View From Norwich

“fair result, bit disappointing having lead twice, but can’t really complain about the result, the ref was shite”

“We weren’t at our best today and our passing wasn’t great at times. You can’t play possession football if you needlessly give the ball away. Disappointing but have to say a fair result and it keeps us well and truly in the hunt. On to next week”

“When are we actually go to  beat a top 6 team? A draw was not a disaster but feels like a defeat. Farke slow making subs and shocking defending for their 2nd goal.”

“After the Leeds game, our only remaining game against a top six side is Boro away. plus Bristol at H. Leeds still have to play Boro, WBA home, Sheff U at home and Bristol away. Sheff U still have Boro H, WBA A, Sheff Weds A, Leeds A and Bristol H”

“Fair result today. Those grumbling about not beating any of the top teams should bear in mind that we lost to both WBA and SU at the beginning of the season before we really got going, and have improved on that in the return games fielding the least experienced back line in the division and a second string midfield pair in front of them. At full strength we are perfectly capable of beating whoever we need to if it comes to the playoffs.” 

“We ship far too many goals to be auto promotion imo. I don’t fancy us in the play offs as we can’t  beat anyone  any good. I hope I’m wrong but I think we are going to fall a little short”

“Very Disappointing.  Leaking again. One pointless goal. Second half performance not as good either. Fair play to a stubborn SU I suppose “

“Thought the team played well against a good Sheff Utd”

“Such a shame we didn’t win today, weren’t at our best & Sheff utd are decent”

“Not surprised Sheff Utd are up there. I’d say they’re a better side than WBA based on the few games I’ve seen of each. Thought a draw was fair but frustrating we can’t hold onto a lead.”

“It was an intense game today and it looked tiring for both teams. Maybe we could have got the subs on earlier but it was so tight and tense that it is difficult to blame DF. We were under the cosh sometimes but pressuring them in return. Yes a win should have been the end result but it was an entertaining game and four goals once again. “

“Yeah fair result in the end, as you say though dj frustrating after leading twice. We do seem to have a bit of a soft underbelly, which really isn’t something you want as a team going for promotion . A point would be fine as it meant Sheffield United wouldn’t gain any ground on us, and they didn’t. So I’m happy enough about that. I do find it funny United were time-wasting, and their fans were singing that ‘take your time Sheffield United’ song, considering that them time-wasting was fine by us. A draw is a much better result for us than it is them, as it means they haven’t gained any ground on us. Particularly considering our favourable run of games after Leeds next week. Not the brightest bunch are they. Best moment of the match though had to be Zimmermann shoving Billy Sharp straight to the ground off the ball, and then Sharp getting up and tryna square up to him before realising he barely comes up to Zimmermann’s shoulder”

“Strange one. Sheff Utd acting like they’ve won the league when they’ve got a point which keeps them 3 points below us?!
weird bunch. Decent performance from us”

“Strange mentality to be happy with a point when they could’ve won it. A win puts them above us but happy to settle for a draw. Not sure about that myself “

“They’ve done us home and away, they played very well today as did we. Fair play to them!”

“Well, we hang on for a draw but only 7 shots, though 5 were on target. Status quo preserved but 3 points behind Leeds now and West Brom have a game in hand. Big disappointment but at least not a disaster. Whew”

“We’re like a boxer with a glass jaw. If we can’t defend, we don’t deserve to go up.”

“That’s a sickener.  Particularly considering the differing quality of football played by the two sides. “

“For all the talk of Sheff Utd not being cloggers and playing football, they did nothing except hoof it at Madine and kick us. “

“Sheff Utd are bunch of knobheads – those who said they weren’t cloggers clearly don’t know what they’re talking about. Basham in particular is a c-un-t. We scored two great goals playing proper football on the plus side. Another ref with no consistency whatsoever. Let the game flow which was a plus but booked Zimmermann for the same tackle Sheff Utd players had already made 4 or 5 times, and let them kick us off the park with late tackles and leaving the foot in.”

“Penalty was pretty soft, Buendia clearly nudged him but the guy went down like a ton of bricks.”

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Pre-Match View From Norwich

“This could be feisty, both on and off the pitch. I watched Sheff U against Swansea the other night, and I’m not sure how the blades contrived to lose the game, as Swansea really weren’t up to much. Not much to choose between us in the form tables.”

“Far from impressed with Sheffield united against Swansea and some dreadful finishing.  I don’t think anyone in these league can match our intensity when we’re flying”

“Hopefully as far as ‘Blades’ are concerned this will be the start of a good slide”

“This has the potential of a season defining six-pointer: win and we’re 6 points clear of those behind us; lose and we’re down to 3rd and West Brom have a game in hand. A draw wouldn’t be a disaster, but it wouldn’t change much either.”
“I still wouldn’t surprise me for us to beat Sheffield and Leeds, then lose to Ipswich. “

“I’m really concerned that Sheff Utd’s game plan will be to kick us off the park, knowing that Leeds face us next as well. I’m almost expecting injuries here. I hope the ref is strong!”

“I’ll be amazed if we get out of this game without a whole new injury list.”

“I expect we’ll get the usual pathetic referee/officials and they’ll keep ‘tackling’ Bendy (if he’s fit) and Hernandez until one of them goes off ‘injured!!”

“I would have thought Sheff Utd would have wanted us to turn over their bitter Yorkshire rivals and fellow promotion contenders so kicking us off the park won’t help surely ?”

“If we are on form they won’t be able to get near us to kick. And if they do, a win for us and a red or 2 for them will be great.”

“I have no idea where people think Sheff Utd are a bunch of cloggers.   Sure they play a high intensity game like us and Leeds, but apart from the nous of Sharp that comes with age (a la Grant Holt in his prime, lots of nudges and elbows etc.) and the occasional late tackle from Robert Fleck’s nephew John (its in the genes) the rest of the team focus on playing the ball forward, on the ground, as quickly as possible.  If we go out and expect them to clog, that would be a big mistake.  We should focus on playing our own game and we will beat them.  Try anything different and lose our focus and we will lose.”

“I’m sure Farke et al are aware of their capabilities and won’t be underestimating them, they’ve been around the top of the table all season so are far from being just a bunch of cloggers.  My biggest concern, as ever, is at the back as we rarely look solid enough to keep a clean sheet – it would be good timing to go on a bit of a ‘stingy’ run in defence for the next few games.”

“Both us and them have basically accumulated a similar amount of yellow cards.”

“Absolutely massive game, and one that I actually think will be tougher than Leeds away next week. Sheffield United losing last week though has taken the pressure off us a bit, in the sense that as we’re above them this is a must-not-lose game, rather than a must-win which it probably would’ve been had we gone into this game below them. It would be fantastic though if we won, not only would we go 6 points clear but it would send Wilder and all their moron fans into a crying frenzy just like it did when we beat them at Brammal Lane last season.
Same team as Birmingham if everyone is fit. I have to say I do have concerns about Godfrey at centre back considering the attacking players Sheffield United have”

“I hope we score early, then shithouse horrendously, just to annoy Wilder”

“Just re watched Wilders press conference after the away game, banging the table and moaning away. So let’s go two up after five minutes , be late out at half time and spend all the eighty five wasting time.”

“Couldn’t care less about the spygate stuff. However, it’d be fucking magical if they do get deducted points. Just got to make sure we aren’t turning up late on Saturday for that clown Wilder”

“Bloke is a tw@t of the first order and deserves the humiliation his team will suffer this weekend.”

“I have no respect for someone, who of the age he is, and the ‘responsibility’ of his job, comes out with such drivel, like he did at the away game last season, and expects people to swallow it, and and pander to him.”

“Let him rant an’ ramble……We’ll do our talking on the pitch…….”

“it has to be said, he was pretty magnanimous after they beat us at their place this season. If he can do the same after losing, which I hope will happen to them on Sat, then all will be forgiven.”

“I quite like Wilder tbh. He’s passionate, managing the team he supports, and does things he thinks are right irrespective of who he annoys. He may have gone a bit crazy over our win there last year, but most of what he said was correct – we were pretty obnoxious that day. Equally, he recognises that we are a threat and that his bunch will need to find a way to win. Sheff Utd are a proper football team – physical, but not much whingeing or diving and rolling around. Happy to see them up there. Still think we’ll beat them though.”

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View From Swansea

“I think I saw the best team we’ve played tonight, for the first half hour.
They literally gave us the run around
But the size on them, half of them were fatties and the other half over the hill.They were literally spent after half time and we came right into it and scored a superb goal. ”

“How good would they Be with a decent target man up front that knows how to put it away”

“Potter got it spot against a good Sheff Utd team.”

“Great win, rode some serious luck though.”

“How did we win that? Oh well 3 points is 3 points”

“Brilliant 2H performance against a very good team. We looked superb at times.” “We weren’t at our best (credit to Utd) but one header aside I never felt like we’d concede”

“Thought a draw was a fair result but superb by the boys second half.” “Sheffield United were very decent opposition”

“Superb win against an impressive Sheffield United side.”

“Sheffield United showed their qualities during the match.” “There was a good shape to The Blades”

“Was not expecting that result”

“The “front three” of McBurnie, Routs/James and Dyer seemed to be deployed to pin their centre halves back. The overload they had on the left was almost always initiated by the wide CB pushing on.
To this end it worked well and even gave us more bodies in space when we recycled possession.”

“Had to win today and deservedly did so.”

“Great result for us that, double over them now and they were 2nd ! First half we gave them too much respect, 2nd half much better 1”

“Great 3points. double over Sheffield United who were on a great run.”

“No mean feat doing the double over them”

“Performances like today will push us bloody close to the play offs”

“Performances like we saw in the 2nd half, not the first.”

“Their manager winging about the ref. Booked 2 of my players and no penalty at the end of the game.
Can expect a “come up and see me “from the FA and a contribution to the Xmas party slush fund £10,000 maybe.”

“Fair play their fans were decent but got nothing on the jack army. Cracking second half performance after being bossed in the first”

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Pre-Match View From Swansea

“this is a match that the Swans would need to win if they are to target a play-off place. Equally, this is a match that the Blades would need to win to maintain their strong push for automatic promotion. I think that the teams will have to settle for a point each”

“The Swans had a great win in Sheffield on the opening day of the season but it will be tough to repeat that at the Liberty. I’d call the Blades a typical Championship side, big and physical with limited football ability- the type of side we struggle with at the Liberty.”

“They are really tough and well organised. Wilder has them well drilled”

“Sheff Utd flying at the moment, be surprised if we get anything out of this one. I think we got lucky on the opening day, Montero was the game changer for us that day.”

“They’ve come a long way since we stuffed them ,this could be very interesting”

“this will be an extremely challenging game I fear. “

“Blades can certainly be beaten but they’ve steamrolled some quality sides and managed to win tough games through grit too. “

“They have had a great season. Shows just what a good result that was on the opening day”

“Let’s do the double on these.”

“Be happy with draw. A point against a team gunning for promotion is a good result”

“They haven’t beaten anyone decent except Norwich back in August and Derby on Boxing Day. Both were at home”

“Can’t help thinking that Prutton on Sky hates us just a much as that W****R Lawrenson . . .Each and every week he cannot bring himself to give us the points and the merit we deserve . . Let’s prove him wrong tomorrow and stuff United. ”

“They should beat us, home record is awful”

“I am more concerned about our home games than i am about our away games myself……We look a good team playing some good football away from home, but at home for some reason we never look as good and you can predict the opposition will score and we struggle to score”

“We just need to keep creating chances and being clinical”

“If Fulton and Carroll give performances that their capable of great. If not a beating.”

“The blades are much better at the banter than the other lot in that city”

“Good bunch of lads. Think the Sheffield Wed fans were the worst so far”

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View From QPR

“Hardly forced their keeper into a save all game. Disappointing.”

“The whole performance was just drab. Limited their chances but created nothing ourselves at all. Literally nothing. Not one serious chance.”

“We were second best all day, got what we deserved. #### all. “

“We had a collective inferiority complex”

“For not one misplay, this was a nil-nil draw. Despite not getting the results, and not having any efforts upfront, there’s a lot to like about today’s performance.”

“a draw would’ve been fair, last season we would have got turned over big time, we’re improving no doubt, dust off and go again”

“Dull game. No real chances other than the goal for either side. Eze looked good but had to get the ball from his own half most of the time. “

“they were there for the taking in my opinion. We just didn’t seem to click today”

“Blades up to 2nd place now but they are not good enough to stay there… “

“We aren’t tough or robust enough. When we do put ourselves about we aren’t very good at it and get bookings for really lame fouls. At least take someone down properly if you are going in the book. Sheffield at the top and another team that look nothing like decent enough.”

“This ref was exactly what United needed to play that type of match, they really didn’t overly impress me today, we were dreadful, some of that has to do with the ref and the way United were allowed to play though!”

“United fouled us cleverly very early so we couldn’t counterattack. They did not even get yellow cards! When we did manage to break our passing was too late”

“I´m sick and tired of the fouls when a team tries to counter. Manchester City are the worst culprits in the PL, but I´m pretty sure Sheffield United have a comparable statistic in the Championship. Crap game”

“The ref was awful.”

“Funny how when we are not winning there is only 3 minutes extra-time and their keeper is aloud to take all the time in the world. “

“Shape was excellent, work-rate never dipped, defence excellent and ref did us no favours in stopping one break away to book one of theirs. He should have booked at least five Sheff Utd players for cynical pullbacks but only once our breaks had been allowed to build up (where possible). ”

“Our captain could’ve done more to get in front of McG. Beside that one effort it was a level match”

“we were facing a very solid team today. McGoldrick again showed why he’s a cut above everyone else out there. “

“It’s amazing how McGoldrick always scores against us!”

“Going down 1-0 away to Sheff Utd is not a bad result by any stretch. We were in the game for 90 minutes. I can’t believe the unbelievable season we are having considering the state our club has been in! ”

“The fact that we are disappointed we didn’t get a result away from home against a team going for automatic promotion speaks volumes… ”

“Sheffield Utd are a top side, so today was always going to be tough”

“Many a team have been ripped apart at Bramal Lane, so a 1-0 defeat isn’t that bad.
Good side playing well. ”

“No shame in losing to this lot. 2nd in the table.”

“Expect them to be in the mix for promotion”

“We were quite competitive against a good Sheff Utd side”

No shame losing to this Sheffield Utd. They really impressed today. Still we gave them a good game. “

“We weren’t at the races today but we also restricted a strong automatic promotion chasing side to very little on their own patch, so that’s a positive to take away. Really liked Bramall Lane as well. Another ground ticked off the list.”

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Pre-Match View From QPR

“Sheffield United are sitting just outside the automatic promotion spots and have a number of really good looking scalps already this season. So how good are they?
We know that their second string were not good enough to beat non-league Barney. In fact they didn’t really put up much of a fight and Barney well deserved their win. But that was the second string and they will likely be well up for Saturday. I haven’t paid much attention to them this season ( or any season, TBH) so I’d be interested to hear from someone who has been paying attention as to whether they are the real deal?”

“Not good enough to beat a giant purple dinosaur!
Perhaps it was just a bad hair day – Dodgy Barnet?”

“They are a good side who should make the playoffs this season, them losing to Barnet last week won’t do us any favours as you’d expect a big reaction from them but they are not unbeatable and if we defend like we have in recent weeks then every chance we can frustrate them”

“I don’t think, reading Chris Wilder, that ANY of the 11 that played in the FA Cup will play v us.”

“I hope we get a clear offside goal and a very debatable penalty in a 2-1 win….”

“Would take a point now”

“Gonna be a real tough one this. They’re very good going forward. I fear a loss but hope for a dogged draw.”

“Tough game this and I’d take a point now all day long. Washington has gone something like 12 games for Sheffield United without a goal too so you know the inevitible game of his life is on the cards.”

“Most of Washingtons appearances have been as sub so unlikely to start. Utd have been off the boil lately”

“If Sheff Utd are off the boil I’d hate to play them when they’re bubbling!”

“Our defence are gonna play the mother of games.”

“Not so sure they’re as good as people think they are? Would like to think we’re organised to get something, but you just know Washing up is going to score, couldn’t hit a cows ar$e with a banjo for us but you know it’s coming”

“Id take a draw but certainly think weve got every chance of turning them over”

“I am baffled at where they are in the table and their position gives me hope we may indeed scrape into the play off places.
I didn’t think much to them when they beat us in that early season game. They must be doing something right but I will be disappointed if we finish below them this season.”

“A team that has Leon Clarke and Connor Washington up front. Throw in Big Pat Agyemang and they’re almost sporting the QPR fans choice of the w@nkiest attack ever… “

“They have Billy Sharpe, very successful goalscorer.
Clarke has done well for them over a couple of years.
Washington, I wouldn’t expect to start but if they are wanting a change late in the game he could come on and we will all be hoping he doesn’t make us choke on our opinions of him.
A well organised, tough battling team, not unbeatable but we will have to match their effort them to get anything.”

“Clarke has a knack for scoring against us. I remember him scoring a hat trick against us at Bramall Lane what seems like many years ago. In fact, how’s he even still playing at this level?!”

“Thought Clarke got a bum deal when down here, in a very good side but mostly played wide which didn’t suit him.”

“15-1 to us,
just for the utd fans browsing this on their forum via link”

“I actually applaud them for not being like the usual and most club forums of throwing insults about at our club and fanbase. They seem like a good bunch who are just happy to be going along for the ride and happy with how they are doing just like we are. We’ve both been good and bad in the past and it’s good to see fans happy that they are doing well, not getting too much ahead of themselves. They also recognise that anyone up there at this stage is worthy of being there and that anything can happen.”

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Loan Updates

All in all, December wasn’t great month for the Blades out on loan. Sam Graham is back at United following a disappointing spell at Oldham, along with Jordan Hallam who only started 3 games for Chesterfield due to injury. Ben Heneghan has also been injured as have Ricky Holmes and Samir Carruthers at Oxford United. Regan Slater is fit but didn’t start a game over the Christmas period and he isn’t featured here either.

Fleetwood Fans Views On Ched Evans

“Did not get a sniff but like Madden worked hard and worked hard defensively too.”

“Like Madden worked his socks off and was cool as ice when it came to the penalty in front of the loud away support. Another good shift.” “Won the penalty and the coolest man in Highbury to slot home the subsequent spot-kick.”

“He will get at least 20 this season”

“16 I reckon, Madden 20”

“I actually think our front 3 are having a great season, Evans and Madden are class acts along with Hunter”

Barrow Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Norrington-davies was immense”

“Norrington-Davies might be more likely to break through at Sheffield United than Smith”

“He’s got a real chance of being a top, top player.”

“Man Of The Match today”

“Superb cross for the goal”

“Norrington Davies has got to stop that cross coming in, instead he gives the player space to deliver the cross”

Notts County Fans Views On Nathan Thomas

“I think he’s improving every game. After showing occasional glimpses of his quality earlier in the season, he seems to be backing it up with some work ethic.”

“Possibly his best game in a Notts shirt. Big threat going forward but worked harder off the ball than I’ve seen, typified by his pressing which led to the second goal. Not been a fan but no qualms about him starting when he plays like this. Great work for the penalty.”

“Thomas closed down and harried all game which made a massive difference to his all round game and us. He’s probably on the ball for around four minutes in the game so it’s crucial to physically get in oppositions face for the other eighty six minutes and to try and have some effect with the ball for those brief moments. Today he did and if he keeps it up as part of that front three we won’t have to defend deep for large spells of the game.”

“I found Thomas to be quite frustrating at times”

“Thomas has shown flashes of skill.”

“With 1 goal from about 60 shots, he must have set a new low for chance conversion so at least he’s had an impact.”

“I sometimes wonder what would happen if we had another winger who was a better version of Thomas”

“Thomas is dreadful, he missed a one on one today that would have saved us.”

“waste of a wage. Looses the ball, hides when we are in possession.”

“Thomas in-particular endured an awful cameo, blazing one decent chance over and twice giving it away in key areas.”

“Well you might as well brought me on. A very genorous 1/10”

“Send him back”

“Frustrating as he is, I’d keep him until the end of the season”

Queen Of The South Fans Views On Callum Semple

“Came to the club when we needed a CB urgently.
Has been fantastic from his trial game against Hearts to the result of our season so far at Inverness today.
Strong, Calm, excellent in the air and on the floor.
28 appearances and over 2000 minutes played. A successful loan signing if ever there was one and let’s hope we have forged a good relationship with Sheffield United to attract further loan players.
Will follow his career with interest.”

“Absolutely, a terrific loan signing and complete success. The boy is as strong as an ox but he will need to be up against some of those giant forwards down south..Comes from Scottish parentage so might be capped for Scotland even if it’s at least the under 21’s.”

“He’s never put a single foot wrong since he’s been here. Young lad and slotted into this level looking like he’s played for years. He’s got a bright future ahead of him.”

“Sheffield United are third in the English Championship only 4 points off the top. This team would be extremely difficult to get into at the moment. I reckon going onto another loan at a higher level than us is probably correct”

“Both Callum and Queens certainly gained from his loan spell with us and I wish him all the best for the rest of his career wherever he may finally end up. Hopefully he does not go back to Sheffield simply to warm the bench as that would surely be a waste for this talented prospect.”

Bury Fans Views On Caolan Lavery 

“Was really good – showed intent and an eye for goal. The silver lining in today’s grey cloud!”

“Bang goes the myth that he wasn’t going to play a part thus season once back from injury.  Could be just what we need as we reach the stage where the squad needs refreshing.”

“Excellent today. “

“Really impressed with Lavery. Quickly got into the game, looked lively, found space and took his goals well. A contrast to the gutless, aimless display given by both Byron Moore and Nicky Maynard.”

“Lavery is one of those players that is in the right place at the right time. Good work rate throughout.”

“Lavery is a useful player but he does his best work on the floor. However, he is a good option in the closing stages of games.”

“Lavery is a good option and think he will be vital if we are to sustain a promotion push.”

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Cardiff and Bolton Fans Views On Gary Madine

Cardiff Fans

“Would be a great move for him, us and Sheffield Utd if this came off. It hasn’t quite happened for him here as yet but I think a spell on loan would work wonders for him and if he does come back to us could prove the answer for the rest of his career. I hope so as I do like him. ”

“agree and a loan move would be spot on IMHO, as it gives the lad an opportunity to get back in the groove and any decision on his expensive future can be left to the summer when we will know in which league we will be playing in next season. Don’t recall anyone form inside the club questioning his commitment or attitude either? “

” Gary Madine would be a good signing for Sheffield United. He’s only been crap at Cardiff because Cardiff were a crap club for him. It was a terrible fit and he was doomed to fail

“would rather zohore been shipped out over madine ppl slate madine but he still outscored zohore last season”

“Outscored our top striker at club says a lot really if madine is that bad then whats zohore then apart from being overrated whats he scored 9 in about 45-50 games”

” Zohore can actually score more goals in open play than Madine. If you take away Madine’s 10 yrd penalty’s he only scored about 6 goals. I don’t disagree that Zohore has been poor over the last year but at least he’s shown potential to be a very good striker when he was ripping up championship defenders for fun. Madine has shown no potential what so ever.”

“Good luck to him, it’s not his fault we paid so much for him. “

“Im sure Sheffield United are just signing him because he won a flick on to assist Pilkington’s goal against them last season. Glad he’s going and hopefully we can recruit 1-2m”

“Can have him for free. I’ll even deliver him myself”

“Don’t tell me we’ve managed to shift Gary Madine goal machine off the payroll”

“Gary Madine………goal machine……… not, lower champ or div 1 at best”

“Been an absolute disaster never looked like scoring”

” I think Gary Madine is a striker for a lower to mid Championship side. He made nil impact for us chasing promotion last season and I would be surprised if is a much different story at Sheff U but certainly wish him well.”

“Gary Madine has scored more goals against Cardiff than for us last year”

“How the fu…. did we pay all that money for him. Got to be a confidence thing????”

“Gary Madine is the biggest waste of shit to wear a cardiff shirt send that prick back to bolton on a free”

“Bolton absolutely fleeced us for Gary Madine, right up there with the worst City signings in my lifetime”

“it seems like he was bought after a good game away to Bolton. £6M is 5.5 too much.”

“Turning down £15m for Zohore a year ago… Signing Madine for £6m in January… Not signing a striker this summer… Calamitous…”

“£2m initial fee was about right really”

“Found wanting at this level”

“Gary Madine is unfortunately not of the requisite standard to play Premier League football – not fair to ask him”

“On the evidence of what I saw last season it is questionable he is Championship standard.”

“Don’t stick him on pens”

“He’s terrible”

“He’s awful. Nothing about the guy at all”

“He’s a prick”

Bolton Fans

“As if Madine is going Sheffield United 2 years after calling Billy Sharp a fat bastard”

“Seriously? Of all the places I thought Gaz would pitch up on loan this month, Sheff Utd were pretty low on the list.”

“Big fat Billy might want a quiet word”

“going to be awkward.”

“He was different class for us in L1 promotion year & in a terrible team in the first half of last season. Is he match fit? Hardly played a game second half of last season for Cardiff and same so far this season. Good signing for Sheff Utd”

“I’m becoming a Sheffield fan fuck this”

“Sheff Utd are in/famous for bringing through jewels and selling them off (Jones, and too many others to mention) before then reclaiming discarded former rising stars who never quite made it and were cast into the waste bin, to replace the gold they’ve sold.
Time after time after time they do it. “

“He was our most important player”

“I’d take him back any day if the opportunity came for him to return to us. Maybe if we wasn’t in such a mess financially we may have been able to compete.”

“I miss Gary Madine”

“I miss watching Madine swear at any person who even looks at him”

“If we could have get Madine for the rest of the season we’re safe. A small investment compared to the cost of going down to L1.”

“Without the washing machine we would be League One without a doubt”

“Just saying we’ve been spiralling since we sold Madine”

“THANK YOU GARY MADINE. The run of form, the goals, the money we managed to get which kept us alive”

“Yes and thanks to Cardiff city being mad enough”

“Never his biggest fan but he’s knuckled down and got himself sorted.”

“Thank God we didn’t get him back”

“He’s shite”

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View From Barnet

“One of the best results in the club’s history.”

“My best moment in 25 years following the bees get in there”

“Our greatest FA Cup moment. The only other 2nd division side we’ve beaten in the FA Cup was Colchester Utd in 2007 but that was at home and the Blades are a much bigger club.”

“The best experience supporting Barnet since winning the Conference in 2005. Well done the team, the management team and 996, now voiceless, members of the Beearmy. COYBs !”

“Am ecstatic !!! So happy for everyone at the club, we’ve had such a horrible few years….and now this”

“Actually crazy, like wtf. Non league beating a team that could potentially be prem next season.”

“We were composed, kept our shape superbly and attacked with no little flair. Cousins didn’t have that much to do apart from that amazing save at the end.”

“Brilliant performance. Totally matched them and kept calm and held our shape throughout. Showed great composure to keep the ball and didn’t resort to time wasting tactics. Wow. Awesome performance.”

“Just for the record, I don’t care that Chris Wilder made 10 changes for this game & that his and Sheff Utd’s priority is obviously promotion to the Premier League. Barnet are wallowing mid-table in the Conference & they are on verge of Premier League millions. AND we were away”

“84 places between us and the Blades!”

“Sheffield have only lost once to non league and that was to Altrincham so in their fans words has the potential to be the most embarrassing in their history.”

“What a fantastic performance from start to finish. So glad we came. Nice touch to see some Blades fans clapping the Barnet team off.”

“Class from the Sheffield United fans for the credit they are giving Barnet! Best of luck for the rest of the season”

“Fair play to all at Sheffield United. Just weren’t up for it on the day. All the best for the rest of the season. Hope to see them in the Prem next season. It’s just the magic of the cup”

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Pre-Match View From Barnet

“A team with premiership pedigree Sheffield will present a stern challenge and it is hoped they will rest some players giving us a chance to pull off an upset.
Made famous by the film “when Saturday comes” a love letter by Sean Bean to his beloved blades. Here is hoping our Sharpe shooters are ready to take advantage of any opportunity which arises and we will not be left with a stark result.”

“Sheffield United are one of the bigger clubs in the country. Better than Fulham, Brentford away.
It’s a good tie. It’s not as if we’ve ever rubbed shoulders with them competitively.
All cup ties are winnable…there’s a chance”

“A big club who we’ve never ever played before, at their place, which is one of the big historic football grounds situated in one of our more interesting cities. Plus, there’s the Currie connection. What’s not to like?”

“The cup is all about tradition. Sheffield Utd have more Division 1 pedigree than Bournemouth, Wigan, Watford etc. and are a bigger club, but because they are not in PL fans are moaning.”

“Only a win at Sheffield United can act as a gloss on this disappointing season.”

“The good news is that very few Championship sides take the FA Cup seriously so there’s a good chance they’ll field a reserve side.”

“If Sheffield United rest a few players we might not get stuffed on Sunday.”

“Theoretically, if United were to field a weakened team, which they almost certainly will, our chances may not be so low.
The league has to be a priority for them, and this is an important stage if they want promotion. Not sure they’d fancy the extra hassle of the FA Cup, and certainly won’t be starting Billy Sharp.
So they field a weakened team and they’re left with a fairly young/unfancied squad that isn’t much better than low League One standard… a la Bristol Rovers… who we beat.”

“Their first choice strikeforce is starting to click. Basham and Sharp have been scoring in recent games.
But this is the sort of fixture where we could frustrate them even if they do field a strong XI.”

“I had a dream yesterday that we went 2-0 up and left them shell-shocked at half time. Then it was backs to the wall defending, We conceded one to set up a grandstand finish. Then the baby woke me up at 5am…

“I saw them win at reading easily so expect them to score freely against us.”

“We will do well vs sheffield, deserve better, lose”

“We’ll lose and they’re such a boring side”

“Another crap draw. No chance of getting through and no glamour or money to be made from playing Sheffield Utd. Why do we never get Arsenal, Tottenham or Chelsea?It’s always a zero interest Northern or West Country side. Boring.”

“A boring and difficult tie! Magic of the cup and all that….”

“Fantastic atmosphere at Sheffield Utd so a great day out I’m sure.” “Proper stadium with proper fans.”

“The Chip butty song is very catchy but I doubt they’ll sing it unless we can take the lead or there’s a large crowd.”

“I thought I would check their attendances & was very disappointed to see their Carabao cup attendance of 6300 vs Hull earlier this season. League attendances ranging from 23-30k though. “

“Bramall Lane is a ground with plenty of character looking at the design. Billy Sharp, David McGoldrick, Leon Clarke up front………. Hillsborough was just eerie and had a horrible feeling of what had happened five years before when I went in 1994.”

“5 club coaches will be making the trip oop north for our first ever visit to Brammall Lane”

“5 coaches is quite something for us these days. Well done to all those going up there and here’s hoping we can do what we did at Bristol Rovers. Stay in the game, soak up a bit of pressure and maybe nick something we can hang on to.”

“Sheffield United have been good with the prices”

“I’m impressed that Season Ticket holders & membership holders get a discount on their matchday tickets, we should do that for our cup ties.”

“Over 500 tickets sold so far.”

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