“Sheffield United never needed to get out first gear to win 0-4 and we didn’t really give it a go”

“Overall they didn’t need to get out of second gear, we gifted them some goals. We’ve been playing it out from the back for two months whereas they play against teams who try it each week”

“The gap between a premiership relegation contender and the Gills was rather evident today. To be honest one team in it from start to finish the other just ran around chasing shadows.”

“Competitive enough performance but the gulf in class was clear evident fair play. Proud of the cup run again , been great again this season!”

“We started off well but Sheff Utd were a class apart and their energy levels, closing down and awareness eased them into the game. “

“We made them, with a makeshift back 4 and key players injured, look like prime Brazil at times. We were shite. Good luckto them the next round, can only hope the next team actually give them a battle.”

“They were better, faster (especially breaking in numbers) and more clinical finishers.”

“1st 20 mins before conceding, didn’t think we did that bad, after that the possession was mainly Utds.
They didn’t really need to press us, but we could’ve pressed them, as when we did they made mistakes with the ball.
1st 3 goals were down to errors, from across the team, not just Turner. At times across the pitch we were static and should have followed on theirs and our shots. Utd showed how easy it is to run at the ball with the goal, irrelevant of being EPL.”

“We started well enough and created a few good chances. SU just sat in and soaked it up, although their keeper made a couple of good saves too. But as soon as they scored, against the run of play, on the 15th minute, unfortunately us, the players and even the opposition knew it was probably game over. The second just confirmed it. From the first goal SU just kept their nerve”

“Terrible performance and probably one of the worst Gills Gk’s ever.”

“If you switched keepers today, you switch the result”

“I think we matched Sheff Utd for about 75 minutes and the only difference was individual defensive errors and our inability to create chances from good positions and take the few chances “

The score line does not reflect the game”

“It does reflect the fact that most of the time we can’t hit a barn door with a banjo.”

“Other than 2/3 really poor players, I thought we did ok trying to play football. There are a premier league club, so people need to remember that. “

“very disappointed we didn’t give United a tougher time. Where’s the passion? My lad summed it up when he texted me after the first goal: “Game over”. Yup. We’re still way being off a team that frightens any opposition, let alone one playing in the Prem.”

“Bottom line is that if you defend like we did today, regardless of who our manager is or who the opposition is, you won’t be winning many games of football. “

“The game itself was finished at two nil, probably at one, but I felt we weren’t too far off them at half time, goals apart anyway. At full time I was questioning the character of some of our players, how many were busting a gut? How many left everything on the pitch? I’m not going to be too critical because the two first half goals killed us and we were playing one of the top twenty clubs in the country. I do feel however some of our players could have given a bit more but also appreciate that once Sheffield Utd had their lead they were able to control the game and pass it around us which you would expect of a premier league side.”

“That was worse than the Spurs 5-0 away in the league cup”

“The one thing I’d say about the “playing a bigger club” thing is that we did better against Leicester last season, but that game summed us up too- we never looked like scoring.
That’s what I mean by the fact that playing better opposition highlights weaknesses we already know exist. “

“The times where we pressed high were the times we left us more vulnerable at the back. That happens when you’re playing high quality opponents.”

“I loved how quickly Sheffield broke and how many were up there with the break. Learn from that (once we sign someone with pace).”

“Let’s invest those scarf sales into a striker,keeper,right back & centre half please “

By Roy

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