“Sheffield have been on the end of some of the biggest thrashings in the league this season. They have the worst defense I’ve ever seen. I’m expecting another cricket scoreline.
Let’s boost the GD, lads!”

“Lets smash these rats”

“we should put 4 goals at least against these guys they horrible.”

“Let’s keep the scoring going. We need to be slapping this lot hard, they are the league whipping boys.”

“Yep we need to give this lot a good pumping. Worst defensive record in the league and worst scoring record. Their only saving grace is that they are playing at home. If we can get 7 goals against this lot that would be amazing.”

“This should really be another chance to increase our GD, they are one of the worst PL sides in recent memory.”

“They’re mentally checked out already. They’re just counting down the time till May. We should be putting 6 past them at minimum”

“Easiest game of the season this.”

“Lightwork this one.
Every game our fans are nervous and waiting for the inevitable but I can’t see that coming until we play City at the Etihad. No chance we’re dropping points here especially when the Sheffield Utd players were fighting each other in their last game.”

“Can’t believe I’m gonna say this but I might actually be underwhelmed by 5 goals. Should be 7/8”

“We should be looking to score 10 here. They’re dreadful.”

“No disrespect to Sheffield United, but we NEED to be looking at this as a chance to keep increasing the goal difference.”

“Same odds for the away team to win 9-0 as the home team to win 3-0 in a Premier League game. That is rare.”

“No disrespect to Sheffield United, but it should be the same odds of a 20-0 victory for us as a 3-0 for them ffs…have the seen the two teams”

“You could buy Sheffield United for what you spend on groceries. They’re playing way over their heads. That should be studied.”

“Don’t think there is any “should win” match in the league, This is kind of match we can underestimate our opponent and get punished on complacency when they score on their first half arse chance and we miss 20 other chances. Hope we can keep the intensity up”

“This is football, much bigger upsets have happened than a poor PL side beating a good one. Weird stuff happens all the time.
I think it’s a bit arrogant to talk about running up a cricket score against them before a ball has even been kicked.
We need 3 points and should go into the match with the mentality that it will be a tough game and we’ll need to turn up to earn it.
Hopefully the players aren’t as complacent about this match as A-M is because if we don’t do the job against Sheffield United and Brentford etc then the games everyone is focusing on, Man City, Sp**s etc won’t mean anything because we’ll very likely be out of the race.
We should have learned this after dropping silly points against Fulham and West Ham. You can’t take anything for granted.”

“This has 0-0 written all over it. “

“I would not be starting any player who’s returning from injury against these lot, they’ve had some pretty back tackles coming in lately, even fighting amongst themselves so their discipline is all over the place”

“When Kolo messed up in 2007 and let that donkey Christian Nade in to somehow beat us sticks in my memory big time. Warnock’s smugness didn’t help. I’ve hated this lot since. Let’s punish these pretenders.”

“Remember when Chris Morgan punched RVP in that game? Obviously in hindsight we applaud that, but it’s crazy he didn’t get sent off.”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Arsenal”
  1. “You could buy Sheffield United for what you spend on groceries. They’re playing way over their heads. That should be studied.”Yes it should be studied, the league is slowly choking itself and the game we love. Maybe you “big” boys should have a good long look at yourselves. When the money dries up and all these prima donna money grabbers clear off you’ll be wondering what happened. I for one can’t wait to get out of this corrupt league.

  2. I can only agree that this should be a comfortable win for Arsenal. However, I think they will have to be satisfied with a Champions Cup place as they are not as good as their fans seem to think they are. I’m just hoping we make them play hard for their victory.

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