“If we can bang another 8 past Sheffield Utd on Sat that we put their GA up to a nice even 100 Edit: we also relegate them, but that’s happening anyway regardless.”

“Surely we relegate Sheffield United tmrw and nothing less”

“One of two things will happen, they’ll be in a death rattle and play out their skins to delay the inevitable or we plough through them. “

“Derby might have got the lowest points tally in the Premier League, but are this Sheffield the worst team there’s ever been in the top flight”

“Well we put 8 past them at theirs, whereas Derby’s only win that season came against us. So using that as the yardstick, yes, absolutely.”

“Them and Burnley totally out of their depth. The thing is of the promoted sides next year, I can’t see any of them bouncing back down either…. The chasm between top flight and championship is getting bigger. “

“The argument could be made that at least Burnley are trying. Sheffield Utd look like they accepted relegation in September. “

“if Howe cant motivate the players against Sheff United and we get turned over, he’s done at our club”

“Need to bounce back from that turgid steaming pile of dung that was Wednesdays performance. “

“Unless we score early doors, I think it could be a real skitzy game. “

“These haven’t actually done that bad in the harder away games this season. We should still be winning of course. “

“after how things went at Old Trafford I am now (mildly) shitting myself about a blades revenge mission!”

“To be honest don’t fancy our chances against Sheff U on Saturday. “

“We lose to Sheffield United tomorrow. Guarantee you “

“These will smash us “

“Wouldn’t be surprised if Sheff Utd beat us as well.”

“Our fans are shocking the fact we are where we are this season is minor miracle with our injures yeah we weren’t great laat night arsenal were shit against villa Liverpool were yest it happens well smash sheff utd weekend and people be back with howe joke”

“We will beat Sheff Utd on Saturday still in with a shout of europe.”

“We’ll batter them. “

“I want a 10 nil Scoreline here, and no excuses after bagging 8 down at their place, home crowd has to be worth 2 goals.
in a twist from the away leg I’d like one player to score all 10″

By Roy

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