Pre-Match View From Liverpool

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“The significance of this game is that by 10 pm on Sunday 28th Feb, we’ll all have a clearer picture of how ‘serious’ our position and current form is having played the ‘weakest’ side in the Prem.”

“If we don’t beat Sheffield United we may as well quit”

“If we can’t beat these lot ..might as well stop watching ..for a while”

“We’ll win this one. No doubt about it.”

“I would have to agree despite our form. As abysmal as we’ve been, they’ve been abysmaler.”

“Last season in this fixture we were utter garbage and yet you just knew we’d find a way to win and we did, rather luckily but that’s what this team did
Now even if we are half decent I’d still doubt us to get a result . Utd are a championship side in waiting so start with Davis and Phillips”
“We need to go after a solid draw in this one.”

“I’d take a point.”

“I’d bite your hands off for a one goal defeat”

“We can’t score they can’t score so it will be 3-3”

“We’ll smash these, comfortable 0-0.”

“I don’t think I can face watching this. Its like watching a car crash in slow motion at the moment.”

“The same car crash over and over again.
You know exactly what’s going to happen but there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

“First time in a long, long time, I might jib watching this. Two utterly awful teams, but only one team willing to do anything to win.”

“They’re the worst team in the league that pretty much guarantees them a comfortable win.”

“Looking forward to Sheff Utd morphing into 1970 Brazil.”

“Given our run of form, I can’t think of a bleaker fixture than this on a Sunday evening in the middle of a global pandemic.
They’ve been awful this season, but I saw nothing on Saturday to suggest that they won’t comfortably beat us.”

“I like Sheffield utd but I can’t see us beating them”

“Unless Sheffield United gift us goals then I can’t see a victory”

“I can see their forwards bullying our centre halves. Soft as shit. And wilder the tory prick will probably be smiling at the end.”

“He was everyone’s best mate last season when they were doing well. Turned into a right gammon this season now the results have stopped”

“I went from “Wilder is my favourite of the other managers in the league, hope they stay up” to “he keeps talking shit about Klopp, not arsed how they do now” to “he’s a Tory hope they go down” ffs. ”

“Chris Wilder being a tory makes them getting relegated and Klopps criticism of him so much sweeter”

“Sheffield is such a working class city too. weird bloke”

“Brewster is gonna score the winner isn’t he.”

“Im going 2-0 sheff United now , changed my prediction from 1-1 or 0-0, they score in first half after we have 98% possession and squander 1 chance after huffing and puffing , we come out second half huff and puff , Bobby firmino had a chance 1 yard out and puts it over the bar. Oli mcburnie scores to
Make it 2-0 with his first goal in 17 years”

“I dont like depending on luck but surely ours has to change sometime? It grinds my gears no end that every other club seem to be given these soft pens. Im sick of seeing different interpretations applied to us and others in the box. Even when oppo keepers foul our players, there’s an excuse not to give a pen, not enough contact, was accidental, not spotted by VAR. Really, how the fuck did VAR ‘miss’ Darlow’s grab on Sadio’s leg? Where was dermot gallagher going on about the player being ‘impeded’ over that? That incident is far more blatant than Trent and lewin any time of the day. If gallagher said anything, I missed it. They dont just make it up as they go along, they see what they want to see and it’s giving me the hump.”

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View From Fulham

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“Sheff Utd become the first team to lose 20 of their opening 25 top-flight fixtures.”

“Sheffield United all but down now, surely”

“Sheffield are relegated”

“Sheff Utd deserve to go down, banking on a long ball and a flick on! Glad football won!”

“Not sure why Sheff U seemed to be playing for a 0-0 draw given their dire league poisition”

“I’m surprised that Sheff Utd came and sat right back. Surely they have to win? They gave us trouble at their place first half when they had a right go. Very odd”

“Dear lord, Sheff Utd are absolutely hopeless going forward”

“Don’t want to be too harsh but Sheffield United have their complete second choice back line out there – a bottom of the table team – and Maja hasn’t had a sniff “

“We’re going to do this folks! Championship lovers sit your butts down.”

“From 10 points behind safety to only 3 (for now) incredible.”

“I never saw this coming. NEVER. Speechless.”

“Massive result. 7 points in last 3 games in 7 days. IIf you need to win ugly it is fine by me. It is a results business.”

“Not bothered by the performance, just need 3 points.”

“UUUUUUUUGLY…. Take 3 and run.”

“Kept Sheffield Utd at arms length and took our chance when it came. That’s all you need sometimes”

“Not a pen but fortunate nonetheless. Areola accidentally won the ball with his trailing leg.”

“He got to the ball first – with his left leg.”

“I actually think it was probably a pen, and possibly a red card. The follow through was dangerous. Wonder if he might get a retrospective red?”

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Pre-Match View From Fulham

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“Sheff Utd really is a must win! Lose and we’re gone. I only hope they don’t work as hard and harry us as much as Burnley did.”

“Fail to win and we are down. SP and the players will know that and I fear that may affect their nerves.”

“Honestly, lose or draw and we’re done. A draw would keep the status quo, that is not acceptable. All in, all attack, and crush them. That’s all we can do.”

“Sadly, I think this draw and subsequent draws with Brighton and Brom mean we’re likely down now. We need a win run, not an unbeaten run and even with 6 points from Sheffield and Palace, we could still be 4+ behind with a tough string of fixtures”

“Sweep them aside and 7 points this week will be acceptable. “

“Yes 3 points is needed but if we don’t achieve that there is no reason we cant get points from supposed tougher games like Citeh and Liv etc. We are in with a chance in most games at the moment, even if we have a off night!”

“The team looked really tired against Burnley .Lots of mistakes, and we allowed Burnley to rattle us.”

“Sheffield United are tough ravaged by injuries but their frontmen will test our defence.”

“If we can’t beat Sheff Utd at home, even without their injuries, we probably deserve to go down!”

“Bit harsh they’ve been playing well and last season they were phenomenal
Their a good team and not to be underestimated”

“Sheffield Utd will be mighty tough Saturday night they’ve turned the corner recently if we are not on it we lose.”

“Got a horrible feeling that this six day schedule is going to bit us on the arse on Saturday, in fact I will go as far as to say that we couldn’t have a worse opponent than Sheffield Utd to face after 3 games in six days, their front three will play a high press from the first minute to the last, as good as we are, our whole game plan seems based around rest, for example all our players look so much better when we haven’t played for seven days,
It will be an amazing result and an amazing effort if we were to take all three points on Saturday”

“We couldn’t have had a better opponent than Sheff Utd at home as the third game in six days. I’m not saying it’ll be a walk in the park but surely we have to be pleased that we are up against a team that are bottom of the table having already lost 19 of 24 Premier League teams. I don’t doubt that it will be tough but, all games in the Premier League are, but we really should be more positive and look at this game as three expected points in the same way that we will probably look at the Man City game coming up as any points being unexpected.”

“I would hope that the fight should be gone from Sheffield United now. There is only professional pride left. It is not like fighting for their lives”

“What worries me is the mood of their manager after their last game/defeat. If they’re not feeling the pressure of the relegation fight they have nothing to lose. I’d freshen the team up to get at them from the start. “

“Remember though that media talk is more about what the fans want to hear than accurately capturing the mood of the dressing room.
I think behind closed doors Wilder and his men will definitely be feeling the pressure”

“Sheffield United is just another game we have to try and win and Fulham have got so use to it they can probably do it in their sleep. Plus S U I would think will be more nervous than Fulham.
If by any chance we do not happen to win on Saturday, it will not be the end of the world, it may feel like it but it most certainly will not be over. It may be more difficult but there are still enough matches left to catch another club.
Of course SU will not roll over and let us tickle their tummy, but nobody does in this Division when they play us. Because we took 4 points from what we’re potentially difficult matches, the players will be confident and raring to go, and if things do not go according to plan, they will move on to the next match and try and win that one.”

“I don’t think Sheff u have given up hope of staying up – their manager wouldn’t let them, so they’re still under pressure in at respect, as well as motivated, though it must be in te players’ heads that they are likely to go down.
This will be tough, but then all the games are.
They will defend resolutely, and try to hit us on the break, and they have the players to do these things.
WE have to be resolute, and i think our players have a strong motivation to stay up and belief and battling spirit.
Tired, possibly, but there’s pressure on al teams at this time, though I know we have a small squad of Prem quality players, but does Sheff u have a big squad? I doubt it.
WE can do this, but even if we don’t win, i will still believe we can stay up, until it’s mathematically impossible.
I think we will get points in unexpected places.
These types of team like Burnley and Sheff U , are maybe more difficult for us to play against than the so called better quality teams. Not just their style, but they are fighters who always give their all, often with a lot of ‘gamesmanship’ integral to their tactics and style, with managers who demand these things, and it is what enables them to be in the Prem.
A potentially very tough game, and banana skin with the expectations, as said, but I hope we can do it, if not we move onto the next game.”

Pre-Match View From West Ham

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“a must win game or the rot sets in we have played poorly against 3 of the last 4 opponents and need a boost.”

“We need to win this now, more than ever. They’re getting into some form.”

“Sheffield United will be for me at least, the game that will demonstrate how we can maintain our positive ways since the season started. They are desperate and have nothing to lose: they will have to go for it. We need to take a grip and dominate much like how we beat them at Bramall Lane.
If we play like we did against Fulham again, then I can see us being embarrassed by them, the fires being stoked and us slowly folding back into mid table mediocrity as we struggle for structure and form.”

“They can’t simply depend on their sit back and counter approach any more, things a looking desperate for them, so I expect them to come out attacking from the first whistle, which will play right into our hands..”

“Sheff Utd will have to push on, they need 3 points.”

“We have enough to beat Sheff Utd, whether we will is a different matter. Obviously I hope we do…if there’s one team I want to stuff it’s those clowns…but even if we lose it ain’t doom and gloom. Top half for most of the season is blinding stuff from us, given (or should I say in spite of) the way we are run, and to finish in the top ten would be more than good enough.”

“Sheffield UNited are a muich better side than when we last played them. 6 wins in 9 i think (including cup games) and that run included games vs Man U, MAn City, Chelsea and Spurs
They have won all thee games they would have hoped / expected to have won, and that breeds confidence”

“Sheff Utd are 9th in the form table based on last 6 matches. “

“And we are 2nd”

“this will be a boring slow game “

“I think this will be a hard slog like all our games against teams down at the bottom. “

“Sheff Utd aren’t about to roll over and let us tickle their tummies.”

“Sheffield Utd will be the first of several disappointing results, we will finish 10-12 at best”

“We will lose this and several more after it. We done for the season, the team is knackered and It wouldn’t surprise me if Fab, Rice and or Soucek pick up muscle injuries in training over the next few days. The players are knackered physically and mentally. We cannot play a condensed Covid season with pretty much the same squad of 15. GSB knew this but calculated that we have enough points (which we do) . 17th is all they care about.”

“Fully expect Antonio to be back for this one. Ogbonna will be a huge loss if he is out for any amount of time beyond this week, but with all due respect to Sheff Utd this is the one game you’d pick for him to sit out.
They will be hard to break down and despite their position, they don’t ship goals. Their recent games have all been tight so it could be another frustrating night. They play pretty much a back five away from home and the three in the middle are not overly adventurous either.”

“God knows who’s going to be fit.”

“we are going to struggle to fill the subs bench !”
“Just looking at 11v11 & our record against these lot is pretty *.
We’ve only won 3 of the last 15 games, with 6 losses & 6 draws.
And weirdly in the last 8 games between us neither team has scored more than one goal except for THAT GAME when Sheffield beat us 3 nil, one of only two wins in their final eleven games that season. “

“It’s going to be a tough one. They’ve been a bit up and down but have started picking up points semi regularly, they’ll also be fighting like hell and given the bare bones (or are we down to the marrow now) state of our squad you’d think they’d be targeting the game and I also wouldn’t be surprised to see someone get a kick early doors.
Much as I’d love to see us do the double over these and contribute to their descent back to their natural level I can see a draw being a likely outcome. Hopefully with a late late sickener by us to pull level.”

“1-0 , 93rd minute, own goal, scored off the underside their goal keepers testicles, following wildly miss hit Cresswell shot that would otherwise have veered off for a throw in. As a bonus, i would like VAR to miss a clear offside in the build up. And if the stars align perfectly i would consider a last second equaliser that’s ruled out by VAR for hand ball by their keeper in the build up. Such a game would crush their very soul”

“Hope the following arises
They make an utter howler, clearing their lines, and leave a chance on a plate for Benrahma, who so needs a goal at the moment, and
They think that, with seconds to go, they have equalised, only for the dodgiest VAR scenario in history to go our way after 20 minutes of the ref looking at the monitor on the side of the pitch, and
Felipe Anderson secretively jets back to London and slashes their team coach’s tyres whilst they’re all out on the pitch, before waiting out front and nutting Wilder as they leave. “

“Need to be careful here as I think I read Moyes said he had a bump but should be ok.
Don’t wont to fall foul of either making an illegal substitution or playing an inelligable player.
Not saying its the case but the sort of thing we would make a mess of”

“And against these lot as well, we know how that will go down.
I bet the email has been drafted and just waiting to send!”

View From Bristol City

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“Another afternoon ruined”

“Ah the magic of the FA cup. The plucky underdog gives their all in a blood and thunder encounter against higher opposition, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the opposition in an entertaining game attempting to muscle their way into the next round and a chance of glory,
Or… maybe not”

“Best thing you can say about this game is we haven’t embarrassed ourselves as much as we normally do.”

“Bearing in mind Sheff Utd are rock bottom of the Prem we haven’t really laid a glove on them – even when we had a 11. We are just so poor offensively it’s comical. .”

“the whole thing is a bit depressing. I know they’re the better team but… we barely played….”

“Unfortunately as usual – the opposition find another gear when we simply can’t.”

“Sheffield Utd looked like they had another gear and at times opened us up”

“Got what we deserved”

“Absolute tripe , sheff united their for the taking terrible peformance time for this muppett to be shown the door hes way out of his depth.”

“Best team won , no doubt”

“Sheffield United are bottom by a long way in the league above us, and were the better team tonight”

“Sheffield Utd are a very good side. I think we could have signed McGoldrick from Ipswich. Some rumours going round at the time. What a signing he would have been. Looked really dangerous floating around in the free role”

“Not an unfair result but it does stick to go out the way we did. It wasnt brilliant but it wasnt as bad as some are making out.”

“We did ok . Second half changed with sending off . Sheffield Utd did enough to deserve the win”

“Not a terrible performance, needed a bit of luck around the box”

“We sort of kept them at bay, but never looked any threat at all on the counter attack, totally toothless.”

“We’d play until midnight and still not look like scoring”

“It wasn’t terrible but absolutely nothing up front, at least until the changes.”

“I can take the losing, but we’re just sooooooo boring to watch.”

“They struggled with our revolutionary and unorthodox 6-1-1-2 formation.”

“God that was dull. Again. Result not unexpected I guess but we could have done a lot more. Just wish we would give it a go.”

“We werent terrible, but, still. Went out with a whimper sadly. We really don’t have much to look forward to with this coaching setup imo.”

“That was a free hit tonight. A chance to get some confidence in the players have a few shots let them play with freedom. But no negative and boring”

“We look like Mike Bassetts all-stars. How on earth did he land this job, did they think we wouldn’t notice”

“No disgrace, and we will play Sheff Utd again next season”

“Let’s be honest, we are rotten but Sheff Utd aren’t much to write home about.”

“We all seem to be over looking Sheffield United were poor with a strike force that terrorises no team and we made them look slick. They are a championship team in waiting – we should expect to compete with them next season even if they field this team.”

“Sheff U are not a good side, and we did not even have a go at them.”

“Sheff Utd were really poor”

“Sheff Utd were terrible”

“That looked like the mid table Champ battle that it really is”

“Sheff U are really poor easy to see why they are bottom by a distance. “

“Sheffield are bottom 3 by a distance not bottom by a distance.”

“No disgrace in that. Despite the Blades 63% possession they only just edged us in shots on target as we defended well. Can’t complain about the penalty devision but I think the red card is harsh: it’s not as if he made a keepers save or punched the ball off the line. “

“Don’t think that the penalty was wrong, probably red card too but VAR only at PL grounds?
Rights and wrongs aside, at AG it wouldn’t have been a penalty. Probably.”

” It’s ridiculous having a competition where this exists only at 20 grounds, it’s hardly a level playing field and while we didn’t look like scoring neither did they really
VAR should either be at every game or none”

“I can put up with most things about modern football but i cannot stand VAR. Not just because a decision went against us just watching any game i think it ruins it. Mark Ashton being a belter, Dean Holdens uninspiring football won’t stop me going to games! But the second they bring VAR to the championship thats me done”

“I see a very decent performance, marred by an undeserved red card.”

“I can only assume this comment is a deliberate attempt to wind people up.”

“That female commentator must be a Sheffield utd fan never heard anyone so biased.”

“I kept giggling everytime she said Jack Hunt, so I’ve enjoyed her commentating”

“What is Jack Hunt’s passing ability on football manager?”

“Get Wilder in when Sheff Utd give him the boot.”

Pre-Match View From Bristol City

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“We go again, unfortunately its against Sheff Utd and like Millwall,Rotherham and Cardiff do LOVE a tackle so it doesn’t bode well for our bunch of lightweights. Cant see anything but a heavy defeat, witch will be a nice warm up for Watford at the weekend. “

“If we thought Cardiff were tough watching Sheff Utd makes Cardiff look like …well a bunch of wet wipes; Tough game coming thats for sure….have we any battlers?”

“A rejuvenated Sheffield Utd in the cup midweek, so that’s going to be 7 straight defeats at least. Its almost as if Johnson never left.”

“Sheff gave Chelsea a good game, they will steam roller us and Sharpe will score…of course.”

”Please tell me you don’t complain about us or the gas being called Bristol”

“Holden may, unfortunately, get a stay of execution if we win – which is a possibility as I suspect Sheffield Utd are more focused on retaining their Premier League status.”

“We’ve now lost more games than the likes of Sheff Weds and Birmingham. They’re 22nd and 23rd in the table”

“The play offs are going to be a tough ask, even a glass half full supporter like myself acknowledges that. I think we play our strongest team with the chance of an FA Cup quarter final the carrot. “

“Avoiding relegation is now the priority. Play only first team squad players who need minutes. Rest all the others and fill the match day squad with under 23s and u18s.”

“We must focus on the league, so I’d rest some players.”

“Depressingly at the moment I really couldn’t care less!
I suppose our last decent performance was in the cup so fingers crossed for another one… “

“Sheffield United are a club who have done a lot right in recent years.”

“Just watching MOTD and commentator said Rhian Brewster is yet to score for Sheffield Utd. I don’t really bet, but I’d stick a tenner on him scoring Wednesday. Our identity is basically to give every stuttering, winless, struggling side or out of form player the boost they need to re-start their campaigns. I’d love to see the analysis to support it, but it does seem we’re basically a charity on this front. “

“Yeh he will probably will score as in championship he did well with Swansea. Luckily for him he’ll be playing there all season next time out.”

“I hope someone breaks McBurnie’s leg. I’m sure he must have pads of some sort on but they must be about an inch high or something. Firstly he looks a right plonker as his legs are nearly 6 feet long, secondly he is setting a dangerous precedent (literally) & thirdly he is setting an unbelievably bad example to the kids. He should be reprimanded by both his club & the Premier League but it won’t happen.”

“He looks like an even bigger **** than he did in the Swansea end v Cardiff, thinks he’s proper hard”

“Not sure why you would wish someone to have their legs broken whether they are wearing shin pads or not..”

“Weird world we live in. Getting angry about someone’s shin pads is baffling. Hoping they get their legs broken is just sick”

View From Chelsea

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“Oh well. Another 3 points without ever looking remotely comfortable.”

“Huh? We looked completely comfortable all game, brainfart from Rudiger aside.”

“that was anything but comfortable”

“No idea how anyone thought that was comfortable”

“at no time in this game have we looked comfortable and in control – just a mess.”

” if I was a smoker would been 1/2 a pack at least.”

“bloody hard work that.”

“what a relief. This game was never gonna be easy.”

“Big 3 points, but it was not great to watch, and if we got a sucker punch in stoppage time, i dont think we couldve complained, since we spent the whole second half, turning down openings in order to keep possession. Low risk football, is ultimately more risky when you dont look to finish teams off.”

“Can’t remember Ramsdale making a save!”

“as I expected prior to the game this was always going to be tricky.
and we nearly cocked up, with rudiger being a fool.
end of the day give me games like this with 3 points over beautiful football”

“This was always a gonna be a tough game no matter where Sheffield United are in the league they give 110% for their manager so this is a good win”

“Sheffield United made us look crap and work very hard for that.”

“Sheffield did a good job of boxing out our midfield pivot, but it was harder than it should have been for us.”

“John Fleck doing his annual Messi against us”

” Fleck was running past Jorginho like he wassn’t there!!!!!”

“Sheffield are a much better side then their position suggest. Going down but they can give anyone a good fight.”

“Both teams gifted the other a goal but the run by Werner and the finish by Mount were the moments of quality that mattered.”

“Nearly shat myself on that last overhead”

“It almost feelt like the commentary is rooting for Sheffield. Disgraceful.”

Pre-Match View From Chelsea

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“This is an away banker, as the squad owes the supporters one after last seasons debacle”

“I still cannot figure out how we lost there 3-0 last season. Utter shambles.”

“Sheff United gives us a chance to rest players”

“Irrespective of Sheffield being bottom. They can be a very tricky team, they beat Man U, and city barely scraped a 1-0 win. We can’t take this game lightly”

“Just don’t underestimate them and remember we lost 3-0 against that same team in July. Yes they are having a terrible season but most of the games they’ve lost by a one goal margin.
I still think they have a slight chance of staying up. “

“It’s still not too late for them”

“Poor Sheff United cannot catch a break. Just as they are closing the gap a little to safety Liverpool go and hand wins to Burnley and Brighton.”

“Had Sheff Utd beat West Brom away like they should have they would still be in with a slim chance”

“Sheffield’s been very good lately. I still think we are too strong to them in this current form. 1-3. McGoldrick scores a worldie”


“McGoldrick must be due a goal”

“Brewster certainly is.”

“I am sensing a lot of worry already here. Maybe respect to the Blades for the results last season. They are deserving of respect certainly for their work ethic and passion however they are not the same side as last season.
While the blades are better than their position imo, and miles better than Fulham and WBA, they have been hit hard by the loss of O’Connel, Berge and Henderson. (They are my dads team therefore my second team so have watched them a lot).
They are as hardworking as anyone but Ramsdale is not a patch on Henderson and O’Connell was their best defender last season. Those are big misses for a side like them, as is the fact McBurnie and Brewster are big money signings and their attack has been poor most of the season baring odd spurts from Sharp and McGoldrick.
If we do as we have been doing and match their work ethic we win, and can afford to make some changes and still do that. At home and in need of points they wont park the bus like Wolves and that space we can get at them.”

“Must 3 pts, we have Sheffield and Newcastle, anything less than 6 pts is not enough.”

“if Chelsea were to achieve a clean-sheet agains tSheffield United: Tuchel would be our first manager ever to keep 4 clean sheets in his first 4 Premier League games. G’wan Tommy break a club record!”

View From West Brom

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“We can’t even beat the teams who are going to be relegated with us !!!”

“Neither did Man Utd.”

“Sheffield Utd are on a run of form at the minute they beat Man Utd at Old Trafford then only lost 1-0 to Man City. then they paly a team who have lost all confidence in themselves ( us ). “

“We are the worst team in the Premier League and will finish bottom.
Credit to Sheffield United who are far far better than us.”

“Sheff United will finish above us, they’ve got way more about them.”

“Sheffield United have been improving over the last few weeks and are starting to look like that bad run is behind them.
It’ll almost certainly be too late to save themselves but as you say, they’re better than us”

“We saw it at the hawthorns and we saw it again tonight – they are miles better drillled than we are.
And MILES fitter.”

“Let’s face it, this is basically the same performance from both sides in the reverse fixture. They missed 4 or 5 sitters in that game. They should have had 6 points off us, not 3.”

“This is why those cup wins for Sheff Utd last month DID COUNT as part of a good run of form, despite what some posters think. They have their noses up now and by the time we play Brighton, we will be bottom of the league, which is a fair reflection of the 2 sides.”

“Sheffield United wanted it more; far more. They pinned us, won nearly every second ball and when you’re allowed to put that many crosses in, you’re going to eventually score.
Pathetic, spineless bunch. “

“The fact that the Blades wanted it so much more than us is what hurt me the most this evening. That made for pretty sad viewing.”

“Effort and energy costs nothing, they wanted it more and got it.”

“Pathetic again. Embarassing 2nd half. 1st half i thought we were comfortable, playing an away game.
But 2nd half they just sat too deep straight from the start. No where to take the pressure off, cause we were all too deep. No one in midfield to hold the ball and make a pass.”

“during the first half we went ahead against the run of play, I don’t think we had a chance before that and could/should have been losing. Maybe with a bit more luck we’d have got a draw but we simply weren’t good enough and overall Sheffield United were better.”

“Sheffield looked toothless in the first half and we somehow allowed to them to get even more comfortable while trailing”

“We we took the lead against the run of play against a very poor opposition. The second half was then so shameful. “

“Played of the park by a dire bottom United team !”

“Unable to get the ball off the team bottom of the league.”

“Why is we make every poor side we play look like Barcelona”

“We made Chris Basham look like Maradona”

“I think we’d make Chris Packham look like Maradona TBH.”

“One of the reasons Sheff Utd have struggled this season is because teams worked them out. They get crosses in to an overloaded box. Stop the crosses, they have nothing.
What do we do, let them cross all game long.
Do we even scout opposition teams?”

“Bringing McBurnie on totally changed the game. We did nothing to counter his presence in right midfield. nor exploit the fact Basham was constantly pushing forward into space. We just looked a bit thick.”

“Looking at the shots of the respective managers tonight………
Wilder was giving directions, reinforcing stuff they had done in training
Allardyce was yelling & losing his rag.
Know which one I’d rather play for.”

“This is the worst I felt after a game for a while. They deserved it, we had no fight, no plan, no leader.”

“I just want this season to end so incredibly badly. It’s making me so blinking miserable it really is. Run out of bad things to say.”

“I’ve finally reached a point where I don’t care about being relegated. To think, if I’d been earning £40K a week or more, I could have got to that point a few months earlier.
Genuinely the lowest I have ever felt about my club.”

“An owner and squad of players who don’t really care, added to that VAR and the fact we can’t go to the games has made me as disinterested as I can remember.”

“I wish I had never liked football, for every one high there are 20 lows.”

“Fleck should have been off. Reckless challenge from him 1st half went unpunished”

“Why did he take Robinson off, everything we were doing was going through him”

“Robinson was our best payer and he took him off”

“Think we are both doomed with Fulham”

“We are the worst team in the top two divisions with the possible exception of Wycombe.”

Pre-Match View From West Brom

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“Absolute MUST win or we are toast. “

“We’ll have to be up for the game against them as they will have the wind in their sails now. “

“Alladyce has made our defence worse. Sheff Utd will do a complete number on us Tuesday. We were oh so fortunate to win at our place”

“I’ve thought that from day one. Sheffield United are better than we are. They missed two open goals when we beat them. I fully expect them to finish above us. “

“They are now they are turning performances into wins.
They train properly, run and are organised for a start. “

“I’ve been saying it for most of the season, a number of people in fact have been saying Sheff Utd are one of the strangest bottom of the table teams you can see as they are rarely hammered and are quite often in games, but just can’t score. That is the opposite to us who have been 2nd best in nearly all of our games this season, but do have a knack of getting the odd point.
Sheff Utd are still 10 points from safety – 11 with their goal difference and so won’t be staying up, but they are better than the table suggests.”

“After Sheff Us improvement in the last month – I will be surprised if we avoid 20th Allardyce really fugged up losing the majority of the players on day 1 with his man management. “
“we are a worse side than Sheff Utd “

“They are twice the team we are and they will show it Tuesday”

“I think at this given point in time I’d rather be in their shoes. “

“They also lack ability but they possess a superior attitude, application, determination and seem fit. 4 areas we are weak in.”

“How are Sheff Utd still below us? “

“Sheffield Utd will have a strike force of McBurnie and Brewster next season backed up by McGoldrick and Sharp – 4 players proven at that level, plus Mousset and Burke. If any forward is going to rip up the league next year it will be one of theirs. “

“Oli Burke has done more for Sheff U than Grant has for us “

“Regardless Burke is utter toss. “

“I hope these words don’t come back to haunt us on Tuesday cos he’s nailed on to start.”

“Just because he might score against us doesn’t mean he’s any good. We’ve all watched him play. He’s rubbish.”

“Would have been a brave person to put a bet on Ollie Burke having more goals than Brewster by the half way point of the season! “

“he’s done OK for them this season, Sheff Utd fans have been happy with his contribution in what’s been a shocking season”

“CR9 is head and shoulders above him. “

“I would say it’s Fulham or Brighton for the last spot with us and Sheffield nailed on for the drop. Can’t see us getting more than 1 or 2 wins and a few draws at the most. I think we’ll finish on around 24 points which won’t be enough to escape the bottom three. “

“Sheffield United are down with us. They’re not surviving.”

“We’re not looking like overtaking any of the other contenders – quite frankly we’re trying our hardest at the moment not to fall any further behind them !
We’re down.”

“We’ll finish above Sheffield and maybe Fulham but that’s it for me. The Big Sam experiment is doomed”

“I dont like the PL and I’m looking forward to a bit of a rebuild. However I do of course understand the clubs benefit of retaining PL status.”