“let’s take the points and never speak of this monstrosity again”

“Being forced to rewatch that second half should be a punishment in schools.”

“Bringing corporal punishment back would be less harsh.”

“The best bit about that 90 minutes was the Sheffield United players squaring up for a scrap.
Let’s never talk of this game again. “

“not our fault they can’t finish their dinner.”

“No idea how we won that, dreadful from start to finish. “

“As I saw it our poor performance in the second half was largely down to Sheffield United upping their game and making it difficult for us. Something they did very well!”

“out-worked all over the place too. Not sure how anyone can say we’ve been even passable. Got away with it because they’re rubbish, doesn’t make the performance acceptable”

“pretty much any other PL team would have scored, including Burnley. Sheff Utd (sadly for their fans and I’ve never minded them as a club) are horrifically out of their depth.”

“Credit To Sheffield United for playing like that after a hammering”

“they’ve were by far the better team in the 2nd half.”

“how Sheff U didnt scored in this 2nd half will be a mystery for the ages.”

“They were much better than I thought they’d be”

“Sheff Utd can feel very hard done by not to get anything out of that game. “

“To be fair to them, they deserved an equaliser “

“They were robbed to be honest”

“They’d probably get a winner if they’d scored”

“battered at home by the worst Prem team in years”

“We’re lucky Sheffield United are awful.”

“Thankfully it was Sheffield Utd we were playing and not a decent Premier League team.”

“The three worst teams at Molineux this season have been Everton, Sheffield United and us in the second half today.”

“Sheffield Utd worst team I’ve seen at premier league level. But that was a painfully poor display from us as well, a better team would have destroyed us today. “

“I don’t care about derbys points record that sheff utd is the worst to play in this league”

“This Sheffield United side doesn’t get promoted from League 1 and I’m not fishing”

“Sheffield’s away results don’t contain the hammerings that they seem to get at home. Was always going to be relatively close. “

“Loved Wilder complaining about us taking our time with throws when his keeper was time wasting from the 7th minute”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Wolves”
  1. “I don’t care about derbys points record that sheff utd is the worst to play in this league”

    we looked better than wolves did second half , see you back in the championship soon
    ou try staying up with a squad of 25 and 13 out injured
    lost an entire back 4 to season long injuries

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