“Prime time Brazil against Newcastle and then play like Boston United against this lot”

“How on earth do we fail to score a single goal (apart from the penalty) despite significantly better possession, accuracy, passes, shots and corners?!
This is at home!
Sheffield United were hungry for a win. Why weren’t Luton?”

“Today we were out Lutoned, their work rate, pressing and their defensive line up all told in a physical game. We failed to take our chances and they took theirs. A typical Luton style away performance from SU. “

“We can all agree that wasn’t good enough but credit where it’s due, Sheffield United bounced back from a horrific result and did the job.”

“they did everything that we are good at to us and we just could just not get in behind them.”

“Defo done a “Luton” on us.
Give us possession of the ball and sit a bit deeper and we really struggle.”

“They just played us at our own game. They got their tactics spot on. Left Archer up for the counter and he was too fast for us. We should have done much better. Don’t think we lost it before the game we should have been up for it. They just outplayed us. “

“Got to admire their tactics.They played us at our own game. We dominated in possession but they just kept Archer up for a counter. He was too fast for our defence and they deserved to win. Never looked like scoring from open play. They had us covered all match.”

“Very poor today. Players looked out of ideas. We don’t know what to do when we have more of the possession. Wilder done his homework on Luton, well done Sheffield.”

“credit to Sheffield U who wanted it more, that tall bloke in the middle was their best player”

“They’ve set up well and called our bluff. Stood us up, let us go wide and headed everything away. “

“Fair play to united the way they defended”

“They defended well Tbf “

“We struggle against shite teams. Teams we are expected to beat we struggle to. Same against Bolton and Burnley. Actually our tiny pitch works for us against good opposition, and against us when we play defence minded teams. Bring on the decent teams.”

“They came for a point, bet they couldn’t believe their luck with the first goal and the pen.”

“Them packing the defence and timewasting after going in front was a compliment. Most teams will expect to play their normal game against us.”

“As bad as we were today we should still have come away unbeaten. They are awful. “

“Was an absolute must win for Sheff Utd. They’re still going down”

“well done to Sheff Utd on dragging us down to their Div 3 level.
they just might get to 15 points now. “

“Bought us down to their level, that’s for sure, and yes, theyr’re going down.”

“We’ve already got more points that they’ll have at the end of the season “

“Is that the first time this season the Sheff Utd fans have stayed until the final whistle?”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Luton”
  1. If we were awful what were Luton you can only beat what’s in front of you , Edwards said both pens were wrong so still lose by two ,by the worst team league 3 team at home . You were lucky to win at Sheffield so today was payback see you in championship next season with Burnley .

  2. Won’t let the last few comments ruin my opinion of your club. Always had a soft spot since Eric. We out thought you and took our chances.

  3. Oh my god talk about delusions of grandeur 🤣🤣 they’ve had a few results and now think there one of the big boys 🤔stop kidding yourselves you’ll be in championship with us next season only minus 4 or 5 of your players and manaager and straight back to mediocrity

  4. 2 worst penalty decisions in prem history 1 per side, but for that wed have got a clean sheet for a change
    Lutons momentum came to an abrupt end, as for the first time this season we started withh 11 players passed as match fit
    Nice not carrying 4 and 5 crocks or rehab players, can actually compete now
    even though still lost Norrington Davis after 20 minutes, more on gurneys than an episode of Casualty has been whats clobbered us so far

    to be fair Luton didnt stand a chance when we dont score 2 freaky own goals for them

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