“relieved with the win, they are the bottom team with gd of -35 and no away wins and we just about beat them”

“Tbf we were so lucky tonight, without eze and olise they absolutely dominated us. Roy still out imo scrapping a 3-2 win vs worst team itl not good enough.”

“Sheffield Utd are still the only Prem club not to win an away game in the league
But we made hard work of it, Jesus Christ”

“They were terrible and we just beat them”

“Only just beating Sheffield United can’t be used as a benchmark surely. With our current squad shouldn’t we be strolling this?”

“The fact the team got outplayed by Sheffield United without Eze and Olise says a lot btw. Dreadful in game management with how negative those subs were.”

“They had two flukey goals, so it seems a lot closer than it was. A lot of first half and some of the second we were a lot better; only issue is being on the ropes at the end”

“all individual brilliance rather than tactics btw
I ain’t moved one bit by this performance, Sheff Utd are shocking”

“Dare I say it but it’s players like Wilf, Eze & Olise make the difference and make bad teams better than those around them in turn keeping them up. Must be soul destroying being a Burnley/Sheff U or Everton without any of the type of players that are a class above”

“If Sheff Utd weren’t so poor and we didn’t have those two geniuses we would have quite comfortably lost that. Terrible subs by Roy, they nearly nicked it at the end.”

“Against any other team we would have lost today even with eze and olise masterclasses”

“Sheffield are by far the worst team in the league – wouldn’t beat half the championship sides”

“When is Roy leaving because we can’t play like that against anyone else”

“Fair enough Eze vs Sheff Utd is literally the best player of all time”

“Roy played the numbers game there. Didnt risk Olise or Eze so we can expect them to start on Saturday. Judged that SU would huff and puff and less than 10% chance of scoring if our DMs did their job. Not pretty but got the job done.”

“Roy’s subs meant the ball just kept on coming back. Luckily for us Sheffield United are * shite “

“We defended against a relegation threatened team for 40 minutes”

“No noise from the Sheffield United boys! back to bramall lane you bums. Down with the Burnley! Ooooh empty seats my lord – Wednesday are so much bigger”

By Roy

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