“I know all the tired tropes about “typical Wolves”. I know the Portsmouth/Huddersfield historical comparisons because I was there. I know we lost to these earlier in the season (in filthy weather, thanks to a phantom penalty conceded by a sub-standard player who isn’t here any more). But if we turn up anything like here, we’ll win. They’re very close to 07/08 Derby in terms of simply lacking quality and increasingly belief.”

“Sheff Utd – whether they beat us or not earlier in the season – are atrocious.”

“not buying into this Wolves are rubbish against the poorer sides nonsense, this game will put that to bed.”

“this has the same feel as when we played Norwich under Nuno (3-0 barely out of 2nd gear) rather than Huddersfield for me.”

“Absolutely no excuses not to be winning this comfortably tbh. Of course I don’t think any of us are expecting that due to the games DW mentions but we need to find a way to be better in these winnable home games.”

“Offer no encouragement, hunt them down and pressure them early… They’re at the bottom for a reason.”

“smash them.”

” nick one early against these and we could have a field day if they are forced into coming out to try and equalise. Then they tend to captualte after they go 3 down.”

“Get in front against these and they crumble. Genuinely shocking side. Could be another easy win like the 4-0 against Watford under Lage.
Watched their second half against Brighton. When the 3rd went in Wilder stood with his hands on his head for at least 30 seconds, inspiring stuff gaffer.”

“Holgate was rightly sent-off, the game was over as a contest. I watched it as I wanted to see our next couple of opponents. Sheff could have scored first, but once down to 10, they were never in the game and 5-0 actually flattered them. It could have been more, although the Blades did have a goal rightly disallowed for offside.
The Blades were dog-****, having just 21% possession and only one shot on target. If they play like they did, even with 11 players staying on the pitch and we play like we did at Chelsea or Spuds, then we should win. However, we know football doesn’t work like that and it’ll be closer than we’d like.”

“If we get an early goal I think we will smash them 3,4 or 5 nil, the longer it goes on without goals tho the more I will worry”

“An early goal could be handy in this game for a number of reason, but main ones
1) Sheff Utd’s brittle confidence will collapse
2) This is a game where the action on the pitch will decide the atmosphere – Flat start and Sky will have to dig out those tapes of crowd noise from the Covid games”

“Wolves need to score early if not sometime in 1st half. Can’t go into HT tied 0-0. “

“Definitely do with an early goal or two or else it’ll become very Brentfordesque in terms of the dark arts.”

“Sheffield United aren’t Brentford.They are not at that level and are absolutely nowhere near as good defensively.”

“It’ll be very interesting to see how Gaz goes up against a low block again. I’m not sure we can beat that yet, we’re gonna need to draw them out and try and turn the ball over quickly.”

“As good as we are to watch, when we come up against these sides that play a low block, we’re still a bit slow, methodical and predictable in possession. I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve knocked it from side to side with little penetration.”

“Against teams like Sheffiels United who you expect to sit in and defend we are poor. “

“Sheffield will come for a fight, their football will be quite ugly I feel, we’ll need all of our most combative players”

“They look a physical side, l hope we can get away without any of our players getting crocked.”

“Thankful that Holgate is suspended. I would have spent all game terrified of him crippling Neto”

“I’ve scanned a few of the Blades posts iro of their trip to Molineux, and they are so fatalistic in their belief that another PL hammering is coming their way, that one could just imagine them playing with a devil may care attitude and being dangerous!”

“Last time I saw oppo fans this despondent was probably before the away game”

“I am feeling horribly Huddersfield vibes for this one .”

“Strangely this is the hardest sort of game for us.”

“Hoping we can see Sheff Utd have another player sent off in our game, otherwise a draw at best.
This is Wolves remember and we have just had a fantastic performance and result – equilibrium will need to be restored.”

“Sheffield United are terrible. They will beat us though!”

“don’t forget we have an important FA Cup game 3 days later. We have enough talent in the squad to beat Sheff U. Id even sacrifice a loss to Sheff U if it meant we get to the qtr finals.”

“Right, there’s a high chance we are going to lose this 0-1. There just is.
So, in view of the Brighton cup game, I would give the fringe players a chance to shine”

“Used to quite like Sheffield United but glad to see them suffering after Baldock’s diving and Heckingbottom’s bull**** after that penalty. I know Heckingbottom‘a gone but Wilder’s similar.”

“I could be overlooking something obvious here but I believe that Sheff Utd are the last team against whom we missed a penalty in the league (Neves in Sep 2017 at Bramall Lane). Fairly sure we’ve scored every one since which is an astonishing record, nearly six and a half years!”

By Roy

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