“We have to be careful against Sheff Utd. They will be looking for a reaction after their Arsenal debacle. Secondly, teams who realise they are down tend to play with freedom as the pressure is off them. We must be aware and be professional.”

“Disagree. I think we should just turn up and go through the motions.”

“They certainly seem to have reacted well after losing at home to Newcastle 8-0, Brighton 5-0 and Aston Villa 5-0.”

“I don’t believe these results followed each other. We certainly don’t want them taking a freak lead as that will raise their spirits and we would be in for a hard time.”

“They were all within the last 2 months. There has hardly been a reaction. The only win they have had was at Luton !”

“they’ve been getting battered pretty much all season. They have yet to really react, I think. This will be one to play our way, I hope, and let them do the worrying.”

“We had our first win away this year at the team who beat Sheffield United 5-0.
So let’s have a positive feel to this game at home on Saturday, where I am hoping we pick up our first 3 home points this year.
The Blades were completely outplayed by Arsenal and think our pacy forwards will cause them problems.”

“I’ve looked at the last 4 league games for Shef Utd. These were two home games (Brighton and Arsenal) and two away games at Luton and Wolves. Shef Utd gained 3 points although they never had the highest xG in a game. Shef Utd have scored 3 goals and conceded 13 with xG estimating 3.22 goals with 8.40 conceded.”

“They looked bad, when we played there and I’ve seen nothing to suggest they’ve got any better.”

“Only our own finishing prevented that game from being a cricket score. And not the first time our finishing has stunted our performances.”

“Really impressed with McAtee when I have seen the blades lately and there aren’t many players that you can say that about
Often struggled to beat them at home but failure to win Saturday would be alarming”

“Apparently he never gets ill either, which is another great attribute of his.
I suppose there is some kind of McAtee antivirus protecting him !”

“Be very afraid, Chris Sutton has us winning 3-0
Perfectly possible though without going all R&R (Stefan) I’d expect some sort of reaction from their players..”

“Lets remember they drew at Brighton. Nice stress free win please.
Can’t take anything for granted – after laughing at Hudd in 88 losing 10-1 to City – who then beat us 2-0 at DC in their next match.”

“Sheffield are a huge club in comparison to us…and they will bring that epithet with them as directed by their fans ….
…so we need…our players…not to enter the game with a laid back, complacent air of casuality as can be their habituative tendency in some PL encounters….the same effort as went into the Man City game needs to be applied, and that might ensure a cache of goals which would suffice to silence any noise that the Yorkshire people create above that of our usual ambient graveyard ‘undertures’.
You get my drift ? Good.”

By Roy

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