“Sheffield United really do have the feeling of a classic relegation team, everything that could’ve gone wrong today went wrong; early red card, disallowed goal, own goal and a deflected goal. They did everything they could to make the game easier for us lol”

“my biggest takeaway was what a nightmare season this is for Sheff utd. They’re so far out of their depth it’s not funny. A miserable, miserable season for them.”

“Sheffield United are terrible, but we did what was needed today with little fuss, not playing at the top of our game, but still scoring 5 goals.”

““You’ve seen the Albion, now fu…oh, you already have.””

“As individuals and as a club they are about to sink back to obscurity”

“”Good riddance to them and him.”

“they are a Pub team”

“A great and much needed result 0-5 without being the most exciting game due to Sheffield being one player down for most of the game and having been hammered at home on the two most recent games they decided to put everyone behind the ball but they were absolutely dire in defence and dangerous in the tackle there was a number of incidents that could have resulted in serious injuries in all honesty I am just no one was serious hurt and extremely glad Mitoma is not now nursing a broken leg”

“Interesting that the two clubs who essentially cakewalked the Championship last season have been shown up this season to be bang average at best, and pretty dire at worst. Luton, who scrambled up via the play offs look a far better PLoutfit!
Big gulf in class between the two divisions, getting bigger!”

“Dinosaur manager with his thuggish team and tactics rightly being relegated back down the divisions.”

“Chavvy team, chavvy town, chavvy fans, chavvy manager.”

The heavy treatment handed out to Buonanotte prior to the Mitoma assault proves that the Sheff Utd players were told to go out and bully us.”

“If the situation was reversed, he would be SCREAMING for a red card for the Brighton player.”

“Wilder talking utter bollox, look where the ball is, It’s not even a tackle, it’s basically assault…”

“Absolute bell, knows he’s dropped a clanger taking the job”

“He’s just a shit Neil Warnock”

“I wonder if Wilder kind of caused the violence by raising the temperature before and after games with the insinuations of cheats and injustices?”

“Judging by his interviews since he took over, Wilder has completely lost the plot recently. This will be the last managerial role of his career I think.”

“Wilder obviously told his players to hit ours hard meaning that he has nowhere to hide in his dressing room; he has to back his player in public.”

“the Wilder clip shown earlier in this thread is aimed at the Sheffield United audience, and he’s trying to protect his player, in public at least. Bit futile, but understandable, TBH, but I bet he wasn’t so kindly disposed to Holgate in the privacy of the dressing room!”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Brighton”
  1. I agree with most of this…apart from …well nothing. But please take note that.
    A/ we have a owner that’s worse than Chansiri ( I know)
    B/ we’re playing on academy / loaned players
    C/ were shit
    D/ watch next season when we’re back, cos Wilder was lef5 with this team, an£ he’s a master at starting with fresh blood!
    E/ our academy is the best ever…see our off spring( England team)

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