“Realistically it’s getting to the stage where we have to get some 3-pointers otherwise Euro qualification starts to get really difficult, nothing left on the table please”

“I’d imagine they learnt something from the other week and we are going to stick to the same tactics so this could well be another Luton drubbing”

“Bloody Luton. They pull our pants down, score 4 at SJP then lose at home to Sheffield United.”

“They’ll want revenge for the cup game and unfortunately we’re not the best away from home at the moment and we seldom do well against hyped up, physical, low block sides from the lower reaches.”

“Why are we losing so many away from home this season? Has to be a mentality issue”

“I expect us to bounce back again after the spurs loss”

“back to winning ways on Sunday”

“With a preformance like we got at Spurs we’re getting back to our old selves so its not all bad. Should be ready for sheffield now”

“I think it would be funny if Palace went down but I can’t really see it happening. And I’m hoping we can help them out by beating Sheffield United and Burnley.”

“Sheffield United aren’t going to catch them, nor Burnley”

“I’d rather see Chelsea & Everton get relegated this season alongside Sheffield United as Palace will still be woeful again next year. However, their time for relegation will come. They can’t continue to battle and not fall at some point”

“Suspect Wilder’s boot boys may disrupt our plan, by forcing someone off injured”.

“Yes Premier league refs have a tendency to give more 50/50 decisions to bigger clubs.
Yes it’s irritating.
It isn’t the reason his team are losing matches.
In the FA Cup it was clear his tactics were to try and rough us up in “coming together” type challenges.
Ref let it go for 10 minutes and when the pattern was clear, clamped down.
It’s at this point the 50/50 calls start going against you.
Wilder also Ignores the fact that the “4 or 5 cards” his team is getting, is for persistent fouls, not the challenges themselves.
Luton used their physicality in a much better way.
It didn’t involve leaving a foot in on very challenge.
They just bullied us and used their intensity to intimidate us.
It worked.”

“I like Wilder.
I really liked his Sheffield United side that came up a few years ago. They were fun to watch, tactically different and interesting.

  1. Generally he’s quite likeable and usually talks sense.
  2. He’s ex Brighton.”

“The reason I dislike him:

  1. He’s a complete prick.”

“Wilder’s agent is (or at least was) ex Albion cult hero Peter Smith who still lives in Tunbridge Wells. Last summer they both came in my local. I was sitting at the bar when they both came in. I clocked them and did a bit of a double take. You could see Wilder thinking here we go someone is going to ask for a selfie. I said “you’re Peter Smith” and started blowing a bit of smoke up his arse telling him he was one of the few good reasons for watching the Albion back when he played. We chatted for a couple of minutes until Wilder got the hump and said “c’mon Smithy, you are going to be dining out for weeks that someone has recognised you” he picked up their drinks and stormed off.
So I reckon he might be a bit of a self obsessed tosspot.”

“If you could compare every Premier League club to a sandwich what would it be?
Arsenal – Half a coronation chicken sandwich, nice ingredients, used to be a hit a few years back. Doesn’t quite finish the job
Aston Villa – Egg mayo, people say it’s great but I can’t warm to it
Brentford – Cheese and piccalilli – Tries to be like Brighton, but isn’t quite as good
Bournemouth – Prawn mayo – Deceptively expensive, ingredients make you ill if poorly stored
Brighton – Cheese and Pickle – Simple ingredients, perfect sandwich
Burnley – A drawing of a sandwich. It’s like a sandwich, but much, much bleaker the closer you get
Chelsea – Deep fried philly cheesesteak. Expensive sandwich with big name ingredients. Makes you sick
Crystal Palace – I can’t improve on @Titanic – Amazing work
Everton – Plain ham sandwich – Been around for ages, doesn’t really add much
Fulham – Chicken salad sandwich – Bland and inoffensive
Liverpool – Chip butty, no ketchup. Close to being great, but something just isn’t quite right
Luton – Tuna and sweetcorn sandwich – Punches well above it’s weight.
Man City – Gilded steak and horseradish. Wins multiple awards but nobody quite knows who paid for the ingredients
Man Utd – Banana sandwich – Grew up thinking it was a really good sandwich. Can’t stand it now
Newcastle – Marmite sandwich – In principle, good, but divides opinion and can leave a nasty taste in the mouth
N. Forest – Cheese, Jam, Mustard, Salt, Sweetener, Apple slices, butter and egg sandwich – Too many ingredients to really work coherently
Sheffield Utd – Gravy sandwich – Inedible, only a small group of people care it exists. Isn’t liked down south
Tottenham – Expensive white bread, no filling in a very pricy packet – Costs a lot to buy, but has no substance where in matters
West Ham – Plain cheese sandwich – Route one, straight down the middle
Wolves – Salad sandwich. Solid, but unfulfilling and a little dull”

“Surely Sheffield United  would have to have some Hendo’s in it?”

“Sheffield Utd in the late 70.s police escort to/from the station, still attacked by hooligan northerners was the most scared I have ever been a football match”

By Roy

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