“They’ve only won one game in the last two months so they are due a win against us.”

“They’ll be licking their lips after Tuesday night”

“Don’t have a particularly good feeling about this one. Blades will know we’re significantly weakened without our danger men, and wouldn’t come as a shock if they try to bully us out of the game.”

“I’m scared…..very scared”

“Not looking forward to this one with presumably Bowen still out and us relying on a similar side to Tuesday (hopefully plus Alvarez and Formals at least).
Not sure how we score a goal at the moment apart from a set piece. Can see a 0-0 or 1-0 to them.”

“We’ll do well to scrape a nil all draw.”

“I can’t see beyond a drab goalless draw.”

“can see an embarassing loss here but hopefully we scrape a point”

“I don’t see us scoring in this game”

“I think Sheff. United will be well up for this, therefore coming home with a draw would be a good result IMO.”

“First time for me since the same fixture in 2020 (we lost that 1-0). Sod’s law we’ve got the most depleted squad since I don’t know and I will miss all the ‘stars’ that have come along since.Blades had a little lift when Wilder returned “

“Not going to be pretty, that’s for sure.”

“They are in desperate need of three points and won’t care how much s**thousery they will need to get their hands on them. “

“If they play anything like Bristol City in the Premier League with VAR they won’t make it to half time with all 11 men on the pitch.”

“I expect the Blunts to kick us off the park ( well as much as they can get away with VAR notwithstanding).”

“It’ll be worse to watch than the FA Cup game”

“Wilder is a very poor coach. To self important and although he clearly loves the club, he is actually doing them a dis service by being there.
Saying that, they are going to be up for this as they really don’t like us. Claiming as victims after the Tevez incident, even though they forget about all those games where Tevez played and was terrible and probably the reason we was in trouble in the first place!”

“Can’t work out if it’s a good time to play this lot or not.
They’ll be well up for this but they’re down the bottom end for a reason so I’d expect a gritty, not particularly pleasing to the eye 0-1 or 1-2 with Soucek scoring.
“There’s only 1 Carlos Tevez” to ring out of the away end”

“Happily lose the Bristol City game if it means winning this one. Who still has their Tevez masks?”

By Roy

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