“We simply cannot lose on Saturday. A win won’t make me believe that we are staying up, but to just not be the worst team in the PL will be better than nothing.
A nice low bar for us”

“Finishing bottom doesn’t bare thinking about.
But we haven’t got a good record at Brammal Lane.
Just get the win.”

“I really hope we can win “El Crapico” on Saturday…. Will introduce a new level of despondency if we lose to Sheff U and Wilder , especially if they go on to overtake us and leave us rock bottom.”

“Need a miracle to stay up but I can’t see us getting a win at Sheffield”

“I’m sure there will be a few who are clinging on, but it really is far enough down the line for everyone to be realistic and accept it’s done.
We’ve been shocking for most of the season, the high points being we have very occasionally been slightly less shocking than usual. Thats relegation.”

“I’d be surprised if we manage to stay in the fight before the penultimate game.
Going to the game vs Sheffield United is all about enjoying the day out for me. I’ll be making the most of the pre-match element of the day and have no expectations for after the game, let alone beyond that.”

“If we miraculously win 3 of our remaining games (one of which against Forest) then there’s a chance.”

“There’s positivity and there’s delusion. Sheffield United are a poor side, our performances by and large have been better in the last few weeks, and it’s a winnable game. But this team and manager are simply not capable of keeping us in the league, especially in this position.”

“I’m absolutely convinced we will not only finish below Forest, we’ll finish below Sheff Utd as well.”

“SU will do what Everton did to us by allowing us to pass it around a lot without getting anywhere whilst pressing high up and humping long ball/set pieces in. It depends on whether we’ve learnt anything from that game as to whether we get anything “

“Don’t see us winning at Sheff U. They will be too physical for us”

“Muric should keep his place because I don’t think Trafford will be able to cope with the physicality that Sheff Utd will bring next week, Wilder will have them really fired up for this match they will throw everything at us because a win would take them to one point behind us with a game in hand (man Utd ) and they could easily win that, that would leave us rock bottom.”

“We’ll need Muric against the pub side.”

“It’s a funny fixture is Sheff Utd. History tells us it tends to be a home win either way.
You have to go back to the Coyle season of 2008 for our last victory at Bramall Lane. Before that you’re going back to 1973, so to say it’s a rarity is an understatement.
I think we have more than enough quality to win on Saturday though. If we put in the same type of performance we did recently vs Brighton, Brentford, Wolves, Chelsea we’ll have too much. However, if we turn up like we did at Goodison the other week it’ll be a long afternoon. Not that it’ll have any bearing on the season either way!”

“We are much better than Sheff U, but will we show it on the day?
When the chips are down, this team have shown that they have no bottle. Unfortunately.”

“Surely our luck has to improve, at least just 1 lucky win would be nice.”

“Jack Robinson is out so no long throws to defend is a bonus.”

“And no injuries from his shocking tackles either.”

“From memory Sheff Utd bullied our entire defence last season.
This season we totally outplayed them, let’s hope we do it again.”

“Benson’s first half away at Sheff Utd last season was the best individual display I saw all season and there was a lot to choose from. He ripped them to pieces single handedly.
I wonder if that will come into VK’s thinking at any point.”

“If/when they are relegated they start their next season in the Championship on -2 points.
That is them not catching us”

“They’ll still win the league by October”

“like they did two seasons ago and left us for dead”

“The most frustrating part for me is that if we stayed up, I could really see us pushing on next season.
Relegation is a big step backwards, but the team can still evolve.
Most players are still learning the VK style, hopefully a bit of consistency over the next 18 months will help.”

By Roy

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