Atlético Madrid Fans

“He’s pretty good, I swear he is the most unlucky man I have ever seen. He will make crazy good saves and then someone will score a worldie “

“Should have been given more of a chance”

“Grbic has improved. Continuity suits him well.”

“I have to imagine he’d be an upgrade over Foderingham. Grbic has looked mostly solid for Atleti…he’s good enough to be Croatia’s backup GK”

“I am very impressed by Grbic, he has been an extremely capable deputy to Oblak for a number of years and seems to have a fantastic personality. Honestly I think he would be an absolutely insane signing for Sheffield United as I really reckon he deserves a move to a club of Brighton’s size to draw an example of another prem team. “

“Sheffield officially guarantees survival”

“It is not easy for him to continue, since his role would continue to be that of being a substitute.”

“Alhough Grbic is quite good, we should also give the homegrown players more minutes”

“Had a good game in pre-season and he gets injured. He has to go, unfortunately”

“I never trusted him as first choice”

“Grbic is not Oblak… not even close”

“Did not take his opportunities”

“Am I the only one feeling it’s a ridiculously low amount? Especially when selling to an English team that has money (parachute payments)”

“I honestly thought we would be asking for abit more. Crazy to say maybe 10mil at least? “

“I took the tour and met him, he was a nice and polite guy. More Gbric and fewer substitutes with masks.”

Lille Fans

“a loan that did not work no consequences”

“not reassuring, many problems and he was even be replaced by Léo Jardim during the season. “

“If we could have taken Livakovic in place of Grbic last season, Gourvennec would perhaps still be the LOSC coach!”

“I trust Letang who for the moment has not been bad in recruitment except for Grbic “

“In my opinion, LOSC must recruit a real number 1 goalkeeper, Jardim was only number 1 last year because of Grbic’s poor level”

“Ivo Grbic only leaves bad memories”

“Grbic cost us between 4 and 6 points due to blunders or “non-saves” that could be made. “

“With Grbic, the defense was lost.”

“Grbic ruined everything”

“A car crash”


“very very poor goalkeeper”

“The worst goalkeeper we have had”

“no one can dethrone him”

“Every opponent’s shot is a goal.”

“I watched the Atletico Madrid – Celta Vigo game, Grbic =makes 2 big saves in less than 5 minutes. It was his brother loaned last year to LOSC !”

“yes he made us lose points, yes he is far from being a great goalkeeper, on the other hand he is a very great man. Despite the fact that he has never succeeded with LOSC and will never play there again, he was super happy when we won and just for that, big love on him”

“Grbic is one of the 7, only 7 players came to greet the supporters after games but some prefer to spit in the face of this type of player rather than at guys who are not much better and who never come to greet us”

By Roy

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