“Lose to S Utd Roy quits / Win Roy stay for season “

“Lose S Utd Roy quits / Win Roy stay for season , what if he loses the next 10 games after that . We can brag about beating S Utd whie we are in the Championship with them . Now is the time to act . “

“Shouldn’t be in charge against Sheff U – can’t believe he hasn’t already gone..!! “

“If he stays for sheff United I hope they hammer us. It will serve us right.But they won’t because we will win easily and be stuck with the clown for the rest of the season till we wait all summer and appoint Southgate because that how pathetic we are”

“Sheffield is a must win for us. And we will win it. And the win will buy Roy a couple more weeks of confidence. “

“Sheffield will be there for the taking”

“All beating sheff United will do is keep a very poor manager in a job to continue destroying the club and players. The way he treats players like francs is an absolute disgrace. His tactics and subs have always been awful no point going over that again. What he is doing should be sackable in itself. The bloke is selfish and should walk. “

“Worst team in the division, the stats don’t lie. If we cannot beat them at home, then we don’t deserve to stay up. With the players we have at our disposal, it is entirely on Roy’s head. If he is still here and we don’t win, then he absolutely needs to go. “

“It’s nearly 4 years to the day that a Wilder managed Sheffield United beat a Hodgson managed Palace 1-0 at Selhurst from a Guiata own goal.
This has no bearing on the result of next Tuesday’s game , but I recall that game quite well.
Wilder puts out physical and competitive teams that are strong on set pieces and direct in attack.
He will have noted Henderson’s weakness on crosses and the inability of our centre halves to dominate in the air.
We have more experience of the Premier League and in general better players , but you could have said that about the game v Luton too which we lost this season.
It’s difficult to assess how the game will go given our terrible home record despite the fact that Sheffield United are one of the worst teams in the division.
It wouldn’t surprise me if it was a low scoring draw.”

“Wilder will surely have noted our inability to deal effectively with the ball put in from wide areas, be it a cross or a corner. I would expect this to be a main attacking platform for them. “

“Sheff Utd has scored twice in two last games and they will go for it from the start, knowing an early goal will unsettle our team (and the crowd) even more. The Blades work hard, some big guys and never seems to run out of steam. A decider for Roy – losing and he ought to be out.”

“Sheffield United are poor, they have Ben Diaz though who falls into the category of ‘where were we then?’ but they are giving it a go.I genuinely fear they could be the kind of team that despite the low quality, turn up and outwork our deflated and lifeless team to beat us without even a whimper from us.”

“The way we are currently playing I have little confidence of us beating The Blades.”

“Although we dominated at their place first game, we struggled to put them away properly then, and they was in a bit of a mess at the start of the season. Now they’ve got some resemblance of a team and have improved, this is not going to be easy. Especially with our confidence surely at an all season low now”

“anything other than a home win would raise serious questions about our ability to stay in this League.”

“It will be same players in same formation. Sit back from kick off. Play for the draw. They will then score from a corner/ free kick and we will lose.”

“Sheff Utd with big players will be lumping the ball into our box and guaranteed to score at least once. Tricky winger on the right (McAfee) and the whole seems to fight for every ball. “

“It’s going to be a physical battle, we know that.Defensively they look poor, but what have we got to offer to take advantage of that ? Not a lot. I like the look of McAfee. On loan from Manchester City. Very good in possession and can pick a pass.We shouldn’t be talking about a must win game in January, but it’s feeling like one.”

“their No19 Johnston has a very long throw & that McAtee is quick on the right. Michell’s going to be aware of him & Andersen will have one he’ll of a battle with Dias, both booked imo.”

“Hoping Eze can do a repeat of his wonder goal against them two seasons ago but have a disturbing worry that this match could be a gold-plated banana skin for us.”

“we beat Sheffield and they are goosed. And we will probably survive.”

“A baptism of fire yesterday for recently signed goalkeeper Ivo Grbic. I suspect that Wes Foderingam, once on our books, will play on Tuesday.
Central defenders Chris Basham and John Egan who were regulars last season have hardly played this campaign.
I predict a 2-0 home win !”

“Roy has on previous occasions upped sticks and walked before being sacked. ‘By mutual agreement’ is the term used. There is the possibility that, following a win against Sheffield, Roy will leave, going out on a high to cement his legacy.However, given he appears to have no other interests outside football, I suspect he will soldier on regardless.”

By Roy

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