Aston Villa Fans Views On The Restart

“This break will throw up all sorts of surprise results for the run in”

“I’ve only had a glance at some of the Bundesliga and it confirmed what I already knew, football without us is crap. This isn’t gonna change suddenly with the Premier League for me personally, hope we can stay up but won’t be too fussed if we don’t.”

“We need get off to a good start and climb out of that bottom three as soon as possible, don’t want to still be down there if the nosaes is postponed again. Also if we return and just start losing again it will be hard to bounce back from that mentally as there will be a feeling that we’re just continuing from where we left off and any hope that the break will have done us good will have evaporated.”

“We were in freefall before the season ended and we most likely would have gone down at least this shakes things up and may well help us to stay up, if we go down now then so be it.”

“good the game in hand is being sorted first.”

“I don’t agree with the season restarting yet, but hey ho. I have a feeling that they are getting the games in hand out of the way in case things go wrong. I hope the team realise Sheff Utd could be our cup final.”

“This fixture is huge, and if we cant get right up and in their faces for this one then forget it.”

“Get the games in hand out of the way early then abandon it with no unresolved issues.
We had better beat Sheffield.”

“Without question this is what they are planning. An absolute cup final of cup finals is the Sheff United game”

“same for them though, a win will see them up to 5th…..”

“Well surely we will be bang up for it where Sheffield have nothing to lose either way”

“What a big game this will be.
Should be a cracking atmosphere”

“Beat Sheffield Utd, loads of players test positive the next day, league cancelled before weekend fixtures are played, league decided on PPG.
We stay up on PPG. Simples. “

“Our fate is in our own hands, we have to win its that simple. I think we will,. Grealish has rested which he needed and McGinn should be back. Be interesting to see clubs change their attitudes toward ppg should we climb out of relegation.”

“Just rewatched highlights of the first game against Shef United , they battered us ..recall last season in the 3-3 they did the same but somehow fell apart to let us draw.Very well coached and they are brilliant at over laps with the Wing backs “

“Shame Sheff Utd are our first game, yes I know why, but if there is one team that will be fit and motivated, its them. Hope DS is really ready for this.”

“I bet Sheff Utd are one of the fittest out the lot and have total focus on this once in a lifetime opportunity they currently find themselves in. Read somewhere Wilder had them doing fitness work throughout this break to keep in peak condition. Whereas Matt Targett openly came out and said we need 6 weeks or so to even get to an acceptable level of fitness whilst scoffing down a stuffed crust meatfest in his interview. “

” I’m pretty surprised this looks like resuming again and I am not totally convinced it will conclude with a full completion of (38) fixtures.
As others have alluded to, it will probably only last long enough to award Liverpool the title and a PPG system for relegation!
Other than Man City and Liverpool (for obvious reasons), I would say Sheffield United are probably the next team I wouldn’t want to face going on our recent results/performances against them.
It’s going to be a very tough start and I already fear for us (mentally) as we know with Wilder’s team they will be right up and at it from the off and I think this fixture was definitely one where the “12th man” would’ve spurred us on. “

“I don’t agree that the intention is not to finish it. As long there is no great spike in footballers tested positive then it will continue. As yet that hasn’t happened in Germany.”

“We should be better prepped for the restart than most with our midfield socially isolating our CBs and our lone striker being socially isolated from absolutely everyone.
Don’t forget to keep 2m away from your man at corners as well lads!”

“Mings should tell all opposition he has corona, nobody will go near our box. Maybe cough on a few opposition players”

“I think today of all days describes the scumbag Premier League. A Premier League managers father has died from corona virus complications. Instead of respect, they announce the league return date. Scumbags”

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Roy’s Scrapbook

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After recently clearing out the cupboards at Roy HQ, I came across a scrapbook of Blades related newspaper and magazine clippings that that I compiled as child from 1990-1993. I thought some United fans may be interested in seeing some of the pictures I collected and joining me in a trip down memory lane….

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View From Norwich

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“Wolves at home, Sheffield United away, repeat at your leisure. Norwich can’t continue to ‘play well’ and lose games. That isn’t sustainable. That doesn’t keep you in the division.
What constitutes a positive performance? Passages of decent possession without penetration?”

“Very poor today, how have a bland club like Sheff Utd surpass us on every level!”

“Rich owners. They aren’t planning with Prudence.”

“Sheff Utd and Villa have very rich owners, more £ than Delia. Fact is we are self funded until there is concrete offer to buy the club, of which there hasn’t been.”

“They just know how to grind out results. Not sure I’d like to watch that each week but you have to admire what they’ve done this season. We’re just a bit soft in the middle like a decent soufflé!!!”

“Four minutes stoppage time after a player has spent three minutes rubbing his head for no reason and both teams have made three subs?
This game is ridiculous. Sheffield United completely outmuscled, outniggled and outhustled us today. ”

“The replay clearly showed there was no contact on McBurnie – it was pure cheating to add to the thuggery the ref completely ignored. If you want to watch a team like them you’re welcome to Robbie, but I never would. The ball was 80% over the line but just wouldn’t go in. Have we had any luck go our way this season?”

“The blades team is full of thugs. Two double-footed, off the floor tackles from Fleck unpunished. What the f?”

“Anyone else fed up with the opposition goalkeepers having worldies against us?? Incredible how often its happened this season!!”

“Poor premier league match from both teams today. Their keeper MOTM sums it up. How did we not score? Quiet stadium”

“Sheff U had a 10 minute spell in which they scored and had chances but we dominated the 2nd half. 3 Shots inside the 6 yard box without scoring. Just our luck.”

“May have been the same result but Sheff Utd had 24 hours extra to recover from their FA Cup game and didn’t then have to travel at the weekend – both likely factors in a poor 1st half.
Unlucky not to get a point at the end”

“yes. They did have a gruelling midweek fixture to contend with. So did Sheffield United, by the way.
They didn’t get back until the early hours, I suspect the Blades didn’t either. They upped it for 15 minutes and won the fixture. That’s levels. Not fitness.”

“They had 24 hours extra recovery. That’s a massive advantage to go along with being at home”

“Wednesday to Saturday turnaround proved too much in the end. They were the last team I’d want to play when not 100% physically”

“Sheffield United did not need to be good to beat us today. Impotent”

“Breaking down an organised Sheff U 1-0 down was always going to be a big ask after the Spurs effort midweek.”

“Not as free flowing today and found it hard to penetrate through thirds regularly. Sheffield made it hard , they pressed well and broke the play up.”

“Any small hope I had left is now gone. Sheff U didn’t even need to be that good, one cross and Hanley/Godfrey dont mark their men and they score an easy goal. Offered absolutely nothing going forward other than Krul and Hanley lumping it long as if we’re a League One team”

“Sheff Utd defended well; as I’m sure we expected them to.”

“Sheff Utd just so bloody efficient. Knew exactly how to play us. Bastards.”

“A few second half positives to cling to but overall City we’re out-fought by a superbly disciplined and determined Blades team full of confidence. Bramall Lane was rocking.”

“Sheff Utd also know where our difficulties lie – we can’t defend crosses into the box, whether that be from deep crosses or set pieces. They’ve capitalised on that to good effect”

“Frustrating to lose all games against fellow promoted sides this season – though impressed with Sheff Utd’s intensity today.”

“First time Sheffield United have done the double over us in decades. Well deserved, worrying lack of variation in our play when chasing”

“Was men against boys”

“Thought they looked tired but they tried their best, battled, but struggled to break down a very good, very organised Sheffield United Good luck to the Blades – hope they get into Europe. They deserve it.”

“Sheffield controlled the game. We were outplayed and out-thought. We’ve now played them 5 times since “Busgate” and the record is 4 Sheffield wins and one match drawn.”

“No Sheffield United controlled two periods of about twenty minutes in each half where they had us locked defending. They made one of those dominant periods count and unlocked us. We failed to make our dominant periods count.”

“I have an irrational hatred of them. I accept there is no real reason – just can’t stand them.”

“Two football players I can’t stand… Billy Sharp and Dean Henderson… so arrogant with no class. Of course they would be the two to rub our noses in it today.”

“A lot of their fans have never ever gotten over that game a few years ago. A real chip on their shoulder.”

“Norwich snd Sheff Utd have a lot in common, both got promoted and trying to stay up by doing things the right way (one more successfully..) yet their fans have this really weird hatred of us because we beat them once 3 years ago and wasted some time. Really odd”

“One of my least favourite grounds after the three of us were offered a fight outside the stadium after we beat them a couple of seasons ago. Yes I’m sure a couple in their ‘50s with their autistic son would be up for some mindless violence… Bizarre!”

“Horrible place, horrible fans who seem to revel in their neanderthal image. Charmless all round”.

“Hate Sheffield United, but think it’s more out of jealousy. Good investment has given them such a good season. Norwich were poor and never got going. All hope lost of survival, relying on some cup magic”

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Pre-Match View From Norwich

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“We have had 5 separate goal scorers over the last two games. Beaten 2 ‘top 5’ teams and kept a clean sheet. Our Keeper has just delivered a stunning performance in goal on global TV, saving penalties.
The force of momentum is built on these aspects, and I can see us getting a result come Saturday against a team that schooled us a few months ago.
We have just gone two games unbeaten, and the team are champing at the bit with superb support behind them.
Are the footballing gods slowly turning towards us?
Momentum! Are we at last putting something positive together?”

“A few bumps on the road, but we’ve been playing better for a while now. The dice has started to fall in our favor. It just “had” to happen at some point. There is a real psychological benefit to winning a couple, and even more so if you defend well. Just be a little more confident and it’ll be a bit easier to concentrate, be more resilient to setbacks, a bit more intimidating to the opponent.
Sheffield will now face a team that has recently beaten Leicester and Tottenham.
I wouldn’t want to play against a team that has recently beaten Leicester and Tottenham”

“we’re giving ourselves a chance, and need to keep the momentum going against Sheff U”

“Keep it up lads! Having Pukki fresh will help us immensely.”

“if we beat Sheff Utd which is a tall order itself I’ll start to believe”

“They have just started to go slightly off the boil”

“Sheff Utd are the team of the season. Seriously. Forget all those top 6 teams. They can just buy success. Amazing what has been achieved at their club. Especially when there has been that dispute in the background”

“It’s great to see them mixing things up at the top end of the table with a proper team that’s not full of overpaid primadonnas. I ****ing hate Wilder as a bloke after his crying a few years back, but hard to deny he’s a brilliant manager and easy to see why Sheff fans love him.”

“the league doesn’t actually have to be at it’s best for it to be getting harder and harder for teams like us to survive in. Credit to Sheffield United.”

“good luck to them – but the last newly promoted team to finish 5th were promptly relegated the following season – you may have heard of them – they play in blue and white”

“sheff Utd spent around £44m we spent less than £2m, that show a real lack of intend by the board. “

“Sheffield Utd have done very well this year and I can understand that some fans are jealous of them, but their success is founded upon the players that they went up with rather than the purchases that they have made in the summer.1.all their bigger purchases only Olly McBurnie at a reported £20 million has played in half of their games (and scored 4 goals) – the rest of them have played fewer and some hardly at all. One £7 million pound 25 year old has been loaned out to a championship club. “On paper” the players we brought in during the summer looked a better bet.
2.In any case, one of the reasons that they were able to spend more than us in the summer was that they were in a stronger financial position to start with having been very frugal in the Championship. Luckily for them, assured of PL football next year, they are able to attract some better candidates now. ”

“I’m not surprised that Sheff Utd are doing well, as they were the team of the season last year IMO, despite the fact that we won the league. The Premier League is VERY physical, and VERY skillful, and that’s why it’s so difficult to do well as a promoted team with smaller ball control type players, especially if that ball control goes off the boil.”

“We simply don’t like a bully teams that hassle, full of big lumps, that knock us out of our game. Burnley, Watford, Brighton and all. Give us a footballing side and we more than hold our own. Doesn’t bode well for Saturday!!”

“Sheff Utd are far from cloggers…they play a bit of football””Being big and physical doesn’t make you a bully. I haven’t analysed it but it does seem to me that we fare better against teams that are smaller in stature.”

“I don’t see any traditional bullies in this league, bully in this instance refers to a more robust style, adopting an aggressive press (United did this and made us look very inadequate) or just generally bigger and stronger (Burnley, Watford, Sheffield United). Hopefully second time around playing these teams we may have learnt, to perhaps throw in the odd long ball to turn the defence and force the press back!”

“It’s also possible to be a decently technically skilled, big fast bully. Having been to Burnley (A), Wolves (H&A) and Sheff U (H) amongst others, I just can’t see that traditional divide any more, at this level”

“We don’t have the players to “outmuscle” and we definitely can’t rely on the officials to protect our players. I’m pretty sure a landmine could go off under one of our players and you wouldn’t see a flicker on a Premier league referees face”

“I fear the fatigue of last nights gruelling cup tie will be too much against a physical Sheff Utd side”

“Extra time worst case for us. Sorry but premiership should be more important. Great 2nd half, but i fear we wont have enough for sheff u “

“I hope all our players aren’t too wrecked for Sheffield Utd”.

“I see that of all the PL teams playing in the FA Cup this week, Norwich have been afforded the least recovery time before the weekend matches.”

“The Sheff Utd game should be on Sunday.”

“We can win every game and we can lose every game – it just is not written down anywhere that anything is certain, which is why I was not certain of anything at the end of last season – and it wasn’t certain – and this season I put in the prediction thread we COULD finish high in the table. It wasn’t ey-eye-addio we’re gonna finish 4th” it was simply recognising anything could happen.
If I was a Blade on a Sheff Utd forum and had put “we could finish fourth” at the start of the season, I probably would have been ridiculed there too, but it just shows how certainty is not a “thing” in football.”

“After Norwich had another famous cup win (on Nov 3 1993), guess who we had to play in the Premier League three days later? Yep, Sheffield United. At Bramall Lane. And we won 2-1. Goals from Jeremy Goss and Darren Eadie. Just saying…”

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Arsenal Fans Reactions To The Quarter Final Draw

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“Sheffield United and Coronovirus all that stand in the way of Arsenal and Wembley”

“Best draw we could have got.
Would love The Arsenal at Wembley again.”

“Decent, not in too good form Sheffield Utd!!”

“I want a revenge on Sheffield like so bad. We should hit them hard. Come on gunners”

“Revenge time”

“When teams get the right tactics, they can take Sheffield apart”

“Sheffield away in the quarters. That’s a ticket through to the semis if ever I saw one”

“Tough draw but a winnable one”.

“We are in semi final already”

“Sheffield are home, higher than us in the league and we haven’t beaten them yet. I’d rather play Chelsea at home than Sheffield away”

“Happy with that tbh. Could have been a much tougher opponent. If we reach the semi final it’s all to play for”

“A tougher opponent? They’ve taken 4pts off us this season and are above us. They’ll be absolutely delighted drawing us at home.”

“Nahhh its just promotion boost… We can easily tale Them. Rather have Them than Chelsea City and Leicester, so we should be happy”

“4 pts because of referees”

“wrong decisions in their favour in both games. Not easy, especially away, but it could have been a lot tougher.”

“Don’t get it twisted. Sheffield United won’t be a easy game. They have taken 4 points off us this season, we need to be on top of our game to progress to the Semi’s”

“We should have took 6 points from Sheffield Utd this season, we self destructed in vital moments, this is a chance at some redemption”

“One thing’s for sure: you’d expect us to play a damn sight better than we did up there back in October”

“Time to get our own back”

“Sheffield Will put 11 players in their own penalty box like they are used to”

“I think it’s the best draw we could have got apart from Newcastle at home”

“There wasn’t an easy team in that draw really. Maybe Newcastle at home but Toon away is tricky.
We’ve got a really tough away day, really a 50/50 call.”

“Four good ties there but I can’t see The Arsenal making it through. Sad times when I can’t tip us away at Sheffield bloody United, should be routine”

“That’s going to be tough. Oh well. We’re THE ARSENAL and can beat anyone when we are up for the fight!”

“What a stubborn team to face”

“Sheffield United away…..That’s Sheffield through then! Our away record up north in particular is awful! I hope to be proven wrong! It’s a winnable game of course, but we have failed to beat them this season.”

“They are in great form with a great manager under no circumstance must we take them lightly in the quest for a 14th FA Cup”

“Not a good draw”

“away from home at Sheffield, it’s all over lads.”

“Quit before we even start”

“We are out then.”

“We’re about 10 unbeaten away aren’t we, and yet it’s still a stretch to believe Arsenal can go and win big games away from home”

“Should be a sell out, I can’t believe how many empty seats there are at Sheffield Wednesday against Man City.
How often a they going to see so many world class players at their ground?”

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View From Reading

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“Sheffield United are a quality side, no doubt. Chris Wilder doing a superb job. We had a proper go but to no avail. Hope the#Blades make Europe and an FA Cup Final too! Gutted, but the best team won.”

“they are a really good unit”

“TBF we flattered to deceive all game. At timeS it looked pretty but we never looked like scoring
Men v Boys in the first 15-20min and I feared a spanking was in the cards, but we grew and grew into the game. I’m not sure what happened but Sheff Utd went to crap. They seemed to just hand us midfield but they also seemed comfortable with fact we never looked like we intended to score
In short, enjoyed the pretty football but we are still overplaying everything
// also, First time watching the overlapping Centre back thing in the flesh. It’s really interesting to watch. I can see why they’re doing so well in the prem. Even if they didn’t offer much tonight”

“we looked good. Movement was much better, and our own tracking of Sheff Utds outstanding movement was excellent. Our passing was much sharper than it has been and we played very calmly and nicely under their pressing. It makes our performance last week all the more baffling”

“disappointing to match a side challenging for the top 4 and lose it on some bad decisions”

“deserved win in the end for SU, but only just. One would probably have trouble guessing which was the strugglling champ side and which was the in-form PL side.”

“No harm in losing to the best team in Yorkshire. Made them look average at times.”

“we made a Prem team look very ordinary for long periods”

“Sheffield United were bang average.”

“.On evidence that must have been the Blades worst performance of the season.”

“They really are nothing special. Two poor goals conceded which was a shame because we defended well for the most part.”

“Blast me for saying this, that’s fine, but this team really isn’t far off being a PL team.”

“Lets’ not get carried away
This was not the well-oiled Sheff Utd machine that has taken them to 8th in the Premier League.
The defence bar one was their normal set-up but all the rest for most of the game were fringe players and posed far less of an attacking threat than if Fleck and Norwood had been pulling the strings.
I saw Sheff Utd at Bournemouth back in August and haven’t been surprised at how well they have done-their passing is accurate but their downfall is in striking options and they don’t make many chances but when they do they tend to take them , just like last night .”

“We actually outplayed Sheffield United in big parts of the game and deserved to really go at least to penalties. However they were a Very well organised team. Extremely quiet set of fans might I add”

“Who said Sheffield United av best support in prem wank barely sang few kids at back giving it large didn’t show up after game wat a state”

“literally sing for 2 minutes after they score and are then silent for the whole game. Embarrassing”

“It must be time we turned the tables on Sheff Utd again. In the 00s we were their bogey team; we dominated them. But they seem to have had our number for the past 10 years or so.”

“As long as Billy Sharp plays for them we will be their bitch.”

“It had to be bloody Billy Sharp didn’t it”

“Not many footballers I would wish an injury on, but Billy Sharp is right up there”

“Sharp is clearly a bit of a knob but I’ve no real issue with that.
bit of a weird thing to say at the end of the game though. Looked a little like Baldock avoided shaking his hand as well”

“Billy Sharp owes us nothing. Everyone crying about him really needs to man up a little bit, he’s a winner and he scores goals. He has a right to be arrogant.”

“Sharp and Mcgoldrick – it was like a heritage evening.”

“United’s strikers do what all strike partnerships of that ilk do and successfully confuse the centre backs about which should be marking them. McGoldrick then drifts to the back post and gets in the gap between Morrison and Obita. Big strikers will always look to take on the full back – Ricky Lambert scored a lot of his goals that way, it’s half of Meite’s game – so I think Morrison should be the one taking responsibility for him. But it’s a systematic error rather than an individual failing.”

“Sander Berge is absolutely outstanding. Dictates almost every Sheffield United move. It’s some claim. But he’s the closest I think I’ve seen to Busquets.”

“He was the one that dribbled it out of play when no one was near him because he couldn’t control it properly”

“think they were missing Norwood and Fleck, often resorted to long balls which Morrison and Miazga dealt with fairly comfortably. Didn’t see much of their trademark runs from their 3 CB’s, but they defended well and you can see why they don’t concede often with them there and with Henderson in goal”

“Henderson didn’t have much to do but still managed to flap at a few crosses that were put in. Certainly not ready for England yet”

“What did Henderson do against us?
Wasn’t like we had like 50 shots and he saved them all. Our penalty was amazing and perfect but he didn’t save it. No clean sheet.
Yes he has done well this season but from that performance against us doesn’t get you picked.”

“Him and Pope are better than Pickford.”

“Presumably Sheff have a printer but on different settings to ours.
Medium height, white, short brown hair, efficient without being exciting
A few where the height setting got adjusted up 6 inches”

“Sheffield scored that 2nd at home VAR would have overturned that straight away. Either put VAR in every single cup game or don’t have it at all. Premier league teams have such a massive advantage over smaller teams in cups because of this. Sort it out.”

“I’m not saying we deserved to win that, but gutting to match a side doing so well and lose to some bad reffing”

“Disgraceful refereeing performance”

“Pretty sure Friend looked back at the penalty he gave us and compensated for it the rest of the game by allowing United players to manhandle us throughout without punishment
Saw on here that no team outside the Prem have won the FA Cup for 40 years. It won’t change with corrupt refereeing performances like that where they clearly favour the bigger team. Should be ashamed of himself”

“Prem ref for Prem clubs, his “performance” was shocking.”

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Pre-Match View From Reading

“This will obviously be the hardest challenge so far as the Blades are currently now miles ahead of Reading in terms of prestige, money and squad then add to that Reading’s fairly dreadful home form and the fact that Sheffield United won’t have had to play a game since 22nd February (they were scheduled for a trip to Aston Villa on 29th February) and you see just how magnificent Reading will need to be to progress. Sheffield are also likely to take the FA Cup fairly seriously as they also can see a chance of achievement in the horizon particularly as they are currently sitting 7th in the Premier League and just 4 points off a possible Champions League place. Chances are they’ll start with the likes of Sharp, Henderson, Basham and Norwood et al so no kids making up the numbers expected here.”

“Sheffield United will be a game to remember. You heard it hear first”

“The Blades didn`t play Saturday, I can see them putting out their strongest team in this one.”

“Mark Bowen has just called this the biggest game of the season. All of those argued with me when I said that can form a queue and apologise to me.”

“We would be best served investing everything into the cup match with Sheffield United. We have nothing to play for in the league.”

“biggest game of the season”

“Reading have 5 games Sheffield 2 games before we meet, and they need a winter break!!!”

“Sheffield United are trying to get into Europe … don’t think the cup will be their priority.”

“Sheff Utd not strong enough to challenge for the top and Europe for the first time could be a big distraction next season”

“This game is right bang in the middle of a busy period for them, surrounded by Prem games by their standards they should now be winning and could be eyeing up a top 4 spot – hopefully based on this they will rest a few players for the cup game!”

“Except they didn’t play on Saturday because they were due to play Villa which has been postponed because of the EFL Cup Final. They’ve had 1 game between 20th feb to now”.”

“So what you are saying, is they’ll be rusty then.”

“Don’t see why they would play a weakened side, are they realistically going to have many better chances to get into the FA Cup quarter finals? They are more than safe in the Premier League so why not come to us and really go for it?”

“Also their weakened side would likely still be a very strong side.”

“We have a chance against anyone at home in a one off cup game, the two fixtures are incomparable as you well know. Sheffield United will likely rest players giving us a much better chance of the win if we have our full strength side out.”

“Just like when they rested players against Millwall and comfortably won 2-0?”

“Millwall also rested players.”

“a tricky game but not unwinable by any stretch of the imagination.”

“Even if we somehow beat Sheffield, looking at who is left in the cup and likely to get through to the QF, that will be as far as we get”

“Play anything like we did on Saturday or Wednesdays, and Sheffield Utd will beat us in reverse. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it.”

“Sheffield United will be ball number 2️ in the draw for the FA Cup Quarter-Final, which takes place around 9.45pm on 4th March.”

“For all the “giant killing” talk, the FA Cup QF could easily be: Chelsea/Liverpool Man Utd Leicester Arsenal Sheffield United Man City Tottenham WBA/Newcastle So 6 of the top 7 in the league + Arsenal + another”

“our only wins in the 10 were against Sheff Wed and Barnsley”

Reckon playing Leeds will be good practice for the Sheff Utd game as much as anything else. Not too dissimilar in style.”

“Norwood was good while with us for sure. He frustrated a lot but was and still is a top player.”

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View From Brighton

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 73212173_1553984761409509_7596666161475878912_n.png

“A point against one of the best performing sides in the division this season, who outplayed us at home.”

” I thoroughly enjoyed today’s game. Yes it wasn’t a pretty game but too often this season we’ve played attractive football with no reward – Villa away being a classic example. GP set the team up deliberately to combat a big physical side and it worked against today’s opponents. Wilder had no complaints at the result and recognised we had done our job efficiently. Well played Albion including a very healthy away following who clapped the team off very proudly at the end of the game.”

“it was a Hughtonesque performance and we pulled it off. A valuable point, if not an entertaining spectacle.”

“Still a fan of Potterball but pleased to see the change in tactics and personnel today to take on SU in a physical battle.”

“Horrible game of football to watch and still heading back from the game now. Feel like we stole a point. But will happily take it.”

“We can’t play like that every week though. Shelf united had enough chances to win that. Had we been playing a better team they’d have finished us off when we started to hoof everything clear. But these tactics worked well against Sheff U. Potter had obviously spotted how Sheff U aren’t really a great team with the ball, just one who win all the 2nd balls, throw themselves into tackles and show a never give up attitude in how they close down everything. But in technical terms they are not great. So we went there and tried to force them to play by sitting back and allowing them time on the ball. They couldn’t invent much other than crosses in which our back 3 did very well in dealing with. Could’ve nicked a win had Dunk scored but it’s very evident we’re too good to go down.”

“Looking at the table there aren’t many better ‘teams’
Good point despite what Twaddle continually said on the radio we played it right…SU have got a very good away record…partly because they like teams coming at them..we’d have played right into the hands if we had done that…hard fought result we have to reinvent ourselves next Saturday when we will be looking for all three points”

“Shef pressed very well and were usually there for the second ball.”

“Good point really SU are a very tough side”

“The amount of crosses sheffield united got in compared to us was crazy. “

“I think we really missed out in bagging mcbernie I think him and Maupay would’ve made a fantastic pairing”

“They passed through us all game. Won every 2nd ball. Best side I have seen at the Amex. We were lucky today.”

“I thought we were awful and very lucky to get a point”

“we were awful but got a point.”

“The number of teams that have got a lucky and undeserved point against us tis season – West Ham, Villa, Burnley, Newcastle for a start – it’s about time we got a point we didn’t deserve! That’s the point I would happily have taken at kick off!”

“Should have been a red and penalty. They were better side though. Potter had it right. Away at bramble lane need those fighters today good point maybe an important one”

“Ref has some Sheffield United family I think”

“I found that a very annoying point. Every 50/50, every ricochet, everything seemed to fall sheffields way. We defended well enough, maybe I’m getting used to having 60%+ of the possession. I stand by my observation of them being the wasp at the picnic”

“Watching Final Score, Garth Crooks has been very complimentary about us, and stated Lundstram should have gone.”

“Sheff Utd are not as good as the hype.”

“That lot aren’t a real top six side we just failed to win any second balls, midfield turned over possession far to easily.”

“Nope…i think you could be mistaken there
26 46 76
Man City
26 38 54
26 28 50
27 8 44
27 8 40
Sheff Utd
27 4 40″

“Albion away supporters – 10……sounded brilliant on my stream”

“Sheffield was a brilliant away day. Proper stadium, proper fans, proper game of football. Loved it!
We robbed a point. Good luck for the rest of the season, blades”

“Blades vs Owls
What a difference
Same City, yet such a difference.
Blades Fans Classy…
Thumbs up
Whereas, Wednesday fans Classless..”

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Pre-Match View From Brighton

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“The Blades have had a cracking season back in the top flight. They are not invincible and have lost at Bramall Lane to Man City, Newcastle, Liverpool, Southampton & Leicester.
This will be our first top flight match at Bramall Lane. Head to head we have won 9, drawn 6 & lost 13 times. We last won in Sheffield in 2005 back in the Championship with a 2-1 win. Goals by Richard Carpenter & Leon Knight with Kerry Mayo scoring an own goal !”

“They are not as invincible at home as they are away.
Newcastle 0-2 (27% possession ) and Southampton 0-1 (52% possession) have both beaten them using very different tactics so there is more than one way to blunt a blade.”

“I thought Potter showed great naivety in the home game v Sheff Utd. Everyone knows their physical MO but for some reason he sent out a formation that was easily overwhelmed in midfield – Wilder’s very well drilled journeymen playing to 110% of their ability made us look the load of soft Southern jessies (that we mostly are). Very curious for Potter as a coach with a reputation for selecting teams/formations to suit each game.
So I see this as a one off game requiring a specific line-up and would play our big guys at the back, together with a combative midfield – with Alzate and Bernardo who can defend and also bomb forward.
Sheff Utd will offer a very physical, direct, pressing game. We didn’t deal with Decoure running directly at 4-5 Albion players yesterday so we also need to show more grit and stand up to their physicality or we could get overwhelmed.”

“Feeling strangely optomistic about this one, SU not so strong at home, BHA time to re group, new player not sure r of score yet but a win on the cards”

“Feel so positive about this”

“Got a good feeling about this. Sheff Utd playing far too well, credit to them. Hopefully they will have an off day.”

“we’re due to give someone a beating.”

“Sheffield Utd are gash in reality, If we could score goals from more positions we would have been up there to. Unfortunately for us we can’t score and the club did nothing to rectify it in January.”

“Genius analysis mate. We’ve scored 31 this season…….sheff utd have scored ………28 !!”

“Sheffield Utd really aren’t gash. They’re very good, aided and abetted by extraordinary levels of hard work and positivity.”

“We’re one of the draw specialists in the League as are Sheffield, so I’m going for an optmistic 1-1. If the game’s on that is.”

“Didn’t think sheff looked that great against Bournemouth. If we work hard we can get a point”

“Sheff Utd were the better team by far”

“Very impressed with Sheffield Utd and hope they make it into the top 6, obviously without the need of beating us, they work so hard all over the pitch they press high but always leave a sweeper type player very deep and they are very narrow, we failed to exploit the space on the wing last time we played them so hopefully we will have learned the lesson and put in a shift.”

“Not confident we can get anything at Sheff Utd. They will out power us.”

“I fear we’re doomed playing against them.”

“We need a result much more than they do and hopefully we can upset the odds and scrape a draw. We will get nothing from them though unless we are disciplined (this is not West Ham we are playing). Try and keep it tight and safe for an hour and then go for it. Curtains if they lead.”

“Want 3 points from the next two matches. I don’t expect anything from this match. “

“I think a point would be something we all would be glad to achieve against a club like SUFC although the Albion desperately need a win and all three points. How did the Albion get in this situation after hiring a brilliant manager such as GraPott?”

“It’s impossible to predict when we can’t even guess more than 5 of the starting line up . . . . we won’t keep a clean sheet so there’s 1 for Shef Utd . . . . but we may score more”

“MOTM Sander Berge, runs the game …. post match NSC questions as to why the hell we didn’t sign him.”

“Wouldn’t it be great to have someone on our books who can whip in a cross like Oliver Norwood. Oh…”

“That’s harsh. I think many agreed and will agree that he wasn’t good enough for the prem at that time. Glad he’s done well but hindsight because he’s in a team who’s had a good season isn’t for me. Still wouldn’t be bowled over with signing him now. Stephens and Kayla were much better than him then.”

” just seen Sheffield United fixtures remaining. They can very easily take fourth. Next 3 are us, Norwich and Newcastle. Would have been villa in that too but they’re still in the cup and almost guaranteed a quarter final spot.”

“Let’s hope Sheff Utd get a bit carried away with thinking of this, and lose a little focus for the next game.”

“I can see Sheff Utd stumbling a bit to get enough goals to maintain 5th.”

“I reckon Sheffield United have a great chance of reaching 4th place. They have a great team spirit and huge amounts of energy.
Do I want them in the Champions League? I don’t think so, it would be embarrassing.”

“I think Spurs will finish 5th, Everton 6th and Sheffield United around 9th or 10th”

“I’d like Sheff U to break into the top 4. The football establishment needs constant reminding that football exists outside of the “Top” 6.
Caveat: after they’ve been derailed by a “sensational” Albion performance at Bramall Lane”

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Loan Update

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Here I take a look at Blades players out on loan. Unfortunately Regen Slater and Sam Graham have spent most of the season out injured whilst Marcus Dewhurst has yet to make his debut for Carlisle.

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“Ravel Morrison will be a massive success at Boro under woodgate. Woody knows the score, coz hes had his own problems in years gone by, so he knows the sketch. Tell ya man the beginning is now for Rav at the mighy reds.”

“I said this when he signed he’s been a total bellend through his career but what might have turned his attention to boro is woody who can give him his experience of over coming his bad habits away from the field my judgement is out on this one could sure woodys qualities”

“I think it’s safe to say he’s gonna need a game or two to fully get up to speed. He’s been fine so far.”

“seems neat and tidy enough”

“Looks ok”

“Terrible first 20 mins, didn’t look a footballer at all, then he started to get on the ball and ping it about. He was the one midfielder that was using the width and finding the Fbs”

“I don’t know why we took Ravel off. He’s the only one in the team comfortable with the ball at his feet.”

“Howson and Ravel are the only ones Who offers something when we have the ball”


“Looked alright today if it weren’t for that donkey heneghan getting sent off for no reason we’d of won comfortably”

“thick, clumsy dickhead.”

“He can go for me, we just have such a shite defence he stands out better but he’s a donkey.”

“Ben Heneghan hasn’t had a good game since we extended his loan, cost us again today.”

“What’s happened to Heneghan these last couple of months? Erratic form and now a needless red card. Time out of the side might not do him any harm.”

“been all over the place recently”

“Heneghan has slyly been a liability for weeks now what’s going on.” “I really like Heneghan but he’s been a bit suspect for the last few weeks now.”

“Glad someone said it iv been thinking the same since tranmere away where he got bullied”

“No one can slag this lad off he works hard every game. Yes hes made a few mistakes but who hasn’t and today the red card was one of them”

“He will always be one of us. Hope he signs the contract and takes us up next season”

“Hope he signs in the summer”


“We will not win the war with Duffy and Bogle”

“You can also see from Duffy that it is a good ball-solid player. But yeah. 34 years and looks a bit on the heavy side. Hope that a way will be found that Duffy can use his creativity to serve Boggle and Summervile.”

“Duffy also good, mobile and looking for openings”

“Boggel and Duffy are a bit worried, a bit too short to judge them, but a lot more threatening than Necid.”

“Laurens de Bock and Duffy, the greatest European talents a few years ago and now let to Ado to fight against relegation in the Netherlands. It can go crazy in the life of a soccer player”

“Mark Duffy is really bad. Always leave the pass line to Dumfries open, which happily rumbles over it every time”

“Send Duffy and Spence back.”


“A quality debut”

“That Bryan looks a player, I like him shallot”

“Bryan looks like a prize onion. A shallot some might say…”

“Kean Bryan MOM” “He was outstanding”

“love Bryan quality centre half”

“Kean Bryan looks a find!”

“Kean Bryan. Player.”

“Awful defending from Bryan for their goal”

“He needs to win more headers at the back”

“Only second game that Nsiala and Bryan plays together so some mistakes are bound to happen. ”


“Callum Robinson has changed this side”

“How good is Callum Robinson though”

“Callum Robinson is a superb footballer, been the piece we have had missing since the Diangana injury. His time here will only make him a better player with the attitude he has”

“I have a feeling he’ll be an integral cog in the wheel during the run in great business”

“Robinson outstanding”

“Callum Robinson is a lovely football player”

“Few shouts for Man of the Match today but Callum Robinson for me. He has given us that extra dimension that we’ve been missing. Real energy, goal-threat and seems to have a great understanding with HRK, Krov and Matheus. Softened the loss of Grady big time. Great loan”

“Robinson has had three solid games, a breath of fresh air”

“Robinson was fabulous today”

“Robinson gives us so much going forward”

“what a excellent loan signing was brilliant today”

“Robinson MOM by a mile”

“Love Robinson he is just a brute of a player”

“He’s combined very well with Kron, Pereira and Townsend to create more attacking opportunities. Already a popular figure with other players based on their interactions on field”


“I thought Nathan Thomas was absolutely immense yesterday. A different player to a little while ago. I’ve always like his style of play, who wouldn’t , he can create a bit of magic from nothing, but like others I have sometimes questioned his fitness and will. Yesterday, particularly in the second half he just kept going. Every time we broke forward it was him, running into the box and shooting, running forward and passing. Nothing came off yestrday, on other days it could be another hat trick.” “Thomas is playing exceptionally well atm”

“Thomas skinned his man every time he had the ball”

“we all know on his day he can be a match winner, but he really needs to learn when to shoot and when to lay the ball off to a team mate in a better position.”

“Described as an enigma…sums him up perfectly. Awesome v FGR, v Cheltenham a plethora of heavy touches, poor choices and woeful set pieces. Not his best game by a long way but next game could be the total opposite.”

“tried always an option, but not good enough. Was his man with the assist from the goal, not sure given how poor he is defensively why he’s not left up at set pieces.”


“A pretty anonymous debut. Starved of service, yes, but did blaze his one chance way over the bar from inside the box after arguably our best move of the game.”

“Smith looked lively but didn’t get the service and was isolated as well.”

“Cant really judge him yet”

“Looks decent”


“Sponsors’ Man of the Match and with good reason. Defended well for the most part and created quite a few chances, including winning the penalty, through his driving forward runs on the left. He’s got a successful career ahead of him at a higher level than this.”

“Fully justified BBM’s controversial decision to play him at centre-back rather than Keohane over the last few weeks. Has the pace and strength to play this role effectively against dangerous opponents and was terrific in his reading of the game throughout”

“Weird he was filling in at centre half despite being one of the most successful crossers this season in League One.”

“He’s phenomenal”

“Not his best performance either and I wonder if he has maybe been rushed back from the knock he picked up”

“He was ripped to shreds against Sunderland”

“He was turned inside out more times than I can mention”


“Parkhouse didn’t do anything! It was his 1st start so i’m willing to give him benefit of the doubt.”

“Didn’t offer anything”

“Parkhouse looks what he is a big lump who has been playing in the Irish league! Feel sorry”

“Parkhouse (Shithouse in my opinion)”

“I thought Parkhouse tried, we was basically just asked to impersonate Cassidy”

“Why isn’t Parkhouse starting? We loan out Cowley and get another “goal scorer” on fire and we don’t start with him.”

“Parkhouse not even in the squad?? Our great new saviour striker not playing… injured already??”

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