“He is terrible”

“I have more goals than Bereton”

“don’t know how to control the ball, it stumbles on its own, it doesn’t know how to run, you unmark in the same area as your teammate, I haven’t seen a guy this bad around here in a long time.”

“He is regional level”

“He does not know what a ball is”

“I even found it harmful to see him play”

“doesn’t know how to run, he was lost and didn’t recover any ball, go up or put pressure. I don’t understand how he is in the Chilean team. Second-rate player, he hasn’t shown me anything.”

“The worst player in the history of Villareal”

“Truly, what a slow, clumsy and useless man.”

“Bereton is pathetic”

“he hasn’t done anything”

“between the goalkeeper and Bereton we have suffered a good decline compared to last year”

“It’s not that he doesn’t have the level for the groguet team… it’s that he doesn’t even have the level to play second”

“It is difficult for Ben to do well in this team, mainly because of the style of play, apparently this Villarreal is associative with a short touch and Ben is more physical in running into space and finishing, I think it is not working out any better seeing the current poor level of the team.”

“Bereton is meaner than a homeless man”

“When Bereton starts 3 games we’ll talk. He received 2 passes and they were from Sorloth, that says it all…”


“He’ll do nothing at an already dead and buried Sheff United i would wager. Would be best suited for a team fighting for promotion in the Champ, Leeds or Ipswich or whoever.”

“Not good enough for the prem, but of they keep him for next season, he could get a few.”

“Brereton scored 37 in 2 seasons from a wide position. Hes a very good player at Championship level”

“I’d take him back in a heartbeat”

“Such an odd one, he looked terrible, literally awful at times before his purple patch then even when he was scoring for fun seemed to enjoy a huge streak of good fortune. Then he settled down but started scoring the odd worldie! In honesty I really have no clue how good he is but think the truth is better than his worst but not as good as the one season Diaz”

“When he’s on form BBD has shown has a very capable striker at Championship level. He can hit the back of the net with decent accuracy, gets involved and runs at defenders. He isn’t fast, but he isn’t slow either. He’s got good stamina and is a solid athlete. The problem, as noted many times, is that he’s the definition of a confidence player. When he loses confidence he starts snatching shots, doesn’t get himself as involved in play and hesitates to run at defenders. I think he begins to overthink things, which is a big problem for a striker. He’s been out of form for a while now – he stopped scoring regularly for us at the end of last year, so it’s been nearly a year since he was scoring on anything close to a regular basis. “

“Even through (some very long) poor runs of form, he always put a real shift in, that’s why he never lost the support of the fans”

“My thoughts on Ben are the highs were as high as the lows were low. I’ll remember him very fondly mainly from ‘that’ 6 months. It was magic and had me rubbing my eyes in disbelief. The journey to Chile International was quite unbelievable and I wish him the best in his future career. I’ll always keep an eye out”

“He has spells where he looked a good championship player and spells were he was just simply awful”

“.He had one good half season. “

“He was bugger all use the second half of last season for a team fighting for promotion in the Championship.”

“he’s playing at a level far beyond his capabilities and is being found out. He never had a decent first touch, going to play in Spain was a ridiculous decision. “

“ben is/was a one trick pony,look for the ball over the top,cut in and get a shot off,he cant do much else but the one thing he can do hes very good at,other than that,his first touch is awful,he cant hold the ball up and his awareness isnt great,he can`t play centrally either,which is his worse trait,no doubt he was going to bomb in spain”

“I did think there was a chance he’d do ok over there in a higher standard surrounded by better players and sunshine. Such a confidence player though that should he have a bad start then it was entirely predictable he’d not recover. “

“1 good half season out of 4/5. waste of 7m quid”

“Wont want him back here honestly. That purple patch was long gone, dont see it happening again. “

By Roy

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