton”

“He may be a Blade,but he’s a Spireite right now. It sounds like he’s bought into the project as much as anyone. If he’s available this summer, I’d like to see him back here”

“I hope one of the centre backs to come through the door is Freckleton. He has bags of potential and will go for big money eventually”

“I’d be more than happy with Freckleton coming in, I believe his contract with Sheff Utd is up in the summer”

“Freckleton had his best game for us at Watford, arguably MOTM at Centre Half, where he kept their championship forwards quiet for most of the game. He’s barely played since but good young option to develop. “

“He was magnificent against Watford”

“Be a good back up for Grimes”

“I’d take Freckleton if he’s happy to be a squad player and wait for his chance”

“Freckleton at CB against Watford displayed this and probably his current injury is proving more costly than it should “

“Freckleton will be released by Sheffield United 100%
Is he good enough as a centre half?”

“Miguel Freckleton was brought in, supposedly, as a quicker option in the central defensive position yet never had a look in and was shoehorned into the left back slot which clearly doesn’t suit him. The one real opportunity he’s had playing his preferred role ( against higher opposition ) he puts in a fantastic MOM performance. “


“Sachdev was just a last minute gamble”

“Never played mens football, will take time to adjust. “

“Sachdev shows why bringing in prem loanees is a risk – he would need more time to get up to speed. He’ll probably go out on loan next season to lg 1 or 2 and do great. “

“not ready for mens football, Oh well at least we are doing Sheff Utd a favour allowing Sachdev to play his trade whilst throwing our playoff position away. “

“senior men’s football looks a step to far at the moment”

“Sachdev is utter tosh”

“Sachdev is garbage.”

“He is miles off the standard”

“I’d be sending Sachdev back. “

“Been disappointing so far – maybe just needs more time “

“I think Sachdev offers a lot and can be used well if used right. He struggled Tuesday because their winger was a big strong lad and was using his physicality”

“Sachdev much improved on previous showings “

“Sachdev was good today. “


“Traore is interesting.”

“Special mention to Traoré for his performance today”

“Traore technically is strong!”

“Very satisfactory game”

“Better on the right wing then as striker”

“Blessed as a winger”

“when is it time to put Traoré with Simon, Kadewere and Mohamed… it’s not possible, would our coach be afraid of having two hard-hitting wingers”

“Traoré really tired the defense in the first half”

“Not a bad game”

“Traoré very restless Perhaps lacking a little physics”

“Traore is not at the level at all.”

“Jocelyn puts Traoré right piston in place of coconut! it couldn’t be worse”

By Roy

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