View From Palace

“has there ever been such a pre match build up thread? Judging by their comments and posts on their threads, are they and us trying to start a new rivalry. I’ve never really thought or given two hoots about Sheff Utd since that infamous day at Wembley. We’ve played them a few times since of course but nothing to write home about.”

“Outfought and outplayed!They had so much desire and fight that we weren’t just losing out on the second ball but the third fourth and fifth!

“They didn’t’t stopped and we didn’t start.”

“the better team won.”

“Their tactics were good. Ours were abysmal.”

“What a shocking game – a very poor advert for the PL.
My hat goes off to our fans who paid to watch a team that did not seem to be trying.”

“Both teams were really awful.
If that was it, football would be dead. “

“Look at Norwich and Sheffield United, when a player has a ball, the rest of the team are making good runs forward, providing options and creating overlaps. We didn’t do that once today, completely clueless going forward. Playing McCarthur and Luka in a narrow midfield always meant it would be difficult to get the ball out wide, we had nobody dropping in between the lines to give people options and no one to carry the ball through midfield. And we still might lose Wilf.Better team won today but they are nothing special and the fact we struggled against them so much is truly worrying.

“The worst game of Permiership football I have ever watched. Ashamed for all connected to the club.”

“They were terrific today. Well organised, pressed with intensity won near all ariel duels, Hats off Chris Wilder

“Sheffield gave us a coaching clinic, coming out with a well executed plan that plays to the team’s strengths, as opposed to our 90 minutes of boring, inept, disinterested crap.”

“Arguably our worst performance since promotion and they just managed to win. They are fighting for survival that’s for sure.” “Out-muscled and outfought by a team totally up for it.”

“Today has to be one of our worst performances in years against an extremely limited Sheffield United side”

“Sheffield Utd did not look to be a good team and we still did not look like laying a glove on them.”

“Sheffield United looked like a newly promoted team full of running, headless tackles and lots of enthusiasm. We were just awful. Beyond awful.” “Sheff Utd will be cock a hoop with that but soon they will realize we are one of the worst outfits in the league on our day.”

“They made us pass the ball around aimlessly because they knew how to close a football team down. ..they battled, we pussy footed.” “In a way I hope it was arrogance that assumed we could turn up and turn them over and not for the fact that they outclassed us but I’m not sure.”

“Worse performance I can recall for a long time . Passive , Pedestrian , no movement , no quality , out fought .” “They had tactics; we didn’t.
We had some pre historic 4-4-2 with players out of position.” “Although we created Jack I must say SU were the master spoilers in the second half. Their ability to time waste and break continuity was up there with best of those ilk. “

“Utd weren’t much good but they deserved the three points.” “For me it’s unpalatable to play with 9 behind the ball at Sheffield Utd but no doubt he would point to the very good away form last season as vindication of his methods.
What I can’t accept is his refusal to take any responsibility and he stated that the forwards didn’t work hard enough and he was disappointed that we didn’t manage to have a shot on goal after going a goal behind.”

“we completely failed to deal with their system at both ends. We actually started pretty well, and after 15 mins thought the game might turn into an interesting tactical battle with our quality showing through, but by the end it was embarrassing.”

“7 years of prem football and that is how we look against a newly promoted side. We are shit.”

“The club is a mess. What a shocking performance against an extremely average side.”

“Outplayed both in skill and determination by a newly promoted side. Disgraceful performance. Deserve to go down.”

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Pre-Match View From Crystal Palace

“Perfect first home game for SU, unless Wilf plays and is focussed, and Townsend gets his act together.”

“Wilder is a very strong tactician – and they play with ‘over lapping centre backs’ which overloads the defence, and overcomes traditional organised two banks of four.
May create space for us to counter – but will our makeshift defence and sometimes dodginess at full back get taken to the cleaners?”

“Overlapping centre back have a word. This lot will get murdered in the league. Our counter attack style should destroy them also. 8-2 Zaha hatrick”

“Roy will put a stop to this bollocks right away, him and Ray are probably pissing themselves laughing watching sheff united highlights as we speak!”

“Didn’t look like ‘bollocks’ vs Bournemouth, who are quite similar to us in terms of counter attacking with pace. Didn’t look like bollocks vs the whole of the championship either.”

“It’s an interesting tactic, but one you can get away with in the Championship. Would you want your Centre backs high up the pitch, with a midfield player left to mark Wilf, or even someone like Kane.
Last season they could get away with it in the Championship where they were one of the best teams. That’s not the case now.
But I’d bank on Wilder having plans to deal with a team like us.”

“Anyone that has a high pressing style that can pass accurately and quickly will shit all over them.
A lot of championship clubs play direct counter attacking styles which will suit Wilders tactics because I suspect a lot of them can’t pass well and there counter breaks down due to Wilders overload which a) congests the space on the wings which a lot of these clubs use to counter up and b) Championship players don’t have the accuracy and speed of passing to get around the congestion while still maintaining a flowing counter.

“The centre backs are out of position, but the wing backs tuck in and sorta take their place centrally, so it’s not as if they’re leaving themselves completely open. They did have the best defence in the championship last season after all.
Think Wilder might play a more traditional back 5 against the likes of Man City, but will fancy his usual tactics against teams like us.”

“Sounds like a stupid gimmick to me.”

“A ‘stupid gimmick’ doesn’t get a team promoted from league one to the Prem in 3 years whilst spending very little.”

“Wasn’t their promotion more about Leeds implosion?”

“Yes, that’s the only reason that they’re not in league one right now. Leeds bottling it.”

“Bournemouth matched up with them at the weekend and went 3-5-2 as well. Not sure Roy will stray from his 4-4-2. Will be interesting to see what we do.”

“Bournmouth in their last 5 games have 3 wins and 2 draws. 1 win in their last 7 at home.
Both sides ended up with 2 really good chances a piece. People are lauding the opening day performance by Sheff Uts but it was an almost identical team we put 5 past at the end of last season. If Bournemouth have improved then it will make it a decent test next weekend. If they haven’t then Sheff Utd really didn’t create much against what is a poor declining side.
Too early to know what position teams are in for this season but we should have confidence going into the game this weekend.”

“Go long to benteke with wilf and Townsend getting the second ball for a foot race. If they pack the middle then get wilf and Townsend away in the channels..
They won’t be committing centre backs for too long when they get hit on the break like that
Ugly ugly. Will suit the two james’s Perfectly as well as the front three who are perfect for long balls or space in the channels
Played right we are probably one of the best equipped teams in the league to counter it. Ugly ugly football though “

“The trouble is, for all his good points, Roy doesn’t seem to be a great one for adjusting his tactics based on who we are playing. We set up how we set up, and we play our game… regardless. Once again – it will remain to be seen if there is a change of tactics and any kind of plan B / fallback plan ready to adopt if we find that things aren’t going as we hoped… don’t hold your breath.”

“They’re a good side and quirky tactically, but we are very good on the road and by any measure have the better players. Should be a good game”

“They are new to the Premier League. We are an extremely effective away side and have seen off most of the top sides at their grounds. Not saying we will find it easy – far from it – but they will have done their homework on us and be a little nervous of our away capabilities. Let them worry about us”

“The reality is we are a clear level above Shef Utd when our first team is out. As per we’ve not got our first XI ready to play.
We’re weak in the full back positions and toothless up front.
If we hold a firm line at the back and take our chances we should be winning this. Our Midfield is lightyears ahead of theirs. Baring Wolves teams coming up usually have a bounce for a couple of weeks before they hit the reality of this league, let’s hope it’s worn off.”

“Interesting views on their message board. Stop Wilf, by man marking him, and we’re done. Completely ignoring our away form and tactics from the last couple of years.”

“Man mark wilf out of the game? They are going to do everything else with the only 2 players they have left?”

“I’m hating them already, looking at their forum.
‘One man team’
‘They’ll be shitting themselves’
‘Favourites for relegation’
‘The likes of Palace’
F**k me, they’ve got more mouth and less sense than those c*nts from Shithole-on-Sea.”

“It is a tricky one for us but if the team are as cocky about beating us as the fans I think they are in for a surprise. What they can succeed with in the Championship is quite different to the Premier League. Long may they be over confident.”

“I always liked Sheffield United much more than preening Wednesday but this pretentious bollocks system and their dismissal of little old palace is sodding asking for it.”

“Quite confident on this one..they will be up for it and will probably be too adventurous. We just need to chip away and catch them on the break”

“I’m very confident about this game,newly promoted team against the brilliant counter attacking Palace.
I can see Sheff utd getting a bloody nose with us getting a thumping win.”

“I think Wilder has still flown under the radar a bit in the football mainstream (despire his LMA award). Plenty see him as just another dinosaur like Warnock or Steve Bruce, despite him clearly being a very adventurous and astute modern tactician. Just because he’s old, English and gruff sounding. “

“Fair play to Wilder for sticking to his overlapping centre backs in the Prem. I’m telling you, the bloke is a managerial genius.
If he does well enough with the Blades in the Prem and Hodgson calls it a day, I’d love him at palace.”

“If he does well, it won’t be Palace he moves to. They are a bigger club than us.”

“I know we tend to over state ourselves sometimes but really do you think they are bigger? Interested to understand why?
Barring a couple of short stints in the top flight, they’ve spent most of the last 40 years in 2nd or 3rd flight but recently spent more down in the third tier.
Averaged 26k attendance last season, same as our capacity.
Genuinely interested in what your criteria is for a bigger club?
I’d say we’re at worst level in terms of size, but certainly not smaller.
Regardless unlikely a successful manager from a club their size would come to us if successful as there will be a bigger team looking at him if that situation arose”

“We’re a far bigger club than Sheff United in the criteria that’s most relevant: Money and squad quality. Keep in mind that they were in league one only 3 years ago, and it’s not a Bournemouth situation where there’s a billionaire bankrolling them.Wilder is Sheffield through and through, so if he keeps them up he definitely stays. But say they’re only just relegated and look quite decent on the way, I think we could tempt him here. If Hodgson wants to leave that is, I wouldn’t swap the two as things stand. “

“Billy Sharp always scores against us.”

“Time to put these cloth capped ferret shaggers back in their place.”

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View From Bournemouth

“They deserved that point.
We looked slow throughout the game.
Big up to Ramsdale who did a fine job, we could have been a goal down in 30 seconds.
Nothing much all game from King and Wilson.
Have we suddenly become a long ball team?
Pretty disappointed to be honest. “

“We struggle against teams who sit deep…we dont have any creative midfielders…..although tbf no one has outside the top 6…..we haven’t become a ‘long ball team’ just a counter attacking one. “

“Sheffield U looked like they had 15 players on the pitch second half. We looked knaccered. Why? It’s the first game of the season!”

“We’re going down, any optimism for new season gone in one game. Continuation from end of last season. Absolutely turgid and dog performance. Attack non existant, Rico & Mepham awful. No one could keep the ball or play a 1 yard pass. Playing 3 CB at home to Sheff Utd, got what we deserved, they deserved a point.”

“We set up like we were playing Man City and not Sheff U, very poor from Eddie today and had us at disadvantage from the get go. “

“Great advert for championship football. Shite v shite if you ask me.”

“They definitely deserved at least a point. They worked hard , closed us down, made it difficult to get the ball to our forwards. We looked unimaginative and even disinterested at some points. We looked weak on the left. Not sure what game Eddie was watching but we needed changes after we’d scored. However, Sheff utd played at their best to get a point against a very poor Bournemouth team. We will improve whereas they will struggle playing every team like that”

“They looked more up for it to me”

“Sheffield Utd used their subs wisely. We Didn’t.”

“Just a completely flat day. Fair play to them, hardworking, well drilled and fully deserved a point.”

“Shocking performance they deserved their draw”

“actually felt quite comfortable second half, they looked fairly limited, can’t remember them creating a chance…until that free kick and the keystone cops equaliser.Poor match, two poor, limited sides.”

“as poor as we were they created nothing and were fortunate with their goal. Still, we should have been more clinical and composed with our breakaways.”

“they didn’t look a threat despite us being horrendous, so it’s very much 2 points dropped. If the players bothered to turn up would’ve been a comfortable win.”

“They were there for the taking and we failed to finish them off. Two poor sides.”

“Mepham got caught out in the first 10 secs of the game with that long ball and throughout the course of the game he looks scared with the ball at his feet and beaten for pace by McGoldrick, not really an Eddie player, looks a liability.”

“Not really even the score this game could very much have been a 0-1 banana skin .. United far more up for it then us … it’s the first game of the season !FFS boys look like your up for it”

“Sheff U look very well organised/drilled.”

“Full credit to Sheff Utd for the way they played. They could of & maybe should have got all 3pts”

“Sheff Utd deserved the equaliser at the end.”

“Draw probably the fair result but Sheff Utd could have nicked it.”

“Draw a fair result. Sheff hung in and stayed in the game, deserved something. Wind spoiled the game.”

“I did say to the people sat next to me when Billy Sharp came on that he was a good striker. If they had to equalise then happy for Billy to score (if you know his history).
They deserved a point (unfortunately).”

“I was about to say ‘I remember Bill Sharp tearing us apart for Scunthorpe about 12 years ago, how times have changed’. Maybe not changed that much afterall”.

“Billy Sharp, a name that belongs to a football player in a comic, seems to have been around forever!”

“No onfield leadership. SheffU can be much happier.”

“Carried on from last season, outworked by the opposition, no movement off the ball, no chances created.”

“Ffs full ass defensive squad out there basically 7 defenders on the pitch and still can’t get a clean sheet. Against a promoted side at that!”

“Sheff were happy for us to have the ball and prevented any forward ball. -moved the ball with zero intensity.”

“didn’t deserve even a draw. Villa, and I hate to say it, will tear us apart if we have another showing like that. Sheffield United are now a team that I hate. The fans, players and the place.”

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Pre-Match View From Bournemouth

“I’m finding it really difficult to think of a set 11 for the game tomorrow. Wouldn’t want to be EH right now; we have too much quality to choose from!”

The good thing is….we know our bench will now have some quality on there as well….so anyone on the pitch not performing, will know they can be hooked fairly simply.”

“We have 6 injuries to 1st teamers, 3 we’d like in the starting XI. 3 teams have no injuries (incl Sheff Utd). Most of the rest have only minor niggles/short terms injuries and mostly to squad players. Let’s hope our position improves this season”

“Eddie Howe says both Steve Cook and Charlie Daniels are fit and ready for the Premier League opener with Sheffield United on Saturday.”

“Need to do better than Daniels. Not the player he was an gets skinned regularly.Big weak spot.”

“Made me laugh on the Sheffield forum:
“We better be careful, I was there last week watching Bournemouth. V Lyon ,Wilson and King both scored and looked good”
“Wilson looks no more than 10 stone dripping wet. Jags would eat him for breakfast.” Granted he was getting his Wilson’s confused, but I can’t think of a more unfair fight than powerful, agile, England International Callum Wilson versus…”Jags”. I have no doubt that “Jags” could definitely eat both Wilsons for breakfast, however.”

“Wilder doing was doing a pretty good Sean Dyche impersonation on deadline day”

“Would have been a better impersonation if he’d bitched and moaned about how much money we have to spend.”

“Not loosing any of the big three …. Ake, Fraser, Wilson and bringing in 5 great signings albeit no goal keeper, that has to be an incredible transfer window compared to our previous ones. A net transfer window of 10m …. incredible. Bring on the start of the season”

“We have 2 rookie goalies and 2 clown goalies. That could backfire.
I don’t see that the defence has been strengthened. The 2 new defensive signings have no Premier experience. It will be another season where we score lots, but also concede lots. Can’t see us being any further forward.”

“I’d rather have an extra player out on pitch than start Begovic”

“Ramsdale didn’t fill me with confidence last week but wouldn’t be against him starting”

“Am I right I’m saying Ramsdale hasn’t conceded a goal in preseason? Got to be #1 for Sheffield Utd”

“I’d actually be quite excited to see Ramsdale start tomorrow but still have a feeling Boruc will be given the job.”

“We won’t need keepers next season. We’ll have 95% possession, no shots against us and utter domination. When Lewis Cook is back, Billing can be our rush keeper pinging 75 yard passes to Wee Man on his left foot! “

“We’re winning every game 9-8”

“Defendings overrated anyway”

“I think we could get relegated due to being a bit shit defensively. “

“I think we could go down too unless we do a hell of a lot of out scoring. I genuinely can’t believe how inept we are at the back sometimes. Often in fact. “

” I’ve seen afcb play Sheff Utd seven times at Dean Court and we’ve only scored once. John Williams in 1988. We still lost 1-2. ”

“I remember the last time we played them (United won 1-0 with a Jamie Murphy goal) for the utter shithousery deployed by the Blades. We are all familiar with it now and ourselves are no angels either but back then it was a shock. Of course Gillingham and Chesterfield were well known for the dark arts in the lower leagues but Sheffield United were the first side I saw employ it to such an extreme level.”

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Boro and Everton Fans Views On Mo Besic


“He’ll be a fans favourite…thought he was superb in his first spell and his 2nd spell was more too do with pulis being so negative..hope he does well as he’s a great lad and can play as well as battle. “

“First half season we had him he was good. He wasn’t great last year but that was probably the Pulis effect rather than anything else because everyone was crap. He’s a decent player.”

“Very tidy. Hard worker. Looked limited in a Pulis team, because he hardly had an outlet. Doesn’t really lose the ball and won’t let you down, but there will be matches when you can’t even remember if he played.”

“Wouldn’t even want Besic on a free as things are. Why would we want another limited CM.”

“Limited by pulis. i saw this posted

with Besic:
PLY: 30 W:15 D:8 L:7 PTS: 53
Points per game: 1.76
Form: 81pts/4th place
Without Besic:
PLY: 16 W:5 D:5 L:6 PTS: 20
Points per game: 1.25
Form: 58pts/17th place”

“I wasn’t the biggest fan of besic. But the last thing i would call him is limited”

“Although Besic wasn’t brilliant last season, who was aside from Randolph and Wing? He was stuck in a Pulis team expecting to play forward when he hardly ever had anyone ahead of him. I don’t think he’d turn back inside every time given the opportunity. In his first half-season  with us, he was probably our best player after Traore and Bamford.”

“I wouldn’t wantBesic back unless it was on a free or very cheap. That said last season we played with no width generally whereas when he was on top of his game for us we at least had Traore as an outlet. Last season was difficult to judge a lot of our players due to the tactics and lack of width”

“Besic took too long to pass the ball in a Pulis team, absolutely didn’t suit our style of play. Good player for what he is and I think he’s capable of more than he shown last year”

“To be fair to besic he was top 5 in carrying the ball out of CM last season, so he was doing his best. “

“besic might work better in attacking team”

“Our best midfielder terms of technical ability”


“He did ok in his first loan spell at Boro, last year he was below average.”

“Besic for all his neat skills and  occasionally making driving forward runs with the ball , which until Wing came onto the scene perhaps made him stand out ,did also have two negative traits ,one was his holding onto the ball too long and running into blind alleys the other was that he often ran horizontally across centre thus cramping Clayton”

“He was good in his first 6 months for us but terrible most of this season. He holds onto the ball about 10 seconds longer than he should every single time he has it. Has a good game every 6 or 7 games. There’s a player in there somewhere though. Not good enough for a top end Championship club in my opinion”


“Maybe so but he was class in the Championship”

“1 decent game in 5”

“Not good enough for us last year so defo not good enough for The Prem.
Turning circle of a battleship and wants more touches than Jimmy Saville
He’ll get about as much game time for the Blades as Marvin Johnson did last year.”

“Oh dear… Sheff Utd in trouble already then… how much were they robbed ??”


“I think he would be better cover than Delph.”

“I think he is a championship player if I’m honest”

“He was the type of player who could man mark out top players and make their matches quite difficult. I was at the Bosnia-Argentina match and Messi was completely kept in check until a 90th minute winner (because he is Messi). Same with vs. Prime Bale with Wales.
Besic had pace, was comfortable on the ball, but he disrupted the other teams game plan. The biggest problem was he had a really serious injury and he never truly recovered.”

“I watched besic a few times for boro when they were on tv. He scored a few goals and got in the ball a lot but he didn’t set the world alight. He looked ok but nothing more. He will do a good job for somebody”

“He wasnt even a stand out player for Boro. He didnt see out the 90 mins very often and he even got dropped to the bench a couple of times.  He showed what he is about last year in preseason for me. Looked great against the crap teams early on in the schedule and then when the ante went up he looked worse and worse

“I feel like it was against Italy, but even this summer he had a match for Bosnia where he was completely amazing”

“hope he does well and they want to buy him”

“Annoying if he does really well in Prem and then leaves for nothing next season.”

“Think that’s his Everton career officially over. Shame it didn’t work out for him, has talent but scuppered by injury early doors and never really got back into the groove to stake a claim.”

“Great for him to get premiership game time!”

“He’s championship material at best.”

“He can play a bit, but he then tries to be a destroyer and he’s not resilient enough to do that (who is?). It’s cost him a lot of time out. Shame. There’s a player in there and we probably won’t get to see it now, but he’s a steal – if fit – for a newly promoted side. He’s got what it takes if he keeps his head on. “

“I think he is a very good player”

“This is what you get when you sign players from nothing clubs such as Ferencváros.”

“Proper bum this fella, and he had loads fooled with a few reckless challenges and a fist pump.
Ten touches when only two were needed every time he got the ball, and nothing to offer but workrate and the odd good tackle.”

“He’s done literally nothing since coming over here”

“He was good for a bit to be fair. At one point I thought we had a real gem on our hands, but for whatever reason it just never quite happened. He’s got a lot of ability though, his good games were as good as anything I’ve seen from an Everton midfielder.”

“Do one Mo”

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KV Mechelen Fans Views On Michael Verrips

“Started as reserve keeper at KV Mechelen and now the best goalkeeper in Belgium”

“Bad news for Henderson when Verrips comes!”

“Good keeper. However, I still see him with mom and dad last season after the friends match against Union in Kampenhout. Bizarre evolution”

“Verrips will undoubtedly have put itself in the spotlight of many (top) clubs” “I think most supporters are grateful to Michaël for the past season and would like to see him under the bar for another season. But also grant him a transfer, but not in this way, severely disappointed”

“Good keeper for sure, with a heart of gold. That’s what I thought. And then this week came …”

“first class opportunist. Using the match fixing as a bland excuse to get away”

“Strange, because just after the verdict he went full for an extended year at Mechelen .. Ridiculous guy”

“Victim role much ?? What a jankerd .. Because some people fake competition, he has to leave. He is just a dog who abuses the situation to have the clubs selected. This can therefore happen to other clubs when he goes there.”

“Ridiculous of Verrips, immature and unprofessional! Had a hero status for years in Mechelen if he had handled his transfer like a big boy. Not so!”

“Please let that fool test for drugs. What the hell is it? From hero to zero. Very low.”

“Nice what he has achieved, but now he behaves like a loser.”

“Greatest loser of all time”

“Should have done this immediately after the season. Now is pure opportunism and money gain. (madness of grandeur too)”

“he just wanted to force a transfer, no bid came in and then he just uses this. Pathetic seems to me to be a more correct term for such a person. Sheffield will certainly not buy him unless to sit on the couch.”

“Sheffield united borrowed Henderson from man united, who was the first keeper of sheffield last season. Verrips will then be reasonably unnecessary for them.”

“Verrips is also achieved as reserve keeper, because Simon Moore (current 2nd keeper) does not even have that level.”

“Money, money, money … real example of a traitor”

“This will go to court, he should get a six months suspension”

“I say ‘good riddance’ ..”

“What a bullshit”

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The View From The Media

A selection of quotes and predictions about Sheffield United for the upcoming Premier League season.

“Sheffield United enter this season as rank outsiders, achieving survival would guarantee Wilder’s place as Manager of the Year, but with many sides in strong positions ahead of 2019/20, there may be no room for the Blades to cut out a place for themselves. Prediction: 20th”

Michael Potts, The Radio Times

“Wilder is underrated and the Blades will give it a go. But is the quality there?. Prediction: 19th”

Scott Minto, The Mirror

“There is always at least one prediction that goes against the grain and this is mine.Sheffield United are plenty of people’s tips to go down but I am going with the Chris Wilder factor and the stirring surroundings of Bramall Lane to keep the Blades in the Premier League. Prediction: 17th”

Phil McNulty, BBC Sport

“On paper, it looks a huge task for the Blades to survive. The bookies have them as 8/11 favourites to go straight back down. The signings they have made have improved the squad. Whether it’s enough only time knows. Much will rely on Mousset but, in the end, it could all be decided by trusted players like Sharpe and Henderson. If they do stay up it will be a minor miracle, Wilder has his work cut out.”

Simon Hahn,

“When you are dragging in lads from South East Scandinavia you know you’re not preparing very well. To be fair they have smashed their transfer record three times but still when you are resting your hopes on Lys Mousset, it’s relegation I’m afraid”

The Irish Guy, HITC

“Don’t get too familar or attached to The Blades. Unlike House Bolton, their knives may not be that sharp. This could be a short stay in the top flight.  No reason to sugarcoat this: it’s not good. Oddsmakers peg them as the worst team in the Premier League. They’re the least likely to win the EPL, finish in the top 4 or top 6. Their squad is the least valuable in the Premier League. There’s a strong correlation between overall team value and eventual finish. Norwich City, who bought one player this summer, is valued more. This is going to be a brief stay in the Premier League unless their Saudi owners invest some money quickly. “


“Sheffield United will probably start the season with one of the weaker squads, and most will consider them relegation favourites. On the other hand, their impressive team harmony, Chris Wilder’s managerial know-how and shrewd recruitment skills, one would back the Blades to survive their first Premier League season in 12 years.”

Andrew Zarb,

Sheffield United are going down. They’re not even taking the Premier League seriously. They’re still bigging up Billy Sharp, and as much as I love Billy Sharp; great record, absolute legend, local boy came good, third spell at the club, but he is League One.He’s not good enough for the Premier League and with the greatest of respect, it’s all sentimental bull that Sheffield United are hoping will take them through to 17th in the Premier League.”

Adrian Durham, Talksport

“it’ll be Norwich, Sheffield United and Bournemouth who face relegation to the Championship”

Michael Owen, The Express

“The Blades are back in the big time after two promotions in three seasons, but a thin squad without much Premier League experience will need the brilliant Chris Wilder to work wonders once again to ensure it’s a lengthy stay.” Prediction: 20th”

BT Sport

“Sheffield United would appear equipped to squeak out a 17th place finish. Considering the uncertainty around other teams in the Premier League and that the Blades have retooled without significant losses, I could see them rising to as high as a 16th place finish this season.”

Chuck Booth, Yahoo Sports

“16. Burnley 17. Southampton 18. Brighton 19. Norwich 20. Sheffield United”

Stan Collymore

“They stepped up to the second tier superbly, with several among the division’s outstanding players last season, but the gap to the highest level is bigger still. The skipper Sharp has the most league goals in the 21st century – 227 – but none have come in the top flight. Hopefully that will change.”
Richard Jolley, The

“Make no mistake, this team will relish the prospect of turning up and spoiling the party for anyone who underestimates them. (Chris Wilder’s) legendary status at Bramall Lane also helps in this regard with his job secure even in the event of relegation and the freedom attached to having nothing to lose will very much aid their approach. “

Oliver Walker,

“Sheffield United have been busy in the transfer market and they need to be. There’s a growing gap between the Championship and the Premier League and not everyone has as much money as Wolves. In Chris Wilder, they have a promising manager but those kind of bosses often get poached. United need to get off to a good start and their early fixture list isn’t that difficult. Even so, they will struggle to survive and an immediate return to the Championship looks on the cards.”

Steve Ashfield,

“under Chris Wilder, they have achieved two promotions in three years. Emotion rips through this part of Yorkshire, but do they have the necessary quality to stay up?”

Ben Grounds, Eurosport

“I don’t think it’s a difficult decision (to choose them for relegation), if you’re gonna have youre centre backs turning up in oppositions box in The Premier League you’re gonna get annihilated. I would say there are three managers who are in danger, I think the obvious one is Chris Wilder at Sheffield United.Teams that come up, as soon as they realise they’re in big trouble the first thing they do is change the manger.”

Steve Nicol, ESPN

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Swansea Fans Views On Oli McBurnie

“£18m for McBurnie? Tough to turn down. That’s crazy money for him.”

“That’s insane money for let’s face it, a championship level player”

“I like him, and I’d like him to stay, but that’s silly money.”

“It’s a bit of a funny one with McBurnie – he’s very important to us, but £15-20m is way overpriced imo. “

“18m for a 20 Goal a season player seems reasonable to me.”

“Can’t help thinking Ollie’s stock is on the up, his commitment & goals will surely be worth more than 20 mill to us”

“If he is going then goalscorers are premium so should be looking at 20mn (hopefully no payments based on staying up or the like that because the Blades like Villa are coming straight back down).”

“Everyone saying sell for 15/18M – how much you do you think it will cost us us to buy 20-odd Championship goals next year?! FFS.. 15M for Oli on the eve of the season is irresponsible and bad business, unless of course the football side is if secondary importance”

“ McBurnie is a better out and out scorer than Che Adams at Championship level”

“Same age. BUT ollie has a better goals to game ratio in proper League fixtures 112/39 (a goal every 2.8 games) than Adams 163/45 (a goal every 3.6 games).
Sometimes we don’t value what is right under our nose, and Ollie’s value extends to his character and personality around the club as well…”

“I think we could be in danger of relegation without McBurnie, the whole squad are going to be devastated not just the fans. This could ruin our momentum.”

“A huge, huge loss.
When we’re collectively playing badly he’s the only one we have to step up and change it. The only one who frightens the opposition.”

“He’s a cracking footballer, as well as someone who can bag 20+ goals a season in this league. We’ll miss him if/when he goes. One of the best forwards in the league.”

“He should have had player of the year. To score over 20 league goals in his first proper season is nothing short of phenomenal.”

“Can’t fault him for effort his first touch is awful at times.”

“needs to get in a gym, play as a proper 9, stop being a baby to the ref every week, and work on first touch. “

“He may not look like natural footballer, but he looks like a natural goal scorer to me, a rare commodity these days.”

“Excellent first touch and uses his awkward frame well to compete. Nothing weak about him, very clever footballer.”

“He seems to be using his body better to shield the ball and his linking of play is excellent.”

“Don’t think he’s up to it as a 9. Our best 10 though.Needs to cut down on the tantrums though I agree.”

“A player who managed 24 goals almost exclusively as a #9 last season isn’t convincing as a #9.
I suspect satire is dead.”

“Not convinced by Oli in a deeper role TBH. For me he takes too many touches and isn’t nimble enough – probably due to his height and his centre of gravity”

“I have never seen so much fuss over a player who at times last season resembled a mascot who’d accidentally found himself on the pitch. Jesus Christ you’d think he was Pele the way some people are talking. He’s a good poacher but his all round game is lacking in many areas.  ”

” It will be interesting to see how McBurnie does.
IMO three things going against him;
1) he played best when there were a few of his under 23 college around
2) he played best when he was roaming and staying deep – will he be given the freedom
3) although he scored 22 league goals last season he did miss as many good chances – will the PL forgive those errors.”

“He’ll never make it in the Premier League.”

“Some said he wouldn’t do it for us at Championship level, good luck to him I hope it works out for him and we reinvest properly.”

“He wasn’t pushing for a move”

“Of course he wasn’t. It’s sheffield united.”

“Great city, lovely surrounding countryside, near to his home. I think he’ll find it quite attractive.
Although he appears to like being in Swansea..”

“Thank you Sheffield. 6pts last season and now £20m for McBurnie. We salute you!”

“They’re getting relegated anyway”

“Hasn’t cut it at International level in a poor Scotland side. Didn’t cut it in the Prem League in a poor Swansea side. Brilliant in the Championship as main man for a young Swansea side. Hope he does well in a relegation battle for an overachieving Sheffield United”

“he would do well again here if he stayed, and would probably even improve with another season and with the training from Cooper.
I don’t think it’s best for McBurnie either, Sheffield have  a high chance of coming back down, and he could lose some of the great confidence he has been building up to date.”

“I cant see him giving his all to Sheffield this season…going to be a unhappy player just like britton was when he joined Sheffield…so lets hope in Jan he wants to come back”

“In all honesty mate Oli always gives his all”

“they have spent some money going into the prem this year without selling any of their players. We never bought until we sold first, is this ambition or stupidity by Sheff United?
Also what light does that put on the situation with us over the last few years that we have done it “supposedly” the right way but still have this never ending black hole that needs filling. Going by all this, if Sheff Utd get relegated in 12 months time, they could seriously be in a lot of trouble.”

“Doing similar to Cardiff by signing good championship players, for an assault on the league if they get relegated, but at a much, much higher cost.”

“£40m+ they’ve spent and Ravel Morrison and Jagielka on serious wedge aftr arriving for free. The Fulham of this season, without the backing of a billionaire to prop them up when the inevitable happens. My first pick for relegation this season. Like Fulham last season, it’s like watching a car crash, or should I say pileup, happening before your very eyes. The poor signings are so clear to see, the only worse business I can remember was us signing Clucas, Bony and Ayew for £48m, with Sanches’ loan fee making it £50.”

“Terrible buy’s certain to go down!”

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View From Barnsley

“I’d be more disappointed as a blunt tbh as although they got the win they had to play dirty against our pace and they wont get away with it in the Premiership.”

“I expect them too be back in the championship very soon”

“Thought the quality of Sheff Utd shone through not sure it’ll be enough in Prem mind but I hope it is for em , I hate Sheff Utd but love Wilder.”

“Actual scoreline 1-4. Realistic scoreline 1-2. They scored two goals following fouls on our players and the ref gave naff all.”

“Two second half goals from blatant offsides . We were in line ..linesman”

“I thought one was definitely offside and the other was debatable but it’s clutching at straws really. We were well beaten in the end.”

“not the result I was expecting”

“overall a promising performance against a strong side. “

“Thought we got hammered and there were few if any positives.”

“Today we got absolutely hammered”

“Well beaten”

“Sheff U dominated”

“Sheff Utd look well drilled.”

“thought they outplayed us. we had a good 15 mins second half and scored s well worked goal. blunts were a class above us. personally don’t think Fulham will be as strong / well organised as they’re in transition. “

“I’d say United are probably of the same quality as Fulham, so I’d prepare for an arseholing next week if today is anything to go by.”

“we’re playing Fulham next week. Rhey’re a top quality side who are as good as if not better than Sheff Utd.”

“callum robinson is a bit of a tit aint he. Celebrating like it matters.”

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Man Utd Fans Reactions To Dean Henderson returning to The Blades

“A season of regular football in the Premier League could be huge for him. Good luck, lad!”

“Hope he smashes it next season!”

“by next year if De Gea doesn’t play to the best of his ability, Henderson will have one more year of experience behind him and may be ready to take over the number 1 spot.”

“Henderson deserves a chance with us”

“he’s quality!! I would have him 2nd behind DDG … but having on loan is great for his growth”

“Unpopular opinion but I think Dean Henderson should leave united to progress his career. He has the ability to become one of the best English keepers but he can’t become that if he stays behind De Gea and Romero who are currently way ahead in skill and experience”

“He will absolutely get game time and will be fantastic for his development, and our financial security on a potential sale should they not be good enough to start for us.”

“I’d move De Gea on and reinvest in a keeper.
His shot stopping is the best in the world, when on form. His overall game is lacking compared to other keepers in the league.
Hopefully Henderson can develop his all round goal keeping game”

“Sell De Gea and promote Henderson now. 375k per week for De Gea is insane. “

“Not sure how he is going to get into the team next year when DDG is going to sign a new six year deal and will be undisputed first choice. Glad we tied him down though for the good of the club”

“Dean Henderson’s renewals this year and last are rare examples of United getting contracts right. His stock has risen greatly over the last two years and he’s an asset worth protecting, be it with a view to him becoming No.1 or United obtaining a big fee in the future.”

“I’m happy with how the club has treated him, as he pointed out himself too, and so happy to see him sign a new contract. Think he’ll go on to become the next Schmeichel for us.”

“He was great for Sheffield last season. A repeat of that in the Premier League would be great for his chances.”

“The Blades have made some good signings so it’s a great team to go out on loan for. Glad we’ve locked him down and he’s going somewhere good to develop. “

“I would like Dean and Axel (Tuanzebe) go to Sheffield United, Wilder plays good stuff and Axel would get to develop his offensive game a lot under him, Wilder likes his RCB and LCB overlapping like full backs and supporting the attack like the old Cruyff Dream Team 3-4-3”

“Nice excuse to watch Sheffield United games. “

“Glad to see him going back, will be a good excuse to catch Sheff Utd’s games next soon. Also great for Deano to improve in the PL week in week out. “

“Dean Henderson, Ravel Morrison and also (apparently) they play good football. Good reason to watch them this season.”

“Henderson is England u21 keeper and just had a good season in the championship so why is he behind Perriera who got binned off his loan spell last year”

“loaning him for at least 3 years or selling him with a buy back clause was the best option, he will be a complete keeper with playing minutes. Degea extending his contract means he has no chance for us for now”

“main problem with this pre-season squad is that we have opted for Lee Grant over Dean Henderson”

“Keep him, put him as our No 2 GK and play him for the cups.”

“Sell Jones put Henderson in defence we might have a chance of getting to the semis of the FA Cup. High hopes”

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