“Sheffield United won more duels, more shots on goal, more big chances created and more shots inside the box, as well as more xG. Today was the true unacceptable result. Bottom of the league and producing that garbage after a massive result.”

“Remember that Sheffield have a goal difference of -52.
Utterly embarrassing, this and the Burnley game are simply inexcusable.
They were our potential tickets to Europe.
Get him out and end this misery please.”

“tactically beat by Sheffield united”

“If you get tactically beat by Sheffield united I cant back you anymore. He cam have till the end of the season but thats it we have to get someone else in the summer”

“The lowest of the low, against the worst team the prem has seen. “

“Sheffield united are literally relegated already. One of the worst prem teams we have seen in YEARS. There is no excuse for this”

“imagine drawing to Sheffield”

“I can’t believe we drew to sheffield united”

“I’m not sure what was worse, this or the Burnley result. We have dropped so many points against dross. “

“A team which is relegated and probably will receive over 100 goals make us to look like a clowns. And we are clowns, players who don’t have basic football knowledge and make mistake after mistake after mistake. “

Imagine spending all that money and can’t beat Sheffield we are so sh*te it’s unbearable, this is the worst period I’ve had as a chelsea fan in 30 years “

“. Sheffield shipped a combined 16 goals at home in 3 games not long ago and we barely come out with a draw. A good team would’ve put atleast 3-4 past them without conceding. “

“If We can’t compete against Sheffield United what are we doing”


“An average squad should still be winning these games though, Burnley beat Sheffield United 5-0 this season. Do we also have worse players than Burnley? We couldn’t beat them either”

“being outplayed by Sheffield is shame man”

“4 points dropped against Burnley and Sheffield Utd is ridiculous. Those 4 points would have us a point behind Man Utd with a game in hand. “

“Chelsea are the first team in the league to go to Sheffield United and not have 10 or more attempts on goal.Let that sink in”

“What a disgrace man being outplayed by Sheffield is shame man
The standards have never been this low at Chelsea”

“Drawing to Sheffield is embarrassing”

“Can’t even beat Sheffield United”

“ive close to Sheffield so have been to their games – they are so pathetic, just the fact that we are leaving their men unmarked – I swear no club has done this all season”

“The game should have been over after 30 minutes. Sheff United were not in it at all. We didn’t even need to be at our best, whatever our best is. We just needed to be a bit more direct and to get a few shots off and we would have had the game won at half time. What we did instead was pass the ball around 50 times, going nowhere, allowing
Sheff United to find some composure. Awful game management once again. “

“. Sheffield shipped a combined 16 goals at home in 3 games not long ago and we barely come out with a draw. A good team would’ve put atleast 3-4 past them without conceding. “

“This lemon of a manager can’t hack it against the likes of 10 men Burnley and rock bottom Sheffield”

“Sheffield outplayed us”

“We didn’t deserve to beat Sheffield United”

“It does not take 3-5 years to be able to beat Sheffield United or Burnley, Pochettino is pathetic. #PochOut”

“Fair play to Sheffield United. They aren’t going down without a fight “

“Fully otuplayed”

“We got completely outplayed by Sheffield united. They deserved to win. Higher xg and better chances. Our players looked so tired which is understandable why are we making so many errors ffs”

“Can’t say Sheffield didn’t deserve at least a point”

“On the way back from Sheffield. Good day out with the away supporters ruined by that Pochettino prick with his no-coaching approach. If anyone is still capable of defending that Spurs clown on the bench, they should give their head a hard wobble. “

“Credit to Sheffield, they deserved a point. Well… credit to all of them except that thug Ahmedhodzi”

“Their fans were brilliant after. Hope they stay up”

“Best part of game was when the Sheff u fans fought each other in main stand during the game ..,, and then a full on scrap between 2 girls at the garage by the ground … wtf. Where’s the full moon …”

“South Yorkshire is a law unto itself.”

“Sheff Utd should have been down to 9 today.
The challenge on Jackson, and the challenge on Palmer were both red-card worthy.”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Chelsea”
  1. My god. Let’s get a few things straight we out fought you out played you deserved all 3 points. We weren’t fighting each other in the south stand it was some of your fans getting put in their place. Not all bad comments from your fans but to be honest some are still living in the Rusky days.

  2. To all you lot who slated sheffield united I hope you get the points deducted that you deserve. You where out fought on and off the pitch.

  3. Chelsea are typical of what’s wrong with many premiership teams .spend loads of money..buy a whole load of individuals…hope they Gel ..They hoofed it up field to Palmer and Madueke (Both very gifted as it goes) and expected Magic without support. or linking play
    Blades Played with spirit and were actually for my money better on the eye for 90 Minutes as a TEAM..
    Actually looking forward to the Championship (in my opinion its now inevitable) Streamline this bunch of players as there are some wonderful prospects in there.
    Hopefully A Derby with the Pigs and Top 2 Finish…Definately Possible.
    Chelsea meanwhile..Moan Moan Moan..Top 10 at best…

  4. maybe Chelsea fans will realise that the only reason SUFC are bottom is because the FA and Prem have used every tactic in the book to keep SUFC down at the bottom because they hate SUFC.

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