“Must win. “

“This is a must win. Can’t be failing to beat the 20th team home or away. The first time was a bit of an accident, to not win a second would be very very poor. “

“Absolutely this is a must win. They are bottom for a reason and the f*ckers jammed a point against us at VP by playing ultra defensive Wilder tactics.
Basically if we can’t beat these at least once this season we may as well pack up and go home. Unai needs to show that he’s an elite manager by putting an end to this horrific run we’re on.”

“I wouldn’t say they jammed a point. WE jammed a point. We had absolutely no answer to their defensive tactics. “

“Ultimately they are 20th for a reason so we need to prove it rather than getting suckered into what they did to us at VP.”

“If we can’t beat the worst team in the league once in a season then we don’t deserve to be disappointed at missing out on Europe.”

“Sheffield are a top 8 championship standard team.We should be looking to put this tip pot team way by at least 2 or 3 goals and Unai has to find a way to do that to restore confidence”.

“It’s not a must win but it’s certainly a must play much better. We have been off it since the City game. Our intensity in that match was amazing but since then we have been flat as a pancake. I thought that was going to be a springboard for us but it’s actually been quite the opposite. Very strange and we must change it soon. “

“Huge game now and we Really need a good performance because we’ve been turd for too long now. “

“It’s the best fixture we could have hoped for. They must be demoralised right now particularly with Luton hammering Brighton. “

“Let’s be honest, if we had to pick an opponent to help us reclaim some self – confidence, I think this lot would be very high on the list. Then again, our form is not that great at BL.”

“Wilder does seem one of these managers who has a good record v us compared to others.
They thrashed us 4-1 in 18/19 and then a 3-3 at VP (although of course they messed up a 3-0 lead with 10 minutes left). Then the following season we lost 2-0 at Bramall Lane and then the infamous 0-0 and ghost goal.
They were terrible in 20/21 but still beat us 1-0 when we were flying.
Overall Wilder has just one loss in 7 games v us and we’re trying to avoid losing at Bramall Lane on a fourth consecutive occasion. “

“Well be horrible watching this with their low block and our inability to break them.”

“They have our number from villa park. Play ten men behind the ball and they know we cant break it down. Another terrible performance incoming “

“They’ll be more attacking at Bramall Lane, they certainly were from what I saw v West Ham so we should have more space to work with. “

” This won’t be easy because Villa make it difficult, also Sheff Utd will be up for this.
Archer will score. “

“I just don’t see us winning. We have fallen off so bad”

“Can’t see past a draw here”

“I think we will nick a point. Our form is poor and they will be up for this but I think we can get a draw.”

“We nicked a point against them at “fortress” Villa Park. This will be harder and they will smell blood. A draw here would be a decent result”

“Hard to see how we win as we show no ability to adapt or respond to changing circumstances. We’ve been found out and unless subsequent performances show some evidence of positive responding, we’re going in a tailspin. I have no confidence this side will show the capacity to respond to their tactics. Without the strokes of luck we had before Christmas,we’re currently quite anemic. “

“We might not ultimately win as is always a possibility in any game, but I’m not sure how it’s hard to see us beating them, only Arsenal and Liverpool have won more game than us, and we’re playing a team that has lost more games than any other team in the Premier League this season, they’ve got less points after twenty-two games than our relegated team had after twenty-two games, in other words they’re one of the worst teams in Premier League history, so it’s really a game we should be winning. “

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