“The worst team ever to visit the Gtech. They vacated the midfield and instead played 7 at the back. We had so much space in midfield that no-one seemed to know what to do with it.
How the hell did our C team lose up there? One of life’s mysteries for certain”

“Thought we dominated today without being spectacular “

“Sheffield have actually been a horrible team to play against recently, was always going to be a battle. Clean sheet is great.”

“Thought we were pretty average today from an attacking perspective but it was a day for winning rather than worrying about performance. It’s great to remember what a win feels like.
Without getting out of 3rd gear we scored 4 goals, 2 counted and they created nothing. Defensively we were really good considering that’s a back 4 who have never played a game together.”

“Not at our best but a comfortable victory against a poor side”

“Blades were abject today so so so bad.”

“Phew! Thank goodness for that. Desperately needed those 3 points going into the next 2 games.
Not very convincing at all for an hour or so, but as others have said, all about the points. “

“We did what we needed to, not brilliant but still miles better than one of the worst teams in Prem history.

“Sheffield Utd are probably the worst team in Premiership history. “

“how did Sheffield get promoted?”

“Thank God they’re utter utter sh*t. “

“They were awful”

“They were absolutely awful, like really bad… Man U bad”

“they had to cheat by not bothering to pay for players so I’ve no sympathy.
Worst PL team we’ve played since going up. Glad they’ll be slinking back down and hopefully not coming back.”

“Thank god, we were so much better, this would have been a routine 2.0 last year but due to our position it felt more of a slog then it was”

“We were pretty pony I thought, was very downcast early in second half as thought we were going to blow it. Thankfully, despite best efforts of an awful ref, we didn’t fold and we made it over the line. “

“We weren’t in complete control and we didn’t dominate and if the result had gone the other way we would be asking serious questions “

“Of course we would have been asking questions if we controlled and dominated a game like we did and lost 2-0.”

“Lots to play for
. Well done the Bees and well done the support. Pissed uphere in Yirkshire with the tension of it all. Can relax a bit now. CoyBees.”

“i thought shef utd were one of the loudest this season. 8/10”

“I thought they were fairly loud considering their situation, especially the first 25 minutes or so of each half.”

“Credit to them for turning up at all! They made a decent noise, given their team didn’t get them that many incentives to do so.”

“Thought they made decent noise tbf. Can’t be easy when you losing yet again and facing certain relegation. A good few stayed behind to applaud their team too so fair do’s.

“Couldn’t hear them from the west. A few heard me outside pointing them to the championship. “First on your right, lads.” “

By Roy

One thought on “View From Brentford”
  1. At least our fans were better than theirs , couldn’t hear them til the end then nervously celebrated like they’d won a cup final , well done away Blades ⚔️⚔️⚔️

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