“Yeah it was sheff U there bad but we needed them 3 points one way or another”

“I know it’s only Sheffield, but I still back the Gaffa he showed what he can do with the players at his disposal and no toxicity around him”

“United gave away two cheap goals against Sheffield. But they came back & you could see the quality tonight. Pretty much everyone put in a solid performance.”

“We made hard work of it, we always do but 4 goals and 3 points “

“Clubs that are at the bottom of the league tables are the most dangerous right now; These clubs will put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, to ensure they avoid relegation.”

“Hard to tell whether we just dominated bc Sheffield United aren’t good”

“Very lucky we were playing Sheffield United”

“Just remember..Burnley, Villa and Brighton beat Sheffield United 5-0. We beat them 4-2 and people are acting like we just won the champions league.”

“We played Sheffield United.. Bottom of the league..and Mark goldbridge and Beth tucker are acting like we just beat prime Real Madrid lol..”

“Its Sheffield utd its nothing to be proud of”

“defending same old same old. goals same old same old- individual brilliance saves us again. i expect no less than 4 goals against Sheffield pissing united”

“If he can’t comfortably beat Sheffield United at Old Trafford, then he shouldn’t be the manager of Manchester United. I don’t want to hear any excuses… Sheffield’s got a lot of injuries as well”

“Regardless of the result, we’ve been shambolic tonight.
We’ve made Sheff look good at home, sack the manager tonight ffs!”

“wouldn’t take much away from this game Sheffield United are mid table championship”

“Cant read anything into it. Sheffield United didnt even press”

“Sheffield United hate to have the ball.”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Man Utd”
  1. Off side goal. Never a penalty same old prem so bent it meets itself coming back. As for home game out sung all the way through.

  2. Worse man united squad I’ve seen in 30 years! They will crumble further next season ! Had a 20yr old lad ball around them for 80 minutes 😂 thats twice this season we nearly get a result vs newton heath safe to say manchester is blue 😂😂😂 atleast sheffield is red 💯

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