“I like Boyes but there isn’t a chance he’s ready for PL football.”

“Looks like they are a tad light at LB/LWB, but I agree he’s nowhere near ready for the Prem.”

“Not a chance Boyes is ready for Championship football – let alone Premier League.It would signify Sheff Utd giving up hope of staying up.”

“I know Chris Wilder has previous for getting a hell of a lot more out of a fairly average crop of players, but Boyes isn’t ready for the Championship let alone the PL.”

“He was getting games and plenty of experience (for good or ill!) so surprised he’s gone back”

“Boyes, who was a regular starter in the main leaving does seem odd.”

“When Boyes was played in a proper back five he looked like a threat going forward, as was KVY in the other wingback role. It was when we started with a flat back five that he looked at best confused and was neither crossing the halfway nor defending or that well. But lets face it that 3 month period no one looked good.”

“I’m not concerned either way about Harry Boyes, mainly I suppose because we’ve managed quite well in his absence. Also, Sadlier has performed increasingly well on the left flank in the current formation, getting into the opposition box slightly more frequently than Boyes.”

“Honestly he’s not needed in bloom’s 4-4-2”

“absolutley fine with him leaving”

“His early appearances were very encouraging.”

“Boyes looked a cut above pre-season. It’s a real shame he’s returned already.”

By Roy

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