“Sheffield Utd are a terrible team,”

“Don’t even relegate Sheffield United to the Championship. Send them straight to League One.”

“Sheff Utd are a disgrace. We smashed them in neutral ffs, didn’t even have to go into 1st.”

“I knew we would slap them up just like we did West Ham etc.”

“That beginning of the game was hilarious, ffs.
3-0 after 15 mins, they then make a sub to park the bus with a back 5 and we still end halftime with 5 goals.
That opening period was the biggest miss-match I have ever seen I think, old Apollo Creed v steroided up Drago vibes.”

“SU were poor, scared to get close and totally shot confidence wise.”

“Raya could’ve stayed home and would still win”

“The first team to get to 81% possession this season”

“man city cruelty level ffs”

“Sheffield United would be a “difficult away trip” they said…”

“Imagine being the forwards for the worst team in Prem history, and having to play against Saliba and Gabriel with Arsenal fully in form…what’s the point, what can you even do?
I 100% would have faked injury, couldn’t be arsed going up against 2 fast giants on the rare counters you get…literally just pointless wasted effort.”

“Tets probably told the boys to go easy 2nd half.
Didn’t wanna embarrass Wilder he’s a nice fella.”

“I would just feel despair”

“Annoying not to get a 7th “

“I’m pissed it wasn’t 7-0 ffs. Look how spoilt we’ve gotten.”

“Obvisouly it could be closer to 10 if we took the game seriously until the end.”

“City won at Sheff Utd with a Rodri goal in the last minute. Just saying. “

“And Liverpool were ‘only’ 1-0 up against them until the 94th minute 2nd goal.”

“the stadium was empty.
Maybe it is time for the Super league in Europe…”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Arsenal”
  1. Super league in Europe? Yes please but be careful what you wish for because once you’re gone you’re gone and when it goes tits up which it will then what? Clubs like you are killing the game good luck and good bye

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