“That was so Bournemthy”

“AFCB 32 shots, 12 on target – Sheffield U 13 shots, 9 on target.
This is a game we hoped to get three points from and basically we should have.”

“What a disappointing performance.”

“Disappointing result really, but not as frustrating as when you concede lead yourselves.
They looked a mid/lower 2nd tier side and devoid of confidence Shame to drop 2 points.”

“Sheffield United, celebrating like they’re staying up.
Which tells you how bad this is.”

“Another two points thrown away. Struggling for home form but outplayed them today and poor goalkeeping cost us. “

“It is difficult when Sheffield put 10 men behind the ball.”

“Sheffield United’s time wasting was ridiculous but they still bottled it”

“Sheffield United were awful”

“Comfortably the worst side I’ve seen this season and they’ve got worse since we played them away”

“dragged down to their shit level. They turned this match into a game of stop start head tennis, punctuated by niggly fouls and time wasting”

“to go 2-0 down to this Sheffield team is not good enough!”

“Don’t under estimate a ream at the bottom of the League that have just been battered at home the week before. They always play with getting a reaction. We were let off the hook today”

“Knew this would be a banana skin. They won at Luton, and better away from home. Hurting from a thrashing at home too”

“We didn’t win because of arguably two errors by our goalkeeper. Once they go their first they just sat back. Oh and if we had scored the pen it would likely have been game over”

“Rescued a point from what looked like an embarrassing loss.
Good game to watch though.”

“We were let off the hook BIG TIME today as we were a few minutes away from an embarassing defeat at HOME to a team that other sides in the division seem to beat easily. Secondly, we were also let off the hook by Luton who also dropped points. And thank God they did!”

“we weren’t let off the hook. There were two stupid errors by Neto, but the team shone through with a quality of play to get a deserved draw. “

“Done enough to win today. At least we didn’t lose.”

“Their side spent the vast majority of the game rolling around pretending they’d been shot”

“Anthony Taylor was quick to book the Sheffield UTD GK for time wasting but despite constantly continuing to time waste never even bothered looking at him again? What’s the point?”
“Another joke with goal being overuled. Awful”

“VAR needs to go.
They were checking for a possible offside in the same passage of play.
Nobody was anywhere near being offside.
VAR is looking for reasons to chalk goals off.
its just been a horrible development for football in general.”

“didnt celebrate the goal when it went in because I saw the ball clearly hit Dom on the hand just before he scored.
And under the laws as they are now, the goal was never going to stand.”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Bournemouth”
  1. The worst side you’ve played all season you say ,,,, and you couldn’t beat us !!!!! I rest my case

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