View From Man City

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“Good win against a really organised side. Performance wasn’t brilliant but got the points.”

“Bloody hell, that was hard.”

“a hard thought win against a very good side. “

“That put years on me.”

“Hard fought victory against a side superbly well-drilled, full of running and a side which has consistently given sides a bloody nose.
They make the game a bit rough around the edges and although it was not one of our vintage performances, from a creative perspective, we showed a different set of characteristics, such as resilience, determination etc.”

“Hard fought win against a load of clogging wankers.Remember why I prefer wednesday now”

“Remind me of Stoke when they first got into the prem. hugely physical and aggressive and not what the majority of the leagues players are used to..
They will however get used to and prepare for their style. Will struggle in a season or two imo”

“Not much quality otherwise against an team intent on kicking us as much as possible.”

“Bunch of cloggers.
Hard faught win. “

“workman like performance, lucky not to pick up injuries”

“sums up the state of this league when Sheff Utd were 7th coming into today, absolute shite”

“scumbag sheffield ****s.”

“Sheff Utd play shit 80s football”

“like watching Wimbledon circa 80’s”

“Utd were dismal, what a poor style of football they play.”

“I despise Sheffield Utd fans
I despise Sheffield Utd players”

“Another set of no nothing nobhead fans in the Premier league. See Stoke, Burnley or Wolves”

“Hate them vile team and fans and press keep saying how great they done against us they had 2 shots on target over the the two games give over.”

“Don’t know who was more shite. Jesus, Sterling or the entire Sheff Utd team.”

“Sheffield United attempt to kick us off the park was embarrassing, Wilder is another dinosaur.”

“They really are a team in Colin Wanker’s mould.”

“Great result against a set of thugs sent out to rough us up, fucking Neanderthal tactics,Wilder has taken the mantel of Warnock for me”

“A carbon copy of Sean Dyche”

“Wilder talking shite about pushing us, saying he thinks our fans agree.
I agree they pushed us alright, they pushed our nerves to the limit with neanderthal tackling meant to maim!”

“Managers like Wilder really piss me off when they come out with shite like “Games against teams like Manchester City aren’t going to define our season”
So why set up against us as though it was a defining game for you?
And the lazy rhetoric “We’ve only just been promoted into the premier league, Manchester City have spent billions over the years”
Yes Chris, we have spent billions. That’s why we finish either first or second in the league nearly every fucking year.
Liverpool and the rags have spent a few bob too but they’re not as consistent as us.”

“They are down next year. Wilder is Mark 3 of Bassett and Warnock. Norwich play to entertain and win and they will ultimately prevail when Sheffield are back in the lower leagues.”

“Wouldn’t mind if sheff united fall apart tbh, bunch of cloggers with backwards fans. Also, wilder has a very punchable face.”

“Lost all respect for them tonight.”

“Pathetic set of fans as well – loveed in when our players bassed the ball and ept it for so long that their fans had to give up shouting handball at every touch – as i said – pathetic”

“awful team,beats the shit out of me how they have so many points on the board…”

“One of the dirtiest teams I’ve ever seen and I would imagine they will get relegated next season when the novelty factor wears off.”

“Hope they dont win another game and get relagated”

“It’s the first time I’ve really paid any attention to them, the home game I expected us to win and to be honest it was a bit of a piss up.
the new Burnley I guess.”

“game was just as expected, playing Burnley version 2, long ball and at times overly physical.”

“If that lot are 7th the Premier League must be shite. Utter garbage. Mason is a cheat”.

“Good win against a well organised, very physical team playing with 12.”

“Mason couldn’t give it to them, but he tried his best. “

“Usual disgusting cheating officiating by Mason. Club needs a new dossier on him to have him removed from our games as he is the same in every game we have him”

“Mason was shit,equal bookings i think,they set out to cripple eric and whoever else they could,vile club”

“They booed the ref, doesn’t get much more blinkered than that. Except for Liverpool fans of course. “

“The actually think they’re hard done to lol”

“We wasn’t great, but a good battling performance against a bunch of dirty bastards.
We’d see red for them tackles.
Commentary was atrocious, I bet you could watch that on SUFC own channel and it wouldn’t be as biased as that.”

“tin pot club…..nobhead fans…..Wednesday shit all over them”

“Have they stopped kicking us yet?”

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Nottingham Forest Fans Views On Jack Robinson

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“He’s done well to land a Prem move, not sure what they’ve seen tbh”

“He’s better than he has shown in his last few performances, but still not really shown himself to be prem quality whilst here.”

“He is ok as back up , But let’s face it if he is second best at a championship club then I find this very odd .He is bang average , He is ok going forward but makes loads of mistakes and his positional abilities are shocking, He will be murdered by VAR in the prem”

“He’s been poor this season. I’m not sorry to see him go.

“Don’t know why they’d want him he’s terrible

“If we have ambitions of been in the top league it won’t include Jack Robinson sell sell sell”

“Will not be missed and on big wages”

“I will drive him to Bramhill lane myself. Gives away too many free kicks in dangerous areas”

“Says enough about Osborn as a LB that they want to bring Robinson as well”

“Actually quite starting to like Sheffield United. Not only do they give us £3.5m for Ben Osborn but they want Robinson too?”

“They’ve take one of our shite left backs why do they want another”

“Blades: a bang average forest full back… “take our money””

“He can’t play wing back so get rid”

“He’s an average Championship defender who is currently 2nd choice LB and 5th choice centre back, who’s contract is running out in six months.”

“He was decent initially. Been absolutely dreadful when he’s played this season tho”

“Played well as a left sided centre half but has been liability at left back”

“He’s not a bad player but his mistakes are too frequent and often bad ones. Although maybe that does make him a bad player with a reasonable level of ability.”

“Don’t get the hate for Robbo. I rate him, he’s not as good as Riberio but a good championship left back”.

“I maintain that Robinson is a good player who is just going through a terrible run of form”

“I like Robbo, has made mistakes but can be a really good Left back on his day”

“I think he may actually be just as average in the Prem too…The kind of player to be able to up his game to always be average at any level. “

“Seemed to remember he was in POS discussions last season. Always rated him better as a CB personally, but never been as hyper critical as most on his FB performances. Commitment without question, has ability, proof your only a couple of mistakes away from being shit at Forest. “

“They would look at him has a left sided centre half could be a good player there for them in a 3 and back up.”

“Steady utility man , can play anywhere in the back 4”

“Robinson at LB:

P18 W10 D7 L1

Robinson not at LB:

P9 W1 D4 L4 “

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Pre-Match View From Man City

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“I do not want to harp on about VAR but Sheffield United have had more than their fair share of being on the wrong end of VAR decisions, but I hope no such controversy occurs tonight as City visit Bramhall Lane with an odd kick-off time dating back in the day when this was a normal time to start an evening match, such is the power of TV Mogul companies like BT Sport, I am surprised that the game is not split into quarters so they can have adverts mid-match.
Sheffield are having a great season being back in the top flight and are playing some exciting football without having spent mega amounts of money a relatively small amount which comes nowhere near the amount e.g. spent by the Merseyside Club which paid for their centreback”

“Going to be a tough game especially with their brilliant home support. I just don’t think we have the mentality for a physical battle.”

“This is going to be a really really tough game.”

“Think we’re really gonna struggle here.”

“They doing quite well for a promoted team, and pretty good vs top teams as well. Fans will be up for it they know our defence can be caught very easily with some long balls, counters, set pieces. Problem is if the lesser PL clubs like Sheffield, Palace, Wolves, Norwich know this and punish us so often what the hell is our plan vs Real Madrid which should be priority we have one month to improve seriously until we play them.
I expect a very close game”

“The kid Norwood is some player.
Been impressed every time I’ve watched Sheff Utd.”

“I like Fleck. He has poise”

“Fleck is a top player. “

“The United kid they have is the future of England’s goalkeeping”

“Not going to win the league and could probably accept a draw in this one”

“tactically they are still impressive but the execution hasn’t been there recently. They’re probably feeling the effects of not being able to rotate their squad much over the Christmas fixtures”

“Sheffield looked half decent against us. We still beat them”.

“So we need to win 10 of our 15 remaining league matches to guarantee top 4, assuming all the rivals for that win all their other games? We still have Sheffield, united, and spurs to play, so good to win those especially. Be good to have those 5 games of points ‘in hand’, especially if we make cup progress.”

“Several more changes again as is the norm”

“Sheffield away game seems much harder than Palace and best players will play there”.

“It will be a tougher match than Saturday”

“Strongest side at Sheff Utd, change v Fulham, then kill Utd.”

“Stones is injured.”

“To be fair it would be hard to notice the difference with the useless sod.”

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View From Arsenal

“Well, I’m back to not caring about football again. Was a fun 3 weeks lads.”

“Genuinely is becoming an absolute farce this season now. 6 wins and 11 draws. Beyond awful.”

“good point and closer to our goal for the season staying up. Im confident we will stay up now”

“Disappointing not to win it in the end, should have sealed it before they scored”

“Is there anything more stressful than Arsenal defending a 1 goal lead? Literally”

“should have won FC”

“Draw FC”

“Worse 90 mins under Arteta, never got going
Sheffield utd are really well organised”

“Sheffield Utd are a good, well drilled team.”

“Sheffield United have players who earn modest salary and are so unattractive to the big clubs they probably feel quite fortunate to be in the position. Grateful even.
That’s why they would run through a brick wall for the team and the manager. Who in our team would do that for the badge or manager. Nobody.”

“say what you want about Sheffield Utd but there a far more stable side than us at the minute and difficult to beat, that’s just where we are as a team currently”

“Sheffield United had players that could match us for speed, power and even technique. this is a bang average squad that has a HUGE summer of recruitment ahead. As for this season, it’s a write off.”

“I’m more optimistic with these performances and average results over those good results but poor performances. I say average because you’re also not considering the quality of the opposition. Teams like Sheffield and Palace are very good. Palace got a draw at the Etihad today, are City poor too?”

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“Sheffield is a pretty good team and we looked solid in defence until the goal.”

“Sheffield united were comfortable the whole game. We were at home. We are Arsenal FC and they are coming to the Emirates and being comfortable. They leave with a point so stop talking about some mythical improvement. Improvement is dominating matches. Improvement is winning matches and having some impact on where we finish in the league.”

“Many of you are saying
“We looked solid against Sheffield United”.
Go and repeat them words and think about it. “

“What a shit performance.
Shit result.
Because we are a shit quality team.”

“none deserved to win today. Pretty average game all around.”

“The only positive I guess is that we thoroughly outplayed Sheffield from 25-30 minutes onwards. They really had one spell towards the end.”

“Sloppy first 20 minutes but after that we dominated scored good goal failed to score 2nd got robbed by var and Sheffield score via deflection in 83 minutes. Frustrating.”

“Pen not given and lucky deflection for them. Usual stuff.”

“Proud of the effort. Should’ve had a penalty. Unlucky goal conceded through a deflection.”

“MOTM for Sheffield United was VAR”

“How comeit;s not a penalty? because :
1.Martin Atkinson at VAR
2.Mike Dean as Referee
3.Arsenal is not Liverpool”

“We should file a lawsuit against the premier league
and FA
officials for bias against Arsenal
How on earth is that Pepe Foul in the box not a Penalty?”

“Joke of a VAR, joke of a goal they get.
We’re not great, but we did not deserve a loss this game, we simply didnt. I’m not mad at the team, i’m mad at the obvious unfair treatment we’ve received this entire season. How are you supposed to compete when VAR has effectively ****ing busted us at least 9 points this season.”

“Arsenal have lost more points this season due to Var mistakes (10 Points)
Let that sink in..”.

“So. Another win VAR has stolen.”

“Corruption at its finest”

“Man we deserved to win this game but var and the players incapability to kill of a game hurt us again.”

“Mike Dean with his job again. That’s the definition of a clear pen.
I thought they want to use monitors more often now?”

“it was a dive”

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Pre-Match View From Arsenal

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“So in theory, this should be fairly straight forward. Sheffield United are really looking decent this season but we’re at home and seem to have a fresh approach about us under Mikel.”

“If we win this we’ll climb to 1 point behind Sheffield United.
Never thought I’d ever say that. “

“Would take a point.
We’re in a dreadful time”

“Bit of 6 pointer really if we have any designs of finishing higher than mid table.”

“Really we should win this. We have the much stronger team on paper. Arteta will have had all week to train with and prepare the players for this game and we’re at home.
BUT they are a very well organised side, deservedly sitting high up in the league and we’ve struggled to create many chances against much worse. Plus no Auba to bail us out by taking one of the few chances we create. Doesn’t bode well.”

“They are in pretty good form and will cause us problems. We’re conceding for fun and barely scoring and now Auba is out.”

“This is tough even if at home Sheffield will keep defending deep and try to hit us either on counters with Auba is out it’ll be more difficult for us to get goals need Pepe and Laca take responsibility.

“without Auba and with Sheff U’s tight defence i think it could only be a draw”

“We won’t score more than 1 without Aubameyang”

“Extremely well organized side. Does their basics very well. Table doesn’t lie.
I don’t think we are going to create a lot of chances against a team like this. Key is to take every chance that comes along. And for that reason, Auba missing is going to be a huge factor. The rest of the forwards are far less incisive.”

“Not type of game that we need atm.They’re decent in defence and can be very tricky opponent.”

“Weirdly confident about this one.
They have been nothing short of brilliant this season and aren’t just a defensive team, they can play some good stuff at times.
Got a feeling Luck might start to change for us”

“Will be a tight, close and physical game.”

“They are hard to play, physical team. We should not play Özil in this”

“No Auba, no Kolasinac or Tierney, no Torreria.
Two of our best players out.
Not ideal but no excuses here, we still have Ozil, Lacazette, Martinelli and Pepe ……… if we can’t get goals with that then the players need to have a serious hard look at themselves.”

“As long as we score 3 goals in the first half hour, we’ll win this”

“United is about to feel the wrath of Arteta. This might be the game where Laca will step up and be counted when it comes to scoring goals. 4-0 to the Arsenal. Obviously, I’m saying all this in vanity without acknowledging how well organized they have been this season. Oh well.”

“Think we will plow them. Will do the team good to not have auba on the wing. Though I wish he could play and laca on bench”

I’ve been surprised how well Sheffield Utd have kept up their off the ball movement and pressing systems.

“I thought they’d fade away a little but they seem to have gone from strength to strength. Been in every game they’ve played this year, City away was possibly the only time they’ve been hammered.”

“Sheffield Utd were awful away to Liverpool and there’s no chance they’re gonna rock up here in a similar vein. It’s up to us to make them look like what they are- an ordinary team. “

“Very impressed with Sheffield United too, deserve to be where they are.
Kinda annoyed that these days football seems to be all about “pressing”, “work rate” and “running” though…any useless **** can do these, I want to see things on the pitch I can’t do.
Who cares about all these useless forms of basically exercising…football should be about the artistry, the technique…the mavericks that get you out of your chair…”

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View From West Ham

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“Football is dead.”

“VAR has the blood of football on its hands tonight, it has officially killed the game we once loved..”

“Fed up with celebrating non-goals. And to be against that lot”

“Well, that was Moyesy. And then VAR. I hate football.”

“I don’t know if it’s because it’s fresh in my mind but it seems like we’ve had a lot of decisions go against us as a result of VAR.”

“We were robbed of a point, and if it was liVARpool playing that goal would of stood.
Having said that, we were second best tonight.”

“Blame the new law not VAR.
VAR got it right based on the law”

“It’s ridiculous that a player having his arms by his side with his eyes closed can be called for handball when the ball is hit at him for inches away.
Especially when a Liverpool player is allowed to stick their arm out to stop the ball from 10 yards away.”

“We’re worse than VAR gutless negative performance..
Going to Sheff Utd and looking scared with the players we have.. How long does Moyes have left?”

“Gary Neville said that the attitude that coming to Sheffield united and saying a point would be a great result is everything that’s wrong with the club. We didnt play well, didnt deserve anything, and the mentality is completely wrong throughout the club if you view a draw at bramall lane as a great result when you take travelling support like that to Sheffield on a Friday night”

“Any West ham fan that doesn’t expect 3 points against that sheff utd team are idiots and are the reason why we don’t progress as a club”

“I agree with Neville, it’s pathetic that we as a club see a point away to a championship side as a good result.”

“Sheff Utd won every 50/50 tonight. Worked harder. Wanted it more”

“Sheff utd players that could only dream on out midfield wages but totally destroyed us”

“Sheffield United are a younger, fitter and frankly better side than we are. “

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“Sheffield United were the better side imo and deserved the victory”

“Sheffield Utd were far the better team. If we keep playing like this we will be in serious trouble by the end of the season. How can any hammer feel inspired watching this team at the moment?”

“Sheffield United fully deserved the points and played some decent attractive football. “

“Moyes gone senile.Just said the mood in dressing room is fine as they played well and deserved win”

“First test for Moyes and he unsurprisingly fails”

“His tactics were pretty similar to his opposition manager tonight and if anything we showed more quality when the likes of Anderson or Rice got on the ball. They capitalised on a goalkeeper error. The only other difference is they had a bit more energy in the middle as Noble was **** and Mousset works harder than Haller. Antonio in the team tonight and we would’ve pissed this”.

“How much did we have to endure to lose by just one goal. We’d done the hard bit and snuffed out home advantage after about 20 minutes. Following that we looked comfortable and on the up in the remaining 25 mins of the 1st half. Start the 2nd half off and no real advantage either way. Then the error and goal. Due to that we had to then re-assert ourselves against a bouyed crowd and a team handed a goal. But we came back into it with 4 chances on goal to finish the stronger side. 2 disallowed goals, 2 terrible finishes from Lanzini and Haller should have had us level much earlier.”

“Both teams weren’t great, Sheffield Utd probably edged it with their energy.”

“They’re not easy on the eye but fair play to them”

“Theykicked the **** out of us and got away with it cos of that joke of a ref. We are significantly better and more organised that we were under Pellegrini we would have gotten smashed if he was still in charge, Sheff Utd are no mugs this season have a look at the league table”

“They had a couple of free headers from corners but other than that created nothing. Not to mention the savage hack on Anderson that has us down to 10 for 10 minutes…”

“We only lost because we were punished for a mistake.
They had 2 mistakes that Anderson and Lanzini didn’t take advantage of.
That’s basically what it came down to. Two average teams, one took their chance. “

“Played against a 5th place Sheffield United team away from home and pretty much kept them out the whole game bar Martin’s mistake”

“We didn’t deserve to lose the game. Sheffield United offered nothing, they are solid for sure but a gift for a goal from a GK mistake”

“How SU are where they are is a mystery, they’re a bit rubbish . We’re a lot rubbishier though.”

“Imagine being a Sheffield United fan and potentially dropping points at home to that shite”

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Pre-Match View From West Ham

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“Friday night in Sheffield .No trains back, and nowt to eat or drink save a greasy chip butty and a gallon of magnet.
Probably a game for over 18’s only.”

“Well up for this one on a Friday night, new ground, under the lights and a bit of angst between the 2 clubs, should be a cracker!”

“Sheffield Utd are a hard working energetic side who defend and attack as a team and as Manchester United have found , they don’t give up and keep going to the end . On paper they look like a bunch of journeymen Championship footballers but Chris Wilder and his Scouts have brought together a Squad of players capable of competing and doing well in the Premier League .
To get all three points we’ll have to be at the top of our game – Leicester City , Southampton , Liverpool and Newcastle have all beaten them at Bramall Lane so it’s not unthinkable we can’t , we look a better side already under David Moyes so let’s hope the 100% record is still intact come Saturday morning .”

“Confidence should be up after two on the bounce. I’m going for a win here”

“Lots of people raving about them this season yet we win up there and we are 4 points behind them despite the awful run we’ve had.
The one good thing is that you can be certain that Moyes will have a game plan – hopefully its to attack the game the same way we did Bournemouth as I think this is winnable. I think Sheffield will be favourites which does us a favour IMO. “

“Don’t really see why a lot of people in the media are creaming themselves about Sheffield United. Admittedly I’ve only seen them 3 times on the box, twice against the scousers and against us, and I’ve been completely underwhelmed by them.”

“This is where, I think, we will find out if it was right to bring Moyes back. Get a result here, and myself and many others who were sceptical will start to believe in him.”

“We are going to have to work our socks off for this. But Sheffield aren’t just up there because they run around a lot.”

“Not confident for this one, fear it a lot less than I did two weeks ago but they’re well organised and while the previous two wins are much appreciated, I do think the results do not reflect the full context.
Found myself somewhat rooting for them in some games, mainly due to Wilder, his post interview after the Liverpool game I found refreshing.”

“Seen a couple have mentioned the have lost their last two in the league, but those being against Man City and Liverpool away so very difficult to read anything into that. Prior to that a draw against Watford, which isn’t terrible given their resurgence.”

“a big upgrade in quality of opponents for moyes. a good team on form and winning. can we produce a good performance and get a draw up there.
crowd will be hostile and the tackles flying in. a fully committed team who will run all game. unlike Bournemouth who are on their beach !”

“If there’s one place I want to come away from with 3 points this season its the Blunts.”

“Pretty much a “must not lose” game not because of positions of where we are but because its Sheffield United.”

“Moyes can make himself a cult hero by putting a team out that beats these twats. Would be a really special victory especially after the Tevez debacle.”

“I have a very specific request for the outcome of this match.
We must only win by one goal. But that goal must come in the sixth minute of stoppage time after the board shows only four should be played. There should be no explainable reason for this such as further injuries etc. They must also have had three stonewall penalties turned away without recourse to VAR due to an electrical failure within the VAR studio. Oh but that isn’t the only mistakes of the night, our injury time goal is scored by our Argentine player Lanzini, however our newly employed shirt man finds foreign names difficult and accidently spelt it Tevez.”

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Millwall Fans Views On The 4th Round FA Cup Draw

The view from
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dem-Blades-Season-Ticket-Banner-Roy-on-Sale-now-2-644x225.png

“Woohoo – not”

“Bit of an anticlimax.”

“Lets pick up a win and hope for a better draw!”

“At least we’re at home.”

“Suppose it could be worse”

“It’s a premier league team at least.”

“Should be a full house for that one and under dogs would suit us.”

“They are a good team and doing well in the premier league but they won’t want to come to the Den”

“Least we got a home draw against a premiership team and definitely winnable.”

“Its at home so no crappy travel to some crappy ground where we will have a crappy allocation.
Not the worst draw.”

“Sheff Utd they’re a tricky team but it’s better than Northampton or Barnsley say, it’s at home we can do them and get further in the cup”

“Not gonna be an easy game at all, they’ve become a very good premier league side”

“One things for sure, Sheff Utd wont fancy it.”

“Let’s hope like all premier league teams that come down don’t take is seriously and put out weak team and we will do them no problem”

“Sheff u beatable”

“They won’t be putting out a weak side for this one. It should be a great game, they are doing well in premier league. I think they will be nervous about this one. “

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 73212173_1553984761409509_7596666161475878912_n-644x215.png

“Love a home tie to a prem club”

“Not glamorous, but at home against an in form premiership side and we all know in recent years that’s counted for nowt…see you in round 5”

“I take that another cup home draw is all good.
We are capable of beating Sheffield United in my opinion.
Good gate money and hopefully a chance to reach the FA Cup 5th round.”

“Sheffield United at home, decent tie, home to a Premier League team and it’s winnable as they won’t be full strength”

“Wilder does not enjoy his Den visits.”

“They will put out a strong team wilder is no mug”.

“he won’t want to get turned over by us . The blades will feel they have moved on from the championship and will want to prove there’s a gulf in class.
Also I think we can turn them over ,makings of a very good cup tie as long as we open all four sides”

“Sheffield United is alright in my opinion. Potentially winnable on our day and at least it’s another home game”

“Sheffield United have been one of our closest rivals given how we’ve basically followed them from L1. They’ve not got a massive squad, may not play full strength”

“It’s another game that we will probably lose but play a full team against. it’s unnatractive and will cause injuries and we are one midfielder or one striker away from being in a crisis”

“I reckon that’s about 15 out of the last 17 drawn at home or thereabouts.
A winnable game and a chance to see how far we’ve progressed pitted up against a good team.”

“These last few years we have definitely had our lucky share of home draws. They just don’t want us to set foot out of London for cup games, that’s for sure…”

“Sheffield United zzzzzzz”


“Sheffield United – the first top flight team we ever played in the FA Cup…..way back in 1895”.

“Lets smash them mugs up & fill the den right up for it. Knock another Premiershit club out & cause upsets.”

“could the Millwall premiershit curse hit again?”

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View From AFC Fylde

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“Great game!”

“Good performance and a great game to watch! Well done lads”

“Beaten narrowly by a very good premier league side”

“Played well unlucky late on not to grab an equaliser”

“the lads did everybody proud!”

“lads should be proud of what they’ve done there. Passion was there, intensity was there, and we nearly pulled off a miracle coming back! Proud to be a Coaster!

“Made us proud today Fylde”

“Excellent, well done lads. Showed we can compete strongly at much higher levels. Need to sustain this now in League matches, to get up that bloody table”

“A brave performance”

“What a brave and gutsy performance”

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“So close, great performance and unlucky not to equalise”

“Salah-esque finish for the goal!!!”

“Quality pass and quality finish.”

“Rodwell is still crap”

“”Thank you very much for the support the Sheffield United fans and staff today enjoyed it so much good luck for rest of the season”

“Played well, did ourselves proud. Blades fans and staff were first class and wish them well for rest of season (and not just because my wife’s family are Blades)

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Pre-Match View From AFC Fylde

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“All Fylde have to do is play like Liverpool last night, and they’ll be home and dry!”

“great draw for Fylde plus sheff utd will underestimate us so can defo see a replay”

“Last year they lost to Barnet at home, just saying”

“Lightning doesn’t strike twice etc. etc. Can’t see them making that mistake again to be honest I hope they show respect and field a decent team.”

“wouldn’t hold your breath on that team and unfortunately the size of the crowd, there game against Barnet didn’t draw a good crowd at all unfortunately”

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“We have been shocking lately”

“Clueless,no togetherness and devoid of any ideas.Would be a good bet next season to win the conf north league.”

“Easy 3 points”

“It’s been confirmed that VAR will be in use at Sheffield United on Sunday – making AFC Fylde the first non-league team to ever use the system. Let’s keep those armpits tucked in lads.”

“Got a better chance with VAR”

“Got to be in our favour as we probably will not get near enough to their goals for it to be used against us whereas Sheffield will be camped in our box and subject to VAR on a regular basis…”

“Cannot wait to have 93rd minute winner overruled because Rowes nose is offside”

“Effectively changing the way the game is officiated in the middle of a competition”

“Were taking 500”

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