“it’s very winnable, as opposed to the mid-table Premier League clubs. “

“Winnable and, also, loseable. “

“they aren’t great although we have seemed to struggle against them recently”

“We can’t seem to beat them. “

“Hoping our boys will recall how they contrived not to beat Sheffield Utd at the Amex, and look to make amends. “

“I’m fully expecting the lads to take out their frustrations on a leaky Sheffield United defence at the weekend”

“An Amex game clearly would’ve been better, but Sheffield United are so weak in the EPL.
We have enough to beat a Championship side in the making. “

“If we want to win the Cup then away to Sheffield United is ok. “

“Rock bottom of the league. It’s not glamourous, sexy, or particularly fun, but you’d fancy us. “

“Pretty dull draw but winnable.
No own goals or red cards this time please.”

“The away fixture could work in our favour. They will have to come out at some point. They will, won’t they? “

“Probably helps if they’re at home, fans will be on their backs if they try and park the bus too much”

“Depends if they play with 11 backs fully against the wall, bus parked in optimum location and get a 0-0 draw. Then we have a replay, repeat of the first game plays out, 0-0 after 120 minutes and they win on penalties “

“Sheff Utd 10 man defence for 89 minutes then they score the winner on the break….”

“Hope they’re so wrapped in a relegation dogfight they have their eye off the ball. Like we did in 83.

“I actually think Sheffield looked pretty good against West Ham on Sunday”

“There is no way Sheffield United prioritise this fixture . The league is everything for them and I think they will rest a few. “

“based on the stoke game, can only imagine De Zerbi will go strong for this game on saturday. We look unlikely to qualify for europe via the league, so a cup may be our best bet”

“RDZ seems to take this Cup seriously and will probably have a strong team out. Sheff Utd probably not, depending on if they seriously think they can possibly avoid relegation. “

“They are a bunch of cloggers- let’s hope the injury list is kept to a minimum.”

“Need physicality because they will be kicking the shit out of us all over the park. “

“I’m not sure they are an especially physical team in general, but I’d certainly advise the centre backs, marking McBurnie, to wear a gumshield. “

“I am just glad it’s Sheffield United and not a MASSIVE team like Sheffield Wednesday….we wouldn’t stand a chance! “

By Roy

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