“Well that certainly wasn’t dull.”

“clearly the better team”

“That was thoroughly deserved”

“Easy stuff this being a Brighton fan.
Just watching us beat teams, easily and no stress.”

” Thought we played them off the park 1st half until last 10 mins, they scored 2 to wipe out our lead. 2nd half I thought they were better but we scored 3″

“Funny old game, 2-2 wasn’t an unfair reflect at HT, we were so sloppy at times.”

“It was wonderfully entertaining. Deranged at the back at times but lots of fun.”

“Lovedthe boos from the home crowd.
Every decision winding them up.”

” McBurnie, in his usually style of being a ‘hard man’ prick, put in an aggressive tackle on him and he went down. JP then got up when play continued, leading McCunt to start squaring up to him, I gather to accuse him of diving. So not much really.
If he was as good at football as he was at being constantly angry, he might not have had such a forgetful career.”

“The thing is, Wilder and Moyes are dinosaurs – they can’t coach players to pass and move. They know how to get in the mixer and cause a bit of chaos. No wonder they’re baffled by the likes of De Zerbi.”

“That is actually really unfair on Wilder. His Blades team that came up a few years ago was one of the most tactically original and interesting teams that have played in the PL.”

“Sheffield fans think we are a dirty team who will do anything to win under RDZ…love it “

“A good word for the ref btw. Decent. Nothing major wrong, books where appropriate.”

“We’re often quick to criticise, so I want to be equally quick to praise. I was really impressed with today’s referee. I appreciate it may appear easy to say that when we’ve benefited from two penalty decisions, but I thought throughout the game he was really calm and assured. “

“Thought today’s ref was really good and didn’t fall for either our or Sheff Utd’s nonsense.”

“Could have booked a lot more Sheffield players. Allowed game to flow, got the penalty decisions spot on, and credit the linesmen as well both of their goals definite”

“Lot of defensive issues down our left in the first half as they were constantly getting crosses from good positions there, so wasn’t all Webster’s fault.
Still, fun day out and I now have a two-match winning streak at Bramall across 19 years”

“If we were bottom of the league I don’t think a home tie against Sheffield Utd to be fair to their fans”

“There’s lots of very good beer in Sheffield. Very. Good.”

“Saw an unsavoury incident going back to the train station after the game, some Sheffield fans decided to headbut a young fan, he wasn’t wearing colours so not 100% sure he was a Brighton fan, but he was targeted by these cowards as they thought he was. It was a completely unprovoked attack. He was quite rightly shocked by what happened but was saying he was ok. There was a Sheffield lady, who was warning Brighton fans (she was being kind) to get out from the underpass where this happened and was apologetic about their fan’s behaviour.”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Brighton”
  1. To be honest most of the comments were fair and sometimes complimentary , they were by far the better team and deserved the victory.

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