View From West Brom

“Really poor first half but got a decent goal out of nowhere, then played much better in the second half.
Gareth Barry bossed it…he’s 38 in three months”

“Who said football is a game of two halves!”

“Said we’d have to up it in the second half and we certainly did!”

“A game that flip flopped , two evenly matched teams, very little melodrama, and a proper game that we deserved to win.”

“First 40 minutes we were all over the place and not offering much going forward. Could have easily been 2 or 3 down. Then we scored and we took over. Last 5 minutes of the first half we took over .
Second half was as good as I’ve seen albion play in a long time. A near perfect performance, played some lovely stuff, always looked like scoring, strong at the back and I never once thought Sheffield Utd would score. Brilliant performance and because of how good we were I thought we deserved the win”

“Insipid first half performances have to come from somewhere,is there a lack of “Umph” from the manager pre match?
It’s not good enough to put in a half that could see you “buried” as the excellent Keith Andrews remarked at half time.
“individual brilliance” rather than team set up got us the win in his and Michael Brown’s opinion.
Week after week pundits are basically saying that our organisation and application are rubbish in large parts but that our front four are constantly creating miracles to dig us out of the c r a p!
Sorry if I seem picky but we have to be better than this defensively and from more forward players putting in defensive efforts.
This is an incredibly poor division this year,it’s there for the taking with a couple of good signings and players and coaching staff sorting out this p I s s poor first half dross they keep turning out.”

“First 15-20 minutes there was only 1 team in it and it wasn’t us. I feared for a bit of a hammering. After that we got more into the game and started to get a grip without creating anything, like against Villa and then we scored from pretty much our first real chance….again like the Villa game. Sheff Utd started to fade in the last 5 minutes of the first half and I said at half time that if we could be more cohesive in the second half we’d win.
I thought we were great second half, a mirror image of the first! Sheff Utd looked all over the place and just couldn’t cope with our play. Liked the look of their 21 (Duffy I think), a very tidy little player.”

“i do think we are to open to start games last night was a typical example their full backs were bombing on leaving both our full backs exposed most of the first half i’m not sure what they changed at half time but it worked maybe they should have changed in the first half.”

“They pressed us extremely high first half and ran out of steam, you could see it after 35-40 mins. Second half they couldn’t close us down as quick so we had time on the ball, this coupled with us having much better players meant we were pretty comfortable.If Moore’s gameplan was to keep us in it until they pressed themselves to death then I’ll give him credit, dangerous though as they could have been 2 or 3 up by that point.”

“He told them to keep the ball irrespective of where it was on the field, this drew Sheffield United on to us. Barry sat even deeper and controlled the midfield, we then passed through the bewildered home side. Simple but effective change from the first half where we tried to hit Barnes at the earliest opportunity. “

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Pre-Match View From West Brom

“Big game and must not lose. Have to play with both Gayle and Rodriguez up Gayle up top. One thing that is guaranteed is no clean sheet from ourselves. I can’t believe we only have 1 all season. We simply have to defend better
A win would take us 3rd and 2 points above sheff Utd. A draw would also take us 3rd . A defeat and if results go against us Saturday we could drop out top 6…”

“Big game this, 2 proper clubs and quite evenly matched on the pitch at the moment, so i’m going to boldly predict another draw. Hopefully we’ll have too much going forward and get a win to put some pressure on Norwich and Derby.”

“After the Brentford and villa games this has become almost a must win game.
Already 8 points off the top we could be 10-11 off it if we don’t win this one. Hopefully mozza HRK are back in contention”

“Not a “must win”..A real GOT TO! ….WIN. We are dropping down. DM must stop this decline. He has to drop his chums and go for victory.”

“Must-win for me if we are serious about finishing top 2, Leeds and Norwich don’t look like slipping up and we can’t afford to be 10 points behind them. Gayle needs to be through the middle, can’t believe it’s come to this but HRK is probably a better option than JRod on the right, hopefully Mozza is back in for Barry.”

“I agree we really do have to win if we are hoping to be in touch with the top 2 at the start of the new year.  But a draw would deny a rival 2 points, and they are pretty hot at home this season.”

“A draw seems the most obvious outcome but if we have a fully fit team and fire on all cylinders I think we could nick it.”

“I think we’ll be lucky to salvage a draw”

“Not confident at all for tomorrow.”

“Another away day struggle, against a confident team.”

“Defensively we are very poor”

“They’re a decent side. But push their defenders forward leaving gaps at the back to exploit.”

“this is a game where our ability to break using the flanks will be vital. Sheffield United play a back 3/5 where fairly uniquely the outside centre backs overlap. J-Rod will be used centrally to drop in and help the midfield with Barnes and another left high on the flanks. The game will be won in the wide positions: will their overloads lead to goals or will we be able to repel them and exploit the gaps they leave high and wide. For me, it is I.important that our two wide central midfielders, are extremely mobile and energetic. I’d have Phillips and maybe a youngster like Harper if he can be trusted enough to be diligent defensively.”

“Looking at the Blades results they don’t appear to have done so well against the sides at the top.”

“When looking at their squad there are no players we should really fear, but Wilder has done a brilliant job moulding a disciplined, organised team that wins games.”

“Got a good feeling about this one. Think we will keep a clean sheet too.”

“We have sold just over 1100 for this one. A lot of tickets sold the last couple of days.”

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Loan Updates

Carruthers and Holmes are injured whilst Semple has strangely been dropped completely from the Queen Of The South side despite rave reviews. Sam Graham has also lost his place in the Oldham side.

Fleetwood Fans Views On Ched Evans

“Hit the post with his header and a thorn in the Gills side but needs to be clinical.”

“asked questions of the defence but expected a bit more from him.”

“Great goal” “Good to see him get his first for a month”

“Back to the form he was in at the start of the season, lively and a constant thorn in Coventry’s side. Got the goal his performance deserved, his first in open play since the 2-1 win over Bradford in September. Back to his best”

“Like Madden worked tirelessly. A key figure in Town’s attack especially as the first half wore on. Unlucky with a couple of chances and his pull-back that just missed the run of Madden.”

“Limited to a handful of chances but battled away”

Barrow Fans Views On Tyler Smith

“Smith was playing well, so can only imagine tiredness was a factor in them being subbed.”

“Smith never stopped running all of the game.”

“Smith relentless in his work ethic.”

“blyth excellent up front we’ve missed a big man and its helping Smith massively”

“Smith will score more goals when Blyth is on the pitch.”

“high hopes of extending his loan and high praise about his efforts for one so young”

Barrow Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Should have been sent off”

“Norrington Davies red card- no arguments that it was a professional foul.”

“Should appeal as Jack was covering and very likely to get a tackle in – knee jerk / heat of the moment decision”

“Superb from Rhys Norrington-Davies. As Braintree spread play out wide he tracked the ball back, won possession and shielded it forcing the attacker to foul him.”

“Put two good crosses in”

Carlisle Fans Views On Regan Slater 

“an exceptional performance from Regan Slater”

“God knows who picked Slater as MoM, he was anonymous throughout”

“not his day and lasted just the hour.”

“he’s only a young lad learning the “men’s” game. He’ll no doubt be disappointed that every game he plays isn’t like the Swindon game for him.”

“a young player who’ll have 1 good game, 1 bad game and 1 average game.”

Blackpool Fans Views On Ben Heneghan

“Ben Heneghan was immense. He’s really upped his game since I criticised him on here so I’ll take the credit for that.”

“Had his hands full with the dangerous John Marquis but kept him fairly quiet up until his late goal. Always an aerial threat.”

“Dominant in the air and produced some vital blocks and interceptions. Probably one of his best displays for the club.”

“Stepped up to the challenge when Charlton were in the ascendancy, winning every header and making crucial blocks.”

“Made a great last ditch tackle”

“I hope Heneghan performs a week on Tuesday because I’ve only seen him in the arsenal game and the Solihull games and both times he’s looked worse than Chris Clarke!”

Tranmere Fans Views On Harvey Gilmour

“Nice to see him win young Player of the Month”

“The award was for the football played in October which was ok. Prior to the Lincoln game he was hardly getting substantial game time. Now has settled back down into being in and out of the team, too many fick ons going either nowhere or to the opposition also goes missing in games too frequently. So yeah glimpses of potential but nothing to convince me he is this amazing footballer that a few people believe he is because of a few goals”

“Who mentioned anything about him being an ‘amazing footballer’. He has won a a young player award for his performances over a relatively short period. I have been to most games this season and I have never once heard anyone refer to him as an ‘amazing footballer’. Just be happy the lad has won a relatively small award.”

“i thought he was pretty quiet the other night in the replay at Oxford City.”

“Apart from those couple of weeks where he got a few goals, i think his time here as been pretty underwhelming.”

“Can’t understand how anyone can describe Gilmours contribution as underwhelming”

“He’s not up to EFL standard”

“by no means poor, but there was a noticeable lack of quality in key moments.”

“Harris and Gilmour were dominated all game. Awful”

Notts County Fans Views On Nathan Thomas

“missed a sitter”

“he can start off well but he disappears and has been woeful since he arrived.”

“Thomas has been by far the most disappointing player for me this season.”

“I think when a loan player could be sent home and you wouldn’t miss him, I think that shows how bad and poor Nathan Thomas has been.”

“Nathan Thomas switches off. He’s been only average and he doesn’t have the work rate needed”

“doesn’t turn up.”

“I would keep him”

Bury Fans Views On Caolan Lavery 

“Ryan Lowe says in his post-match interview that Lavery is back in full-time training and that the fans may have a “Christmas present”. It might be like receiving a pair of socks when you’ve already got a drawer full.”

“If we’re contributing anything to his wages, we should send him back. Rather save the money or spend it on a position we need strengthening in. We’re not exactly goal-shy”

“don’t see why people think he would get into the 18 or even why he should?”

“Lavery was quite impressive in the game he played at Rochdale.”

“He is 5’11 and wins headers, from the limited amount I have seen.  That makes him different from the other fit forwards we have and could be a useful option on heavy pitches, even as a sub in my opinion”

ended up a LWB and penalty miss aside actually did really well when he came on.”

“was very disappointed with Lavery”

“Extremely poor”

Chesterfield Fans Views On Jordan Hallam

“took his goal well and looks a very promising signing, quick.”

“only really Rowley and Hallam in the front 5 came out with any form of credit”

“Thought Hallam was decent, took his goal very well.”

“i’m sure the lad hallam is decent but if we are looking to get out of this mess with one month loanees we will get left behind as we are doing, time for proper investment in the playing staff.”

“He was ok. It’s not hard to stand out in this team. Can tell he hasn’t played a lot of proper football, touch wasn’t great and definitely not fit. Sure that will improve but didn’t look to me be any better / worse than Reid, Shaw etc so not getting excited”

“Hallam is not up to it”

“just was not in the game”

“At Dave and Ashley’s current rate of progress it won’t be ever so long before we’re playing Hallam in the league.”

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View From Reading

“Embarassing. Spineless. Gutless. I totally see why Clement was sacked after that.If you go through every championship team, you’ll notice most teams have a certain style, whether that be possession, playing on the counter or going more direct. What is our style?
Counter – no, our team are painfully slow on the counter attack
Direct – no, because none of our front 6 were over 6 foot
Possession – no, because we always seem to have less possession than our opponents. What actually is our style? There’s nothing to our team, there’s no identity, Clement was slowly beginning to build one, and there we go and sack him.One more point, why are our players incapable of passing the ball in front of another when they have space to run onto the ball. Ilori is the worst culprit for just passing to someone’s feet when they have yards ahead of them to run onto it. I don’t understand how it’s that difficult, it kills all the momentum we’ve built up and it always reverts to us passing back to our defenders. An utter disgrace of a performance”

“To not have a single shot on target in 90 minutes at home against another Championship side is unforgivable. Players and coaching staff should be ashamed.”

“Didn’t take long for Marshall to lose the dressing room. Utterly witless display, odd selections, normal service in fact.”

“The first half wasn’t bad at all, I thought we looked the better team for a lot of if just crying out for some quality up front. You can’t sling crosses in against sheffield United to mark McNulty! 2nd half was awful, they made a tactical change and we had absolutely no answer, then most of the players drop their heads and one goal brings two, no surprise.”

“Played well and had the best of the first half. United nullified us and dominated the second with the inevitable late capitulation”

“Did the Sheffield United keeper even take a goal kick in the second half?”

“Once again we didn’t have a shot on target ,we were playing at home and a team that should be battling to get out of the bottom 3.
They gave us a chance by not starting their best creative player Duffy and of course there is always Billy Sharp. Watching Norwood it made me wonder why we didn’t renew his contract but did so for nearly every other player regardless of their age or ability.”

“Why can’t we sign players like that Ollie Norwood guy and Billy Sharp . . . . “.

“I really do hate Billy Sharp he’s such a detestable pcunt.”

“Oh for a creative midfield player who can, calmly, pick out a pass and deliver it right to the perfect place. You know, a bit like Ollie Norwood. What if we had a player like that in our team…. oh, wait …….”

“The Blades: Very limited-little quality-but every one worked their socks off and they are extremly well drilled. Given the amount of work they put in, I thought they would tire, but they just never did.”

“thought to give them credit Sheffield were a pretty good team, set up in a good way by a manager getting the best out of his squad. They played with so much width (was it just me or did they make the pitch look huge?), which created space everywhere – then they had the passing ability to use that space, spearheaded by Norwood. McGoldrick was a real threat in the box from well delivered crosses, supported by Washington/Sharp (any of these three would walk into our team), and they had a big team attacking well-taken set pieces. Defensively they got numbers back when we slowly moved the ball forward, and I couldn’t see us breaking them down in open play at any point. Especially because, as others have said, we weren’t able to string any passes together.”

“Comical on here that some thought Clement was turning it around. That Sheffield team cost less than our defence apparently.”

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Pre-Match View From Reading

Sheffield United are next to descend on Reading for a top v bottom clash as their ascending star hits town to play Reading’s rapidly plummeting meteor. Expectation is that Sheffield will win fairly comfortably especially as it’s a home game on the telly and Reading just don’t really do very well in league games at home on the telly in recent years. However Reading’s overall form in play is very slowly on the turn into something better so if Reading get it right and Sheffield don’t there could be happy outcome for the beleaguered followers of the hoops. Sheffield United had a good start but, fortunately, it would appear that now is the best time of the season so far to play them as they have only recorded 2 wins from their last 8 games. However both of those wins were against currently struggling sides (Wigan and Brentford) while the 3 defeats they’ve suffered in the same run have all been against promotion contenders (Forest, Derby and Leeds). As ever Reading’s opponents are injury free while Reading’s injury list is still as bad as ever. So another hard game awaits then. Something that Reading will need to be on their mettle for otherwise it’ll all be rather disappointing again.”

“Think Sheffield United will come and do a job on us, they need to bounce back after their defeat to Leeds on Saturday. Can see it being 0-1 in a tight, dull game”

“Sheffield United can be quite inconsistent and I am confident we will get a point from this game.”

“Watched them a few times and they seem to start very intensely and then drop off as the game goes on . Need to keep them at bay in the first 20 and then I think we’ve a good chance of a result. Need to sit tight on Norwood and not let him dictate. Good manager there though, like what he has done with a bit especially talented side.”

“Sheffield have been powerhouses of wing play this season so we would be foolish to play with Wing Backs again.”

“they have not been very good as of late.”

“Ex royal Oliver Norwood is performing incredibly strongly across all measures looked at – he seems to have really clicked at Sheffield and is a big part of their form this season.”

” Would rather start with Meite in this one and bring him off if necessary. No way we could play McNulty and Loader against their defence from the start, they’d be eaten alive. Let Meite start and beat them up a bit, hopefully he can last for 60 minutes then bring McNulty or Loader on to run at them.”

“I think there’s a disproportionate amount of “doom and gloom” around the place at the minute. We’re not doing as badly as some are making out. I know we’re in a relegation scrap but considering the huge injury list, most games we are putting up a decent fight”

“Bolton and Sheffield Wednesday were both shi.t Considering they both beat us what are we? On those occasions an abomination now improving. But that’s the point. The division is shit.”

“The bottom 10 are for sure, some of the sides nearer the top have a bit of class. Derby, Sheffield United and Leeds (regrettably) are good to watch. Sheffield United should give us a footballing lesson this weekend, it is a must win game for them.”

“Prediction: New guy is lined up, he is spotted in the stands on Saturday watching the game. The players know that and put in the performance of a season, beating Sheffield United 3-0. Howe runs on to the pitch to celebrate, closely followed by the new manager”

“4 of the 5 longest serving Championship managers – Johnson (Bristol City), Harris (Millwall), Wilder (Sheff Utd) and Warne (Rotherham) – all featured for their clubs as players too. Appointing Murty or Parkinson might be a risk, but that stat shows a good trend.”

“I always thought the Sheff Weds manager looks like a Bond villain.”

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View From Leeds

“Great result, it’s taken 26 years to come.”

“I was worried about this game. Sheff Utd are a very good team with inventive tactics. Wilder gets the best out of his players.
There were chances for both sides and it was an even game. You have to feel for Henderson after that mistake.
Winning is absolutely massive for us though. I think a gap might (hopefully) be eventually opening up at the top.”

“Tactically a very interesting game. We’ve played a very possession based game for the most part this season and Sheff United turned this on us today. We didn’t see as much of the ball as we usually would but fortunately defended pretty well.
There’s a debate as to if McGoldrick should’ve been sent off, really bad tackle BUT would’ve drastically altered the dynamic of the game. Thought both teams had their chances.
Feel for Henderson, he’s been brilliant over the last few games so it’s a shame his mistake cost him. That said, not going to complain as that’s a big 3 points for Leeds when a draw was probably on the cards.”

“Bit of a smash and grab and I would have settled for a point but a good, battling performance ”

“That was a hard game.”

“We rode our luck today, a bit like back in ‘92. 6 points from the last 2 games when in the past we’d have only come away with 2. The luck is with us at the moment, but as the saying goes “luck is a dividend of sweat. The herder you work the luckier you get”

“Thought we played really well, not sure we were lucky at all, we were the better team. Okay, the goal was a gift but Clarke still had to be there closing the keeper down, and their effort against the crossbar was millimetres from a goal (would BPF have get a touch though?). Sheff U were lucky not to have two red cards in the first half and lucky that neither the ref, his assistants or their guide dogs saw all the shirt pulling in the area. Genuinely thought we were deserving of at the very least a draw.”

“This was edge of the seats stuff for me. I really did not like how their centre backs came roaring forward with the ball leaving our players behind them in their wake in the first 20 minutes or so. n the end we got the three points and this was another match where I felt we sneaked an extra 2 points. That said I am sure the Blunts will argue that they deserved something from the game and will forget that they were very fortunate to keep 11 men on the pitch by half time. McGoldrick perpetrated a horrendous tackle on Mateusz Klich right in front of the Referee which was a Red card all day long. Instead it was deemed not even a foul. Stevens, having already been booked went flying in and took out Stuart Dallas but no action was taken other than to give us a foul.”

“Think a draw would of been fair. Dont think sheff utd edged it. Ref was awful. ”

“We got lucky to win imo but they definitely didn’t deserve to!”

“excellent work boys , a truly deserved win.”

“Despite the joke of a ref, we deserved that win.Much the better side in the 2nd half and dug out a win.”

“We also stood up to plenty of dirty tactics from the blunts & as a consequence lost our captain to a bad injury. To come away with three points playing against twelve men is a magnificent achievement from Bielsa’s boys”

“Thoroughly deserved win against a team that showed their League One pedigree.”

“Wilder is a bitter, miserable old fooker isn’t he? Nice to see Leeds United have been living in his head rent free since 1992 though.”

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Pre-Match View From Leeds

“Have a bad feeling we’ll have another West Brom type result here. The constant disruption to our defence due to injuries is starting to have an effect on the whole team, we’ve got away with it the last couple of games because teams have just sat back but Sheff U will be a different beast.This is the Championship though so I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends 0-0.”

“We are going to have to up ourselves game here, from what I saw against Bristol & Reading we could easily have another WBA type result here. What odds Billy Sharpe scoring ?”

“Think we will lose. Billy Sharp absolutely guaranteed to score of course.”

“Big step up needed from the 2 home games (Could easely have been 2 points instead of six – player sent off/missed pen) to get anything from this game.”

“I can see us getting beaten convincingly here. We never do too well against Sheff Utd and we’re not playing great at the moment. Hopefully them coming out and attacking more that Reading/Bristol did should leave a few more openings.”

“this one will be a much tougher proposition than the last 2 home games. Still, with Pontus back at the heart of our defence, Saiz back in the starting line-up and Alioski warming the sub’s bench, we have a chance. I’d take a point right now, though!”

“think Sheff U will have to much for us, I’ll take a point now, but we’re due a win in a big game”

“A tester in view of the state of the squad – hopefully we can hold out at the back”

“We are not good enough on the counter at the moment, that showed the other night. If we play like we have of late Sheff utd will rip us to shreds. Let’s see if we can get the derby game mentality too as it always seems to be non existent..”

“We have more midfielders in defence than defenders and Sheff United use their CBs as attacking midfielders. Calling it now. 0-0”

“Must admit the overlapping centre backs is a pretty revolutionary idea. Watched Sheffield United a few times this season and when it works it’s really dangerous. Think we can catch them on the break though.”

“What the hell is an overlapping centre back?!!! I wasn’t aware that Sheff Utd were so tactically astute/different. They do score a lot and seem fit as a fiddle. Played us off the park at ER last season.”

“Brilliant to watch when it works. Leaves you slightly open for a counter I feel but it’s tactically a brilliant idea. Hoping it doesn’t rip us on Saturday!”

“Would be happy with a point, I think they play really good football and will be fired up for this one, we typically don’t play well either on the 12:30 Kick Off”

“we never play well against these. a draw would be superb”

“Overall home & away Sheffield United against us have won 28, drawn 23 & lost 29. This is anyone’s to call.”

“Sheff United will be a massive game sat, despite them being 4th I’d say they’re the weakest of the current top 6”

“We’re gonna bat Sheff Utd off the park on Saturday. Will be a Norwich/Derby away type performance”

“Sides only have 35 % of possession on ave vs leeds so they might not be seeing much of the ball”

“57 games and counting since we last had a penalty”

“Weirdly Sheff Utd are the team that claimed the previous longest run without a penalty of 50 games in 1991/1992. I imagine there must be others from England but I can’t find any examples. Galway United in Ireland went 72 games without a penalty so that’s the one to beat!

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View From Brentford

“SU are a very functional 442 team, big, work hard, close down all day but surprisingly very little punch up top. They were happy to sit deep and let us come at them and I could see a goal coming for us as we started to knock it around a bit better. A few good crosses, a few half chances but it was all soooooooo slooooooow at times.  Their first goal was a  corner flicked in the near post for an OG by CM. The replay showed a clear foul on NM right behind Mepham as he was dragged to the ground and it should have been disallowed but I think we have let too many in from set pieces to grasp at that straw too long.  Their  second goal was a wicked deflection, their third a quick throw, Barbet is not looking, a pull back from the byline and there is the big number 9 in acres of space on the penalty spot to pick his spot, not one Bees midfielder within 25 yards of it again. This was possibly SU’s only chance of that half until Barbet gave it away on the edge of their area and left us 2v1 and JM took one for the team and probably should have walked .Sheff U midfield ran all night and chased everything. I am not trying to make out we were anything other than disjointed and broken men all over the pitch but we gifted them three goals tonight, created more opportunities than them and possibly could have seen their first goal chalked off and had a penalty ourselves and bought a win that could have lifted us, but we didn’t.”

“I’d disagree that we created more. Once again we created very little In the box whereas in the first half alone they hit the bar and forced a point blank save from Bentley. Think about how many chances we created once we went 3-2 down…nothing Their second wasn’t deflected either it was a peach of a strike.”

“3-2 flattered us tonight. I was bored watching us. No urgency. No ideas. No tempo. No pressing. Everything we have been about over the last 3-4 seasons has vanished. Players were hiding tonight and for me the dressing room has been lost. The body language of the players said it all.”

“2-3 certainly flattered us.”

“We were awful, had we got a 3rd goal then they’d have got a 4th. There ends my thoughts.”

“Sheffield united weren’t that great we were just ***** in defence”

“Sheffield Utd are on a poor run but are a good side. They looked a lot better than us. Tonight could have been a hiding if they had really gone at us. Some of the chances we conceded right in front of our goal were criminal. ”

“We were dreadful except for a 10 minute spell in the second half but other than that Sheff Utd were by far the better team.”

“No shame in losing to a really good looking Sheff Utd side but this run of defeats is getting concerning”

“Sheffield played how we used to, every thing we did was pedestrian, every ball was to feet sideways or backwards at walking pace – it looked like a training game of 5 a side.”

“Sure we had some good passages of play and two goals with numerous other chances could and should have won the game for us but they looked like scoring every time they counter attacked.”

“A lot is made of Sheff Us attacking from the back but it also serves another purpose of them being very strong defensively if they need to be. They played a very effective counter attacking game against us. We simply didn’t cope when they attacked because we have too many attack mind players who don’t have discipline to get into good defensive shapes.”

“Sheff Utd looked like scoring every time they attacked. Within a minute of each of our goals, we almost conceded – hitting post first time and missing a good chance after our 2nd. It’s how we defend as a team, not just the back 4 or 5. If we’re like that Monday I can see WBA getting 5 or 6.”

“That was poor. They showed how you must be – organised, disciplined with a clear plan . We lookef likea bunch of good players trying to make a team.”

“Confidence shot to pieces and every team we play seem to want it more than us”

“Some of the best teams in the Championship play attractive football, and others don’t, but the bottom line is that the most effective teams at this level get in front and stay in front”

“We play the same game against everyone. Good teams know exactly what to do against us. Allow us possession in the middle but defend in numbers and press hard on the wings: force us to play side to side, and then once the inevitable mistake occurs counter attack rapidly and abuse the massive gap between our midfield and back line. We are too easily found out and have no coherent plan B. I’d like to see us try something a little different as a plan B when faced with teams like boro and sheff utd where we are struggling to break them down and lapsing into horizontal play”

“While not suited to our style of play and rubbish on the ball, we could do with a John Egan or Harlee Dean who would put their head on crosses. ”

“We have been worked out, we need to go back to the drawing board tactically.Is there a player in this division who is missed by a team as much as we miss Ryan Woods? He was our pacemaker last 2 seasons, sets the tempo, quickens the pace, made the midfield more mobile. It feels like our whole tactics were based around him at the fulcrum and we have neither replaced him or adapted our style.”

“Sheffield’s number 3 had so much space NASA have just put a rover on him”


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Pre-Match View From Brentford

“SUtd go forward with a lot of width and we’re going to need our two wide attackers to have a lot of mobility, both to track back defensively and also to exploit space left behind them. It’s unfortunate that we’re almost without choices in those positions.”

“Got to look at the opposition. Sheffield play an open attacking game but are vulnerable under pressure, very different to yesterday and the dour counter attacking Pulis game. This should suit us better in many ways. “

“United play with a central back three and two wing backs, could be tough breaking them down. Creating opportunites on the ground more than aerial is best. Same as Boro, in a way, but United will have three CB’s over 6 foot and not two……”

“Sheff Utd are a well-rounded team these days and will present more of a threat than Boro whilst being no pushovers all over the pitch or at the back.
Big win if we manage it. “

“We will beat Sheffield United, they were cack against Rotherham.”

“I’m confident that our winning ways will restart on tuesday, now that we have more selection options.”

“We’re not that far off, we just need something to go our way for once, give everyone a lift. Hopefully that will come tomorrow night…”

“The fact we had more shots on target than any other championship side at the weekend points to us creating chances.”

“we have one win in 12 and are not getting better as the games go by. The trend is pointing downwards rather than up. ”

“Nothing other then 3 points tomorrow is acceptable. As 1 win in 6 is bad enough, 1 in 7 is Leroy/Butcheresque.”

“most of us would like to stay in the championship……sometimes alarm bells have to be rung as our last 11 games have seen us dropping like a proper heavy fkin stone…..another 11 consecutive games like this and we will be bottom 3…..can you guarantee we wont be in that position end of january with players sold to the higest bidder to cope with too ???”

“Not at all confident in any team currently available.”



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View From Rotherham

“I felt very proud today of the boys attitude throughout the game, and I thought we could have won that match had it not been for their goalie, and a bit more composure in front of goal. That said, Sheff U are no mugs and probably edged it first half with that bit extra quality. Second half we ran them into the ground”

“Cracking game and we keep our unbeaten record when I watch us on ESPN+. Overall I thought they were quicker in the head than we were but on balance I think 2-2 flattered them slightly more than it did us. I would have been gutted if we had lost. Overall another display to show that we can compete at this level and in Proctor I think we have the ‘finisher’ we keep talking about.”

“Was a good game and Im glad we didn’t lose but I think there’s lessons to be learned from that game”

“Its very difficult to ask for anything more than what they gave today. We were the better team by far and deserved more. Very proud.”

“We were worthy of at least a point.
Second half onslaught from us.
We just never give in do we ?”

“Always love a last min goal for us tee hee and more than deserved.”

“That was a fantastic game. Both teams trying to win it, very competitive but no stupidity, full house and we were definitely the better side. Mixed emotions – relief at getting a late equaliser but disappointment that we didn’t get all three because the performance deserved it.”

“A game we perhaps deserved to win and certainly didnt deserve to lose. A point looked good before the game and I wont necessarily change my mind.A good all-around performance with some good individual play.V sheff Utd might be my favourite game. Maybe its the amount of red and white.Towell, vaulks and Taylor all did well and Duffy and of course Henderson for them.It was a really great Derby and one that was played in a good competitve spirit.”

“Two goals from two chances shows the quality of the Blades, the but tonight, i am very proud of my team.
Should Duffy and co be cited for crowd incitement? We will probably get a huge fine for the bottle throwing. Send the bill to utd”

“Duffy’s actions were stupid and unnecessary but throwing something is unforgivable under any circumstances. I hope whoever did it gets banned for life. No excuses.”

“Funny thing about today was that every time ive heard Wilder on the tv or radio he talks about their high tempo killing teams – well they hung on for the last 1/3 of that game and we showed them how to play press football. I also thought their striker who came on did nothing but try and foul our players, he was a disgrace. Warney got the subs spot on too.”

“Ref – Wish, for once, we could get one that is consistent with both sides
How many more times was he going to let Leon Clarke lead with the arm/elbow before he was going to give a foul never mind have a word
Their keeper (he’ll be going places) couldn’t have taken more time preparing and talking goal kicks if he tried.”

“Their keeper is typical of the new style of stopper. Fantastic shot – stopper, good at distribution, but weaker in the air. Penalty? Not sure about that, but it definitely wasn’t a foul on him.”

“To beat us, Sheffield needed to match our effort and they couldn’t do it for 90 minutes. In fact that statement does us no justice at all because we were outstanding and a point is the very least we deserved. Conceding that late goal would finish most teams, we simply dusted ourselves down and kept going. It would have been a huge injustice if that had been the winner.Henderson pulled off some astonishing saves to keep them in the game. It could literally have been 4 or 5-2 to us. He was lucky not to have given away a penalty too. Although that ref was never ever going to give it no matter how blatant it was.Feeling very proud and maybe slightly robbed, knowing we could/should have won.”

“Great game their.goalie played a blinder 2 daft mistakes at back ajayi for first and we went to sleep for 2nd Warne should have with the benefit of hindsight made the double change earlier I thought they was an average side”

“Yep well deserved point today and would have won it if we had taken our chances they were knacked at the end and had to thank pillock head in goal for keeping em in it.Good atmosphere as well and loved the taunting of their keeper. ”

“their keeper played an outstanding game. Also liked the bit of banter he had with the North Stand who were asking him where he was at Wembley – he then pointed to the penalty spot and reminded everyone he saved Ball’s penalty. The instant response of the Richard Wood song was classic football humour at its best!”

“Unlucky not to win but relieved to take a point in the 92nd minute. Dean Henderson is an England keeper of the future.”

“The Blades only had one keeper but he played like two. He was outstanding and its as well for them that he was, or we would have got he three points that we thoroughly deserved.”

“we battered Sheffield united especially in the second half.difference between the 2 teams a bit of luck when your at the top for there secound goal and we are lacking any quality in the final third.proctor finish was championship standard ajayi didn’t play that well sharp showed his experience and his but if quality which did him at times.”

“Chants from their fans made me smile…..down With the Wednesday, you,RE going down with the Wednesday………top are top of the league…..Oohh the irony
I think there,s been way too much hype coming out of S2……not unexpected. String a few results together and they,RE world beaters.The Wendy were telling us to mind the gap about 6 weeks ago….Ooohhh the irony”

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