“That was kinda fun even tho we were robbed”

“Sheffield deserved the point”

“Fair result if we’re honest. “

“We got a point against the bottom club and on posession and chances, we got what we deserved.”

“42% possession against Sheff Utd…oof. We only have ourselves to blame for not winning that The Moyes in disagree and say Sheffield are a top team lol. Ho and we have players out. Like every other team”

“We were awful really and made them look better than us.”

” it is a truly awful result against one of the all time PL’s most inferior teams.”

“We didn’t deserve 3 points on that performance, but f*** me we didn’t deserve that piss poor level of refereeing either”

” Sheff Utd were awful themselves. Most of their threats were looped balls for Areola to catch”

“They were awful. “

“Not sure that was a good advert for the best League in the world. I thought the football all round was appalling.”

“**** refereeing. That aside, we were pretty crap for the majority of that game. It was like watching 2 championship sides.”

“I thought it was an great game, very entertaining. Goals, chances, mistakes, red cards, penalties. Sure, referee and VAR were comedy gold (again), but it wasn’t ‘awful’ by any stretch of the imagination. Quality wise? Well, the weather didn’t help either team, but I would watch that every week than any game featuring Man City.

“They are absolute ****ing dogshit. Luckily for them we weren’t much better and the refs were playing for them”

“I’ve never been so angry about a result. “

“My feelings towards the blunts simmered down many years ago tbh. Now I ****ing hate em again.”

“I detest Mcburnie which sums it up”

“even Steven’s to be honest. Can”t believe we’re in 6th place the way we let them pass the ball in attack without closing. Moyes came on the pitch and had a moan at the ref at ht, anyone see on tv what that was about?
Loved singing “say hello to Millwall” at Blades”

“Back to Preston and Stoke for them next season.”

“The only crumb of comfort is he’ll be the manager of a Championship club next season.”

” this lot are coming 20th.”

” They are still going down , hopefully to drift anonymously for decades”

“On the plus side, i had to chuckle watching them doing a lap of honour for getting a bent point over a reserve team, knowing full well they are not staying up in a million years.”

“What’s annoyed me is if we’d won we would have gone joint top with Man City for most away wins this season. Astonishing statistic.”

“We’re pretty much in bare bones territory, we’ve somehow had an unlikely win snatched from us by poor officiating, but ultimately, we didn’t make the best of the chances we had to put the game away earlier..”

“Not entirely convinced we would have held on for the win without the bad de isions.
All terrible decisions aside, we wernt good enough to beat the worst team in the league, nowhere near good enough in fact.
Over the awful refereeing that is what concerns me the most about today.
All the poor officiating has really done is act as a distraction from the woeful performance.”

“That’s one of the all time worst PL teams.
If you need the ref to manipulate 3 crazy decisions in 3 minutes to get you a result against our ressies, it’s gonna be funny as f*** watching that lot go back down”

“I hope Blades stay up so we can stuff them and their twat of a manager next year.”

“Christ I hope they go down and then go out of business.”

“Did McBurnie have a cut lip or Areola?
Bowen was mauled to the ground by a defender who wasn’t even looking at the ball.
Wilder can’t recognise a two footed, off the ground lunge when it’s in front of him. He does feel that his players suffered worse challenges

“Brewster was a red but I thought it actually favoured them – got the crowd going, disrupted the game, added time on. If the ref had done his ****ing job and sent off in the first place none of that would have happened.”

“They were definitely rattled after that red card though. Our best spell in attack came after that.”

“Wilder defending Brewster sums up the idiocy. Emerson could be in hospital tonight..
Areola fouled, Bowen fouled, VAR bottled it.

“I don’t mean this horribly, but it’s Chris Wilder, what did you expect? The bloke is thick as mince and tbh if he ever manages a game against us again something has gone wrong at our club”

“It’s no surprise he has never managed a big club”

“Not many managers I despise more than Chris Wilder.”

“Terrible manager. Face you wouldn’t get tired of slapping.”

” Sheffield Utd probably deserved a point overall, but they were handed it by some horrendous refereeing.”

“Doesn’t matter if a draw was fair in the balance of play. It wasn’t a fair result because the officials have once again screwed us. That’s about ten direct points this season we’ve lost because of decisions. We should be top 4 comfortably going into the second half of the season. Fuming again. That’s not to mention the FA cup games officiating aswell”

“We were good enough to beat them.
The poor officiating cost us the win.
We didn’t play well but we played well enough to score two legitimate goals and have a stonewall penalty waved away whilst they had one legitimate goal and a dodgy penalty the ref was dying to give them”

“We’d have felt a bit lucky to have come away with the win, however had Hamer been sent off for a second yellow when he should have we probably would have had more of the play and a few more chances to finish it off.”

” i don’t think we done enough for me to be fuming at the ref. **** as he was the Blunts were atrocious and if we had a bit about us we should have had that game sewn up by 75 mins.”

“To all those saying a ‘draw was the correct result’, or ‘we didn’t deserve to win that’, we effing DID deserve to win, and the draw was not the correct result.
We wuz robbed today! 100 per cent. I didn’t think their one was a pen, especially as I’ve now been allowed to watch a replay of it (half an hour late, IMO!). And the Bowen foul in the box couldn’t have been more of a penalty, if it had tried! If I was Moyes I’d be effing livid!
The b*stards didn’t even review it. Yet they took forever to send Brewster off.
I give in, I really do.”

“, hope ref walks home. Probably related to Sean Bean.”

“as bad as we were, we were ahead going into injury time. Would have been an undeserved win, but it would have been a win nonetheless if it wasn’t for the officials.
Their penalty was a 50/50 challenge, IMO, but if there was a foul, it was against McBurnie. As soon as it was given there was no way VAR was going to show their mate up for a second time in five minutes. And then, the absolutely absurd decision at the end; 100% a penalty and I have no doubt it would have been given at the other end. Ref was a complete homer and bottled the call and as before VAR had no intention of showing him up.”

“Doesn’t really matter what we consider ‘fair’ on the balance of play. Fairness has never won you football matches. We did enough to win the match and 2 ridiculous decisions stopped us doing so.”

“Ref was out of his depth. I suspect he will be dropped. I actually think he blew the whistle and cancelled a VAR decision. We should complain”

“The referee decided he wanted the game to be a draw. “

“we should sue Sheff Utd and the league for £30 million..”

“Annoyingly that’s the 2nd time in 3 visits to Bramall Lane that has resulted in them getting points from us with awful late decisions. The Declan Rice ‘handball’ being another example. Perhaps the fact we are now historically tied to them as far as the PL goes with the Tevez situation that we’ll get screwed over almost everytime we visit.”

“Perhaps the fact we are now historically tied to them as far as the PL goes with the Tevez situation that we’ll get screwed over almost everytime we visit. “

“I saw precisely one Tevez mask on my way in, and the kid wearing it looked about 16. Similarly, those giving it the ‘One Carlos Tevez’ chant didn’t look like they’d have been much over 10 when all that took place. I know football’s all about history and tradition but the Tevez/Blades thing is tiresome now.”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From West Ham”
  1. What a bunch of West Sham whingers. All of the comments shows why you will never win a major trophy again unless you go to Argentina and find yourself another Carlos Tezez. Cheating Cockney @ss H0les.

  2. its strange………… thanks to that tevez crap we are hated by the prem, they don`t want us there. ex wet-spam rule the prem so we are hated.they say ref was crap. SUFC have had to put up with crap refs since start of season (as position shows). yet wet-spam were cheated, “grow up”. the top so called 8 should not need the refs help if they are that good, its us lesser teams that should be helped by ref if anybody can get help.
    stop wingin and blow your bubbles

  3. Biggest set of whinging w*nkers I’ve ever heard and definitely delusions of grandeur definitely one of the poorest teams to visit the lane all season

  4. thought West Ham looked really poor first half how they took the lead wastotally against the run of play
    as to bowen he threw his arms around Anel ans dragged him to the floor in an attempt to put doubt in the refs mind but he saw Anel was only watching the ball and quite rightly gave nothing

    as for mcburnie winning a penalty , theres some ref wouldnt have but west hams penalty as that was tumbling of jack grealish quality

    we have had as many as 13 of our squad of 25 injured , we are getting players back now and got 58% possesion and 200 more passes than west ham ,.we are now more able to compete

    look how piss poor west ham were missing what 4 players, lucky buggars , weve had only 5 under 21s on the bench , no wonder weve looked poor

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