“We love you Sheffield”

“Says something about the quality of this seasons Premier League bottom three they he’s gone there”

“I’ve got a week off if he needs a lift over there.”

“He really is a waste of time”

” Holgate can get in the bin.

“Holgate is just not very good”

“Terrible player. “

“Wouldn’t wanna go at any of our players especially after 21 unbeaten….however, Mason Holgate is up there with one of the worst players I’ve seen”

“Mason Holgate might be the worst player we’ve ever had”

“He’s not a RB. Although, he’s not a CB either. Desperately poor footballer”

“Shocking debut, never really recovered. Probably our worst player every time he’s played”

“He’s bloody awful, never known a human to constantly look like they’re buffering”

“How he ever made it to be a professional footballer is amazing”

“Wishing Holgate all the best. I never felt he wasn’t trying or whatever – He just isn’t very good!”

“He had one decent game at least. “

“I feel for the lad. He indicated Everton’s style of play had usually not suited him… And also I think if we had had to use him regularly (eg if Jan or THB had got injured), he’d have grown into a shrewd success story.”

“it looked like he’d turned a corner and I thought he might have a long term future at SMS”


“If Holgate maintains his performances from Southampton its probably a good idea to loan him to a rival. He’s been awful all season.”

“We shouldn’t be helping a rival club. But I guess it’s Holgate, so we wouldn’t be.”

“Why would a Premier League team want a player that can’t get a game in the Championship?”

“Strange thing about football. No matter how crap you are someone always wants to sign you”

“Holgate is useless”

“Mason Holgate can’t get games at Southampton in front of Bednarek and Harwood-Bellis because he’s crap. He is absolutely no use to Everton and the idiots who gave him £70k a week have made getting rid of him impossible without taking more financial hits.”

“I forgot holgate is on 75,000 a week . Bleeding our club dry .”

“Incredible that Holgate and Davies played so many games for us. Dreadful players.”

“Unfortunately not very smart. Joined us about 19 years old from Barnsley looking pretty handy but when at that age, at that level, players can get away with not as much intelligence as things are kept simple… but then he’s never grown up”

“Been a massive disappointment this lad from the high hopes we initially had for him, he has flattered to deceive”.

“Never thought he had the physical characteristics of a PL centerback. Was always a tweener, not tall enough to handle the aerial threats, not broad enough (think Tarkowski) to create space for himself to leap, not fast enough to make up for his lack of size. “

“I think the same and that’s why he’s been moved about between positions because he’s shown some ability but never enough to fully convince that he could do it. Its all very well people saying there was talk of him moving to city and talk of him getting england caps but talk is cheap and the fact is he never even properly made himself a regular at centre half here letalone at a higher level.”

“He did look like a decent player at one time (potential to challenge for the first XI), yet since then the decline has been cataclysmic. “

“He did genuinely look like he was going to be a world beater under Carlo. I remember how devastated we all were when he got injured in the last game of 2020-2021 preseason!”

“I always thought there was a player there, and manged properly, there probably was. I don’t ever think he was a CB in a 2. Maybe a 3
We just didn’t manage him properly though.
Maybe he should have been turned into a right back and told, this is your position.
He mignt not have been a great one, but may just have been a lot better than we have now.
Or sold.for a few bob, where he would go onto have a decent career.”

“Think Holgate could be a really decent championship defender.”

By Roy

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