“Firstly, an absolute disaster for us.  Secondly, what a pleasure to have him playing for us. Amongst the most talented midfielders this century to play for PVFC. “

“No surprise, he should be playing in the Premier League. The best player I’ve seen in a Vale shirt this century”

“No surprises. The best loan player we have ever had in my 40 years watching Vale. “

“the guys unbelievable. total all-round midfielder hes got it all”

“Best wishes Ollie and thanks for the memories. Look forward to seeing you in that England shirt. “

“All Vale fans looking forward to seeing you play in the Prem and for England. “

“Absolutely brilliant player for us who will be very much missed. I’m sure we’ll see him in an England shirt in the future.”

“He will go right to the top”

“Ollie has been a fantastic player for us and it has been a pleasure to watch him develop. Good luck to him either playing for Sheffield United or going on loan to a Championship team. “

“I wouldn’t be surprised if a big club comes in for him during the summer, then loans him back to the blades to get some experience in the Championship. “

“Absolute quality during his time here – his passing and the way he turns away from players was a level above what we usually see from Vale midfielders.
Just hope he either gets some game time at Sheff now or has a loan to a Champ club as first choice.
Sitting on the bench or going back into the reserves would be a very silly move by Sheff.”

“Such a talented player and definitely one to watch in the future”

“A little surprised if he is going to be in and around the first team. I would have thought a loan to upper League 1 or at the ‘highest’ mid Championship? “

“He obviously isnt ready for the prem or even the championship . But for his age he was outstanding for us. Devine is a better player and we would be in a right mess if he left “

“He’s a talent and did very well for us in general. But the way some people go on about him you would think he almost won games on his own for us. I don’t recall that happening.”

By Roy

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